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If this is the case do not worry because Cityville is Zynga's newest game up to date and it is also the best game they have to offer. businesses farming. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know to fly past your rivals no matter what level you are By Jason Stonewall Page 4 . You will find that their is just so much do do once you begin to play Cityville.Introduction If you have not played any of the other addicting Facebook games Zygna has to offer than you have been missing out on some of the most addicting and fun to play social games on the internet. They really went all out with Cityville. to managing shipyards and creating huge business franchises throughout neighbouring cities you wont run out of things to do in Cityville. from building housing developments. Not only have they put together the best aspects from many of their other social games but they have updated the graphics completely to a 3D engine that simply looks amazing for a Facebook game. From the basics to the more advanced whatever your skill level you can use this guide to dominate Cityville in no time! CVDomination.

1. Coins are the currency in Cityville.Add Coins and Cash Button – This allows you to buy coins and cash for real money from Zynga.Coins – This is how many coins you have. It is used to purchase many speciality items in Cityville. They are used to buy almost everything. CVDomination. That is knowing all the menus. where to purchase certain things etc. Feel free to browse over this section if you are already comfortable with the Cityville menu options layout and toolbars. Here is a quick and easy overview of all the menu options so you don't have to waist any time looking around to find anything.User Interface To get a good head start you are going to need have good knowledge of the entire user interface. what all the symbols mean.Cityville Cash – This is how much Cityville Cash you have. By Jason Stonewall Page 5 . 3.

Settings Menu – Click the button here to toggle open the settings By Jason Stonewall Page 6 . Goods are used to supply your businesses. turn the sound on/off and turn the music on/off.Tools Menu – By clicking on this arrow it will bring up your tools CVDomination.Level – This is the Level you are currently at.Goals – This is where all the goals you are currently working on show up. change to full screen. 7. You can find out how many you will need to get to the next level by moving your mouse over it. toggle the graphics quality. You can get more goods by harvesting crops. 6. 5. 2. 8. Here you can zoom in and out the screen.Goods – This tells you how many goods you have.Energy – This is your energy bar and it tells you how much energy you have at the moment and how much time it will be until you get more. You can click on a goal to have a screen pop up that will list everything you still need to complete. 1.4.XP – This shows how many experience points you have.

. Here you can visit and send gifts to your neighbours. Remove: Use for removing items from your city Rotate: Used to rotate things in your city Move: Move things around in you city 3.Build – Opens everything that you can purchase to add to your city. 4. Under the tools menu you will find. 6. shipping. – – – – Arrow: Use for basic gameplay. inventory and franchises.. community buildings.My Stuff – This menu contains buttons that will open windows to your collections. CVDomination. simply your pointer tool. expansions and wonders are all under this menu. 5. extra energy. businesses. By Jason Stonewall Page 7 .Neighbors – All your neighbour information is in this menu.Town Population – Gives you your town population and shows you how happy your citizens are.

CVDomination. Leveling up unlocks new businesses. Cash. XP system with other resources such as goods. There are so many options. You use energy. objects and stats to keep track of it can completely overwhelm a player (especially if you are new to Zynga games). houses.Getting Started For a new player Cityville can seem a little intimidating to get started. Like other Facebook and Zynga games Cityville uses the somewhat By Jason Stonewall Page 8 . Lucky I have put together a complete section to help ease anyone into the at times complicated but amazingly entertaining world of Cityville. services and can get you out of having to send requests for certain tasks to your friends. Coins. goods to supply your businesses and gain enough XP and you will level up. Energy. Use coins to build things. I will go into much more detail into all these topics later in the guide. The addition of goods mixes things up a bit and it requires you to build farms and grow crops to produce the goods needed to supply your businesses. Cash is less commonly used in the game but is used primarily to buy premium items. and more for you to build in your city. coins and goods doing tasks in your city but you can gain back experience and other things when completing a task. decorations. tools.

