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Super bi a!
Superbia! is a ,rcat rca1 whi|c you’rc stuck in tra||ic lt’s |u|| o| ¡ractica| i1cas |or
no·in, |ron connutin, to connunity \hcthcr you |i·c in thc city or in thc ‘|ur|s.
it wi|| hc|¡ you conncct with naturc. with nci,h|ors. an1 with yoursc||
— ll\ llll:. loun1in, lircctor. :catt|c lc¡artncnt o| Nci,h|orhoo1s
Chiras an1 \ann ha·c not on|y ·isua|izc1 ways to crcatc a hi,hcr cua|ity o| |i|c.
thcy ¡ro·i1c rca| |i|c cxan¡|cs o| ¡co¡|c who arc 1oin, it l hi,h|y rcconncn1 this |ook
as a no1c| |or action lo it |or yoursc|·cs. |ut nost o| a||. 1o it |or your chi|1rcn
—lUl¥ COlllTT. lxccuti·c lircctor. loca| Co·crnncnt Connission
This is a |ook a|out conncctions conncctin, with our nci,h|ors. conncctin, our
connunitics an1 thc ccosystcn. an1 conncctin, our c·cry1ay |i·cs to our scarch |or
cua|ity lan Chiras an1 la·c \ann show us that thcsc conncctions arcn’t a·ai|a||c
on|y to thosc who |i·c in ncw 1c·c|o¡ncnts 1csi,nc1 on thc ¡rinci¡|cs o| ncw ur|anisn.
snart connunitics or sustaina|i|ity \ith sonc thou,ht an1 c||ort. wc can csta||ish
thcsc conncctions in our cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1s Un1cr thc Chiras\ann ||uc¡rint.
sustaina|i|ity in su|ur|an Ancrica can ,row |ron thc cxcc¡tion to thc ru|c
— \llllA\ llClll. |oun1cr o| thc U: lc¡artncnt o| lncr,y’s Ccntcr o|
lxcc||cncc |or :ustaina||c lc·c|o¡ncnt
31 ways to create
Su pe r bi a !
Sustainable Suburbs Project
The Sustainable Futures Society
Cataloguing in Publication Data:
A cata|o, rccor1 |or this ¡u||ication is a·ai|a||c |ron thc Nationa| li|rary o| Cana1a
Copyright © 2003 by Dan Chiras and David Wann. All rights reserved. :ccon1 lrintin,. lcc .oo¸
Co·cr 1csi,n |y lianc \clntosh Co·cr lna,c. |ack,roun1 su|ur| lhoto1isc l|uc ill)
lrintc1 in Cana1a
Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs acknow|c1,cs thc su¡¡ort o| thc Co·crnncnt o| Cana1a throu,h thc look lu||ishin,
ln1ustry lc·c|o¡ncnt lro,ran illlll) |or our ¡u||ishin, acti·itics
la¡cr|ack l:lN +o o–ï6¸-+–¡oo–ï
la¡cr|ack l:lN +¸ o-ïoï6¸-+¡ooï
lncuirics rc,ar1in, rccucsts to rc¡rint a|| or ¡art o| Superbia! 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighborhoods
shou|1 |c a11rcssc1 to Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs at thc a11rcss |c|ow
To or1cr 1ircct|y |ron thc ¡u||ishcrs. ¡|casc ca|| to|||rcc iNorth Ancrica) + iïoo) ¸6-6--.. or or1cr on|inc
at wwwncwsocictycon Any othcr incuirics can |c 1ircctc1 |y nai| to
Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs
lO lox +ïo. Ca|rio|a ls|an1. lC \ol +Xo. Cana1a
+ iïoo) ¸6-6--.
Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs’ nission is to ¡u||ish |ooks that contri|utc in |un1ancnta| ways to |ui|1in, an
cco|o,ica||y sustaina||c an1 ¡ust socicty. an1 to 1o so with thc |cast ¡ossi||c in¡act on thc cn·ironncnt. in a
nanncr that no1c|s this ·ision \c arc connittc1 to 1oin, this not ¡ust throu,h c1ucation. |ut throu,h
action \c arc actin, on our connitncnt to thc wor|1’s rcnainin, ancicnt |orcsts |y ¡hasin, out our ¡a¡cr
su¡¡|y |ron ancicnt |orcsts wor|1wi1c This |ook is onc stc¡ towar1s cn1in, ,|o|a| 1c|orcstation an1 c|inatc
chan,c lt is ¡rintc1 on aci1|rcc ¡a¡cr that is 100% old growth forest-free i+oo° ¡ostconsuncr rccyc|c1).
¡roccssc1 ch|orinc |rcc. an1 ¡rintc1 with ·c,cta||c |asc1. |ow \OC inks lor |urthcr in|ornation. or to
|rowsc our |u|| |ist o| |ooks an1 ¡urchasc sccurc|y. ·isit our wc|sitc at wwwncwsocictycon
looks |or \iscr li·in, |ron Mother Earth News
To1ay. norc than c·cr |c|orc. our socicty is scckin, ways to |i·c
norc conscicntious|y To hc|¡ |rin, you thc ·cry |cst ins¡iration
an1 in|ornation a|out ,rccncr. norcsustaina||c |i|csty|cs. Ncw
:ocicty lu||ishcrs has ¡oinc1 |orccs with Mother Earth News lor
norc than ¸o ycars. Mother Earth has |ccn North Ancrica’s
“Ori,ina| Cui1c to li·in, \isc|y.” crcatin, |ooks an1 na,azincs
|or ¡co¡|c with a ¡assion |or sc||rc|iancc an1 a 1csirc to |i·c in har
nony with naturc Across thc countrysi1c an1 in our citics. Ncw
:ocicty lu||ishcrs an1 Mother Earth News arc |ca1in, thc way to a
wiscr. norc sustaina||c wor|1
• Acknow|c1,ncnts ix
• lntro1uction lron :u|ur|ia to :u¡cr|ia! +
+ Thc Chan,in, lacc o| :u|ur|ia ¸
. lcin·cntin, Our Nci,h|orhoo1s |or Hca|th. lro|it. an1 Connunity .+
¸ lna,inin, a :ustaina||c Nci,h|orhoo1 ¸¸
¡ How to lcno1c| a Nci,h|orhoo1 ¡o
¸ Ccrnination lirst :tc¡s 6o
6 lca|in, Out lo|1cr l1cas ï¸
- ¥our Nci,h|orhoo1 l|ossons lo|1cst :tc¡s o¸
ï :u|ur|an lc·ita|ization l Can This lrcan lcconc a lca|ity? +++
o :u|ur|an lc·ita|ization ll \akin, lo|1 lrcans Conc Truc +¸o
+o Takin, Carc in thc Nci,h|orhoo1 +¸o
• Notcs +-+
• lcsourcc Cui1c +-¸
• ln1cx .+¸
• A|out thc Authors ..o
l ClATllUll¥ AClNO\lllCl THl \AN¥ llOlll who contri|utc1 to this |ook an1 to our work on
Superbia! To C \intcr. ¡rcsi1cnt o| thc :ustaina||c luturcs :ocicty. who ¡|ayc1 a ¡i·ota| ro|c in thc
|irth o| this ¡ro¡cct. a wor|1 o| thanks
lntcr·icws con1uctc1 sc·cra| ycars a,o with authors lancs lunst|cr an1 A|an lurnin,. an1 with Ncw
Ur|anists lctcr Ca|thor¡c. An1rcs luany. l|iza|cth l|atcrZy|crk. \ictor lo·cr. l|iza|cth \ou|c. Harrison
luc. lan \i||ians. lonathan losc. an1 othcrs wcrc cxtrcnc|y usc|u| in |aunchin, this ¡ro¡cct \c wou|1
a|so |ikc to thank thc nany ¡co¡|c who rcccnt|y rcs¡on1c1 to a strcan o| cucstions |ron thc two o| us lois
Arkin ilA lco\i||a,c). lin licrs i:catt|c Nci,h|orhoo1s). lu1y Cor|ctt iloca| Co·crnncnt Connission.
:acrancnto). lou, linkhart an1 lanc Han|cy iNci,h|orhoo1 lcsourcc Ccntcr. lcn·cr). lc| lrcnch
ilcn·cr). lra1 lancastcr iTucson). la·i1 ln,wicht iCrcati·c Connunitics lntcrnationa|. Austra|ia). A||crt
latcs ilco·i||a,c Trainin, Ccntcr at Thc larn). lin :ou|cs an1 loss Cha¡in iThc Cotta,c Con¡any.
:catt|c). \a| O|i·cr iCrysta| \atcrs lco·i||a,c). Chcric \ur¡hy il|,in. l||inois). lin Cowcrn iCity o|
lou|1cr). lanic| lcrch iThc City lc¡air lro¡cct. lort|an1. Orc,on). lin Hcn1css ilcttcr ln·ironncnta||y
:oun1 Trans¡ortation. \ancou·cr. lC). Char|cs lhr|ich i\uir Connons. la·is. Ca|i|ornia. lc·in \o|| iN
:trcct Cohousin,. la·is. Ca|i|ornia). lcnny loyzcr iC|o|a| Action l|an. lon1on. ln,|an1). lrc1 O|son iThc
Cohousin, Nctwork. lcrkc|cy). :hay :a|onon iTucson). an1 lon :chu|z i:ustaina||c luturcs :ocicty) \c
a|so ,ratc|u||y acknow|c1,c thc nany ¡co¡|c who ¡ro·i1c1 ¡hoto,ra¡hs |or this |ook
Our nany co||ca,ucs in thc sustaina||c |ui|1in, an1 cohousin, no·cncnts 1cscr·c sonc o| thc crc1it |or
this |ook’s contcnts As a concc¡t. Superbia! has |ccn coa|cscin, in nany nin1s \c arc cxcitc1 a|out ,i·in,
it sha¡c an1 ,ratc|u| |or thc har1 work an1 1c1ication o| our |ricn1s an1 co||ca,ucs
\c’1 |ikc to cx¡rcss our cxtrcnc ,ratitu1c to our ¡u||ishcr. Chris l|ant. o| Ncw :ocicty lu||ications. |or
|c|ic·in, in this i1ca an1 takin, a chancc on it lt has |ccn a ¡|casurc workin, with you an1 your |inc sta|| on
this |ook
\c wou|1 a|so |ikc to thank thc 1ircctors o| thc :ustaina||c luturcs :ocicty |or ¡ro·i1in, |inancia|.
intc||cctua|. an1 nora| su¡¡ort |or this ¡ro¡cct Thcir conncnts ha·c sha¡c1 its contcnts an1 hc|¡c1 us
un1crstan1 |oth thc o|stac|cs wc |acc in crcatin, sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1s an1 thc nany |cnc|its that wi||
accruc to thosc who cn|ark on this ¡ath \c an1 our :l: co||ca,ucs. a |an1 o| cuttin,c1,c thinkcrs. arc
ca,cr to hc|¡ nci,h|orhoo1s achic·c :u¡cr|ia! throu,h worksho¡s. consu|tation. an1 othcr ncans
lan Chiras la·c \ann
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
We should seek the atmosphere and the surroundings that call forth the best that is in us.
From Suburbia to Superbia!
Hl: l: A lOOl AlOUT lllN\lNTlNC existing nci,h|orhoo1s — |oth su|ur|an an1 ur|an — to nakc thcn
|i·c|icr an1 norc ¡ro1ucti·c. a ,oa| sharc1 |y nany lor cxan¡|c. nany rcsi1cnts o| su|ur|an
nci,h|orhoo1s. whcrc thc na¡ority o| thc Ancrican ¡o¡u|ation now |i·cs. cx¡rcss a |on,in, |or a stron,cr
scnsc o| ¡|acc. inc|u1in, stron,cr conncctions with ¡co¡|c. |oca| tra1itions. an1 naturc Ur|an rcsi1cnts cx¡rcss
sini|ar 1csircs This |ook o||crs s¡cci|ic i1cas |or socia| an1 ¡hysica| chan,cs to cnrich thc nci,h|orhoo1s wc
a|rca1y |i·c in lt’s intcn1c1 as a |ook o| ¡ossi|i|itics |or rcconncctin, ¡co¡|c with |oth nci,h|ors an1 naturc
\c |c|ic·c nost nci,h|orhoo1s ha·c thc raw in,rc1icnts an1 rcsourccs to |cconc sustaina||c. rcsi|icnt.
an1 hca|thy \c want to hc|¡ nakc that transition ha¡¡cn |ccausc thc ¡otcntia| ccononic. cn·ironncnta|.
an1 socia| |cnc|its arc hu,c! lut it won’t ha¡¡cn autonatica||y — it wi|| takc coo¡cration. ·ision. an1 stratc,y
Thc truth is. nany nci,h|orhoo1s arc currcnt|y ¡ro,rannc1 |or 1ys|unction
ln this |ook wc’|| |ook at thrcc na¡or |arricrs that |init o¡tions in thc su|ur|s
• Thc ¡hysica| |ayout o| su|ur|s. which rcsu|ts in socia| iso|ation an1 rcsourcc consun¡tion i|or
cxan¡|c. |ots o| 1ri·in, an1 hi,h |uc| |i||s)
• Thc “no|1” o| su|ur|an cu|turc. which rcin|orccs cxtra·a,ant. ¡ri·atc |i|csty|cs that o|tcn 1isrc,ar1
¡u||ic ·a|ucs an1 rccuirc cx¡cnsi·c. tincconsunin, naintcnancc
• Co·crnncnt inccnti·cs. nunici¡a| zonin, |aws. an1 |ank |cn1in, ¡o|icics that sha¡c1 su|ur|ia |ut
ha·c |cconc o|so|ctc Ancrican cu|turc has chan,c1. |ut thc ru|cs ha·cn’t
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Superbia! ¡rcscnts ¸+ s¡cci|ic stc¡s that nci,h|orhoo1 ,rou¡s can takc to o·crconc thcsc |arricrs an1
|rin, thcir nci,h|orhoo1s |u||y into ||oon Thc |irst stc¡s in·o|·c thc crcation o| a norc acti·c. nci,h|or|y
cu|turc — a “wc” rathcr than “nc” ncnta|ity latcr stc¡s takc a1·anta,c o| nci,h|orhoo1 ski||s an1 strcn,ths
to crcatc si,ni|icant chan,cs in |an1sca¡c. architccturc. rcsourcc usc. tra||ic ¡attcrns. nunici¡a| |an1sca¡in,
an1 |ui|1in, ¡o|icics. an1 o·cra|| |unctionin, o| thc nci,h|orhoo1 lnstca1 o| ¡ust rcno1c|in, our houscs. wc
rcno1c| our nci,h|orhoo1s. usin, a ¡owcr|u| rcsourcc that is o|tcn unta¡¡c1 thcsc 1ays — coo¡cration
lxan¡|cs |ron 1ynanic nci,h|orhoo1s on this contincnt an1 c|scwhcrc 1cnonstratc tcchnicucs |or
|cconin, norc sustaina||c — ncanin, that csscntia| ncc1s arc nct c|oscr to honc an1 in norc
cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y ways ln a sustaina||c connunity. cncr,y. hca|th. c|1cr carc. 1ay carc. cntcrtainncnt.
watcr. cn¡|oyncnt an1 cntcr¡risc. trans¡ortation. an1 horticu|turc arc a|| sct u¡ as c||icicnt|y an1 acccssi||y
as ¡ossi||c to ncct ¡co¡|c’s ncc1s with thc |cast anount o| c||ort an1 rcsourccs Thc con¡c||in, inccnti·c is
that a norc c||icicnt. su¡¡orti·c nci,h|orhoo1 wi|| rccuirc |css tinc. noncy. strcss. an1 hunan c||ort |ron
rcsi1cnts. incrcasin, thcir cua|ity o| |i|c
\hat wc ¡ro¡osc hcrc arc rc|rcshin, chan,cs in su|ur|an an1 ur|an cu|turc. onc nci,h|orhoo1 at a tinc
\ith thc cn¡owcrncnt o| a nci,h|orhoo1 a||iancc. wc can nakc sna|| |ut si,ni|icant chan,cs in |oth
architccturc an1 |an1sca¡c Crcatin, sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1s wi|| rccuirc ||cxi||c thinkin, an1 a wi||in,ncss
to cx¡crincnt. |ut it can |c an a1·cnturc that a11s ¡ur¡osc an1 cxcitcncnt to our |i·cs Thc truth is. wc ncc1
|rcsh i1cas that wi|| carry our nci,h|orhoo1s throu,h thc cha||cn,cs an1 transitions that |ic ahca1
Con¡arc1 to thousan1ycaro|1 ·i||a,cs throu,hout thc wor|1. our nci,h|orhoo1s arc ·cry youn, in1cc1
:u|ur|s |ui|t in thc |ast ha||ccntury ha·c not yct |acc1 na¡or chan,cs that occur o·cr |on, ¡crio1s o| tinc —
chan,cs in rcsourcc a·ai|a|i|ity. 1cno,ra¡hics. work ¡attcrns. an1 othcr “nc,atrcn1s” — |ut thcy wi|| lortunatc|y
thcrc’s ¡|cnty o| roon |or a1a¡tation an1 in¡ro·cncnt |ccausc nany Ancrican su|ur|s. cs¡ccia||y thosc |ui|t
rcccnt|y. wcrc cn,inccrc1 |or consun¡tion. not c||icicncy lor cars. not ¡co¡|c Thcy wcrc |ui|t to ¡ro·i1c housin,.
not connunity. c·cn thou,h Ca||u¡. lannic \ac. an1 lo¡cr ¡o||s rc¡ort that ¡co¡|c ·a|uc a ,oo1 nci,h|orhoo1
o·cr a tro¡hy honc |y a nar,in o| thrcc to onc lt hasn’t occurrc1 to nost Ancricans to rcin·cnt thcir su|ur|an
nci,h|orhoo1s |ccausc nany arc rc|ati·c|y ncw. an1 |ccausc thcrc arcn’t nany roa1na¡s out thcrc |ikc this |ook.
which ¡rcscnts a|tcrnati·cs
l| wc |c,in to think outsi1c thc |ox o| thc in1i·i1ua| honc. wc can no·c our nci,h|orhoo1s |cyon1
a1o|csccncc into naturity lt’s a sa|c |ct that no onc c|sc is ,oin, to 1o it |or us \c ur,c you to usc our i1cas
to ,ct startc1. an1 thcn a11 your own custonizations to |rin, your nci,h|orhoo1 into ||osson \ritc us an1
tc|| us what you’rc u¡ to! iOur a11rcss is in thc A¡¡cn1ix)
Spreading out means driving more to do the same.
l lAll llNlllll. \ATTHl\ l lAl\l. lONAll lT CHlN. Once There Were Greenfields
The Changing Face of Suburbia
Hl A\lllCAN HOU:lANlCAl :UlUll was in·cntc1 in los An,c|cs in thc +o.os. |ut a|tcr \or|1 \ar ll
it |ccanc an Ancrican institution lo||owin, thc war. +¡ ni||ion ni|itary ¡crsonnc| with su11cn |ani|y
syn1ronc ¡|ayc1 a |rantic ,anc o| nusica| chairs. |i·in, with cxtcn1c1 |ani|y or |ricn1s or whcrc·cr c|sc
thcy cou|1 |in1. |ron con·crtc1 |oxcars to chickcn coo¡s an1 ,ara,cs Crow1s |inc1 u¡ at |uncra| ¡ar|ors to
,ct thc a11rcsscs o| ncw|y ·acant a¡artncnts Onc Onaha ncws¡a¡cr a1 rca1. “li, lcc lox. - |y +- |cct
Cou|1 |c |ixc1 u¡ to |i·c in”
ln rcs¡onsc to thc cncr,cncy. thc U: ,o·crnncnt shi|tc1 ,cars an1 canc u¡ with a ncw ¡|an o| attack
\c ha1 o¡cn |an1 an1 wc kncw how to acccss it stratc,ica||y ¥ou cou|1 say wc 1cc|arc1 war on Ancrican
soi|. 1c¡|oyin, |u||1ozcrs instca1 o| tanks to |c·c| hi||s. |i|| crccks. an1 yank trccs out |ikc wcc1s to |ui|1 onc
su|1i·ision a|tcr anothcr An1 thc cconony |oonc1!
\arious |actors sha¡c1 thc su|ur|s. inc|u1in, thc a·ai|a|i|ity o| o¡cn. a||or1a||c |an1. thc cn|racc o| thc
autono|i|c. ur|an ||i,ht |ron thc inncr city. an1 thc |irth o| a ,|itzy ncw Ancrican 1rcan in which c·cry
|ani|y as¡irc1 to ha·c its own housc in thc su|ur|s. |i||c1 with thc |atcst ncw a¡¡|ianccs as sccn in ¡ro,rans
|ikc The Donna Reed Show an1 Leave It To Beaver on thc ncw tcchno|o,y o| tc|c·ision l·cn |car ¡|ayc1 into
thc ccuation Thcsc wcrc thc 1ays o| |on| shc|tcrs an1 c|cncntary schoo| ki1s o|c1icnt|y co·crin, thcir
hca1s in |ascncnt ha||ways 1urin, airrai1 1ri||s \i|itary cx¡crts warnc1 that i| a nuc|car attack occurrc1.
hi,h1cnsity 1c·c|o¡ncnts wou|1 |c norc ·u|ncra||c. so wc shou|1 s¡rca1 1c·c|o¡ncnt out Hi,hways wou|1
|c ncc1c1 to c·acuatc ci·i|ians a|tcr thc |on|s hit lrcsi1cnt lwi,ht l liscnhowcr nct that cha||cn,c |y
si,nin, thc lntcrstatc Hi,hway Act in +o¸6. which authorizc1 an1 schc1u|c1 thc construction o| ¡
ni|cs o| roa1s
lcononists |o·c1 what thc ncw 1rcan 1i1 |or thc Cross Nationa| lro1uct. an1 thc nc1ia |o·c1 thc
story|inc “Cl lani|ics Occu¡y :u|ur|ia” lc·c|o¡cr \i||ian lc·itt. a |i·cstar ,cncra| on thc tract honc
|ront. a¡¡carc1 on thc co·cr o| Time na,azinc. an1 storics a|out lc·ittown. thc nation’s |irst su|1i·ision in
Ncw ¥ork. a|so ran in Life an1 Reader’s Digest How cou|1 wc cucstion this cncr,ctic. ,i11y. scxy 1rcan? A||
thc ¡icccs sccnc1 to |it to,cthcr. an1 noncy ||owc1 into thc country’s ,rccn |ic|1s |ikc har·cstc1 ,rain
throu,h a con|inc. nakin, su|1i·isions thc |ast an1 nost ¡ro|ita||c cro¡ ln |atta|ions o| |ran1ncw lor1s
an1 Chc·ics. Ancricans ro||c1 into thc su|ur|s on hi,hways an1 strccts that now ncasurc ¡ ni||ion ni|cs —
cnou,h to circ|c thc ¡|anct +¸- tincs lust tcn ycars car|icr. on|y ¡¡ ¡crccnt o| Ancrican honcs wcrc ownc1
|y rcsi1cnts. an1 |cwcr than ha|| o| thc houscho|1s ha1 cars lut that was chan,in,. cuick|y
Thc i1ca| o| thc su|ur| was country honcs |or city ¡co¡|c — naturc without thc nu1 ln thc su|ur|s. a
|ani|y cou|1 ha·c it a|| connunity. |rcsh air. ¡roxinity to thc city. an1 con·cnicncc “Thc nost housc |or thc
noncy” was thc nantra |or |oth |uycrs an1 sc||crs Natura||y. ¡co¡|c wantc1 thc |i,,cst an1 |cst ¡iccc o| thc
1rcan thcy cou|1 ,ct. an1 thc |cst ¡crcci·c1 ·a|uc was in thc
su|ur|s \ith thc lc1cra| Housin, A1ninistration ilHA)
,uarantccin, |uycrs’ |oans. thc ncw Ancrican 1rcan |ay on thc
horizon — on thc outskirts o| lncra|1 City
lut thcrc was a ,|itch
A |c,a| ¡rccc1cnt. Ambler v Euclid i+o.6). in c||cct na1c it
i||c,a| to ¡ut houscs. |usincsscs. an1 storcs to,cthcr in
su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s lasc1 on thc 1u|ious assun¡tion
that rcsi1cnccs shou|1 |c sc¡aratc |ron conncrcc. ci·ic |i|c. an1
c·cn rccrcation. ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnts throu,hout North
Ancrica a1o¡tc1 |oi|cr¡|atc zonin, co1cs Thc rcsu|t was |ook
a|ikc nci,h|orhoo1s that strctchc1 |ron su|ur|an Toronto to
su|ur|an :an lic,o lathcr than |cin, custon 1csi,nc1 to |it
thc ncc1s o| cach ¡iccc o| |an1. su|1i·isions wcrc nass¡ro1ucc1
|ikc autono|i|cs or ncta| nai||oxcs
As An1rcs luany. l|iza|cth l|atcrZy|crk. an1 lc|| :¡cck
cx¡|ain in Suburban Nation. “A ty¡ica| contcn¡orary zonin,
co1c has sc·cra| |an1 usc 1csi,nations. not on|y is housin,
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
1.1: The typical suburban house emphasizes private space but neglects public and
community space. Credit: Dave Wann.
sc¡aratc1 i|y co1c) |ron in1ustry |ut |ow1cnsity housin, is
sc¡aratc1 |ron nc1iun1cnsity housin,. which is sc¡aratc1
|ron hi,h1cnsity housin, \c1ica| o||iccs arc sc¡aratc1 |ron
,cncra| o||iccs. which in turn arc sc¡aratc1 |ron rcstaurants an1
sho¡¡in,” Ancricans took thc ha|its o| thc ¡ast an1
tcchno|o,ics o| thc ¡rcscnt an1 turnc1 thcn into co1cs an1 |aws
|or thc |uturc lccausc it was assunc1 that wc’1 a|ways |o·c our
cars. nuch o| su|ur|ia was |ui|t with a 1ri·cin ncnta|ity Thc
rcsu|t you can’t ,ct anywhcrc on |oot Thc ncw tcn¡|atc o|
su|ur|an 1csi,n housc1 |cwcr ¡co¡|c ¡cr unit o| |an1 than c·cr
|c|orc an1 rccuirc1 nuch norc rcsourccintcnsi·c tra·c| tinc
Nc·crthc|css. without nuch o| a tria| ¡crio1. |ow1cnsity.
|ar,c|ot housin, |ccanc thc stan1ar1. ¡rcscri|c1 an1 cnco1c1 in
,rcat 1ctai| in thc ¡|annin, nanua|s Thc cua|ity o| “connunity”
was sonchow thou,ht to |c autonatic or unncccssary — or was
not thou,ht a|out at a|| lc·c|o¡crs 1i1n’t worry a|out this
intan,i||c cua|ity whcn thc stan1ar1 |ornu|a ico1c1ri·cn nass
¡ro1uction o| houscs) was ·cry |ucrati·c in1cc1
:u|ur|an villages — su|1i·isions that |ookc1 norc |ikc sna||
towns with a|| thc ancnitics — wcrc rarc|y an o¡tion. so thc ncw honcowncrs |ou,ht what was a·ai|a||c
Thcy |ct thc cx¡crts |ui|1 ncw kin1s o| nci,h|orhoo1s. not rca|izin, thcir cx¡crtisc ha1 norc to 1o with
cn,inccrin, than with thc 1csi,n o| ¡co¡|c|ricn1|y connunitics “\c |i·c to1ay in citics an1 su|ur|s whosc
|orn an1 charactcr wc 1i1 not choosc.” writc thc authors o| Suburban Nation “Thcy wcrc in¡osc1 on us. |y
|c1cra| ¡o|icy. |oca| zonin, |aws. an1 thc 1cnan1s o| thc autono|i|c l| thcsc in||ucnccs arc rc·crsc1 — an1
thcy can |c — an cn·ironncnt 1csi,nc1 aroun1 thc truc ncc1s o| in1i·i1ua|s. con1uci·c to thc |ornation o|
connunity an1 ¡rcscr·ation o| thc |an1sca¡c. |cconcs ¡ossi||c”
That’s thc ¡ur¡osc o| this |ook to ¡ut us |ack in char,c o| our own nci,h|orhoo1s This is a non
¡artisan. ¡artici¡atory. an1 |un1ancnta||y ¡atriotic cn1ca·or Thc ¡otcntia| |or cncr,y an1 watcr sa·in,s an1
rc1ucc1 cn·ironncnta| in¡act is nin1|o,,|in,. an1 so arc thc socia| |cnc|its lna,inc what su|ur|ia wou|1
|c |ikc i| wc ha1 ncw ccntcrs o| |usincss. rccrcation an1 art ri,ht in our nci,h|orhoo1s. s|owcr tra||ic. norc
The Changing Face of Suburbia
1.2: About 38 million suburban homes were built in the United States between 1950 and
2000. Together, they represent an incredible opportunity for increasing efficiency,
security, and quality of life. Credit: Dave Wann.
¡u||ic s¡acc. an1 norc o¡¡ortunitics |or coo¡cration an1
su¡¡ort Thcsc c|cncnts arc within our ,ras¡ sin¡|y |ccausc wc
|i·c soncwhcrc an1 ha·c nci,h|ors Thcrc’s no shorta,c o|
i1cas. cithcr \c’rc in thc ri,ht ¡|acc at thc ri,ht tinc
The Booming Burbs
\c want to nakc it c|car u¡ |ront that wc arcn’t |ashin, thc
|ur|s ln |act. |oth o| us wcrc |orn in an1 currcnt|y |i·c in
·ariations o| su|ur|s lathcr. wc’rc |ookin, |or ways to nakc
thcn |cttcr |ccausc. |ct’s |acc it. wc’·c a|rca1y sunk tri||ions o|
1o||ars into thc su|ur|s Thcrc arc 50 million su|ur|an honcs
a|rca1y |ui|t ithrcccuartcrs o| thcn sincc +o¸o). a|on, with
ni||ions o| ni|cs o| roa1s. |i||ions o| scuarc |cct o| na||s an1 o||icc
¡arks. an1 ¸o ni||ion acrcs o| su|ur|an |awn \c’rc ta|kin, a|out
¡rotcctin, an1 cnhancin, that in·cstncnt. nakin, it norc
cn¡oya||c. |css strcss|u|. an1 norc |u||i||in, \c think it’s
inc·ita||c that ¸o or -¸ ycars |ron now wc’|| cn¡|oy ni||ions o|
¡co¡|c to u¡,ra1c |ui|1in, stock an1 rcarran,c nctro¡o|itan arcas
— inc|u1in, “constructi·c 1cno|ition” o| chunks o| su|ur|ia —
to nakc thcn norc 1cnsc an1 c||icicnt. |ikc sna|| towns \any su|ur|an 1c·c|o¡ncnts wcrc sin¡|y not |ui|t to
|ast. an1 thcy wcrcn’t |ui|t to sa·c cncr,y. cithcr Howc·cr. in thc short tcrn wc ncc1 to a¡¡rcciatc an1 o¡tinizc
what wc ha·c lnstca1 o| ¡u1,ncnt. wc ncc1 crcati·ity
\hat l ila·c) ca|| honc is a “cohousin,” connunity. Harnony \i||a,c. which l hc|¡c1 1csi,n. ¡hysica||y
an1 socia||y. in +oo¡ Thc ·i||a,c’s .- houscho|1s arc in Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. a sna|| su|ur|an town with a ,rcat
scnsc o| ¡|acc lron ny cx¡cricncc with this ¡ro¡cct. l know |irsthan1 that coo¡crati·c c||orts can ,ct thin,s
1onc l’|| 1cscri|c Harnony in norc 1ctai| in Cha¡tcr ¡
l was |orn ri,ht at thc c¡iccntcr o| thc ni1ccntury |a|y |oon. in a ¡rototy¡c tract honc 1c·c|o¡ncnt
— lark lorcst. l||inois — ¸o ni|cs south o| thc loo¡ in Chica,o l rcncn|cr thc a|un1ancc o| 1ra,on||ics
an1 toa1s |y a strcan on|y a short |ikc ri1c |ron ny housc — unti| thc strcan was channc|c1 into a cu|·crt
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
1.3: The transition from suburbia to Superbia! might include clustered parking to save
space and get cars out of people’s way, greater use of solar energy, community gardens,
and a common house owned cooperatively by the neighbors. Credit: Dan Bohlan.
an1 ¡a·c1 o·cr An1 l rcncn|cr s¡cn1in, a who|c nornin,
with ny 1a1 a|out ¸o ycars a,o. trans¡|antin, a cottonwoo1
sa¡|in, |ron thc “swan¡” ncar that strcan ln thosc 1ays thcrc
was sti|| o¡cn |an1 wc ki1s cou|1 ¡|ay on litt|c 1i1 wc know it
was a|rca1y s|atc1 |or 1c·c|o¡ncnt
\hcn l was ci,ht wc no·c1 to a c|assic +ïoos ·inta,c su|ur|.
larchnont. Ncw ¥ork. whcrc l s¡cnt ny c|cncntary throu,h hi,h
schoo| ycars l wcnt |ack thcrc a |cw ycars a,o. stc¡¡in, into a tinc
war¡ :anc cracks in thc si1cwa|k ia ki1 wou|1 noticc). sanc stcc|
stc¡s at thc c|cncntary schoo|. sanc shortcut throu,h ny
,ir||ricn1’s |ackyar1 un1cr thc 1o,woo1 trccs. sanc stur1y honcs.
nany na1c |ron stonc or |rick larchnont ha1 stron, |oncs an1
sti|| 1ocs ,rcat ¡arks an1 |an1sca¡in,. thc occan. ¡roxinity to thc
li, A¡¡|c. o¡cn arcas ncar its |or1crs with a1¡accnt towns. an1 a
,rcat |itt|c 1owntown
l tcstc1 town ¡|anncr lctcr Ca|thor¡c’s i1ca| wa|kin, 1istancc
|ron housc to sho¡s an1 ¡arks. 1isco·crin, that ny o|1 housc
was a ¡cr|cct |i·c ninutcs |ron 1owntown l was a|so tcn¡tc1 to
try architcct An1rcs luany’s ||in1|o|1 tcst. in which you assunc
that s|owno·in, cars wi|| sto¡ i| you cross a conncrcia| strcct
||in1|o|1c1 l think thc tcst wou|1 ha·c workc1. |ut l 1i1n’t |cc|
|ikc scarin, thc 1ri·crs A connutcr train. a|ways on tinc. ¡u||c1
u¡ as l wa|kc1 ¡ast thc station. an1 .o or ¸o ¡co¡|c c|in|c1
a|oar1 \y ·isit to larchnont na1c nc rca|izc that whcn ccrtain
1.4: Dave’s Park Forest, Illinois, tract house in 2003, with a half-century-old
cottonwood tree that he and his dad planted in the front yard.
Credit: Park Forest Public Library
1.5: Located west of Denver, in a mountain subdivision, Dan’s house is heated and
powered by the sun. Credit: Dan Chiras.
The Changing Face of Suburbia
|caturcs arc incor¡oratc1 in thc 1csi,n ¡hasc. nci,h|orhoo1s ha·c a hi,hcr cua|ity o| |i|c ri,ht |ron thc
lan a|so 1raws on his |i|c cx¡cricnccs Hc has |i·c1 in su|ur|an an1 rura| cn·ironncnts |or norc than ¸o
ycars an1 s¡cnt nost o| thc |ast .¸ ycars |ocusin, on crcatin, norc cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y honcs lirst hc
rctro|ittc1 sc·cra| con·cntiona| honcs |or ,rcatcr cncr,y c||icicncy an1 ,rcatcr rc|iancc on rcncwa||c cncr,y
\orc rcccnt|y hc 1csi,nc1 a housc |ron thc ,roun1 u¡ to o¡tinizc cn·ironncnta| ¡cr|ornancc
That housc uscs a|out a cuartcr o| thc c|cctricity a con·cntiona||y |ui|t honc 1ocs. an1 thc c|cctricity it
1ocs usc concs |ron thc sun ·ia ¡hoto·o|taic ¡anc|s Thc housc was |ui|t usin, a ·aricty o| cn·ironncnta||y
|ricn1|y |ui|1in, natcria|s. inc|u1in, ti|c. car¡ctin,. car¡ct ¡a1. ¡aint. an1 insu|ation na1c |ron rccyc|c1
natcria|s lt has |ccn |caturc1 in Solar Today. Mother Earth News. an1 on NlC Ni,ht|y Ncws lt is rc,u|ar|y
inc|u1c1 on thc Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty’s Nationa| Tour o| :o|ar Honcs
lan has a|so workc1 on othcr as¡ccts o| :u¡cr|ia!. inc|u1in, watcr conscr·ation. or,anic ,ar1cnin,.
con¡ostin,. rccyc|in,. a|tcrnati·c wastcwatcr systcns. an1 connunity 1c·c|o¡ncnt Hc currcnt|y |i·cs in a
nountain su|1i·ision in l·cr,rccn. Co|ora1o. whcrc hc ¡artici¡atcs in an or,anic |oo1|uyin, coo¡
Onc o| his car|icr honcs. in an inncr rin, su|ur| o| lcn·cr. is a ,oo1 cxan¡|c o| how su|ur|an
nci,h|orhoo1s can naturc an1 ||osson A|tcr lan no·c1 |ron thc nci,h|orhoo1. 1c·c|o¡crs rcno1c|c1 a
sho¡¡in, na|| into a Ncw Ur|anist nci,h|orhoo1 — a sna|| ·i||a,c that |ooks a |ot |ikc a tra1itiona| ¡co¡|c
|ricn1|y town with a ¡ark. sho¡s. an1 rcstaurants a|| within wa|kin, 1istancc o| rcsi1cnccs
Thc two o| us ha·c a|ways ha1 an intcrcst in a1a¡tin, thc su|ur|s to ncct norc o| our ncc1s 1ircct|y \c
think su|ur|an ·i||a,cs can work. c·cn in thc U: whcrc too o|tcn. in Ccrtru1c :tcin’s wor1s. “Thcrc’s no
thcrc thcrc” Nor shou|1 rca1crs |i·in, in o|1cr ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s ¡ut this |ook 1own \ost. i| not a||. o|
what wc ha·c to say a|out thc su|ur|s a¡¡|ics to ur|an scttin,s as wc|| ¥ou can crcatc :u¡cr|ia! ¡ust a|out
What Exactly is Suburbia — and What Is It Becoming?
lor thc ¡ur¡oscs o| this |ook. wc 1c|inc su|ur|ia as car1c¡cn1cnt. |an1hun,ry. strict|y rcsi1cntia|
nci,h|orhoo1s that arc ¡hysica||y iso|atc1 |ron schoo|s. work¡|accs an1 ci·ic ccntcrs Ouitc o|tcn su|ur|s
1on’t ha·c ¡c1cstrian acccss to nci,h|orhoo1 sho¡¡in,. thcy 1on’t ha·c a ccntcr or a scnsc o| connunity.
c|1cr|y. youn,. an1 ¡hysica||y cha||cn,c1 rcsi1cnts arc o|tcn iso|atc1. ¡o¡u|ations arc o|tcn cthnica||y
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
hono,cncous ln u¡sca|c su|ur|ia. honcowncrs o|tcn |cc| thc ¡inch o| csca|atin, |i||s |or cncr,y. watcr. an1
trans¡ortation Consun¡tion is |ina||y unnaskc1 as tincconsunin, |ccausc o| a|| thc 1ri·in, an1 sho¡¡in,
that is ncccssary. an1 thc ¡oy o| accunu|atin, su|ur|an stuff o|tcn sccns to wcar thin
lco¡|c in su|ur|ia want a ,rcatcr conncction with naturc Thcy want to |c norc ¡ro1ucti·c an1 |css
con¡ctiti·c \any arc tirc1 o| ,cttin, |y on |css s|cc¡ than thcy ncc1. an1 thc thou,ht o| c·cr|on,cr
connutcs 1ocs not tick|c anyonc’s |unny |onc cithcr :trcss |c·c|s arc hi,h. an1 workin, in onc’s honc. or
at |cast c|oscr to honc. sccns a1·anta,cous
Thc trans|ornation to soncthin, |cttcr — :u¡cr|ia! — wi|| rccuirc an un1crstan1in, o| whcrc wc arc
now. whcrc wc canc |ron. an1 whcrc wc arc ,oin, Thc su|ur|s arc chan,in, so cuick|y that wc ncc1 to sto¡.
takc a 1cc¡ |rcath. an1 scc how sonc o| thc chan,cs wi|| a||cct su|ur|an |i|csty|cs
\hi|c thc su|ur|s usc1 to |c satc||itcs o| thc city — |c1roon connunitics |or connutin, an1
consunin, — nost o| thcn arc now con¡oncnts o| a nctro¡o|itan nosaic an1 arc not ncccssari|y 1c¡cn1cnt
on thc ur|an corc ln |act. nany o| thc car|y. |irstrin, su|ur|s ha·c |cconc ¡art o| thc ur|an corc an1 |acc
inncrcity cha||cn,cs such as a,in, in|rastructurc. crinc. an1 uncn¡|oyncnt \canwhi|c. .¸ ninutcs u¡ thc
hi,hway. sccon1 an1 thir1rin, su|ur|s ha·c in rcccnt ycars |cconc |inancia| stron,ho|1s. whcrc thc wor|1
hca1cuartcrs o| cor¡orations |ikc AOl. lc||. Ca||c·ision. an1 lockhcc1 \artin arc |ocatc1 \hcrc was thc
Con¡utcr A,c |orn? ln thc su|ur|s — not :an lrancisco. |ut :i|icon \a||cy
ln +o-o. -¡ ¡crccnt o| Ancrican o||icc s¡acc was sti|| |ocatc1 in citics. accor1in, to thc lrookin,s lnstitution
A short .¸ ycars |atcr. thc su|ur|s’ sharc o| tota| o||icc s¡acc has riscn to ¡. ¡crccnt an1 wi|| soon ¡ass ¸o ¡crccnt
:ocio|o,ist lrucc latz ca||s it thc “cxit ran¡ cconony.” with conncrcia| an1 rctai| |aci|itics incrcasin,|y |ocatc1
a|on, su|ur|an |rccways an1 conncrcia| stri¡s. ¡ro·i1in, tax |cnc|its |or so|icitous su|ur|an ,o·crnncnts
Thc .ooo U: Ccnsus shows that thc su|ur|s now contain norc non|ani|y houscs — youn, sin,|cs an1
c|1cr|y cou¡|cs — than tra1itiona| houscho|1s o| narric1 cou¡|cs with chi|1rcn A full quarter of the population
now lives alone i\ith Ozzic ,onc. Harrict stru,,|cs to naintain |oth thc housc an1 hcr own hca|th) Thc
a,in, o| thc U: ¡o¡u|ation wi|| ¡rcscnt na¡or cha||cn,cs |or thc su|ur|s ha|| o| thc ¡o¡u|ation is now ¸¸ or
o|1cr. an1 c·cry ci,ht sccon1s an Ancrican turns ¸o Thc |ack o| c|1crcarc. cs¡ccia||y in thc su|ur|s. has
|cconc an cncr,cncy
\orc ¡co¡|c arc workin, at honc than a 1cca1c a,o This is an cn·ironncnta| |cnc|it |ccausc it rc1uccs
trans¡ortation costs an1 ¡o||ution. |ut it is a|so a ¡otcntia| socia| |ia|i|ity |ccausc thc work¡|acc connunity
is |ost
The Changing Face of Suburbia
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
1.6 & 1.7: In 1954, Fairview Gardens near Santa Barbara, California, was one farm among many, but 50 years later it’s surrounded by suburban
homes. At first the neighbors resented farmer Michael Ableman’s operation, but eventually they adopted it as the neighborhood farm.
Credit: Michael Ableman.
The Changing Face of Suburbia
Thc cthnic nix o| thc su|ur|s is chan,in,. too A rcccnt
stu1y o| nctro¡o|itan \ashin,ton lC 1cnonstratc1 that in thc
+ooos. ï- ¡crccnt o| inni,rants chosc to |i·c in thc su|ur|s
rathcr than thc city lar |ron |cin, thc Caucasian cnc|a·cs thcy
oncc wcrc. thc su|ur|s arc |cconin, intcrcu|tura| Thc na¡ority
o| Asian Ancricans. ha|| o| His¡anics. an1 ¡o ¡crccnt o|
Ancrican ||acks now |i·c in thc |ur|s
Thc |c,cn1ary |a|y |oon. which saw -6 ni||ion |a|ics
|orn |ctwccn +o¡6 an1 +o6¡. is a ¡rinary rcason thc U:
¡o¡u|ation ncar|y 1ou||c1 in thc |ast ¸o ycars. shootin, |ron
+¸o ni||ion to .ïo ni||ion l| you ,ct thc |cc|in, that thc |ani|iar
|an1sca¡cs arc 1isa¡¡carin, cuick|y. ¡o¡u|ation sur,c is onc o|
thc rcasons why — an1 thcrc’s norc on thc way Thc Ccnsus
lurcau ¡ro¡ccts that |y .o¸o thc U: wi|| ha·c as nany ¡co¡|c
as ln1ia ha1 in +o¸o — ¡oo ni||ion
Thc ¡oint is. as thc a·ai|a||c ¡icccs o| our cnornous ¡ic
continuc to shrink. wc’|| scc thc ·a|uc o| cach norsc| o| |an1
|cconc norc ¡rccious Housin, ¡attcrns wi|| contract to rc||cct this ncw ·a|uc \c’|| |ui|1 u¡ rathcr than out.
c·cn in thc su|ur|s. an1 wc’|| a|so |ui|1 c|oscr to,cthcr Thc car. ¡u||ic s¡acccatcr nun|cr onc. wi|| ha·c to cur|
its a¡¡ctitc :incc cach car rccuircs a |i|th o| an acrc |or its sharc o| roa1s an1 ¡arkin, s¡accs. c·cry a11itiona| |i·c
cars snothcrs anothcr |oot|a|| |ic|1sizc1 chunk o| Ancrica lon1cr this ina,c |or a noncnt 38 million |oot|a||
|ic|1s. a|rca1y co·crc1 with ¡a·cncnt
Onc ni,ht con¡arc thc chan,cs in su|ur|ia with a ¡ackct that 1ocsn’t |it anynorc Our ccntra| |ocus in
this |ook is at thc nci,h|orhoo1 sca|c. whcrc |oth ¡crsona| sha¡c an1 thc ¡ackct can |c a|tcrc1
A Place Apart: The Evolution of Suburban Culture
lor ni||cnnia. ¡co¡|c ha·c |ookc1 |or honcs away |ron thc city ccntcr ln a |cttcr on a cunci|orn ta||ct writtcn
in ¸¸o lC. a su|ur|anitc to|1 thc kin, o| lcrsia. “Our ¡ro¡crty sccns to nc to |c thc nost |cauti|u| in thc
wor|1 :o c|osc arc wc to la|y|on that wc cn¡oy a|| o| thc a1·anta,cs o| thc City. yct whcn wc conc honc wc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
1.8: Two cars in each driveway, and how many more in the garages? There are now more
cars in the U.S. than licensed drivers. Credit: Dave Wann.
arc away |ron a|| thc noisc an1 thc 1ust” \c can ina,inc thc
writcr stri1in, in san1a|s 1own thc cxit trai| to thc ,oo1 |i|c
Thc wor1 “su|ur|” was |irst usc1 in +¡thccntury ln,|an1
to rc|cr to a han|ct outsi1c thc wa||s or |oun1arics o| thc city
\ithin a |cw hun1rc1 ycars. su|ur|s no·c1 |arthcr out.
|cconin, roya| rctrcats |ron thc hot an1 o|tcn stinky 1ays o|
sunncr in thc city Thc ncw ncrchant c|ass wantc1 a ¡|acc
a¡art. too ln \ictoriancra C|a¡han. outsi1c o| lon1on.
ncrchants cou|1 |c wcckcn1 aristocrats on thcir tiny cstatcs.
rctrcatin, |ron thc noisc. snokc. an1 con,cstion thcy ha1 to
to|cratc 1urin, thcir workwccks
Thc |irst Ancrican su|ur|s wcrc |ui|t in thc +oth ccntury a|on, strcctcar an1 train |incs that ra1iatc1
|ron ccntra| citics |ikc s¡okcs on a |icyc|c whcc| lc·c|o¡ncnt occurrc1 |incar|y. ty¡ica||y within a |i·cninutc
wa|k o| thc transit station Thc strcctcar su|ur| was a¡art |ron thc city. yct sti|| a satc||itc
ln thc +o.os thc i1ca o| thc autono|i|c su|ur| s¡rca1 outwar1 |ron los An,c|cs with cnthusiastic
cn1orscncnt |ron city |ca1crs
Throu,hout thosc car|y ycars. whcn lA s¡raw| was ,o|||in, |arn|an1 an1 con·crtin, it into |rccways an1
su|1i·isions. thcrc wcrc a1·ocatcs |or con¡rchcnsi·c ¡|annin,. |ut thcy wcrc |ar,c|y unnoticc1 as thc ||ash ||oo1
o| |ar,c|ot ranch houscs snothcrc1 thc city lc,iona| ¡|anncr Cathcrinc laucr \urstcr. |or cxan¡|c. insistc1
that thc ¡rcoccu¡ation with in1i·i1ua| honcs nust ,o. to |c rc¡|acc1 |y stratc,ics |or |ui|1in, intc,ratc1
connunitics ca¡a||c o| ncctin, thcir own ncc1s \ay|c thc car cn,incs wcrc too |ou1 — |cw ¡co¡|c hcar1 what
shc an1 co||ca,ucs |ikc architcctura| scho|ar lcwis \un|or1 ha1 to say
ln1i·i1ua| honcs an1 auto 1c¡cn1cncc wcrc a|so thc thcncs o| su|ur|s |ikc lc·ittown. |orcrunncr o| a
“su|ur|anin1ustria| con¡|cx” that u|tinatc|y |ui|t hun1rc1s o| thousan1s o| su|1i·isions ln lc·ittown.
