i. Members of the household and relation to the head of the family ii. demographic data iii. place of residence of each family member MEMBERS OF HOUSEHOLD Mr. Toothless Mrs. Toothless Baby Toothless RELATION TO HEAD Head Wife Son SEX Male Female Male DATE OF BIRTH April 21, 1951 April 15, 1961 April 6, 1998 AGE 59 49 12 CIVIL STATUS Married Married Single RESIDENCE Brgy. Gapas Brgy. Gapas Brgy. Gapas

iv. TYPE OF FAMILY STRUCTURE  The family is a nuclear type and they live in a house that they own. V. DECISION-MAKING  Mrs. Toothless, the head of the family, makes most of the decision including those matters concerning health. But most of the time, Mrs. Toothless consults her husband Mr. Toothless and her children to take part and contribute in decision making. vi. FAMILY RELATIONSHIP  The family has good relationship with each other. They are open with each other with good communication. There are no observed conflicts between the family members.


MEMBERS OF HOUSEHOLD Mr. Toothless Mrs. Toothless Baby Toothless

OCCUPATION Farmer House helper N/A

PLACE OF WORK Brgy. Gapas Brgy. Gapas N/A

INCOME per month P500 P500 N/A


The breadwinner of the family is Mrs. Toothless. Income of the family is inadequate to meet their everyday s needs.  The family s income is below the poverty threshold of Region 8 as of 2006. (13,974/year Source: Formula: To solve if the family s income is above, below or within the poverty threshold = (Family s Total income / the number of family members) x 12 months Sol n: (P1000 / 3) x 12 = 4,000 P4, 000/family member/year family s income is below the poverty threshold  They eat three times daily and food menu consists of mainly rice, egg, vegetable, fish and oily, fatty foods with a cup of coffee for each family member in the morning. The vegetables are from their back yard which they just wash and cook them. Vegetables in their back yard include gaway, alugbati, marigoso, malunggay, langka and agitway. The family can only buy new clothes if they have extra money.

Mr. Toothless gives his monthly income to Mrs. Toothless at times and she budgets this money together with her income to try to meet their basic necessities such as food. Their monthly income is around P1000 in which Mrs. Toothless mentioned that this amount is

not enough for their basic needs.5 meters = 21 m2 TFA = 21 m2 Formula2: Total Space Requirements = Sum of Individual Space Requirement (ISR) of each member ISR Multi-Purpose room Single-purpose room Adult 3 m2 2. There is almost no money allotted for other expenses especially for health maintenance. Toothless Baby Toothless HIGHEST EDUC·L ATTAINMENT High school Level (1st yr. HOUSING: A. The Gresola family doesn t usually go to mass together. II. a priest would visit and held a mass at their chapel in which they would seldom attend. community assemblies.Overcrowded . Every first Saturday of the month.5 m2 1.) Elementary Level (Grade 4) Elementary Level (Grade 6) LAST YR OF SCHOOL ATTENDANCE 1969 1973 At the current year.  The house is not overcrowded. SIGNIFICANT OTHERS  No significant others and relatives lives with the family. Formula1: Total Floor Area = Length x Width Sol n1: 6 meters x 3. RELIGION  All family members are Roman Catholic and believe in one Almighty God. They seldom attend bible reading every Sunday held at their chapel. C.5 m2 RESULTS: If TFA > TSR Not overcrowded If TSR > TFA . The house is made up of wood and bamboo and lives in about 21 m2 home (6 x 3. RELATIONSHIP OF THE FAMILY TO A LARGER COMMUNITY  The family has stayed at Brgy.5 m2 Children 1. The couple decides for themselves though sometimes. the month of May activities such as their fiesta. ADEQUACY OF LIVING SPACE  The structure of the house is just enough to accommodate the members of the family.5 meters). Gapas for almost eight years. EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT MEMBERS OF HOUSEHOLD Mr. still attending III. HOME AND ENVIRONMENT I. They are very supportive to all activities held in their community and relationship with their neighborhood as observed is good. IV.5 = 7. Toothless Mrs. programs and others. 1 child 3 + 3 + 1. Some that were mentioned include those activities in their chapel.5m2 TSR = 7. V. They seldom participate in community activities. They have no religious activities done at home. they seek help and advice from their relatives.26 m2 Infants 0 0 Sol n2: 2 adults.