It doesn't cost you anything to visit a neighbor and you automatically receive coins. Whether it is late at night or early in the morning try to make a habit of logging on and doing the bare minimum to keep your city profiting and creating goods. As of right now if you log in for 5 days in a row you are given a chance of winning a huge By Jason Stonewall Page 9 . energy and experience. These will help you out and make you an above average player regardless of having any more advanced strategies. Goals CVDomination. This strategy alone can put you ahead of most of your friends. If you can follow these you will be well on your way to dominating Cityville. That way you will be able to plant the right crops for the time in between play. try to play at consistent times. Playing on a Daily Basis This may seem obvious and many of you may be saying that you don't have enough time to play everyday. One more obvious reason to play everyday is that Cityville gives a bonus to players that log on everyday. While this may be true for many of you try to find time to play even for just 5 minutes once a day. When playing over the week. 70 minutes a week spread out over 7 days will be much better for your city then spending 5 hours over a single weekend. Visiting your Neighbors Visiting as many as your neighbors everyday is a must.Fundamental Tips From the beginning there are some very important fundamental tips you should follow in order to be a pro at Cityville.

there city's are organized! Not only will you be able to find things easier but if you keep like with like you can collect rent and re-supply businesses much more quickly than you could if they were all spread out.Goals will be a constant part of gameplay as you progress through Cityville but you should not look at them as a chore to complete. Organization can help you keep things tightly packed together which lets you cram as many things as possible into your limited space given. If you look at almost all high ranking players they almost all have one thing in common. Organization Organization is probably the most important aspect of becoming a pro in Cityville. Goals (especially at the beginning of the game) are usually just the next logical step for you to take when going about your business they let you know when to start up franchises and as you complete goals many new and useful things will be unlocked. Goals not only give you bonuses but by doing what a goal asks to do it will help out your city. By Jason Stonewall Page 10 . Try to work around completing goals while still sticking to your strategies that you learn here.

Use just sidewalks to expand your city and leave the road you start with. CVDomination.City Layout Planning out your city layout is one of the most important parts of running a successful city. I just did not have enough coins to fill it completely because this is a brand new city. You can see my line of flowers in between two lines of By Jason Stonewall Page 11 . Using Decorations and Sidewalks are key to setting up a nice city. As you get more coins from the businesses leave room to fill in those spaces with more decorations. The tree line I made is where you will have larger decorations. I setup a new city to show you how you can setup your city at the very start. You don't need anymore roads. Looking at the image above you can see I have not built anymore roads.

so you can line up some houses along the decorations as well.Always have your most profitable businesses situated in areas with the highest bonus from decorations (See Business Section for the best businesses). CVDomination. but it will definitely be making you the most coin which is important to start. Then on the other side of this large decoration you will have more businesses. On the left side of the image you will see a large blank space. What you will do here is use larger decorations like the By Jason Stonewall Page 12 . You can always change it up once you are a higher level and have a lot of coins but I suggest you start out with this as your layout. leaving room for a large farm in the top left. Following this layout you will do the same above the road. This may not make your city the prettiest. You can also destroy the road leading to the Farm House as this is wasted space and you can simply move the farm house to another place. Decorations also will give bonuses to housing buildings. making sure you have the highest ratio businesses next to this giant park of decorations.