Ncw ¥ork. 1c·c|o¡crs nass¡ro1ucc1 ¸o |our|c1roon houscs a 1ay |y 1i·i1in, thc construction ¡roccss into
.- 1i||crcnt stc¡s l·cry ¡iccc o| |un|cr was nun|crc1. c·cry nai| accountc1 |or. an1 c·cry task in thc housc
|ui|1in, ¡roccss was ,i·cn to a 1i||crcnt tcan
lach honc canc with onc wi||ow trcc an1 thrcc |ruit trccs in a11ition to .ï to ¸o ||owcrs an1 shru|s
lntcrcstin,|y. in thc sa|cs a,rccncnt si,nc1 |y cach ncw honcowncr. lc·itt nan1atc1 onc o| this |ook’s ¸+
stc¡s no |cnccs wcrc a||owc1 aroun1 thc ¡ro¡crtics Thc rcsu|t was that thc |ackyar1s |ornc1 a |ar,c
The old suburban dream is increasingly out of sync with today’s culture.
Our suburbs are designed around a stereotypical household that is no
longer predominant. But we continue to build suburbs as if families were
large and had only one breadwinner, as if the jobs were all downtown, as
if land and energy were endless, and as if another lane on the freeway
would end congestion.
llTll CAlTHOlll. The Next American Metropolis
The Changing Face of Suburbia
connon arca lar|y rcsi1cnts ha·c |on1 ncnorics o| thc |i, |ackyar1 — thc ki1s
¡|ayc1 to,cthcr sa|c|y. thcrc was roon |or ¡artics. an1 c·cryonc kncw c·cryonc c|sc
lut in thc +o6os thc wor|1 chan,c1 ra¡i1|y. an1 thc cua|ity o| connunity su||crc1
lo|crt lutnan. author o| Bowling Alone. writcs. “lt’s as thou,h thc ¡ostwar
,cncrations wcrc cx¡osc1 to sonc nystcrious Xray that ¡crnancnt|y an1 incrcasin,|y
rcn1crc1 thcn |css |ikc|y to conncct with thc connunity” Thc Xray ior was it thc
T\ray?) ||ankctc1 a|| a,c ,rou¡s Onc cc|c|rant at lc·ittown’s ¸oth anni·crsary
rcca||c1 that thc a1u|ts |c,an to ,o out to 1inncr norc o|tcn in thc +o6os. a rarc c·cnt
a 1cca1c car|icr Thc ki1s. |orc1 |y nci,h|orhoo1s whcrc thcrc was “nothin, to 1o.”
|c,an to inha|it thc sho¡¡in, ccntcrs
Thc onctinc lc·ittowncr ¡ut his |in,cr on a ¡rinary rcason why |ackyar1 |cnccs
c·cntua||y wcnt u¡ in 1c|iancc o| lc·itt’s ori,ina| nan1atc Thc consuncr cu|turc
¡ro¡c||c1 norc su|ur|anitcs into thc work|orcc. |ca·in, thc a|an1onc1 nci,h|orhoo1s
|css |i·c|y an1 |css nci,h|or|y \hcn thc workcrs canc honc. thcy wcrc tirc1 Thc
¡ri·atc |i|c o| consun¡tion an1 con·cnicncc was stca1i|y winnin, out o·cr a ¡u||ic |i|c
that was rich in socia|. natura|. an1 cu|tura| conncctions lTA ¡artici¡ation was in·crsc|y
¡ro¡ortiona| to risin, inconcs Thc hurryu¡ nin1sct o| ¡ostwar housin, shorta,cs ha1
|cconc thc |aw o| thc |an1. scri¡tc1 into thick toncs o| nunici¡a| co1c that o|tcn
s¡cci|ic1 rcsourcccxhaustin,. tincconsunin, ¡attcrns o| 1c·c|o¡ncnt
Unrcstrainc1 consun¡tion |ccanc a ¡atriotic 1uty. c·cn thc |asis o| ,o·crnncnta|
¡o|icy ln +o¸o. narkctin, ana|yst \ictor lc|ow wrotc. “Our cnornous|y ¡ro1ucti·c
cconony 1cnan1s that wc nakc consun¡tion a way o| |i|c. that wc con·crt thc |uyin,
an1 usc o| ,oo1s into ritua|s. that wc scck our s¡iritua| satis|action. our c,o satis|action.
in consun¡tion… \c ncc1 thin,s consunc1. |urnc1 u¡. worn out. rc¡|acc1. an1
1iscar1c1 at an c·crincrcasin, ratc”
Thc Ancrican 1rcan. a 1izzyin, con¡ositc o|
cars. houscs. a¡¡|ianccs. |awns. |rozcn |oo1. an1 a|| thc rcst. was thc cu|tura|
ncchanisn that na1c lc|ow’s in¡crati·c a rca|ity
:tca1i|y. su|ur|anitcs rctrcatc1 insi1c. nor¡hin, into a su|nation o| housccats.
|azy an1 contcnt \c cuick|y |carnc1 to consunc +.o ¡oun1s o| stu|| c·cry 1ay — a
tota| that inc|u1cs a|| thc natcria|s that wcnt into thc stu|| \c ha1 c·crythin, wc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
1.9: When the prototype suburban tract development,
Levittown, was built in the late 1940s, William Levitt
specified “no fences” in the contract. Though that
mandate was gradually forgotten, many early residents
recall how pleasant it was. Credit: Charles Tekula.
ncc1c1. it rarc|y occurrc1 to us that what wc consunc1 in our houscs was |ca·in, scars soncwhcrc c|sc. that
thc woo1 in cach housc rc¡rcscntc1 har·cstc1 |orcst. an1 that thc nanu|acturc an1 o¡cration o| cach car
rccuirc1 thc cncr,y ccui·a|cnt o| nany rai|cars o| coa| an1 |arrc|s o| oi| \inin, thc coa|. oi|. an1 stcc| |c|t
|i|c|css ho|cs in thc carth. an1 |urnin, thc |ossi| |uc|s crcatc1 a ||ankct o| car|on 1ioxi1c into thc atnos¡hcrc.
nakin, thc ¡|anct |c·crish
:in¡|y ¡ut. thc su|ur|s — whcrc houscs ha·c on a·cra,c 1ou||c1 in sizc an1 ni|cs 1ri·cn annua||y has
tri¡|c1 sincc thc +o¸os — arc thc |cst ¡ossi||c in·cntion |or nin1|css consun¡tion Thcy nay wc|| |c thc
sin,|c |ar,cst cn·ironncnta| in¡act thc wor|1 has c·cr known
To thc lurcau o| la|or :tatistics. thc Ancrican honc is not a houscho|1 |ut a “consuncr unit” that
s¡cn1s 1is¡osa||c inconc ior is that “1is¡oscs o| s¡cn1a||c inconc”?) \hi|c nany insist that ¡co¡|c shou|1
|c a||owc1 to consunc at whatc·cr |c·c| thcir ¡aychcck ¡crnits. wc rcs¡cct|u||y 1isa,rcc lan an1 l ha·c s¡cnt
1cca1cs rcscarchin, thc ncc1 |or sustaina||c ¡ro1uction an1 consun¡tion \c |c|ic·c thc Ancrican lrcan
has rcachc1 thc ¡oint o| 1ininishin, rcturns Thc costs o| hi,h |i·in, arc out o| contro| an1 arc 1isru¡tin,
¡crsona| hca|th. |ani|y c|oscncss. connunity ·i,or. an1 ccononic an1 cn·ironncnta| sta|i|ity
Thc cn·ironncnta| in¡act o| su|ur|an s¡raw| has |ccn rc|cnt|css lctcr Ca|thor¡c. a ·ctcran 1csi,ncr an1
rcin·cntor o| thc su|ur|s. rcca||s his car|y ycars in :i|icon \a||cy in thc +o6os “l no·c1 |ron lon1on to la|o
A|to ¡ust in tinc to watch how :i|icon \a||cy |asica||y ,rcw an1 wi¡c1 out onc o| thc nost ¡ro1ucti·c
a,ricu|tura| ·a||cys in thc wor|1.” hc to|1 nc in a ·i1co intcr·icw “Cor,cous citrus ,ro·cs an1 orchar1s
1isa¡¡carc1 |c|orc ny cycs An1 l wou|1 o|tcn ,o u¡ in thc hi||s an1 nountains a|o·c thc ¡cninsu|a an1 |ook
1own. |ack whcn thcrc was a ·icw ¥ou cou|1 scc thc sno, ro||in, an1 watch thc s¡raw| no·in, across thc
|an1 l was a tccna,cr at thc tinc. |ut l ha1 an o·crwhc|nin, scnsc thcrc was soncthin, wron, hcrc”
The Public Costs of Privacy
:u|ur|an cu|turc intri,ucs no·c|ists. ¡|aywri,hts. an1 no·ic ¡ro1uccrs Thcy usc thc su|ur|s as a scttin,
whcrc thin,s arc not cuitc as thcy sccn :u|ur|ia a¡¡cars to |c a ¡|acc o| |cisurc. a|un1ancc. an1 ¡ro¡ricty.
|ut thcrc arc sccrcts |chin1 thc |cnccs an1 |ront 1oors. an1 nany norc rc¡crcussions than ncct thc cyc lor
cxan¡|c. chronic |ani|y |riction is hi11cn |ron ·icw A |ricn1 o| ours who is a ¡o|icc 1is¡atchcr o|scr·cs that
a hi,h ¡crccnta,c o| su|ur|an ¡o|icc ca||s thcsc 1ays arc rcs¡onscs to 1oncstic ·io|cncc A houscho|1 nay
ha·c thc hi,hcst nct inconc on thc ||ock. |ut thc “¡oytostu|| ratio” is at |ow ti1c
The Changing Face of Suburbia
ln·ironncnta| cua|ity is a|so hi11cn |ron ·icw A ¡ri·atc |an1sca¡c ni,ht |c ¡icturc¡cr|cct. |ut wc 1on’t
¡crcci·c thc cunu|ati·c hca|th c||ccts 1ownstrcan — canccr. cn1ocrinc systcn 1isru¡tion. or |ish norta|ity
— |ron |awn chcnica|s that wash into watcrways a|tcr a hca·y rain
Othcr in1icators o| 1ys|unction or “unsustaina|i|ity” arc swc¡t un1cr thc wc|conc nat — |or cxan¡|c.
thc nc,ati·c consccucnccs o| su|ur|an ¡ri·acy lri·atc no|i|ity casca1cs into ¡u||ic con,cstion an1 ¡u||ic
cx¡cn1iturcs |or ncw hi,hway |ancs iThc a·cra,c tinc |ost in ,ri1|ock is now ¸6 hours ¡cr ycar) lri·atc
consun¡tion rcsu|ts in ¡u||ic cn·ironncnta| in¡acts as rcsourccs arc stri¡¡c1 to ncct thc 1cnan1s o| thc
1rcan lut wc 1on’t scc thc s|ash ¡i|cs or ninc tai|in,s. so thcir cxistcncc rarc|y occurs to us Thc 1cnan1 to
|i·c on |ar,c |ots. c|oscr to naturc. o|tcn 1cstroys thc naturc wc ho¡c1 to |c ncar lut wc 1on’t noticc whcn
a chorus o| crickct chir¡s is rc1ucc1 to a s¡arsc. 1cs¡cratc cuartct
:incc +o¸o thc anount o| ¡u||ic s¡acc — ¡arks. ci·ic |ui|1in,s. schoo|s. churchcs. an1 so on — in our
connunitics 1ccrcasc1 |y onc|i|th. whi|c thc a·cra,c anount o| scuarc |oota,c in ncw honcs rou,h|y 1ou||c1
ln rou,h|y thc sanc tinc ¡crio1. thc ¡crccnta,c o| inconc s¡cnt |or housc nort,a,cs an1 rcnta| ¡ayncnts —
our ¡ri·atc rca|n — incrcasc1 |ron onc|i|th to ha||. accor1in, to thc Ancrican l|annin, Association
\hat this a|| ncans is that wc’rc turnin, our |acks on thc connons an1 |cttin, it 1c,ra1c As wc
continuc to 1isin·cst in ¡u||ic s¡accs. |unnc|in, rcsourccs. tinc. an1 noncy into our ¡ri·atc |i·cs instca1. wc
,ct tunnc| ·ision Thc tinc wc s¡cn1 in thc ¡ri·acy o| our cars an1 honcs rc1uccs thc tinc wc ha·c |or acti·c
in·o|·cncnt in ¡u||ic 1ccision nakin, an1 connunity |ui|1in, \c |ook |or a scnsc o| connunity in thc
nc1ia wor|1 o| c·cnts an1 o¡inions. |ut wc’rc un|ani|iar with how to crcatc it in our own nci,h|orhoo1s
“lri·acy is thc nost in¡ortant thin, to nc.” sai1 onc ¡artici¡ant in a |ocus ,rou¡ stu1y ca||c1 Choices
Between Asphalt and Nature: Americans Discuss Sprawl ia·ai|a||c on |inc at www|io1i·crsity¡ro¡cctor,) “l
want a s¡acious yar1 an1 a |ar,c housc Thc |ack o| con·cnicncc 1ocsn’t rca||y |othcr nc” lut 1ocs shc
choosc ¡ri·acy. or is shc rctrcatin, to sa|cty?
A ¡o|| con1uctc1 |y thc lcw :choo| o| lourna|isn in .ooo rc||ccts a co||ccti·c cucasincss in Ancrica This
was hci,htcnc1 |y thc c·cnts o| :c¡tcn|cr ++. .oo+ Con¡arc1 to thc o6 ¡crccnt who |c|t sa|c in thcir honcs.
.o ¡crccnt 1i1 not |cc| sa|c in thcir own nci,h|orhoo1s an1 ¸o ¡crccnt 1i1 not |cc| sa|c at thc na|| \hat 1o
thcsc rcsu|ts say a|out thc wor|1 “out thcrc?” Has our attitu1c |cconc “Cra| thc takcout 1inncr. sur·i·c
thc connutc. ¡ust ,ct honc”?
Thc ¡o||stcrs askc1 a wi1c san¡|c o| Ancricans “\hat 1o you think is thc nost in¡ortant ¡ro||cn
|acin, thc connunity whcrc you |i·c?” Crinc an1 ·io|cncc scorc1 thc hi,hcst. |ut. sur¡risin,|y. thcy sharc1
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
to¡ rankin, with su|ur|an ¡ro||cns |ikc 1c·c|o¡ncnt. s¡raw|. an1 tra||ic lcrha¡s as thc cua|ity an1 ·ita|ity
o| our ¡u||ic wor|1 1cc|incs. |oth ur|an an1 su|ur|an cu|turcs arc “cocoonin,”
\c askc1 lancs lunst|cr. outs¡okcn author o| The Geography of Nowhere. to criticuc thc cua|ity o|
Ancrica’s ¡u||ic s¡accs \a|kin, in |ront o| a ¡ost o||icc |ui|1in, with no win1ows on onc ·cry |on, si1c. hc
conncntc1. “Our towns an1 nci,h|orhoo1s arc |u|| o| thcsc ||ank wa||s. which arc rca||y a |orn o| ci·ic
·an1a|isn Thc ¡u||ic rca|n is a ¡hysica| nani|cstation o| thc connon ,oo1. an1 whcn wc 1c,ra1c it. wc a|so
1c,ra1c our a|i|ity to think a|out thc ¡u||ic intcrcst”
Anothcr kin1 o| ¡u||ic s¡acc. naturc. has |ccn nc,|cctc1 in thc rcsctt|in, o| Ancrica A han1|u| o| s¡ccics
now 1oninatcs our |ackyar1s an1 ¡arks — ||uc,rass. ro|ins. ln,|ish s¡arrows. nurscry,rown trccs an1
shru|s. scuirrc|s. nicc. sonctincs a 1ccr or |ox — |ccausc inscnsiti·c 1c·c|o¡ncnt an1 unins¡irc1
|an1sca¡in, snothcr 1i·crsity an1 wi¡c out natura| ·istas \hi|c thc |ui|1out o| su|ur|ia continucs to
1cstroy an1 1is¡|acc wi|1|i|c. a ¡o¡u|ation cx¡|osion o| cu11|y yct hi,h|y 1c¡cn1cnt 1o,s an1 cats has takcn
o·cr our |awns an1 |i·in, roons — currcnt|y thcrc arc a|out 6o ni||ion cats an1 ¸¸ ni||ion 1o,s in thc
country \c ·a|uc “¡ri·atc” anina|s |ut a||ow thc ¡u||ic ha|itats o| nati·c s¡ccics to |c cra1icatc1
l·cn our ,|in¡scs o| naturc arc |cin, |ost lanc lirschncr. a rcsi1cnt o| Hi,h|an1s lanch. a nc,a
su|1i·ision wcst o| lcn·cr. to|1 us how shc no·c1 into this 1c·c|o¡ncnt with an un1crstan1in, that hcr
housc wou|1 |ront on o¡cn s¡acc |acin, thc nountains \hcn thc 1c·c|o¡cr’s ¡|ans chan,c1. hcr |ani|y ha1
|ront row scats |or thc |i,. ||ank scrccns o| thc ncw nci,h|ors’ ,ara,c 1oors — a|| thrcc o| thcn
ln an intcr·icw. Ncw Ur|anist architcct \ictor lo·cr rcca||c1 his chi|1hoo1 cx¡|orations o| ¡u||ic s¡accs
that wcrc rich in natura| scttin,s “Crowin, u¡ in Hickory Cro·c. North Caro|ina.” hc to|1 us. “wc cou|1 wa|k
or ri1c our |ikcs to thc woo1s. an1 cx¡cricncc thc natura| rcsourccs Now. |ccausc naturc. inc|u1in, |arn|an1.
has |ccn ¡ushc1 so |ar away |ron whcrc wc |i·c. wc ha·c to ,ct in thc car an1 1ri·c our ki1s to scc soncthin,
It’s Later Than We Think
lcsi1cs |cin, unhca|thy an1 o|tcn ·cry strcss|u|. |i|c in thc su|ur|s. with its hi,h |c·c|s o| trans¡ortation an1
consun¡tion. an1 its oricntation towar1 ¡ri·atc ·a|ucs. is sin¡|y not sustaina||c Thcrc arcn’t cnou,h rcsourccs
on thc cn·ironncnta| “shc|·cs” to naintain su|ur|ia’s |i|csu¡¡ort systcns. nor is thcrc cnou,h uncontaninatc1
naturc to a|sor| a|| thc wastc this |i|csty|c ,cncratcs \c can’t a||or1 thc su|ur|s as thcy currcnt|y |unction
The Changing Face of Suburbia
Hcrc’s why lc|ia||c su¡¡|ics o| cncr,y an1 c|can watcr arc not |init|css. an1 thc cost o| cach rcsourcc wi||
risc as su¡¡|ics |a|| \c ncc1 to chan,c thc way wc usc thcn Croun1watcr su¡¡|ics arc |cin, ¡un¡c1 at
nuch hi,hcr than rcchar,c ratcs in nany ¡arts o| thc country. an1 thc contanination o| watcr su¡¡|ics has
a|rca1y rcsu|tc1 in an ïoo ¡crccnt incrcasc in sa|cs o| |ott|c1 watcr in thc |ast |cw 1cca1cs
As |or oi|. cx¡crts at thc U: Cco|o,ica| :ur·cy ¡rc1ict that ¡ctro|cun ¡ro1uction wi|| ¡cak in thc ncxt
.o ycars an1 thcn |c,in a |on, an1 ·cry cx¡cnsi·c 1cc|inc Natura| ,as ¡ro1uction is cx¡cctc1 to ¡cak c·cn
sooncr \hcn oi|. natura| ,as. an1 watcr ¡riccs ,o u¡. so wi|| |oo1 ¡riccs An1 1on’t |or,ct consuncr wastc
As costs o| wastc 1is¡osa| continuc to risc. norc wastc han1|crs wi|| ,o to “¡ay as you throw” scr·iccs. in
which houscho|1s ¡ay |or wastc |y thc ¡oun1
Thc |otton |inc is that thc ty¡ica| su|ur|an |i|csty|c rccuircs ¸+ acrcs o| ¡rinc. ¡ro1ucti·c |an1 — |arns.
nincs. |ic|1s. an1 |orcsts — to ncct ¡ust onc ¡crson’s ncc1s iscc Ta||c ++)
Thc ¡ro||cn with this ccuation is that thcrc arc |cwcr than |i·c acrcs a·ai|a||c to cach ¡crson in thc wor|1.
an1 thosc |i·c acrcs ¡cr ca¡ita nust a|so |cc1 an1 shc|tcr ni||ions o| othcr s¡ccics whosc hca|th an1 sta|i|ity
wc rc|y on l| thc rcst o| thc hunan racc catchcs thc a|||ucnza that in|cctc1 Ancrica’s su|ur|s. wc’|| ncc1 |our
or |i·c norc ¡|ancts ilct’s scc. who 1c|i·crs?)
Thc cn·ironncnta|. socia|. an1 ccononic in¡acts o| thc su|ur|an |i|csty|c arc |oth a crisis an1 an
o¡¡ortunity \hi|c thc construction an1 naintcnancc o| Ancrica’s su|ur|s nay ha·c hit thc larth’s
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Table 1.1: Land Required to Meet the Needs of One Suburban Resident
CATlCOl¥ ACll:¹lll:ON
lncr,y +ïo
Tin|cr ¸¸
loo1 6.
Acconno1atin, roa1s. houscs. an1 othcr in|rastructurc .¸
Tota| ¸++
:ourcc “A :tc¡ Ahca1.” Uni·crsity o| \isconsin wc|sitc <wwwna1ison|oot¡rintor,¹sustain¹actionhtn|>
cco|o,ica| systcns |ikc a ¡|anc|oa1 o| nuc|car |on|s. nany o¡¡ortunitics rcnain |or us to rcthink thc strccts.
yar1s. an1 houscs that now occu¡y so nuch o| our |an1sca¡c Our ¡ur¡osc is not to ¡ut thc |rakcs on s¡raw|
ia|thou,h wc 1o su¡¡ort that) or c·cn to |ancnt a|| thc in¡acts Thc ,oa| in this |ook is to start whcrc wc
arc an1 1o what wc can to rc·ita|izc cxistin, su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s an1 rc1ucc thcir in¡act on ¡co¡|c an1
thc ¡|anct
Waking Up From the American Dream
l| you |ook at su|ur|an |cha·ior |ron thc ¡crs¡ccti·c o| a |a|y or an cxtratcrrcstria|. you start noticin, sonc
o| thc crazy thin,s wc 1o lor cxan¡|c. wc s¡cn1 hun1rc1s o| 1o||ars an1 1ozcns o| hours c·cry ycar to
naintain a |ush. s¡acious ,rccn |awn. nuch o| which is unusc1. an1 thcn wc now an1 throw away thc |ina|
Or takc an lT|ook at thc way wc ,ct cncr,y to ¡ro·i1c warnth. no|i|ity. an1 ¡owcr \c s¡cn1 |i||ions
o| 1o||ars c·cry ycar an1 risk thc |i·cs o| |o·c1 oncs to ¡rotcct oi| su¡¡|ics. thcn wc |urn thc oi| to crcatc
¡o||ution that contri|utcs to ,|o|a| warnin, \ou|1n’t it nakc norc scnsc to usc ,rcat 1csi,n to ca¡turc
warnth 1ircct|y |ron thc sun. no|i|ity |ron our |c,s. an1 in1ustria| ¡owcr |ron rcncwa||c ||ows that wc
won’t usc u¡ — |ikc win1 ¡owcr. hcat an1 coo|in, storc1 in thc ,roun1 an1 acccssi||c with rca1i|y a·ai|a||c
hcat ¡un¡s. an1 hy1ro,cn?
Trans¡ortation in Ancrica is anothcr 1ys|unctiona| systcn \c’·c |or,ottcn that thc |cst way to ,o
soncwhcrc is to a|rca1y |c thcrc :ocio|o,ist l·an l||ich ca|cu|atc1 in thc |ook Toward a History of Needs that
whcn wc a11 tinc s¡cnt in a car to thc tinc s¡cnt ¡urchasin,. ¡an¡crin,. an1 naintainin, thc car. wc’rc ,oin,
|css than |i·c ni|cs an hour Con¡arc this to thc a·cra,c hunan ¡acc o| thrcc to |our ni|cs ¡cr hour. which
a|so ,i·cs thc wa|kcr |rcc cxcrcisc
Thc csscntia| cucstion o| our tinc is l| our |i|csty|cs arc 1ys|unctiona|. why 1on’t wc chan,c thcn? \hy.
|or cxan¡|c. 1on’t wc ,ct |ack in tunc with what wc arc |io|o,ica||y — a s¡ccics that coo¡cratcs an1 takcs
carc o| cach othcr? To ¡sycho|o,ist lrich lronn. thc Ancrican 1rcan is anothcr tcrn |or crazy ln To Have
or To Be hc wrotc. “That ni||ions sharc thc sanc |orns o| ncnta| ¡atho|o,y 1ocs not nakc thosc ¡co¡|c sanc”
Thc T\ 1ocuncntary Escape from Affluenza o¡cns with thc loncscs stan1in, on thcir su|ur|an |ront
¡orch. surrcn1crin, Ncws cancras ro|| as \rs loncs ¡|ca1s with hcr nci,h|ors not to try to kcc¡ u¡ with
thcn anynorc lunior wa·cs a whitc ||a, as \on says. with ,rcat rc|ic|. “\c’rc ¡ust ,oin, to try to |i·c our
The Changing Face of Suburbia
|i·cs norc sin¡|y” Superbia! is a|out surrcn1crin,. too \c ur,c su|ur|an rca1crs to turn o|| thcir T\s. conc
out o| thcir houscs. an1 |c,in to work coo¡crati·c|y with nci,h|ors rathcr than csca|atin, thc Co|1 \ar o|
con¡ctition that rcsu|ts in \utua||y Assurc1 lc|t. |on, workwccks. strcss o·cr|oa1. an1 ¡rcscri¡tion 1ru,s
Coo¡cration crcatcs socia| contracts an1 hc|¡s thc cn·ironncnt at thc sanc tinc Nci,h|ors who ,ct to
know cach othcr |c,in chan,in, thcir ¡rioritics thcy ncc1 |css ¡ri·atc cntcrtainncnt. |css tra·c|in, to |c with
|ricn1s. |css tinc sho¡¡in, |or too|s. |oo1. an1 ccui¡ncnt thc nci,h|orhoo1 can a|rca1y ¡ro·i1c Thcrc is |css
catin, out. sincc ¡ot|ucks. yar1 ¡artics. an1 connon nca|s — onc o| thc su,,cstions wc nakc |or crcatin,
:u¡cr|ia! — |cconc a nci,h|orhoo1 norn Thc ,oo1 ncws is that coo¡crati·c c||orts can sa·c tinc an1
noncy as wc|| as rc1ucc strcss
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Humankind has so much become one family that we cannot ensure our own security unless we ensure the security of all others.
lllTlANl lU::lll
Reinventing Our Neighborhoods for Health, Profit, and Community
lTHOUCH :UlUll: at their best 1o o||cr a wor|1 o| won1cr|u| |cnc|its |ikc cuictncss. ,rccn s¡accs. ¡ri·acy.
an1 |ar,c houscs. thc socia|. ccononic. an1 cn·ironncnta| in¡acts o| thc con·cntiona| su|ur| arc
si,ni|icant As out|inc1 in Cha¡tcr +. |initc su¡¡|ics o| cncr,y. watcr. |an1. raw natcria|s. an1 socia|
stanina i|or |on, connutcs an1 |on, workin, hours to ¡ay |or thc |i|csty|c) ncan wc won’t |c a||c to |inancc
su|ur|ia |or nuch |on,cr in its currcnt |orn Othcr costs inc|u1c socia| iso|ation. |itt|c ¡ro·ision |or |ow
inconc ¡co¡|c or |or ¡co¡|c who can’t 1ri·c. air ¡o||ution an1 tra||ic |ata|itics |ccausc o| our tota| 1c¡cn1cncy
on thc autono|i|c. ¡oor hca|th. |oss o| |arn|an1 an1 natura| arcas. an1 a11c1 cx¡cnsc |or |on,cr runs o| ¡i¡cs.
wircs. ca||cs. roa1s. an1 thcir naintcnancc \hi|c wc cn¡hasizc o¡¡ortunitics in this |ook. wc |cc| stron,|y
that thc costs ncc1 to |c c·a|uatc1. too. |ccausc un|css thc costs arc ¡crcci·c1. wc won’t |cc| thc ncc1 to nakc
|cnc|icia| chan,cs
Thcsc |irst two cha¡tcrs ¡ro·i1c a cost|cnc|it ana|ysis ln Cha¡tcr + wc showc1 sonc o| thc cn·ironncnta|
costs ln this cha¡tcr. wc’|| |ook at sonc o| thc socia| costs o| su|ur|an |i|c. thcn show you how you can turn
thcn aroun1 so thcy |cconc |cnc|its O|tcn su|ur|an |ia|i|itics ¡rcscnt kcy o¡¡ortunitics |or achic·in, a
hi,hcr cua|ity o| |i|c in cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1s
The Social Cost of Suburbia
lso|ation an1 |onc|incss arc what su|ur|anitcs con¡|ain a|out nost Thcsc two shortconin,s arisc |ar,c|y
|ron thc |act that no1crn su|ur|s wcrc not 1csi,nc1 to cnhancc connunity |i|c Thcy wcrc 1csi,nc1 |or
cxc|usi·ity an1 sc¡aration Thc tri||ions o| 1o||ars that wcnt into crcatin, su|ur|an Ancrica wcrc channc|c1
towar1 thc ¡ri·atc rcsi1cncc. a rctrcat |ron thc ¡crcci·c1
harshncss o| ur|an crinc. con,cstion. an1 in1ustria|isn Hcr|crt
Cans writcs in The Levittowners. “lco¡|c no·c1 to lc·ittown |or
thc ,oo1 or con|orta||c |i|c |or thcnsc|·cs an1 thcir |ani|ics. an1
thc antici¡atc1 ¡cacc|u|ncss o| out1oor |i·in,. |ut nain|y thcy
canc |or a housc an1 not a socia| cn·ironncnt”
Ccrtain|y. in tcrns o| ||oor s¡acc. con·cnicnt a¡¡|ianccs. c|inatc
contro|. an1 honc cntcrtainncnt. c·cn thc average su|ur|an honc
is un¡ara||c|c1 in hunan history lut whi|c con·cnicncc an1 ¡ri·acy
arc in¡ortant. so arc connunity an1 socia| intcraction
lor cxan¡|c. a rcccnt ncws¡a¡cr hca1|inc rca1 “l|1cr|y Tcnncsscc \onan luns O·cr :choo| li1s” An
ï6ycaro|1 wonan on nc1ication was 1ri·in, to ¡ick u¡ hcr ,ran11au,htcr a|tcr schoo|. |ost contro| o| thc
car. an1 ¡innc1 ninc chi|1rcn a,ainst a stonc wa||. ki||in, sc·cra| o| thcn This su|ur|an ,ran1nothcr an1
hcr car wcrc |orcc1 to |c a sin,|c. co1c¡cn1cnt or,anisn iTown ¡|anncr An1rcs luany con¡arcs thc car to
a ¡rosthcsis) ln thc su|ur|s. thcrc is no ¡u||ic trans¡ortation to |a|| |ack on. an1 usua||y thcrc is too |itt|c
su¡¡ort |ron nci,h|ors lcsu|t ¡co¡|c who shou|1n’t |c 1ri·in, arc 1ri·in,. an1 car acci1cnts — thc |ca1in,
causc o| 1cath in chi|1rcn — occur thrcc tincs as o|tcn in su|ur|s as in citics
Opportunities, Lost and Found
“l was anazc1 whcn ny nci,h|or wa·c1 to nc.” onc o| la·c’s su|ur|an |ricn1s con|i1c1 to hin “:hc’s |i·c1
a |cw houscs 1own |or thrcc or |our ycars now. an1 shc’s nc·cr wa·c1 |c|orc”
:hc sti|| hasn’t
As it turns out. shc wasn’t wa·in,. shc was ¡ust rcachin, |or thc ,ara,c 1oor o¡cncr on thc sun ·isor
\hat thc two nci,h|ors know a|out cach othcr is sti|| |initc1 to su¡cr|icia| thin,s |ikc thc a¡¡carancc o|
thcir |ront |awns lcs¡itc thc |act thcy |i·c on|y |our |ar,c sha1c trccs a¡art. thcy 1on’t c·cn know cach othcr’s
Thcrc arc nany thin,s thc two nci,h|ors ha·c in connon. an1 nany o| thc 1ai|y cha||cn,cs thcy |acc
in1i·i1ua||y ni,ht |c casicr an1 norc |un i| thcy 1i1 know cach othcr A|thou,h thcy 1on’t yct rca|izc it. thcy
work in thc sanc su|ur|an o||icc ¡ark ia ¸¸ninutc connutc) Thcy |oth cn¡oy ,rowin, ||owcrs an1
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
There is a fantasy abroad. Simply stated, it goes like this: “If we can
resolve our conflicts, then someday we shall be able to live together in
community.” Could it be that we have it totally backward, and that the
real dream should be, “If we can live together in community, then
someday we shall be able to resolve our conflicts”?
\ :COTT llCl. The Road Less Traveled
·c,cta||cs. an1 thcy’rc |oth intcrcstc1 in anatcur thcatcr Onc
has a youn, chi|1 who sonctincs ncc1s a |a|ysittcr. whi|c thc
othcr’s ki1s arc ,rown u¡ an1 |i·c hun1rc1s o| ni|cs away ln
othcr wor1s. onc has a ncc1 that thc othcr cou|1 ·cry c||ccti·c|y
|i|| lut thcy ha·c no i1ca a|out thcsc nutua| intcrcsts |ccausc
thcy’·c nc·cr s¡okcn
U¡ an1 1own thc strcct thcrc arc hun1rc1s o| ¡otcntia| |inks
|ctwccn ¡co¡|c — |inks that cou|1 rc1ucc tinc. hunan cncr,y.
an1 noncy s¡cnt |y in1i·i1ua|s on ti,ht schc1u|cs an1 ccua||y
ti,ht |u1,cts lut |cw o| thcsc conncctions arc |cin, na1c. ¡art|y
|ccausc thc co||ccti·c |i|csty|c — thc nci,h|orhoo1 cu|turc —
1ocsn’t cncoura,c it or cn¡owcr it “lt’s ¡ust not thc way wc 1o it.
wc ·a|uc our ¡ri·acy.” wc say. a ¡ri·acy crcatc1 |y hc1,cs an1
|cnccs. ,atcs. wa||s. sccurity |ocks. sur·ci||ancc cancras. an1
|ur,|ar a|arns \hcn wc a11 thc ï or +o ni||ion |i·in, in ,atc1
connunitics. thc +. ni||ion or so in c|a|oratc|y sccurc1 a¡artncnt
|ui|1in,s. . ni||ion in ¡rison. an1 uncounta||c ni||ions o| 1ca1|o|t an1 sccurity a|arn |anatics. a si,ni|icant
¡crccnta,c o| Ancrica is now |i·in, |chin1 |ars ls this a rcasona||c way to crcatc connunity?
\hcn ninor cha||cn,cs or na¡or cncr,cncics conc u¡. cach ¡crson’s o¡tions arc narrowcr than thcy
ni,ht |c i| thc nci,h|orhoo1 cu|turc wcrc richcr l| a too| is ncc1c1. cach houscho|1 innc1iatc|y scn1s a
1csi,natc1 sho¡¡cr to thc nc,ahar1warc storc. c·cn i| thc ncxt1oor nci,h|or a|rca1y has thc too| \hcn a
watcr ¡i¡c |rcaks or a trcc ncc1s trinnin,. a ¡anc| truck a¡¡cars na,ica||y on cach 1ri·cway. c·cn i| sonconc
on thc ||ock is a ¡|un|cr or knows how to trin trccs
:onc houscho|1 |u1,cts arc strctchc1 sc·cra| zcros |cyon1 thc con|ort zonc. whi|c in othcr houscho|1s
it’s not noncy |ut a shorta,c o| tinc that crcatcs strcss ln cithcr casc. thc su¡¡ort an1 coo¡cration o|
nci,h|ors can hc|¡ lor cxan¡|c. thrcccuartcrs o| a|| ¡o|s arc |oun1 |y nctworkin,. not |y stu1yin, thc want
a1s Nci,h|ors can hc|¡ us |in1 work An1 whcn wc ncc1 cncr,cncy hc|¡ ,cttin, thc |ackyar1 c|canc1 u¡ |or
a wc11in, or |ani|y rcunion. wou|1n’t it |c ,rcat i| wc cou|1 hirc thc tccna,crs who |i·c ncxt 1oor?
Thc |irst |arricr to crcatin, a |i·in, connunity is thc |ack o| a ·i|rant nci,h|orhoo1 cu|turc in which
c·cryonc knows cach othcr Thc sccon1 |arricr is thc ¡hysica| 1csi,n o| a ty¡ica| nci,h|orhoo1 \i1c strccts
2.1: Credit: David Horsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Reinventing Our Neighborhoods, for Health, Profit, and Community
¡rcscri|c1 |y co1cs. ¡ri·acy |cnccs. ||an1 ,ara,c 1oor |aca1cs. an1 thc |ack o| ¡u||ic
o¡cn s¡acc a|| tcn1 to iso|atc nci,h|ors rathcr than |rin, thcn to,cthcr
:u|ur|an strccts arc ty¡ica||y a nci,h|orhoo1’s |ar,cst ¡u||ic arca. |ut thcy o|tcn
1i·i1c rathcr than unitc a nci,h|orhoo1 :tu1ics ha·c shown that thc s¡cc1 an1 ·o|unc
o| strcct tra||ic o|tcn 1ctcrninc how nany ¡co¡|c wc know on thc othcr si1c o| thc
strcct :ocio|o,ist lona|1 A¡¡|cyar1 1isco·crc1 that on a strcct with |i,ht tra||ic
·chic|cs a 1ay). rcsi1cnts ha1. on a·cra,c. ¸ |ricn1s an1 6¸ accuaintanccs in thc
nci,h|orhoo1. as con¡arc1 to thc strcct with hca·y tra||ic ·chic|cs a 1ay).
whcrc rcsi1cnts ha1 oo |ricn1s iwhat kin1 o| a |ricn1 is that?) an1 ¸+ accuaintanccs
linka,cs with ¡co¡|c on thc othcr si1c o| thc strcct wcrc un1crstan1a||y rc1ucc1.
|ut A¡¡|cyar1 |oun1 out that rc|ationshi¡s on thc sanc si1c o| thc strcct a|so |ai|c1 to
naturc “Honc tcrritory.” inc|u1in, ¡crcci·c1 ¡u||ic s¡acc. was 1ranatica||y rc1ucc1
on thc strcct with hca·y tra||ic. whosc rcsi1cnts rctrcatc1 insi1c Howc·cr. as wc show
in Cha¡tcr -. thcrc arc c||ccti·c tcchnicucs wc can usc to rc1ucc tra||ic s¡cc1s an1
·o|uncs an1 rcc|ain thc strcct as ¡u||ic s¡acc
Health, Social Capital, and other Forms of Wealth
Thc Ccntcrs |or liscasc Contro| iClC) has 1onc ·a|ua||c rcscarch on how thc
¡hysica| structurc o| a nci,h|orhoo1 a||ccts rcsi1cnts’ hca|th :ays ClC 1ircctor
lichar1 lackson. \l. “Thc 1iscascs o| thc .+st ccntury wi|| |c chronic 1iscascs |ikc
1ia|ctcs. o|csity. asthna. an1 1c¡rcssion that stca| ·ita|ity an1 ¡ro1ucti·ity. an1
consunc tinc an1 noncy Thcsc 1iscascs can |c no1cratc1 |y how wc 1csi,n. |ui|1.
an1 naintain our hunan cn·ironncnt”
lackson ¡oints to thc conncction |ctwccn su|ur|an s¡raw| 1csi,n. which nakcs
|cwcr si1cwa|ks an1 |ikc ¡aths a·ai|a||c. an1 thc rcccnt sur,c in a1u|tonsct 1ia|ctcs
“O|csity incrcascs thc risk o| this ty¡c o| 1ia|ctcs as nuch as ¸¡|o|1.” hc to|1 us.
“which in turn incrcascs thc inci1cncc o| an¡utations. ||in1ncss. ki1ncy |ai|urc. an1
hcart 1iscasc” :incc +o-¸. chi|1hoo1 o|csity 1ou||c1 an1 a1u|t o|csity shot |ron ¡-
¡crccnt to 6+ ¡crccnt o| thc ¡o¡u|ation Othcr hca|th in¡acts rc|atc1 to thc 1csi,n o|
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
a. Light traffic
b. Heavy traffic
2.2: The private convenience of cars often creates social
isolation because it separates one neighbor from another.
Lines show where people said they had friends or
acquaintances. Credit: David Engwicht.
2.3: How traffic reduces home territory: When traffic is
light, the whole neighborhood is considered “home
territory,” but when traffic is heavy, neighbors tend to stay
inside. Credit: David Engwicht.
su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s inc|u1c hi,h ||oo1 ¡rcssurc. co|on
canccr. hi,h |c·c|s o| tccna,c suici1c. |icyc|c an1 ¡c1cstrian
acci1cnts. an1 |css no|i|ity |or thc c|1cr|y an1 1isa||c1
Thc ,oo1 ncws is that wci,ht |oss an1 ¡hysica| acti·ity contro|
1ia|ctcs norc c||ccti·c|y an1 chca¡|y than nc1ication Thc sanc
is truc |or othcr s¡raw|rc|atc1 1iscascs lor cxan¡|c. ¡hysica|
acti·ity is as c||ccti·c as ¡rcscri¡tion 1ru,s |or trcatin, rc|ati·c|y
ni|1 cascs o| anxicty an1 1c¡rcssion. accor1in, to lackson
A rcccnt issuc o| Shape na,azinc. rca1 |y a ni||ion an1 a ha||
hca|thconscious rca1crs. ¡oints out that ¡co¡|c who |i·c in
cithcr ur|an or su|ur|an honcs |ui|t |c|orc +o-¡ arc ¸o ¡crccnt
norc |ikc|y than thosc who |i·c in ncwcr honcs to wa|k a ni|c or
norc at |cast .o tincs a nonth Thcsc o|1cr nci,h|orhoo1s wcrc
|ui|t |or ¡co¡|c as wc|| as cars “Thcrc’s a ,rowin, |o1y o|
c·i1cncc that your cn·ironncnt can in||ucncc your |cha·ior an1
your hca|th.” says Nationa| Canccr lnstitutc rcscarchcr la·i1
lcrri,an. who con1uctc1 thc stu1y
Howc·cr. i| our nci,h|orhoo1s arcn’t intcrcstin, or c·cn
sa|c to wa|k in. an1 i| thcrc arc no storcs. ¡arks. an1 othcr 1cstinations ncar our honcs that ,i·c wa|kin, a
scnsc o| ¡ur¡osc. wc won’t |ca·c our houscs \c’|| stay insi1c. snackin, in |ront o| thc T\ or con¡utcr.
a11in, on thc +o or +. ¡oun1s |cyon1 |itncss that has |cconc thc nationa| a·cra,c \any rcso|utc Ancricans
1o c|in| in thcir cars an1 1ri·c to thc ,yn. |ut thcy ha·c to ¡ay |or thc cxcrcisc. an1 thc 1ri·in, crcatcs othcr
hca|th risks. as lackson ¡oints out “lcs¡iratory 1iscasc. cs¡ccia||y asthna. is incrcasin, ycar|y in thc U:.
an1 ¡oor cua|ity air nakcs it worsc ln +oo-. sno, ¡o||ution was rcs¡onsi||c |or norc than 6 ni||ion asthna
attacks an1 cncr,cncy roon ·isits”
Thc conncction |ctwccn asthna an1 thc ,roun1|c·c| ozonc causc1 |y cars was as c|car as thc air was
c|can in a +oo6 ClC stu1y at thc O|yn¡ics in At|anta lccausc ·chicu|ar tra||ic was kc¡t at arti|icia||y |ow
|c·c|s |y city authoritics. ozonc conccntrations 1ccrcasc1 |y ¸o ¡crccnt an1 1cs¡cratc tri¡s to cncr,cncy
roons |or asthna attacks 1ro¡¡c1 |y ¡. ¡crccnt
2.4: To accommodate the automobile in America, we’ve paved over an area equivalent to
38 million football fields. Credit: Dave Wann.
Reinventing Our Neighborhoods, for Health, Profit, and Community
lcsi1cs contri|utin, to asthna an1 othcr ¡o||utionrc|atc1 1iscascs. our car usc can ¡ro1ucc strcss as wc
|in1 oursc|·cs wastin, tinc 1ri·in, |ron honc to work to storc \ith .+¡ ni||ion ·chic|cs now on Ancrican
roa1s. cach |o,,in, thrcc tincs as nany ni|cs a ycar as in +o¸o. a short |ist o| crran1s can cat u¡ a who|c
a|tcrnoon Onc o| thc |i,,cst inccnti·cs |or thc stca1y c·o|ution o| nci,h|orhoo1s is thc rcc|anation o| tinc.
an1 thcrc’s ,oo1 ncws to rc¡ort \any nunici¡a| zonin, 1c¡artncnts arc nakin, co1cs norc ||cxi||c to
incrcasc thc ¡ossi|i|ity o| “nixc1 uscs.” such as con·cnicncc storcs an1 sho¡s in rcsi1cntia| arcas. so wc can
ncct sonc o| our ncc1s in our own nci,h|orhoo1s Ncw stratc,ics |or |an1 ¡rcscr·ation arc |cin, usc1 to
crcatc ¡u||ic s¡accs on ·acant |ots. on o·cr|y wi1c strccts. an1 c·cn on connon ,rccns asscn||c1 |ron
1onatc1 chunks o| ¡ri·atc yar1
lna,inc a rcno1c|c1 nci,h|orhoo1. ¡art|y |un1c1 |y ,o·crnncnt. ¡art|y |y thc nci,h|ors thcnsc|·cs.
with ncw |ikc trai|s. |cttcr strcct acccss |or thc 1isa||c1. honcs that cach ha·c |cttcr in1oor air cua|ity
|ccausc o| thc c||orts o| a coo¡crati·c “ccotcan.” schoo|yar1s with |uttcr||y ha|itats. an1 ,ar1cncrs’ narkcts
on thc wcckcn1 ly workin, to,cthcr to crcatc such thin,s. su|ur|an nci,h|ors can crcatc a stron, scnsc o|
connunity. which 1octors tc|| us is onc o| thc stron,cst ¡ronotcrs o| ,oo1 hca|th
ln onc .oo. cx¡crincnt. ¡sychiatric an1 |cha·iora| rcscarchcrs at lnory Uni·crsity ran \lls on ·o|untccrs
an1 1isco·crc1 that whcn ¡airs o| ¡artici¡ants |cha·c1 coo¡crati·c|y. rc,ions o| thc |rain known as reward circuits
showc1 c|c·atc1 rca1in,s lt was norc |cnc|icia|. in1i·i1ua||y an1 socia||y. to trust an1 coo¡cratc with onc’s
¡artncr than to |ctray hcr Othcr rcscarch rc·ca|s that in a c|osc|y knit connunity. |c·c|s o| scrotonin ia natura|
anti1c¡rcssant) arc hi,hcr. so thc nci,h|orhoo1 is co||ccti·c|y norc o¡tinistic an1 cncr,ctic \c’·c |ccn so
|usy con¡ctin, in thc work¡|acc. cocoonin, at honc. an1 connutin, |ctwccn thc two that wc’·c |or,ottcn a
|asic |io|o,ica| truth hunans ha·c sur·i·c1 as a s¡ccics |ccausc wc’rc cooperative |y naturc
ln a |ook tit|c1 The Power of Clan. lr :tcwart \o|| an1 lohn lruhn cxaninc a nu|ti1cca1c stu1y o|
loscto. a sna|| town ncar lhi|a1c|¡hia. whcrc |on,c·ity was |c,cn1ary Thcy attri|utc thc town’s rcnarka||c
hca|th to thrcc,cncration |on1in, in |ani|ics. nci,h|or|incss. 1c·otc1 church,oin,. an1 ncn|crshi¡ in
socia| or,anizations lack in +o6+. anthro¡o|o,ist \ar,arct \ca1 cstinatc1 in Cooperation and Competition
Among Primitive Peoples that |or oo ¡crccnt o| thc tinc hunans ha·c |ccn on thc ¡|anct. wc’·c |i·c1 in c|ans
o| +. to ¸6 ¡co¡|c On|y un1cr strcss 1o wc rc·crt to thc nuc|car |ani|y. thc ha||nark o| ur|an an1 su|ur|an
nci,h|orhoo1s in no1crn tincs
ln a hca|thy connunity. youn, an1 o|1 know an1 rc|atc to cach othcr l1ucator lichar1 lor1csh o|scr·cs
that thc |on1 |ctwccn a,cs |ui|1s an attachncnt to history in thc youn, an1 rcncws in thc o|1 thcir
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
attachncnt to thc |uturc
Think a|out it — whcn wc crcatc “socia| ca¡ita|” in thc |orn o| |on1s. nctworks.
an1 su¡¡ort systcns. thc norc wc “s¡cn1.” thc norc wc ha·c \hy wou|1n’t any nci,h|orhoo1 want to
crcatc wca|th such as this?