5 meters = 21 m2 TFA = 21 m2 Formula2: TWO = (Length of the window x Width) Sol n: 0. Mrs.21m2 > 7. They cook their food inside the house at an area near their dining table as well as their living room. C. RN  They have a room in which they utilize it as their bedroom and there is a space outside the room in which they utilize it as their kitchen. They leave the garbage there until there are too many. Com.56 0.75x0. They use firewood for cooking. and then burn them.) by Aaron CY Tuesca Untalan. Dev. Formula1: Total Floor Area = Length x Width Sol n1: 6 meters x 3. FOOD STORAGE AND COOKING FACILITIES  They use a Tupperware with cover in storing food and left over and placed on their dining table. wrappers of candies and junk food in their backyard. The walls are made up of bamboo and wood. They also have a backyard which they use to throw and burn their garbage. They don t have garbage cans in their home. COPAR. There is presence of stagnant water from rain water.33% Below poor ventilation Source: Concepts and Guidelines in COPAR (CDx. Wet and dry hanged clothes are present inside the house and there are flies and mosquitoes flying in it. The family cooks food inside the house and firewood is utilized for cooking. It is lined with banig . 5. dining area and living room. E. PRESENCE OF BREEDING OR RESTING SITES OF VECTORS OF DISEASES  Improper garbage disposal can be seen in the vicinity of the house.33% RESULTS: If more than 20%.12 m Formula3: Ventilation = TWO / TFA x 100 Sol n: 1.) by Aaron CY Tuesca Untalan.12 2 TWO = 1. Kerosene lamp is utilized for lighting in the house.75 meter. COPAR.5m2 Not Overcrowded Source: Concepts and Guidelines in COPAR (CDx. RN  The floor is not cemented and only made of clay soil. There are presence of fallen leaves. it has a fair 0r below poor ventilation.75 x 0.75 x 0. SLEEPING ARRANGEMENT  The family members sleep together in a room in a bed.  It has inadequate ventilation with two windows of about 0. B.75 =0. Garbage is situated at their backyard with presence of mosquitoes and flies. They have an open drainage.56 ______ 1. Toothless mentioned that they are comfortable sleeping together in their room.12 / 21 x 100 = 5. it has satisfactory ventilation. D. Dev. If 18-19% and below.75 =0. WATER SUPPLY . The house is made up of wood and bamboo. Dirty water from the sink flows directly to the ground creating a small pool of water. PRESENCE OF ACCIDENT HAZARDS  Fire hazards are present in the house. F. Com.

It is a sanitary pit type. no . G12T12P0A0L8M0. COMMUNICATION AND TRANSPORTATION FACILITIES AVAILABLE  They don t have telephones or cellular phones. Pain was alleviated through resting and taking analgesics. Barangay Kagawads and Barangay Chairman are information sources. The vicinity of their house is muddy and slippery especially during rainy days. There is also a school which offers daycare and elementary education. Toothless mentioned was the previous barangay hall in the community which is about 3-4 meters from their house. barangay hall. Schistosomiasis treatment is every after six months. The couples son lives near their house in which they share with his toilet facility. The BHW. Water for laundering. Trees are present in the vicinity of their house. H. They just dump their garbage at their backyard and when there are too many of them. There is presence of stagnant water from rain water and from the sink. Their source for drinking water comes from a deep well which is located 2-3 meters away from their house. The barangay has also a chapel. Toothless is 49 years-old. IV. D. MRS. The distance of their house to other houses is about 2-3 meters. Astray animals such as dogs are present. basketball court. In all her pregnancies. She mentioned that a health worker and a midwife visit them every first Tuesday of the month. She mentioned that some of her deliveries were handled by a traditional birth attendant and some were delivered at a hospital. SOCIAL AND HEALTH FACILITIES AVAILABLE  There is a health center located in Barangay Gapas which Mrs. TOOTHLESS Mrs. TOILET FACILTY  The family doesn t own a toilet facility. II. Pain was aggravated when eating fatty foods such as fried foods and adobo. they would rather buy what s left in their income their basic necessities such as food. Mrs. MEDICAL AND NURSING HISTORY A. She mentioned that she experienced sudden right upper quadrant stabbing pain in the abdomen and radiating to her back in the year 2000. Their means of transformation in going in and out the barangay is a habal-habal and to other places such as Tacloban is a public utility jeepney. she did not have prenatal check-ups. I. They use a pail without cover in fetching drinking water and a bottle with cover as a container for drinking water inside their house. No significant family history of diseases was mentioned. There is a cemented road in their way to their house. they burn it. DRAINAGE SYSTEM  The family has an open drainage. Aside from the said complaint. HEALTH STATUS I. III. She also mentioned that she didn t receive any pregnancy vaccines such as tetanus toxoid and she didn t have any supplements in all her pregnancies. washing dishes and bathing is taken from their neighbor s water pump which is about 2-3 meters from their house. KIND OF NEIGHBORHOOD  Houses are quite far from each other and not congested. The source of drinking water is owned by their Barangay Captain in which they have mentioned is chlorinated. GARBAGE/REFUSE DISPOSAL  They don t have garbage containers. G. No serious complications followed the operation. Toothless mentioned that she would want to have a toilet facility of their own but due to inadequate resources. She was hospitalized before because she delivered her last child via caesarean section because the child s fetal presentation was transverse. She mentioned that she had childhood illnesses such as measles.

