1.1 ABSTRACT The objective of cyber X-Force includes protection of information and property from theft, corruption, or natural disaster, while allowing the information and property to remain accessible and productive to its intended users. Cyber Police may be defined in a general way as an unlawful act wherein the computer is either a tool or a target or both. An E-mail threat is any threat that uses the internet to facilitate cyber crime. Email threats use multiple types of malware and fraud, all of which utilize HTTP or HTTPS protocols, but may also employ other protocols and components, such as links in email or IM, or malware attachments or on servers that access the Web. They benefit cyber criminals by stealing information for subsequent sale and help absorb infected PCs into botnets. E-mail threats pose a broad range of risks, including financial damages, identity theft, loss of confidential information/data, theft of network resources, damaged brand/personal reputation.

E-mail threats can be divided into two primary categories, based on delivery method – push and pull. Push-based threats use spam, phishing, or other fraudulent means to lure a user to a malicious (often spoofed) website which then collects information and/or injects malware. Push attacks use phishing, DNS poisoning (or pharming), and other means to appear to originate from a trusted source.

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1.2PROBLEM DEFINITION: As producers and users of cyber security, our investments in cyber security technology Products and processes are constrained by available resources, usually expressed as time and money, so we often use an economic argument to justify which investments to make, in what order, at what cost, and for what current and future benefits. Consequently, researchers have generated hundreds of different economic models to support our decision-making. In most cases, the models are intended to help find the optimal level of investment in security, but the available options take many different forms and apply to widely different scenarios. How do we decide which to use? Our earlier work1,2 examined the data available to inform modeling and decisionmaking, as well as the types of models available. We produced a framework, summarized in Table 1, for evaluating a given model, providing potential users and model developers with a systematic, consistent way to analyze and compare different models’ assumptions, properties, and applicability.

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2.1 EXIXTING SYSTEM Email is a useful tool for technology savvy criminals thanks to the relative anonymity offered by it. It becomes fairly easy for anyone with even a basic knowledge of computers to become a blackmailer by threatening someone via e-mail. Individual who received E-Mail should report to the police authority, then the police will trace IP address of sender then they will trace the location. Sometimes sender may not be trapped. 2.2PROPOSED SYSTEM In the Proposed System software can be extend to prevent high-tech crimes and cyber terrorism, and keep them from spreading, by quickly providing information gathered by the police on information security to Internet users, and increasing security awareness All banking institutions and businesses today run their business online. Hackers can hack your computer system and misuse our personal information and pictures. Various other dangers associated with cyber crimes are entry of virus into your system, altering your files, change of passwords, stealing credit card information and make unauthorized purchases.

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3.1HARDWARE ENVIRONMENT Main Processor CPU Clock Base Memory Size Hard Disk Capacity Monitor Keyboard : : : : : : Intel Pentium IV 667 MHz 128 MB 10 GB (Mini) COMPAQ Color monitor COMPAQ 104 keys

3.2SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENT Operating System Application Development tool Database Issue tracking Project planning and tracking : : : : : Windows XP Java swings MY SQL Global hook demo MS Project 2000

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Modules: 1: Registration 2: Admin 3: Threat Words 4: Comparison 5: Alert 6: Key logging 7: Encryption and Decryption 8: Key Generation Modules Description: 1. Registration In this module, the new user can login by entering their e-mail and password. The user name must be a valid mail id and password should be in at least 6 to 8 characters. If unregistered user try to login or user forget their username or password, then it displays only the login error message.

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or operation can be manifest. Threat word is an indication of imminent danger. A potential violation of security. 4. In this module. etc. After that only. Comparison In this module. operation. then this project matches the threat word in mail with the threat words that we are already stored in database. 3. natural disaster and so forth. harm. This will compare the key which is generated from the below modules. Therefore if anyone sends mail with threat word. they will ask to conform it by accepting the link in mail. administrator stores threat words in database by using SQL server. kill etc. PDCE 2010-11 6 . the user details will store in the database.net is used. This program detects whether a user has pressed or released a key on the keyboard. Then the registered user can login by simply typing their username and password. Methods and things used to exploit a vulnerability in an information system. Threat Words: This means through which the ability or intent of a threat agent to adversely affect an automated system. facility. one key identifier program written in asp. the threat of war or a potential source of this. murder. fire.2. evil. or facility. Dept of CSE. Admin Once the user registered their detail. bomb. Some threat words are terrorism.

IP address of the PC. As a hardware device. It will read all the data from the system while typing on keyboard without the knowledge of the user. who is typing on the system. Alert In this module. the typed message will encrypt and stored in the database. PDCE 2010-11 7 . Once the threat word is found. Because the device resembles an ordinary keyboard plug. 6. The connection between the phenomenon of text messaging and the underlying technology is so great that in parts of the world the term "SMS" is used as a synonym for a text message or the act of sending a text message. User can type the threat word in our application or in a notepad or in any application it will detect the threat word if the user typed in his system. if no threat words are found then mail will send successfully." 7.5. Encryption and Decryption This module deals with an encryption and decryption of the found threat message. The SMS contain the threat word. even when a different protocol is being used. The SMS technology has facilitated the development and growth of text messaging. date and time. it is relatively easy for someone who wants to monitor a user's behavior to physically hide such a device "in plain sight. This encrypted message was viewed by an Admin by the below module Dept of CSE. a key logger is a small battery-sized plug that serves as a connector between the user's keyboard and computer. Key Logging This module is used to read the each and every word. Otherwise it will alert the administrator by SMS without having the knowledge of mail sending user.

