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1) Timber Creek (12-2) 2) Haddonfield (22-1) 3) Paulsboro (12-1) 4) Camden Catholic (13-3) 5) Pennsville (17-2) 6) Delsea (18-2) 7) West Deptford (11-2) 8) Collingswood (13-3) 9) Cherokee (12-2) 10) Buena (9-3) 11) St. Augustine (12-6) 12) Clearview (14-3) 13) Lenape (7-4) 14) No. Burlington (7-3) 15) Bordentown (17-2) *Records through Thursday

Ward, Delia honored to be in All-Star Invitational
Tournament is on Sunday at 2:30 at Brick Memorial


103 Jake Martin, Millville 14-3 Tom Gattinella, St. Augustine 19-4 Sal Marandino, Buena 10-4 Jesse Swope, Delsea 7-4 Corey Jacobs, Delsea 7-3 Andrew Bergamo, Vineland 7-7 Matt Dellinger, St. Augustine 8-7 112 John Hennelly, Delsea 18-0 Connor Palmieri, Buena 14-5 119 Billy Ward, Buena 19-0 Newt Richardson, Schalick 15-2 Ed Donohue, St. Augustine 11-10 Dan DeTetta, Vineland 8-6 John Pierson, Delsea 9-9 125 Joe Esposito, St. Augustine 21-3 William Elliott, Cumberland 12-1 Elias Garcia, Millville 5-4 130 Matt Hennelly, Delsea 15-0 Justin Pierotti, Buena 15-5 Daireck Hatton, Millville 7-5 135 Curt Delia, Delsea 22-2 Dillan Berghof, Buena 18-1 Nick Quiles, Millville 12-2 Mark Patterson, St. Augustine 12-3 Jarrett Kelly, Buena 8-7 Cruz Flores, Cumberland 11-7 140 Dylan Dobzanski, Delsea 21-3 Ricky Azeglio, Delsea 19-6 Richard Morris, Cumberland 11-5 Joe Devone, St. Augustine 18-6 Brandon Muessig, Vineland 5-4 145 Devon Fennimore, Vineland 10-3 Tyler Sentman, St. Augustine 15-8 Rico Rivera, Millville 7-4 152 Ed Shockley, Millville 14-3 James Bennett, St. Augustine14-10 John Scavelli, Delsea 10-3 Zack Rahl, Schalick 11-6 Mike Jacobs, Delsea 11-7 160 Adam Schroeder, St. Augustine18-5 Rob Elliott, Cumberland 11-2 Robert Keener, Delsea 5-5 171 Sergio Cortes, Buena 10-5 Marcus Nelson, Vineland 7-6 189 Bryan Dobzanski, Delsea 17-3 Eric Hensel, Buena 16-3 Steffen Rodriguez, Vineland 10-3 Sean Redden, Delsea 14-9 215 Noah Repko, Buena 13-5 Nick Pustizzi, Schalick 13-3 Chris Johnson, Millville 12-6 Emad Ziyahdeh, Buena 7-4 HWT Jeremy Wilson, Millville 16-2 Andrew Baumgardner, St. Aug.14-2 Steven Paul, Cumberland 12-4 Kleon Hayles, Vineland 4-4 *Wrestlers must have a .500 record and a minimum of eight matches, based on reported results through Thursday.

illy Ward and Curt Delia have established themselves as two of South Jersey’s best grapplers over the last couple of years, but Sunday they’ll be showcased as two of the most elite wrestlers in the state. W ard, a 119-pound sophomore from Buena Regional High School and Delia, a 135-pound junior from Delsea, were both selected to compete in the New Jersey Wrestling Coaches AllStar Invitational at Brick Memorial High School, Sunday at 2:30 p.m. Ward (19-0) will face DePaul Catholic’s Dante Porrazzo (21-3) and Delia (22-2) will matchup with Connor Melde (222) of Bergen Catholic. patrick “I was pretty excitBUGANSKI ed,” Ward said about when he first learned of his invitation earlier this month. “I said, ‘Y right away, I didn’t even think about it, I es’, knew I wanted to do it.” Delia didn’t hesitate either when asked to participate. “My coaches said it was a ‘must-go-to thing,’” Delia said. “They said I had nothing to lose.” The showcase is billed as featuring the best-of-the-best from around the state, including Bound Brook’s three-time defending state champion Andrew Campolattano. The 215pounder is one of 12 returning state placewinenrs on the docket. W ard is just the second Buena wrestler to receive an invite and Delia is just the third Crusader to be asked to compete. “It’s nice to represent the school, it gets a lot of state recognition,” Delsea coach Greg Sawyer said. W ard and Delia are two of just four South