seeds and decorations and expansions are purchased using coins. It can be complicated to figure out what housing development to build in order for you to gain the most profits. Coins can be acquired in a variety of ways all providing you with different amounts of coins at different costs and energy to you. Make sure that you always have a supply of goods and that you remember to send the good to your businesses when they run out. instead you would want to build something like loft apartments because you can collect more for the same energy every 2. These are things you can do to get more coins. This way you can continue collecting from them. Collecting from Businesses: Collecting from businesses works slightly differently then collecting rent from you housing. even as you progress to later levels their very affordable price makes them a decent option. Without coins there is no way to advance any further in the game. you will profit much more and quickly. Early on in the game building as many bakery's as you can will provide you with the best possible income from your businesses. With businesses you have to supply them with goods in order to make any coins but. Almost all buildings. What it really comes down to is how much you are planning on playing Cityville. Housing that you build will cost you different amounts to create. will also take different amounts of time to collect the rent. If you don't play everyday you will not want to build a series of cozy cottages because wont be collecting from them every hour. They are the most profitable business very early on in the game but. maximizing your profits. will provide you with different amounts of rent but.Coins Coins are currency used to purchase almost everything in Cityville. By Jason Stonewall Page 13 . Collecting Rent: One of the first ways that you will learn to make money is by collecting rent from the housing that you have created.1 days.

The closer your building is to customers the faster they can walk to your business. This helps customers deplete your businesses supplies making them ready for payout! By Jason Stonewall Page 14 .Build your best businesses near high density housing areas.

As you unlock new more profitable crops just add them in. – During the morning plant a row of watermelon (4hour crops). If you only have strawberries. – Designate a large portion of land to farming and keep it all together. This chart will come in useful when deciding what crops to grow depending on how available you are. the same number you planted for the watermelon – Plant a row of pumpkins (18 hour crop). This is a simple yet very effective method for farming like a pro. This can be done by simply adding more farm plots as you will be needing to increase your farm size as the game progresses anyways. the same number you planted for both – Continue with planting crops with longer growing periods until you reach peas which take 3. Do not have “mini farms” spread out all over your city. You do not have to start with watermelons or end with peas. This requires you to have an efficient and large scale farm running at all times full of crops. The best way to maximize your production of goods from farming is by staggering your crops. – When the watermelon are ready. about 5 per row (but can be as many as you want) – Plant a row of carrots (8 hour crop). Keep in mind that the less you CVDomination. harvest them and repeat the same number of potatoes in the same space – Do this for all your other crops when they are ready. carrots and corn unlocked you can still use the staggering method. This is just an By Jason Stonewall Page 15 .Farming In order to keep your businesses and franchises running constantly you are going to need a steady supply of goods. Just harvest and replant in the same place.1 days.

75 Goods/Hour 6.1 Goods/Hour 15 Goods/5 minutes 30 Goods/ 1 Hour 45 Goods/4 Hours 70 Goods/8 Hours 80 Goods/12 Hours 90 Goods/18 Hours 110 Goods/1 Day 130 Goods/ By Jason Stonewall Page 16 .6 Goods/Hour 5 Goods/Hour 4.1 Days CVDomination.6 Goods/Hour 2.25 Goods/Hour 8.1 Days 155 Goods/3. Strawberries Eggplant Watermelon Carrot Cranberries Pumpkins Corn Wheat Peas 180 Goods/Hour 30 Goods/Hour 11.have to harvest the more energy you will save.5 Goods/Hour 2.

This is great is you enjoy waiting a full 5 minutes every time you want to do something in Cityville but for serious players it is simply not enough. As with many other Facebook social games building CVDomination. Click “build” and then click the lightning bolt to access the battery store. Send Gifts: Another way to produce energy is to give some to other By Jason Stonewall Page 17 . Here you can purchase 3. Unfortunately it is going to cost you City Cash which is very valuable in itself. Batteries: The fastest way to replenish your energy is through the use of batteries. While gifting energy doesn't actually benefit you personally it may persuade your neighbors to return the favour to you when you are in need. Here are some other ways you can boost your energy bar. but it is also the most difficult to get. Batteries are either sent to you by friends and neighbors or you can buy them yourself from the build menu.Energy By far the most expensive resource in Cityville is energy. The most common and easiest way to get energy is by simply waiting for the clock to tick by for 5 minutes. 7 or 12 energy points.