so anybody . Then your server usually sends your email to the recipient in an unsecured way and your email can also be easily seen by anyone. 8. admin can able to view the threat message stored in the database. Sending sensitive messages. It doesn't depend on if you send emails via public and private networks. your boss.process. since this makes the initial conditions of the PRNG much more difficult for an attacker to guess. the latter being a computer algorithm that produces data which appears random under analysis. A key is used to encrypt and decrypt whatever data is being encrypted/decrypted. he is an admin for that concern. the key is created using a passphrase and a key generation algorithm. The public key is used by the admin who are all this application. One of the most common uses of encryption is encrypting emails. PDCE 2010-11 8 . When your email reaches your server. Dept of CSE. In other situations. it only means that your emails can't be seen while transmitting between you and your server. can read your emails. Key Generation: This module deals with the public and private key generation by using key generation technique. In computer cryptography keys are integers. the encrypted message was decrypted and make it ready to view. In some cases keys are randomly generated using a random number generator (RNG) or pseudorandom number generator (PRNG). usually involving a cryptographic hash function. If the key given by the admin is matched our criteria. Of the PRNGs those which use system entropy to seed data generally produce better results. etc. Even if you connect to your server and send your emails via SSL. it can be seen by your email service provider. Your message is totally open to interception by anyone along the way . documents and files over the Internet is like sending a postcard as all emails are transmitted in an unsecured form. But the private key is used only the software developing concern who developed this application. is the process of generating keys for cryptography.your ISP. The combination of these two key will matched means.

2DATA FLOW DIAGRAM Main Admin Threat Mailer Gener ate Key Key input Regist er user Threat words Gener ate Key Type word iApplic ation Thread word comparis ion Decrypt message View message Encrypt word Messa ge Alret Email Alret Dept of CSE. PDCE 2010-11 9 .4.

PDCE 2010-11 10 .4.3USE CASE DIAGRAM Registratio n Admin Add threat words User Alert SMS and E – Mail Find threat word Send mail Database Decrypt Mail Dept of CSE.

key input.decrypt.compare.compare.4. Type word. PDCE 2010-11 11 . encrypt View msg.Threat words.key generation Type word. encrypt Sending msg end mail Dept of CSE.4ACTIVITY DIAGRAM Main Admin Thread mailer Register user.

Update. and Delete (CRUD) operations for a specific business entity.5. Databases and file systems are two very common types of data stores. The components in this layer abstract the semantics of the underlying data access technology thus allowing the business layer to focus on business logic. Another commonlyused term for a PFL is a flow sheet. Process Layer: A process flow Layer (PFL) is a diagram commonly used in chemical and process engineering to indicate the general flow of plant processes and equipment. Examples of such components are web pages. Dept of CSE.ARCHITECUURE DETAILS Application Layer: The presentation layer contains components needed to interact with the user of the application. Analysis Layer: Analysis layer contains processing where the process of application layer taken place. Read. richclient forms. Each component typically provides methods to perform Create. PDCE 2010-11 12 . user interaction process components etc. The PFL displays the relationship between major equipment of a plant facility and does not show minor details such as piping details and designations. Data Analysis Layer: The data access layer provides a simple API for accessing and manipulating data. In tins layer application analysis process will taken place. Data Stores: Enterprise applications store their data in one or more data stores.

ARCHITECUURE DIAGRAM Applicati on Layer Monitor threat words Deduct threat words Send Alert MGS ANALYSIS LAYER THREAT WORDS ALERT DATA ANALYSIS DATA WARE HOUSE PROCESS LAYER Mail encryption Mail decryption Dept of CSE. PDCE 2010-11 13 .

TESTNG Software testing is an investigation conducted to provide stakeholders with information about the quality of the product or service under test. However. depending on the testing method employed can be implemented at any time in the development process. Software Testing can also be stated as the process of validating and verifying that a software program/application/product: meets the business and technical requirements that guided its design and development. most of the test effort occurs after the requirements have been defined and the coding process has been completed. In a more traditional model. works as expected. often employ test driven development and place an increased portion of the testing in the hands of the developer. Newer development models. Dept of CSE. such as Agile. PDCE 2010-11 14 . but are not limited to. Software Testing also provides an objective. before it reaches a formal team of testers.6. and can be implemented with the same characteristics. Test techniques include. Different software development models will focus the test effort at different points in the development process. the methodology of the test is governed by the Software Development methodology adopted. independent view of the software to allow the business to appreciate and understand the risks at implementation of the software. the process of executing a program or application with the intent of finding software bugs. As such. Software Testing. most of the test execution occurs after the requirements have been defined and the coding process has been completed.

though usually functional. Defining testing objectives is also one of the most difficult test planning activities. This method of test design is applicable to all levels of software testing: unit. These tests can be functional or non-functional. PDCE 2010-11 15 . This means the best laid test plans change during test process execution. There is no knowledge of the test object's internal structure. Before the tester can do this s/he must understand what we mean by the word objective. and hence Dept of CSE. Each level of testing done is different in nature and has different objective. Product work under normal conditions and it should be checked for its robustness. The higher the level. This is a problem without a solution. Software Testing Strategies: Black box testing takes an external perspective of the test object to derive test cases. system and acceptance. but there are some actions testers can take which will improve test planning. integration. functional testing.TEXT PLAN TESTING OBJECTIVES Establishing Software testing Objectives is a critical part of planning the Software testing process. The establishment of clear testing objectives goes a long way toward offsetting future execution problems. The test designer selects valid and invalid input and determines the correct output. STAGES IN THE TESTING PROCESS Errors in each module identified and modification are done to eliminate them. It is difficult because humans frequently do not have a clear idea of what they want to do until they begin to do it.

Equivalence Partitioning: Equivalence partitioning is a method for deriving test cases. Blank or null characters in strings. the more one is forced to use black box testing to simplify. In this method. classes of input conditions called equivalence classes are identified such that each member of the class causes the same kind of processing and output to occur. Dept of CSE. A class is a set of input conditions that are is likely to be handled the same way by the system. While this method can uncover unimplemented parts of the specification. Negative numbers Boundary Value Analysis Boundary value analysis is software testing design technique to determine test cases covering off-by-one errors. In this method. Error Guessing: Ad-hoc method to identify tests likely to expose errors based on experience and intuition. PDCE 2010-11 16 . Some areas to guess are Empty or null strings. one cannot be sure that all existent paths are tested. it would handle all cases erroneously. the tester identifies various equivalence classes for partitioning.the bigger and more complex the box. occurrences. If the system were to handle one case in the class erroneously. Zero instances. The boundaries of software component input ranges are areas of frequent problems.