Suburban Feudalism: Strangers in our Own Neighborhoods
:a1|y. thc rcsi1cnts in a ty¡ica| su|ur| 1on’t nakc tinc |or |ui|1in, socia| ca¡ita| Thcy s¡cn1 |ar norc tinc
in thc car an1 at thc na|| isix hours or norc a wcck) than thcy 1o connunicatin, with |ani|y ncn|crs
lricn1shi¡s anon, nci,h|ors |a|| o|| thc schc1u|c a|to,cthcr l·cryonc in thc ty¡ica| nci,h|orhoo1 has at
tincs |c|t 1c¡ri·c1 |y thc |ack o| |oca| ¡u||ic s¡acc whcn thcrc’s not c·cn a ·acant |otsizc1 ¡ark in which to
sit an1 rca1 a |ook. throw a lris|cc. or wa|k thc 1o,
A 1c|icicncy o| o¡cn s¡acc nay ha·c |ccn a contri|utin, |actor in thc on,oin, skirnish |ctwccn thc lccscs
an1 thc :i|·as lar |ron |cin, |ricn1|y an1 su¡¡orti·c. thcsc nci,h|ors rcsortc1 to ¡sycho|o,ica| war|arc an1
,ucri||a tactics on thc honc |ront. con¡|ctc with sur·ci||ancc
cancras to 1ocuncnt thc noisc. |atc hours. a||c,c1 in·asions o|
¡ri·acy. an1 othcr o||cnscs that |an thc ||ancs o| nci,h|orhoo1
Thc |cu1 |c,an whcn thc lccscs’ Airc1a|c |c|t onc too nany
arti|acts on thc :i|·as’ ncticu|ous |ront |awn Thc 1c¡osit |ccanc
a trowc||aunchc1 ,rcna1c that |an1c1 unccrcnonious|y on thc
win1shic|1 o| thc lccscs’ |ran1ncw :U\ ln rcta|iation. lin
lccsc |c||c1 his own a¡¡|c trcc rathcr than |ct thc :i|·as har·cst
|ruit |ron its o·crhan,in, |ranchcs iThat’|| tcach ’cn) Thc
:i|·as crankc1 thcir stcrco a|| thc way u¡ to 1rown out thc ,row|
o| thc chain saw. an1 thc houscs on thc corncr |ccanc known as
a “war zonc”
A ycar into thc can¡ai,n. c·i1cncc,athcrin, cancras ro||c1
whcnc·cr ,ar|a,c cans scra¡c1 on 1ri·cways or a tccna,cr
¡un¡c1 a |cncc to rctric·c a stray |askct|a|| shot
2.5: Suburban Feudalism Credit: David Horsey, Seattle Post-Intelligencer.
Reinventing Our Neighborhoods, for Health, Profit, and Community
lca1crs takc notc This is a truc story. thou,h thc nancs ha·c |ccn chan,c1 to ¡rotcct thc innoccnt ln
a nci,h|orhoo1 ncar lcn·cr. two houscho|1s a1nittc1 to ncws rc¡ortcrs that thcy’·c co||ccti·c|y in·cstc1
c|osc to $ in nutua||y unsucccss|u| can¡ai,ns to oust thcir c·i| cncny nci,h|ors loth |ani|ics arc
sti|| thcrc. |orti|yin, thcir yar1s an1 houscs
lurthcr c·i1cncc o| su|ur|an unrcst concs |ron Hi,h|an1s lanch. a Co|ora1o nc,asu|1i·ision that
,rcw |ron zcro to ¡co¡|c in a |cw short 1cca1cs — an1 continucs to ,row |y a thousan1 honcs c·cry
ycar Thc |ar,cst o| thc country’s .¡ or so connunity associations. Hi,h|an1s lanch has a |u||tinc
sta|| o| “co·cnant co¡s” who ¡atro| thc strccts |ookin, |or i||c,a| 1an1c|ions an1 housc trin co|ors that arcn’t
|istc1 in thc association co1c |ook
Onc rcsi1cnt. \icki :tc·cns. ha1 thc au1acity to 1is¡|ay no1crn art scu|¡turcs in hcr |ackyar1. which
thc nci,h|orhoo1 ki1s |o·c1. |ut thc rcntaco¡s an1 thc connunity association’s architcctura| tcchnician
1i1 not “lurin, a rcccnt nci,h|orhoo1 sur·cy.” an o||icia| |cttcr warnc1. “it was notc1 that you ha·c
insta||c1 ornancntis) that arc not in con¡|iancc with thc ,ui1c|incs” :tc·cns isn’t thc on|y Hi,h|an1s
rcsi1cnt in thc hot scat |or 1an,crous in|ractions such as this l·cry 1ay thc co·cnant co¡s rccci·c a|out tcn
con¡|aints |ron ·i,i|ant 1c|cn1crs o| ¡ro¡ricty :o it ,ocs on nany strccts in thc |an1 o| su|ur|ia lca|ity
sc|1on natchcs cx¡cctation \c cx¡cct ·i||a,c |i|c at Chcstcr \i||a,c. an1 |uttcr||ics in luttcr||y Cu|ch. |ut
wc rarc|y ,ct thcn
lct’s ina,inc |or a noncnt that nci,h|ors |c,in to think outsi1c thc |oxcs o| thcir su|ur|an honcs Thc
lccscs. :i|·as. an1 .. othcr houscho|1s |ctwccn thc 1raina,c cu|·crt an1 \cstcrn A·cnuc 1cci1c to ha·c a
||ock ¡arty. thou,h sonc nci,h|ors ¡artici¡atc on|y ,ru1,in,|y at |irst At thc ¡arty. onc rcsi1cnt ncntions a
|ook hc’s rca1in, ithis onc. o| coursc) an1 ¡ro¡oscs a nci,h|orhoo1 ncws|cttcr an1 cnai| |istscr· as a way
to cxchan,c tc|c¡honc nun|crs an1 ¡rcscnt |ric| |io,ra¡hics o| c·cryonc in thc nci,h|orhoo1 lt’s a sin¡|c
|ut ·cry c||ccti·c stc¡ |cyon1 iso|ation an1 towar1 connunity Othcr stc¡s cuick|y |o||ow
ln thc |ictitious nci,h|orhoo1 you’|| cncountcr in Cha¡tcrs ¸ to - o| this |ook. nci,h|ors 1cci1c to
cn¡owcr thcnsc|·cs A |ack|ustcr. 1i·i1c1 nci,h|orhoo1 is trans|ornc1 into a |i·c|y an1 ¡ro1ucti·c “|uttcr||y
nci,h|orhoo1” — a ¡|acc nany o| us wou|1 ,i·c our cyctccth to |i·c in
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
How Community Adds Value
\hat i| crcatin, connunity cou|1 sa·c your houscho|1 $¸.ooo or norc annua||y in
uti|ity. hca|th. an1 |oo1 |i||s. trans¡ortation costs. chi|1carc. cntcrtainncnt costs. an1
|awn carc cx¡cnscs? \hat i| you a|so ,ainc1 .oo hours — |i·c workwccks — c·cry
ycar |y chan,in, your ¡rioritics? :a·in,s |ikc thcsc arc con¡|ctc|y rca|istic i| nci,h|ors
|orn an a||iancc an1 sct stratc,ic ,oa|s to rcin·cnt thc way thc nci,h|orhoo1 |unctions
Oncc a nci,h|orhoo1 |c,ins to crcatc “socia| ca¡ita|” itrust an1 su¡¡ort) an1. in turn.
1csi,ns ways to |cconc norc sustaina||c. chanccs arc that ¡ro¡crty ·a|ucs on thc ||ock
wi|| incrcasc ¡ro¡ortiona||y. yct thc nun|cr o| honc sa|cs wi|| 1ccrcasc |ccausc ¡co¡|c
wi|| want to stay ¡ut This has a|rca1y ha¡¡cnc1 in nany o| thc nci,h|orhoo1s
1cscri|c1 in this |ook. such as \i||a,c Honcs an1 Harnony \i||a,c
\c’rc not ¡ro¡osin, you nakc ¡crsona| sacri|iccs to crcatc a |i·c|icr nci,h|orhoo1.
a|| you ncc1 is a chan,c in ¡rioritics an1 an intcrcst in workin, coo¡crati·c|y \c know
you’rc |usy ln our currcnt cu|turc. wc a|| arc. ¡art|y |ccausc “kcc¡in, u¡ with thc
loncscs” takcs tinc \c nay |c a||c to hc|¡ you s|ow 1own. turn o|| thc T\. an1 crcatc
your own |i|c Tan,i||c rcwar1s — such as sa·in,s o| tinc. noncy. an1 hunan c||ort.
a|on, with in¡ro·cncnts in hca|th — can rcsu|t |ron |asic cu|tura| chan,cs acccssi||c
to anyonc ly workin, with our nci,h|ors wc can ha·c a |css con¡ctiti·c. |css
¡u1,ncnta| nci,h|orhoo1 an1 a norc |u||i||in, “Nct Nci,h|orhoo1 lro1uct.” or
cua|ity o| |i|c
lor cxan¡|c. how nuch 1o wc work to ¡ay |or a ||aw|css |an1sca¡c? Thc carc an1
|cc1in, o| a |awn co·crin, a thir1 o| an acrc ty¡ica||y costs $¸oo or norc a ycar.
inc|u1in, |awn ccui¡ncnt. +o ¡oun1s o| ¡cstici1cs. .o ¡oun1s o| |crti|izcr.
,a||ons o| watcr. an1 ¡o hours o| nowin, |a|or Accor1in, to thc Au1u|on :ocicty. thc
¡o||ution ,cncratc1 |y a ,as¡owcrc1 |awn nowcr |or that nowin, is ccui·a|cnt to
1ri·in, a car +¡.ooo ni|cs — norc than ha||way aroun1 thc wor|1
A watcr nctcr rca1cr to|1 us a|out thrcc honcs that consistcnt|y consunc twicc as
nuch watcr as othcrs on thc strcct. a¡¡arcnt|y to out1o thcir nci,h|ors in |awn
a¡¡carancc How nany such con¡ctitions arc ,oin, on across thc contincnt? lnstca1 o|
2.6: Family life is important at Pioneer Valley Cohousing in
Massachusetts. Credit: Mike April.
2.7: Researchers have demonstrated that a feeling of
community reduces suburban depression.
Credit: Mike April.
Reinventing Our Neighborhoods, for Health, Profit, and Community
watcrin, an1 |crti|izin, to thc richcst sha1c o| ,rccn. no nattcr how nuch it costs. why 1on’t wc ¡ust 1c·c|o¡ an
in|orna|. nutua||y |cnc|icia| a,rccncnt with our nci,h|ors? \hy not chan,c thc ru|cs. with a nci,h|orhoo1
“nission statcncnt” to nakc |ront |awns norc ¡ro1ucti·c an1 |css consun¡ti·c? \hy not ¡|ant |ow
naintcnancc straw|crrics as ,roun1 co·cr an1 a |cw 1war| |ruit trccs in scctions o| our |ront |awns. thcn sct u¡
a nci,h|orhoo1 consu|tin, cntcr¡risc — ca|| it lawn|ustcrs — to show othcr nci,h|orhoo1s how to 1o it?
Thcrc arc su¡¡ort or,anizations |or a|coho|ics. ,an||crs. an1 1ru, a|uscrs — why not crcatc a
nci,h|orhoo1 su¡¡ort ,rou¡ to |att|c su|ur|an a|||ucnza? l| ncn|crs o| cach houscho|1 c·a|uatc1 thc sizc
an1 sha¡c o| thcir Houscho|1 loncstic lro1uct iHll). thcy wou|1 |in1 nany ways to c|ininatc consuncr
1c|t in thcir own honcs an1 thcn cou|1 hc|¡ nci,h|ors 1o thc sanc \any costsa·in, syncr,ics occur in a
hca|thy nci,h|orhoo1. not thc |cast o| which is that whcn a ¡crson’s sc||cstccn riscs. |css noncy is s¡cnt to
|i|| thc cn¡tincss lcin, acti·c in a “wc” cu|turc rathcr than ¡assi·c in a “nc”¹T\ cu|turc can c|c·atc sc||
cstccn an1 ca|n thc cost|y storns o| consuncr s¡|ur,cs an1 |in,cs ln a nutshc||. our nci,h|ors can hc|¡ us
rc1c|inc thc tcrn “wca|th”
lt ni,ht |c usc|u| to |ook at how nuch noncy is s¡cnt on s¡cci|ic ¡urchascs in an a·cra,c houscho|1. an1
thcn cxaninc o¡¡ortunitics to ,ct norc ·a|uc |ron |css noncy ln a rcccnt rc¡ort thc U: lurcau o| la|or
:tatistics trackc1 thc consuncr s¡cn1in, ¡attcrns o| an a·cra,c \i|waukcc |ani|y with a $¸ inconc
This |ani|y s¡cn1s a|out ¸¸ ¡crccnt o| its inconc i$+..o¸o) on housin,. which inc|u1cs thc housc. uti|itics.
|urniturc. an1 su¡¡|ics. .o ¡crccnt i$-.¡oo) on trans¡ortation. an1 +. ¡crccnt i$¡.¡oo) on |oo1 lach o|
thcsc catc,orics rc¡rcscnts hu,c o¡¡ortunitics |or rc1ucin, wastc. strcss. an1 “1is¡osa||c” inconc with thc
¡hysica| an1 socia| su¡¡ort o| thc nci,h|orhoo1 l| |ani|y ncn|crs rcc·a|uatc an1 rc1istri|utc thcir
cx¡cn1iturcs. nakin, s¡cn1in, 1ccisions |asc1 on an itcn’s a|i|ity to ncct thcir ncc1s ¡rccisc|y. thcy wi||
1isco·cr thcy nay|c 1on’t ncc1 such a |ar,c inconc. an1 |cisurc tinc wi|| |cconc norc a|un1ant an1
cn¡oya||c l| ¡urchascs ian1 1ccisions not to ¡urchasc) |rin, norc 1ura|i|ity. ,rcatcr intc||cctua| ,rowth. an1
norc |au,htcr into thcir housc. a |ani|y’s cua|ity o| |i|c cx¡an1s
lor cxan¡|c. rathcr than s¡cn1in, ncar|y $+¸.ooo a ycar on housin,. thc |ani|y cou|1 win |ack tinc.
noncy. an1 hunan cncr,y |y |i·in, in a housc with c||icicnt a¡¡|ianccs an1 ,oo1 natura| |i,htin,. |uyin, wc||
|ui|t |urniturc that 1ocsn’t ncc1 constant rc¡|acin,. an1 ha·in, a 1i||crcnt attitu1c a|out what a housc is |or
l| thcy consi1cr it nost|y a 1is¡|ay unit. thcy’|| s¡cn1 hours a wcck 1ccoratin, an1 rc1ccoratin, it. c|canin, it.
or ¡ayin, sonconc c|sc to c|can it l| thcy sin¡|y consi1cr it a honc. thcy’|| |c norc intcrcstc1 in con|ort
than in in¡rcssin, thc nci,h|ors
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Reinventing Our Neighborhoods, for Health, Profit, and Community
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
ly workin, with thcir nci,h|ors to rcscarch an1 in¡|cncnt in¡ro·cncnts that wi|| nakc houscs norc
c||icicnt. houscho|1s can sa·c noncy an1 cnhancc thc con|ort o| thcir honcs Onc cxan¡|c o| nci,h|orhoo1
coo¡cration to nakc in1i·i1ua| honcs norc c||icicnt is thc “lcoTcan” C|o|a| Action l|an. an intcrnationa|
,rou¡ that or,anizcs lcoTcans. rc¡orts that a·cra,c sa·in,s |ron such in¡ro·cncnts arc in thc ran,c o| $.6¸
to $¸ïo ¡cr ycar. inc|u1in, a ¡¸ ¡crccnt rc1uction in ,ar|a,c costs. ¸o ¡crccnt rc1uction in watcr costs. an1
+¸ ¡crccnt rc1uction in ,aso|inc an1 othcr cncr,y costs
l| thc housc is |ocatc1 ncar work. schoo|. |ricn1s. ,roccrics. |anks. an1 othcr ancnitics. thc \i|waukcc
|ani|y can rc1ucc trans¡ortation costs |y at |cast +o ¡crccnt. or a|out $-¸o ¡cr ycar Ccttin, ri1 o| a sccon1
car wou|1 yic|1 c·cn ,rcatcr |cnc|its
Thc |ani|y s¡cn1s +. ¡crccnt o| its inconc on |oo1. which is 1own |ron thc ¸o ¡crccnt thcir ,ran1¡arcnts
s¡cnt in thc +o¸os Howc·cr. sincc ¡¸ ¡crccnt o| that is |or |oo1 catcn away |ron honc. thc |ani|y cou|1 sa·c
$¸oo a ycar |y catin, out |css |rccucnt|y \orc in¡ortant. i| thc |oo1 thcy cat 1c|i·crs cncr,y rathcr than
|cthar,y. thcy’|| cxcrcisc norc an1 ¡artici¡atc in s¡orts rathcr than |uyin, scason tickcts an1 ca||c s¡orts
channc|s \c s¡cn1 |i||ions c·cry ycar |or cxcrcisc ta¡cs. 1ru,s. tunny tucks. an1 “thick. 1c|icious 1ict
shakcs.” ¡art|y |ccausc wc 1on’t cxcrcisc cnou,h an1 ¡art|y |ccausc a strict rc,incn o| ¡acka,c1 |oo1 1c|i·crs
a|out ¸o tcas¡oons o| su,ar 1ai|y l| wc cat norc |ron thc ,ar1cn an1 |ron |oca| ,rowcrs. hca|th carc costs
wi|| |c |owcr an1 wci,ht|oss ccui¡ncnt an1 ¡ro,rans won’t |c ncccssary \ith |cttcr |oo1 in our |i·cs. wc’||
,o to thc 1octor |css an1 rccuirc |css insurancc \c’|| s¡cn1 norc socia| tinc catin, cua|ity |oo1. rc1ucin,
our cntcrtainncnt costs An1 a|nost ccrtain|y. wc’|| |cc| a ,rcatcr scnsc o| contcntncnt an1 wc||ncss
ly s|owin, 1own thc s¡cc1 o| |i|c an1 ,cttin, to know who thcir nci,h|ors arc rathcr than ¡ust what thcy
sccn to ha·c. thc \i|waukcc |ani|y can |cconc norc than ¡ust an “a·cra,c” |ani|y Thcy can |c an
cxcc¡tiona| |ani|y lnstca1 o| disposing o| thcir inconc. thcy cou|1 sa·c it. sharc it. cat it. an1 |i·c it Ta||c .+
shows how nuch tinc an1 noncy thcy can sa·c throu,h coo¡cration an1 c||icicncy
As a |ina| cxan¡|c o| costsa·in, syncr,ics in thc nci,h|orhoo1. ina,inc a crcati·c ,rou¡ o| nci,h|ors
¡oo|in, thcir cx¡crtisc an1 as¡irations an1 startin, a con¡utcr|asc1 |usincss in a wc||1csi,nc1. rcno1c|c1.
tri¡|c|ay ,ara,c lach cxconnutcr wou|1 now sa·c cx¡cnscs |or 1ri·in,. workrc|atc1 c|othcs. chi|1carc. an1
|oo1. sincc thcy’|| cat at honc norc
A|tcr runnin, this cha¡tcr’s cost|cnc|it ana|ysis. rca1crs nay a,rcc that thc a¡¡ro¡riatc cucstion isn’t
“\hcrc wi|| wc |in1 thc tinc an1 noncy to crcatc syncr,istic. sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1s?” Thc norc
¡rcssin, cucstion is “How can wc a||or1 not to?”
You have to love the area you’re trying to improve.
lANl lACOl:
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
T’: Tl\l TO llllllNl THl A\lllCAN lllA\.” insists nci,h|orhoo1 1csi,ncr lctcr Ca|thor¡c “Ccrtain
tra1itiona| ·a|ucs — 1i·crsity. connunity. |ru,a|ity. an1 hunan sca|c — shou|1 |c thc |oun1ation o| a ncw
\any su|ur|an rcsi1cnts a,rcc. an1 thcy’rc cncr,in, onc |y onc |ron thcir cocoons to crcatc a |ri,ht
ncw |i|csty|c that can nakc su|ur|s norc ·i|rant an1 sustaina||c lc| lrcnch. a |on,tinc su|ur|an rcsi1cnt.
|c|ic·cs coor1ination anon, nci,h|ors wi|| hc|¡ hcr nci,h|orhoo1. an1 any othcr. |cconc norc |i·c|y “l| wc
|in1 a way to ta¡ into thc cx¡crtisc. ta|cnts. an1 ski||s o| a|| thc ¡co¡|c in ny nci,h|orhoo1. wc can crcatc a
|itt|c uto¡ia.” shc says “l’n a ¡u||ic hca|th s¡ccia|ist an1 cou|1 hc|¡ with sa|cty issucs an1 cn·ironncnta|
conccrns U¡ an1 1own thc ||ock thcrc arc cn,inccrs. architccts. accountants. |ankcrs. attorncys. |ui|1crs…
\c ncc1 to conc to,cthcr an1 ¡oo| our cncr,ics” lc| |in1s that nci,h|orhoo1 rcin·cntion ha¡¡cns |cst
whcn a ,rou¡ works on a s¡cci|ic ¡ro¡cct to,cthcr — such as thc Nci,h|orhoo1 \atch ¡ro¡cct shc an1 hcr
nci,h|ors |aunchc1 ci,ht ycars a,o — thcn uscs thcir noncntun to work on anothcr ¡ro¡cct
:ays l1 lcn1|cy. a rcsi1cnt o| Ar|in,ton. \ir,inia. “\c ncc1 to rcncn|cr that thc ¡rinary rcason
connunitics cxist is |or intcr1c¡cn1cncc l| wc |ook at what works. con¡act 1c·c|o¡ncnt that |inks
trans¡ortation o¡tions — such as cars. |ikcs. wa|kin,. trains. |uscs — is hi,h on thc |ist \c ncc1 to crcatc
thcsc |inks in thc su|ur|s”
lor \ichc|c lonc|. who |i·cs in a Chica,o su|ur|. onc wor1 says it a|| “Tinc” \orc than anythin, c|sc.
shc 1ocsn’t want to |cc| in a hurry Thc i1ca| nci,h|orhoo1 |or hcr wou|1 |c a ¡|acc that a||owc1 hcr to |cc|
|css |rantic
Better-Tasting Suburbs
An in|ant nay think ¡urcc1 scuash is thc ,rcatcst tastc in thc
uni·crsc … unti| shc ,cts a ni|||c o| choco|atc. an1 nay|c it’s
thc sanc with su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s \any ¡co¡|c 1on’t
know thcrc’s anythin, c|sc out thcrc An1 thc |cn1crs who
|inancc ncw 1c·c|o¡ncnts arcn’t |ookin, ·cry har1 cithcr Thcy
a¡¡ro·c thc kin1 o| ¡ro¡ccts that ha·c workc1 |c|orc an1 that
1on’t ¡rcscnt |inancia| risks lnno·ati·c 1csi,ncrs an1 |ui|1crs
ha·c to work o·crtinc to |in1 |inancia| su¡¡ort |or nci,h|or
lo||s rc¡catc1|y show that wc want a |cttcr ·crsion o|
su|ur|ia \hcn thc +oo- lannic \ac Nationa| Housin, :ur·cy
askc1 ¡co¡|c whcrc thcy wantc1 to |i·c. ¡¡ ¡crccnt o| thc
rcs¡on1cnts chosc nc1iun i.o ¡crccnt) to sna|| i.¡ ¡crccnt)
towns. an1 .¡ ¡crccnt chosc thc su|ur|s O| coursc. nany sna||
towns arc in su|ur|an tcrritory. |ut thc kcy wor1 is “towns” l|
thcsc |i,urcs arc ·a|i1. rcin·cntion o| su|ur|an su|1i·isions
sccns to |c a|out crcatin, housin, with a|| o| thc ancnitics o|
·i||a,cs an1 sna|| towns
Thc +oo¸ Ncw Ur|anisn :ur·cy. ¡ro1ucc1 |y narkct
rcscarch |irn Ancrican li·cs iwwwancrican|i·cscon). o||crc1
|urthcr c·i1cncc o| a trcn1 away |ron cxc|usi·ity an1 ¡ri·acy an1 towar1 connunity On|y +ï ¡crccnt o|
rcs¡on1cnts in1icatc1 thcy wantc1 to |i·c in a “¡ri·atc country c|u|.” whi|c 6¡ ¡crccnt ¡rc|crrc1 a “sna||
c|ustcr o| con·cnicncc storcs ncar|y” A 1ranatic cntrancc a¡¡ca|c1 to on|y ï ¡crccnt o| rcs¡on1cnts. whi|c
6¡ ¡crccnt ¡rc|crrc1 a “sna|| nci,h|orhoo1 |i|rary” On|y +. ¡crccnt rccucstc1 wa||s aroun1 thc su|1i·ision.
con¡arc1 to ¡6 ¡crccnt who wantc1 |itt|c ¡arks ncar|y ln cucstion a|tcr cucstion. rcs¡on1cnts cx¡rcssc1 a
,rcatcr 1csirc |or thc con·cnicnccs o| nci,h|orhoo1 |i|c than |or thc ancnitics o| ni11|cc|ass su|ur|ia
lo·crs o| su|ur|ia wi|| ask. “l| su|ur|s arc so |a1. why 1o so nany choosc to |i·c thcrc?” Thc a¡¡arcnt
answcr is “To ,ct thc nost housc |or thc noncy.” |ut o|·ious|y thcrc’s norc to it than that \c ·a|uc su|ur|s
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
3.1: A sustainable suburb is full of human activity, with cars assuming a place of
secondary importance. Credit: Lyle Grant.
|or ,oo1 schoo|s. |or |css con,cstion. crinc. an1 noisc. |or
¡crcci·c1 acccss to work i1cs¡itc thc rca|ity o| |on,cr
connutcs). |or a scnsc o| |cin, c|oscr to naturc. an1 |or a chancc
to |it thc no|1 o| u¡war1 no|i|ity \c |ook to thc su|ur|s to
|in1 ccrtain ·a|ucs. i1cnti|ic1 in thc lio1i·crsity lro¡cct’s Choices
Between Asphalt and Nature iwww|io1i·crsity¡ro¡cctor,) as
rcs¡onsi|i|ity to |ani|y. |rcc1on o| choicc. cx¡rcssion o|
in1i·i1ua|ity. a scnsc o| connunity. an1 a¡¡rcciation o| naturc
Thc cucstion is. s¡cakin, ,cncrica||y. how wc|| 1o su|ur|s
|u||i|| thcsc rccuircncnts? lor cxan¡|c. 1o thcy su¡¡|y |rcc1on
o| choicc in housin,? ln a Scientific American artic|c. lona|1
Chcn shows why hc 1ocsn’t think so \an1atc1 |y |aw to |c
|ow1cnsity. thc su|ur|s o||cr “a |initc1 ran,c o| choiccs in thc
sty|c an1 |ocation o| ncw housin, — ty¡ica||y. sin,|c|ani|y
honcs in autono|i|coricntc1 nci,h|orhoo1s |ui|t on what was
oncc |orcst or |arn|an1”
Ccrtain|y Ncw Ur|anist 1csi,ncrs arc ¡uttin, choicc into thc
narkct with hi,hcua|ity. connunityoricntc1. ncw 1c·c|o¡
ncnts |ikc \ash¡cc Connons. Thc Crossin,s. an1 lcnt|an1s.
which o||cr thc ancnitics o| sna|| towns Thc cohousin, no1c|.
in¡ortc1 |ron lcnnark. is anothcr choicc conin, into thc
narkct \c wi|| 1iscuss it in 1ctai| in Cha¡tcr ¡. |ut |ric||y.
cohousin, ¡ro·i1cs nany o| thc con·cnicnccs an1 con|orts o|
sna|| town |i·in, an1 is an Ancrican ninino·cncnt \orc
3.2: (above) Would you rather have this behind your house ...
Credit: Community Greens.
3.3: (below) ... or this, a common area with a pathway that leads to
shops and parks? Credit: Community Greens.
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
than -o nci,h|orhoo1s ha·c a|rca1y |ccn co1csi,nc1 an1 |ui|t
— |y |uturc rcsi1cnts — throu,hout North Ancrica. an1 a
hun1rc1 norc arc in thc ¡i¡c|inc \ho knows. nay|c rca1crs o|
this |ook an1 othcrs wi|| crcatc 1ozcns ior hun1rc1s!) o| New
Suburbanist nci,h|orhoo1s to ,i·c honc|uycrs a wi1cr ncnu o|
l·cn 1c·c|o¡crs. an o|tcnna|i,nc1 s¡ccics. arc |uzzin,
a|out thc narkcta|i|ity o| connunity ln a +ooï s¡ccch to thc
Nationa| Association o| Honc lui|1crs. 1c·c|o¡cr \incc
Crahan sai1. “l| what you arc sc||in, is ¡ri·acy an1 cxc|usi·ity.
thcn c·cry ncw housc is a 1c,ra1ation o| thc ancnity Howc·cr.
i| what you arc sc||in, is connunity. thcn c·cry ncw housc is an
cnhanccncnt o| thc assct”
Redefining the American Dream
ln thc tinc|css wor1s o| thc :ioux s¡iritua| |ca1cr :ittin, lu||.
“lct us now ¡ut our hca1s to,cthcr an1 scc what |i|c wc wi||
nakc |or our chi|1rcn” lct us scc. in othcr wor1s. i| wc can
nakc thc su|ur|s su¡cr| \hcn a hi,hcr ¡ro¡ortion o| ki1s chooscs to rcnain in. or rcturn to.
nci,h|orhoo1s thcy ,rcw u¡ in. wc’|| know wc’rc 1oin, soncthin, ri,ht An1 that’s thc kcy issuc in this
cha¡tcr How cxact|y 1o wc know what’s right? l| a nci,h|orhoo1 is worth stayin, in an1 in¡ro·in,. it ncc1s
to |c sa|c. hca|thy. ccononica||y sta||c. 1i·crsc. acccssi||c to naturc an1 cu|turc. |ricn1|y. an1 su¡¡orti·c
l| it’s |ui|t ior rc|ui|t) to |ast. it ncc1s to |c “sustaina||c” lccausc that wor1 tcn1s to in1ucc s|un|cr
c·cn anon, thc cncr,ctic. |ct’s work with thc i1ca a |itt|c lsscntia||y. it ncans that wc can’t takc norc than
naturc can rc¡|cnish on a continuin, |asis To usc a |io|o,ica| cxan¡|c. |ishin, tcchno|o,ics now cxist that
arc ca¡a||c o| |ocatin, schoo|s o| |ish with sonar an1 thcn castin, hu,c 1ra,|incs to har·cst thcn Thcsc
tcchno|o,ics can con¡|ctc|y 1c¡|ctc who|c scctions o| thc occan in a sin,|c scason lnstca1 o| |ca·in, cnou,h
|ish to kcc¡ thc ¡o¡u|ation sta||c. thc |ishin, in1ustry continucs to har·cst unti| thcrc arc no |ish |c|t Thc
sanc concc¡t a¡¡|ics whcn wc 1raw 1own a |ank account or an acui|cr. whcn wc 1c¡|ctc thc soi| in a |arn
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
3.4: A New Urbanist neighborhood in Longmont, Colorado, includes a restaurant,
antique shop, mortgage broker, barber, yoga studio and other small businesses,
by design. Credit: Mark Sofield.
3.5: A sustainable neighborhood meets many of its own needs. More than that, it’s a place that makes people glad to be alive!
Credit: Shared Living Resource Center, Berkeley, California.
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
|ic|1 or a||ow a nci,h|orhoo1 — an1 its hintcr|an1 su¡¡|ics o| rcsourccs — to |c “1rawn 1own” Thc authors
o| Sustainable Communities. :in \an 1cr lyn an1 lctcr Ca|thor¡c. o||cr an cxtrcnc|y sin¡|c an1 concisc
1c|inition |or our ¡ur¡oscs “A sustaina||c connunity cxacts |css o| its inha|itants in tinc. wca|th an1
naintcnancc. an1 1cnan1s |css o| its cn·ironncnt in |an1. watcr. soi|. an1 |uc|”
Thcsc two 1csi,ncrs arc stron, a1·ocatcs |or ¡u||ic ·a|ucs such as cncr,y c||icicncy. rcstoration o| naturc.
an1 si,ni|icant rc1uctions in ni|cs tra·c|c1 |y ¡ri·atc ·chic|cs Thcy acknow|c1,c that citizcns nust ¡rotcct
rcsourccs that arc connon to a|| |ccausc. rca||y. who c|sc wi||? lookin, into thc ncar |uturc. thcy ¡rc1ict wc
wi|| scc “norc con¡act housin, ¡attcrns intcrs¡crsc1 with ¡ro1ucti·c arcas to co||cct cncr,y. ,row cro¡s |or
|oo1. |i|cr an1 cncr,y. an1 rccyc|c wastcs” Thcy |orccast that thc su|ur|an |i|csty|c o| thc |uturc “wi|| rc|y
norc on in|ornation an1 a carc|u| intc,ration with |io|o,ica| ¡roccsscs This wi|| ncan |ar ,rcatcr 1csi,n
1i·crsity than wc ha·c to1ay. with cach rc,ion 1c·c|o¡in, unicuc |orns |asc1 on rc,iona| charactcristics that
ha·c |on, |ccn o·crri11cn |y chca¡ cncr,y”
ln a ¡a¡cr |or thc :ustaina||c luturcs :ocicty. systcns cn,inccr lon :chu|z cxanincs what it wi|| takc to
nakc our su|ur|s tru|y sustaina||c. cn¡hasizin, that thc su|ur| ncc1s to |c ¡crcci·c1 as a who|c systcn that
can ¡ro·i1c a hi,hcr cua|ity o| |i|c an1 can actua||y cnhancc. rathcr than 1c,ra1c. thc cn·ironncnt
at ||ows an1 |atcs o| rcsourccs |ikc noncy. |oo1. watcr. cncr,y. wastcwatcr. so|i1 wastcs. connunication. an1
¡co¡|c. :chu|z conc|u1cs that su|ur|s arc ¡|accs o| trcncn1ous unrca|izc1 |cnc|it an1 o¡¡ortunity that can
|cst |c ta¡¡c1 |y ,ra1ua||y in¡|cncntin, thc |o||owin, i1cas
+ lc·c|o¡ a way o| |carnin, an1 actin, to,cthcr to 1c|i|cratc|y rc1c·c|o¡ thc su|ur| to scr·c thc
connon ,oo1
. Cc|c|ratc 1i·crsity an1 acti·c|y ¡ronotc inc|usion o| a|| ¡co¡|c
¸ ln¡|cncnt a connunitywi1c cncr,y conscr·ation ¡ro,ran inc|u1in, honcs an1 a¡¡|ianccs an1 usin,
rcncwa||c sourccs o| c|cctricity an1 hcat whcrc ¡ossi||c
¡ ln¡|cncnt a connunitywi1c watcr conscr·ation ¡ro,ran insi1c an1 outsi1c thc housc. know whcrc
thc watcr is conin, |ron an1 ¡rotcct thc sourcc an1 watcrshc1. usc rain an1 storn watcr to crcatc
ur|an |orcsts an1 c1i||c |an1sca¡cs
¸ Crcatc ¡aths. ¡ockct ¡arks. ¡icnic arcas. |ikc stora,c arcas. connunity ,ar1cns. an1 othcr ¡u||ic
s¡accs that arc sa|c |or chi|1rcn an1 won1cr|u| ,athcrin, ¡|accs |or a1u|ts
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
6 Crcatc inconc,cncratin, connunity |usincsscs |y thinkin, a|out a|| wastcs as rcsourccs. whcthcr
thcy arc so|i1 wastc. yar1 wastc. or c·cn wastcwatcr
- \a|uc thc ca¡acity |or in1i·i1ua| an1 co||ccti·c |carnin, an1 a1a¡tation
ï l·a|uatc ways o| rc1ucin, trans¡ortation an1 its in¡acts
To 1ctcrninc i| your nci,h|orhoo1 is |cconin, norc sustaina||c. thc nost usc|u| trcn1s to track arc such
thin,s as ·chic|c ni|cs tra·c|c1 ¡cr ca¡ita. cncr,y an1 watcr consunc1 ¡cr ca¡ita. si,ni|icant rc|ationshi¡s in
thc nci,h|orhoo1. nun|cr o| houscs ¡cr acrc. nun|cr o| ¡o|s ¡cr acrc A sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1 ains |or
a hi,h ratio o| ¡arks to ¡a·cncnt lt a|so ains |or a hi,h “si,na| to noisc” ratio. ncanin, that nci,h|ors arc
intcrcstc1 in |i||in, thcir |rains with usc|u| an1 intcrcstin, in|ornation as o¡¡osc1 to conncrcia| static Thcy
arc incrcasin,|y awarc that thc hunan nin1 is thc tcrritory in which naturc wi|| |c sa·c1 or |ost
Consccucnt|y. thcy’rc norc intcrcstc1 in thc natura| history o| thc nci,h|orhoo1 than thcy arc in |in1in, out
which “sur·i·or” was ·otc1 o|| thc “rca|ity” show’s laci|ic is|an1 Thcy can ,i·c answcrs to thc |o||owin,
cucstions an1 cxcrciscs. a1a¡tc1 |ron Deep Ecology |y li|| lc·a|| an1 Ccor,c :cssions
+ Tracc thc watcr you 1rink |ron ¡rcci¡itation to ta¡
. lcscri|c thc soi| aroun1 your honc
¸ Nanc thc ¡rinary su|sistcncc tcchnicucs o| thc cu|turcs that |i·c1 in your arca |c|orc you
¡ Nanc |i·c nati·c c1i||c ¡|ants in your |iorc,ion an1 thcir scasons o| a·ai|a|i|ity
¸ \hcrc 1ocs your ,ar|a,c ,o?
6 Nanc |i·c rcsi1cnt an1 any ni,ratory |ir1s in your arca
- \hat anina| s¡ccics ha·c |cconc cxtinct in your arca?
ï \hat s¡rin, wi|1||owcr is consistcnt|y anon, thc |irst to ||oon whcrc you |i·c?
o \hat kin1s o| rocks an1 nincra|s arc |oun1 in your |iorc,ion?
+o \hat is thc |ar,cst wi|1crncss arca in your |iorc,ion?
Un|ikc a ¡o||c1 6. ¡crccnt o| thc Ancrican ¡o¡u|ation. who |c|ic·c that |uc| c||icicncy in cars is u¡ or
ho|1in, stca1y in thc ¡ast 1cca1c. thcy know that ,as ni|ca,c is 1own. an1 thcy c·cn know why |ccausc o|
thc rcccnt ¡o¡u|arity o| ,as,uzz|in, s¡orts uti|ity ·chic|cs an1 |i,ht trucks that roan thc strccts an1 cu|1c
sacs o| su|ur|ia. o||i·ious to thc |initc su¡¡|y o| |oth ¡ctro|cun an1 c|can air Thcy ha·c a ¡rctty ,oo1 i1ca
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
that ïo ¡crccnt o| our oi| is consunc1 |y cars an1 trucks an1
that a|out a thir1 o| thc car|on 1ioxi1c in¡|icatc1 in ,|o|a|
warnin, concs |ron our nassi·c ||cct o| ·chic|cs Thcy
sus¡cct. thou,h nost ha·cn’t cuanti|ic1 it. that ncn|crs o|
thcir houscho|1 arc nakin, a 1ozcn auto tri¡s a 1ay on a·cra,c.
an1 that thc |ocation an1 1csi,n o| thcir nci,h|orhoo1s arc
¡rinary rcasons why
Thcy’rc a|so intcrcstc1 in knowin, a|out “conncrcia|
cco|o,y.” that is. thc ori,ins an1 in¡acts o| thc ¡ro1ucts thcy |uy
an1 usc in thcir honcs an1 yar1s Thcy know that cach ¡ro1uct
is thc nain charactcr in a story with a |c,innin,. ni11|c. an1
cn1 lxtractin, thc raw natcria|s that ,o into a ,a1,ct or an
artic|c o| c|othin, nay ha·c 1isru¡tc1 |io|o,ica| ha|itats at thc
ninc sitc. |arn |ic|1. or |orcst Thcn ¡ro1uct nanu|acturc.
1istri|ution. a1·crtisin,. an1 ¡acka,in, takc thcir to|| At thc cn1
o| thc ta|c. our usc o| thc ¡ro1uct nay causc |urthcr in¡acts to
hca|th. air. watcr. an1 |an1 On|y i| c||icicnt. sustaina||c tcchno|o,ics arc usc1 throu,hout thc story can thcrc
|c a ha¡¡y cn1in,
Thcsc ¡co¡|c inc|u1c sustaina|i|ity in thcir nci,h|orhoo1 nission statcncnts. ¡art|y |ccausc it’s “thc
ri,ht thin, to 1o.” |ut a|so |ccausc o| cn|i,htcnc1 sc||intcrcst To thcsc hca1su¡ rcsi1cnts. sustaina|i|ity
isn’t ¡ust an a|stract wor1. it’s ri,ht in thcir |accs lt’s a|out ||istcrin,|y hot a|tcrnoons an1 sunncr|on,
1rou,hts 1uc to ,|o|a| c|inatc chan,c causc1 |y cxccssi·c usc o| |ossi| |uc|. it’s a|out ki1s with asthna an1
a1u|ts with ¡|u,,c1 sinuscs |ron |rcathin, ¡o||utc1 air. it’s a|out |akcs that arc now o|||inits to swinncrs
an1 an,|crs |ccausc thcy arc so contaninatc1 :ustaina|i|ity is a|out thc risin, cost o| 1rinkin, watcr 1uc to
|a||in, ,roun1watcr |c·c|s. an1 a|out whcthcr or not wc can scc thc stars |ron our |ackyar1s. snc|| thc nati·c
sa,c an1 wi|1||owcrs. or hcar thc nocturna| ca|| o| an cn1an,crc1 s¡ccics o| ow|
lcsi1cnts o| :u¡cr|ia!to|c canc to thc su|ur|s |or a |cttcr cua|ity o| |i|c. an1 thcy want to ¡rcscr·c it
:onc arc anon, thc ,rowin, nun|cr o| Ancricans that socio|o,ist lau| lay an1 :hcrry luth An1crson.
authors o| thc |ook The Cultural Creatives. think can chan,c thc wor|1 |or thc |cttcr — ¸o ni||ion or norc
Ancricans in thc cn·ironncnta|. ci·i| ri,hts. ,ay ri,hts. ¡cacc. an1 ·o|untary sin¡|icity no·cncnts who arcn’t
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
3.6: Scheduling events such as this bicycling trip brings neighbors together and creates
something in common. Credit: Mike April.
satis|ic1 with thc status cuo An1 thcy arc ¡art o| a swc||in, ¡o¡u|ation scctor whosc work schc1u|cs ha·c
shi|tc1 ra1ica||y in thc |ast 1cca1c — sc||cn¡|oyc1. ¡arttinc. tcn¡orary. an1 contract workcrs who now
nun|cr a|out onc|i|th o| thc work|orcc
“Thc ncw cconony nakcs ¡ossi||c thc rcintc,ration o| work an1 honc.” says lin \a|csh. coauthor o|
“linkin, thc Ncw lconony to thc li·a||c Connunity.” a rc¡ort |un1c1 |y thc lancs lr·inc loun1ation
ia·ai|a||c on|inc at wwwir·incor,¹¡1|s¹) “ln ha|| a ccntury’s tinc.” hc writcs. “it nay sccn cxtraor1inary
that ni||ions o| ¡co¡|c oncc troo¡c1 |ron onc |ui|1in, ithcir honc) to anothcr ithcir o||icc) cach nornin,.
on|y to rc·crsc thc ¡rocc1urc at c·cnin,”
This nuch is ccrtain thc |a|y |ooncrs arc wc|| rc¡rcscntc1 in to1ay’s su|ur|an ¡o¡u|ation Thc |a|y
|ooncrs -6 ni||ion in1i·i1ua|s whosc rctircncnt wi|| |c thc |i,,cst socia| no·cncnt o| a|| \ho na1c
hca|th |oo1 a nainstrcan in1ustry that’s ,rowin, |y .o ¡crccnt a ycar — an in1ustry that now occu¡ics at
|cast onc ais|c in cach nainstrcan su¡crnarkct an1 all thc ais|cs in who|c |oo1s narkcts \ho |ikc to try crazy
thin,s |ikc ccotourisn an1 car|rcc ·acations \ho |ikc to start 1iscussion ,rou¡s an1 connunity ,ar1cns
Thc |a|y |ooncrs. who ,rcw u¡ with thc car an1 T\ an1 arc now |osin, intcrcst in cach Choiccs na1c |y
thc |ooncrs wi|| |ikc|y 1ctcrninc thc sha¡c o| su|ur|ia in thc ncar |uturc
Creating a Neighborhood Vision
“Nothin, ha¡¡cns un|css |irst a 1rcan.” wrotc ¡oct Car| :an1|ur,. an1 his scntincnts arc cchoc1 |y a |c,ion
o| connunity acti·ists an1 nunici¡a| nci,h|orhoo1 |iaisons who hc|¡ nci,h|ors ,ct or,anizc1 an1 ina,inc
|cttcr nci,h|orhoo1s lon C|arkc. who works with thc city o| lon,nont. Co|ora1o. is onc o| thosc |iaisons
His 1i·ision has ¡ust issuc1 a $ ,rant to onc o| thc city’s nci,h|orhoo1s to |rin, nci,h|ors to,cthcr
an1 |ct thcn 1rcan “\c ho¡c to scc a worka||c ¡|an cncr,c. s¡c||in, out what thcy want thcir nci,h|orhoo1
to |c.” hc to|1 us
\hi|c it’s ,rcat to ha·c |inancia| su¡¡ort an1 a |oca| ,o·crnncnt that un1crstan1s thc in¡ortancc o|
ha·in, a ·ision. thc too|s in this scction can |c usc1 |y nci,h|orhoo1s with or without thc in·o|·cncnt o|
|oca| ,o·crnncnt “\isionin,” is a ¡roccss that takcs account o| whcrc a nci,h|orhoo1 is now. thcn ¡ro¡ccts
into thc |uturc to ina,inc a ¡rc|crrc1 sccnario As ¡|anncr :tc·cn Ancs cx¡|ains. “Throu,h ·isionin,. citizcns
conc to,cthcr to crcatc a sharc1 ina,c o| thcir ¡rc|crrc1 |uturc. oncc this ina,c has |ccn crcatc1. thcy can
|c,in workin, to achic·c thcir ,oa|”
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
ln thc |irst stc¡. thcy ask. “\hcrc arc wc now?” Thcy i1cnti|y thc nci,h|orhoo1’s |ack,roun1 an1
in¡ortant |caturcs throu,h thc |cnscs o| currcnt issucs an1 sharc1 ·a|ucs
ln thc sccon1 stc¡ thcy ask. “\hcrc arc wc ,oin,?” Thcy 1c·c|o¡ a sccnario showin, what thc nci,h|orhoo1
ni,ht |ook |ikc in thc |uturc i| it continucs on its currcnt coursc with no na¡or chan,cs in 1ircction
ln thc thir1 stc¡ thcy ask thc critica| cucstion “\hcrc 1o wc want to |c?” This stc¡ is thc corc o| thc
·isionin, ¡roccss. in which ¡artici¡ants 1c·c|o¡ a “¡rc|crrc1” sccnario showin, what thc nci,h|orhoo1 cou|1
|ook |ikc i| it chooscs to honor its corc ·a|ucs U|tinatc|y. this “rca|istica||y i1ca|istic” ¡icturc |cconcs thc
|asis o| a |orna| ·ision statcncnt. which is a|ways o¡cn to rc·ision
Thc |ourth stc¡ asks. “How 1o wc ,ct thcrc?” Nci,h|ors |c,in to |ornu|atc an action ¡|an. i1cnti|yin,
shorttcrn stratc,ics an1 actions ncc1c1 to no·c thc nci,h|orhoo1 towar1 its |on,tcrn ·ision This stc¡ a|so
i1cnti|ics ¡co¡|c rcs¡onsi||c |or in¡|cncntin, s¡cci|ic actions. tincta||cs |or con¡|ction o| thcsc acti·itics.
an1 “|cnchnarks” |or nonitorin, ¡ro,rcss ln thc ·isionin, ¡roccss |or an inncrrin, su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1
o| lansas City. thc \cstsi1c. rcsi1cnts ·oicc1 conccrn a|out thc nc,|cct o| nci,h|orhoo1 ¡arks. which wcrc
|cconin, crinc sccncs iOnc ¡ark ha1 actua||y |ccn thcrc |c|orc lansas City |ccanc a city. |ut ha1 |ccn
|iscctc1 |y a |ar,c hi,hway) Thcy a,rcc1 that ¡arks wcrc ncccssary |or thc wc|||cin, o| |oth ki1s an1 a1u|ts.
an1 thcy ina,inc1 how thc ¡arks wou|1 |unction i| thcy wcrc |cttcr naintainc1 Thc ¡roccss u|tinatc|y |c1
thcn to an action ¡|an |or rcstorin, thc ¡arks
Tools for Creating the Vision
:incc +o-o. ¡|anncr Anton Nc|csscn has usc1 thc \isua| lrc|crcncc :ur·cy i\l:) to hc|¡ rcsi1cnts i1cnti|y
|caturcs thcy |ikc an1 1on’t |ikc a|out thcir nci,h|orhoo1s ln his work to i1cnti|y what nakcs a connunity
sustaina||c. hc |c,an to scc how ¡co¡|c |c|t a|out s¡cci|ic |caturcs “\hat 1i1 thcy |cc| was ¡ositi·c? \hat
1i1n’t thcy |ikc? \hat ty¡c an1 1cnsity o| ncw 1c·c|o¡ncnt wou|1 thcy |in1 accc¡ta||c? \c ¡hoto,ra¡hc1
thc town an1 ¡ickc1 othcr sccncs |ron our s|i1c |i|rary Thc s|i1cs wcrc thcn shown to towns¡co¡|c at a |ar,c
¡u||ic ncctin, \c askc1 thcn to ,i·c us a ¡ositi·c si,n i| thcy |ikc1 thc ¡icturc. an1 a nc,ati·c onc i| thcy
Ty¡ica| rcsu|ts o| a \l: tcn1 to |a·or narrow. trcc|inc1 strccts with si1cwa|ks an1 |i,hts. o¡cn s¡accs that
arc ·isua||y intcrcstin,. an1 houscs that 1on’t ha·c ¡ronincnt ,ara,c 1oors “l·cry|o1y wi|| ca|| |or a ,rccn
o¡cn s¡acc in thc ni11|c — that’s autonatic.” says Nc|csscn “Thcy wi|| ¡ut thc na¡or connunity |ui|1in,s
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
3.7 & 3.8: Besides making a neighborhood much prettier, trees provide shade and purify the air. Credit: Urban Advantage, Berkeley, California.
