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The Shreveport area chapter of the largest "meeting and discussing" book club in the world

Red River Pulpwood Queens

January Newsletter
By: Carey Weeks January 27, 2011

A Magnificent Duo: January Books offer a glimpse

into the lives of Pat Conroy and Sonny Brewer

The book selections for Pat Conroy, as you know,

January are some of the is a legend in the industry,
most incredible picks to with his novels The Prince
Upcoming Events: date. After spending a of Tides, South of Broad,
weekend listening to and many more. Although
• February 1, 2011— stories from both Pat much of his time at the
6:00pm, Beauty and the Conroy and Sonny Brewer, 2011 Girlfriend Weekend
Book Show Watch Party they are, I believe, the was sharing funny stories
at Queen Carey’s House. Shakespeares of our time. with friend and mentor Pat Conroy & Bernie Schein
4423 Tibbs St. Shreveport. Bernie Schein, his message
In Sonny Brewer’s new was clear, he writes
• March 5, 2011—The
book, Don’t Quit Your Day because we read and his
Glory of Green, author &
Job: Acclaimed Authors new book My Reading Life
RRPQ Judy Christie signs
and the Jobs they Quit, he is about just that, reading.
new book, Barnes &
has collected an array of He read an excerpt from
Noble Shreveport
talented Southern authors’ pgs. 304-305.
11:00am. stories that feed the soul
• April 7-13, 2011— for anyone who loves to “Good writing is the
Arkansas Literary Festival, read or has the ambition to hardest form of thinking. It
Little Rock, more info become a writer. He is a involves the agony of
TBA force to be reckoned with.. turning profoundly difficult Janis Owens & Sonny Brewer
His previous works The thoughts into lucid form,
• May 13-15, 2011—Fred Poet of Tolstoy Park, The then forcing them into the
McKenzie Storytelling Widow and the Tree, and A tight-fitting uniform of
Festival, Jefferson TX. Sound Like Thunder are language, making them
More info TBA stories that touch the visible and clear. If the
heartstrings on many writing is good, then the
levels. result seems effortless and

The Beauty and the Book Karen Abbott 1/18/11 Frank Delaney 2/22/11
Show is now online! Log on Paula McLain 1/18/11 Yann Martel 3/1/11
February Book to see your favorite authors. Fannie Flagg 1/25/11 Pat Conroy 3/8/11
Selection The Red River Pulpwood Helen Simonson 2/1/11 Janelle Brown 3/15/11

I Still Dream About Queens will be featured on Susan Vreeland 2/8/11 Melanie Benjamin 3/22/11
You by Fannie Flagg February 1, 2011. Deborah Rodriguez Lisa See 3/29/11 2/15/11

2010 Pulpwood Queens Book Awards

At the end of the second day of out the Pulpwood Queens Book
Girlfriend Weekend, awards were given of the Year. Queen Kathy did the
to individual authors in categories voted honors and awarded Helen
on by each chapter of the Pulpwood Simonson of Major Pettigrew’s
Queens. Each winning author was Last Stand with a perfume bottle.
presented with a crystal perfume bottle (bottom photo)
as a trophy.
• Mary Gay Shipley presented the
• Melissa Conroy presented the Doug Marlette Award for
Pulpwood Queens Children’s Lifetime Achievement of
Book of the Year to Kimberly Promoting Literacy to author
Willis Holt of The Water Seeker Sonny Brewer of Don’t Quit Your
(top photo). Day Job: Acclaimed Authors and
the Day Jobs they Quit.
• Jamie Ford presented the
Pulpwood Queens Bonus Book • The KAT Award was presented by
of the Year to Jeanette Walls of Kathy Patrick to the Dallas
Half Broke Horses. Morning News for excellent media
coverage throughout the year.
• Pat Conroy was not present to hand

Southern Living Announces South’s Best Book Stores

Pulitzer Prize winning
author Rick Bragg has
2. Malaprop’s 5. Sundog Books
announced that he is now Asheville, North Carolina Seaside, Florida
a regular contributor for
Southern Living Magazine
with his column Southern 3. Lemuria Books
Journal. Jackson, Mississippi RRPQ author Judy Christie’s novel
1. Alabama Booksmith Goodness Gracious
Birmingham, Alabama 4. Faulkner House Books Green is now ranked New Orleans, Louisiana #2 on the list of free Kindle downloads on
Amazon. Congrats!

January Literary Birthdays

Zora Neale Hurston – Jan. 7, 1903 Virginia Woolf – Jan. 25, 1882 Mrs. J.R.R. Tolkien – Jan. 3, 1892 Lord of
Their Eyes Were Watching God Dalloway, To the Lighthouse the Rings, The Hobbit

Jack London – Jan. 12, 1876 White Lewis Carroll – Jan. 27, 1832 Al-
Each year on his birthday,
Fang, Call of the Wild ice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Edgar A. Poe’s grave in
Baltimore is visited by an
Ernest J. Gaines – Jan. 15, 1933 A Norman Mailer – Jan. 31, 1923 The
anonymous bringer of Cognac
Lesson Before Dying Naked and the Dead and roses. This year, he was a
“no-show” for the 2nd year in a
Edgar Allan Poe – Jan. 19, 1809 The Carl Sandburg – Jan. 6, 1878 The
row, leading some to think
Raven Complete Poems, Cornhuskers that the Poe Toaster has died.