This project is implement the following validations are carried through all over the project till the end. while in object-oriented programming. A unit is the smallest testable part of an application. the smallest unit is always a Class. A unit test provides a strict.Unit Testing In computer programming. unit testing is a procedure used to validate that individual units of source code are working properly. Dept of CSE. procedure. Ideally. which may be a base/super class. web page. The goal of unit testing is to isolate each part of the program and show that the individual parts are correct. In procedural programming a unit may be an individual program. PDCE 2010-11 17 . each test case is independent from the others. written contract that the piece of code must satisfy. The empty fields are also validated and are not allowed to redirect page without entry for all the fields. The data type validation which checks whether the entry matches the user input. function. menu etc. The date and time validation also done in which the first day must be minimal than the second day. Units are distinguished from modules in that modules are typically made up of units. In case of mismatch the alert messages will be displayed. mock objects and test harnesses can be used to assist testing a module in isolation. The validations include range validation for the mobile number which restricts the number only for ten digits and not more or less. abstract class or derived/child class. Unit testing is typically done by the developers and not by end-users.

for example across procedure calls or process activations. and this is done after testing individual modules. groups them in larger aggregates. So that the system could be subjected to different tests at a stretch. to determine the reliability of the system. and delivers as its output the integrated system ready for system testing. the system will never produces the output for which it was designed and hence.e.Integration testing It’s sometimes called Integration and Testing. Integration testing takes as its input modules that have been unit tested. After the development of the system. the next step would be test the system. unit testing System Testing: Generally. applies tests defined in an integration test plan to those aggregates. Dept of CSE. (abbreviated I&T) is the phase of software testing in which individual software modules are combined and tested as a group. testing is performed to ensure that the software does not fail and it is carried out with the explicit intention of finding errors in the program. the objective could not be reached. i. PDCE 2010-11 18 . It follows unit testing and precedes system testing. Testing of debugged programs that worked correctly that is performing the specified operations correctly. In this project maintain the test cases are constructed to test that all components within assemblages interact correctly.

White Box Testing The purpose of any security testing method is to ensure the robustness of a system in the face of malicious attacks or regular software failures. The first step in white box testing is to comprehend and analyze source code. and to uncover exploitable vulnerabilities White box testing requires access to the source code. White box testing includes analyzing data flow. The three requirements do not work in isolation. coding practices. it is a good practice to perform white box testing during the unit testing phase. to validate implemented security functionality. to create tests that exploit software. to test the intended and unintended software behavior. White box testing requires knowing what makes software secure or insecure. a tester must think like an attacker. White box testing is performed based on the knowledge of how the system is implemented. Third. how to think like an attacker. but together. information flow. testers need to know the different tools and techniques available for white box testing. and how to use different testing tools and techniques. Dept of CSE. and exception and error handling within the system. White box testing can be performed to validate whether code implementation follows intended design. to perform testing effectively. PDCE 2010-11 19 . so knowing what makes software secure is a fundamental requirement. Second. Though white box testing can be performed any time in the life cycle after the code is developed. control flow.

It will test the user interface in isolation using stubs and test the very lowest functions using drivers. lower level modules are tested. PDCE 2010-11 20 . Drivers are used to simulate their activity.) Sandwich Testing Sandwich Testing is a hybrid between Top-Down and Bottom-Up testing. If lower modules required to make up the system are not yet available then. Dept of CSE. (Driver: Drivers are simple program designed specially for testing that makes calls to these lower layers. If higher modules required to make up the system are not yet available then.Top-Down Testing In Top-Down Testing. This is also called as Hybrid Testing.) Bottom-Up Testing In Bottom-Up Testing. higher level modules are tested. Stubs are used to simulate their activity. (Stub: Small software placed in to a program that provides a common function.

PDCE 2010-11 21 .SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION AND MAINTENCE Dept of CSE.TEST CASE REPORT Test case No Module User form Input Expected Result Test Result 1 Alert Receive message from Treat word Receive SMS to Admin Mobile number Tested ok Test case No Module User form Input Expected Result Test Result 2 Alert Email form Treat word Receive Email to admin and software concern Tested ok 7.

PDCE 2010-11 22 . In installation process it requires JDK enabled system with database. • To document the work that has to been done for every updates in a project • To provide help for current and future users Now we ill see detail about the step by step process in this topic. Testing and Installation: In coding process. once the code is done the testing will be performed using various strategies it may also test the code by parallel operation which means.There are some activities which will take place in maintaining the system and also for maintaining the system implementation. while doing the coding part we can do the side by side testing part which will not affect the coding. In order to see the detail description please refers the software requirements in the earlier chapters. Dept of CSE. Some of the main activities in system implementation and maintenance which is displayed below. a)Process of Coding. This is the primary thing for all the installation part. robustness and the portability. Five major activities are • Coding • Testing • Installation • Documentation • Maintenance There are mainly two purposes for maintaining the system implementation which is that. the physical design specifications are turned into working computer code and in testing process.

• In order to avoid illegal access.b)Process of Documentation: There are two important things one is the system documentation and another one is the user documentation. • Backup is carefully maintained. the software must be password protected.PERFORMANCE AD LIMITATIONS Dept of CSE. new versions of all design documents and training materials created or modified during the maintenance effort. c)Two audiences for Documentation: • The information systems personnel who will maintain the system throughout its productive life • The people who will use the system as part of their daily lives d)Process of Maintenance: Development of a new version of the software. 8. • Care must be taken while given inputs that is input must be in proper format. PDCE 2010-11 23 . Its making sure that the application is understandable and accessible at any point of time and at any place.