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Staff photo/Charles J. Olson

Buena Regional’s Billy Ward will wrestle DePaul Catholic’s Dante Porrazzo in the New Jersey Wrestling Coaches All-Star Invitational on Sunday.

Delsea Regional’s Curt Delia will take on Bergen Catholic’s Connor Melde at this Sunday’s All-Star tournament at Brick Memorial.

Jersey wrestlers in the event. Timber Creek’s Brandon Keller and Willingboro’s James Green will also compete. “Not too many kids, not even our best kids, went up there,” Delia said, citing how 2010 graduates Eric Reger and Rob Jillard’s never got the call to go. “Getting invited up there, I gotta go up there and represent Delsea, it’s a great honor.” Anthony Baldosaro and Dan W alker were the only other Crusaders to wrestle in the allstar meet, going in 2008 and 2009, respectively. Mike Wilcox was Buena’s other all-star, going in 2005. All three were victorious in their matches. Despite the exclusivity of the showcase, W ard said he doesn’t expect to get any jitters. “I don’t really think I’ll be nervous,” W ard said. “I don’t get nervous for much.” That mindset is no surprise to those who

are close to W ard. “Billy’s got a whole different attitude,” Buena coach Doug Castellari said. “It’s just wrestling to him.” Delia said expects the match to be more laid back than a typical tournament. “It’s more of a fun thing,” Delia said. “It’s probably going to be such a great experience going up there and wrestling with the best kids in the state. I see it as more of an honor than more of a serious match situation.” Both wrestlers are intent on winning, but both agreed the experience and the honor of simply being a part of the match is paramount.
Patrick Buganski covers high school wrestling for The Daily Journal. Contact him at (856) 5635255 or

St. Augustine Prep senior Andrew Baumgardner is among the best heavyweights in South Jersey. His upperweights coach at the Prep? A familiar foe from a year ago, former Buena standout Dom Hinrichsen. He also gets plenty Andrew Baumgardner of instruction from his head coach Joe St. Augustine Melchiore. Recently Baumgardner HWT/Senior spoke with The Daily Journal about his season, his coaches and a little football. the team?

■ Bound Brook’s Andrew Campolattano has apparently changed his mind. The senior has reneged on his nonbinding commitment to the Rutgers University football team and has re-opened the recruiting process with the idea of wrestling in college. He told the Courier News’ Harry Frezza, “Right now, football is a very slim possibility. I’m looking for whatever school is right for me.” Campolattano is a three-time state champion and, come March, will look to become just the second New Jersey wrestler to win four titles, joining Delbarton’s Mike Grey. Campolattano took a 150-1 career record into the week. ■ Clayton coach Dan Antonelli celebrated his 200th career win Monday night when the Clippers sank Schalick 60-9 on Monday. Antonelli became the 33rd coach in South Jersey history to join the 200-win club. ■ Haddonfield’s shocking 33-31 win over Pauls-

Q &A

QUESTION: How has the season played out differently for you as a team this year? ANSWER: We definitely had pretty high expectations in the beginning of the season, (but) we kind of started out rough. I think the turning point was really the Pennsylvania weekend. That’s when we started to turn it around and started to wrestle the way we should have in the beginning of the season. We rebounded and we’ve been on fire ever since. We’re going into the playoffs hot. Q: What’s it like having Dom Hinrichsen as a coach when you wrestled against him just a year ago? A: I like it a lot because it’s my first real heavyweight coach. He’s real experienced, he won over 100 matches, and it’s different because coach Joe Melchiore knows a lot about the sport, but there’s a big difference between the lightweights and the heavyweights. Dom does a great job teaching the heavyweight guys how to wrestle. Q: What does having a wrestling legend like Joe Melchiore as the team’s head coach mean for