Although sometimes hard to get especially when in a jam they can give you a nice boost when you collect a whole set. and you will need it to succeed in Cityville. Simply visiting a one of your neighbors will provide you with 3 energy points immediately that can be used when you return home. Using friends to get you specific items in a set can help speed things up a bit. Visiting Neighbors: Helping out your friends isn't always without immediate reward in Cityville. Collecting from properties. Going About Your Regular Tasks: You can even find energy doing your regular By Jason Stonewall Page 18 . Not only that but you can receive many other goodies while helping out your friends so remember to use this method often as it is my go to method when I run out of energy. Over time these can really add up and you'll be surprised at how this can really prolong your energy. Collections: Collections are a great way to gain new energy. will all randomly earn you bonus energy in the form of lightning bolts. CVDomination. planting crops etc. Add an item to your wish list when you are in need of energy and if you have generous friends they should be able to help you fulfil your energy needs.friendships with others can end up being very profitable for the both of you. chopping trees. They can be found randomly when collecting from your businesses and if you collect a whole set the reward proves worth the effort.

try using as much of your energy up as possible so you don't waste any of this precious resource. If you know you are about to level up.Leveling Up: Leveling up is an important way to fill your energy bar to the brim. You don't want to have full energy then collect the last bit of experience you need losing all the potential energy you could have gained. By Jason Stonewall Page 19 . When you gain a level your energy bar is completely replenished so timing is everything when it comes to leveling up.

6 3.2 4.45 4.2 5 4.6 4.2 3.8 4.3 4.35 5.8 3. so how do you decide what to build and what to trash? Here is a simple chart that will By Jason Stonewall Good Cost / Coin Income 10 Goods/40 Coins 25 Goods/95 Coins 100 Goods/320 Coins 50 Goods/180 Coins 75 Goods/240 Coins 10 Goods/50 Coins 50 Goods/230 Coins 25 Goods/120 Coins 100 Goods/420 Coins 75 Goods/330 Coins 130 Goods/572 Coins 110 Goods/495 Coins 120 Goods/532 Coins 150 Goods/645 Coins 140 Goods/609 Coins 120 Goods/654 Coins 110 Goods/605 Coins 130 Goods/702 Coins 140 Goods/749 Coins 150 Goods/795 Coins 60 Goods/270 Coins 80 Goods/ 352 Coins 125 Goods/575 Coins Ratio (Higher is Better) 4 3.4 4. Business Name Bakery Flower Kiosk Coffee Shop Toy Store Burger Joint Video Game Store Diner Cosmetic Store Pool Hall Bike Shop Shoe Store French Restaurant Sunglasses Store Italian Restaurant Seafood Restaurant Handbag Store Sushi Bar Wedding Store Cinema Tower Eats Corner Store Tavern Tuxedo Rental CVDomination.5 5.4 5.35 5.6 Page 20 .4 4.5 4.45 5.Businesses There are many different businesses you can choose from to.4 4.3 4.5 4.

Once you unlock the Sushi Bar you should be selling your lesser ratio businesses and loading up with sushi bars. CVDomination. once you complete a goal to build a business. Now I will tell you about Decorations and how you should setup your businesses around decorations. Always make sure you have the highest ratio business in your city. is look at the ratio column mostly. that is available to you. Build multiple bakery's until you have access to the Video Game Store. As you can see the Bakery is the first business you can build. you no longer need By Jason Stonewall Page 21 . but only build what you need to. and gives you the best ratio for a while. These will just take up important space when you could have 5 bakery's instead of one of each of the first 5 businesses available to you. so are getting maximum income for your goods. The Sushi Bar is the highest goods to coins ratio in the game. You will have quests to complete buildings so don't ignore those.What you want to do with the above chart. At early levels you should do the same thing.

Not only do they look nice and provide some character to your bustling town. Here is one way you can setup your business centre. which means more coin coming in to your bank. You will have a Goal to build an arboretum quite CVDomination.Decorations Using decorations in Cityville can really help you grow your city. These bonuses stack so you can have many decorations around a business to stack up the bonuses. You can see that I have a park with many different decorations in the centre of some profitable By Jason Stonewall Page 22 . The bonuses can really stack up and you will be seeing diamonds instead of money bags in no time. Buy some pink flowers (4 squares) as soon as you can to start building your park. they give a % bonus to nearby businesses or houses (which means more money for you).