Finally performance activities. • Cost oriented. critical business processes are identified. Activities and resource loading are incorporated into the Elaboration phase project plans. An example might be known performance risks for a particular vendor system. not the IT organization. 9. or other assigned business value.1SCREEN SHOT Dept of CSE. Typically they are classified as critical based upon revenue value. PDCE 2010-11 24 . and deliverables are identified for the Elaboration phase. High level risks that may impact system performance are identified and described at this time. roles.During this first conceptual phase of a program or project. Limitation • It can be executed within LAN only. This classification is done by the business unit.APPENDICES 9. cost savings.

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PDCE 2010-11 31 .Key Validate: Dept of CSE.

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get(Calendar. msg+="\n On Date: " + dates + " and Time : " + time.xorMessage(totmsg) + "'. while(st. } catch (Exception ex) { System.executeUpdate().'" + sys + "'.getInstance().getMessage()).getMessage()). String ip=InetAddress.get(Calendar. PDCE 2010-11 37 . } catch (FileNotFoundException ex) { System.toString().out.hasMoreElements()){ String wr=st.println("IO Error ==>"+ex. }catch(Exception ex){ } } if(!wrd.get(Calendar.equals(wrd)){ lastwrd=wrd.DATE) + "-" + (c.getMessage()). try{ Statement sts=DBConnect.StringTokenizer st=new StringTokenizer(totmsg. String msg="Threat word was Found in " + sys + " with IP address: " + ip.AM_PM).".getMessage()).out. MailMessage mm=new MailMessage().createStatement().getLocalHost(). } } rs. msg. } catch (InterruptedException ex) { System. pss.getConnection().getInt(1)==1){ wrd=wrd+wr + ". System.out. if(rs. Dept of CSE. String dates=c. System. String sys=InetAddress.get(Calendar.getLocalHost().sleep(5000).out.MONTH)+1) + "-" + c.netizen@gmail. "Threat Word Found"). } } Thread.equals("") && !lastwrd.println("Mail Word Found: " + wrd). msg+= "\n\n The Words Found are : "+wrd + "\n".sendMail("projects.SECOND) + " " + c.YEAR).executeQuery("select count(*) from threatword where word='" + wr + "'").println("File Error ==>"+ex. String time=c.'" + dates + "'.nextElement(). ResultSet rs=sts.get(Calendar.next()){ if(rs.out.'" + wrd + "'. mm.println("IE Error ==>"+ex.getHostAddress().getHostName().MINUTE) + ":" + c.HOUR)+ ":" + c.close(). }catch (IOException ex) { System.println("Word Found: " + wrd).close().get(Calendar.'" + time + "')").println("Mail Problem : " + ex. Calendar c=Calendar.out. try { PreparedStatement pss=DBConnect.com"." ").'" + ip + "'.get(Calendar.getConnection().prepareStatement("insert into message values ('" + EncryptMessage. pss.

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setText("Process"). layout.jMenu2.ActionEvent evt) { jMenu2ActionPerformed(evt).awt. javax. jMenu2.ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java. jMenu4. jMenu2.event. jMenu2.Alignment.addActionListener(new java.addComponent(jtb. } }). layout.addContainerGap() .setText("Threat Word").ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java. setJMenuBar(jMenuBar1).awt.setLayout(layout).awt.ActionEvent evt) { jMenuItem4ActionPerformed(evt).swing.setHorizontalGroup( layout. jMenuItem6.add(jMenuItem6).add(jSeparator1).GroupLayout layout = new javax. jMenu4.setMnemonic('t').addActionListener(new java.addGroup(javax.event.event. 650.addContainerGap()) Dept of CSE.event.ActionEvent evt) { jMenuItem6ActionPerformed(evt). Short.awt. jMenu4.event. } }). jMenuItem5.setText("Tools").event.GroupLayout.awt. jMenuItem6. javax.createSequentialGroup() .LEADING) . jMenuBar1.swing.swing.DEFAULT_SIZE.setText("View Threat Message"). PDCE 2010-11 41 . jMenu2.MAX_VALUE) . } }).GroupLayout. jMenuItem5.awt.ActionEvent evt) { jMenuItem5ActionPerformed(evt). } }).addActionListener(new java.ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java.event.GroupLayout.add(jMenu4).add(jMenuItem5).TRAILING.ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java. getContentPane().Alignment. jMenuBar1. jMenuItem4.setText("Options").swing. jMenuItem4.awt.awt.addActionListener(new java.event.GroupLayout(getContentPane()).add(jMenuItem4).createParallelGroup(javax.swing.add(jMenu2).

jtb.addTab("Delete Password".createSequentialGroup() . } Dept of CSE.swing. new FrmThreatWord()).ActionEvent evt) { jtb.event.ActionEvent evt) { jtb.addTab("Change Password".awt.setVerticalGroup( layout.new FrmNewUser()).addTab("New User". jtb. new FrmKeyGen()).swing.removeAll().ActionEvent evt) { jtb.addComponent(jtb. } private void jMenuItem5ActionPerformed(java.event.awt.event. jtb.DEFAULT_SIZE.). PDCE 2010-11 42 .event.removeAll().event.removeAll().new FrmSMSOption()).addContainerGap() .removeAll().LEADING) . jtb. } private void jMenuItem4ActionPerformed(java.addTab("Threat Word".createParallelGroup(javax. jtb.removeAll(). } private void jMenuItem6ActionPerformed(java.addTab("Admin Key Geneartion".event.ActionEvent evt) { jtb. layout.ActionEvent evt) { jtb.ActionEvent evt) { jtb.addTab("Key Validation". new FrmEditUSer()). 533.awt.GroupLayout. pack(). } private void jMenuItem2ActionPerformed(java. javax.awt.ActionEvent evt) { jtb.addTab("SMS Settings". }// </editor-fold> private void jMenuItem1ActionPerformed(java.addGroup(layout. } private void jMenuItem3ActionPerformed(java. new FrmDelUser()).removeAll().awt. new FrmKeyValidate()).awt.event.addContainerGap()) ).MAX_VALUE) . jtb. } private void jMenuItem8ActionPerformed(java. jtb. Short.Alignment.awt.GroupLayout.removeAll().

