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Jasnes Senate Office Bulding 1 Bladen Sires, Room 221 . Corr V. McCeay Legiative Diarice 45 Annapolis, Maryland 21401 10-841 365 -14458.9165 Cory Mecay senate stat nda Bake City Assisrayt Derury Mazonrry Leanen, ‘Budget and Tiaation Commitee capil Badal Heian hnanSevicssaeuneicee THE SENATE OF MARYLAND Pensions Subcommicce ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 21401 September 21, 2020 Mr. Atmstead B.C. Jones, Sr. Election Director Benton Office Building 417 E, Fayette Street, Room 129 Baltimore, MD 21202 Dear Director Jones: Thope this etter finds you, and the staff of our local elections board, safe and sound as we make our way through this COVID-19 emergency. Trecently began receiving a number of email messages and phone calls expressing concern that there is a staggering geographic gap in Election Board’s placement of ballot drop-boxes in the core arens of East and Northeast Baltimore. A review of the placements shows that sizable communities in the arca, Parkside, Belair Edison, Fort Worthington, Orchard Ridge, and the New Broadway East community, all lack access to ballot drop-boxes. A simple comparison of drop-box locations, as available from the Board's publications, illustrates the gap I describe with clarity. All other legislative districts have received a greater number of drop-boxes than the 45" district and one legislative district has twice the number of locations allocated in the 45 Legislative District. This creates a deep imbalance when considering the populations statistics of Baltimore City and factoring in the 45" district's proportion of City residents, Ieis also important to note that the current drop-box placements in the 45" district are situated in areas with relative geographic isolation and limited transportation options. The distance between Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries (6000 Radecke Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21206) to Reach! Partnership School #341 (2555 Harford Road, Baltimore, MD 21218), two drop-box locations, is 5.0 miles apart. Similarly, the distance between the Mount Pleasant Church and Ministries deop-box location to the Paul Laurence Dunbar High School #414 (1400 Orleans Street, Baltimore, MD 21231) location is 5.7 miles apart. Large portions of East and Northeast Baltimore are without equal access to ballot drop-boxes, noticeably placing a greater burden upon our rcighbors in these communities. I am therefore requesting a drop-box location at one of the following locations: * The Belair Edison School, 3536 Brehms Lane, Baltimore, MD 21213 * Sinclair Lane Elementary School, 3880 Sinclair Lane, Baltimore, MD 21213 © Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School, 2710 E. Hoffman Street, Baltimore, MD 21213 ‘© Lakewood Elementary School, 2625 Federal Street, Baltimore, MD 21213, Your urgent acknowledgment and response to this matter is sincerely requested. I worry that without immediate action we will disenfranchise residents of East & Northeast Baltimore, and more Black people will unnecessarily question the trustworthiness of ous election systems. I eagerly look forward to your response. Please don’t hesitate to contact my office with any question or concerns. Sincerely, Cs— Cory McCray MD State Senate, 45* District