If done correctly you can give your business a bonus of over 250%. This way you can collect 250% from each business with only one or two decoration squares. 4X4 can gain a higher bonus so it is more recommended. One is designed for 3x3 businesses and the other is for 4x4 businesses. Legend for diagram A and B Red: Your Business – Either 4x4 or 3x3 Green: 4x4 decoration – $4000 Arboretum (16%).com By Jason Stonewall Page 23 . wait to build that until you get the goal since it takes up quite a bit of coin(4000) for early on. This way you maximize your income without wasting energy and goods. then wait for the businesses around your park to sell out of goods. You can also use CVDomination. Below are two diagrams showing how to build ultimate decoration squares. When you have collected from one business in this way you can move it out of the square and replace it with another business that has not been collected from. If you have the time. Since the businesses with more income take more goods to supply. Advanced Strategy – Ultimate Decoration Squares: When you have advanced more in the game and you are able to afford more than just a few cheap decorations it is time to start building your business powerhouse. It involves taking your most profitable business and using decorations to provide it with the best bonus possible. don't just supply every business in your town.early so if you haven't yet. This can provide you with many more coins and save tons of goods and energy. then collect that money and replace with more goods.

Decorations only have to have a piece inside this radius to count towards your overall bonus percentage. CVDomination.000 Rocky Hill (20%) but it is cheaper to start with the Arboretum.the $24. Yellow: 2x1 decoration .com By Jason Stonewall Page 24 . Blue: 3x3 decoration – Swing Set Playground (11%).Bronze Statue (3%) if you can afford them or 1x1 decorations – $50 Flower Patch (1%) or any other 1x1 decoration The red square shows what decorations are in the radius of your business. If you can get any using the Tiered Fountain (18%) is much better.

3x3 Ultimate Decoration Square By Jason Stonewall Page 25 .

com By Jason Stonewall Page 26 .4x4 Ultimate Decoration Square CVDomination.

Franchises In order to really succeed in Cityville you are going to have to master franchises. it will take a vast amount of goods. CVDomination. They are the best way to really begin racking in the coins on a large By Jason Stonewall Page 27 . In order to do this properly though. organization. and friends and neighbors to make it work the best it can.

To fuel your (soon to be) large franchise empires.Starting up a franchise of your own is relatively simple. CVDomination. Create a lot of farmland and always remember to plant and harvest your crops to get your full potential of goods and build many silos so you can carry a large supply of goods. They make you money and cost you goods to operate. It is also possible for you or a friend to create additional plots of land to allow more franchises to open in your town. This is cheap and easy for someone to do as it does not cost you the host city to allow a franchise to be By Jason Stonewall Page 28 . A great aspect about building a new branch in a neighboring city is that it doesn't use up the valuable energy resource and it will be completed instantly. The HQ is the heart of your entire franchise it supplies goods to all your businesses within your franchise and it provides you with valuable daily bonuses. Your franchised businesses are very much like the businesses you are already used to. ( more on accumulation of goods in the “goods and farming” section ). you will need a huge amount of goods to supply these many new businesses. Just visit a neighbor and ask to open up a franchise on an empty plot of land in their city. As long as your friend accepts you'll be making extra cash right away. The biggest difference is that it is back by what is called your HQ.

com By Jason Stonewall Page 29 . CVDomination.If you have picked a franchise that may not be your favourite business don't worry because you be able to open up more as you progress in the game and reach higher levels.