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
aroun1 thc ¡|aza. thcn ,rou¡ thc houscs on rc|ati·c|y narrow
strccts Ninctyninc ¡crccnt 1on’t want strccts that arc norc
than two |ancs wi1c At thc c1,cs o| thc ·i||a,c thcy |ca·c o¡cn
ln short. sur·cy ¡artici¡ants |a·or nci,h|orhoo1s that
cn¡hasizc ¡co¡|c an1 naturc. rathcr than cars ln nany cascs.
\l: rcsu|ts ha·c |ccn usc1 to ,ui1c chan,cs in zonin, an1
|ui|1in, rc,u|ations
Thc Ccntcr |or Un1crstan1in, thc lui|t ln·ironncnt
iCUll) in lansas City a|so ¡ro·i1cs ,rcat han1son stratc,ics to
hc|¡ ¡co¡|c un1crstan1 an1 1iscuss thcir own nci,h|orhoo1s
Onc o| thcir nost c||ccti·c too|s is lox City. an cxcrcisc in which
¸l no1c|s o| nci,h|orhoo1s arc |ui|t out o| car1|oar1 |oxcs
an1 construction ¡a¡cr \ith hc|¡ |ron CUll |aci|itators.
rcsi1cnts ,o throu,h a ·isionin, ¡roccss on ¡otcntia| nci,h|or
hoo1 in¡ro·cncnts lox City is not intini1atin, to youn, or o|1
— in |act it’s |un lt hc|¡s ,ct thc |a|| ro||in, in thc ¡roccss o|
i1cnti|yin, what |caturcs nci,h|ors want to kcc¡ an1 what thcy
wou|1 |ikc to chan,c ln nany cascs a town’s nayor an1 o||icia|s
|ron thc ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt arc c||owtoc||ow with rcsi1cnts — scissors an1 ,|uc in han1
Anothcr ,rcat too| |or hc|¡in, rcsi1cnts |ocus on |i·a|i|ity is an in1cx o| in1icators that arc carc|u||y
trackc1 to show how a nci,h|orhoo1 or a connunity is 1oin, Thc ¡rototy¡c in1cx is :ustaina||c :catt|c.
crcatc1 |y :catt|c rcsi1cnts who i1cnti|ic1 kcy in1icators |or ncasurin, cua|ity o| |i|c A|thou,h thcsc
in1icators wcrc con¡i|c1 with a who|c city in nin1. nost o| thcn arc a|so rc|c·ant at thc nci,h|orhoo1 |c·c|
lhysician lohn Nc||. a ¡hysician at thc :catt|c Chi|1rcn’s Hos¡ita|. uscs in1icators such as Asthna
Hos¡ita|ization to ,au,c thc nc1ica| hca|th an1 ·ita|ity o| thc connunity “lt hc|¡s |ocus |oca| attcntion on
what in¡ro·cncnts ncc1 to |c na1c.” hc says lor :catt|c rcsi1cnt lin1a :torn. thc in1icators ha·c ¡crsona|
si,ni|icancc “lor nc. sustaina|i|ity ncans |i·in, in a ¡|acc whcrc thc air is |rcsh an1 c|can. whcrc thcrc arc
,rccn ¡|accs whcrc l can takc ny ki1s to cn¡oy naturc. whcrc l know an1 trust ny nci,h|ors… ”
ln thc antho|o,y Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind. :catt|c rcsi1cnt A|an lurnin, o||crs
his takc on thc ncanin, o| sustaina|i|ity “ln thc |ina| ana|ysis. accc¡tin, an1 |i·in, |y su||icicncy rathcr than
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
3.9: In an exercise called Box City, residents make a replica of their neighborhood, then
agree on changes that will improve it. Often their suggestions result in valuable changes
in zoning and building codes. Credit: Ginny Graves, CUBE.
cxccss o||crs a rcturn to what is. cu|tura||y s¡cakin,. thc hunan honc to thc ancicnt or1cr o| |ani|y.
connunity. ,oo1 work an1 ,oo1 |i|c. to a rc·crcncc |or ski||. crcati·ity. an1 crcation. to a 1ai|y ca1cncc s|ow
cnou,h to |ct us watch thc sunsct an1 stro|| |y thc watcr’s c1,c. to connunitics worth s¡cn1in, a |i|ctinc in.
an1 to |oca| ¡|accs ¡rc,nant with thc ncnorics o| ,cncrations”
Sustainable Seattle’s 40 Indicators
• \ct|an1s • Housin, A||or1a|i|ity latio
• lio1i·crsity • Chi|1rcn li·in, in lo·crty
• :oi| lrosion • lncr,cncy loon Usc
• Air Oua|ity • Connunity Ca¡ita|
• lc1cstrianlricn1|y :trccts • A1u|t litcracy
• O¡cn :¡acc in Ur|an \i||a,cs • Hi,h :choo| Cra1uation
• ln¡cr·ious :ur|accs • lthnic li·crsity o| Tcachcrs
• lo¡u|ation • Arts lnstruction
• lcsi1cntia| \atcr Consun¡tion • \o|untccr ln·o|·cncnt in :choo|s
• :o|i1 \astc Ccncratc1 an1 lccyc|c1 • lu·cni|c Crinc
• lo||ution lrc·cntion an1 lcncwa||c lcsourcc Usc • ¥outh ln·o|·cncnt in Connunity :cr·icc
• \i|1 :a|non • lcuity in lusticc
• larn Acrca,c • low lirth \ci,ht ln|ants
• \chic|c \i|cs Tra·c|c1 an1 luc| Consun¡tion • Asthna Hos¡ita|ization latc |or Chi|1rcn
• lcncwa||c an1 Nonrcncwa||c lncr,y Usc • \otcr lartici¡ation
• ln¡|oyncnt Conccntration • li|rary an1 Connunity Ccntcr Usa,c
• lca| Uncn¡|oyncnt • lu||ic lartici¡ation in thc Arts
• listri|ution o| lcrsona| lnconc • Car1cnin, Acti·ity
• Hca|th Carc lx¡cn1iturcs • Nci,h|or|incss
• \ork lccuirc1 |or lasic Ncc1s • lcrcci·c1 Oua|ity o| li|c
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
Thcrc’s no rcason a su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1 can’t conc u¡ with its own systcn |or trackin, cua|ityo||i|c
in1icators lor cxan¡|c. nci,h|ors can track in1icators such as
• \hcc||arrows o| con¡ost usc1 in thc connunity ,ar1cn ¡cr scason
• lc1uctions in cncr,y usa,c in honcs
• Arca o| un1crusc1 ¡ri·atc s¡accs con·crtc1 to ¡u||ic s¡accs
• lcncwa||c cncr,y systcns insta||c1
• lo|s crcatc1 in thc nci,h|orhoo1
• Trash 1i·crtc1 to rccyc|in, |aci|itics
• Arca o| in¡cr·ious sur|accs con·crtc1 to |an1sca¡in, an1 ¡u||ic s¡accs
• Nun|cr o| trccs ¡|antc1
• Nun|cr o| ¡ot|ucks an1 connunity nca|s ¡cr ycar
lccausc ¡co¡|c arc |usy. a ty¡ica| rcaction to thc i1ca o| “cxtra” acti·itics sccns intini1atin, \c want to
nakc it c|car that wc arc ta|kin, a|out acti·itics that can |c |un an1 that u|tinatc|y ,i·c norc than thcy takc
:onc o| thcsc actions can rc¡|acc currcnt un¡ro1ucti·c acti·itics in our |i·cs — thcy arc su|stitutcs rathcr
than “a11on” acti·itics. so thcy won’t takc u¡ a11itiona| tinc lor cxan¡|c. i| you ,o to a ¡|ay ¡ut on |y
¡co¡|c in your nci,h|orhoo1 rathcr than to a ¡ro|cssiona| ¡cr|ornancc. it nay cost $+oo |css. yct ¡ro·i1c
norc cn¡oyncnt o·cra||
Anothcr ty¡ica| rcaction |ron su|ur|an rcsi1cnts rc||ccts thc nytho|o,y o| thc Ancrican 1rcan “l’·c
workc1 har1 to ,ct whcrc l an.” ,ocs thc nyth. “an1 it’s okay |or nc to 1o whatc·cr l want”
Onc o| thc ¡rinary rcasons wc wrotc this |ook was to hc|¡ csta||ish an c·cry1ay cthic that cha||cn,cs that
nyth — wc can’t ha·c c·crythin, wc want. |ccausc thcrc’s a |init to thc rcsourccs thc larth can ¡ro·i1c ln
thc contcxt o| a |ani|y. whcn a rc|c||ious tccna,cr has thc “whatc·cr l want” attitu1c. isn’t hc or shc rccucstc1
to think a,ain?
Thc 1csi,n o| a nci,h|orhoo1 sccns |ikc soncthin, that’s out o| our contro| — sonc|o1y c|sc 1ocs it
lut our ¡crsona| cx¡cricnccs in cohousin,. natura| housc |ui|1in,. an1 othcr sustaina|i|ity ¡ro¡ccts tc|| us
1i||crcnt|y A|| wc rca||y ha·c to 1o is stc¡ outsi1c thc |ox ln onc o| our |a·oritc chi|1rcn’s |ooks. The Big
Orange Splot. \r l|un|can |ca1s thc way to a norc co|or|u| nci,h|orhoo1 A|tcr a |ir1 1ro¡s a can o| ¡aint
on his roo|. hc |c,ins to rcin·cnt his housc an1 |an1sca¡c His nci,h|ors. outra,c1 at |irst. |c,in to scc thc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
¡ossi|i|itics o| rcin·cntin, thcir own houscs an1 thc nci,h|orhoo1 as a who|c Onc |y onc thcy sit with hin
in his trans|ornc1 yar1 — con¡|ctc with a||i,ators on |cashcs an1 ¡a|n trccs — an1 a |anci|u| ¡iccc o|
:u¡cr|ia! is |orn Thc sanc thin, can ha¡¡cn in thousan1s o| nci,h|orhoo1s a|| o·cr Ancrica
\hcn a su|1i·ision is |irst constructc1. thc |an1sca¡c is |arc an1 thcn thc trccs |c,in to naturc Now
it’s tinc |or nci,h|orhoo1s to naturc — or to ||osson. i| you wi|| Thc su|ur|s arcn’t 1onc yct. it’s that
Imagining a Sustainable Neighborhood
We must be the change we wish to see in the world.
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
HlN ¥OU ll\Olll A HOU:l. you ha·c ccrtain ,oa|s in nin1 — to nakc thc kitchcn |i,,cr. |or cxan¡|c.
whi|c at thc sanc tinc ¡ro·i1in, a ¡|acc |or ¡co¡|c to takc o|| nu11y shocs an1 |oots whcn conin,
in thc |ack 1oor \c ¡ro¡osc a sini|ar stratc,y |or rcno1c|in, a su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1 sct your
,oa|s |c|orc you start Thcsc ,oa|s ni,ht |c to crcatc a scnsc o| connunity. ¡ro·i1c norc ¡u||ic s¡accs. an1
ncct norc in1i·i1ua| ncc1s ri,ht in thc nci,h|orhoo1
A|tcr |ui|1in, thc nci,h|orhoo1’s socia| ca¡ita| to crcatc a |unctiona| nctwork iCha¡tcr .) an1 i1cnti|yin,
connon ·a|ucs |ikc connunity an1 sustaina|i|ity iCha¡tcr ¸). thc ncxt stc¡ is to a,rcc on |asic 1csi,n
¡rinci¡|cs an1 |ui|1in, ||ocks that can ,ui1c a |on,ran,c nci,h|orhoo1 rcno1c|in, ¡ro,ran This. in turn.
can nakc strccts. si1cwa|ks. an1 |ackyar1s norc ·a|ua||c. an1 nci,h|orhoo1s |css 1c¡cn1cnt on cost|y.
in¡ortc1 rcsourccs ly thinkin, outsi1c thc |ox. wc can ,ra1ua||y u¡,ra1c thc performance o| our
nci,h|orhoo1s. nakin, thcn norc 1csira||c ¡|accs to |i·c lca||y. our on|y othcr o¡tion is to kcc¡ |ookin, |or
thosc c|usi·c nci,h|orhoo1s whcrc “thc ,rass is ,rccncr” ln othcr wor1s. to ¡artici¡atc in thc hu,c ,anc o|
nusica| chairs that sccs oncsixth o| thc U: ¡o¡u|ation no·in, c·cry ycar
Nci,h|orhoo1s an1 connunitics ha·c |i·c |asic ty¡cs o| |caturcs ¡aths. c1,cs. no1cs. |an1narks. an1
1istricts As wc think a|out rcno1c|in, our nci,h|orhoo1s. wc ncc1 to |ook at how thcsc con¡oncnts
intcract At thc cn1 o| this cha¡tcr wc’|| |ook at two nci,h|orhoo1s that wcrc |ui|t with thcsc con¡oncnts in
Paths. or corri1ors o| no·cncnt. ,i·c a nci,h|orhoo1 |orn Thcsc inc|u1c strccts. si1cwa|ks. |ikc ¡aths.
a||cys. wi|1|i|c corri1ors. cana|s. an1 rai|roa1s As wc wi|| scc. thcrc arc nany o¡¡ortunitics to u¡,ra1c ¡aths
in su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s. 1cs¡itc thc |act that nany wcrc rca||y cn,inccrc1 to scr·c nachincs. not ¡co¡|c
ln succcss|u| connunitics. edges arc ¡hysica|¹·isua| |oun1arics
or transitions |ctwccn 1istinct 1istricts or nci,h|orhoo1s Thcy
cou|1 |c crccks. o¡cn s¡accs. or hi,hcr·o|unc a·cnucs
Nodes arc ¡|accs within a nci,h|orhoo1 that arc acccssi||c
|y ¡aths lco¡|c o|tcn tra·c| to an1 |ron thcn |or s¡cci|ic
acti·itics Thcy ran,c |ron a wc||usc1 |askct|a|| hoo¡ in a
1ri·cway to a |oca| ¡ark or connunity |ui|1in, lccausc thcy
arc ccntcrs o| acti·ity. thcy hc|¡ crcatc a nci,h|orhoo1 scnsc o|
Landmarks arc icons that crcatc a scnsc o| |ani|iarity in a
nci,h|orhoo1 A |ar,c. statc|y trcc. |ikc a ,iant oak ¡|antc1 in a
nc1ian stri¡. is a |an1nark A scu|¡turc situatc1 on a ¡iccc o|
1onatc1 |ront |awn cou|1 |c a ,rcat nci,h|orhoo1 |an1nark. as
cou|1 a connunity ,ar1cn. an o|1 schoo|housc. or a church
A district is a 1istinct|y i1cnti|ia||c rc,ion. a concc¡t that is norc |ani|iar in ur|an scttin,s Howc·cr. 1istricts
nay a|so |c 1c·c|o¡c1 in su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s lor cxan¡|c. ina,inc a nci,h|orhoo1 that has a wc||
|an1sca¡c1. connon ¡arkin, arca |or |oth rcsi1cnts an1 ·isitors. sc·cra| sho¡s that s¡ccia|izc in nusica|
instruncnts. an1 |aci|itics |or sna||sta,c conccrts :trccts cou|1 |c “s|owc1 1own” with county|un1c1 |an1sca¡c
|caturcs such as tra||ic circ|cs. an1 trccs ni,ht |inc cithcr si1c o| thc strcct. crcatin, a ¡co¡|c|ricn1|y atnos¡hcrc
A nci,h|orhoo1 |ikc this. with its own |ocus an1 i1cntity. wou|1 |c thou,ht o| as “thc nusic 1istrict”
Ten Basic Design Principles for Remodeling Neighborhoods
Thc |o||owin, arc sonc kcy ¡rinci¡|cs o| nci,h|orhoo1 1csi,n to hc|¡ you think a|out how a nci,h|orhoo1
can |c rcno1c|c1
+ Human Scale Thcrc arc sonc |asic ¡hysica| rc|ationshi¡s that can crcatc rcsonancc in a
nci,h|orhoo1. inc|u1in, |oca| ¡oints. a scnsc o| transition. an1 a scnsc o| cnc|osurc in kcy ¡|accs An
i1ca| 1istancc |ctwccn c|cncnts o| a nci,h|orhoo1 with its own scnsc o| connunity is ¡¸o |cct.
|ccausc at that 1istancc it’s sti|| ¡ossi||c to rcco,nizc in1i·i1ua|s Cohousin, rcscarch in1icatcs that
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
4.1: Having a place where neighbors can gather is fundamental in creating a sense of
community. Credit: Shared Living Resource Center, Berkeley, California.
an o¡tinun nci,h|orhoo1 sca|c is .¸ to ¡o houscs. |ccausc that nun|cr o| |ani|ics can succcss|u||y
sharc a connon |ui|1in, an1 ,ct to know cach othcr wc||
. Resource Responsibility l| a nci,h|orhoo1 1c·c|o¡s an c·cry1ay cthic that inc|u1cs c||icicnt houscho|1
rcsourcc usc. rccyc|in,. connunity ,ar1cnin,. sharc1 trans¡ortation. an1 cncr,y ,cncration at thc
nci,h|orhoo1 |c·c|. it stan1s a |cttcr chancc o| |cin, ccononica||y an1 socia||y ·ia||c ln1i·i1ua|
c||orts to |c sustaina||c can |c ,rcat|y au,ncntc1 |y coo¡cration within thc nci,h|orhoo1
¸ Walkability \c’·c ,ot |c,s. wc ¡ust ncc1 ,oo1 si1cwa|ks. |ikc ¡aths. an1 ¡arks to usc thcn Thc |i·c
ninutc wa|k is consi1crc1 a ,oo1 ncasurcncnt o| “wa|ka|i|ity” \hat 1cstinations shou|1 |ic within
|i·c ninutcs o| thc ty¡ica| su|ur|an |ront 1oor?
¡ Open Spaces \hcthcr thcy arc connon |ackyar1s. ·acant |ots. or arcas rcc|ainc1 |ron thc car. o¡cn
s¡accs can |c usc1 |or ¡icnics. |or connunity ,ar1cns. an1 as ¡|accs |or con·crsation. rca1in,. an1
¸ Public Facilities A nci,h|orhoo1 that |cconcs a “wc” rathcr than a strin, o| “nc’s” wi|| ¡ro|a||y
want to crcatc a ¡|acc whcrc nci,h|ors can ,athcr :uch a ¡|acc cou|1 |c a nci,h|orhoo1 church or
schoo|. or it cou|1 |c a coo¡crati·c|y ¡urchasc1 honc that |cconcs a connon |ui|1in,
6 Streetscapes ly workin, with thc city or county. nci,h|orhoo1s can crcatc wc|||an1sca¡c1. ¡co¡|c
|ricn1|y ¡u||ic arcas in an1 aroun1 strccts Thc |cst tinc to ¡|ant a sha1c trcc is +¸ ycars a,o Thc
sccon1 |cst tinc is now
- Variety lan1sca¡in, an1 housc 1ccoration ha·c ty¡ica||y |ccn thc on|y too|s |or crcatin, ·aricty in
su|1i·ision nci,h|orhoo1s At lox lun. |caturc1 in thc ncxt thrcc cha¡tcrs. rcsi1cnts crcatc ·ariation
an1 nci,h|orhoo1 co|or |y a1a¡tin, ,ara,cs. ¡|antin, a connunity ,ar1cn an1 orchar1. rcno·in,
1ri·cways. crcatin, ,ar1cns an1 ¡athways. an1 takin, 1own |cnccs
ï Mixed Uses Honc |usincsscs arc |cconin, a |ar,c scctor o| thc Ancrican cconony ln :u¡cr|ia!.
sho¡s an1 nci,h|orhoo1 cntcr¡riscs |ikc con¡ostin,. cncr,y ,cncration. an1 1aycarc wi|| |c,in to
nakc su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s norc |i·c|y an1 ¡ro1ucti·c
o Coordination This rc|crs to how “architcctura| sty|c.” inc|u1in, wa||s an1 |cnccs. strcctsca¡cs. co|ors.
an1 natcria|s work to,cthcr A nci,h|orhoo1 shou|1 co1csi,n |caturcs to crcatc a scnsc o| harnony
an1 rcsonancc
+o Maintenance lu||ic |caturcs shou|1 |c 1csi,nc1 with thc |uturc in nin1 |y usin, natcria|s.
tcchno|o,ics. an1 ¡|ant s¡ccics that won’t rccuirc |ar,c anounts o| ca¡ita| or tinc |or naintcnancc
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
Adapting the Building Blocks of Suburbia to Create Superbia!
lt takcs ·ision to scc thc nany ¡ossi|i|itics |or ,i·in, your nci,h|orhoo1 a ncw |ook an1 |cc| ln thc |ook Yard
Street Park. Cynthia Cir|in, an1 lcnncth Hc|¡han1 ¡icturc “1ri·cways usc1 as ¡atios. |ackyar1s as
¡|ay,roun1s. strccts as scuarcs. an1 ¡arks as rc|u,cs :trccts arc norc than thorou,h|arcs. with ina,ination.
thcy can |cconc ¡u||ic ,ar1cns. |incar ¡arks. or ur|an |orcsts :ini|ar|y. storn scwcrs ncc1 not |c ¡i¡cs
un1cr,roun1 Thcy can |c swa|cs. strcans. an1 wct|an1s” ln1cc1. thcrc arc intri,uin, ¡ossi|i|itics |or rc
crcatin, watcr|a||s an1 ¡on1s ln :catt|c’s \a1rona
nci,h|orhoo1. rcsi1cnts 1u, u¡ a ¡i¡c that was channc|in,
s¡rin, watcr |ron thc hi||si1c into a storn 1rain |c|ow lathcr
than rc¡|acin, thc ¡i¡c. thc ,rou¡ insta||c1 |ou|1crs whcrc thc
¡i¡c ha1 |ccn to crcatc a s¡cctacu|ar ur|an watcr|a||
\c ncc1 to consi1cr a¡¡|yin, thc |cssons o| a lutch
cx¡crincnt. thc woonerf iin lutch. woon ncans “rcsi1cntia|”
an1 erf ncans “yar1”). in which cars. ¡co¡|c. an1 |an1sca¡cs
sharc s¡acc that usc1 to |c strict|y a strcct. to our own cu|1c
sacs \hy shou|1n’t |owtra||ic cu|1csacs ha·c ¡cr·ious. ,rassy
sur|accs isti|| so|i1 cnou,h to su¡¡ort |irc trucks). with |cnchcs
an1 ||owcr|c1s? This wou|1 ¡ronotc thc o|¡ccti·c o| a hi,hcr
ratio o| ¡arks to ¡a·cncnt
To crcatc ,rcat nci,h|orhoo1s wc ncc1 to think a|out
su|ur|an con¡oncnts in |rcsh ncw ways \c ncc1 to ask.
“\hat’s thc meaning an1 purpose o| thcsc con¡oncnts?” lor
cxan¡|c. thc carstrcct has con¡ctc1 with thc houscyar1 |or
s¡acc an1 in¡ortancc throu,hout thc cra o| thc ¡ostwar su|ur|
Thc carstrcct rc¡rcscnts thc wor|1 “out thcrc.” carryin, thc
occu¡ant to an1 |ron ¡|accs 1oninatc1 |y thin,s |ar,c|y out o|
our contro| ru|cs. ¡riccs. an1 1ca1|incs Thc houscyar1. whcrc
wc 1on’t ha·c to ¡unch thc tinc c|ock or |i,ht tra||ic. has
tra1itiona||y |ccn a rctrcat |ron a 1izzyin,. o|tcn 1iscor1ant
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
4.2: By adapting the existing features of a neighborhood, we can create community-by-
design. Why shouldn’t a cul-de-sac also be a green space? Porous pavers offer this
opportunity. Credit: Tom Richman, Richman Associates.
wor|1 At honc wc ¡crcci·c oursc|·cs as nastcrs an1 |a1ics o| thc nanor \c can cx¡rcss our in1i·i1ua|ity
an1 rca1 thc ¡a¡cr in thc |ackyar1 in our ¡a¡anas That is. unti| thc ,rass cuttcrs arri·c or thc |oss ca||s to
announcc a wcckcn1 ncctin,…
Thc ty¡ica| su|ur|an c|inatccontro||c1 housc a|so 1cnonstratcs a tcnsion |ctwccn ¡u||ic an1 ¡ri·atc
·a|ucs As thc su|ur|an cn¡irc cx¡an1c1. wc a|an1onc1 |asic 1csi,n ¡rinci¡|cs o| tra1itiona| architccturc
that ha1 kc¡t houscs coo| in sunncr an1 warn in wintcr lnstca1. initia| costs |ccanc thc 1oninant
consi1cration |oth thc cost o| construction an1 thc cost o| ¡urchasc lccausc cncr,y was chca¡. su|ur|an
housc 1csi,n was norc rcs¡onsi·c to ¡ri·atc con|ort an1 acsthctics than to ¡u||ic ·a|ucs such as thc
cn·ironncnt lor cxan¡|c. in lcn·cr. strccts wcrc o|tcn |ai1 out so houscs wou|1 |acc thc nountains rathcr
than thc sun This cn¡hasis on acsthctics has rcsu|tc1 in a |ot o| unncccssary cncr,y consun¡tion an1
unncccssary 1iscon|ort
Thcsc tcnsions |ctwccn ¡u||ic an1 ¡ri·atc ¡rioritics |ca·c an in1c|i||c si,naturc on thc su|ur|an
|an1sca¡c Thc |att|c |ctwccn car an1 housc has causc1 thc 1isa¡¡carancc o| sha1c trccs a|on, thc strcct.
sincc tra||ic cn,inccrs rc,ar1 thcn as “hazar1ous o|stac|cs” Thc wa|kway |ron thc housc to thc |ront
si1cwa|k is 1isa¡¡carin,. too. an1 o|tcn thc |ront si1cwa|k itsc|| — a|| ·ictorics |or thc carstrcct Oncc
¡arkc1 in thc ·csti,ia| carria,c housc on thc a||cy. thc car now ty¡ica||y assuncs a 1oninant architcctura|
¡osition lca||y. it has |cconc a ncn|cr o| thc |ani|y. with its own sonctincshcatc1 roon in thc |ront ¡art
o| thc housc
\any o| thc |ani|iar |caturcs o| su|ur|ia — thc yar1s. strccts. si1cwa|ks. an1 ¡arks — wcrc |irst sccn in
thc coach an1 strcctcar su|ur|s o| thc +oth ccntury. |ut in a norc ,ran1iosc. hunanizc1 |orn l|cwc||yn
lark. |or cxan¡|c. an +ï¸os Ncw lcrscy su|ur| with a s¡cctacu|ar ·icw o| \anhattan. intro1ucc1 thc
cur·i|incar strcct. thc sct|ack housc. an1 thc i1ca o| a ,rccn o¡cn s¡acc at thc ccntcr o| a suburban
1c·c|o¡ncnt ln li·crsi1c. an +ï6os Chica,o su|ur|. lrc1crick law O|nstca1 incor¡oratc1 “,cncrous s¡accs
an1 thc a|scncc o| shar¡ corncrs. to su,,cst an1 in¡|y |cisurc. contcn¡|ati·cncss an1 ha¡¡y trancui|ity”
strccts wcrc 1c¡rcssc1 two or thrcc |cct to nininizc thcir ·isua| in¡act. an1 in stratc,ic |ocations thcy
|roa1cnc1 into o¡cn s¡accs |or sna|| ,ro·cs o| trccs. crocuct |awns. ¡icnic arcas. an1 1rinkin, |ountains An
in¡rcssi·c ¡¡ ¡crccnt o| li·crsi1c’s acrca,c was rctainc1 |or ¡u||ic usc
ln la1|urn. Ncw lcrscy. in||ucncc1 |y thc lritish i1ca o| thc Car1cn City. sc·cra| |asic concc¡ts wcrc
intro1ucc1 to rchunanizc thc \otor A,c o| thc +o.os la1|urn 1csi,ncr C|arcncc :tcin’s ,oa| was to crcatc
a ¡|acc whcrc ¡co¡|c “cou|1 |i·c ¡cacc|u||y with thc car — or in s¡itc o| it”
Nci,h|orhoo1s wcrc 1csi,nc1
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
as 1istinct units or “su¡cr||ocks.” cach with its own ccntra|
courtyar1. schoo|. an1 ncar|y sho¡¡in, arca lach housc ha1
two |accs. with thc |i·in, roon |acin, ¡c1cstrian wa|kways an1 a
connon ,rccn. an1 thc kitchcn |acin, thc cu|1csac an1 strcct
A|out ha|| o| thc houscs wcrc nu|ti|ani|y 1wc||in,s. a||owin,
norc o¡cn s¡acc ¡cr |i·in, unit
Nctworks o| wa|kways an1 strccts wcrc sc¡aratc. with
o·cr¡asscs an1 un1cr¡asscs cna||in, ¡c1cstrians to wa|k
throu,h thc connunity without ha·in, to cross a sin,|c strcct
lach ¡athway |c1 to a ccntra||y |ocatc1 ¡ark. nakin, thc
connunity a ha·cn |or ki1s At thc sanc tinc. strccts wcrc
narrow. tra||ic was s|ow. an1 ki1s cou|1 usc scootcrs an1 |icyc|cs
on thc ¡a·cncnts
\hi|c nany o| thcsc ¡rototy¡c su|ur|an con¡oncnts
sur·i·c1 into thc +o¸os. thc ty¡ica| lc1cra| Housin,
A1ninistration|ackc1. ¡ostwar su|1i·ision was a ¡a|c initation
o| its |orcrunncrs loth ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnts an1 |cn1crs
cncoura,c1 an cn¡hasis on ¡ri·atc s¡acc. issuin, ¡crnits an1 |oans on|y |or |ani|iar|ookin, ¡ro¡ccts lu||ic
arcas wcrc rc|crrc1 to in ¡|annin, an1 |cn1in, ,ui1c|incs. |ut thc ¡crcci·c1 ncc1 |or s¡cc1 in tra||ic ||ow na1c
strccts — tra1itiona||y a ¡u||ic s¡acc — unsa|c |or ¡co¡|c. who a|so |ost ¡u||ic ¡arks an1 ,rccn s¡accs
|ccausc 1c·c|o¡crs naxinizc1 thc nun|cr o| houscs an1 yar1s ¡cr 1c·c|o¡ncnt lu||ic s¡acc was o|tcn
|initc1 to uti|ity ri,htso|way. hi,hway cxits. an1 stcc¡ unusa||c hi||si1cs
Sunrise Over Superbia!
As wc takc an in·cntory o| thc ty¡ica| su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1. wc |in1 nany o| thc raw natcria|s ncccssary
|or crcatin, a norc ·ita|. sccurc. an1 |ricn1|y nci,h|orhoo1 Usin, thc tcn ¡rinci¡|cs 1cscri|c1 a|o·c. wc
|c,in to scc ¡ossi|i|itics |or in¡ro·in, thc ¡cr|ornancc o| our houscs. strccts. an1 yar1s lor cxan¡|c. wc scc
thc ¡otcntia| |or insta||in, so|ar ¡anc|s to hcat watcr. ¡ro·i1in, 1c¡cn1a||c cncr,y that 1ocsn’t rccuirc coa|
nincs. nuc|car ¡owcr ¡|ants. or wars in thc \i11|c last lntcrcstin,|y. thc insta||ation o| statco|thcart so|ar
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
4.3: A solar house can dramatically reduce fuel bills. Credit: Dan Chiras.
watcr hcatcrs wou|1 c||ccti·c|y takc our honcs “|ack to thc |uturc.” sincc thc so|ar watcr hcatcr was |irst
¡atcntc1 in thc +ïoos
:o|ar s¡acc hcatin, an1 so|ar c|cctrica| ,cncration arc a|so ,oo1 |cts |or rcno1c|in, a nci,h|orhoo1
licturc a courtyar1 so|ar ,rccnhousc that su¡¡|ics hcat as wc|| as |oo1 |or sc·cra| houscs in thc nci,h|orhoo1
lt cou|1 c·cn conncct two houscs Anothcr ¡ossi|i|ity |or su|ur|an honcs is thc so|ar attic. 1cscri|c1 |y :in
\an 1cr lyn in Sustainable Communities “Thc ra|tcrs an1 cci|in, arc su¡crinsu|atc1 an1 |inc1 with ||ack
¡|astic lou||c,|azin, ¡anc|s arc insta||c1 in thc south s|o¡c o| thc roo|. to,cthcr with ‘hcat ro1s’ ¡|astic
tu|cs |i||c1 with hi,htcch sa|ts to rctain hcat Thc hcat ca¡turc1 in thc attic is thcn 1istri|utc1 throu,h a
con·cntiona| 1uct an1 |an systcn to othcr ¡arts o| thc housc” lurin, thc sunncr. thc so|ar attic can |c
co·crc1 |or thc scason or continuous|y ·cntc1 to ¡rc·cnt thc housc |ron o·crhcatin,. or it nay |c usc1 to
¡rchcat watcr |c|orc it ,ocs into thc watcr hcatcr
:o|ar cncr,y has |ccn usc1 |or thousan1s o| ycars in thc architccturc o| a1·ancc1 cu|turcs. |ut it sccns to
su||cr in thc currcnt narkct |ccausc thc sun’s cncr,y is |rcc As a rcsu|t. thc ¡ro|itnoti·atc1 su¡¡|icrs o|
con·cntiona| cncr,y o|tcn ¡ortray so|ar tcchno|o,ics as “un¡ro·cn” Thc in1ustry a|nost o·crcanc that
¡crcc¡tua| |arricr in thc cncr,yconscious ycars |o||owin, \or|1 \ar ll “Onc way |or Ancrica to hc1,c
a,ainst |uturc |uc| shorta,cs.” announcc1 a +o¡¸ Newsweek |caturc. “wou|1 |c to |ui|1 norc so|ar honcs |ikc
that o| \r an1 \rs Hu,h luncan in Honcwoo1. a Chica,o su|ur|” A Reader’s Digest artic|c thc |o||owin,
ycar ca||c1 thc work o| so|ar architcct Ccor,c lcck “¡ro|a||y thc nost cxcitin, architcctura| ncws in
lcscarch tcans |ron \lT to :tan|or1 workc1 o·crtinc with an cncr,y conscr·ation cthic that ha1
|cconc ,os¡c| 1urin, thc war ycars “lt is tinc.” conc|u1c1 a +o¸. ¡rcsi1cntia| connission rc¡ort. “|or
a,,rcssi·c rcscarch in thc |ic|1 o| so|ar cncr,y — an c||ort in which thc Unitc1 :tatcs cou|1 nakc an inncnsc
contri|ution to thc wc||arc o| thc |rcc wor|1”
lut instca1 o| takin, thc roa1 towar1 sustaina|i|ity. Ancrica cuick|y took a stc¡ |ackwar1 to rcsourcc
consunin,. aircon1itionc1 c|cctric honcs that ¡co¡|c |c|ic·c1 wou|1 soon |c ¡owcrc1 |y “atonic cncr,y too
chca¡ to nctcr.” as onc cnthusiastic +o¸os ¡o|itician ¡ut it lncr,y conscr·ation was thou,ht to |c ncccssary
on|y in wartinc ¥ct as wc writc this |ook. wc arc oncc a,ain in wartinc lcncwa||c cncr,y sourccs an1
c||icicncy u¡,ra1cs can |c csscntia| stratc,ics in our can¡ai,n |or honc|an1 sccurity. not on|y |ccausc thcy
conscr·c |ossi| |uc|s. |ut a|so |ccausc thcy arc 1cccntra|izc1 an1 |css ·u|ncra||c to tcrrorisn — an1 thcy
rc1ucc our 1c¡cn1cncc on |ossi| |uc|s |ron a ¡o|itica||y unsta||c ¡art o| thc wor|1
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
lc|orcstin, our su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s is anothcr
csscntia| stc¡ in thc crcation o| :u¡cr|ia! ln The Bulldozer in the
Countryside. A1an lonc writcs. “To s¡cc1 thc work o| sitc
¡rc¡aration. thc ty¡ica| su|1i·ision |ui|1cr c|carc1 away c·cry
trcc in thc tract. so ni||ions o| ncw honcs ha1 no shc|tcr a,ainst
|ittcr wintcr win1s an1 |ruta| sunncr sun”
Accor1in, to thc Nationa| Aca1cny o| :cicnccs iNA:).
thcrc arc norc than +oo ni||ion s¡accs |or ncw trccs a·ai|a||c in
nctro¡o|itan Ancrica NA: cstinatcs that ¡|antin, trccs in
thcsc s¡accs — |css than onc trcc ¡cr a1u|t — an1 |i,htcnin,
thc co|or o| 1ark ¡a·c1 sur|accs wou|1 sa·c .¸ ¡crccnt o| thc
ki|owatthours consunc1 c·cry ycar |y air con1itioncrs in thc
Unitc1 :tatcs Trcc ¡|antin, is soncthin, wc can 1o as a
nci,h|orhoo1 a||iancc to a11 sha1c. c|can air. an1 ¡u||ic
charactcr to our ¡arks an1 strccts Thcrc arc nany o¡¡ortunitics to |uy youn, trccs |or a |cw 1o||ars a¡iccc
throu,h cxtcnsion o||iccs an1 city a,cncics
A1a¡tin, thc strccts thcnsc|·cs — an1 wi1cnin, thc si1cwa|ks — wi|| |c norc o| a cha||cn,c. yct
nunici¡a| noncntun nay |c on our si1c ln nany nctro¡o|itan arcas such as lort|an1 iOrc,on).
\innca¡o|is. :catt|c. an1 :anta lar|ara. strcct rc1csi,n has |cconc stan1ar1 ¡racticc :trcct narrowin,.
nc1ian stri¡s. roun1a|outs. an1 is|an1s arc |cin, insta||c1 to rcc|ain ¡u||ic s¡acc |or rcsi1cnts — an1 s|ow
tra||ic ln :catt|c. oncway strccts ca||c1 chicanes narrow short scctions o| strcct |ron two |ancs to onc
\cstcrn luro¡c has con·crtc1 nany strccts into nu|tiusc woonerfs. in which s|ow|y no·in, cars sharc ¡u||ic
s¡acc with ¡c1cstrians :onc nunici¡a| ,o·crnncnts in Ccrnany actua||y ¡ro·i1c ,rants to su|si1izc thc 1c
¡a·in, o| s¡cci|ic1 scctions o| strcct Thcir rationa|c is that thc |css ¡a·cncnt thcrc is. thc norc rainwatcr can
soak into thc ,roun1 instca1 o| carryin, ¡o||ution into watcrways an1 causin, ||oo1in,
How 1i1 strccts |cconc so wi1c to |c,in with? A,ain. wc ,o |ack to ¡ostwar thinkin, lart o| thc |ornu|a
that |ccanc ,cncric su|ur|ia was strccts that wcrc wi1c cnou,h to c·acuatc ¡o¡u|ations in thc c·cnt o| a
nuc|car attack loca| |irc 1c¡artncnts su¡¡ortc1 thc construction o| thcsc wi1c strccts |ccausc thcy saw it
wou|1 in¡ro·c acccss an1 rcs¡onsc tinc |or thcir trucks Howc·cr. as ¡crcc¡ti·c architccts an1 ¡|anncrs ha·c
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
4.4: LA Ecovillage; people eating lunch in street, as part of their street calming efforts.
Credit: Lois Arkin.
¡ointc1 out. wi1cr strccts ha·c rcsu|tc1 in hi,hcr s¡cc1s throu,h su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s an1 hi,hcr
inci1cnccs o| tra||icrc|atc1 acci1cnts an1 1caths
Town 1csi,ncr An1rcs luany to|1 us. “An ci,htycar stu1y in lon,nont. Co|ora1o. rccor1c1 no
incrcasc1 |irc in¡ury risk |ron narrow strccts. |ut in thc sanc ci,ht ycars. thcrc wcrc ..- autonoti·c acci1cnts
rcsu|tin, in in¡urics. +o o| thcn |ata| Thcsc acci1cnts corrc|atc1 nost c|osc|y to strcct wi1th. with ncw ¸6
|ootwi1c strccts |cin, a|out |our tincs as 1an,crous as tra1itiona| .¡|ootwi1c strccts”
\c can a|rca1y scc ,|in¡scs o| thc su|ur|an |uturc. an1 wi1c nci,h|orhoo1 strccts arc not ¡art o| it
|ccausc thcy a|sor| hcat. arc cncr,y intcnsi·c. socia||y 1i·isi·c. unsa|c. an1 rccuirc hi,h naintcnancc
Architcct :in \an 1cr lyn has c·cn 1csi,nc1 a |anci|u| as¡ha|tcatin, nachinc that chisc|s u¡ scctions o|
¡a·cncnt. con·crts thcn to |uc|. ¡|ows thc soi| un1crncath. an1 ¡|ants trccs. a|| in onc snooth o¡cration
Anothcr |ook into thc |uturc rc·ca|s sna||cr yct norc ¡ro1ucti·c |awns \c’|| |c |css ·ictinizc1 |y what
Timelock author la|¡h lcycs ca||s thc con·cnicncc catch “Caso|inc¡owcrc1 nowcrs na1c it ¡ossi||c to now
|awns ncat|y an1 o|tcn — oncc a wcck or norc Thc casicr it |ccanc to cut ,rass. thc hi,hcr our stan1ar1s
rosc ly now nany honcowncrs consi1cr any |awn a |ai|urc that 1ocsn’t |ook |ikc it cou|1 sustain a |cw ho|cs
o| ,o||” ¥ct is thc ¡cr|cct |awn c·cr rca||y attaina||c?
l Hcr|crt lornann. liana la|nori. an1 Cor1on T Cc|a||c. in Redesigning the American Lawn. su,,cst an
cnincnt|y scnsi||c a|tcrnati·c — thc lrcc1on lawn. a 1oncsticatc1 ·ariant o| thc ¡rairics an1 nca1ows that
¡rccc1c1 thc ln1ustria| lawn Thc |o,ic is sin¡|c thc lrcc1on lawn a|sor|s thc cncny rathcr than cra1icatin,
it As wi|1||owcr. hcr|. an1 wcc1 scc1s ,crninatc in thc |awn. thcy arc incor¡oratc1 into thc |an1sca¡c as |on,
as thcy can to|cratc thc occasiona| whirrin, ||a1cs o| thc |awnnowcr in arcas that arc nowc1 Thc rcsi1cnt
,ains |rcc1on |ron a|| thc |awn carc an1 a|| thc |awn carc ¡ro1ucts ly |cin, in tunc with its natura|
surroun1in,s. thc lrcc1on lawn ,ocs co|1 turkcy on chcnica|s ln \i||or1. Connccticut. u¡ to |i·c |oca|
rcsi1cnts arc rcco,nizc1 c·cry ycar |or ha·in, thc |cst lrcc1on lawns Thc ¡u1,cs |ook |or chcnica||rcc |awns
that contain a 1i·crsity o| ¡|ant s¡ccics. ¡atchcs o| |orcst or nca1ow. |ir1 |cc1crs an1 |ir1|aths. an1 thc
¡rcscncc o| ,ra·c| 1ri·cways that a||ow rainwatcr to sink into thc soi| rathcr than run o|| into thc strcct
¥ou can sur| thc wc| |or 1ozcns o| othcr i1cas on how to crcatc a|tcrnati·c |an1sca¡cs hc1,cs with c1i||c
|crrics. ¡crcnnia| ,ar1cns with nati·c wi|1||owcrs. |rick courtyar1s. an1 niniorchar1s with 1war| |ruit trccs
Oncc you 1cc|arc in1c¡cn1cncc |ron thc ln1ustria| lawn. a ncw nci,h|orhoo1 cthic cou|1 c|c·atc |an1sca¡in,
to hi,hcr |c·c|s Think a|out it — wou|1 you rathcr |i|| your cn·ironncnt with ¡cstici1cs or cat a |ow||u| o|
lin, chcrrics? \ou|1 you rathcr now thc |awn or ,o hikin, with ,oo1 |ricn1s?
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
Village Homes: A Time-tested Glimpse of Superbia
lct’s |ook at two cxan¡|cs o| :u¡cr|ia!. whcrc thc ¡rinci¡|cs o| this cha¡tcr ha·c |ccn wc|| a¡¡|ic1 an1 thc
|ui|1in, ||ocks corrcct|y asscn||c1 \y ila·c’s) |a·oritc nci,h|orhoo1s|y1csi,n arc \i||a,c Honcs in
la·is. Ca|i|ornia. an1 Harnony \i||a,c. in Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. whcrc l |i·c ln |act. sccin, an1 cx¡cricncin, thc
“insi1c out” sha¡c o| \i||a,c Honcs was a ¡rinary stinu|ant |or ny ¡oinin, thc cohousin, ,rou¡ that |atcr
|ccanc Harnony \i||a,c
lathcr than |acin, thc strcct. thc houscs at \i||a,c Honcs |acc ,rccns. ,ar1cns. an1 wa|kways. as in nany
su|ur|an ¡rototy¡cs |ui|t in thc car|y +ooos Thcrc is a sna|| ¡ri·atc s¡acc in |ctwccn cach housc an1 thc
|ow·o|unc strcct lccausc ¡ri·atc yar1s arc con¡arati·c|y sna||. thcrc arc a|nost twicc as nany houscs ¡cr
acrc at \i||a,c Honcs as in surroun1in, nci,h|orhoo1s. |ut rcsi1cnts arc contcnt to tra1c ¡ri·atc s¡acc |or
¡u||ic cach housc o¡cns onto connon arcas whcrc ¡co¡|c can ncct onc anothcr in|orna||y Thcrc arc nany
s¡ontancous ¡ot|ucks that ha¡¡cn whcn sonconc ¡osts an oran,c ||a, in thc connon arca an1 thosc
intcrcstc1 in ¡oinin, thc ,rou¡ ,athcr |or 1inncr
C|osc to ¸o ycars into its |i|c as a |i·a||c su|ur|an
connunity. \i||a,c Honcs attracts |ui|1crs |ron a|| o·cr thc
wor|1 lcsi,ncrrcsi1cnt \ichac| Cor|ctt naintains. “\c 1on’t
·icw \i||a,c Honcs as an i1ca| \c ¡ust scc it as a stc¡ in thc
ri,ht 1ircction” Nothin,’s ¡cr|cct. |ut thcrc arc nany
in1ications that \i||a,c Honcs nust |c crcatin, a scnsc o|
connunity an1 rcsi1cnt satis|action A|thou,h thc houscs arc
sna||cr than a·cra,c. thc ·a|uc ¡cr scuarc |oot is hi,hcr
Turno·cr is nuch |owcr than a·cra,c. |ut whcn honcs 1o ,o on
thc narkct. thcy sc|| innc1iatc|y Crinc is nuch |owcr in thc
nci,h|orhoo1. too. la·is ¡o|icc cstinatc it’s on|y tcn ¡crccnt o|
thc city’s a·cra,c
\hcn \ichac| an1 lu1y Cor|ctt 1cci1c1 to 1c·c|o¡ \i||a,c
Honcs. thcir ¡rinary |ocus was to |ui|1 connunity To 1o that.
thcy arran,c1 |or sharc1 owncrshi¡ o| connon arcas an1
connon s¡accs. sharc1 |aun1ry s¡acc |or sonc units.
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
4.5: In Village Homes, many different kinds of public space are connected by pedestrian
and bike paths. Credit: Michael and Judy Corbett.
connunity ,ar1cns. an1 connunity |ruit an1 nut trccs an1
·incyar1s Thcy na1c ¡co¡|c norc in¡ortant than cars Thc
nci,h|orhoo1’s cxtcnsi·c nctwork o| wa|kways nakcs it casy to
|ikc to work an1 wa|k |or cxcrcisc an1 acccss to nci,h|ors
\hcn thc city o| la·is connissionc1 a stu1y con¡arin, \i||a,c
Honcs with surroun1in, 1c·c|o¡ncnts. it |oun1 that rcsi1cnts
o| \i||a,c Honcs. on a·cra,c. kncw ¡. o| thc ¡co¡|c in thcir
nci,h|orhoo1 wc|| ithcrc arc .¡o houscs in \i||a,c Honcs).
whi|c in othcr 1c·c|o¡ncnts. thc a·cra,c was on|y +-
\i||a,c Honcs con|incs cncr,y conscr·ation with so|ar
cncr,y A|| o| thc houscs ha·c 6o ¡crccnt or norc o| thcir
win1ows on thc south si1c Throu,hout thc nci,h|orhoo1.
so|ar cncr,y satis|ics a|out twothir1s o| hcat ncc1s. an1 |i||s
a·cra,c a|out ha|| thosc o| surroun1in, 1c·c|o¡ncnts
lach housc has |asic so|ar |caturcs such as an o·crhan, on
thc south |aca1c iwhich sha1cs thc housc in thc sunncr. |ut
a||ows sun in 1urin, thc wintcr). concrctc s|a| construction to
storc an1 rc|casc so|ar hcat. an1 cxtra insu|ation in thc roo|
\any honcs ha·c so|ar hotwatcr systcns with co||cctor ¡anc|s on thc roo|. an1 sonc honcs ha·c unicuc
1csi,ns to co||cct thc sun’s hcat lor cxan¡|c. thc Cor|ctts’ housc has a s|i1in, ¡anc| un1cr a sky|i,ht that’s
nanua||y o¡cnc1 with a ¡u||cy in thc 1aytinc an1 c|osc1 at ni,ht
\hat rca||y struck a ¡ositi·c chor1 with nc was thc c1i||c |an1sca¡c l ·isitc1 thc connunity whcn thc
chcrrics wcrc in scason an1 wa|kc1 on thc ·i||a,c ¡aths with a sni|c on ny |acc an1 chcrry ¡uicc on ny |in,crs
Thc Cor|ctts ¡|antc1 a ·incyar1 an1 sc·cra| orchar1s that ha·c now naturc1. ¡ro1ucin, a|non1s. chcrrics.
