In MVS/XA operating system, data is moved between central and expanded storage(choose 2 options) a. with I/O operation b. without I/O operation c.As 4k page frames d. As 16k page frames

2.The program status word in central storage is a special hardware register and is purpose is to a. To control how each instruction is executed and contain location of the next instruction b. To control address space and pass information to hardware c. To control pointer to data spaces d. To speed up processing instructions

3.In a tightly coupled multiprocessors 2 or more processors have a. Access to one central storage and exsecutes instruction for single mvs system. b. Access to one central storage and executes instructions for multiple mvs system. c. access to multiple central storage and executes instructions for single mvs system. d. access to multiple central storage and executes instructions for multiple mvs system.

4.The XCF software to provide communication service between mvs system was introduced in a. Tightly coupled multiprocessor system b. Loosely coupled multiprocessor

ERROR D.< c.SYSY1.ERR. parallel sysplex 5.SYS1. Attempt to open a data set that doesn’t exists d.REC C.SYS1.c.( b. None .>. Sub Channels d.). Attempt to execute an address with an invalid address space c. control units c. 8.The hardware detects abnormal conditions such as the following to raise MCI & PCI a. base Sysplex d. processor failure.SYS.MSGREC B.mainframe channels b. channel system failure b. Both a.On editor panel . Both 1 & 2.RTM records all hardware failures and selected software errors in the following system log a. Bus & tag 6. b d.The transfer of data between cpu and I/O devices is controlled by separate processors called A .data can be shifted to right and left by characters or columns using line commands a.LOGREC 7.

Any 3 digits to 000 at position 2 b.9.When the change command – C ‘Do’ ‘XX’ PRE executed on the following words Dont ‘Do(dont) the exopecterd changes are a.Both 1 & 2 10. None 11) when the change command –C ‘Do’ “XX” SUFFIX executed on the following words ADO A @DO ADO -$ADO . XXN’T d . Any 1 digit or 2 digits or 3 digits to 0 or 00 or 000 at position 2 d. XXN’T. XX c. C ‘###’P ‘000’ 2 a.the expected changes are a) AXXX A@XX AXX-$AXX b) AXX AXX-$AXX c)AXX A@XX$AXX d) AXX $AXX 12) the change command –C PAG POST PRE would change the first occurence of prefix ‘PAG’ to ‘POST’-TRUE or FALSE (ANSWER-TRUE) 13) when C ALL ‘DO’ ‘ST’ 5 executed in a dataset which contains characters ‘DO’ starting from position 6 a) ‘DO’ will be changed to ‘ST’ b) ‘DO’ will not be changed to ‘ST’ c) only ‘o’ will be changed to ‘T’ d) none .(XXNT) b. Any 3 digits to 000 and 4 digits to 2 c.

the member list statistics for that member would be blank.reset statistics .14) to blank out the sequence numbers in the last 8 coloumns of a dataset is edited.edit statistics b) menu 2.reset statistics c) utilities 5. the option to update the statistics are a) option 3. which profile option is used a)NUMBER ON/OFF b) RENUM c) UNNUM d) RECOVERY ON/OFF 15) PROFILE LOCK would (choose 2) a) save the profile set up and also allows further changes to profile b)save the profile and do not allow further changes to profile c) save the profile only the editing member in a pds d) save the priofile for all the members edited in the pds 16) the PF keys at the bottom of any panel can be displayed or masked using the command a) PFSHOW ON/OFF b) KEY ON/OFF c) PFKEY ON/OFF d) KEYSHOW ON/OFF 17) when members in pds are created by just copying from other datasets.

3-move/copy utility d) 3.HALF b) CSR c) DATA d) None 21) when directory blocks=3 allocated for a pds with ISPF statistics . Of lines on the source editor the scroll options is a) PAGE.4-data set utility 20) to scroll a particular no.4-library utility b) 3.2 –data set utility c) 3.edit statistics 18) the option to print the member list statistics of a pds is a availible in a) library utility b) DS list utility c) move/copy utility d) compare utility 19) to allocate a new dataset the option on primary menu panel is a) 3.d) functions -5. the max member that can be created are a)18 b)21 c)63 .

F P’. F X’000’ b. All executed lines out of the lebels d. All executed lines between the lebels c.’ c. None . BLKSIZE=225 c. Dataset defined with Record format FB and record length 50. To find a invalid character in a dataset. The following primary command would delete-DELETE X . F P’.’X’00’ d.d)none 22) to browse a member from the member list panel of pds a) use select command b)use ‘s’ beside the member c) use ‘B’ beside the member d)ALL 23. BLKSIZE=100 24. F P’=’ 25. the possible block size are (choose 2) a.start . BLKSIZE=375 d.we can use a.end a. BLKSIZE=950 b. All lines that contain ‘X’ character between the lebels b.

Sorts col 1 to 3 ascending. A PS with name ‘Userid. Will change HEX digit 40 to X’00’ b.LOCAL’ promoting for attributes. sorts cols 1 to 3 and 5 to 9 between label a and d d.ZL b. will change prefix 3 charters. cols 5 to 9 desc. Will give error invalied hex string error message .LOCAL’ with same attb. On non-excluded lines. a. A new member in a defferent PDS named ‘ user id. On excluded line d.ZL ‘ command on PDS member will create a.The following primary command would sort. Only at the label X c. c. 28. Starting at the label X till .a new member in a same PDS named local with same attb. c. The primary command-change X’40’ 0 a. Will change character for HEX digit 40 to character ‘0’ c.26. none 27.LOCAL’ d. A new member in a defferent PDS named ‘ user id.sort 1 3 a 5 9 d a. b. Sorts column 1 to 3 only if it contains character ‘a’ and column 5 to 9 only if contain character ‘d’ b. ‘CREATE LOCAL.ZF. The primary command – change ‘WWW’ ‘YYYY’ prefix X. 29.

members on ML d. all 31. labels and sequence numbers c.To change any character in column 72 to X on all excluded lines the following command will work a. all the above 33. CP’=’’X’72X b.On a dataset with more than 1000 records the optional way to display only the lines that has the find string a. To exclude 1 to 50 records of old fild and 50 to 100 records in new file during comparison . CP’=’’X’X72 d. Only the labels b. Exclude all lines and do find all on the string d. a. Do find on the string and exclude other lines b.d. Will give error invalied to string error message 30. All 32. Exclude all lines and do find on the string c. Locate command is used locate a. CP’=’72’X’X c.

DPCBCMT b. Exclude ROW 1:50. Excludes ROWS 1:50. NEXCLUDE ROWS 50:100 d. DPBLKCL d.To not to process blank lines during comparison the process option would be a. DPBBKLINE .NEXCLUDE ROW 50:100 34. EXCLUDES NROWS 50:100 b. DPPLCMT c.a. EXCLUDES N ROWS 50:100 c. Excludes 0 ROWS 1:50. Excludes 0 ROWS 1:50.

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