-50 Goods +150 coins -Buying: 5 minutes. You can also send a train over to NPC friends in the game however most of your transactions will be between you and your Facebook friends. You must send your train around to your friends and neighbors. Here are some examples of sending and receiving goods by train. As you develop your city using the train can help you keep your good supply high and your city running even if you miss out on harvesting your crops. Expanding your city is not cheap though.000 coins. You are able to visit up to a total of 10 friends at one time although the more friends you pick the longer it will take. +50 Goods -210 coins Buying/Selling to multiple friends CVDomination. If you are not planning on expanding then you will run into huge problems once you run out of your very limited space. There are two ways that you can use to begin shipping and receiving goods in Cityville. which you start with at the beginning of your game and the second is by boat where you will need to build a port and have connection to the sea. Your fist expansion alone is going to cost you 20. When you do save up enough money for an expansion be sure to expand towards water so that you are able to open up a shipping port as water access is needed to begin a port. so you are going to need to find a quick way to increase your coin supply and using shipping is the quickest way to do this. -Selling: 5 minutes. crops and homes you can cram into your city. It comes down to the more room you have the more business. The first is by train. CityVille Trains In Cityville the train station menu acts like a marketplace similar to other browser games. this enables you to buy and sell goods in the amount you By Jason Stonewall Page 30 .Shipping and Expansion Expanding your city should be one of your primary goals while playing Cityville.

CVDomination. +350 Goods -1.844 coins -8 Friends: 14 hours. -450 Goods +675 coins -8 Friends: 14 hours. -550 Goods +687 coins -10 Friends: 48 hours. -700 Goods +700 coins Notice that when buying goods the more friends you buy from at once the better deal you get. If you decide that you really do want to sell some goods because you have a large surplus and you need the coins more sell in shorter intervals rather than waiting 48 hours for 10 friends. So obviously if you are not planning on coming back onto your account I recommend buying from 10 friends.365 coins -10 Friends: 48 hours. +550 Goods -2. Selling to 10 friends gives you a ratio of 1 coin/ 1 good while selling goods every 5 minutes will give you a ratio of 3 coins/ 1 good. This can get you 3x the amount of coins and will save you huge amounts of money from being wasted. -350 Goods +612 coins -6 Friends: 12 hours. +450 Goods -1. The amount of coins you can make by selling goods is not worth it compared to the amount you can make by re-supplying your own businesses. Obviously if you don't have the time the difference is not enough to wait all the extra time if you want to keep the option of buy/selling good open by train as you cant make another order until your first shipment is complete. -250 Goods +500coins -4 Friends: 8 By Jason Stonewall Page 31 .365 coins -6 Friends: 12 hours. +700 Goods -3. You should not sell goods using the train service as it is much more profitable to use your own businesses to bring you coins. +250 Goods -925 coins -4 Friends: 8 hours.Buy Goods: -3 Friends: 4 hours.150 coins Sell Goods: -3 Friends: 4 hours.

Meaning more boats travelling and more goods being shipped in. When you have completed the port you will have to buy ships to place around the pier. When you setup your pier(s) use the rotate tool to place your boats sideways.Ports and Ships Trains are very valuable when you first begin Cityville it is really ports that you will need to bring your goods to high levels. Here is an example picture: CVDomination. To get a port simply go shipping under the build menu and click on the port icon. This allows you to fit more boats in your space then if they are going the usual way. When you are still on the lower levels and do not have a large group of franchises to support shipping is not as vital but as the game progresses and farming becomes more difficult to keep up with shipping goods will increasingly become more important. When you have saved up the coins to expand your city it is time to get a port. Ports work great because you can have multiple piers and ships in each port providing you with a constant flow of goods into your city if you have the funds to do so. So start now and get used to how it works so you are not overwhelmed when you really start to need By Jason Stonewall Page 32 . When your port is finally up and running you are able to start buying goods from around the Cityville world.