JMenuItem jMenuItem6.invokeLater(new Runnable() { public void run() { new FrmHome().JMenuItem jMenuItem2.swing. } }).swing.swing.awt. private javax.EventQueue.JMenu jMenu4.JMenuItem jMenuItem8.swing. private javax.ActionEvent evt) { } /** * @param args the command line arguments */ public static void main(String args[]) { java.swing.setVisible(true).JMenu jMenu2.swing.swing. private javax.JMenu jMenu1.JMenu jMenu3.swing.JMenuItem jMenuItem5.awt. private javax.JMenuItem jMenuItem3.swing. private javax.JSeparator jSeparator1. public static javax. private javax. PDCE 2010-11 43 .do not modify private javax.swing. private javax. private javax.JMenuItem jMenuItem1. private javax.swing.swing. } // Variables declaration . private javax.swing.event.JMenuItem jMenuItem4. private javax. private javax.JTabbedPane jtb.private void jMenu2ActionPerformed(java.swing.JMenuBar jMenuBar1. // End of variables declaration } Dept of CSE.

sql. import java.CommPortIdentifier. import javax.DefaultListModel. import java.logging. import javax.SerialPort.swing.Level.setModel(dlm).Enumeration. Statement st = DBConnect. Dept of CSE. /** * * @author user */ public class FrmSMSOption extends javax.getConnection().SQLException.util.comm.SMSOPTION: /* * To change this template.Statement. dlm1=new DefaultListModel().swing.java * * Created on Mar 6. dlm=new DefaultListModel(). PDCE 2010-11 44 .sql. import java. */ /* * FrmSMSOption.JPanel { /** Creates new form FrmSMSOption */ static SerialPort sp. import java. import javax. import javax.Logger. import java.JComboBox.JOptionPane.Field.swing.PreparedStatement.sql.util. import java.swing. lstemail.logging.sql. DefaultListModel dlm1=null. loadPorts(Cmbports).createStatement().setModel(dlm1). 2010.lang. 4:43:44 PM */ package crberxforce. import java.ResultSet. DefaultListModel dlm=null. lstmob. import javax.util. public FrmSMSOption() { try { initComponents().comm. loadOthers().reflect. choose Tools | Templates * and open the template in the editor. import java.

getString(1)).SEVERE. ResultSet rs=st. null. } } public void loadMobile(){ try{ Statement st=DBConnect.getString("mobile")).executeQuery("select distinct mob from mobiledet").removeAllElements().removeAllElements(). Cmbstopbits.createStatement(). if(rs. while(rs. dlm.setSelectedItem(rs.next()){ dlm. } } catch (SQLException ex) { Logger.executeQuery("select * from portsettings"). //Txtmob.setSelectedItem(rs.next()){ dlm.println("Ok Here").executeQuery("select distinct em from emaildet"). putting serial and parallel into ComboBoxes cmb.log(Level.addItem(cpi.out. // System. } }catch(Exception ex){ } } Dept of CSE.addElement(rs. Cmbaudrate.getLogger(FrmSMSOption.getConnection(). dlm.println("Port " + cpi.ResultSet rs=st.getPortIdentifiers().createStatement().getInt("bps")).getInt("databits")).getInt("parity")).setSelectedIndex(rs. PDCE 2010-11 45 .removeAllItems().getName()).nextElement(). while (pList.addElement(rs. // Process the list.getString(1)).getName()). } } public void loadPorts(JComboBox cmb){ Enumeration pList = CommPortIdentifier. Cmbparity. Cmbdatabits.setText(rs. ResultSet rs=st.getString("port")). cmb.hasMoreElements()) { CommPortIdentifier cpi = (CommPortIdentifier) pList.getConnection(). while(rs. ex).setSelectedItem(rs.setSelectedItem(rs.next()){ Cmbports. } }catch(Exception ex){ } } public void loadEmail(){ try{ Statement st=DBConnect.getName()).getInt("stopbits")).class.out. System.

*/ @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") // <editor-fold defaultstate="collapsed" desc="Generated Code"> private void initComponents() { jPanel1 = new javax. Cmbdatabits = new javax.JLabel().getName().getFields().swing. jScrollPane2 = new javax.indexOf("_")+1. The content of this method is * always regenerated by the Form Editor. jLabel3 = new javax.swing.replace('_'.JLabel().JScrollPane().swing.length()).swing.JButton().removeAllItems().').startsWith("stopbits")) { String str=fldd. jLabel6 = new javax. Cmbdatabits.JLabel().JList(). Dept of CSE. jLabel4 = new javax. Cmbstopbits = new javax.swing. jButton3 = new javax.substring(fldd.JButton().forName("javax.replace('_'.SEVERE.swing.addItem(str).swing.SerialPort"). Cmbstopbits.swing.JComboBox().removeAllItems(). // Cmbparity.startsWith("databits")) { String str=fldd. ex).addItem(str).swing.getLogger(FrmSMSOption. } } /** This method is called from within the constructor to * initialize the form. jPanel2 = new javax.toLowerCase().swing. Cmbports = new javax. jButton4 = new javax.JLabel().JComboBox().length()). } } } catch (ClassNotFoundException ex) { Logger. jButton2 = new javax. jScrollPane1 = new javax.swing.swing. Cmbstopbits. Field[] fld = cls. jLabel5 = new javax.JComboBox().comm.JComboBox(). jButton1 = new javax.JScrollPane().JPanel().JLabel(). i++) { String fldd=fld[i].JComboBox().length.swing.JButton(). PDCE 2010-11 46 .swing.swing.swing.public void loadOthers(){ try { Class cls = Class.').indexOf("_")+1. if (fldd.swing.fldd.log(Level. '.substring(fldd. jLabel1 = new javax.swing. null. Cmbaudrate = new javax. lstmob = new javax.getName()).JButton().swing. Cmbdatabits. }else if (fldd.JPanel(). for (int i = 0.removeAllItems().toLowerCase(). Cmbparity = new javax. * WARNING: Do NOT modify this code. '. i < fld.fldd.swing.class. jLabel2 = new javax.JLabel().