¡cachcs. ¡cars. ¡crsinnons. an1 ¡|uns Thc |ruit that is not har·cstc1 |y rcsi1cnts i|rcc o| char,c) is so|1 to
|oca| narkcts lro|its ,o into thc naintcnancc |un1. which ¡ays |or sc·cra| |u||tinc. |i·cin ,ar1cncrs
Houscs arc |ai1 out in c|ustcrs o| ci,ht to crcatc a |cc|in, o| nci,h|or|incss lcsi1cnts choosc thc |caturcs
thcy want in thcir connon arcas. ty¡ica||y ¡uttin, in ,rass. shru||cry. san1|oxcs. |irc ¡its. ,ar1cns. an1
|cnchcs A|| thc connon arcas initia||y inc|u1c1 |ruit|carin, trccs an1 shru|s Accor1in, to \ichac|. “A||
4.6: Most of the homes and common buildings at Village Homes have good solar
orientation. Credit: Bill Browning, Rocky Mountain Institute.
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
thcsc ycars. wc’·c on|y ha1 onc 1isa,rccncnt anon, nci,h|ors
a|out how thc connon s¡acc in a c|ustcr shou|1 |c usc1 ln
that casc. sincc sc·cn othcr houscho|1s wantc1 ,ar1cn s¡acc. thc
ci,hth houscho|1 wcnt a|on,”
Thc Cor|ctts wcnt to |at to ¡rotcct two 1csi,n concc¡ts
that ha·c rca||y ¡ai1 o|| in cua|ity o| |i|c narrow strccts an1
natura|. onthcsur|acc. storn watcr co||cction
Thc city ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt was not cnthusiastic a|out
strccts that wou|1 |c .o to .6 |cct wi1c. rathcr than thc stan1ar1
¡¡ to ¸. |cct. |ccausc it ¡ust wasn’t normal A thorou,h ¡o| o|
rcscarchin, an1 ¡rcscntin, thc |cnc|its o| narrow roa1s |ina||y
won a¡¡ro·a| |ron thc ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt Thc Cor|ctts an1
thcir co||ca,ucs |rou,ht nany luro¡can cxan¡|cs to thc ta||c.
ar,uin, that narrow roa1s arc sa|cr. chca¡cr. cuictcr. an1
ncasura||y coo|cr Thc air tcn¡craturc o·cr a narrow strcct is
+o to +¸ 1c,rccs lahrcnhcit |owcr than that in surroun1in,
nci,h|orhoo1s 1urin, thc hot sunncr nonths |ccausc thc
narrowcr strccts ha·c |css hcata|sor|in, nass. an1 trccs sha1c
norc o| thc strcct arca than thcy wou|1 in a ty¡ica| 1c·c|o¡ncnt
Thc |irc 1c¡artncnt a|so |a|kc1 unti| a ncn|cr o| city
counci| su,,cstc1 thcrc |c a thrcc|oot cascncnt on cithcr si1c o| thc roa1 that cou|1 |c |an1sca¡c1 |ut 1ri·cn
o·cr in an cncr,cncy lu1y to|1 us. “\c askc1 thc |irc 1c¡artncnt to |rin, thcir trucks out an1 show us what
thcy ncc1c1 to 1o Thcy wantc1 two trucks to |c a||c to ,ct ¡ast cach othcr. with 1oors o¡cn lut wc arran,c1
an cascncnt that |ina||y satis|ic1 thcn l| a |irc occurs. thcy can 1ri·c o·cr thc |an1sca¡c1 arca on cithcr si1c
o| thc narrow roa1”
lt wasn’t casy to ,ct a|o·c,roun1 storn watcr 1raina,c a¡¡ro·c1 cithcr. |ut ¡crsistcncc ¡ai1 1i·i1cn1s ln
¡|acc o| storn scwcrs. a nctwork o| 1raina,c “swa|cs” or 1itchcs runs throu,hout thc nci,h|orhoo1. ca¡a||c
o| han1|in, c·cn thc hca·icst 1own¡ours ln thc ty¡ica| su|1i·ision. |ots arc ,ra1c1 towar1 thc strcct. |ut at
\i||a,c Honcs. watcr actua||y runs o|| |oth housc roo|s an1 strccts into thc 1itchcs an1 thcn into rctcntion
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
4.7: Within the larger neighborhood at Village Homes, there are smaller sub-
neighborhoods created intentionally by clustering eight homes around a common area.
Credit: Bill Browning, Rocky Mountain Institute.
A·oi1in, thc insta||ation o| scwcrs sa·c1 hun1rc1s o| 1o||ars ¡cr housc. an1
·a|ua||c rainwatcr is a|sor|c1 |or usc in thc |an1sca¡c Thc rock|inc1 1itchcs irri,atc
trccs an1 shru|s that ¡ro·i1c sha1c. |oo1. an1 ha|itat |or nuskrats. 1ucks. an1 nany
othcr s¡ccics o| |ir1s ln |act. thc city o| la·is has sonctincs 1i·crtc1 ||oo1watcrs into
\i||a,c Honcs |ccausc thc systcn works so wc||
At \i||a,c Honcs. an cx¡crincnt in chan,in, thc sha¡c o| a nci,h|orhoo1 has |ccn
cxtrcnc|y succcss|u| ¥ou can a¡¡|y nany o| thc |cssons |carnc1 thcrc in thc crcation
o| :u¡cr|ia!
Designing it Ourselves in Cohousing
A |un¡cr stickcr 1istri|utc1 |y thc Cohousin, Nctwork rca1s. “Cohousin, Crcatin,
a |cttcr socicty onc nci,h|orhoo1 at a tinc” That’s an an|itious ,oa|. |ut cu|tura|
chan,c has to start soncwhcrc
:o what is cohousin,?
\on1cr|an1 Hi|| lc·c|o¡ncnt Con¡any. a Co|ora1o con¡any that s¡ccia|izcs in
cohousin, connunitics. 1cscri|cs it on thcir wc|sitc iwwwwh1ccon) as
:na||sca|c nci,h|orhoo1s crcatc1 with rcsi1cnt ¡artici¡ation which ¡ro·i1c a |a|ancc |ctwccn ¡crsona| ¡ri·acy
an1 |i|c in a c|oscknit connunity o| nci,h|ors ln1i·i1ua| honcs cn¡oy con·cnicnt acccss to sharc1 s¡acc.
inc|u1in, a “connon housc” with |aci|itics such as a kitchcn. 1inin, roon. ¡|ay roon |or chi|1rcn. worksho¡s.
,ucst roons. o||icc s¡acc. a sittin, arca an1 |aun1ry lach honc is sc||su||icicnt with a con¡|ctc kitchcn. |ut
ty¡ica||y. o¡tiona| rcsi1cntcookc1 nca|s in thc connon housc arc o||crc1 sc·cra| tincs a wcck
Cohousin, was in¡ortc1 |ron lcnnark in thc +oïos |y architccts Chuck lurrctt an1 latic \cCanant.
thc ¡ionccrs o| thc Ancrican cohousin, connunity Thc |irst cohousin, connunity in thc U:. \uir
Connons in la·is. Ca|i|ornia. was con¡|ctc1 in +oo+ :incc thcn. ,rowth has |ccn cx¡oncntia| Thcrc arc
a|rca1y norc than -o cohousin, nci,h|orhoo1s |ui|t in thc U:. with +oo or norc in ¡roccss \ithin a |cw
ycars. at |cast Ancricans wi|| |c |i·in, in thcsc “1oitoursc|·cs” nci,h|orhoo1s. cx¡crincntin, with
|oth ¡hysica| an1 socia| inno·ations
4.8: Developers Michael and Judy Corbett created
drainage “swales” to capture rainwater and use it on-site,
rather than channeling it into storm sewers. Credit:
Michael and Judy Corbett.
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
What Makes Cohousing Unique?
+ lcsi1cnt ¡artici¡ation in thc crcation o| thc nci,h|orhoo1
. A 1csi,n that cncoura,cs connunity intcraction
¸ lxtcnsi·c connon |aci|itics su¡¡|cncntin, ¡ri·atc honcs
¡ lcsi1cnt nana,cncnt o| thc connunity
¸ Nonhicrarchica| 1ccision nakin, inost 1ccisions arc na1c |y conscnsus)
:ourcc Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves |y latic \cCanant. Char|cs lurrctt. an1 l||cn Hcrtznan
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Cohousin, crcatcs a scnsc o| connunity |ccausc rcsi1cnts
|ocus on ¡ro¡ccts an1 issucs that c·cryonc has in connon \y
nci,h|or. lin1a \orswick. conncnts. “¥ou can ha·c a|| thc
architccts. ¡|anncrs. an1 cn,inccrs in thc wor|1 try to 1csi,n
‘connunity.’ |ut how 1o you cn,inccr thc socia| |a|ric? lt’s thc
un1cr|yin, intcnt an1 sharc1 cx¡cricncc that 1ocs it”
ly crcatin, a socia| nctwork that |ocuscs on connon ,oa|s
— whcthcr it’s o¡¡osition to a ncw na|| or crcation o| a
connunity ,ar1cn — su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s can a|so crcatc
socia| |a|ric l·cn in thc ¡ri·atc rca|ns o| su|ur|ia. c|1cr
nci,h|ors nay |ook out thc 1oor a|tcr a snowstorn an1 1isco·cr
that an anonynous sho·c|cr has c|canc1 an1 san1c1 thcir wa|ks.
as |rccucnt|y ha¡¡cns in cohousin, \hcn nci,h|orhoo1 ki1s
arc skatc|oar1in, in a 1an,crous ¡|acc. thcy’|| hcar a|out it |ron
any o| us
lart|y |ccausc o| a 1cnonstratc1 a|i|ity to |u||i|| a 1csirc |or
connunity. cohousin, is achic·in, nainstrcan accc¡tancc A
|ricn1 ca||c1 not too |on, a,o to tc|| nc hc’1 sccn a short ·i1co
4.9: At Harmony Village, a common green creates the comfortable feeling of an outdoor
room. Credit: Dave Wann.
a|out Harnony \i||a,c on a Unitc1 Air|incs in||i,ht ¡ro,ran
\ay|c thc |cst in1icator o| cohousin,’s har1won |c,itinacy is
that ny nothcr tc||s hcr |ri1,c an1 church |u11ics what’s ,oin,
on at Harnony \i||a,c — a 1c¡arturc |ron ny car|y ycars in thc
connunity whcn shc was a|rai1 thcy’1 ask how nany wi·cs l ha1
\irtua||y a|| o| thc i1cas an1 a¡¡roachcs wc ¡ro¡osc in this
|ook ha·c |ccn usc1 in onc cohousin, connunity or anothcr to
crcatc nci,h|orhoo1s|y1csi,n \hi|c nost cohousin, in·o|·cs
ncw construction. thcrc arc a han1|u| o| cohousin, connunitics
that ha·c a1a¡tc1 cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1s. such as OnCoin,
Conccrns Cohousin, in Orc,on an1 N :trcct Cohousin, in
Ca|i|ornia Thcy’rc rc|crrc1 to as retrofit cohousing
The Design Process at Harmony Village
Harnony \i||a,c |c,an as a 1rcan o| architcct \att \orswick
an1 his wi|c. lin1a. in thc car|y +ooos ly thc tinc l ¡oinc1 thc
,rou¡ in +oo¸. a |ot o| i1cas as wc|| as ¡ros¡ccti·c ncn|crs ha1
conc an1 ,onc :ix or sc·cn corc houscho|1s continuc1 to ncct c·cry nonth. c·cn thou,h wc ha1n’t yct
|oun1 thc ¡cr|cct ¡iccc o| |an1 on which to |ui|1 thc 1rcan nci,h|orhoo1 Thc |on,cr wc wcrc ncn|crs. thc
norc o| a |inancia| connitncnt wc ha1 to nakc lron an initia| $.¸ a houscho|1 — csscntia||y ¡ctty cash to
nai| in|ornation to ¡otcntia| ncw ncn|crs — wc stairstc¡¡c1 u¡ to thc $ a houscho|1 that wou|1
rcscr·c a housc in thc connunity
\any o| thc car|y ncctin,s wcrc ·isionin, scssions \c ,ot to know cach othcr throu,h cxcrciscs in
which wc 1cscri|c1 what wc |ikc1 to 1o or ina,inc1 how thc ncw nci,h|orhoo1’s |aci|itics cou|1
acconno1atc our ¡assions. ski||s. an1 ¡hysica| ncc1s Onc ncn|cr wantc1 an o¡cn |ic|1 |i, cnou,h |or
throwin, a lris|cc. anothcr wantc1 thc connon housc kitchcn to |c ccui¡¡c1 with |ui|tin rccyc|in, |ins l
cou|1n’t sto¡ thinkin, an1 ta|kin, a|out a ,ar1cn whcrc wc cou|1 work to,cthcr ,rowin, hca|thy |oo1
Thcsc scssions na1c c·cn a s|owno·in, ¡roccss cxcitin, At onc |rainstornin, rctrcat wc ina,inc1 how
thc ¡icccs wou|1 |it to,cthcr ¡c1cstrian wa|kways. connunity ,ar1cn. ¡|ay,roun1s. an1 ·arious roons in thc
4.10: Harmony Village has 27 private residences as well as community assets like a
common house, workshop, and community garden. Credit: Dave Wann.
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
Harmony Design Criteria
• Oua|ity construction¹low naintcnancc • lro1uction construction
• lncr,y c||icicncy¹lassi·c so|ar architccturc • \arnth
• A||or1a|i|ity • Coo1 ·icws
• O¡cn. s¡acious |cc| to houscs
• :outhwcstcrn architccturc Landscapes
• lu||ic¹lri·atc |a|ancc • looks ,rcat
• \arkcta|i|ity. or rcsa|c ·a|uc • lntc,ratcs¹Uni|ics ¡hysica| an1 socia| as¡ccts o| thc connunity
• l|cxi|i|ity o| |unctions |or 1i||crcnt s¡accs • lro·i1cs intcr|acc with thc natura| cn·ironncnt
• Oua|ity 1ay|i,htin, • A||or1a|i|ity
• lx¡an1a|i|ity • low naintcnancc
• ln·ironncnta||y rcs¡onsi||c natcria|s • ln·ironncnta||y conscious
• :in¡|icity
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
connon housc :incc wc ha1 a|rca1y a,rcc1 thc architccturc wou|1 |c southwcstcrn. wc ina,inc1 thc to||in,
o| a nission |c|| in a :anta lcsty|c |c|| towcr :c·cn or ci,ht ycars |atcr. that ina,inary |c|| has a ·cry rca|
c|an,. an1 ki1s |o·c to ¡u|| thc ro¡c an1 rin, it :a|·a,c1 |ron an o|1 |arn whcrc onc o| thc ncn|crs ,rcw
u¡. thc nassi·c |c|| ca||s nci,h|ors to,cthcr |or nca|s. ncctin,s. an1 cc|c|rations
Our initia| scarch |or |an1 was soncwhat |rustratin,. |ut onc 1ay. as two o| us wcrc 1ri·in, aroun1 thc
,rou¡’s ¡rinary “arcas o| intcrcst.” l ,ot thc i1ca o| ,oin, to thc City o| Co|1cn’s ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt to
ask a|out o¡cn ¡arcc|s o| |an1 within city |inits l’1 s¡cnt .o ycars connutin, |ron a rura|. |c1roon
connunity. an1 l wantc1 to |i·c within wa|kin, 1istancc o| thin,s l ncc1c1 Thc ¡ro¡crty wc |oun1 that 1ay
was a ,i|t |ron thc cohousin, ,o1s |ccausc it ha1 a rura| |cc| icon¡|ctc with coyotcs an1 ,rcat hornc1 ow|s).
|ut was on|y ci,ht ||ocks away |ron a ,rcat |itt|c 1owntown \c cou|1 ho¡ on a |icyc|c to a·oi1 |urnin, a
cuart o| ,aso|inc to ¡ick u¡ a cuart o| ni|k On this ¡iccc o| |an1 wc cou|1 crcatc a sna|| connunity within
a |ar,cr onc
A|tcr s¡cn1in, a |u|| ncctin, at thc sitc. wc |c,an our 1csi,n
¡roccss in carncst Ncw ncn|crs ¡oinc1 cnthusiastica||y now
that wc ha1 a |cauti|u| ¡iccc o| ,roun1 :tc¡|ystc¡ wc crcatc1
a |ist o| 1csi,n critcria |or honcs an1 |an1sca¡cs to ,ui1c our
thinkin, as wc cocrcatc1 thc |caturcs o| our connunity
\c |istc1 “¡ro1uction construction” — which rc|crs to thc
a|i|ity to usc con·cntiona|. ccononica| |ui|1in, tcchnicucs — as
a critcrion |ccausc. a|tcr runnin, thc nun|crs. wc rca|izc1 that
our ncn|crs cou|1 not a||or1 custonizc1 su|ur|an cast|cs
Howc·cr. that sti¡u|ation a|so ru|c1 out houscs |ui|t |ron a1o|c
|ccausc thcy wou|1 takc too |on, to |ui|1 an1 cost too nuch \c
|ocusc1 instca1 on 1csi,ns an1 a¡¡roachcs that ¡ushc1 thc
cn·c|o¡c o| con·cntiona| construction \c usc1 cncr,yc||icicnt.
|ow hcatcnissi·ity i“|owl”) win1ows. c||icicnt a¡¡|ianccs.
cc||u|osc insu|ation na1c |ron rccyc|c1 ncws¡a¡crs. con¡act
||uorcsccnt |u||s. watcrconscr·in, ¡|un|in, |ixturcs. nontoxic
¡aints an1 car¡cts. ti|cs na1c |ron rccyc|c1 natcria|s. an1 othcr
rca1i|y a·ai|a||c ¡ro1ucts A|thou,h wc 1i1n’t insta|| so|ar hot
watcr hcatin, in thc honcs at this ¡oint. wc |rou,ht thc
¡|un|in, |or it to thc roo|s so it wou|1 |c casy to insta|| so|ar ¡anc|s |atcr
lc|orc wc no·c1 in wc |ornc1 a “ti|in, coo¡crati·c.” in thc s¡irit o| an o|1|ashionc1 |arn raisin,. to hc|¡
cach othcr |ay ||oor ti|cs lrcssc1 in kncc¡a1s an1 nortars¡attcrc1 c|othin,. wc wcrc o|tcn sti|| u¡ at
ni1ni,ht. washin, out ,rout |uckcts \c |ai1 thousan1s o| hcatrctainin, southwcstcrn ti|cs |c|orc wc hun,
u¡ our trowc|s lart|y to honor our har1 work. a connunity custon was |orn in thosc car|y 1ays — wc
rcno·c our shocs whcn cntcrin, a nci,h|or’s housc or thc connon housc
\ith chain saws in han1. a sna|| |an1 o| |uturc nci,h|ors carric1 out anothcr coo¡crati·c ¡ro¡cct
thinnin, a nountain |orcst ownc1 |y thc ¡ro¡cct su¡crintcn1cnt in or1cr to har·cst |o,s |or thc rustic |ront
¡orchcs \hi|c wc wcrc out ha·in, |un. wc a|so sa·c1 thc ¡ro¡cct at |cast $
A|tcr sccin, what a |i, chunk o| thc |u1,ct was ,oin, to |an1sca¡in,. wc |ornc1 a |an1sca¡in, tcan to
1csi,n watcrconscr·in, tur| an1 ||owcr |c1s an1 to s¡cci|y trccs an1 shru|s that wcrc har1y cnou,h to
4.11: Six years after Harmony’s co-designers moved in, the landscape is maturing.
Residents pick up mail at the common house, shown in the background.
Credit: Dave Wann.
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
sur·i·c Co|ora1o’s un¡rc1icta||c wcathcr \c sa·c1 thc ¡ro¡cct
anothcr $ |y 1oin, thc |an1sca¡in, ¡|an oursc|·cs. ,i·in,
us a scnsc o| rcs¡onsi|i|ity |or thc |an1sca¡c
\c 1c|i|cratc1 |or nany hours a|out thc 1csi,n o| thc
¡c1cstrian wa|kway \c wantc1 it to |ook an1 |cc| norc
“cuaint” than ¡ourc1 concrctc. |ut |ui|1in, co1cs rccuirc1 that
thc natcria|s |c a||c to acconno1atc |irc trucks an1 othcr
cncr,cncy ·chic|cs \c |ornc1 su|,rou¡s to rcscarch roa1 |asc
an1 ¡a·in, a|tcrnati·cs. an1 |ina||y rcachc1 a worka||c 1ccision
wc wou|1 |ay concrctc wa|kways at |irst. |ut |atcr wou|1 |ay
|ricks on to¡ :ix ycars |atcr wc workc1 to,cthcr |or +o or +.
·cry hot sunncr wcckcn1s to |ay |ricks \hat a
1i||crcncc! lt was |ikc a ||owcr’s ||oonin,
Ty¡ica||y. 1c·c|o¡crs a¡¡roach a ¡ro¡cct with a “c|cans|atc”
ncnta|ity that |ca·cs |cw natura| |caturcs on sitc. |ut wc took
cxtra carc to ¡rcscr·c a row o| hu,c cottonwoo1s that rc1ucc1
thc ncc1 |or air con1itionin, an1 ¡ro·i1c1 ha|itat |or |ir1s.
scuirrc|s. an1 a1·cnturous cats
\c kc¡t cars out o| thc ·i||a,c ccntcr. instca1 ¡arkin, thcn
in connon ¡arkin, |ots. car¡orts. an1 ,ara,cs A|thou,h it’s a ra1ica| 1c¡arturc |ron thc su|ur|an norn. this
has |ccn onc o| thc nost ¡|casant |caturcs o| a|| Thcrc’s a scnsc o| ca|nncss in thc ccntcr o| thc
nci,h|orhoo1. |ikc a trancui| courtyar1 in a co||c,c can¡us — cxcc¡t. o| coursc. whcn a socccr ,anc or a
wc11in, rccc¡tion is in ¡ro,rcss
\c cuick|y |ccanc accustonc1 to carryin, ,roccrics to thc housc an1 ¡urchasc1 sc·cra| 1ura||c carts |or
that chorc \c o|tcn cross ¡aths with nci,h|ors as wc wa|k |ron thc car to our honc. s¡ontancous
con·crsations |ca1 to |a|ysittin, arran,cncnts or a,rccncnts to cook a connon nca| to,cthcr thc |o||owin,
wcck ln a11ition to a ·cry noticca||c rc1uction in car noisc an1 in |an1 rccuirc1 |or in1i·i1ua| ¡arkin,. wc’·c
a|so in¡ro·c1 thc air cua|ity in our honcs |ccausc wc’rc not |i·in, a|o·c or ncxt to ·chic|crc|atc1 |uncs
\hcn ,ucsts conc |ron out o| town. thcy can stay in thc ,ucst roon at thc connon housc. which nakcs
|cttcr usc o| thc s¡acc in cach housc \c ha·c a hot tu| on thc ||at roo| o| thc connon housc. a |ar,cscrccn
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
4.12: It took most of the summer of 2001 to overlay 60,000 bricks to make Harmony’s
concrete pathway come to life. It was literally a community sweat equity project, as
temperatures often soared above 95 degrees. Credit: Dave Wann.
T\ in thc |ascncnt rccrcation arca. an1 a |cw roons |or ki1s l|
you want to ho|1 a |usincss ncctin, or a ¡arty in thc connon
housc. you ¡ust schc1u|c it on thc ca|cn1ar Thc roo| 1cck is a
rcsourcc that l’n ·cry cxcitc1 a|out. thou,h so |ar it hasn’t
rca||y |ccn usc1 nuch l can ina,inc sna|| conccrts an1 |ccturcs
u¡ thcrc. an1 connon nca|s. too
A nci,h|orhoo1 ncws|cttcr kcc¡s connunity ncn|crs u¡
to1atc on onc anothcr’s acti·itics. con·ictions. an1 as¡irations
Onc ncnora||c artic|c 1ctai|c1 thc |in1in,s o| scnior citizcn an1
rctirc1 c|cr,ynan \acon Cow|cs. who has s¡cnt a |i|ctinc
a1·ocatin, ¡ositi·c chan,cs \acon carc|u||y na1c notc o| thc
anount o| c|cctricity consunc1 whcn his intcrior |i,hts wcrc not
1innc1. consu|tin, thc nctcr outsi1c his |ront 1oor Thcn hc
wcnt insi1c. 1innc1 thc |i,hts that ha1 rhcostats on thcn. an1
o|scr·c1 a si,ni|icant 1i||crcncc in unwastc1 watts A|tcr
¡rcscntin, thc ¡otcntia| sa·in,s in noncy. |uc|. an1 car|on 1ioxi1c
cnissions. \acon ur,c1 his nci,h|ors to “lin it. 1ann it”
\hcn thc connunity was con¡|ctc1 in \ay +oo-. it
innc1iatc|y rccci·c1 thc Nationa| lui|1in, lnno·ation Awar1.
¡rcscntc1 |y thc assistant sccrctary |or Housin, :u¡crior
insu|ation il+o.¸ wa||s an1 l¸ï¸o cci|in,s) an1 a1·ancc1 air
sca|in, tcchnicucs hc|¡ Harnony achic·c an a·cra,c lncr,y :tar
ratin, o| o+ — a so|i1 |i·cstar ratin, that sa·cs cach houscho|1
an a·cra,c o| $.¸o ¡cr ycar o·cr con·cntiona| honcs
4.13 & 4.14: The community green, planted in water-conservative fescue grass, is a
great place to have outdoor meetings. In the first picture, a neighbor announces
he’s going to have his wedding reception at Harmony. A few months later (below),
the reception is in high gear. Credit: Dave Wann.
How to Remodel a Neighborhood
O|·ious|y thc “har1warc” |ostcrs sustaina|i|ity. |ut so 1ocs thc “so|twarc” Onc i1ca wc arc acti·c|y
1iscussin, is an c||ccti·c. |usincss|ikc. carsharin, coo¡crati·c ln an cra with hi,h ¡crccnta,cs o| athonc
workcrs an1 rctirc1 ¡co¡|c. an1 a ,ra1ua| rccncr,cncc o| ¡u||ic trans¡ortation. sonc Harnony rcsi1cnts
won1cr why wc can’t ,ct aroun1 in |cwcr cars \c a|rca1y ha·c an in|orna| nctwork o| car an1 ¡icku¡ truck
|cn1in,. an1 a ·cry su¡¡orti·c a¡¡roach to trans¡ortation “\hcn you ncc1 to ¡ick your car u¡ |ron thc sho¡.
¡ust wa|k aroun1 thc nci,h|orhoo1 an1 scc who’s aroun1 to ,ct you thcrc.” says lonathan lanic|. a rcntcr in
thc connunity
l’·c nc·cr |ccn a ,rcat |an o| thc tcrn “cohousin,.” ¡rc|crrin, a norc |itcra| trans|ation |ron lanish.
“|i·in, connunity” At its |cst. a sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1 rcscn||cs a |i·in, systcn in which a|| rcsourccs
— hunan. natura|. an1 ccononic — arc intcr1c¡cn1cnt an1 1raw strcn,th |ron cach othcr likc naturc.
nost cohousin, connunitics arc 1i·crsc an1 ||cxi||c. thou,h thc co||ccti·c 1ccisionnakin, ¡roccss is at
tincs cun|crsonc
¥ct cach ncctin,. cach hour o| ·o|untccrc1 work. is anothcr stitch in thc nci,h|orhoo1 |a|ric |ccausc
wc’rc workin, on ¡ro¡ccts that arc nutua||y |cnc|icia| \c |c|ic·c that with a |itt|c 1ctcrnination an1 a |ot o|
¡aticncc thc ty¡ica| su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1 cou|1 a|so |cconc a |i·in, connunity ln thc ncxt thrcc cha¡tcrs.
lan wi|| show you how your 1rcans ni,ht un|o|1
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Even the longest journey is begun with a single step.
Germination: First Steps
HlOUCHOUT THl \Olll. ¡co¡|c |ikc you arc |ui|1in, nci,h|orhoo1s that arc hc|¡in, thcn achic·c what
thcy tru|y want conncction. rcs¡onsi|i|ity. an1 c|oscncss Cohousin,. 1cscri|c1 in Cha¡tcr ¡. is onc o|
thc |cst cxan¡|cs o| this cxcitin, no·cncnt Howc·cr. not a|| o| us can sc|| our honcs an1 |orn a
cohousin, connunity — an1 not a|| o| us want to! lor onc rcason or anothcr. wc arc tic1 to our honcs in
su|ur|ia A|thou,h our nci,h|orhoo1s nay |c |css than o¡tina|. wc can sti|| cn¡oy thc ,oo1 |i|c cohouscrs
an1 othcrs |ikc thcn arc crcatin, |or thcnsc|·cs
ly rcin·cntin, thc ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s whcrc wc |i·c in ways that |ostcr norc socia||y.
ccononica||y. an1 cn·ironncnta||y sustaina||c |i|csty|cs ly trans|ornin, our nci,h|orhoo1s with i1cas that
arc kcy to thc succcss o| cohousin, connunitics
A|thou,h sonc o| thc stc¡s |or rcnakin, ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s nay a¡¡car un|ikc|y or
in¡ossi||c — |or cxan¡|c. tcarin, 1own |ackyar1 |cnccs to crcatc a connon arca — i| you start sna||. arc
¡aticnt. an1 work coo¡crati·c|y. you can succcc1 ¥ou nay |in1 that nany i1cas wc sharc with you |ca1
natura||y to othcr i1cas Oncc you start thc ¡roccss. a natura| noncntun shou|1 1c·c|o¡ that wi|| carry you
an1 your nci,h|ors a|on, an c·o|utionary ¡ath towar1 a ncw an1 norc |u||i||in, cxistcncc
A Journey of the Imagination
ln thc ncxt thrcc cha¡tcrs wc takc you on a ¡ourncy o| thc ina,ination. a ·oya,c o| ¡ossi|i|ity. in a |ictitious
nci,h|orhoo1 inha|itc1 |y ¡co¡|c |ikc you. who ycarn |or a |cttcr |i|c yct arcn’t awarc that thc answcr |ics at
thcir |in,crti¡s. or norc ¡rccisc|y. in thcir own hcarts an1 nin1s \c ho¡c this ¡ourncy wi|| o¡cn your nin1
to thc ¡ossi|i|itics o| ur|an an1 su|ur|an trans|ornation — an1 wi|| |c norc |un than a 1ry an1 1ctai|c1
rccitation o| thc stc¡s in·o|·c1 in no·in, towar1 a norc sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1 \c ho¡c that it wi|| a|so
show you how ¡|ausi||c thcsc i1cas arc
:o |ct’s |c,in
“lox lun” is a rc|ati·c|y ncw su|ur| with hun1rc1s u¡on hun1rc1s o| honcs |inc1 a|on, a nazc o|
¡a·cncnt that connccts ,ara,cs to |cc1cr hi,hways that ncr,c with su¡crhi,hways Thc su¡crhi,hways that
wcrc |ui|t to acconno1atc thc ncw ,rowth a|rca1y show si,ns o| o·crusc. cach 1ay thcy arc c|o,,c1 with
tra||ic as connutcrs nakc thcir way to an1 |ron thcir ¡|accs o| work. or as ¡arcnts shutt|c to an1 |ron thcir
honcs. |oca| schoo|s. ¡|ayin, |ic|1s. or thc ,roccry storc
Thc honcs in lox lun arc attracti·c. |ut thcrc is a nonotonous sancncss to thcn Onc nci,h|or ¡okc1
that. a|tcr hc no·c1 in. hc cou|1 on|y |in1 his housc |y ¡rcssin, thc ,ara,c 1oor o¡cncr as hc 1ro·c 1own thc
strcct to scc which 1oor o¡cnc1 ln lox lun you wi|| |in1 wi1c strccts. cx¡ansi·c ,rccn |awns. an1 ta|| woo1cn
|cnccs that cor1on o|| |ackyar1s |or naxinun ¡ri·acy
Thc su|1i·ision is ¡cacc|u| cnou,h nost o| thc tinc. |ut thcrc’s |itt|c conncction anon, rcsi1cnts :urc.
sonc nci,h|ors know onc anothcr. |ut |y an1 |ar,c thc intcractions arc ¡cr|unctory Thcn onc 1ay…
Sponsor Community Dinners
Tirc1 o| thc |onc|incss an1 iso|ation in hcr ncw lox lun honc. \arion lcnstc1. a stayathonc nothcr o|
two. has an i1ca \hat i| shc or,anizc1 a connunity 1inncr — actua||y a ¡icnic — an1 in·itc1 a|| hcr
nci,h|ors? :hc ca||s hcr hus|an1. lack. at work an1 thcn ¡honcs lu|ic. onc o| hcr on|y |ricn1s in thc
nci,h|orhoo1. an1 asks thcn thcir o¡inions loth |ikc thc i1ca “\hat 1o wc ha·c to |osc?” lack says
\ithout any norc 1c|i|cration. thc thrcc o| thcn sct a 1atc that works |or thcn
lc|orc 1ou|ts can crcc¡ in. \arion sits 1own at hcr con¡utcr an1 ¡rc¡arcs a ||ycr announcin, thc 1atc
an1 tinc |or thc 1inncr \ith thc ¡a¡cr sti|| warn |ron hcr ¡rintcr. shc ,ocs to cach o| thc houscs that |inc
thcir strcct. intro1ucin, hcrsc|| an1 han1in, out ||ycrs l| no onc is honc. which is o|tcn thc casc. shc wc1,cs
a ||ycr in thc |ront 1oor
That c·cnin,. \arion an1 lack’s ¡honc |c,ins to rin, as nci,h|ors ca|| u¡. ca,cr to ¡oin in lc|orc shc an1
hcr accon¡|iccs know it. ha|| thc |ani|ics in thc nci,h|orhoo1 i+.. to |c cxact) ha·c si,nc1 u¡ an1 connittc1
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
to |rin,in, a 1ish ¥ou an1 your |ani|y 1cci1c to ¡oin in ¥ou’·c
on|y |i·c1 in thc nci,h|orhoo1 a ycar or so. an1 you’·c |ccn
|on,in, to ncct your nci,h|ors. |ut thcrc nc·cr sccns to |c
cnou,h tinc This sccns |ikc a ¡cr|cct o¡¡ortunity to ,ct out
an1 ncct thc ¡co¡|c you scc 1ri·in, o|| to work as you 1rink
your co||cc at thc |rcak|ast ta||c
Connunity 1inncrs arc a ,rcat |irst stc¡ in crcatin,
connunity loo1 1raws ¡co¡|c |ikc a na,nct ilntcrcstin,|y. thc
wor1 companion |itcra||y ncans “with |rca1”) lcsi1cs |rin,in,
¡co¡|c to,cthcr. ¡ot|uck nca|s an1 nci,h|orhoo1 ¡icnics usua||y
intro1ucc ¡artici¡ants to a won1cr|u| assortncnt o| ncw |oo1s
l·cn norc in¡ortant |ron thc stan1¡oint o| connunity
1c·c|o¡ncnt. |ricn1shi¡s o|tcn cncr,c |ron casua| con·crsations
l·cn soncthin, as innoccnt as rcci¡c swa¡¡in, nay cook u¡ ncw
O·cr 1inncr. nci,h|ors cx¡|orc connon intcrcsts. ncw
|on1s |c,in to |orn with cach |itc A|tcr 1inncr. as a1u|ts
nin,|c. chi|1rcn ,athcr to ¡|ay lo||owin, ru|cs that rcnain a
nystcry to a1u|ts. thcy soon scattcr to thc |our corncrs in a
||urry o| acti·ity \ith ncw ¡|ay rc|ationshi¡s concs a11itiona|
connunity cohcsion
lnc·ita||y. as thc c·cnt win1s 1own. sonconc cx¡rcsscs a
1csirc to ha·c anothcr connunity 1inncr. nay|c c·cry nonth
or so … an1 |c|orc you know it. a nci,h|orhoo1 is o|| an1
Thc ncxt 1ay you noticc nci,h|ors knockin, on nci,h|ors’
1oors. |o||owin, u¡ on con·crsations. 1ro¡¡in, o|| rcci¡cs
lrctty soon connunity ncn|crs |c,in to hc|¡ onc anothcr out
¥our |ani|y. |or cxan¡|c. a,rccs to kcc¡ an cyc on thc lcnkins’
honc — an1 thcir ¡ct ,uinca ¡i, an1 |crrct — o·cr Christnas
Benefits of Community Dinners
• Get to know your neighbors personally
• Discover common interests and concerns
• Develop a sense of community and a sense of belonging
• Make contact with others and gain closeness and friendship
• Develop allies among your neighbors
• Learn new recipes
• Eat exciting new foods
5.1: Community meals bring people together for food, conversation, and
networking. In the process, they help build community one bite at a time.
Credit: Mike April.
Germination: First Steps
in cxchan,c |or carin, |or your ||ack la|. lcn. 1urin, s¡rin, |rcak. whi|c you’rc away with thc ki1s. skiin, in
Co|ora1o This transaction sa·cs cach |ani|y on cost|y ¡ct carc Nci,h|ors |c,in to swa¡ too|s. |or cxan¡|c.
occasiona| usc o| a chain saw |or acccss to a nci,h|or’s ta||c saw An1 ¡arcnts soon |c,in sharin, in thc
inccssant chau||curin, o| chi|1rcn Cuttin, a |cw tri¡s out o| your schc1u|c cach wcck yic|1s a consi1cra||c
anount o| |rcc tinc
lcsi1cs thc sharin, that thc connunity|ui|1in, initiatcs. o·cr tinc you |in1 that nonth|y 1inncrs |c,in
to |ostcr a scnsc o| |c|on,in, Out o| 1is¡aratc |i·cs. a wc| o| c|oscncss an1 |ricn1shi¡ is wo·cn An1 cach
nonth you ,ct to try ncw 1ishcs an1 |carn sonc 1c|icious ncw rcci¡cs!
Establish a Community Newsletter, Bulletin Board, and Roster
\ith thc |rcc tinc shc’s accuirc1 |y sharin, in thc chau||curin, o| chi|1rcn to an1 |ron schoo| c·cnts. \arion
concs u¡ with anothcr i1ca — or sct o| i1cas. to |c ¡rccisc
lirst shc su,,csts a connunity ncws|cttcr “Nothin, |ancy. ¡ust a nonth|y nci,h|orhoo1 ncws|cttcr that
anyonc can su|nit to |or any rcason.” shc rcnarks \hcthcr you want to a1·crtisc your ncc1 |or hc|¡ on a
houscho|1 rc¡air ¡ro¡cct. |orrow a too|. tc|| |ricn1s an1 nci,h|ors a|out an u¡conin, ·acation. or announcc
that your tccna,cr is |ookin, |or |a|ysittin, o¡¡ortunitics. thc ncws|cttcr is your ·oicc lt’s a |orun |or
¡o|itica| announccncnts. whcrc you can a|crt nci,h|ors to u¡conin, ncctin,s s¡onsorc1 |y thc ¡|annin,
1c¡artncnt in your town that thcy ni,ht |in1 instructi·c lt cou|1 |c a ¡|acc |or ¡ronotin, schoo| ¡ro1uctions
or |or sc||in, usc1 |urniturc ln a11ition. thc ncws|cttcr is a way to kcc¡ track o| cxcitin, c·cnts in your |i·cs
an1 to sharc in¡ortant ha¡¡cnin,s ln con·crsation with othcrs at a connunity 1inncr. a ncws|cttcr
connittcc cncr,cs
\arion a|so ¡uts |orwar1 thc i1ca o| a connunity rostcr a |ist o| nancs an1 ¡honc nun|crs |or casy
acccss lut shc has anothcr wi|1 i1ca “\hy not inc|u1c short |ios in thc rostcr so nci,h|ors can ,ct to know
onc anothcr c·cn |cttcr?” ln thc ncxt ncws|cttcr. \arion asks cach ncn|cr o| thc nci,h|orhoo1 to su|nit a
¸oowor1 “cssay” that tc||s soncthin, si,ni|icant. soncthin, ¡crsona|. an1 soncthin, hunorous a|out
thcnsc|·cs :hc c·cn has thc |orcsi,ht to ask c·cryonc to |ist ¡ractica| ski||s thcy ¡osscss — |ikc car¡cntry
ski||s — which starts an asscts in·cntory Thc rcsu|ts arc rcnarka||c \ho wou|1 ha·c known that your
nci,h|ors wcrc so crcati·c an1 so |unny? An1 who wou|1 ha·c ina,inc1 thcrc wcrc so nany usc|u| ski||s so
c|osc at han1?
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
As you start thc sccon1 ycar o| your |ra·c ncw a1·cnturc in
connunity |i·in,. sonconc su,,csts that thc nci,h|orhoo1
cou|1 usc a connunity |u||ctin |oar1 lt 1ocsn’t takc |on, |or a
cou¡|c o| thc ncn — lack lcnstc1 an1 lu|ic’s hus|an1. Ton —
to |ui|1 a |oar1 an1 insta|| it ncar thc nai||oxcs at thc cn1 o| thc
strcct lrotcctc1 |ron rain an1 snow. thc |u||ctin |oar1 ¡ro·i1cs
a |ocation |or ¡co¡|c to ¡ost announccncnts or a|crt nci,h|ors o|
in¡ortant c·cnts A1s |or usc1 |urniturc. c|cctronic ccui¡ncnt.
nusica| instruncnts. nusic |cssons. an1 usc1 cars soon |i|| thc |oar1 lcsi1cnts o| nci,h|orin, strccts arc
|rccucnt|y sccn con|in, thc a1s |or trcasurcs
Ncws|cttcrs. rostcrs. |io,ra¡hica| skctchcs. an1 connunity |u||ctin |oar1s o||cr nany o|·ious |cnc|its
Thcy hc|¡ you kcc¡ track o| c·cnts in your nci,h|ors’ |i·cs an1 ,i·c you s¡acc to sharc in¡ortant c·cnts in
your own |i|c as wc|| \ost o| a||. thcy ,i·c you an o¡¡ortunity to |cconc |cttcr accuaintc1 with thc ¡co¡|c
you |i·c ncar. to intcrtwinc |i·cs. to crcatc |ricn1shi¡. intcr1c¡cn1cncy. an1 |o·c Thcy arc sin¡|c i1cas that
¡|ant ·ita| scc1s |or thc connunity|ui|1in, ¡roccss
Establish a Neighborhood Watch Program
ln thc ni11|c o| thc sccon1 ycar o| your nci,h|orhoo1’s ,ran1 a1·cnturc. you conc honc to |in1 a ¡o|icc car
¡arkc1 in a nci,h|or’s 1ri·cway — two 1oors 1own Thc ncxt 1ay you |carn throu,h thc ,ra¡c·inc that
sonconc |rokc into thc honc whi|c thc owncrs. \att an1 \arcy. wcrc away on a short |usincss tri¡ Thc
thic·cs na1c o|| with a housc|u| o| ·a|ua||cs two con¡utcrs an1 ¡rintcrs. a cou¡|c o| tc|c·ision scts. a stcrco.
two \Cls. a l\l ¡|aycr. a cancra. a cancor1cr. ¡cwc|ry. an1 si|·crwarc — a $ |oss likc nost ¡co¡|c
who cx¡cricncc sini|ar circunstanccs. you arc a|arnc1 |y thc ¡roxinity o| this crinc A|tcr a||. you no·c1 to
thc su|ur|s to a·oi1 such occurrcnccs
\hi|c nci,h|ors con|ort thc |ani|y. you an1 a |cw othcrs |rainstorn ways to ¡rc·cnt this |ron ha¡¡cnin,
a,ain Thc answcr concs cuick|y \hy not sct u¡ a nci,h|orhoo1 crinc watch ¡ro,ran?
\ith hc|¡ |ron thc |oca| ¡o|icc. you an1 your nci,h|ors ¡oin |orccs to csta||ish a ¡ro,ran \att an1
\arcy ·o|untccr to scr·c as thc nci,h|orhoo1 coor1inators. who wi|| act as |iaisons with thc |oca| ¡o|icc
station lanion lni,ht. a sin,|c nan who’s |ccn conin, to connunity 1inncrs sincc thc outsct. ·o|untccrs
Benefits of Community Newsletters, Bulletin Boards, and Rosters
• Help to create a closer-knit community
• Provide vital personal information
• Provide updates on important events
Germination: First Steps
to scr·c as ||ock ca¡tain an1 ,ocs 1oorto1oor. cncoura,in,
nci,h|ors to |cconc ||ock watchcrs Hc ¡asscs out crinc
¡rc·cntion in|ornation to cach houscho|1
\ost ¡co¡|c in thc nci,h|orhoo1 ¡oin thc ||ock watch an1
rccci·c trainin, |ron thc ¡o|icc 1c¡artncnt on i1cnti|yin,
sus¡icious acti·itics ¥ou an1 your nci,h|ors |cconc thc cycs
an1 cars o| thc ¡o|icc an1 thc nci,h|orhoo1
Nci,h|orhoo1 crinc watch ¡ro,rans o||cr |cnc|its |ar
|cyon1 ¡crsona| sccurity Thcy crcatc a |on1 anon, nci,h|ors ln a nattcr o| wccks. onc norc stran1 in thc
,rowin, connunity wc| has |ccn wo·cn
Start Neighborhood Clubs
ln ¥car Two. othcr ¡co¡|c |c,in to ¡ro||cr i1cas at thc nonth|y connunity 1inncrs “\hy not |orn an
in·cstncnt c|u|?” lu|ic asks ¥ou’·c |ccn hcarin, a|out thcsc c|u|s on tc|c·ision |or a whi|c now ln an
in·cstncnt c|u|. |ricn1s or coworkcrs unitc to in·cst ¡oint|y in stocks Thcy ncct rc,u|ar|y to ta|k a|out
in·cstncnt ¡ossi|i|itics lc|yin, on thc ,rou¡’s rcscarch a|i|itics. thcy sc|cct stocks thcy think arc worth
in·cstin, thcir har1carnc1 noncy in To s¡rca1 thc risk. ncn|crs o| an in·cstncnt c|u| ty¡ica||y ¡oo| thcir
noncy. |uyin, ·arious stocks co||ccti·c|y an1 sharin, ,ains or |osscs co||ccti·c|y as wc||
lnrichc1 |y thc insi,hts. know|c1,c. rcscarch a|i|itics. an1 cx¡cricncc o| nci,h|ors. your connunity’s
in·cstncnt c|u| turns out to |c ¡ro|ita||c an1 cn¡oya||c Onc ncn|cr says. “lartici¡atin, in our c|u| showc1
nc that l 1i1n’t ha·c to |ca·c thc nci,h|orhoo1 to ha·c |un”
lurin, thc sccon1 ycar. othcr c|u|s |orn in thc nci,h|orhoo1 :c·cra| cou¡|cs ,ct to,cthcr to |orn an
cxcrcisc c|u| to trin o|| a |cw ¡oun1s \c||. |ct’s |c honcst — to trin o|| cuitc a |cw ¡oun1s O·cr thc |irst
six nonths. nost cx¡cricncc 1ranatic 1ccrcascs in ||oo1 cho|cstcro| an1 su|stantia| ,ains in car1io·ascu|ar
\ith a |oat|oa1 o| ki1s in thc nci,h|orhoo1. onc 1a1 or,anizcs a wcck|y so|t|a|| ,anc a|tcr schoo| |cts
out. ¡ro·i1in, an out|ct |or that |oun1|css cncr,y chi|1rcn ¡osscss
A |cw a·i1 ,ar1cncrs in your nci,h|orhoo1 |orn a ,ar1cnin, c|u| “lt’s not nuch rca||y.” says :usan. thc
c|u|’s scnio||icia| ¡rcsi1cnt “lust an cxcusc to socia|izc an1 sharc ,ar1cnin, ti¡s” O·cr tinc. howc·cr.
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of a Neighborhood Watch Program
• Creates greater security
• Reduces crime
• Helps to create stronger community ties
• Creates greater interdependence
ncn|crs |in1 thcnsc|·cs hc|¡in, onc anothcr with 1ai|y
,ar1cnin, chorcs — ¡u||in, wcc1s or 1i,,in, ¡otatocs “lt’s
a|ways norc |un to work with sonconc.” says :usan :oon onc
,ar1cncr’s sur¡|uscs start to cn1 u¡ in thc han1s o| othcrs.
tra1c1 |or thcir sur¡|uscs “Thcrc’s a zucchini cconony
cncr,in, in thc nci,h|orhoo1!” cui¡s \acon. :usan’s hus|an1
ln ¥car Thrcc. onc nci,h|or. ll. who has a ¡assion |or
,ar1cnin, an1 wi|1|i|c. ¡oins thc Nationa| \i|1|i|c lc1cration’s
|ackyar1 wi|1|i|c ¡ro,ran Hc 1cci1cs to start a c|u| to cn|ist othcrs A ,oo1naturc1 nischic| nakcr. ll
¡u||icizcs thc |irst ncctin, o| thc |ackyar1 wi|1|i|c c|u| |y announcin, a ncctin, to “Crcatc wi|1|i|c ha|itat
ri,ht in our own |ackyar1s!”