The more neighbors you have the easier it will be to become a Cityville master! Having neighbors has a ton of advantages in Cityville and in some cases it is completely necessary to progress in the game. CVDomination. Once in their city you will be able to harvest their crops. Set-up a Franchise in your Neighbors City: Setting up a franchises is a great way to earn huge amounts of cash from your neighbors. If they accept you will begin to make money from them right away! Click here for more information on By Jason Stonewall Page 33 . collect rent. Try to choose a neighbor that is likely to play the game often so that franchise can profit to its full potential. it does mean you need to have an army of Facebook friends to become your neighbors.Neighbors As with other social games being popular is a key component to your in game success. By this I don't mean you have to be the coolest person around but. Try to get neighbors that play often so they will help you out as much as possible. Visiting your neighbors: When visiting a neighbor you are awarded with an instant bonus just for visiting. It is a good idea to set-up as many as possible to rake in as many profits from them as you can. Simply go to a friends city and ask to open up a franchise if they have an empty lot. Here are the ways in which neighbors can help you out. water seeds. Neighbors will visit you: Because of the benefit of visiting a neighbors city described above your neighbors will most likely visit you providing you with extra help which can save you time and energy. This all helps you out by providing you with reputation bonuses. and help local businesses.

**Always remember to keep an eye on your friends wall and news feeds. CVDomination. building permits and more. They will be offering free. The higher your reputation is the more bonuses you get from visiting. free decorations. Always be sure to accept request to become employees for community buildings so your neighbors will (hopefully) return the By Jason Stonewall Page 34 . You and your neighbors will not actually have to do anything to be an employee other than accept the request. coins. XP.Neighbors will send you gifts: If you have a build a good relationship with your neighbors they will most likely send you gifts. So keep trying to raise your reputation level and neighbors will become even more useful. energy and other bonuses that can really give your city a boost. Your neighbors are likely to be offering free bonuses that you can snatch up first. Community Building Employees: When you build a community building you will have to get neighbors to become the buildings employees. These gifts can provide you with extra energy. Reputation: When you collect a certain amount of hearts you will level up your reputation.

Well it is actually pretty easy to gain the neighbors necessary. To start it is pretty obvious just ask all your Facebook friends to start playing Cityville and for them to become your By Jason Stonewall Page 35 . The best method for CVDomination.Getting as Many Neighbors as Possible You may be wondering how you could possibly get the amount of good quality neighbors you need to be a Cityville pro.

Here are some Cityville pages on Facebook that will help you find friends and nieghbors Official Cityville Page http://www. Doing all of this daily will help you gain 10+ new neighbors a By Jason Stonewall Page 36 . You can also go to these pages and add other people who have done the same.facebook.gaining tones of good neighbors that are likely to play often is to go to the Cityville main page or other pages such as Cityville pro players and write a comment on a post saying “add me” or something like Add Cityville Neighbors Page Cityville Page Cityville Pro Players http://www.facebook.facebook.facebook. If you make enough of these in no time you will begin to have people adding. In doing so you will have all the friends you could possibly want and more with very little CVDomination. You will notice that there may also be people offering or more likely asking for items and gifts.

There are some ways to cheat though. Using a program like this is liable to crash Cityville so don't up the speed too fast. If you decide to cheat DO NOT over use the cheat program. The best program to use that should still work is Cheat Engine (you can look it up in Google). This is because it is a social game and anyone could do it. That you can enter in anywhere. Zynga is constantly updating their system and any day they could change something resulting in this no longer working but it is an option if you want to cheat. if you are willing to take the risks. By Jason Stonewall Page 37 . Zynga watches out for hackers/bots and will notice anything that does not seem right (like jumping 15 levels overnight) be careful if you plan to use this. ***Warning*** What I am about to say here is cheating and it is illegal by Zyngas rules. Use at your own risk as your Facebook account could be banned. Download Cheat engine and you can quickly use it to gain coins and levels.Cheats Cityville does not have (and never will have) any actual cheat codes. Cheat Engine is fairly simple to use as you just open the program start up Cityville and adjust the speed of the game so you can progress much faster. ruining the fun for all the other players trying to play a serious game.

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