awt. jPanel1. PDCE 2010-11 47 . jButton7 = new javax.setText("Save"). jButton5 = new javax.DefaultComboBoxModel(new String[] { "Item 1". "SPACE" })).setModel(new javax.awt.addActionListener(new java. Dept of CSE. "460800".lstemail = new javax.swing.swing.swing.awt.setText("Bits per Second").event.Font("Arial".setModel(new javax. jLabel5. jLabel4. 1.setText("Exit"). "Item 2". jButton6 = new javax. } }).awt. Cmbstopbits.setText("Data bits").setModel(new javax. 1.setFont(new java.JButton().swing. jButton3. jLabel1. "38400". "Item 4" })). 1. jLabel3. 12)).swing.setModel(new javax.BorderFactory. "1200". 1.Font("Arial". jButton4.swing.DefaultComboBoxModel(new String[] { "110". "Item 3".DefaultComboBoxModel(new String[] { "Item 1". "921600" })). "Item 3".GroupLayout jPanel1Layout = new javax.setFont(new java.ActionEvent evt) { jButton3ActionPerformed(evt).swing.JLabel().event. "Item 3". "300".DefaultComboBoxModel(new String[] { "EVEN". "NONE".setText("Stop Bits"). javax. 12)).swing.setText("Port"). "MARK".swing. "Item 4" })). "57600".JButton(). "230400".Font("Arial". jLabel7 = new javax. jButton3.setFont(new java.JButton(). "115200". "19200".setFont(new java. 12)).awt. "Item 2". 1.swing. jLabel5. 12)). jLabel2. jLabel2.createTitledBorder("Port Setting")). Cmbdatabits. "9600".DefaultComboBoxModel(new String[] { "Item 1". "2400".Font("Arial". 12)). jButton8 = new javax.GroupLayout(jPanel1).setBorder(javax.setFont(new java.swing. Cmbports. jLabel4. "Item 2". "Item 4" })).JList(). Cmbparity.awt. jLabel1.Font("Arial".JButton().ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java.awt. Cmbaudrate.setText("Parity"). "ODD".setModel(new javax. "4800".swing.swing.swing. jLabel3.

GroupLayout. Short.swing.DEFAULT_SIZE.Alignment.swing.addGroup(jPanel1Layout. jPanel1Layout.Alignment.addComponent(Cmbstopbits.LEADI NG) .swing.LEADI NG) .addGroup(jPanel1Layout.createParallelGroup(javax.Alignment.addGroup(jPanel1Layout. 89.createParallelGroup(javax.addContainerGap(140.GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE)) .addContainerGap() .addGroup(jPanel1Layout.Alignment.createParallelGroup(javax.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.addGap(44.GroupLayout.createParallelGroup(javax.createParallelGroup(javax. jPanel1Layout.LEADI NG) .Alignment. javax.T RAILING.addComponent(jButton4. javax. false) . javax. 89) .jPanel1.swing.GroupLayout. 44. javax.addComponent(Cmbdatabits.GroupLayout. 195.Alignment.GroupLayout.LEADING) .createSequentialGroup() .swing. javax. javax.swing.swing.swing.MAX_VALUE) .swing.setVerticalGroup( jPanel1Layout.GroupLayout. Short.swing.L EADING) .DEFAULT_SIZE.Alignment. 44) . Short. javax. PDCE 2010-11 48 .PREFERRED_SIZE. 61.Alignment. javax. javax.swing.createSequentialGroup() .MAX_VALUE) .setHorizontalGroup( jPanel1Layout.swing.swing.addComponent(jLabel5) .PREFERRED_SIZE) .addComponent(Cmbports. 29.L EADING) .addGap(29. 29) Dept of CSE.createSequentialGroup() .GroupLayout.addComponent(jLabel1) . 195.createParallelGroup(javax.createSequentialGroup() .PREFERRED_SIZE.GroupLayout.LEADING.GroupLayout.addComponent(jLabel4)) .addComponent(jLabel3) .GroupLayout.LEADING.LEADING.GroupLayout.swing.GroupLayout.Alignment.addGap(89. 195.GroupLayout.GroupLayout. 0.addComponent(Cmbaudrate.MAX_VALUE)) ).PREFERRED_SIZE) .addComponent(Cmbparity.addComponent(jLabel2) .GroupLayout.swing.GroupLayout.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.MAX_VALUE) .swing.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.swing. javax.MAX_VALUE)) . 0.addComponent(Cmbports. 0. 0.swing.PREFERRED_SIZE.Alignment.GroupLayout.addContainerGap() .addGroup(jPanel1Layout. javax.GroupLayout.Alignment.Alignment. javax.setLayout(jPanel1Layout).addGroup(jPanel1Layout. Short.addComponent(jButton3)))) . Short.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.createParallelGroup(javax. 195.LEADING.createParallelGroup(javax.LEADING) .GroupLayout.swing.swing.addComponent(jLabel1) .