\ith ·isions o| coyotcs an1 |oxcs wan1crin, throu,h thc nci,h|orhoo1. |cc1in, on cats an1 sna|| 1o,s.
1ozcns o| your nci,h|ors show u¡ on|y to |carn that ll is ¡ro¡osin, thc crcation o| |uttcr||y ,ar1cns in
your |ackyar1s A ha|| 1ozcn nci,h|ors ¡oin in. crcatin, sna||
|ut co|or|u| ,ar1cns that arc now ,racc1 with thc si|cnt win,
|cats o| 1c|icatc |uttcr||ics
Form Discussion Groups
Not a|| ,athcrin,s in thc nci,h|orhoo1 |ocus on |oo1 or
in·cstncnts or |uttcr||y ,ar1cns \artin \c\ann. a youn,
co||c,c ¡ro|cssor with a |o·c o| |iction. no·c1 in |ast ycar Hc
¡ickc1 this connunity in |ar,c ¡art |ccausc o| an a1·crtiscncnt
\arion ¡|acc1 in thc ncws¡a¡cr whcn onc o| thc nci,h|ors’
honcs wcnt on thc narkct ln it. shc 1cscri|c1 thc o¡¡ortunity
to |uy a ncw honc in a ,rowin, connunity
\artin 1cci1cs to start a |ook c|u| A|tcr hc ¡|accs an
announccncnt in thc ncws|cttcr. rca1crs conc out o| thc
woo1work. c·cn a |cw tccna,crs who arc |ookin, to wi1cn thcir
Benefits of Neighborhood Clubs
• Gain from the wisdom of others
• Have fun without leaving the neighborhood
• Get more exercise
• Provide safe, fun activities for kids
5.2: Wildlife habitat in a neighborhood might consist of a bird-friendly garden enjoyed
by both birds and people. You may even be lucky enough to have an occasional visit
from the Elks Club, right before mating season. Credit: Dave Wann.
Germination: First Steps
Oncc a nonth now. \artin’s |i·in, roon is |i||c1 with ¡co¡|c —
you an1 your nci,h|ors — ca,cr to ta|k |ooks To acconno1atc
thc wi1c ran,c o| intcrcsts. ¡artici¡ants noninatc |ooks |ron a
wi1c ran,c o| ,cnrcs |ron historica| |iction to contcn¡orary
nainstrcan |iction. an1 |ron wor|1 ¡o|itics to sc||hc|¡ At sonc
ncctin,s ncn|crs 1iscuss an1 1c|atc |oca| ¡o|itica| issucs |asc1
on rca1in,s |ron ncws¡a¡crs an1 na,azincs \any rcsi1cnts |in1
it hc|¡|u| to 1iscuss thc ¡|cthora o| |a||ot issucs |c|orc thc
c|cction. an1 thcy ·otc to incrcasc thc |rccucncy o| ncctin,s in thc
nonth ¡rior to ·otin, 1ay “\c wcrc a|| |cttcr in|ornc1 as a
rcsu|t.” conncnts \artin “l |c|t as i| l rca||y un1crstoo1 thc
|a||ot issucs an1 rc|crcn1a a|tcr our 1iscussions”
Nci,h|orhoo1 1iscussion ,rou¡s cn|i·cn thc intc||cctua| |i|c
o| a connunity an1 hc|¡ nci,h|ors 1c·c|o¡ a 1cc¡cr un1cr
stan1in, o| contcn¡orary issucs. thcnsc|·cs. othcrs. an1 thc
con¡|cx wor|1 aroun1 thcn li||crcnccs o| o¡inion wi|| inc·ita||y
cncr,c lar |ron |cin, 1i·isi·c. cx¡osurc to 1i||crcnccs hc|¡s us
un1crstan1 an1 a¡¡rcciatc othcr ·icw¡oints lt hc|¡s us |cconc
norc con¡assionatc an1 carin, in1i·i1ua|s
likc othcr intcractions in a connunity. 1iscussion ,rou¡s
hc|¡ us 1c·c|o¡ c|osc contacts with nci,h|ors. 1isco·cr connon
intcrcsts an1 conccrns. |carn |ron othcrs. an1 sharc what wc
know As a connunity. wc ,row in nany ways
Establish a Neighborhood Baby-sitting Co-op
\ith tccna,crs’ |usy schc1u|cs. nany no1crn su|ur|anitcs
wi|| tc|| you that a ,oo1 |a|ysittcr is a ¡rcniun conno1ity
Thosc who 1o |a|ysit arc o|tcn |ookc1 wccks in a1·ancc
lin1in, a sittcr at thc |ast ninutc can |c a ni,htnarc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of Discussion Groups
• Enliven your intellectual life
• Develop close contacts with neighbors
• Discover common interests and concerns
• Expand your knowledge base
• Learn from others and share what you know
5.3: Discussion groups let neighbors keep up with local, regional, and even global
affairs. They also open our minds to new points of view and help satisfy our thirst for
knowledge. And they can be great fun! Credit: Dave Wann.
lar|y in thc |irst ycar o| lox lun’s c·o|ution towar1
:u¡cr|ia!. sc·cra| ¡arcnts in thc nci,h|orhoo1 tack|c1 thc
¡ro||cn |y crcatin, a |a|ysittin, coo¡ Thosc who wcrc
intcrcstc1 in ¡artici¡atin, — that is. scr·in, as sittcrs in tra1c
|or |a|ysittin, |y othcr connunity ncn|crs — nct a|tcr a
nonth|y 1inncr A|tcr a short 1iscussion. ¡co¡|c |i||c1 out a
si,nu¡ shcct. ,i·in, thcir nancs. ¡honc nun|crs. an1 othcr
¡crtincnt in|ornation — |or cxan¡|c. how nany chi|1rcn thcy
ha1 A|tcr thc |irst ycar. thc |ist was ¡ut on thc nci,h|orhoo1
wc|sitc |or casy acccss an1 u¡1atin, iThc wc|sitc was
csta||ishc1 to ¡ro·i1c c|cctronic acccss to thc ncws|cttcr an1 to
hc|¡ incrcasc connunication |ctwccn nci,h|ors a|tcr ¥car Onc)
Now whcn sonconc ncc1s a sittcr. c·cn at thc |ast ninutc. thcy ca|| a ncn|cr o| thc coo¡ l| a·ai|a||c.
that ¡crson takcs thc chi|1rcn |or thc c·cnin,. carnin, onc ¡oint ¡cr hour ¡cr chi|1 loints accunu|atc as
crc1it |or |a|ysittin, hours ln1i·i1ua|s cntcr ¡oints thcy accunu|atc |or |a|ysittin, hours on an on|inc
ta||y shcct |asc1 on thc honor systcn Chi|1|css a1u|ts ,athcr ¡oints thcy can usc to ,ct hc|¡ with chorcs or
houscho|1 ¡ro¡ccts. ¡art o| thc connunity worksharc ¡ro,ran 1cscri|c1 |c|ow
A |a|ysittin, coo¡ rccuircs |itt|c nana,cncnt an1 o||crs an csscntia| scr·icc |rcc o| char,c or in cxchan,c
|or othcr scr·iccs \orco·cr. your chi|1rcn’s carc is cntrustc1 to nci,h|ors you know. not sonconc who |i·cs
ha||way across town an1 was rcconncn1c1 |y a |ricn1 o| a |ricn1 Thc chi|1rcn you |a|ysit o|tcn ¡|ay with
your own chi|1rcn. so it’s norc |un |or thc ki1s an1 a |ot |css work |or thc a1u|ts
Form an Organic Food Co-op
A|thou,h ,ar1cncrs in thc nci,h|orhoo1 arc now ¡ro1ucin, co¡ious anounts o| |oo1 |or thcnsc|·cs an1
othcrs. thc |ournonth ,rowin, scason |inits thcir ¡ro1uction Onc 1ay. onc o| thc ,ar1cncrs ca||s a ncctin,
to start an or,anic |oo1 coo¡ lc|orc thc ncctin, hc contacts a |oca| hca|th |oo1 out|ct. ¡art o| a rctai| chain.
an1 works out a 1ca| Thc su¡¡|icr a,rccs to sc|| your ,rou¡ casc cuantitics o| |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs ycarroun1
at tcn ¡crccnt o·cr cost ln rcturn. it asks that sonconc |ron thc coo¡ ca|| on \on1ay nornin, |c|orc ++
an to ¡|acc thc or1cr Thc |oo1 wi|| |c rca1y an1 waitin, |or thc coo¡ |y noon on Tucs1ay
Benefits of a Neighborhood Baby-sitting Co-op
• Save time and avoid the hassle of searching for a baby-sitter
• Have someone you trust taking care of your children
• Have children (the ones you are sitting) to play with your
• Provide a means for older adults who don’t have children to be
with kids
Germination: First Steps
Thc ¡ro¡cct coor1inator ¡rcscnts this arran,cncnt to thc
nci,h|ors who ,athcr |or thc ncctin, Not a|| |ani|ics |ikc thc
i1ca. |ut nany si,n u¡ to ,i·c it a whir|
lach wcck. onc ncn|cr |ron thc connittcc ¡|accs an or1cr.
takin, su,,cstions |ron othcr ncn|crs o| thc coo¡ On
Tucs1ay. that in1i·i1ua| ¡icks u¡ thc ¡ro1ucc. thcn sorts it an1
1i·i1cs it c·cn|y anon, ¡artici¡atin, ncn|crs o| thc connunity
Thc ¡crson in char,c cach wcck rccci·cs his or hcr or1cr |rcc. as
¡artia| con¡cnsation |or coor1inatin, thc wcck’s or1cr
O·cr tinc. sonc ncn|crs 1ro¡ out o| thc ¡ro,ran. |in1in,
it too un¡rc1icta||c Thcy |ikc ha·in, norc contro| o·cr thcir ,roccrics \ost o| thc othcrs |in1 it a 1c|i,ht|u|
way to ,ct ¡cstici1c|rcc |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs at a hu,c 1iscount o·cr ,roccry storc ¡riccs lcsi1cs rc1ucin,
sho¡¡in, tinc. thc systcn 1c|i·crs a ·aricty o| hca|th|u| |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs an1 |urthcr strcn,thcns thc
,rowin, |on1s in thc connunity
Create Car or Van Pools
Onc 1ay towar1 thc cn1 o| ¥car Two. onc o| your nci,h|ors ian accountant) rca1s throu,h thc connunity
rostcr an1 nakcs a start|in, 1isco·cry \ost a1u|ts in thc nci,h|orhoo1 work at thc tcch ccntcr. a s¡raw|in,
o||icc ¡ark that has ,rown u¡ in your city in thc ¡ast 1cca1c A|tcr s¡cn1in, a |itt|c tinc on thc ¡honc an1 at
his con¡utcr. hc rca|izcs that. cach 1ay. .. cars |ca·c thc nci,h|orhoo1 an1 o·cr ha|| o| thcn arri·c within a
ni|c or so o| cach othcr “\hy not or,anizc a car ¡oo|?” hc asks his wi|c “\c cou|1 casi|y cut 1own thc
nun|cr o| ·chic|cs on thc roa1 |y ha||!”
Hc 1i·cs into thc task. |irst writin, an artic|c |or thc ncws|cttcr that ,rou¡s nci,h|ors into car ¡oo|s |asc1
on 1cstination to nininizc tra·c| tinc Thc 1ay a|tcr thc rc¡ort hits thc strccts. hc si,ns u¡ a cuartcr o| thc
¡otcntia| car¡oo|crs O·cr thc ncxt wcck hc contacts thc rcst. rcc|in, in sc·cra| norc ¡artici¡ants
Car¡oo|in, isn’t |or c·cryonc. |ut thosc who ¡artici¡atc cn¡oy nany |cnc|its lcsi1cs rc1ucin, wcar an1
tcar on ·chic|cs. it can nakc thc 1ai|y connutc nuch norc ¡|casant likc othcr acti·itics. it knits thc
connunity to,cthcr as ¡co¡|c ha·c tinc to ta|k a|out wor|1 a||airs. |oca| ¡o|itics. ¡ro||cns at work. an1
¡crsona| cha||cn,cs Car¡oo|in, can a|so sa·c noncy an1 nay cut 1own on tra·c| tinc. as nany citics ha·c hi,h
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of an Organic Food Co-op
• Obtain a variety of healthy fruits and vegetables for you and
your family
• Save money on organic produce by buying in bulk
• Reduce the weekly burden of vegetable shopping
• Develop community cooperation
occu¡ancy·chic|c |ancs |or cars carryin, two or norc ¡asscn,crs
1urin, thc nisnanc1 “rush hour” Car¡oo|in, cuts 1own on
tra||ic an1 can nakc a sna|| |ut si,ni|icant 1cnt in |oca|. rc,iona|.
an1 ,|o|a| air ¡o||ution \c a|| |rcathc a |itt|c casicr whcn a
,rou¡ o| o||icc workcrs ¡i|cs into a car or ·an |or a tri¡ to work
Create a Neighborhood Work-share Program
“How nany tincs ha·c you an1 your s¡ousc stru,,|c1 with a
honc rc¡air ¡ro¡cct. tryin, to |ix 1rywa|| or wirc a |ascncnt
rcno1c| with |itt|c or no know|c1,c o| what you’rc 1oin,?” \att
asks at thc lc|ruary connunity 1inncr \ost ¡co¡|c no1 knowin,|y “\hat a|out scttin, u¡ a coo¡ to hc|¡
onc anothcr out?” hc continucs “\c’·c |aunchc1 so nany ·ita| ¡ro¡ccts in thc |ast cou¡|c o| ycars This onc
is surc to |c a succcss”
“How 1o you ¡ro¡osc nakin, such a thin, work?” sonconc asks
“\c can no1c| it a|tcr thc |a|ysittin, coo¡”
O·cr thc ncxt |cw nonths. \att an1 othcr nci,h|ors ,o to work on a ¡ro,ran to crcatc a worksharc
¡ro,ran lach ncn|cr o| thc connunity who wishcs to ¡oin su|nits a |ist o| s¡cci|ic ski||s an1 know|c1,c
hc or shc ¡osscsscs. |ron 1ry wa||in, to ¡aintin, to ¡|un|in, to c|cctrica| wirin, to ti|c insta||ation
ln1i·i1ua|s |ist thcir |c·c| o| con¡ctcncy on thcir tra1c|orwork rcsuncs as wc|| \att. |or instancc. workc1
his way throu,h co||c,c 1oin, ti|c work an1 car¡ctin,. |ut hc a|so 1a|||c1 in c|cctrica| wirin, Hc |ists
hinsc|| as a nastcr ti|cr an1 car¡ct insta||cr |ut an “a¡¡rcnticc c|cctrician” C|car|y. thou,h. you 1on’t ha·c
to |c a ski||c1 honc |ui|1cr to ¡artici¡atc — c·cn cooks an1 c|canu¡ crcws arc wc|conc on a worksharc
\cn|crs a|so |ist ¡ro¡ccts thcy’1 |ikc to con¡|ctc o·cr thc ncxt ycar. a|on, with ¡ro¡cct 1atcs. thc nun|cr
o| ¡co¡|c thcy think thcy wi|| ncc1. an1 thc ski||s thcy wi|| rccuirc As in thc |a|ysittin, coo¡. cach hour a
ncn|cr 1onatcs carns crc1its |or his or hcr ¡ro¡ccts
lcsi1cs ¡ro·i1in, ski||c1 hc|¡ on honc |ixit an1 rcno1c|in, ¡ro¡ccts. worksharc ¡ro,rans can sa·c
noncy an1 |on1 a connunity norc ti,ht|y to,cthcr lro¡ccts that nay 1ra, on |or nonths. c·cn ycars. whcn
wc arc workin, on our own. can |c con¡|ctc1 in a wcckcn1 as a coo¡crati·c ·cnturc ln1i·i1ua|s a|so |carn
Benefits of Car or Van Pools
• Cut down on expenses for gas, wear and tear, etc.
• Make the daily commute more enjoyable
• Meet your neighbors
• Develop deeper friendships
• Develop allies and contacts you may be able to help from time
to time and vice versa
Germination: First Steps
|ron onc anothcr. |roa1cnin, thcir ski||s An1. o| coursc. thcrc’s
thc scnsc o| connunity that ,rows c·cn stron,cr with c·cry
hanncrc1 nai|
Create a Neighborhood Mission Statement
:onctinc 1urin, thc thir1 ycar o| lox lun’s ncw |i|c. \arion
su,,csts that you an1 your nci,h|ors 1ra|t a nission statcncnt.
a 1cc|aration o| intcr1c¡cn1cncc an1 ·ision
“lt sccns wc’rc ,oin, soncwhcrc.” shc says “\ay|c wc
ou,ht to c|ari|y whcrc”
Thc ,rou¡ a,rccs ¥ou’·c a|rca1y 1c·c|o¡c1 a “wc” ncnta|ity.
|ut ¡crha¡s it is tinc to crcatc a ·ision o| whcrc you arc ,oin,
“How wi|| wc know what 1ircction wc’rc ,oin, i| wc 1on’t
crcatc sonc kin1 o| ·ision?” onc nci,h|or chincs in
“How wi|| wc |c a||c to tc|| othcrs a|out our nci,h|orhoo1
an1 rccruit ncw |ani|ics whcn a housc ,ocs u¡ |or sa|c?” anothcr
O·cr thc ncxt |cw nonths thc ,rou¡ tosscs i1cas aroun1
in|orna||y o·cr thc intcrnct l·cntua||y. a statcncnt cncr,cs
“Thc ain o| lox lun is to crcatc a coo¡crati·c nci,h|orhoo1 o|
1i·crsc in1i·i1ua|s sharin, hunan rcsourccs within an
cco|o,ica||y rcs¡onsi||c connunity”
\hi|c you arc workin, on thc ·ision statcncnt. thc ,rou¡
1cci1cs to csta||ish a ¡roccss |or nakin, 1ccisions ¥ou’·c |oun1
that ,cttin, thc cntirc ,rou¡ to a,rcc can takc sonc tinc \hi|c
thc connunity wantc1 to usc conscnsus 1ccision nakin,. no
onc kncw cxact|y how that workc1
To so|·c this. you an1 your nci,h|ors rcnt two a1¡oinin,
con1os at a ncar|y |akc rcsort an1 ho|1 your |irst “nci,h|orhoo1
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of a Neighborhood Work-share Program
• Get help on difficult projects
• Benefit from the skills of others
• Provide assistance to neighbors
• Complete difficult projects more quickly by working
• Enhance community spirit/sharing
• Develop deeper friendships
5.4: Imagine how much more fun a weekend home project would be if neighbors
chipped in to assist your family. Credit: Mike April.
rctrcat” ¥ou ncct |or a wcckcn1 in thc sunncr. hirin, a
|aci|itator who tcachcs you a|out thc ¡roccss o| nakin,
1ccisions throu,h conscnsus
Create a Neighborhood Asset Inventory
\ith thc nission statcncnt nai|c1 1own an1 conscnsus
1ccision nakin, now your “|orna|” a,rccncnt ¡roccss. lra1
su,,csts crcatin, an assct in·cntory
“A what?” sonconc asks
“An in·cntory o| what wc ha·c — |or cxan¡|c. ¡crsona| ski||s an1 o¡¡ortunitics |or sa·in, rcsourccs an1
noncy.” lra1 rcs¡on1s “lt’s stan1ar1 ¡racticc in thc connunity ·isionin, work l’n 1oin,” ilra1 works in
rura| connunity 1c·c|o¡ncnt. hc|¡in, citizcns o| sna|| towns 1c·c|o¡ thcir connunity in ways that nakc
scnsc |ron thc stan1¡oint o| rcsi1cnts. thcir cconony. an1 thc cn·ironncnt)
Thc assct in·cntory |ui|1s on car|icr work. nota||y thc connunity rostcr an1 thc worksharc ¡ro,ran
lron thcsc ¡ro¡ccts you’·c 1c·c|o¡c1 a |air|y con¡rchcnsi·c |ist o| connunity ncn|crs’ ¡crsona| an1
¡ro|cssiona| ski||s. inc|u1in, s¡ccia|izc1 know|c1,c an1 cx¡cricncc in ,ar1cnin,. |an1sca¡in,. construction.
an1 cncr,y c||icicncy ¥ou a|so ¡rc¡arc a |ist o| too|s that arc a·ai|a||c in thc connunity l| you |i·c in an o|1cr
connunity you ni,ht asscss othcr rcsourccs — |or cxan¡|c. historic sitcs ln rura| scttin,s you nay want to
i1cnti|y cn·ironncnta| asscts. such as a ncar|y nca1ow worth ¡rcscr·in, or a hikin, trai|
• • •
At thc outsct o| this cha¡tcr you nay ha·c |ccn skc¡tica| that a nci,h|orhoo1 cou|1 |c trans|ornc1 into
a norc c|osc|y knit. coo¡crati·c. an1 cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y connunity Thin,s won’t a|ways ,o snooth|y
:onc ¡co¡|c nay nc·cr want to ¡oin in lisa,rccncnts nay arisc an1 sonc |o|ks nay 1ro¡ out o| thc ¡roccss
Howc·cr 1i||icu|t thc ¡ath nay sccn at tincs. nci,h|orhoo1 rcin·cntors wc’·c ta|kc1 to say that thc c||orts
¡ay hu,c 1i·i1cn1s
lcs¡itc a|| o| thc |cnc|its your connunity is now cn¡oyin,. thou,h. you arc on|y ¡art way to :u¡cr|ia!
Benefits of a Neighborhood Mission Statement
• Helps knit the community together
• Crystallizes thinking about the community
• Helps generate consensus on future projects
Germination: First Steps
The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction.
Oll\ll \lNllll HOl\l:
Leafing Out: Bolder Ideas
OU’\l ACHll\ll \AN¥ THlNC: in your nci,h|orhoo1 o·cr thc ¡ast thrcc ycars throu,h har1 work an1
thc 1c1ication o| a sna||. hi,h|y noti·atc1 corc ,rou¡ — a kcy to thc succcss o| any nci,h|orhoo1
trans|ornation Nci,h|ors who oncc ,rcctc1 cach othcr with autonatic. sonctincs |orcc1. sni|cs now
sto¡ an1 chat with onc anothcr. catchin, u¡ on thc |atcst ncws Connunity 1inncrs an1 thc connunity
ncws|cttcr ha·c |ccn instruncnta| in this chan,c lccausc o| thcn. thc nci,h|or two 1oors 1own is no
|on,cr ¡ust thc nan who 1ri·cs an cncr,yniscr|y Toyota lrius. |ut lanion. a .¸ycaro|1 nusician who
was |orn in louisiana ¥ou’·c |carnc1 that a|thou,h hc is currcnt|y writin, co¡y |or an a1·crtisin, a,cncy.
hc sccrct|y 1rcans o| |cconin, a son,writcr ¥ou’·c a|so |carnc1 that hc ¡|ants an cnornous ·c,cta||c
,ar1cn in his |ackyar1 c·cry ycar an1 sharcs tonatocs an1. oh ycs. |ushc|s o| zucchinis with you an1 othcr
|ani|ics “on thc ||ock” \hcn you wcnt |or a hikc with hin an1 his |ianccc in a ncar|y statc ¡ark. hc
intro1ucc1 you an1 your |ani|y to a |itt|cknown watcr|a|| ¥our chi|1rcn ha·c noticc1 his |o·c |or ki1s. an1
thcy now ¡oin you on hikcs an1 arc o|tcn |oun1 hc|¡in, lanion in thc ,ar1cn on wcckcn1s ian1 you can’t
c·cn ,ct thcn to ¡ick u¡ thcir roons!)
last wcck. thc nci,h|orhoo1 watch ¡ro,ran csta||ishc1 a|tcr \att an1 \arcy wcrc ro||c1 ¡ai1 o|| Two
|ur,|ars |rokc into a nci,h|or’s housc Thcy wcrc ¡ust ,cttin, into thcir car. rca1y to s¡cc1 o||. whcn thc
¡o|icc car arri·c1. thanks to a ¡honc ca|| |ron onc o| your ||ock watchcrs Thc thic·cs wou|1 ha·c na1c o||
with a cou¡|c o| tc|c·ision scts. a stcrco. a con¡utcr. an1 a ncw 1i,ita| cancra — not to ncntion $¸¸o in cash
thcy |oun1 stashc1 in a |c1roon 1rawcr
This wcck narks thc |c,innin, o| thc thir1 ycar o| thc in·cstncnt c|u| \any ncn|crs o| thc connunity
continuc to attcn1 nonth|y ncctin,s o| thc |ook c|u| Thc |a|ysittin, coo¡ has sa·c1 |ani|ics in thc
nci,h|orhoo1 hun1rc1s o| 1o||ars an1 count|css hours o| hass|c Thc or,anic |oo1 coo¡ continucs to |c a
succcss. an1 sonc nci,h|ors rc¡ort that thcy |cc| |cttcr |ccausc o| it. ¡rinari|y |ccausc thcy’rc catin, a |ot
norc |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs Thc car¡oo| is runnin, snooth|y \ork sharin, is |cconin, a rc,u|ar ha¡¡cnin,
likc a ,ar1cn. thc soi| o| your connunity has |ccn ti||c1 an1 thc scc1s |or a sustaina||c connunity —
|or :u¡cr|ia! — ha·c |ccn ¡|antc1 O·cr a ¡crio1 o| thrcc ycars thc connunity has |c,un to trans|orn into
a connunity — a norc ,cnuinc. carin, cnscn||c lor thc nost ¡art. ¡co¡|c |cc| a scnsc o| c|oscncss.
|c|on,in,. crcati·ity. an1 cxcitcncnt Thcrc’s a ,rowin, scnsc o| intcr1c¡cn1cncc an1 a stron, |cc|in, o| ¡ri1c.
an1 nany nci,h|ors arc |cnc|itin, ccononica||y — sa·in, noncy |y car¡oo|in,. work sharin,. ,ar1cnin,. an1
¡artici¡atin, in thc |a|ysittin, coo¡
At tincs you’·c ha1 1ou|ts a|out your succcss Thc ¡roccss has not a|ways |ccn casy an1 not a|| scc1s
ha·c ,crninatc1 lor cxan¡|c. ¡|ans to start a nci,h|orhoo1 |an1 nc·cr s¡routc1. |ut as in any ,oo1 ,ar1cn.
that’s to |c cx¡cctc1 lcs¡itc thcsc ninor sct|acks. your nci,h|orhoo1 is on thc ·cr,c o| c·cn norc ¡ronisin,
1c·c|o¡ncnt Nci,h|ors arc |c,innin, to think that thcrc’s norc thcy can 1o \hcrc 1o you ,o |ron hcrc?
Tear Down “De-fences”
ln thc ni11|c o| thc |ourth ycar. \arion an1 two o| hcr nci,h|ors takc an c·cn |o|1cr stc¡ As thcy ¡rc¡arc
|or a nci,h|orhoo1 ¡icnic. \arion su,,csts that thcy rcno·c a |cw scctions o| thc |cncc that sc¡aratcs thcir
yar1s “This ncasurc wi|| nakc roon |or a|| thc |ani|ics who now ,athcr |or thc nonth|y connunity
¡icnics.” shc tc||s hcr hus|an1 “lt’s ¡ust tcn¡orary.” shc a11s
lut 1urin, thc ¡icnic. thc o¡cn |ackyar1 |cconcs thc ccntcr o| 1iscussion \ost a1u|ts arc sur¡risc1 at
how s¡acious thc yar1 |cc|s with thc |cncc 1own “\orc c||ow roon.” onc nci,h|or notcs A|tcr thc ¡icnic.
thc chi|1rcn. with thcir usua| cnthusiasn |or ncw i1cas that casc rcstrictions on thcir no·cncnt. |c, thcir
¡arcnts to |ca·c thc |cnccs 1own
\arion an1 hcr ncxt1oor nci,h|or a,rcc
“lcnccs c|osc us in. ||ock our ·icws. |init our ¡|ay s¡acc. an1 iso|atc us |ron onc anothcr.” anothcr
nci,h|or chincs in at thc ncxt ncctin,
“:ooncr or |atcr. ‘1c|cnccs’ arc ,oin, to ha·c to conc 1own i| wc want to crcatc connunity!” anothcr
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
\arion. thc s¡ark¡|u, o| this connunity. sin¡|y sni|cs
ln thc nci,h|orhoo1. thc “|ackyar1 ,rccn” ,rows s|ow|y
Thc ncxt sunncr. two norc nci,h|ors ¡oin in A ycar |atcr. |i·c
norc |ani|ics rcno·c thc ta|| woo1cn |arricrs ly thcn thc
|ackyar1 |ooks |ikc a sna|| ¡ark that has |ccn nystcrious|y
¡|acc1 in your |i·cs |y a |cnc·o|cnt ,o1 o| ,rccn s¡accs
To naintain ¡ri·acy. sonc nci,h|ors |ui|1 ¡atios ¡rotcctc1
|y shru|s an1 ar|ors lountains an1 |ri,ht ||owcrs attract
|uttcr||ics. son,|ir1s. an1 hunnin,|ir1s. thosc 1c|i,ht|u|
ho·crcra|ts o| thc a·ian wor|1 that |ricn1s in thc country arc
a|ways ta|kin, a|out
l| thcy ha·c 1o,s thcy 1on’t want wan1crin, throu,h thc
con¡oinc1 |ackyar1s. sonc nci,h|ors insta|| kcnnc|s or |ca·c a
¡ortion o| thcir yar1s |cncc1
Thc chi|1rcn soon |or,ct that thcy wcrc oncc |oxc1 in As
you |ook out. you scc a |uxuriant ,rccn \hcrc a ,anc o| catch
was ¡ossi||c. thcrc’s su11cn|y roon |or a ,anc o| touch |oot|a||
or socccr An1 thcrc’s a|ways a watch|u| ¡arcnta| cyc nonitorin,
thc sa|cty o| nci,h|orhoo1 chi|1rcn \hcn you arc in ncc1 o| a
na¡. you 1on’t worry ¥ou can crash on thc couch |or a ha|| hour
to rcchar,c your |attcrics A |css wcary nci,h|or is a|ways
wi||in, to watch thc ki1s
Plant a Community Garden and Orchard
As thc |ackyar1 in your nci,h|orhoo1 trans|orns into a ¡ark.
sonc o| your nci,h|ors |c,in ta|kin, a|out ¡|antin, a
connunity ,ar1cn an1 a sna|| orchar1
6.1: Backyard privacy fences, one of the hallmarks of modern urban and suburban
neighborhoods, can be barriers to social interaction, creating isolation as an unhealthy by-
product of privacy. Taking them down opens up a world of possibilities!
Credit: Dave Wann.
Benefits of Opening Up Backyards
• Creates more room to garden
• Provides more room and more opportunities for children to
• Increases supervision of children
• Creates a friendly, parklike atmosphere
• Ends isolation
• Allows you to share resources, such as lawn mowers, and
work, such as lawn mowing
Leafing Out: Bolder Steps
An1 what a ,ar1cn it |cconcs! This s¡raw|in, ¡|ot is c·cry
,ar1cncr’s 1rcan. yic|1in, |askct a|tcr |askct o| |rcsh ·c,cta||cs
— |irst s¡inach. ra1ishcs. an1 |cttucc. thcn zucchinis. tonatocs.
an1 ¡otatocs Thc carrots arc ¡u||c1 a|tcr thc |irst |rost to
incrcasc thcir swcctncss
Thc |oo1 in your ,ar1cn is or,anica||y ,rown — no arti|icia|
|crti|izcr or synthctic ¡cstici1cs to crcc¡ u¡ thc |oo1 chain into
your |o1ics or thc |o1ics o| |ir1s Thc ,ar1cncrs who nana,c
“thc |arn.” as it is ca||c1. occasiona||y rccruit “non,ar1cncrs”
to assist in thc ¡|antin,. cu|ti·atin,. an1 rca¡in, Thcrc ha·c
|ccn a |cw con·crts. too Oncc you ha·c ¡|antc1 scc1s. watchc1
thcn ,row. an1 thcn consunc1 thc |ruits o| your |a|or. it is har1
to rcsist thc ,cnt|y nurturin, art o| ,ar1cnin,
A|on, thc north si1c o| thc ,ar1cn in ¥car :ix. sc·cra|
,ar1cncrs c|car a ¡iccc o| |an1 |or an orchar1 Thcy ¡|ant a |cw
a¡¡|c trccs. a chcrry trcc. an1 a cou¡|c o| ¡cach trccs Thc ,ar1cncrs ho¡c that whcn thc trccs naturc an1
|c,in to |car |ruit. thcy wi|| ¡ro1ucc cnou,h |or a ycarroun1 su¡¡|y o| a¡¡|csaucc. ¡cachcs. an1 chcrrics |or
c·cryonc ¥ou can a|nost snc|| thc ¡ics cookin,! Thc ,ar1cnin, coa|ition’s ncxt stc¡ is to cx¡an1 thc orchar1
so thcy can sc|| sonc ¡ro1ucc |oca||y — to ncar|y nci,h|orhoo1s
As you work in thc ,ar1cn. your 1o,. lcn. a1o¡tc1 as thc “||ock 1o,.” |o||s in thc sun On any ,i·cn
a|tcrnoon hc can |c |oun1 han,in, out with ,ar1cncrs. s|cc¡in, on a nci,h|or’s ¡atio. soakin, u¡ thc sun. or
ron¡in, with thc chi|1rcn in thc ,rass. stca|in, |a||s or chasin, lris|ccs Hc’s |cconc thc nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ct.
an1 |ccausc hc’s sharc1. sonc ¡co¡|c ha·c o¡tc1 not to |uy 1o,s Thcy’·c a|ways ,ot o|1 lcn to ¡ct or takc
|or a wa|k. an1 hc’s acconno1atin,. o||crin, u¡ his ·c|·ctsnooth |ur |or a |ricn1|y ¡at
lccausc ¡ro¡ccts |ikc thc ,ar1cn you arc un1crtakin, wi|| rccuirc noncy. onc ncn|cr o| your connunity
su,,csts scttin, u¡ a ¡oint chcckin, account
:oon you ha·c o¡cnc1 a |ank account |or your connunity lach ncn|cr nakcs an initia| $+oo 1c¡osit
to start thc |a|| ro||in, Annua| contri|utions wi|| rc¡|cnish thc cash. i| ncccssary lut who contro|s it? \ho
nonitors thc account an1 writcs chccks? \ho 1cci1cs how thc noncy is to |c s¡cnt?
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of Community Gardens and Orchards
• Provides healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables in your
own backyard
• Allows you to work together and develop closer relationships
and friendships
• Provides meaningful work for children and older adults
• Turns a grass-dominated landscape into a productive one
• Reduces dependence on food from other countries or distant
• Increases sense of self-reliance
• Saves money
Thc nci,h|ors cuick|y a,rcc on a nci,h|orhoo1 trcasurcr an1 a ¡rotoco| |or issuin, chccks lccisions to
s¡cn1 thc noncy. howc·cr. arc na1c |y thc connunity cach tinc a ¡ro¡cct is o||icia||y a1o¡tc1 at nonth|y
ncctin,s. which |o||ow thc nonth|y ¡ot|uck 1inncrs
Thc nci,h|orhoo1 1cci1cs to start sna||. choosin, sin¡|c ¡ro¡ccts |ikc insta||in, a |cw ¡ark |cnchcs in thc
connons |or ¡co¡|c to sit on whi|c thcy chat. or |ui|1in, a |us sto¡ to shc|tcr chi|1rcn |ron rain an1 snow as
thcy wait |or thc schoo| |us that ¡icks thcn u¡ at thc cn1 o| thc ||ock on schoo| 1ays ¥ou a|so 1cci1c to usc
sonc o| thc noncy |or a catcrc1 connunity ¡icnic. to rcwar1 yoursc|·cs |or a|| o| thc har1 work an1 cc|c|ratc
your succcsscs
lor ¡ro¡ccts that |cnc|it on|y a |cw ¡co¡|c. lox lun |o||ows thc cxan¡|c o| Co|| Hi|| Cohousin, in
\crnont. scttin, u¡ s¡ccia| accounts |or acti·itics such as a connunity art stu1io Acti·c ¡artici¡ants 1onatc
to thc |un1 This ncans that thosc who |cnc|it 1on’t ha·c to scck a¡¡ro·a| |ron thc cntirc connunity Othcrs
can ¡oin thc ·cnturc at a |atcr 1atc
Establish Neighborhood Composting and Recycling
Car1cns ncc1 rich. or,anic soi| an1 what |cttcr sourcc is thcrc
in ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s than |oo1 scra¡s an1 yar1
wastc that arc ty¡ica||y hau|c1 away to a |oca| |an1|i||? lns¡irc1
|y thc ,ar1cncrs. nost o| your nci,h|ors soon |c,in to co||cct
thcir or,anic wastc. ¡|acin, it in sccurc containcrs on thcir |ack
stc¡s cach \c1ncs1ay to |c hau|c1 to thc connunity con¡ost
|ins Onc |in is |i||c1 at a tinc \hcn it is |u||. anothcr |c,ins
rccci·in, wastc \hcn that onc rcachcs ca¡acity. thc |irst |in is
|u||y con¡ostc1. na,ica||y trans|ornc1 |ron a not|cy nixturc o|
carrot ¡cc|in,s. |ca·cs. an1 1iscar1c1 a¡¡|c corcs into a 1ark
|rown natcria| ca||c1 hunus Thc hunus is sho·c|c1 into
whcc||arrows an1 1c|i·crc1 to thc ncar|y ,ar1cn l·cry ycar thc
soi| ,cts |cttcr an1 thc |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs ,row tasticr
“l| wc’rc con¡ostin, as a connunity.” onc nci,h|or announccs.
“wc ni,ht as wc|| rccyc|c as a connunity. too” ln thc |i|th ycar
6.2: Composting kitchen and yard waste recycles an important, relatively nutrient-rich
material back into soils, making our gardens more productive and reducing waste that
goes to the landfills. Credit: Dave Wann.
Leafing Out: Bolder Steps
o| your connunity’s ·cnturc. lick. a rctirc1 |usincss cxccuti·c
who |o·cs to |ui|1 thin,s. crccts a shc1 to housc thc nci,h|or
hoo1’s rccyc|a||c ncws¡a¡crs. cans. |ott|cs. an1 ¡|astic lonations
arc hau|c1 to a |oca| rccyc|in, con¡any c·cry othcr nonth. an1 thc
¡roccc1s ,o to ,as an1 trai|cr naintcnancc lick. who a|so trucks
thc stu|| o·cr. ,cts a sna|| sti¡cn1 |or his c||orts lut that’s not a||
lick ta|kc1 thc |oca| trash hau|cr into s|ashin, trash |i||s |y ¸o
¡crccnt |ccausc o| your rccyc|in, an1 con¡ostin, c||orts. which
1i·crt ïo ¡crccnt o| thc nci,h|orhoo1’s trash |ron thc |an1|i|| lt
took lick a ycar to con·incc hin. |ut now you an1 your nci,h|ors
arc rca¡in, cuintu¡|c |cnc|its |ron con¡ostin, an1 rccyc|in,
|owcr trash |i||s. cash inconc. a c|cancr cn·ironncnt. hca|thy soi| |or ,rowin, |oo1. an1 a norc sccurc sourcc o|
rcsourccs ithc rccyc|a||cs) |or |uturc ,cncrations
Plant Trees to Produce a Favorable Microclimate and Wildlife Habitat
\ith sunncr tcn¡craturcs consistcnt|y |rcakin, rccor1s. an1 coo|in, costs risin,. causc1 in |ar,c ¡art |y thc
accunu|ation o| ,rccnhousc ,ascs in thc atnos¡hcrc. your connunity 1cci1cs to takc action — |y ¡|antin, trccs
Trccs a11 to thc |cauty o| a honc. |ut thcy a|so ||ock thc
sun. ¡ro·i1in, sha1c that kcc¡s honcs coo|cr ln a11ition. watcr
c·a¡oratcs |ron tiny o¡cnin,s in |ca·cs — a ¡roccss known as
trans¡iration — which 1raws cnornous anounts o| hcat out o|
thc air aroun1 a honc Con|inc1. thcsc |cnc|its hc|¡ to rc1ucc
aircon1itionin, costs an1 ¡ro·i1c |ar ,rcatcr con|ort Trccs can
a|so |c ¡|antc1 to shc|tcr honcs |ron thc win1 A|thou,h norc
connon|y usc1 in rura| scttin,s. 1cnsc ¡|antin,s ca||c1
win1|rcaks can c||ccti·c|y rc1ucc hcat |oss 1urin, co|1 wintcr
As your connunity 1c·c|o¡s. you |uy trccs in |u|k. sa·in,
hu,c anounts. to crcatc a coo|cr nci,h|orhoo1 lcsi1cs
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of Neighborhood Composting and Recycling
• Reduces trash and cuts garbage disposal fees
• Puts waste to good use
• Composting produces nutrients for enriching garden soils
• Provides useful work for children and others
• Helps those who don’t want to bother with composting get
involved in this important activity
Benefits of Planting Trees
• Increases summertime comfort
• Reduces cooling bills
• Reduces pollution, including greenhouse gas production
• Creates habitat for songbirds
• Enhances play opportunities for children
• Beautifies the neighborhood
• Enhances property values
su¡¡|yin, sha1c. thc trccs ¡ro·i1c ha|itat |or |ir1s Thcir son,s
|ri,htcn your 1ays. an1 thc |ir1s arc |rccucnt|y sccn snatchin,
insccts that in·a1c thc ,ar1cn an1 orchar1 lt’s a winwinwin
situation your houscs arc coo|cr an1 it costs |css to naintain
con|ort. thc |ir1s arc ha¡¡y. an1 car|on1ioxi1c cnissions |a||.
hc|¡in, con|at ,|o|a| warnin,
Replace Asphalt and Concrete with Porous Pavers
ln a11ition to your c||orts to coo| thc nci,h|orhoo1 |y ¡|antin,
trccs. onc o| your nci,h|ors 1cci1cs hc can contri|utc |y
rc1ucin, ¡a·cncnt la·cncnt in strccts. si1cwa|ks. an1
1ri·cways a|sor|s sun|i,ht. which is thcn con·crtc1 to hcat.
nakin, nci,h|orhoo1s consi1cra||y warncr than surroun1in,
countrysi1c Onc 1ay. lonathan \ark|cy an1 his wi|c rcnt a
con¡rcssor an1 a ¡ackhanncr an1 takc out thcir 1ri·cway.
rc¡|acin, it with concrctc ¡a·crs — o¡cn ||ocks that |orn a
so|i1. yct ¡orous sur|acc ¡cr|cct|y |inc |or ¡arkin, cars Crass
o|tcn ,rows in thc o¡cnin,s o| thc ¡a·crs
Concrctc ¡a·crs not on|y rc1ucc hcat a|sor¡tion on hot
1ays. kcc¡in, houscs an1 thc ¡co¡|c in thcn coo|cr. |ut thcy
a|so hc|¡ to rc1ucc sur|acc runo|| an1 ||oo1in, \hcn rain |a||s
or snow on thcn nc|ts. watcr ¡crco|atcs into thc ,roun1.
rc¡|cnishin, ,roun1watcr su¡¡|ics lathcr than rushin, 1own
1ri·cways. onto strccts. an1 into storn scwcrs. to |c rc|casc1 in
a hu,c ,ush into strcans. causin, ||oo1in, 1ownstrcan. watcr
,ocs whcrc it shou|1 ,o into thc larth ¥our nci,h|orhoo1
|cconcs a |itt|c norc |ikc it was |c|orc thc |u||1ozcrs no·c1 in
to |c·c| thc sitc |or construction
Benefits of Replacing Asphalt and Concrete
• Reduces heat absorption
• Cools a neighborhood
• Reduces fuel bills
• Reduces flooding
• Replenishes groundwater supplies
• Beautifies a neighborhood
6.3: Porous pavers like these let moisture seep into the ground, reducing surface runoff,
flooding, and nonpoint source water pollution. Porous pavers and other similar
strategies reduce heat-absorbing pavement, making homes much cooler in the summer
while reducing utility bills. Credit: Turfstone Company.
Leafing Out: Bolder Steps
Establish an Edible Landscape
lackyar1s at lox lun ha·c s|ow|y ||ossonc1 into a ¡|ay s¡acc.
a sccurc nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ark |or ki1s an1 a1u|ts a|ikc. an1 a
connunity ,ar1cn an1 orchar1 Not a|| nci,h|ors ha·c ¡oinc1
in. |ut thcrc arc cnou,h ¡artici¡atin, houscho|1s to nakc a
hu,c 1i||crcncc in your |i·cs
lut thcrc arc norc chan,cs un1crway now that you an1 your
nci,h|ors ha·c witncssc1 thc |cnc|its o| ,ar1cnin, an1 |ruit
,rowin, |irsthan1 Thc |ront yar1 has conc un1cr scrutiny
“\hat ,oo1 is a|| that lcntucky ||uc,rass?” asks \arion.
a11in,. “lcsi1cs. l think it has a 1rinkin, ¡ro||cn.” rc|crrin, to
thc thousan1s o| ,a||ons o| watcr shc an1 hcr hus|an1 nust
a¡¡|y to thc ,rass cach ycar to naintain its a¡¡carancc Thcy 1i,
u¡ a ¡atch o| thcir |ront yar1 an1 ¡|ant an hcr| ,ar1cn Thc |asi|
an1 thync soon ¡ro1ucc an a|un1ancc o| ¡un,cnt |ca·cs. which
shc sharcs |rcc|y with nci,h|ors lc|ra an1 lackson. who |i·c
across thc strcct an1 1own |our houscs. arc c·cn norc an|itious
Thcy ti|| ha|| thcir |ront |awn un1cr to ,row straw|crrics an1
||ack ras¡|crrics \hcn |crrics |c,in to a¡¡car. thc ki1s 1csccn1
on thcir |ront yar1 iwith ¡crnission) |ikc hun,ry |car cu|s
lin an1 \ar,ot. |orncr|y “thc cou¡|c who |i·c two 1oors
1own to thc |c|t.” ha·c ¡|antc1 a cou¡|c o| a¡¡|c trccs an1 a
¡atch o| straw|crrics Othcr nci,h|ors arc thinkin, o| 1oin, thc
sanc :|ow|y |ut surc|y. that ncat|y nanicurc1. hi,h
naintcnancc ,rass is con·crtc1 into c1i||c |an1sca¡c
lcsi1cs ¡ro·i1in, |oo1. thc c1i||c |an1sca¡c ¡ro,ran
rc1uccs thc tinc an1 noncy s¡cnt on |awn naintcnancc an1
¡ro·i1cs ncanin,|u| work |or chi|1rcn an1 a1u|ts a|ikc
A|thou,h in thc ,ran1 schcnc o| thin,s thc contri|ution to
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of an Edible Landscape
• Produces healthy, locally grown fruits and vegetables in your
own front yard
• Reduces lawn maintenance costs and effort
• Provides meaningful work for children and older adults
• Reduces dependence on food from other countries or distant
• Increases sense of self-reliance
• Saves money
6.4: Neighbors plant an orange tree in L.A. Eco-Village. It is one of 100 fruit trees that
now adorn their edible landscape. Credit: L.A. Eco-Village.