the right upper quadrant of the abdomen in July 2010 after she attended a party in her employer s house. ANTHROPOMETRIC DATA Mrs. She was able to undergo an ultrasound at January 10. HABITS. Toothless drinks soft drinks occasionally at about 2 glasses and started drinking at the age of 8. 2011. They eat three times daily. pain reoccurred at the same location. 4. She also drinks a cup of coffee in the morning.  24-Hour Diet recall: Breakfast: 1 cup of rice + 1 piece of boiled egg + 1 cup of coffee Lunch: 1 cup of rice + 1 piece of medium-sized fried fish + half bowl of ampalaya Dinner: 1 cup of rice + 4 match box-sized of adobo + half bowl of vegetables C. RR-20. DISEASE PREVENTION AND MAITENANCE I. HEALTHY LIFESTYLE PRACTICES  The family also uses a container with cover for storage of water inside the house. She mentioned that she was prescribed with Cefalexin. DIETARY HISTORY SPECIFYING QUANTITY AND QUALITY OF FOOD INTAKE PER DAY  The family eats three times daily. They wash first their hands before and after eating. Mrs. Formula: BMI = Weight in kg / (Height in meters)2 Sol n: 45 kg / (1. Pain Scale was used to measure the severity of the pain experienced in an attack with 0 as the lowest and 10 as the highest and she scored the pain she experienced with 8. PRACTICES ON HEALTH PROMOTION. She mixes used oil from the fried food into her boil of rice. II. She can consume about 1-2 plates of fatty and oily foods such as fried chicken. PR-71. the pain disappeared and she thought that she was already treated. Paul s Hospital.  She is fond of attending fiestas and tapos . twice daily for three weeks by a doctor. The dietary patterns of the family are still the same. She ate crispy pata. RISK FACTORS ASSESSMENT INDICATING PRESENCE OF MAJOR AND CONTRIBUTING MODIFIABLE RISK FOR SPECIFIC LIFESTYLE DISEASES  Mrs. EATING PRACTICES  The family use spoon and fork in eating.5 C.37 (N : 18-25) B. The result of Mrs. Vital signs were as follows: BP-110/90 mmHg. She mentioned that after taking the medications prescribed. The family also uses containers with cover when storing food and left overs.524)2 = 19. She is also about to undergo some laboratory tests as a preparation for her upcoming cholecystectomy operation on Feb.other associated symptoms were experienced. adobo and fried foods. adobo and crispy pata. She consulted at St. She started drinking coffee at about the age of seven. VALUES. Toothless s BMI is within the normal range. Nutritional assessment A. She didn t take any pain reliever and no associated symptoms were experienced. she was diagnosed to have cholelithiasis through an ultrasound on the year 2000. T-36. Toothless s weight is 45 kg and her height is 5 feet. Toothless does not smoke . Toothless s sugar testing was normal (no significant change in color) with the score of 0 and for protein testing was absence of clamping. E. D. 2011 in which it was confirmed that she still has cholelithiasis. The pain started at around 9 PM and lasted till morning. Currently. Mrs. There.

they immediately go to a hospital to consult a doctor for severe cases and for minor cases. Mr. ADEQUACY OF: A. EXERCISE/ACTIVITIES  Mrs. Some of them take a nap in the afternoon. Baby Toothless s exercise is playing. REST AND SLEEP  The family usually sleeps at around 8 PM and wakes at around 7 AM. The family uses slippers and boots to prevent acquiring Schistosomiasis and uses mosquito nets in sleeping to prevent vector-borne diseases such as dengue. USE OF ADEQUATE FOOTWEAR  The family uses slippers and boots to prevent acquiring Schistosomiasis. C.and drink. II. B. Toothless s going to the rice field. There is adequate rest in each of the family member. he considers this as exercise. . back and forth their house. they self-medicate. The family also utilizes mosquito nets to prevent vector-borne diseases such as dengue. Toothless mentioned that when she wakes up early at around 7 AM. While Mr. she roams around the community and this she consider as exercise. Whenever the family needs assistance regarding their health. they prefer to go to a Quak doctor and sometimes.

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