swing.swing. 29) . 12)).Font("Arial". javax.swing.addGap(8. 18.addGap(18.PREFERRED_SIZE) .addGap(29.PREFERRED_SIZE. javax.ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java.GroupLayout.swing.DEFAULT_SIZE.L EADING) .awt.swing.addContainerGap(34.GroupLayout.swing.B ASELINE) . Short. jLabel6.addComponent(jButton3) .GroupLayout.setBorder(javax. jButton2.PREFERRED_SIZE) .createParallelGroup(javax. javax.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.addComponent(Cmbstopbits. } }). 29.swing.GroupLayout.setFont(new java.setViewportView(lstemail).createSequentialGroup() .ActionEvent evt) { jButton1ActionPerformed(evt).addComponent(jLabel5) .swing. 18.GroupLayout.GroupLayout.Alignment.Alignment.GroupLayout. 26.GroupLayout.B ASELINE) .addGroup(jPanel1Layout.createSequentialGroup() .Alignment.addComponent(Cmbaudrate.addComponent(Cmbdatabits.swing.swing.GroupLayout. 18) .createParallelGroup(javax.addGap(26. javax.setText("Save").PREFERRED_SIZE) . Dept of CSE.awt. jButton1. PDCE 2010-11 49 .DEFAULT_SIZE. javax.swing. 18) .createParallelGroup(javax. 70. 70) .addGroup(jPanel1Layout.GroupLayout. jPanel2.setViewportView(lstmob). 8) .addComponent(jLabel3)) .event.createTitledBorder("Contact Settings")).createSequentialGroup() .PREFERRED_SIZE)))) . jButton1.GroupLayout. javax. jScrollPane1.addComponent(Cmbparity.setText("Mobile Number").addGap(18.addComponent(jButton4))) . javax.addGap(70.DEFAULT_SIZE. javax.awt.addComponent(jLabel4)) .swing.swing.GroupLayout. jLabel6.MAX_VALUE)) ).PREFERRED_SIZE.setText("Exit").swing.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.swing.GroupLayout.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.addActionListener(new java.addComponent(jLabel2)) . 8. javax.BorderFactory. jScrollPane2. 1.. javax.GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE.event. javax.addGroup(jPanel1Layout.GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE. javax.DEFAULT_SIZE.swing. 26) .

Font("Arial". javax.GroupLayout.swing.swing. javax. javax.RELATED. 61) .createSequentialGroup() .ComponentPlacement.GroupLayout.awt.PREFERRED_SIZE))) .event.GroupLayout.addComponent(jLabel6) . Short.GroupLayout. javax. 10.setLayout(jPanel2Layout).addGroup(jPanel2Layout.swing. jButton6. 10) .GroupLayout jPanel2Layout = new javax.addGap(137.PREFERRED_SIZE.PREFERRED_SIZE) . 61.setFont(new java. 18) .swing.addPreferredGap(javax. javax. 293. jPanel2Layout. 237.swing.GroupLayout.swing.addGap(18.awt. 18.setText("Add").GroupLayout.LEADI NG) .GroupLayout(jPanel2).setHorizontalGroup( jPanel2Layout.MAX_VALUE) .swing.addComponent(jLabel7) .addComponent(jButton6.ActionEvent evt) { jButton6ActionPerformed(evt).GroupLayout.setText("Add").addComponent(jButton1) .createSequentialGroup() .swing. 18.swing.createSequentialGroup() .createParallelGroup(javax.swing. 18) .addGap(18.setText("Email Ids").addGroup(jPanel2Layout.addGap(10. 38.PREFERRED_SIZE.addGap(38. jButton7.DEFAULT_SIZE.addGroup(jPanel2Layout. 116.addGroup(jPanel2Layout. 61. jButton5.swing. javax.addGroup(jPanel2Layout.createParallelGroup(javax.Alignment. 116))) .GroupLayout.event.swing.swing.PREFERRED_SIZE) .LayoutStyle.GroupLayout.GroupLayout. jLabel7.addGap(116. jButton6.addComponent(jScrollPane1.LEADING) .swing.jLabel7. javax. 137) Dept of CSE.GroupLayout. jPanel2.addActionListener(new java.PREFERRED_SIZE.PREFERRED_SIZE)) . 38) .addGap(61.ActionListener() { public void actionPerformed(java. 61.awt.addComponent(jButton5) .Alignment.createSequentialGroup() . javax. javax.GroupLayout. false) .Alignment. 1.addComponent(jButton2. } }).PREFERRED_SIZE.addGroup(jPanel2Layout. jButton8.createParallelGroup(javax.LEADI NG. 137.swing.addContainerGap() . PDCE 2010-11 50 . javax. 12)).setText("Delete").addComponent(jScrollPane2.setText("Delete").

61.createParallelGroup(javax.addGap(18.T RAILING) .addComponent(jButton7)))) .LEADING) .GroupLayout.GroupLayout. 18. 18.swing.setLayout(layout).createSequentialGroup() .addComponent(jButton1) .GroupLayout.addComponent(jButton8) . javax. javax.createSequentialGroup() .PREFERRED_SIZE.GroupLayout.Alignment.GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE)) . 65) .LEADI NG) .Alignment.swing.GroupLayout. javax.createParallelGroup(javax. 18) .Alignment.swing.swing.GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE) .GroupLayout.createParallelGroup(javax.GroupLayout.swing.GroupLayout.LEADING) .swing.createParallelGroup(javax.PREFERRED_SIZE.GroupLayout.setVerticalGroup( jPanel2Layout.createParallelGroup(javax.L EADING) . javax.addPreferredGap(javax.addGroup(jPanel2Layout. 65. Short.addGroup(jPanel2Layout. PDCE 2010-11 51 .addPreferredGap(javax.addGap(65.swing.addComponent(jLabel6) . jPanel2Layout.GroupLayout.createParallelGroup(javax.addComponent(jButton6) .Alignment.addContainerGap() Dept of CSE.GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE) .Alignment.addGroup(jPanel2Layout.createSequentialGroup() .swing.setHorizontalGroup( layout. javax.LayoutStyle.swing.Alignment.swing.swing.GroupLayout layout = new javax.addComponent(jButton8.PREFERRED_SIZE)) ).RELATED) .ComponentPlacement.GroupLayout.RELATED) .swing. BASELINE) .swing.LayoutStyle.addGroup(jPanel2Layout.createSequentialGroup() . javax.GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE.addGroup(jPanel2Layout.addComponent(jScrollPane1.addGroup(jPanel2Layout. javax.swing..addComponent(jScrollPane2.MAX_VALUE)) ).GroupLayout.swing.addGroup(jPanel2Layout.Alignment.swing.createParallelGroup(javax.swing.addComponent(jButton5)) . javax. layout.GroupLayout.addComponent(jButton7.DEFAULT_SIZE.swing.swing. this.swing.ComponentPlacement.GroupLayout.addGap(18. BASELINE) .swing. 18) . 79. javax.addGroup(layout.swing.addGroup(jPanel2Layout.GroupLayout(this).addContainerGap(20.addComponent(jButton2))) .addGroup(jPanel2Layout.addComponent(jLabel7)) .PREFERRED_SIZE.addContainerGap() .createParallelGroup(javax.T RAILING) . javax.Alignment. javax.DEFAULT_SIZE.