,|o|a| |oo1 ¡ro1uction is insi,ni|icant. thc c1i||c |an1sca¡c an1 connunity ,ar1cn 1o hc|¡ to rc1ucc thc
nci,h|orhoo1’s 1c¡cn1cncc on |oo1 |ron 1istant sourccs — |oo1 that tra·c|s. on a·cra,c. a|out +..oo to
+.¸oo ni|cs |ron |arns whcrc it is ¡ro1ucc1 to |oca| ,roccry storcs At lox lun. |oo1 o|tcn tra·c|s |css than
thrcc |cct |ron ¡|ant to nouth
Start a Community-supported Agriculture Program
Onc nci,h|or su,,csts ¡oinin, a connunitysu¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc iC:A) ¡ro,ran “Thcrc’s a |oca| |arncr.”
shc says. “who wi|| ¡ro·i1c us with a11itiona| ¡ro1ucc 1urin, thc har·cst scason :hc wi|| cithcr 1c|i·cr it to
us or wc can ¡ick it u¡”
C:A not on|y hc|¡s ¡ro·i1c |oo1 to connunitics. |ut it a|so rc1uccs thc 1istancc ¡ro1ucc is trans¡ortc1
an1 rc|atc1 cncr,y costs. hc|¡s crcatc an un1crstan1in, o| thc in¡ortancc o| |oca| |arn|an1 to thc |oca| |oo1
su¡¡|y an1 |oca| cconony. an1 hc|¡s |arncrs stay in |usincss. ¡rcscr·in, thc |an1 |or |uturc ,cncrations
l·cn thou,h your nci,h|orhoo1 is ¡ro1ucin, |ots o| |oo1. you 1cci1c to ¡oin. an1 you cn|ist nci,h|ors
|ron surroun1in, strccts who ha·c |cconc intcrcstc1 in what you arc 1oin,
Create a Van- and Truck-share Program
As your connunity cntcrs thc sc·cnth ycar o| its c·o|ution towar1 :u¡cr|ia! trans¡ortation concs un1cr
,rou¡ scrutiny as lanion su,,csts |uyin, a ·an an1 a truck |or sharc1 usc “How nany tincs a ycar 1o you
ncc1 a ¡icku¡ truck or a ·an?” hc asks “\ay|c ha|| a 1ozcn — to ¡ick u¡ |un|cr |or a ¡ro¡cct in thc casc o|
thc truck. or to takc a |ani|y ·acation in thc casc o| thc ·an
“lcs¡itc thc in|rccucnt ncc1.” hc ,ocs on. “nany ¡co¡|c |uy thcsc ,as,uzz|in, nonstcrs anyway.
|urnin, cxccss |uc| an1 ¡ayin, hi,hcr costs ycarroun1 |or thc |uxury o| con·cnicncc” \ost ¡co¡|c know
cxact|y what hc’s ta|kin, a|out
“\c can’t |uy a car to,cthcr!” a nci,h|or chincs in
“l know a connunityownc1 ·chic|c soun1s o|||cat an1 1i||icu|t to nana,c. |ut it’s a|rca1y ha¡¡cnin,.”
lanion asscrts
Leafing Out: Bolder Steps
“\hcrc c|sc |ut luro¡c?” hc rcs¡on1s “ly onc count.” hc
continucs. “thcrc arc at |cast sharc1 ·chic|cs in luro¡can
connunitics Cohousin, connunitics in thc Unitc1 :tatcs ha·c
|c,un ¡urchasin, ·chic|cs |or sharc1 usc too At Co|| Hi|| in
\crnont. rcsi1cnts sharc a hy|ri1 ·chic|c. a Hon1a lnsi,ht
1onatc1 |y thc |oun1cr o| thc connunity an1 a chan¡ion o|
sustaina|i|ity. thc |atc lana \ca1ows Thcy sharc a tractor an1
ho¡c to |uy a truck an1 ·an |or connunity usc”
A|tcr nonths o| rcscarch an1 1c|atc. thc rcsi1cnts o| lox
lun 1cci1c to |uy a usc1 ¡icku¡ truck \hi|c sonc ncn|crs o| your connunity think thc truck is a wastc
o| noncy. you soon |in1 that it is in constant usc Thc cost ¡cr houscho|1 is a ncrc $.¸ ¡cr nonth Onc
nci,h|or a,rccs to nana,c thc ¡ro,ran. nakin, surc thc truck is wc||naintainc1 Hc ,cts to usc thc ·chic|c
|rcc o| char,c in con¡cnsation |or his work
A|tcr thc |irst ycar. you an1 your nci,h|ors switch to a rcnta| systcn. 1is¡cnsin, with thc nonth|y
¡ayncnts an1 char,in, thosc who want to rcnt thc truck a sna|| ¡crni|c |cc lasc1 on thc |irst ycar’s usa,c.
cstinatcs show that rcnta| |ccs wi|| casi|y co·cr thc ¡ayncnts as wc|| as thc insurancc. ,aso|inc. an1
:harin, ·chic|cs ncans in1i·i1ua|s ha·c acccss to a ·an or truck |or tri¡s or hau|in, at a |raction o| thc cost
o| ownin, thcir own lt a||ows |ani|ics to |uy sna||cr. norc cncr,yc||icicnt ·chic|cs |or 1ayto1ay usc.
rc1ucin, |uc| consun¡tion an1 ¡o||ution
Retrofit Homes for Energy Efficiency
\intcr concs an1 thc co|1 scts in \hi|c |ricn1s at work con¡|ain that thc cost o| natura| ,as |or honc
hcatin, has 1ou||c1. you ha·cn’t noticc1 a chan,c in your uti|ity |i|| Thc rcason? last sunncr — thc ci,hth
ycar o| lox lun’s c·o|ution — whi|c insu|ation contractors wcrc o||crin, 1iscounts to 1run u¡ work. your
nci,h|orhoo1 hirc1 a contractor to |cc| u¡ thc insu|ation in a|| .¡ honcs in thc connunity Thc contractor
workc1 |or a cou¡|c o| wccks on thc ¡o|. an1 |ccausc hc wasn’t out huntin, 1own work or 1ri·in, a|| o·cr thc
city to work sitcs. hc rca|izc1 si,ni|icant sa·in,s Hc ¡assc1 thcn on to you an1 your nci,h|ors. thanks to thc
|ricn1|y wran,|in, o| onc o| your nci,h|ors. a |usincsswonan with a knack |or art|u| nc,otiation
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of Sharing Vans and Trucks
• Gives individuals access to a van or truck for trips or hauling
at a fraction of the cost of owning their own
• Reduces resource demand
• Saves money
lcsi1cs sa·in, noncy u¡ |ront. you an1 your nci,h|ors arc
cn¡oyin, su|stantia| rc1uctions in hcatin, an1 coo|in, |i||s
Now that thc snow is ||yin, an1 thc thcrnonctcr has 1i¡¡c1
|c|ow zcro. your housc is not on|y norc ccononica|. |ut a|so
nuch warncr ln a cou¡|c o| ycars you’rc ,oin, to hirc a
contractor to u¡,ra1c win1ows on nost o| thc houscs Thcrc’s
c·cn ta|k a|out rctro|ittin, |oun1ation insu|ation Thc 1c·c|o¡cr
who |ui|t your honc in su|ur|ia 1i1n’t insu|atc |oun1ations at
a|| An cncr,y au1itor su,,cstc1 that this wou|1 |c an
ccononica| way o| cuttin, |uc| |i||s an1 in¡ro·in, con|ort
Solarize Homes
:onc nci,h|ors arc c·cn ¡|annin, to “so|arizc” thcir honcs —
rctro|ittin, |or ¡assi·c so|ar hcatin, ly a11in, win1ows on thc
south si1cs o| thcir honcs thcy cx¡cct to incrcasc so|ar ,ain —
that is. incrcasc thc anount o| sun|i,ht that cntcrs thcir honcs
1urin, thc wintcr. whcn thc sun cuts a |owcr arc in thc southcrn
sky \hcn sun|i,ht strcans throu,h thc south|acin, win1ows
o| a ¡assi·c so|ar honc. it is con·crtc1 to hcat that ,cnt|y warns
intcrior s¡accs
Con|inc1 with othcr ncasurcs — |or cxan¡|c. hi,hcr |c·c|s
o| insu|ation an1 win1ow sha1cs that s|ash wintcrtinc hcat
|osscs — a honcowncr can cut |uc| |i||s |y ¸o ¡crccnt or norc
|y so|arizin,
“lut won’t thc honcs o·crhcat in thc sunncr?” onc
nci,h|or asks
“Thcy shou|1n’t.” says \att. thc chic| ¡ro¡oncnt o| this
i1ca “lurin, thc sunncr thc sun cuts a hi,h arc throu,h thc
sky. |canin, 1own on roo|to¡s. not strcanin, in throu,h so|ar
Benefits of Retrofitting Homes for Energy Efficiency
• Saves homeowners money due to economy of scale
• Saves homeowners money by reducing energy and water
• Protects the environment
• Fosters cooperation and friendships
• Reduces demand for outside energy resources and promotes
6.5: Passive solar homes use south-facing windows to capture sunlight from the
low-angled winter sun. It gently warms interiors, providing affordable comfort with
little impact on the environment. Credit: U.S. Department of Energy.
Leafing Out: Bolder Steps
win1ows This |act. con|inc1 with hi,hcr |c·c|s o| insu|ation.
wi|| ¡rc·cnt a so|ar honc |ron turnin, into an o·cn 1urin, thc
• • •
As thc sun scts to1ay on lox lun. thcrc’s a scnsc o| unity
an1 ¡ri1c Thc nci,h|orhoo1 is |c,innin, to attract nc1ia
attcntion A |oca| tc|c·ision station rcccnt|y ran a short ¡iccc on
connunity c||orts. an1 thc |oca| rcco,nition 1rcw nationa|
attcntion Mother Earth News. a nationa| na,azinc that ¡u||ishcs
artic|cs on nany o| thc i1cas you’rc ¡ursuin,. is a|out to inc|u1c
a story on your chan,cs
last nonth thc nci,h|orhoo1 rccci·c1 an awar1 |ron thc ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy \arion is
|c,innin, to |ic|1 incuirics |ron othcr nci,h|orhoo1s as |ikcnin1c1 in1i·i1ua|s — ¡co¡|c who |cc| as
1is¡iritc1 |y contcn¡orary |i·in, arran,cncnts as you 1i1 ci,ht ycars a,o — scck a |cttcr way to |i·c. onc
that is norc ncanin,|u| an1 con1uci·c to |ui|1in, connunity
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of Solarizing Homes
• Reduces fossil fuel use and associated pollution
• Slashes fuel bills
• Improves comfort levels
• Increases natural lighting by using daylight
• Reduces electrical lighting
• Improves a home’s aesthetics
Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps.
llO¥l ClOlCl
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
N THl lA:T :l\lN ¥lAl: your connunity has ,rown |ron thc scc1s o| an i1ca to a |ruit|u| ,ar1cn lcs¡itc
sonc sct|acks an1 1isa¡¡ointncnts whcn. |or cxan¡|c. onc |ani|y 1cci1c1 it 1i1n’t want to ¡artici¡atc an1
no·c1 away. your connunity has |c,un to takc |orn an1 you’·c ,ot a |ot to show |or your c||orts ¥ou’·c
csta||ishc1 a ¡oint |ank account to |inancc nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ro¡ccts an1 ha·c torn 1own nany |ackyar1 ¡ri·acy
|cnccs. o¡cnin, u¡ yar1s to nakc roon |or a connunity ¡|ay,roun1 an1 a |ar,c connunity ,ar1cn an1
orchar1 ln a ,ro·c o| trccs ncxt to your ||ourishin, ,ar1cn an1 orchar1 is a sna|| ,athcrin, ¡|acc with a
|ountain an1 a koi ¡on1. sonc con|orta||c chairs. an1 two hannocks in thc sha1c Hcrc you an1 your
nci,h|ors |oun,c |ron tinc to tinc. snoozin, or ta|kin, with onc anothcr or watchin, thc chi|1rcn ¡|ay on
thc ncar|y swin,s an1 ¡un,|c ,yn
Nci,h|ors har·cst |ushc|s o| or,anica||y ,rown tonatocs. cucun|crs. |cans. corn. ,rccns. an1 ¡otatocs
|ron thc connunity ,ar1cn cach ycar — with cxccss so|1 at lox lun’s nci,h|orhoo1 narkct Thc orchar1
is a|so |c,innin, to su¡¡|y sonc o| your ncc1s an1 ¡roniscs c·cn ,rcatcr har·csts in thc u¡conin, ycars
¥our nci,h|orhoo1 con¡ostin, |aci|ity is runnin, at ¡cak ca¡acity. churnin, out hunus |ron yar1 an1
kitchcn wastcs Usc1 to cnrich thc soi|s o| thc connunity ,ar1cn an1 thc c1i||c |an1sca¡c that now rc¡|accs
nany o| thc |ront |awns. it has a|so ,rcat|y rc1ucc1 thc anount o| wastc truckc1 o|| to thc |an1|i|| cach ycar
last ycar thc rccyc|in, coor1inator. lick. o¡cnc1 u¡ his ,ara,c to storc rcusa||c itcns such as |urniturc
an1 a¡¡|ianccs. stu|| that was oncc hau|c1 o|| to thc |oca| 1un¡ l·cry nonth lick 1istri|utcs a |ist o| itcns
|or sa|c to nci,h|ors on lox lun’s wc|sitc Hc a|so s¡onsors scasona| ,ara,c sa|cs o¡cn to thc ,cncra| ¡u||ic
in thc s¡rin,. sunncr. an1 |a|| This cn¡tics out thc stu|| no onc in your nci,h|orhoo1 wants Coo1wi|| an1
thc :a|·ation Arny ¡ick u¡ thc |c|to·crs
Thc connunityownc1 ¡icku¡ truck has |cconc a ·a|ua||c assct. as is thc connunityownc1 ·an Thc |irst
ycar. thc ·an was |ookc1 a|| sunncr |y |ani|ics takin, roa1 tri¡s \any ¡arcnts usc thc ·an to hau| ki1s to thc
|oca| ¡izza ¡|acc |or |irth1ay ¡artics or to takc o|| on wcckcn1 ski tri¡s with thcir chi|1rcn an1 thcir |ricn1s
Thc honc cncr,yc||icicncy rctro|its ha·c |ccn a co|ossa| succcss :o has thc watcr c||icicncy ¡ro,ran.
s¡urrc1 |y an on,oin, 1rou,ht lor |oth ¡ro¡ccts. nci,h|ors |an1c1 to,cthcr to hirc ¡ro|cssiona|s to rctro|it
thcir honcs at consi1cra||c sa·in,s A cou¡|c o| ,o·crnncnt ,rants hc|¡c1 o||sct costs as wc|| As a rcsu|t.
you’·c cut cncr,y |i||s |y ncar|y ha|| an1 watcr consun¡tion |y a|nost as nuch Thc uti|ity con¡any |ikc1
what you wcrc 1oin,. so it chi¡¡c1 in ¡art o| thc cost o| thc cncr,y rctro|it As it turns out. it hc|¡s thc
con¡any a·oi1 ha·in, to |ui|1 a |ar,c. cx¡cnsi·c ¡owcr ¡|ant to ncct ¡cak 1cnan1s
Boldest Steps
As your connunity in¡ro·cs. thcrc’s a |cc|in, that you can 1o norc. “strikc out norc |o|1|y.” as onc
nci,h|or ¡ut it “\orc in1c¡cn1cncc!” cric1 \arion as lcn. thc nci,h|orhoo1 1o,. ro||c1 on thc ,rass |y hcr
|cct \hat’s ncxt |or a connunity that has a|rca1y |cconc a no1c| o| c||icicncy?
\c ha·c sonc su,,cstions thcsc |o|1cst o| thc |o|1 ncasurcs. an1 ccrtain|y thc nost cha||cn,in, stc¡s
in thc transition to :u¡cr|ia! — a tru|y sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1 — rccuirc c·cn ,rcatcr |c·c|s o| crcati·ity.
coo¡cration. 1c1ication. an1 har1 work Thcrc nay |c si,ni|icant |arricrs ||ockin, thc way to sonc o| thcsc
i1cas. an1 thc roa1 wi|| |c stcc¡. |ut thcn. what ,rcat achic·cncnt c·cr canc casi|y?
Create a Community Energy System
“\ith cncr,y su¡¡|ics 1win1|in,. cncr,y costs u¡ shar¡|y. an1 ,|o|a| warnin, chan,in, our 1ai|y |i·cs. onc
o¡tion on thc ¡ath to a tru|y sustaina||c connunity is to csta||ish an a|tcrnati·c cncr,y systcn — norc
¡rccisc|y. a connunityownc1. sustaina||c cncr,y systcn.” says lc|| Hanson. a ncw nci,h|or who no·c1 to
your connunity to |c a ¡art o| thc cxcitin, ·cnturc “lor instancc. ¡hoto·o|taics — so|ar c|cctric ¡anc|s —
an1 win1 ¡owcr cou|1 |c usc1 to su¡¡|y us with c|cctricity Costs |or such systcns arc surc to 1ro¡. thanks
to in¡ro·cncnts in thc tcchno|o,ics an1 in·cstncnts |y na¡or cncr,y ¡ro1uccrs such as lritish lctro|cun.
which has takcn a |ca1in, ro|c in thc transition to a sustaina||c cncr,y systcn Co·crnncnt intcrcst in
rcncwa||c tcchno|o,ics wi|| ¡ro·i1c a |oost as wc||”
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
“\ith cncr,y c||icicncy ncasurcs in ¡|acc. a nci,h|orhoo1
so|ar c|cctric systcn cou|1 |c,in to ¡ro·i1c c|can. hi,hcua|ity
c|cctricity ycarroun1.” conncnts lc|| ’s wi|c. \i·ian. a so|ar
“A nc1iunsizc1 win1 nachinc cou|1 ¡ro·i1c su¡¡|cncnta|
¡owcr in arcas with su||icicnt win1.” lc|| ,ocs on. a11in, to thc
o¡tions |ist “A |acku¡ ,cncrator. run |y natura| ,as. cou|1
¡ro·i1c ¡owcr in tincs o| shorta,c. or wc cou|1 rcnain
conncctc1 to thc c|cctrica| ,ri1 |or now — a|thou,h our own
¡owcr sourcc cou|1 turn out to |c norc rc|ia||c than thc ,ri1”
“Anothcr o¡tion is a nicrotur|inc. a sna|| ,cncrator that
|urns natura| ,as to s¡in thc ||a1cs o| a ,cncrator |ar,c cnou,h
to su¡¡|y thc who|c nci,h|orhoo1.” says \i·ian “l ¡ust insta||c1 onc in a housin,
con¡|cx l 1csi,nc1
“\icrotur|incs.” shc continucs. “¡ro1ucc c|cctricity |or a connunity. which can
thcn sc|| sur¡|uscs to thc |oca| uti|ity \c can ca¡turc wastc hcat |or ycarroun1 hot
watcr. an1 in thc wintcr wc can usc cxccss hcat to hcat honcs”
“Anothcr cncr,y o¡tion is a connunity |uc| cc|| That’s a 1c·icc that stri¡s
hy1ro,cn |ron natura| ,as. thcn con|incs thc hy1ro,cn with oxy,cn in thc air to
¡ro1ucc c|cctricity.” says lc|| “As |ossi| |uc| su¡¡|ics 1cc|inc. |uc| cc||s wi|| |c run |y
hy1ro,cn 1cri·c1 |ron watcr
“A connunity|asc1 ¡owcr systcn can cnanci¡atc our nci,h|orhoo1 |ron thc
incrc1i||c cn·ironncnta| 1ana,c causc1 |y thc ¡ro1uction an1 consun¡tion o| |ossi|
|uc|s an1 nuc|car ¡owcr lt ta¡s into a c|can. rcncwa||c sourcc o| cncr,y that’s
contro||c1 |oca||y.” hc notcs
Antici¡atin, thc cost issuc. \i·ian a11s. “:urc. it wi|| cost norc an1 wi|| rccuirc
connunitywi1c coo¡cration. |ut thc in1c¡cn1cncc an1 |inancia| sta|i|ity wc achic·c
nay |c wc|| worth it
“Thc c||icicncy ncasurcs wc’·c in¡|cncntc1 ncan a sna||cr systcn is rccuirc1
with |css cost u¡ |ront \hcn an icc storn |ca·cs nci,h|ors without ¡owcr |or |our
7.1: Photovoltaic modules convert the energy from sunlight
into electricity. Although initial costs are significant,
generous incentives from utility companies and state
governments can make them much more affordable.
Exorbitantly high electricity costs in areas like California
also make them highly economical. Credit: Dan Chiras.
Benefits of a Community Energy System
• Helps to foster independence
• Buffers against blackouts and brownouts
• Provides energy security
• Reduces demand for outside energy
• Reduces pollution and habitat destruction resulting from the
production and consumption of fossil fuels
• Provides a model for other communities
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
1ays. our |i,hts wi|| |c on an1 our |urnaccs wi|| sti|| |c runnin, An1 i| c|cctricity ¡riccs skyrockct. as thcy
ha·c in Ca|i|ornia in rcccnt ycars. wc won’t |c con¡|ainin, a|out hi,h uti|ity |i||s.” shc says
“\ho knows. ,o·crnncnt ,rants an1 1onations |ron so|ar su¡¡|icrs |ookin, to ta¡ into thc ¡ronotiona|
·a|uc o| our nci,h|orhoo1 cx¡crincnt cou|1 hc|¡ o||sct initia| costs \any uti|itics |acc1 with risin, ¡owcr
1cnan1s a|so su¡¡ort rcncwa||c cncr,y to a·oi1 ha·in, to |ui|1 cost|y ncw ¡owcr ¡|ants.” lc|| conc|u1cs
\hi|c nany nci,h|ors |ikc thc i1ca. this onc wi|| takc a whi|c ¥ou sct u¡ a connittcc to rcscarch thc
o¡tions an1 conc u¡ with cost cstinatcs an1 ¡otcntia| sa·in,s o·cr thc |on, run
Establish Environmentally Friendly Water and Wastewater Systems
“\hi|c wc’rc thinkin, a|out strikin, out on our own cncr,y ¡ath. nay|c wc ou,ht to think a|out crcatin,
norc in1c¡cn1cncc in watcr — |oth watcr su¡¡|y an1 wastcwatcr trcatncnt.” says lick. who’s |ccn stu1yin,
this su|¡cct |or sc·cra| ycars now. ta|kin, to nci,h|ors ¡ri·atc|y. |o||yin, |or su¡¡ort |or his i1cas
“Thcrc arc nany ways to o|tain watcr |or 1oncstic an1 out1oor uscs.” hc ,ocs on “Onc o| thc casicst is
to ca¡turc it |ron roo|to¡s \i||ions o| ,a||ons o| watcr |a|| on thc roo|s o| our honcs cach ycar. which wc
cou|1 usc” :cnsin, sonc rcsistancc. hc a11s. “lco¡|c co||cct rainwatcr |ron thcir roo|s a|| o·cr thc wor|1”
“lathcr than |cttin, a|| o| this ·a|ua||c rainwatcr ,o to wastc or causc ||oo1in,.” lcnni|cr. lick’s wi|c.
chincs in. “why not ca¡turc thc watcr an1 storc it in un1cr,roun1 tanks? Cistcrns can storc thousan1s o|
,a||ons o| watcr |or usc 1urin, thc sunncr 1rou,ht”
“listri|utc1 throu,h 1ri¡ or root|c·c| irri,ation systcns. this |rcc watcr can hc|¡ us kcc¡ our nci,h|orhoo1
,rccn. 1cs¡itc city watcr rationin,.” says lick “\uch o| thc systcn is a|rca1y in ¡|acc.” hc continucs “loo|s.
,uttcrs. an1 1owns¡outs \c ¡ust ncc1 to insta|| sonc un1cr,roun1 ¡i¡cs an1 watcr tanks”
“lcntin, a |ackhoc |or a wcck ni,ht |c cnou,h to rctro|it thc cntirc nci,h|orhoo1.” lcnni|cr a11s “¥ou’1
|c anazc1 at how nuch watcr you can co||cct |ron rain an1 snow nc|t cach ycar”
“Catchwatcr can |c usc1 to irri,atc ·c,ctation. |ut it cou|1 a|so |c ¡uri|ic1 an1 usc1 in our honcs |or
||ushin, toi|cts. runnin, showcrs. washin, 1ishcs. washin, c|othcs. an1 c·cn |or |athin,. cookin,. an1
1rinkin,.” lick says “lut i| wc’rc ,oin, to co||cct watcr |or in1oor uscs. wc’1 ¡ro|a||y want to insta|| ncta|
roo|s Thcy nakc a nuch |cttcr catchncnt sur|acc than stan1ar1 as¡ha|t shin,|cs”
¥ou can tc|| |y thc |ooks on ¡co¡|c’s |accs that thc cou¡|c has thcir attcntion ln conin, nonths. you an1
your nci,h|ors cx¡|orc thc i1ca o| co||cctin, watcr. as wc|| as 1i||crcnt ways o| trcatin, houscho|1 wastcwatcr
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
At onc s¡ccia| ncctin,. lick cx¡|ains thc ncc1 |or such systcns
“Ancrican honcs ¡ro1ucc |i||ions o| ,a||ons o| wastcwatcr c·cry
1ay.” hc says “\astcwatcr is ty¡ica||y 1i·i1c1 into two catc,orics
,raywatcr an1 ||ackwatcr Craywatcr concs |ron showcrs. sinks.
an1 washin, nachincs lt nakcs u¡ a|out ïo ¡crccnt o| a
houscho|1’s 1ai|y wastcwatcr ¡ro1uction lt is 1irty. |ut nowhcrc
ncar as |i|thy as thc watcr usc1 to ||ush toi|cts. ca||c1 ||ackwatcr
“As in nost cn·ironncnta| stratc,ics.” hc cx¡|ains. “thc |irst
stc¡ in 1ca|in, with a ¡ro||cn is conscr·ation \atcrc||icicnt
|cha·iors an1 watcrc||icicnt |ixturcs. such as watcrsa·in,
showcr hca1s. washin, nachincs. an1 1ishwashcrs. rc1ucc
watcr 1cnan1 an1 ,rcat|y rc1ucc ,raywatcr ¡ro1uction”
“lut no nattcr how c||icicnt you nakc a honc. thcrc wi|| |c
sonc wastcwatcr \hat 1o you 1o with it?” his wi|c asks
“Onc o¡tion is a ,raywatcr trcatncnt systcn ¥ou can insta||
,raywatcr systcns |or cach an1 c·cry honc — or wc can insta||
a systcn that scr·iccs our cntirc nci,h|orhoo1 Thcsc systcns
¡ro1ucc a usa||c ¡ro1uct — trcatc1 watcr — that can |c usc1.
a|on, with rainwatcr wc catch on our roo|s. to irri,atc ,ar1cns.
|awns. trccs. an1 shru|s
“ln sonc systcns. ,raywatcr ||ows into |ar,c |c1s o| ¡unicc
or rock |inc1 |y a watcr¡roo| |arricr \icroor,anisns in thc
rock or ¡unicc consunc or,anic wastcs l|ants ,rowin, in thc
soi| o·cr thc rock or ¡unicc |c1s 1raw u¡ nutricnts an1 watcr
\hat’s |c|t o·cr is |air|y ¡urc watcr that can |c usc1 to irri,atc
nci,h|orhoo1 cro¡s”
“l|ackwatcr can |c trcatc1 on sitc as wc||?” a nci,h|or asks
“¥cs. |ut it’s a |it norc tricky.” says lick
“Howc·cr.” lcnni|cr su,,csts. “wc cou|1 insta|| con¡ostin,
7.2: Billions of gallons of rain fall on the rooftops of the homes in our neighborhoods each
year. Capturing this rainwater as well as water from melting snow can reduce our need for
city water, saving money and helping the environment. Credit: Michael Middleton.
Benefits of Environmentally Friendly Water and Wastewater Systems
• Reduces demand on municipal water and wastewater
• Helps put waste to good use locally
• Reduces water pollution
• Enhances self-reliance
• Promotes efficiency
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
A |cw nci,h|ors wrink|c thcir noscs. nistakin, con¡ostin, toi|cts |or thosc horri1 outhouscs thcy ha·c
cncountcrc1 in ¡arks lick scts thcn strai,ht. tc||in, thcn that con¡ostin, toi|cts. insta||c1 in honcs in ¡|acc
o| stan1ar1 toi|cts. 1ccon¡osc or,anic nattcr in watcr o1or|css|y. con·crtin, it to a ||u||y or,anic natcria| i1ca|
|or cnrichin, soi|s in orchar1s an1 ||owcr|c1s. i| |uric1 ¡ro¡cr|y iusua||y +. inchcs 1cc¡)
As thc in|ornationa| ncctin, cn1s. a |cw nci,h|ors 1cci1c to try sonc o| thcsc i1cas out
Create a Common House
\hi|c you an1 your nci,h|ors ¡on1cr thc ¡ossi|i|itics o| crcatin, a nci,h|orhoo1 cncr,y systcn an1 your
own ,raywatcr an1 ||ackwatcr systcns. a norc innc1iatc o¡¡ortunity ¡rcscnts itsc|| at onc o| your nonth|y
¡ot|uck 1inncrs lanion announccs that hc’s |ccn o||crc1 a ¡o| at an lA rccor1 con¡any as a son,writcr
Hc’|| |c no·in, in a cou¡|c o| nonths
His ¡ositi·c cncr,y wi|| |c nissc1. |ut in ty¡ica| |ashion hc su,,csts a way his 1c¡arturc can contri|utc
to thc nci,h|orhoo1 “\hy not |uy ny housc?” hc says
“lor what?” sonconc asks
“To turn it into a connunity housc”
lanion |ays out his ¡|an to trans|orn his honc into a connon housc |ikc thosc |oun1 in cohousin,
connunitics i1iscussc1 in Cha¡tcr ¡) Thc |irst ||oor. hc says. cou|1 |c con·crtc1 to a |ar,c kitchcn with a
connunity 1inin, arca. a rca1in, roon. an1 a ¡|ayroon |or youn,stcrs U¡stairs. thcrc’s roon |or ,ucst
acconno1ations Thc |inishc1 |ascncnt. hc su,,csts. cou|1 ho|1 a tccn roon. a |aun1ry roon. an1 an
cxcrcisc roon Hc c·cn ¡ro¡oscs that his twocar ,ara,c |c rcno1c|c1 to crcatc a nci,h|orhoo1 |i|rary
“Thc housc was a¡¡raisc1 at $..¸.ooo.” lanion announccs. “|ut i| you |uy it 1ircct|y |ron nc l’||
1c1uct thc rca| cstatc a,cnt’s connission \ith .o |ani|ics in on thc 1ca|. thc tota| cost wou|1 |c a|out
$+o.¸oo cach” Thcrc arc a |cw au1i||c ,as¡s “:¡rca1 o·cr ¸o ycars.” hc a11s. “so thc nonth|y nort,a,c
¡ayncnt wou|1 conc to a|out $ïoo ¡cr nonth — or a|out $¡o ¡cr houscho|1”
“l think hc’s onto soncthin,!” says lc·ra
A connon housc o||crs nany |cnc|its lor cxan¡|c. it can ¡ro·i1c s¡acc |or a connunity 1aycarc |aci|ity
an1 ,i·cs chi|1rcn a sa|c ¡|acc to ¡|ay an1 tccns a ¡|acc to han, out An cxcrcisc roon o||crs an incx¡cnsi·c
an1 con·cnicnt ¡|acc to work out. sa·in, |ani|ics cx¡cnsi·c hca|th c|u| |ccs A connon |aun1ry |aci|ity
rc1uccs thc ncc1 |or in1i·i1ua| washcrs an1 1rycrs. sa·in, noncy an1 rcsourccs
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
7.3: Composting toilets like
this Biolet model decompose
human waste rapidly and
odorlessly, producing a
nutrient-rich organic matter
for non-edible crops.
Composting toilets are easy
to install, reduce water
demands, and diminish the
amount of waste entering
septic tanks or sewage
treatment systems of cities
and towns. Credit: Biolet.
l| you sc|cct hca|thy. ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s whcn
rcno1c|in,. you can crcatc a ¡|acc that’s ,oo1 |or ¡co¡|c an1
,oo1 |or thc cn·ironncnt ¥ou can a|so intc,ratc cr,ononic
1csi,n. nakin, thc connon housc norc c||icicnt an1 sa|c |y. |or
cxan¡|c. ¡|acin, c|cctrica| out|cts. shc|·cs. countcrto¡s. an1
cu¡|oar1s at norc con·cnicnt hci,hts i\c’·c |istc1 nany
|ooks an1 or,anizations in thc lcsourcc Cui1c at thc cn1 o| thc
|ook that wi|| hc|¡ you |carn norc a|out thcsc to¡ics)
A connon housc can nakc a connunity norc sc||rc|iant
an1 norc con·cnicnt
Create a Community-shared Office
Thcrc arc ways to nakc a connon housc c·cn norc a||or1a||c
lor cxan¡|c. lanion nakcs anothcr su,,cstion “¥ou cou|1 con·crt thc nastcr |c1roon into an o||icc or a
cou¡|c o| o||iccs Thc a1¡oinin, |c1roon cou|1 housc o||icc ccui¡ncnt |ikc a co¡y nachinc. |ax. an1 |ascr
¡rintcr l| you rcnt out thc o||icc s¡accs |or $.oo a nonth to nci,h|ors who work at honc |ut want norc
roon. you cou|1 |owcr thc nonth|y ¡ayncnt |or thc connon housc to $¡oo or $.o ¡cr nonth ¡cr
“l’1 usc it.” says lanct North. a nothcr who’s ¡ust |aunchc1 a honc |usincss
“l wou|1. too.” says anothcr
“l cou|1 usc a nicc o||icc.” says a thir1 ¡crson “Thcrc’s ¡ust not cnou,h roon in our housc |or an o||icc.
an1 l |in1 nysc|| workin, at thc kitchcn ta||c as thc ki1s racc aroun1 raisin, hc||!”
lut 1on’t takc out your chcck|ooks ¡ust yct lanion’s ,ot norc Hc ¡oints out that sc·cra| |ani|ics in
your nci,h|orhoo1 ha·c youn, chi|1rcn. an1 nany o| thcn arc truckc1 o|| to 1aycarc |aci|itics cach nornin,
as \on an1 la1 hca1 o|| to work “\hat i| you a11 a 1aycarc ccntcr? lc·ra is |ookin, |or cn¡|oyncnt an1
is thinkin, a|out 1oin, 1ay carc in hcr honc l| shc took carc o| sc·cn chi|1rcn at $¸o ¡cr 1ay. shc cou|1 sa·c
c·cryonc a |itt|c noncy whi|c carnin, an inconc ln turn. shc wou|1 ¡ay $¸oo to rcnt thc s¡acc cach nonth
Thc nonth|y nort,a,c ¡ayncnt wou|1 1ro¡ to $+oo or a|out $+o ¡cr |ani|y ¡cr nonth |or un|initc1 usc o|
thc connon housc
Benefits of a Common House
• Promotes a sense of community and belonging
• Reduces demand for shared resources such as washing
• Provides meeting space
• Provides space for a community day-care facility
• Creates a safe place for kids to play or teens to hang out
• Provides services individual households may not be able to
afford, such as a weight room or a copy machine
• Makes a community more self-reliant and convenient
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
“As nci,h|orhoo1 chi|1rcn ,row u¡ an1 ,o o|| to schoo|.
lc·ra cou|1 takc in chi|1rcn |ron surroun1in, arcas. nakin, a
,oo1 |i·in, whi|c ¡ro·i1in, a ·a|ua||c scr·icc”
“\c’|| ha·c to ,ct a ¡crnit |ron thc city. no 1ou|t.” says
onc nci,h|or “Thcy ni,ht |rown on nci,h|orhoo1 o||iccs an1
1aycarc ccntcrs That’s consi1crc1 conncrcia| acti·ity”
“l’·c a|rca1y ta|kc1 with thc ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt.” says
lanion “Thcy 1i1n’t |ikc thc i1ca at |irst. |ut thcn l ta|kc1 with
thc nayor. who is intcrcstc1 in ¡ronotin, ¡co¡|c|ricn1|y
nci,h|orhoo1s an1 rc1ucin, tra||ic on our hi,hways Hc is
wi||in, to work with us … as |on, as wc arc unitc1 on this issuc
Hc assurc1 nc that thc ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt wi|| |c on our si1c.
too. i| wc s¡cak with onc ·oicc”
ly now thc 1ca| is sca|c1
ln thc ncxt |cw nonths thc connunity ra||ics |chin1 thc
¡ro¡osa| an1 c|oscs thc 1ca| A wcck a|tcr lanion |ca·cs |or
lA. nci,h|ors |c,in rcno1c|in,. workin, to,cthcr rathcr than
hirin, outsi1crs to 1o thc work On thc nain ||oor you cn|ar,c
thc kitchcn an1 turn thc |i·in, roon an1 1inin, roon into a
|ar,c connuna| catin, arca lownstairs. you crcatc an cxcrcisc
roon. a |aun1ry roon. an1 a ¡|acc whcrc o|1cr chi|1rcn can han,
out :oun1¡roo|in, insu|ation is ||own into thc wa||s an1 cci|in,
o| thc tccn roon. |or rcasons that rccuirc no c|a|oration Onc
|ani|y 1onatcs a T\ an1 anothcr 1onatcs a stcrco
\ithin a nonth. lc·ra starts thc nci,h|orhoo1 1aycarc
ccntcr. which is innc1iatc|y |u||y |ookc1 larcnts arc 1c|i,htc1
— it’s ¡ust a short wa|k cach nornin, to 1ro¡ o|| thcir ki1s. an1
thcy know thcy’rc in ,oo1 han1s
lanion’s |c1roon is con·crtc1 into a ¡ri·atc o||icc with a
connunity o||icc ccui¡ncnt roon. con¡|ctc with a |ax an1 a
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of a Community-shared Office
• Saves money and time for those who work at home some or
all of the time
• Reduces resource demand
• Makes life in the suburbs more convenient
• Cuts down on trips to service providers, reducing gas
consumption and pollution
7.4: Dining at the common house once or twice a week makes life easier for busy
parents and helps neighbors connect with each other. Credit: Dave Wann.
co¡icr Thc rcnainin, u¡stairs |c1roons arc con·crtc1 to
¡ri·atc o||iccs as wc||. an1 innc1iatc|y rcntc1 out
\ithin six nonths you arc ho|1in, wcck|y 1inncrs in thc
connon housc lach wcck onc nci,h|or ·o|untccrs to cook |or
c·cryonc at a cost o| thrcc 1o||ars ¡cr ¡crson l·cry \on1ay you
1ri·c honc. ¡ark thc car in thc ,ara,c. thcn sauntcr o·cr to thc
connunity housc |or a 1c|icious 1inncr A |cw nonths |atcr.
your connunity is a|so s¡onsorin, lri1ay ni,ht 1inncrs A|tcr
thc 1inncrs. nany lox lun nci,h|ors han, aroun1 to catch u¡
on thc ncws. nakc ¡|ans |or ncw ¡ro¡ccts. or ta|k ¡o|itics
Establish a Community Entertainment Program
ln tinc. lanion rcturns to ·isit an1 o| coursc hc’s ,ot ncw i1cas Hc’s nct a nun|cr o| ¡cr|orncrs who
routinc|y tour thc country. ¡|ayin, in sna|| ·cnucs “\ay|c thcy an1 othcrs |ikc thcn cou|1 sto¡ o|| an1 ¡|ay
|or thc nci,h|ors? lt won’t cost nuch.” hc a11s
lc|orc |on, you’·c ,ot a |oca| cntcrtainncnt ¡ro,ran that c|ininatcs thc ncc1 to ho¡ in thc car an1 |i,ht
tra||ic to attcn1 conccrts in thc city ln thc |irst ycar o| its cxistcncc. you |in1 that thc nun|cr o| tri¡s you
nakc to thc city |or cntcrtainncnt ha·c 1ro¡¡c1 1ranatica||y. an1 you an1 your nci,h|ors ha·c rc1ucc1 |uc|
usc an1 ¡o||ution
Narrow or Eliminate Streets
A ycar a|tcr thc connon housc con·crsion. you an1 your nci,h|ors ·isit a ncar|y cohousin, connunity Onc
as¡cct o| this connunity that in¡rcsscs a|| o| you is its trancui|ity. which is |ar,c|y 1uc to thc |act that thcrc
arc no strccts 1isscctin, thc connunity Cars arc ¡arkc1 on thc ¡cri¡hcry in car¡orts an1 ,ara,cs or out in
thc o¡cn li1s ¡|ay |rcc|y on thc ccntra| connon arca without |car o| |cin, struck |y a car |ccausc
autono|i|cs arc “|annc1” |ron thc connons
Accustonc1 to thc 1ri·cu¡ con·cnicncc o| no1crn su|ur|s. sonc |o|ks in your ,rou¡ crin,c at thc i1ca
o| ¡arkin, cars a|on, thc ¡cri¡hcry o| lox lun \hcn you ask thcn a|out thc incon·cnicncc. howc·cr. nost
Benefits of a Community Entertainment Program
• Makes a community richer and more inviting
• Enhances our personal lives
• Reduces the need to commute long distances to events
• Cuts down on fuel consumption, air pollution, and time spent
in the car
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
o| thc “cohouscrs” ha·c nothin, |ut ¡raisc |or thc i1ca lcsi1cs.
thcy ¡oint out. ¡arkin, is arran,c1 so you’rc nc·cr norc than a
short stro||. a |cw hun1rc1 |cct. |ron your car to your housc
A|thou,h sonc cohouscrs |oun1 it incon·cnicnt at |irst. thcy’·c
,rown usc1 to thc i1ca an1 nost o| thcn cn|racc it |u||y
“\hcn wa|kin, |ron ny car to ny honc. l’n ,rcctc1 not
on|y |y chi|1rcn at ¡|ay. |ut |y a1u|ts sittin, on ¡ark |cnchcs
\c o|tcn sto¡ an1 chat |or a |cw ninutcs. 1cstrcssin, a |itt|c
\y hus|an1 tc||s nc that whcn l conc throu,h thc 1oor a|tcr
work l’n nuch norc ¡|casant to |c aroun1.” says onc wonan
Thc cohouscrs shutt|c ,roccrics |ron cars to honcs usin,
¡ush carts an1 c|cctric ,o|| carts. which arc ¡owcrc1 |y
¡hoto·o|taic ¡anc|s il\s) insta||c1 on thc car¡orts in thc ¡arkin,
arca l| rcsi1cnts ncc1 to carry hca·icr itcns. thcy can no·c thc
|arricr asi1c an1 1ri·c to thcir honcs a|on, thc wi1c si1cwa|ks
l|ininatin, sonc or a|| o| thc ¡a·c1 roa1 sur|accs that s|icc
throu,h su|ur|an an1 ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s rc1uccs hcat
|ui|1u¡. roa1 naintcnancc. an1 acci1cnts |ctwccn ki1s an1 cars
lt a|so rc1uccs thc anount o| ¡a·cncnt rccuirc1 |or strcct
construction an1 a||ows connunitics to 1c·otc norc |an1 to
¡arks an1 c1i||c |an1sca¡c
Cou|1 you 1o thc sanc in your nci,h|orhoo1?
“A|thou,h thc i1ca nay soun1 wi|1|y ronantic an1 in¡ractica|. it 1ocs ha·c its ncrits.” says \att. who
1cci1cs to chan¡ion thc issuc A,ainst a nurnur o| o¡¡osition. hc notcs. “lcri¡hcra| ¡arkin, |or thosc c|osc
to thc cn1 o| thc strcct ncans ·cry |itt|c a11itiona| wa|kin, lor othcrs it wi|| |c norc o| a hass|c — |ut that’s
thc ¡ro||cn with tryin, to rctro|it a nci,h|orhoo1 |ui|t with othcr intcntions As a con¡ronisc. wc ni,ht
want to |ocatc thc ¡arkin, arcas norc ccntra||y \akin, |icyc|cs an1 ,o|| carts a·ai|a||c |or c·cryonc’s usc wi||
nakc thc transition to this ncw systcn norc tcna||c |or sonc”
“Or thcrc arc thin,s wc can 1o sin¡|y to cuict tra||ic … thcy ca|| it tra||ic ca|nin,.” his wi|c. \arcy. a11s.
scnsin, hcr hus|an1’s cnthusiasn |or ¡cri¡hcra| ¡arkin, is not wi1c|y sharc1 “Tra||ic circ|cs. |cnchcs a|on,
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
7.5: In cohousing, cars take a backseat to people and are relegated to peripheral
parking. Although many people we’ve talked to fear that this arrangement will
be inconvenient, most people who have tried it find the short stroll to their
homes is a pleasant experience as it gives them time to connect with neighbors.
Credit: Muir Commons.
thc strcct. strcct narrowin,. s¡cc1 |un¡s a|| o| thcsc thin,s
cou|1 hc|¡ us rc1ucc thc s¡cc1 at which cars tra·c| an1 nakc our
nci,h|orhoo1 sa|cr”
A|tcr rcscarch an1 consi1cra||c 1c|atc. you an1 your nci,h
|ors 1cci1c to ,i·c tra||ic ca|nin, a try A ycar |atcr. whcn a |oca|
ncws¡a¡cr rc¡ortcr asks how thc connunity nana,c1 to achic·c
this |cat. \arion. thc uno||icia| s¡okcs¡crson. says. “lt canc
a|out |ccausc wc ha·c workc1 to,cthcr on nany othcr i1cas o·cr
thc ycars \c ha·c a|so acti·c|y rccruitc1 |ikcnin1c1 in1i·i1ua|s
as honcs wcnt u¡ |or sa|c Throu,h carc|u||y ¡|acc1 a1s. wc’·c
|ccn a||c to rcach out to ¡co¡|c who want to |i·c |ikc us an1 want
to |c ¡art o| our |itt|c cx¡crincnt”
ln thc |uturc. \att an1 a |cw othcr nci,h|ors ho¡c to rcsha¡c thc connunity c·cn norc. rcno·in, thc strcct
cntirc|y an1 rc¡|acin, it with si1cwa|ks that wcn1 thcir way |ctwccn ,ar1cns an1 |cnchcs an1 ¡icnic ta||cs
Retrofit Garages and Spare Rooms into Apartments
\ith ¡ri·atc car usc 1own — thanks to thc nci,h|orhoo1 trans¡ortation systcn that cncoura,cs wa|kin, an1
|icyc|in,. car¡oo|in,. an1 othcr ancnitics |ikc thc connon housc an1 thc sharc1 ·chic|cs — \att asks.
“\hat usc arc our ,ara,cs? \hat wi|| |cconc o| thcn?”
Thc answcr “Thcy cou|1 |c con·crtc1 to a¡artncnts :tu1cnts at thc |oca| co||c,c arc a|ways con¡|ainin,
a|out thc |ack o| housin, in our arca \any o| thcn connutc |ron 1owntown. whcrc a¡artncnts arc chca¡cr
\c can hc|¡ |i|| thc housin, ,a¡ an1 rc1ucc connutin,”
“An1 wc can carn a |itt|c cxtra noncy. too”
“Thcrc arc othcrs who ni,ht |ikc to |i·c in our connunity lcccnt|y 1i·orcc1 a1u|ts an1 nany scr·icc
workcrs who arc shut out o| thc hi,h¡ricc1 |oca| housin, narkct ni,ht |in1 thc rcno·atc1 ,ara,cs in our
nci,h|orhoo1 to thcir |ikin,”
:urc. thcrc arc |arricrs to o·crconc. inc|u1in, ,ainin, a¡¡ro·a| |ron thc city ,o·crnncnt to con·crt
,ara,cs into |i·in, s¡accs or to a11 |ascncnt a¡artncnts ln tinc. workin, with city o||icia|s ics¡ccia||y zonin,
an1 ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnts). you can con·crt ,ara,cs into ccononic asscts lcnt wi|| hc|¡ o||sct rcno·ation
Benefits of Narrowing and Eliminating Streets
• Creates a more parklike, aesthetically appealing
• Opens up more land for growing vegetables and fruit
• Increases the chances of meeting and interacting with
children and adults
• Increases social contact and enriches our lives
• Reduces pavement and heat buildup, reducing cooling costs
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
costs. an1 you can usc any sur¡|us to hc|¡ ¡ay o|| honc
nort,a,cs \orco·cr. thcrc arc tax |cnc|its to rcntin, out s¡acc
in your honc lor cxan¡|c. a |ascncnt a¡artncnt can |c
1c¡rcciatc1. crcatin, a nicc tax 1c1uction
O|1cr rcsi1cnts nay rcno·atc thc ,ara,cs as housin, |or |i·c
in carctakcrs who can hc|¡ thcn out with cookin,. c|canin,.
,ar1cnin,. an1 othcr chorcs in cxchan,c |or |rcc |i·in, s¡acc an1
a nonth|y sti¡cn1 This ncans c|1crs 1on’t ha·c to sc|| thcir
honcs an1 u¡root thcnsc|·cs |ron thcir connunity to no·c
into an a¡artncnt or a nursin, honc
A¡artncnt rcno·ation isn’t thc on|y o¡tion :onc |o|ks nay
want to rcnt out thcir ,ara,c s¡acc |or stora,c Anyonc who has
¡ricc1 ¡ri·atc stora,c knows that s¡acc isn’t chca¡ thcsc 1ays. a
twocar ,ara,c cou|1 casi|y rcnt |or $+oo to $+¸o ¡cr nonth —
crcatin, a nicc strcan o| inconc
As chi|1rcn ,row u¡ an1 hca1 out on thcir own. thcy wi||
|rcc u¡ a11itiona| |i·in, s¡acc in thcir ¡arcnts’ honcs lathcr
than |ca·c thcir roons ·acant or no·c to a sna||cr honc.
honcowncrs can con·crt cn¡ty |c1roons into a¡artncnts
¥ou’|| ncc1 zonin, |oar1 a¡¡ro·a|. o| coursc. |ut this stratc,y.
|ikc con·crtin, ,ara,cs into |i·in, cuartcrs. has nany c|car ccononic |cnc|its an1 nuncrous socia| |cnc|its
lt cncoura,cs |inancia|. cthnic. an1 a,c 1i·crsity within your connunity. ¡ro1ucin, a richcr socia| |a|ric that
can nakc |i|c in|initc|y norc intcrcstin, li·crsity can a|so hc|¡ to |rcak 1own thc socia| hono,cnization an1
cu|tura| iso|ation o| su|ur|s that o|tcn |ca1s to insccurity an1 inccuity
Create a Neighborhood Coffee Shop, Market, or Other Cottage Industries
\ith a connon housc. o||iccs. an1 a 1aycarc ccntcr in ¡|acc. \arion a1·anccs anothcr ¡ro¡osa| at thc
nonth|y ncctin, “\hy 1on’t wc crcatc a corncr storc? A con·cnicncc storc. whcrc nci,h|ors an1 thcir
chi|1rcn can wa|k to ¡ick u¡ ni|k. |rca1. an1 othcr csscntia| itcns |ikc in thc ,oo1 o|1 1ays?”
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
7.6: Suburbs offer many opportunities for additional housing, as shown here.
This garage was retrofitted to create a small apartment for students.
