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com A Sex Magick Ritual Hi, Here is a simple and effective Sex Magick ritual you can easily adapt to your personal preferences. The obligatory disclaimer of safe sex, blah blah blah blah goes here. This ritual may not be perfect but may give you some ideas to spark some creativity. It may be performed Sollitaire, couple or group, homosexual or heterosexual. For the sake of simplicity, a middle age suburbian hetero couple is used in this illustration. The area the Sex Magick Ritual should be consecrated and set apart from the rest of the world. Look at the Sex Magick ritual as a type of sacrament. It may be a good idea to do banishings and also set up a hedge of protection around the area. Just as a school yard fight attracts a crowd, a Sex Magick Ritual can attract curious, nosy or bored entities. Or have an open door policy to spice things up a bit. It may be a good idea for those partaking in the ritual to bathe, preferably in salt water, and start preparing themselves mentally. Imagine the water cleansing you from all of your worries and cares. A seven hour fast beforehand may not hurt either. An altar is nice to have in the area, with perhaps burning candles, incense, maybe bread wrapped in a golden scarf and a bottle of wine surrounded by flowers. And maybe some background musick to set the tone. It is best if all parties are energetic, have a sound magickal background, disease free,of good mental and physical health, and attracted to one another...although the Sex Magick ritual can still work if some or all of the above qualities are lacking. Think of the ritual as your own personal little snowflake, unique and set apart from every other little snowflake in the world. All parties should be light and carefree, having already cast the cares of the world aside with the bath. Any distractions such as telephones, kids wanting drinks of water, beepers, set alarm clocks, etc., should be minimized. Meditation and prayer before the ritual helps. The easier and freer the current of focus flows, the better the results from the Sex Magick operation. Likewise with the intensity and length of the operation. If possible, all partners should be in total agreement of what the objective should be for the Sex Magick Ritual. If this is not possible, it can work nicely with only one party having an objective or even the other party clueless to what is going on.The success of the ritual is dependent upon many factors, including if the desired objective is in line with the True Will of the parties involved, the intent of the parties involved, the atmosphere, the particular phase of the moon and the quality of the energy raised in the process.One

careful not to swallow but conserve every precious drop. Astral projection or hovering over the consecrated area may also occur. Then the male shares the elexir with the female (a deep french kiss is nice). peaceful sleep.hardware. This is why ANY ritual perhaps a tarot reading should be done in order to predict the general outcome of the operation. The area should then be spiritually cleansed and a good ole banishing may be a good idea also. A spirit of awe and reverence and magickal afterglow should occur as all parties drift into a deep. If possible. all parties should orgasm simulataneously in order to maximize the amount of sexual energy to bring into concretion the desired objective. that other unseen forces may come into play. books. Other strange things may occur. and if possible.egroups. increase mental and physical vitalty and perhaps even cause illumination. the male should suck as much of the elexir out of the female as possible. and the ritual may become harmful instead of beneficial. talismans. as in any magick.com 1 [visit.gif] . Raziel http://www. If it is a male and female. Blacking out or passing out may occur with one or more party.magickal diaries. The bed may even move of it's own accord. and so forth. During the actual act. Some believe riding the razor edge of orgasm increases the magickal current involved. The height of the focus should occur at the point of orgasm. This elexir may be do many things. Even though one may lose conciousness or be in an altered state of conciousness or enter the Borderland. Bright Blessings. Incorporate as many of the gates as possible. increase the focus as the stimulation increases. The flames of the candles may become very large and dance wildly. A magickal process occurs between the love juices of all the parties involved and the fluids merge into ONE as a magickal elexir.com/group/Sex_Magick Subscribe to Sex_Magick ____________________ Click here to join Sex_Magick Powered by www. The elexir can also be used in cakes or used to make Cakes of Light.egroups. including reversing the aging process. the True Will is still in control and operating quite nicely. Some of the elexir can be used to annoint various charms. with the male feeling as if he has become a female and visa versa. one should stay focused on the desired result.sick persons.must be aware. Visualize your desired objective. focusing on what occurred and thanking the deities of choice for the wonderful sacrament. Or transmutation may occur.

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