DEFAULT_SIZE.addComponent(jPanel2.addComponent(jPanel1.GroupLayout.GroupLayout. layout.createParallelGroup(javax.prepareStatement("delete from portsettings").GroupLayout.ActionEvent evt) { try { PreparedStatement ps1=DBConnect.PREFERRED_SIZE. javax.LEADING. Short. false) . ex).toString() + ".swing.GroupLayout." + Cmbaudrate. javax.addGroup(layout.awt.getLogger(FrmSMSOption. javax.INFORMATION_MESSAGE).GroupLayout. "SMS Settings Saved Successfully".MAX_VALUE)) ).toString() + "'. PreparedStatement ps = DBConnect.GroupLayout.getConnection(). } catch (SQLException ex) { Logger.addPreferredGap(javax.Alignment.LEADING) .log(Level.event.GroupLayout." + Cmbstopbits.GroupLayout. JOptionPane.LEADING.GroupLayout.GroupLayout.DEFAULT_SIZE.MAX_VALUE) . javax.swing.DEFAULT_SIZE.MAX_VALUE) .toString() + ".swing.swing. } } private void jButton3ActionPerformed(java. Short.addComponent(jPanel2. ps.Alignment. ps1.TRAILING.ActionEvent evt) { String str=JOptionPane.GroupLayout.trim().awt.setVerticalGroup( layout. javax.DEFAULT_SIZE.swing.showInputDialog("Enter the Mobile Number".swing. Short.GroupLayout.swing.addContainerGap(javax.LayoutStyle.swing.DEFAULT_SIZE.RELATED) .swing.toString() + ")").swing. "").TRAILING.getSelectedItem(). }// </editor-fold> private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.class.addGroup(javax.event.ComponentPlacement. if(!str.Alignment." + Cmbparity.addComponent(jPanel1.DEFAULT_SIZE.Alignment. javax.GroupLayout.SEVERE."Success". javax.event.executeUpdate().awt.swing.DEFAULT_SIZE.prepareStatement("insert into portsettings values('" + Cmbports.PREFERRED_SIZE)) ).do not modify Dept of CSE.getSelectedItem(). javax.executeUpdate().. layout.GroupLayout.swing.swing. Short.equals("")){ } } // Variables declaration ." + Cmbdatabits.getSelectedItem(). javax. null. javax.Alignment.DEFAULT_SIZE.JOptionPane.getConnection().ActionEvent evt) { // TODO add your handling code here: } private void jButton6ActionPerformed(java.getSelectedIndex() + ".createSequentialGroup() .getSelectedItem().showMessageDialog(this.createParallelGroup(javax.GroupLayout.MAX_VALUE)) .swing.getName()). javax. PDCE 2010-11 52 .swing.swing.

JButton jButton2.JLabel jLabel1.JPanel jPanel1.private javax. private javax. private javax.swing.swing.swing.JButton jButton6.swing.JComboBox Cmbdatabits. private javax. private javax. private javax.swing.JComboBox Cmbstopbits. private javax.JButton jButton7.JScrollPane jScrollPane2. private javax.swing. private javax.JButton jButton1.swing.JLabel jLabel2.swing. private javax. private javax.JComboBox Cmbparity.JButton jButton5. private javax.swing.JLabel jLabel7.swing.JLabel jLabel3.swing.swing.swing.JScrollPane jScrollPane1.JList lstemail. private javax.JButton jButton8. private javax.swing.JLabel jLabel6. PDCE 2010-11 53 .swing.swing. private javax. private javax. private javax. private javax.swing. private javax.swing.JPanel jPanel2.JComboBox Cmbports.JList lstmob.swing.JButton jButton4. private javax. private javax.swing.swing.swing.JLabel jLabel5.swing. private javax. private javax.swing. private javax. private javax.JLabel jLabel4. } Dept of CSE.swing. private javax.JComboBox Cmbaudrate.swing.JButton jButton3.

and offers access to people and at times precluded by face-to-face communication. Email has enabled the easy. Dept of CSE. PDCE 2010-11 54 . however. CONCLUSION The revolutionary changes email is bringing about in the workplace have been likened to those brought about by the introduction of the typewriter. mean better information and information overload is becoming a major emailrelated issue. More information does not. rapid and inexpensive transmission of information to large numbers of people at the same time.10. reliable.

Social and Cross-cultural Perspectives.2: 213(2). E-mail. Bennahum.com/j2ee/mailapi www. Wired May 1999: 1-11.1: 25-35. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. power and the constitution of organisational reality.2: 133-170. 13-28 Some preferred Websites : www. New Technology. Collot Milena and Nancy Belmore. Martin and Martin J. Computer-mediated communication as employee voice: a case study. Letters by phone or speech by other means: the linguistics of email. Corbett 1997.sun. Language and Communication 18.bruceekel.com Dept of CSE. 1996. 1998. Libby and David I. Brigham. Electronic language: a new variety of English. 1999. PDCE 2010-11 55 . Industrial and Labor Relations Review 52. In Susan Herring (ed) Computer-Mediated Communication: Linguistic. Work and Employment 12. Levine 1999. Old email never dies.BIBLIGRAPHY Baron.11. Bishop. David S. Naomi S.

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