A: It’s pretty awesome. Everybody is always asking me about him and telling me how great he was. And we see it at practice and every once in a while, he’ll wrestle with some of the kids and it shows how much he knows. He makes everything look so easy and you go and try to do it and it’s not so easy. I’ve learned a lot from him and I think the whole team has too. Q: What is it about the heavyweight class that lends itself to so many upsets and triangles of people beating people they maybe shouldn’t on paper? A: There’s days where you’re good and days where you don’t feel it. There’s a lot of tough competition and heavyweight is always tough matches, nobody’s ever really out of the match. And people who have been good and have been pinning aren’t used to going into the third period and when they get someone who can hang with them, they can get gassed. Q: What’s your Super Bowl prediction? A: I made some bets with my dad and my family. I’ve got the Steelers by seven. — Patrick Buganski an athlete is going to help you, but if you’re not doing a fall or spring sport, you have to be wrestling. What’s the ideal foundation with which you’d like a kid to come into high school? All the basics. I’d love them coming in knowing how to take a shot, how to finish your takedowns. On bottom, how to finish your Davis standup and to get out. On top, knowing how to turn a guy. That’s basically what we teach our little kids in the junior program. When those kids get to high school, that’s (the) time to perfect what you know and then maybe throw a little more in there. What benefit do you see in being well dressed with the colorful ties and even bow ties? I’m a firm believer in coaches wearing shirts and ties. Jeans, a t-shirt and hoodie, I say that’s a mess. They don’t have to come out in a full suit, but when you’re coming out there, it’s all business. This is your job, I try to get the kids to understand that, be young men. I’m trying to teach them life lessons and it’s good to look presentable. I try to teach my guys to be young men, be responsible and take pride in yourself and take pride in what you’re doing. I get that from my grandmother. My grandmother raised me, and she said look presentable, and try to look your best. When kids see that you care, they’re going to respond to that by caring themselves. — Patrick Buganski

boro was still reverberating around South Jersey this week. The Bulldawgs own more wins (12) over the Red Raiders than any other team. Vineland and Millville both have two victories against Paulsboro. ■ New Jersey’s topranked team High Point pinned a 41-29 loss on Pennsylvania’s top-ranked squad Easton at last Saturday’s National High School Coaches Association’s Final Four. ■ Two Group IV South schools could take advantage of the NJSIAA’s new rule allowing sub.-500 teams into the tournament. In the latest power rankings, Toms River East (6-9) ranked fifth and Eastern (6-11) was sixth in the section. The top six teams qualify for the tournament. The cutoff is this weekend. In Non-Public B North, Hudson Catholic (1-9), Morris Catholic (2-7), Newark Academy (1-8) and Pingry (1-5) all could qualify. — Tom McGurk

Which weight class has the most Region 7/8 wrestlers with a chance to place in Atlantic City. ■ 112 pounds ■ 119 pounds ■ 125 pounds ■ 130 pounds ■ 135 pounds ■ 152 pounds ■ 160 pounds ■ 189 pounds Cast your vote at The Daily Journal’s wrestling blog, “The Mat Pack.” Visit

Cumberland Regional High School’s Carmine Davis has a colorful personality and is certainly the best-dressed among coaches in South Jersey. But it’s not all show for the leader of the Colts. Davis is a proponent of off-season club wrestling and strongly encourages all of his kids to wrestle beyond the winter months.
Why is the extra mat time so important? The reason I stress to kids to wrestle in clubs or tournaments is that in order for you to get better in this sport, to actually excel in this sport, you have to wrestle all year. If you look at most of the kids who place in the state tournament, they’re wrestling all year. It’s so important to do that. You have to get that extra mat time. With club teams you’re wrestling with kids from other schools who are, if not at the same skill level, a little better, and that’s where you’re going to get good workout partners and you need good workout partners. But you don’t encourage kids to just do one sport. No, not at all.The kids on my team, you have football players, you have soccer players (on) my team. Being

What brand of wrestling shoes do you prefer?

They’re always comfortable, they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.
Answer: Asics


Jor-EL Cartagena
Vineland, Sophomore 112 pounds

Out of 85 total votes

103 1) Tom Gattinella, St. Augustine 2) John Gentile, Paulsboro 3) Connor Muli, Shawnee 4) Zach Valcarce, Lower Cape May 5) Nick Virgilio, Timber Creek 112 1) Kyle Klaus, Haddonfield 2) John Hennelly, Delsea 3) John Van Brill, Clearview 4) Michael Zold, Paulsboro 5) Josh Dickenson, Lower Cape May 119 1) Robert Deutsch, Eastern 2) Kevin Devoy, Burlington Twp. 3) Chad Walsh, Camden Catholic 4) Billy Ward, Buena (19-4) (17-4) (17-0) (14-1) (17-3) (23-3) (18-0) (20-0) (13-5) (14-1) (21-0) (19-0) (20-3) (19-0) 5) Jovanni Arroyo, Oakcrest 125 1) Coley O’Brien, Ocean City 2) Donte Scott, Paulsboro 3) Joe Esposito, St. Augustine 4) Jason Gallagher, Bishop Eustace 5) Brandon Keller, Timber Creek 130 1) Matt Sausman, Camden Catholic 2) Dan Cornew, Clearview 3) Chalie Huff, Washington Township 4) Matt Hennelly, Delsea 5) Ron Hoover, Haddon Township 135 1) Tyler Scotton, Willingboro 2) T.J. Miller, Camden Catholic 3) Curt Delia, Delsea (20-1) (18-0) (10-3) (21-3) (20-5) (16-3) (16-2) (20-0) (17-1) (15-0) (18-2) (14-0) (21-0) (22-2) 4) Kevin Birmingham, Timber Creek 5) Dillan Berghof, Buena 140 1) Wayne Stinson, Northern Burlington 2) Travis McDowell, Delran 3) Drew Spector, West Deptford 4) Austin Wetterau, Shawnee 5) Colton Newsome, Pennsville 145 1) C.J. Cobb, Williamstown 2) Will Dengler, Haddonfield 3) Eric Hamrick, Collingswood 4) Dylan Dobzanski, Delsea 5) Monty Krough, Pennsville 152 1) James Green, Willingboro 2) Phil Bakuckas, Hammonton (17-4) (18-1) (14-3) (19-2) (17-1) (17-1) (18-6) (16-1) (20-3) (17-3) (21-3) (20-4) (11-0) (15-2) 3) Jake Siegfried, Highland 4) Kenny Emmons, Pennsville 5) Harley Palyok, Northern Burlington 160 1) Ben Fanjoy, Cherokee 2) Codie Spatz, Burlington Twp. 3) Steve Nelson, Haddon Township 4) Robert Schlitt, Haddonfield 5) Anthony Dawson, Paulsboro 171 1) Declan Devaney, Seneca 2) Andrew Hughes, Clearview 3) Steve Swayze, Washington Township 4) Taylor Venanzi, Collingswood 5) Alex Gong, Absegami 189 1) Brian Lussier, Cherry Hill East (16-0) (21-2) (14-3) (19-0) (17-1) (19-0) (22-3) (18-3) (18-1) (16-1) (16-2) (17-2) (19-4) (16-0) 2) Mike Zeuli, Cherokee 3) Eric McMullen, Paulsboro 4) Carson Stack, Haddonfield 5) Rigo Morfin, New Egypt 215 1) Kris Rahn, Haddonfield 2) Kevin Stadtmueller, Absegami 3) Mauro Correnti, Holy Cross 4) Matt Bauer, Bordentown 5) Roy Lucas, St. Joseph HWT 1) Greg Webb, Paul VI 2) Dan Garwood, Clearview 3) Kyle Lloyd, Kingsway 4) Josh Hitchner, Woodstown 5) Andrew Baumgardner, St. Augustine *Records through Thursday (9-0) (17-3) (22-1) (18-1) (21-4) (19-2) (17-1) (14-1) (15-1) (14-0) (19-1) (6-1) (16-0) (14-2)

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