It provides income for the residents and a place to live in a town suffering
from a chronic shortage of suitable living space. Credit: Dave Wann.
lna,cs o| a -++ conc to nin1 an1 thcrc’s nuch hca1
\arion ||i¡s on thc s|i1c ¡ro¡cctor an1 shows a ¡icturc o| a
storc in a tra1itiona| nci,h|orhoo1 1csi,nc1 |y An1rcs luany.
onc o| Ancrica’s ¡rccnincnt Ncw Ur|anists lns¡irc1 |y
·i||a,cs in which ¡co¡|c arc within wa|kin, 1istancc o| schoo|s.
storcs. 1octors. an1 o||iccs. thcsc ncw connunitics arc ¡o¡¡in,
u¡ a|| across North Ancrica As ncn|crs o| your connunity
scc |ron thc s|i1c \arion’s showin,. thc storc’s architccturc
||cn1s in nicc|y with thc housin, “lt 1ocsn’t rcscn||c a loa| n’
lu, or a Ouick :to¡ or a -++ or any o| thc hun1rc1s o| othcr
con·cnicncc storcs that |ittcr thc |an1sca¡c.” shc says
\arion’s hus|an1 ¡ro¡oscs a |usincss that hc’|| |inancc an1
run with thcir son an1 1au,htcrin|aw. who. a|tcr ,ra1uatin,
|ron co||c,c. rcccnt|y no·c1 |ack to thc nci,h|orhoo1 Thcy’||
|ui|1 thc storc on an cn¡ty corncr |ot an1 it wi|| scr·c lox lun
an1 surroun1in, nci,h|orhoo1s
A|tcr a |cw nonths o| 1c|atc. thc connunity ,i·cs
\arion’s hus|an1 thc ,oahca1 to a¡¡|y |or a ¡crnit |or a sna||
con·cnicncc storc with a co||cc sho¡ an1 a ,ar1cn narkct
whcrc hc can sc|| |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs ¡ro1ucc1 in lox lun’s
connunity ,ar1cn
ln tinc. your nci,h|ors ta|k a|out |rin,in, othcr ancnitics
to thc nci,h|orhoo1 Thc o||iccs in thc connon housc arc so
succcss|u| that nany rcsi1cnts arc c|anorin, |or norc o||icc
s¡acc Onc nci,h|or. who runs a sna|| con¡utcr so|twarc
1csi,n |irn. says hc’1 ¡un¡ at thc o¡¡ortunity to |uy a housc
ncar|y an1 con·crt it into his o||icc Hc on|y has |our
cn¡|oyccs an1 wou|1 |o·c to ha·c his o||icc thrcc ninutcs |ron
his |ront 1oor
Benefits of Retrofitting Garages and Spare Rooms
• Provides additional housing within your city or town without
the need to convert undeveloped land
• Creates more social, economic, and ethnic diversity in a
• Puts resources to good use
• Enlivens and enriches households
7.7: Mixed-use communities provide benefits within walking distance, such as this
restaurant in Dave’s hometown. By using existing buildings that blend with the
neighborhood, we can have the amenities we like without suffering from strip mall-like
development. Credit: Dave Wann.
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
l| wc want to crcatc connunity an1 rc1ucc tra||ic. ,aso|inc
usc. an1 ¡o||ution. our connunitics nust ¡ro·i1c norc o| what
wc ncc1 — as thcy 1o in tra1itiona| ·i||a,c 1csi,ns Chan,in,
thc |acc o| thc su|ur|s. whcrc |unctions arc iso|atc1 |ron onc
anothcr. won’t |c casy lut with tra1itiona| nci,h|orhoo1
1c·c|o¡ncnt ,ainin, in ¡o¡u|arity. you nay |in1 |oca| co1c
o||icia|s an1 thc ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt ancna||c to thcsc i1cas
Foster Diversity
A |ina| stc¡ in thc nci,h|orhoo1’s trans|ornation is thc
|ostcrin, o| 1i·crsity throu,h thc crcation o| nu|ti|ani|y 1wc||in,s likc thc ,ara,c an1 s¡arc |c1roon
con·crsions. ¡ro¡oncnts say it wi|| |ostcr |inancia|. cthnic. an1 a,c 1i·crsity
“Our o¡tions arc nany.” says \artin. thc ¡ro|cssor who startc1 a 1iscussion ,rou¡ ycars a,o “lar,c
honcs in thc nci,h|orhoo1 cou|1 |c con·crtc1 into 1u¡|cxcs or tri¡|cxcs. or two or norc honcs cou|1 |c
|ri1,c1 |y a11itiona| |i·in, s¡acc. crcatin, a sin,|c. |ar,c a¡artncnt con¡|cx out o| two structurcs”
“\u|ti|ani|y rcsi1cnccs o||cr nany |cnc|its.” \artin a11s. “|csi1cs incrcasin, 1i·crsity within
hono,cncous su|ur|s Thcy housc norc ¡co¡|c ¡cr acrc o| |an1 an1 rccuirc |css cncr,y to hcat an1 coo| ¡cr
scuarc |oot o| |i·in, s¡acc lccausc thcy’rc norc con¡act. thcy rccuirc |css woo1 an1 othcr natcria|s than
sin,|c|ani|y honcs Usin, cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y |ui|1in, natcria|s. such as car¡ctin, with rccyc|c1
contcnt. or nontoxic ¡aints. stains. an1 |inishcs. cou|1 hc|¡ nakc this a ¡|acc that’s ,oo1 |or ¡co¡|c an1 thc
¥ou |ca·c thc ncctin, to nu|| o·cr this i1ca \ay|c it wi|| succcc1. nay|c not Thcrc’s nuch to |c
consi1crc1 in thc nonths ahca1
Successes and Challenges
ln Cha¡tcrs ¸ to -. wc’·c takcn you on a ¡ourncy o| thc ¡ossi|i|itics |or crcatin, a norc |i·a||c an1
cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y nci,h|orhoo1 Thc i1cas arc rc|c·ant |or su|ur|s an1 ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s a|ikc
This roa1 nay |c norc cha||cn,in, than crcatin, a cohousin, connunity |ron scratch. which starts with
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Benefits of Fostering Diversity
• Provides additional dwellings within your city or town,
reducing the need to “develop” undeveloped land
• Creates more social, economic, and ethnic diversity in
• Puts resources to good use
• Enlivens and enriches communities
|o|ks a|rca1y a|i,nc1 |y connon ,oa|s ¥ou nay cncountcr ho|1outs — in1i·i1ua|s who |ikc thc
nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ust thc way it is Othcrs wi|| want too nuch too cuick|y A|on, thc way. con¡roniscs arc
inc·ita||c As you ¡ro|a||y cx¡cct. ,o·crnncnt o||icia|s nay |a|k at your i1cas. c·cn stoncwa|| you ¥ou nay
ha·c to nakc |ricn1s at city ha|| to 1o what you want with your honcs an1 your |an1 iscc Cha¡tcr +o)
lcs¡itc thcsc an1 a host o| othcr ¡ro||cns. consi1cra||c ,|ory wi|| conc to thosc with ·ision an1
¡crsc·crancc Othcrs wi|| rcco,nizc thc ·a|uc o| what you’rc 1oin, an1. ins¡irc1 |y your coura,c. wis1on.
an1 |orcsi,ht. wi|| |o||ow in your |ootstc¡s An1. o| coursc. you wi|| |cnc|it 1ircct|y |ron wcck|y 1inncrs.
|oca||y ,rown ¡ro1ucc. |ani|iar sni|cs. hc|¡in, han1s. an1. ¡crha¡s. a connunityownc1 ¡icku¡ truck at
your 1is¡osa|
\hcrc nci,h|ors oncc |i·c1 in rc|ati·c iso|ation. you can crcatc sccurity. |ricn1shi¡. intcr1c¡cn1cncc. an1
ncanin,|u| socia| intcraction Thc cost o| |i·in, wi|| surc|y ,o 1own. o·cr tinc. whi|c thc cua|ity o| your |i|c
an1 thc |i·cs o| your |o·c1 oncs soars
Your Neighborhood Blossoms: Boldest Steps
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.
llOlA \HlT\Oll
Suburban Revitalization I: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
l ¥OU HA\l TlOUlll lllll\lNC that ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s can chan,c as 1ranatica||y as
wc’rc su,,cstin,. you’rc not a|onc \any ¡co¡|c ha·c |ccn skc¡tica| ln |act. whcn onc 1is,runt|c1 rca1cr
o| Mother Earth News rca1 an artic|c lan wrotc on thc su|¡cct. hc accusc1 us o| ¡ronotin, a connunist
¡|ot to ruin thc su|ur|s. which wcrc. in his o¡inion. not in ncc1 o| |ixin, Hc cancc|c1 his su|scri¡tion in
outra,c! iHis wi|c ha1 nistakcn|y su|scri|c1 to thc na,azinc. wc wcrc to|1)
A1nittc1|y. this has |ccn thc nost cxtrcnc rcaction to our i1cas. an1 wc’rc sorry that hc nissc1 thc ¡oint
o| our work \c arc o||crin, su,,cstions on ways to in¡ro·c ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s an1 ¡co¡|c’s
|i·cs \c’rc not ¡ro¡osin, any con¡u|sory nationa| |aws that |orcc nci,h|orhoo1s to a|tcr thcir no1us
o¡cran1i l| you’rc ha¡¡y with what you ha·c. that’s |inc l| you arc |ookin, |or norc. thcsc i1cas nay |c o|
consi1cra||c assistancc l| you’rc a 1c·c|o¡cr. wc ho¡c that you wi|| think a|out thcsc i1cas an1 incor¡oratc
thcn in your ncxt ¡ro¡cct
:o 1ou|t is not |orci,n to us \c oursc|·cs cx¡cricncc1 ¡crio1s o| 1ou|t whcn wc startc1 workin, on thc
:ustaina||c :u|ur|s lro¡cct throu,h our or,anization. thc :ustaina||c luturcs :ocicty. in .oo+
lut thcn soncthin, cxcitin, ha¡¡cnc1
\c startc1 ta|kin, to ¡co¡|c a|out our i1cas \uch to our sur¡risc. nany ¡co¡|c wc ta|kc1 to kncw
sonconc or ha1 hcar1 a|out a connunity that was ¡on1crin, — or |cttcr yct. cnactin, — chan,cs to crcatc
norc c|osc|y knit connunitics. norc a||or1a||c ways o| |i·in,. an1 norc cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y |i|csty|cs
To our anazcncnt. wc |oun1 that sonc o| thc |o|1cst stc¡s wc arc su,,cstin, — |or cxan¡|c. |uyin, a housc
an1 con·crtin, it to a connon housc — wcrc a|rca1y ha¡¡cnin,
ln this cha¡tcr wc’|| sharc sonc cxan¡|cs o| ¡co¡|c |ron a|| wa|ks o| |i|c an1 |ron a nun|cr o| 1i||crcnt
countrics who arc cn,a,c1 in thc casy an1 |o|1cr stc¡s wc’·c ¡rcscntc1 \c’|| tc|| you how thc ·arious
su,,cstions work an1 ,i·c sonc a1·icc on ,cttin, startc1
Easy Steps
Suggestion 1. Sponsor Community Dinners
WHO’S DOING IT N :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1. la·is. Ca|i|ornia. CossCro·c Nci,h|orhoo1. lou|1cr.
Co|ora1o. cohousin, connunitics. :taircasc linncrs. lc||c·uc. \ashin,ton
THE WAY IT WORKS Thc N :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1 |c,an nany ycars a,o with |i·c stu1cnts |i·in, in a
rcnta| housc in an o|1cr su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1 in la·is. Ca|i|ornia lcco,nizin, thc |cnc|its o| connon
nca|s. thcy 1cci1c1 to s¡onsor ¡ot|uck 1inncrs That c||ort has ,rown consi1cra||y To1ay. thcy sharc nca|s
with +- houscho|1s Thcy’·c switchc1 |ron ¡ot|uck 1inncrs to nca|s cookc1 |y in1i·i1ua| ncn|crs o| thc
connunity \hy switch |ron ¡ot|uck?
“Thc ¡ro||cn with ¡ot|uck nca|s is c·cryonc has to 1c·otc tinc to it.” says lc·in \o||. onc o| thc
or,anizcrs o| thc nci,h|orhoo1 “ln +o-o wc rca|izc1 that ha·in, a sin,|c ¡crson rcs¡onsi||c |or cach nca|
was thc way to ,o That way. you conc honc |ron schoo|. work. or othcr acti·itics o| thc 1ay. an1 you ¡ust
show u¡” Thc nci,h|ors cat on a connon ¡atio in thc sunncrtinc an1 in a ,ara,cturnc11inin, roon in
thc wintcr “l| nci,h|ors 1i1n’t know how to cook |c|orc no·in, in. thcy ccrtain|y 1o now.” says lc·in
Thc CossCro·c Nci,h|orhoo1 in lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. has csta||ishc1 rc,u|ar |ar|ccucs that accon¡any
nci,h|orhoo1 ncctin,s an1 ,ara,c sa|cs Thc c·cnts takc ¡|acc in onc o| thrcc ¡ockct ¡arks that canc into
|cin, whcn thc city c|osc1 o|| thc cn1 o| thc strcct to nakc thc nci,h|orhoo1 norc ¡c1cstrian|ricn1|y Onc
o| thc sna|| ¡arks wi|| soon |cconc a connunity ,ar1cn. contri|utin, ¡ro1ucc |or thc nca|s
HOW TO GET STARTED ¥ou an1 your nci,h|ors 1on’t ha·c to |c|on, to a cohousin, connunity or
crcatc a |orna| nci,h|orhoo1 association to cat to,cthcr lou|1cr rcsi1cnt loninicuc Cct|i||c su,,csts
nakin, short. sin¡|c contacts with your nci,h|ors. such as |orrowin, ni|k lron that. ¡ro,rcss to ¡ot|uck
1inncrs Hc an1 his nci,h|ors sct u¡ ta||cs on a 1ri·cway to sharc nca|s on warn sunncr 1ays
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
lu|ic lo1wc||. oncc a rcsi1cnt o| \ins|ow Cohousin, in \ashin,ton. no·c1 to
lc||c·uc an1 nissc1 ha·in, nca|s with nci,h|ors. so shc na1c a ¡oint o| ,ra1ua||y
ncctin, ¡co¡|c who sharc1 thc sanc stairway in hcr con1o Thcn shc or,anizc1
“staircasc 1inncrs” that ha·c crcatc1 a scnsc o| connunity in thc con1o
\any nci,h|orhoo1s ha·c ¡cr|cctc1 thc art o| “¡ro,rcssi·c 1inncrs.” in which a
sna|| ,rou¡ o| nci,h|ors no·cs |ron onc housc to anothcr |or ·arious courscs o| a
nca| An1 thc llatch connunity ,ar1cn in :catt|c has csta||ishc1 a “Chc|s in a
Car1cn” tra1ition in which |oca| rcstaurant chc|s ·o|untccr to usc ,ar1cn ¡ro1ucc to
cook nca|s that arc scr·c1 ri,ht in thc ,ar1cn!
Suggestion 2. Establish a Community Newsletter, Bulletin Board, and Roster
WHO’S DOING IT linncy lun Nci,h|orhoo1 Association. Co|1cn. Co|ora1o.
Harnony \i||a,c. Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. nany honcowncr associations an1 cohousin, ,rou¡s
THE WAY IT WORKS lnowin, who your nci,h|ors arc an1 whcrc thcy |i·c is a
|un1ancnta| stc¡ in crcatin, connunity lcco,nizin, this. thc linncy lun
Nci,h|orhoo1 Association |ui|t a 1ura||c. ,|asscncasc1 |u||ctin |oar1 whcrc rcsi1cnts
can ¡ost ncws an1 noticcs. hc|¡in, nci,h|ors stay a|rcast o| in¡ortant acti·itics such as
¡ro¡osc1 zonin, chan,cs an1 ¡ot|uck 1inncrs At Harnony \i||a,c. a cohousin,
connunity in Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. a |aninatc1 na¡ shows nci,h|ors an1 ·isitors who
|i·cs whcrc The Villager. Harnony’s cuartcr|y ncws|cttcr. has now ¡ro|i|c1 a|| .- houscho|1s. nci,h|ors |carnc1
that lcn an1 Nancy nct on a nountainto¡ an1 that lick oncc sa·c1 sonc|o1y |ron 1rownin, An cntirc issuc
o| thc ncws|cttcr was a ncnoria| to thc |atc \acon Cow|cs. thc nci,h|orhoo1’s c|1cr statcsnan
Harnony’s cnai| nctwork has |ccn cxtrcnc|y ·a|ua||c as a su¡¡ort systcn l| you ncc1 a ¡o|. ha·c a car
|or sa|c. or want to conncnt on a connunity acti·ity. this is thc ¡|acc to 1o it
HOW TO GET STARTED Thc |irst stc¡ is casy ,o 1oorto1oor with a c|i¡|oar1 to o|tain tc|c¡honc
nun|crs. strcct a11rcsscs. an1 cnai| a11rcsscs Thcn su,,cst that sonconc in thc nci,h|orhoo1 — a writcr
or c1itor. nay|c — con¡i|c ¡ara,ra¡h|on, |io,ra¡hics o| cach nci,h|or on thc ||ock :¡onsor a ¡ot|uck in
a nci,h|or’s yar1 an1 scc i| ¡co¡|c can corrcct|y ,ucss which ¡crson |its which |io,ra¡hy ¥ou nay |in1 that
thc city or town you |i·c in wi|| ¡rint an1 nai| out ncws|cttcrs |rcc o| char,c!
8.1: Keeping in touch is part of the purpose of a
community bulletin board, but it can also be used to post
important public notices, to sell used furniture, or to
announce parties! Credit: Mike April.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
Thcrc arc as nany ways to nctwork as thcrc arc ¡co¡|c in thc wor|1 lortunatc|y. connunity is har1wirc1
into thc hunan ¡sychc. an1 |irst stc¡s a|ways sccn to |ca1 soncwhcrc
Suggestion 3. Establish a Neighborhood Watch Program
WHO’S DOING IT O|1c Hi||crcst Nci,h|orhoo1 Association. \i|waukcc. \isconsin. nany othcr
THE WAY IT WORKS Thousan1s o| connunitics in North Ancrica ha·c ¡oinc1 thc Nci,h|orhoo1
Crinc \atch ¡ro,ran. connon|y known as ||ock watch A connunity ¡ro,ran |ornc1 in con¡unction with
|oca| ¡o|icc 1c¡artncnts. a ||ock watch rccuircs a coor1inator to rccruit nci,h|ors Thc coor1inator a|so acts
as a |iaison with thc |oca| ¡o|icc 1c¡artncnt Oncc a nci,h|orhoo1 is or,anizc1. ncn|crs o| thc connunity
rccci·c trainin, |ron thc ¡o|icc 1c¡artncnt that tcachcs thcn how to i1cnti|y sus¡icious acti·itics an1
in1i·i1ua|s. which arc rc¡ortc1 to thc ¡o|icc
\ith nci,h|ors watchin, out |or nci,h|ors. this ¡ro,ran ¡ro·i1cs ,rcatcr sccurity an1 hc|¡s |ui|1
connunity That’s what |o|ks in thc O|1c Hi||crcst Nci,h|orhoo1. a su|ur| o| \i|waukcc. 1isco·crc1 Thcir
||ock watch not on|y ¡ro·i1cs a stratc,ic |ink |ctwccn citizcns an1 thc ¡o|icc. |ut a|so hc|¡s crcatc a sa|cr ¡|acc
to |i·c lt has |ccn succcss|u| at hc|¡in, nci,h|ors ,ct to know onc anothcr. crcatin, a |ricn1|icr connunity
HOW TO GET STARTED To |carn norc. chcck out thc in|ornation wc’·c |istc1 in our lcsourcc Cui1c
or ca|| your |oca| ¡o|icc 1c¡artncnt lcsi1cnts o| rura| arcas wi|| |ikc|y ncc1 to ca|| thcir county shcri|| ’s o||icc
loca| authoritics wi|| ¡ro·i1c tons o| usc|u| in|ornation an1 a contact ¡crson who wi|| hc|¡ you csta||ish your
Suggestion 4. Start Neighborhood Clubs
WHO’S DOING IT loun1ary :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1. lort|an1. Orc,on. O|1c Hi||crcst Nci,h|orhoo1
Association. \i|waukcc. \isconsin. CossCro·c Nci,h|orhoo1. lou|1cr. Co|ora1o
THE WAY IT WORKS ln thc loun1ary :trcct nci,h|orhoo1. +oo nci,h|ors routinc|y work in a ncar|y
ra·inc to rcstorc nati·c ¡|ant s¡ccics “lt’s thc |cst ri¡arian arca in thc city.” says lick loy. “so wc’·c ta¡¡c1
into nci,h|orhoo1 cx¡crtisc — onc ,uy has a lhl in |io|o,y — an1 wc’·c takcn a1·anta,c o| a|| thc ,oo1
cncr,y to nakc our nci,h|orhoo1 norc cn·ironncnta||y sta||c”
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Anothcr kin1 o| acti·ity that can |rin, nci,h|ors to,cthcr is an in·cstncnt c|u| ln thc O|1c Hi||crcst
Nci,h|orhoo1. +ï ncn|crs ,athcr c·cry sccon1 \on1ay c·cnin, at 1i||crcnt ncn|crs’ honcs “Thcy
contri|utc |ctwccn $+o an1 $+oo ¡cr nonth to a ¡ort|o|io o| hi,h,rowth stocks.” cx¡|ains la|c Tutt|c. thc
coor1inator o| thc ,rou¡ “Thc |ast |cw ycars o| thc |car narkct ha·c |ccn a |carnin, cx¡cricncc.” hc a1nits
“Thc |cst ,rowth wc’·c sccn hasn’t |ccn in our in·cstncnts. |ut in our scnsc o| connunity”
HOW TO GET STARTED \orc o|tcn than not. a ,rcat i1ca is |irst hatchc1 in an in|orna| con·crsation
|ctwccn two or thrcc ¡co¡|c. thcn ,ains noncntun A|tcr |i·in, with thrcc ¡ockct ¡arks crcatc1 |y thc city
in lou|1cr’s CossCro·c nci,h|orhoo1. rcsi1cnts 1cci1c1 to crcatc “thcnc ¡arks” Onc o| thc sna|| ¡arks wi||
|cconc a |occi |a|| court. |occi |cin, a s¡ort a|nost anyonc can ¡|ay nost o| thc ycar Anothcr ¡ark wi||
contain a |cnch whcrc rcsi1cnts can ·isit with nci,h|ors
Suggestion 5. Form Discussion Groups
WHO’S DOING IT Harnony \i||a,c. Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. O|1c Hi||crcst Nci,h|orhoo1 Association.
\i|waukcc. \isconsin
THE WAY IT WORKS \any o| thc cohousin, connunitics wc’·c tourc1 s¡onsor 1iscussion ,rou¡s lor
cxan¡|c. at Harnony \i||a,c. la·c’s honc. ncar|y a 1ozcn nci,h|ors ¡artici¡atc in a sustaina|i|ity 1iscussion
,rou¡ \cn|crs ncct oncc a nonth o·cr a sin¡|c |rcak|ast consistin, o| |ruit. |a,c|s. oran,c ¡uicc. tca. an1
co||cc to 1iscuss |oca| as wc|| as ,|o|a| cn·ironncnta| issucs This 1i·crsc ,rou¡ o| cohouscrs a|so a11rcsscs
¡ractica| nattcrs — instca1 o| ¡ust sittin, aroun1 an1 ta|kin,. thcy takc action to hc|¡ crcatc a sustaina||c
|uturc lor cxan¡|c. thcy ¡ro¡osc1 that Harnony \i||a,c rcsi1cnts insta|| so|ar ¡anc|s on thc roo|s o| thcir
honcs. an1 that thc ·i||a,c usc cncr,yc||icicnt con¡act ||uorcsccnt |i,ht |u||s in out1oor |i,ht |ixturcs Thcy
routinc|y writc |cttcrs to ¡o|iticians. an1 rcccnt|y sa·c1 a ncar|y ¡iccc o| |an1 that was s|atc1 |or 1c·c|o¡ncnt
O|1c Hi||crcst Nci,h|orhoo1 Association in thc su|ur|s o| \i|waukcc s¡onsors a |ook c|u| whcrc
nci,h|ors “,ct to,cthcr with |c||ow |ook cnthusiasts to con·crsc. 1iscuss. an1 1c|atc currcnt |cstsc||crs an1
c|assics.” accor1in, to thc ,rou¡’s wc|sitc Thcy’·c a|so or,anizc1 a nothcr¹1au,htcr |ook c|u|. which thcy
1cscri|c as a “,rcat way |or nothcrs an1 1au,htcrs to sharc rca1in, an1 1iscuss |ooks”
liscussion ,rou¡s nay a|so takc ¡|acc in |roa1cr connunitics \ho|c towns. |or instancc. ha·c |ornc1
,rou¡s to 1iscuss thc |ook Affluenza. which la·c coauthorc1 \hcn lan was an assistant ¡ro|cssor o|
|io|o,y at thc Uni·crsity o| Co|ora1o at lcn·cr. hc |ornc1 a 1iscussion ,rou¡ on contcn¡orary issucs such
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
as work¡|acc 1cnocracy. ,|o|a| c|inatc chan,c. an1 ,o·crnncnt nyo¡ia His ,rou¡ consistc1 o| a uro|o,y
rcsi1cnt. a ¡hysics ¡ro|cssor. two |io|o,y ¡ro|cssors. two ¡ara|c,a|s. a |rcc|ancc writcr. an1 lan
HOW TO GET STARTED liscussion ,rou¡s nay |orn or,anica||y in ti,ht|y knit connunitics.
cs¡ccia||y thosc sharin, nca|s. ¡artici¡atin, in worksharc ¡ro,rans. an1 so on Onc ncn|cr nay say. “Hcy.
why 1on’t wc ,ct to,cthcr an1 ta|k a|out this issuc?” Or thcsc ,rou¡s nay ha·c a norc |orna| |c,innin,.
s¡arkc1 |y onc or two ¡co¡|c who announcc thcir intcrcst at connunity nca|s or in artic|cs in a connunity
ncws|cttcr Nci,h|orhoo1 ,rou¡s can or,anizc to 1iscuss no·c|s. non|iction |ooks. or issucs with
in|ornation ,|canc1 |ron na,azincs or ncws¡a¡crs ln lan’s ,rou¡. onc in1i·i1ua| ·o|untccrc1 to |ca1 cach
scssion. that ¡crson thcn ¡ro·i1c1 an artic|c or two to ncn|crs a |cw wccks |c|orc thc nonth|y ,athcrin,
l| you arc intcrcstc1 in cn·ironncnta||y oricntc1 1iscussion ,rou¡s. you nay want to contact thc
Northwcst larth lnstitutc \ith thc hc|¡ o| |oca| ·o|untccrs. thc lnstitutc has startc1 o·cr ¸oo 1iscussion
,rou¡s throu,hout thc Unitc1 :tatcs on su|¡ccts such as ·o|untary sin¡|icity. 1isco·crin, a scnsc o| ¡|acc.
an1 choiccs |or sustaina||c |i·in,
Suggestion 6. Establish a Neighborhood Babysitting Co-op
WHO’S DOING IT \ashin,ton :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1. lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. l·cr,rccn \ca1ows.
l·cr,rccn. Co|ora1o. an1 nost cohousin, connunitics
THE WAY IT WORKS Nci,h|orhoo1 |a|ysittin, coo¡s arc onc o| thc nost connon |orns o|
connunity ¡artici¡ation wc’·c unco·crc1 in our rcscarch ln |act. wc |oun1 thcn ¡ust a|out c·crywhcrc wc
|ookc1 in ncw su|ur|s. o|1cr nci,h|orhoo1s. an1 nost cohousin, connunitics
\cctin, a ·cry |asic ncc1. nci,h|orhoo1 |a|ysittin, coo¡s ran,c |ron in|orna| arran,cncnts whcrc
nci,h|ors sin¡|y hc|¡ onc anothcr out without kcc¡in, ta|s on who 1ocs what. to norc |orna| ¡ro,rans in
which ¡artici¡atin, ncn|crs rccci·c crc1it |or cach hour thcy |a|ysit a chi|1 :onc ¡ro,rans han1 out
cou¡ons — |a|ysittin, |ucks
loninicuc an1 \i·ian Cct|i||c. who |i·c on \ashin,ton :trcct in lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. sharc |a|ysittin, with
ci,ht |ani|ics in thcir nci,h|orhoo1 Coo1 nci,h|ors o|tcn takc carc o| cach othcrs’ |urry an1 |cathcry |ricn1s.
too lan’s nci,h|ors takc carc o| his chi|1rcn’s |crrcts an1 ¡arakccts whcn thcy ,o away. an1 his |ani|y watchcs
thc nci,h|ors’ choco|atc la| whcn thcy’rc away :na|| |a·ors |ikc thcsc not on|y ¡ro·i1c nuchncc1c1 su¡¡ort.
cs¡ccia||y at thc |ast ninutc whcn it’s too |atc to hirc a |a|ysittcr. thcy a|so hc|¡ to |ui|1 connunity
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
HOW TO GET STARTED la|ysittin, an1 ¡ctsittin, co
o¡s can |c,in in|orna||y as nci,h|ors ,ct to know onc anothcr
Or your nay want to start out |y |rin,in, u¡ thc su|¡cct in a
short ¡iccc in your nci,h|orhoo1 ncws|cttcr. at a connunity
1inncr. or in ||ycrs 1c|i·crc1 1oorto1oor
\ost coo¡s co||cct nancs an1 ¡honc nun|crs an1 crcatc
nonnonctary systcns |or trackin, ¡artici¡ation — |or cxan¡|c.
thc |a|ysittin, |ucks ncntionc1 a|o·c ¥ou nay a|so want to
csta||ish “1iscounts” |or |ar,cr |ani|ics. |ccausc watchin, two or
thrcc chi|1rcn nay not |c nuch norc work than watchin, onc
Suggestion 7. Form an Organic Food Co-op
WHO’S DOING IT l·cr,rccn loo1 Coo¡. l·cr,rccn.
Co|ora1o. lA lco\i||a,c. los An,c|cs. Ca|i|ornia
THE WAY IT WORKS \ary lcnhan an1 |our othcr
|ricn1s in lan’s l·cr,rccn “nci,h|orhoo1” ¡oinc1 |orccs to |orn
a connunitywi1c or,anic |oo1 coo¡ a |cw ycars a,o lach
wcck onc ncn|cr o| thc coo¡ — thcrc arc usua||y a|out a 1ozcn ¡artici¡ants — ca||s ncn|crs to |in1 out
who wants a |ox Hc or shc thcn ¡honcs in an or1cr to \itanin Cotta,c. a |oca||y ownc1 rctai|cr that o||crs
a wi1c assortncnt o| or,anic |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs Thc or1cr is ¡|acc1 on \on1ay nornin,. an1 thc wcck’s
coor1inator ¡icks it u¡ thc |o||owin, 1ay. takcs it honc. an1 1i·i1cs it anon, thc ¡artici¡ants
\itanin Cotta,c sc||s thc coo¡ or,anic ¡ro1ucc |y thc casc. char,in, cost ¡|us tcn ¡crccnt. which sa·cs
cach |ani|y hu,c anounts o| noncy ilan cstinatcs that hc rccci·cs $¡o worth o| |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs cach
wcck |or a¡¡roxinatc|y $.o) Or1crs ty¡ica||y consist o| ci,ht or norc itcns. a nixturc o| |ruits an1
·c,cta||cs. a|| or,anica||y ,rown — that is. ,rown without ¡cstici1cs an1 synthctic |crti|izcr lt’s a |antastic
way to |cc1 a |ani|y lan knows hc an1 his ki1s cat a |ot |cttcr. consunin, norc |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs. sincc
thcy ¡oinc1 thc coo¡ ln a11ition. thcy’rc no |on,cr in,cstin, ¡cstici1cs in thcir |oo1
This systcn 1ocs ha·c sonc 1raw|acks lor onc. ¡artici¡ants arc nc·cr cuitc surc what thcy’rc ,oin, to ,ct
|ron onc wcck to thc ncxt Thosc who ncc1 to ¡|an thcir nca|s ahca1 o| tinc nay not |in1 this systcn accc¡ta||c
8.2: A baby-sitter — or two — just two doors down. Sounds like heaven to us!
Credit: Mike April.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
Anothcr ¡ro||cn is that ¡artici¡ants sonctincs rccci·c |oo1 thcy 1on’t |ikc — or 1on’t know how to
cook lan’s |ccn ,cttin, a |ot o| ¡onc,ranatcs |atc|y. an1 hc hasn’t thc |o,,icst i1ca what to 1o with thcn!
To so|·c this ¡ro||cn. you ni,ht ask ncn|crs to writc u¡ a |ist o| “un1csira||cs” — |ruits an1 ·c,cta||cs
thcy 1ctcst ¥ou nay a|so want to sct u¡ your coo¡ so that in1i·i1ua|s can ca|| thc wcck|y coor1inator to nakc
rccucsts |or s¡cci|ic |oo1 itcns ln1i·i1ua| ncn|crs can a|so tra1c lor cxan¡|c. onc ncn|cr’s onions ni,ht
|c tra1c1 |or anothcr’s |rocco|i ln sonc coo¡s. ncn|crs tra1c rcci¡cs to nakc usc o| un|ani|iar ¡ro1ucc
Anothcr ninor ¡ro||cn is that sonc in1i·i1ua|s nay not |c a||c to kcc¡ u¡ with a wcck|y |ox o| ¡ro1ucc
ln thc l·cr,rccn coo¡. sonc ncn|crs or1cr c·cry othcr wcck or or1cr ha|| |oxcs
HOW TO GET STARTED l| you’rc intcrcstc1. wc su,,cst that you start sna|| Contact a |oca| or,anic
,roccry or c·cn a rc,u|ar ,roccry storc that sc||s or,anic ¡ro1ucc to scc i| it wi|| work with you Ask a cou¡|c
o| nci,h|ors to ¡oin an1 ,i·c it a whir|! As you ,ain cx¡cricncc. you can rccruit a11itiona| ncn|crs lan’s
,rou¡ has a writtcn 1cscri¡tion o| thc ¡ro,ran that is han1c1 out to ¡co¡|c who arc intcrcstc1 in ¡oinin,
Suggestion 8. Create Car or Van Pools
WHO’S DOING IT loutc . Connutcrs. :t lohns|ury. \crnont. rcsi1cnts o| lakc lorcst. l||inois. lnory
Uni·crsity. At|anta. Ccor,ia. A1o|c :ystcns lntcrnationa|. :catt|c. \ashin,ton. Nikc. lca·crton. Orc,on
THE WAY IT WORKS Thc |cnc|its o| ri1csharin, arc hu,c Onc ,rou¡ in \crnont. thc loutc .
Connutcrs ·an ¡oo|. |or cxan¡|c. a·oi1s thc consun¡tion o| ¡.ooo ,a||ons o| ,as ·cry ycar Thcy ca|cu|atc
that thc a·cra,c cost o| ri1csharin, is a¡¡roxinatc|y - ccnts ¡cr ¡crson ¡cr ni|c. con¡arc1 to a|out ¸o ccnts
¡cr ¡crson ¡cr ni|c |or a ¡ri·atc autono|i|c Thc ,rou¡ has now |ccn in o¡cration |or c|osc to .¸ ycars
lowcna lasia o| lakc lorcst. l||inois. says. “\y connutc ,ot a |ot |on,cr whcn ny con¡any no·c1 To
sa·c noncy. l startc1 car ¡oo|in, with ny |a|ysittcr’s 1au,htcr A|out a ycar a,o wc a11c1 |i·c norc
cn¡|oyccs an1 startc1 a ·an¡oo| Usin, thc ·an cuts 1own thc wcar an1 tcar on ny car”
HOW TO GET STARTED :tartin, a nci,h|orhoo1 car ¡oo| is nuch casicr a|tcr you know your nci,h|ors
ly askin, aroun1. you nay |in1 a han1|u| o| ¡co¡|c ,oin, in your 1ircction who want to cut costs. rc1ucc thc
strcss o| 1ri·in,. an1 hc|¡ thc cn·ironncnt l| that 1ocsn’t work. usc thc rcsourccs that arc o|tcn a·ai|a||c at
work¡|accs an1 schoo|s :onc con¡anics o||cr inccnti·cs to car ¡oo| ¡artici¡ants At thc Nikc ¡|ant in
lca·crton. Orc,on. cn¡|oyccs who arri·c in car ¡oo|s ,ct rcscr·c1 ¡arkin, an1 arc c|i,i||c |or ¡rizc 1raws
lnory Uni·crsity o||crs rc1ucc1 ¡arkin, ratcs |or car¡oo|crs. |ar,c|y to rc|ic·c con,cstion in ¡arkin, |ots
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
\ost nctro arcas ha·c ri1csharc natchin, ¡ro,rans —
sonc o| which rcscn||c con¡utcrizc1 1atin, scr·iccs To |in1
out who’s car ¡oo|in, in your ¡art o| town. ,o to thc Zooncr
wc|sitc izooncrsicrrac|u|or,¹). ,i·c your zi¡ co1c. an1 c|ick
on ri1csharin,
Suggestion 9. Create a Neighborhood Work-share Program
WHO’S DOING IT lA lco\i||a,c. los An,c|cs.
Ca|i|ornia. North oth A·cnuc nci,h|orhoo1. Tucson. Arizona.
Hi,h|an1s Crossin,. litt|cton. Co|ora1o
THE WAY IT WORKS lor ccnturics. nci,h|ors throu,hout
thc wor|1 ha·c hc|¡c1 nci,h|ors har·cst ,rains. |ui|1 honcs an1
|arns. an1 takc carc o| |i·cstock To1ay. howc·cr. whcn ,ar1cns
ncc1 to |c ti||c1 or trccs ha·c to |c rcno·c1. nany o| us work
a|onc or hirc hi,h¡ricc1 “cx¡crts” to 1o thc work |or us ln thc
cohousin, connunitics wc’·c ·isitc1 an1 |i·c1 in iin thc casc o|
la·c). nci,h|ors o|tcn sharc in thc work. chi¡¡in, in on
connunity ¡ro¡ccts or on ¡ro¡ccts that |cnc|it a sin,|c houscho|1 ln Hi,h|an1s Crossin,. a cohousin,
connunity in litt|cton. Co|ora1o. |or instancc. thc ,rou¡ schc1u|cs annua| work ¡artics to in¡ro·c thc
|an1sca¡c or tack|c othcr connunity ¡ro¡ccts \orksharin, a|so a¡¡cars in ur|an an1 su|ur|an
\ork ¡artics arc a tinc to socia|izc an1 1cc¡cn |ricn1shi¡s Thcy’rc a|so a tinc to tcach onc anothcr
usc|u| ski||s Nci,h|ors nay rccci·c crc1it |or c·cry hour thcy work ln sonc ,rou¡s. thc housc with thc nost
crc1its ca||s thc ncxt work ¡arty
\c’·c 1isco·crc1 in|orna| worksharin, arran,cncnts in othcr nci,h|orhoo1s as wc||. inc|u1in, lA
lco\i||a,c an1 Tucson. Arizona ln lA lco\i||a,c. an in1i·i1ua| who concs u¡ with an i1ca |or a ¡ro¡cct
— |or cxan¡|c. con·crtin, an out1oor courtyar1 in thcir a¡artncnt |ui|1in, to a ,ar1cn — ¡osts a noticc on
thc |u||ctin |oar1 or on thc connunity’s |istscr·. ca||in, |or a ncctin, \cn|crs o| thc connunity who want
to hc|¡ out attcn1 thc ncctin, an1 thcy’rc o|| an1 runnin,
8.3: Sharing the workload in Seattle, neighbors band together to help construct a
community garden. Credit: Jim Diers.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
As in|orna| as thcir worksharc ¡ro,ran is. thc |o|ks at lA lco\i||a,c ha·c na1c ,rcat stri1cs “\ith
a|nost no noncy.” says lois Arkin. co|oun1cr o| this nci,h|orhoo1. “thc connunity has accuirc1 $. ni||ion
in rca| cstatc \c’·c con·crtc1 a nanicurc1 courtyar1 into |oo1 ¡ro1uction \c’·c |ui|t a so|ar watcr |ountain
an1 ¡|antc1 +oo |ruit trccs in thc nci,h|orhoo1. too”
HOW TO GET STARTED l| your connunity is or,anizin, aroun1 thc i1cas in this |ook. you can ncntion
work ¡artics at onc o| your connunity 1inncrs or writc an artic|c a|out it |or your ncws|cttcr or your wc|sitc
lt ni,ht |c usc|u| to rcscarch worksharc ¡ro,rans in cohousin, connunitics an1 othcr nci,h|orhoo1s
lntcr·icw |o|ks who ha·c cx¡cricncc to |carn what works an1 what 1ocsn’t lc surc to s¡rca1 thc |cnc|its c·cn|y
— |or cxan¡|c. nakc surc c·cryonc who’s intcrcstc1 ,cts a chancc to s¡onsor a work ¡arty ¥ou nay a|so want
to csta||ish a systcn to track ·o|untccr hours lc ¡aticnt lon’t cx¡cct c·cryonc to |c cx¡cricncc1 or ¡hysica||y
ca¡a||c o| har1 work i:onc ¡co¡|c can ¡artici¡atc |y nakin, |oo1!) As a startcr. you ni,ht work on sonc
¡ro¡ccts that |cnc|it thc cntirc connunity Takc your tinc. ha·c |un. an1 watch your connunity ,row!
Suggestion 10. Create a Neighborhood Mission Statement
WHO’S DOING IT \cst lark Nci,h|orhoo1 Association. Canton. Ohio. N :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1.
la·is. Ca|i|ornia. O|1c Hi||crcst Nci,h|orhoo1 Association. \i|waukcc. \isconsin
THE WAY IT WORKS lna,inc you’·c |ccn ncctin, with your nci,h|ors |or awhi|c. ta|kin, a|out what
you’1 |ikc to 1o. |ut thc ,rou¡ 1ocsn’t yct ha·c a c|car scnsc o| 1ircction ¥ou’|| |in1 that thc 1isci¡|inc rccuirc1
to 1ra|t a nission statcncnt wi|| hc|¡ crcatc a nci,h|orhoo1 i1cntity an1 a co||ccti·c ¡ur¡osc \ission
statcncnts arc |ikc haiku — short |ut |u|| o| contcnt A nci,h|orhoo1 in Ohio canc u¡ with this onc “Thc
\cst lark Nci,h|orhoo1 Association is 1c1icatc1 to ¡rcscr·in, an1 sccurin, our nci,h|orhoo1’s intc,rity
an1 history. uti|izin, thc nany ta|cnts an1 i1cas o| our rcsi1cnts. u|tinatc|y crcatin, a sa|c an1 1csira||c
connunity |or thosc who ha·c choscn to nakc thc nci,h|orhoo1 o| \cst lark thcir honc”
A \isconsin ,rou¡ was c·cn norc succinct “\c arc a nci,h|orhoo1 association 1c1icatc1 an1
1ctcrninc1 to nakc our nci,h|orhoo1 a |ricn1|y. |un an1 sa|c ¡|acc to |i·c”
HOW TO GET STARTED lick aroun1 i1cas a|out what you’1 |ikc to crcatc an1 what your ·a|ucs arc
Thcn |ct a writcr takc a sta| at |oi|in, it a|| 1own ln thc N :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1 i|c|orc it was cohousin,).
thc nission statcncnt was |ikc a ,atcway to s¡cci|ic ,oa|s thc ,rou¡ wantc1 to achic·c lt inc|u1c1 1c·c|o¡ a
connon housc. |cconc cco|o,ica||y soun1. cncoura,c 1i·crsity. an1 1c·c|o¡ nci,h|orhoo1 cc|c|rations
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Suggestion 11. Create a Neighborhood Asset Inventory
WHO’S DOING IT Crccn lark Nci,h|orhoo1. Hickory. North Caro|ina. :catt|c
nci,h|orhoo1s. \cstwoo1 Nci,h|orhoo1. :catt|c. \ashin,ton
THE WAY IT WORKS \hi|c nci,h|ors sonctincs conc to,cthcr to 1ca| with
cncr,cncics — such as ¡|ans to |ui|1 a su¡crhi,hway throu,h thc arca or an incrcasc
in |oca| 1ru, tra||ic — ·ctcran nci,h|orhoo1 acti·ist lin licrs |ron :catt|c knows thc
a1·anta,cs o| cx¡|orin, thc ¡ositi·cs. thc nci,h|orhoo1’s asscts This cxcrcisc can
cn¡owcr a nci,h|orhoo1 an1 ,i·c it a co||ccti·c i1cntity Accor1in, to lin. “Thc asscts
a nci,h|orhoo1 can |ui|1 on ran,c |ron natura| |caturcs to schoo| ¡|ay,roun1s. ,rcat
storcs. nctworks. or,anizations. artists. an1 thc who|c ran,c o| hunan an1 |inancia|
rcsourccs. cncr,y. crcati·ity. an1 i1cas”
licrs has hc|1 worksho¡s in nany 1i||crcnt :catt|c nci,h|orhoo1s to hc|¡
nci,h|ors i1cnti|y nci,h|orhoo1 trcasurcs “\hcthcr it’s a rcstaurant with cs¡ccia||y
1c|icious |oo1. a ,i,antic cc1ar trcc. or a |on,tinc rcsi1cnt. a nci,h|orhoo1 trcasurc is
soncthin, that nakcs us ,|a1 wc |i·c whcrc wc 1o.” hc says
To crcatc thcir |on,ran,c nci,h|orhoo1 ¡|an. rcsi1cnts o| Crccn lark Nci,h|or
hoo1 in Hickory. North Caro|ina. i1cnti|ic1 naturc trccs on thc strcct an1 acccss to
sho¡¡in,. 1inin,. cntcrtainncnt. an1 ¡o|s as asscts Thcsc arc thin,s that hc|¡ nakc
thcir nci,h|orhoo1 worth workin, on
l| you 1cci1c to crcatc a connunity ,rccn na¡ that hi,h|i,hts cu|tura| an1
cn·ironncnta| asscts in an1 aroun1 your nci,h|orhoo1. inc|u1in, or,anic |oo1 storcs.
|arncrs’ narkcts. naturc ccntcrs. an1 hikin, trai|s. you nay want to contact Crccn \a¡
:ystcn. a non¡ro|it or,anization that has |ccn hc|¡in, connunitics sincc thc car|y
+ooos lt is |istc1 in our lcsourcc Cui1c
HOW TO GET STARTED Usc your |cst asscts to in·cntory othcr nci,h|orhoo1 asscts :cn1 a
nci,h|orhoo1 |io|o,ist out to cata|o, |otanica| trcasurcs. cncoura,c ¡co¡|c who arc intcrcstc1 in |oca| history
to work with thc county historica| socicty Un1cr thc su¡cr·ision o| an a1u|t |ca1cr. sct your ki1s |oosc to
cx¡|orc thc nci,h|orhoo1. tcachin, thcn how thc nci,h|orhoo1 |its to,cthcr Thc Ccntcr |or Un1crstan1in,
thc lui|t ln·ironncnt iCUll) o||crs schoo| curricu|a such as “\a|k Aroun1 thc l|ock.” which cna||cs ki1s
8.4: Asset inventories help us identify features of our
neighborhoods that are worth fighting to protect.
Credit: Ginny Graves, CUBE.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
to scc thcir nci,h|orhoo1s — |ron |uttcr||ics to |rick |ui|1in,s — |ron ncw ¡crs¡ccti·cs :catt|c’s
\cstwoo1 Nci,h|orhoo1 1isco·crc1 a unicuc assct whcn |oca| acti·ist :usan Harnon sou,ht out ¡co¡|c with
1c·c|o¡ncnta| 1isa|i|itics to ,ct in·o|·c1 with hcr or,anization laynon1 an1 Cin,cr lu|ch. |oth 1isa||c1.
ha1 in thcir youn,cr 1ays |ccn c|owns :usan soon |ookc1 thcn at ki1s’ ¡artics. an1 thcy wcrc |ack in
Bolder Steps
Suggestion 12. Tear Down Fences
WHO’S DOING IT Hi,h|an1s Nci,h|orhoo1. litt|cton. Co|ora1o. \ashin,ton :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1.
lou|1cr. Co|ora1o
THE WAY IT WORKS “\hcn wc no·c1 into our housc.” cx¡|ains Hi,h|an1s rcsi1cnt lu|ic lcttri1,c.
“thcrc was a|rca1y a nci,h|orhoo1 tra1ition to ha·c ¡artics to,cthcr in thc |ackyar1s lach housc was |cncc1.
|ut a|so ha1 a ,atc \c 1cci1c1 to ,o a stc¡ |urthcr |y takin, 1own our six|oot |cncc an1 o¡cnin, thc s¡acc
u¡ to thc nci,h|ors. cs¡ccia||y thc ki1s” Thc lcttri1,cs ha·c thc nci,h|orhoo1 swin, sct an1 ¡|ay,roun1
ccui¡ncnt. so thcir yar1 |cconcs thc ccntcr o| acti·ity in thc sunncr “\cry o|tcn thc a1u|ts ,ct to,cthcr
too. whi|c thc ki1s ¡|ay \hcnc·cr wc scc cach othcr out in thc yar1. wc |cc| o¡cn a|out |rin,in, a |ccr o·cr
\c niss our scnsc o| connunity in thc wintcr. whcn wc’rc insi1c norc”
lor \i·ian Cct|i||c. wi|c o| lou|1cr architcct loninicuc Cct|i||c. a |ackyar1 connunity |c,an whcn shc
in·itc1 a nci,h|or to sharc a ,ar1cn s¡acc “Car1cnin, is ny o|scssion.” shc says. “|ut it takcs tinc. an1 it’s
norc |un with othcr ¡co¡|c” :oon thcy ha1 a connunity ,ar1cn ,oin, an1 ¡oo|c1 rcsourccs with a 1ozcn
|ani|ics to |uy an $ïoo ,ar1cn shrc11cr i|or nakin, nu|ch |ron yar1 wastc) coo¡crati·c|y Thc nci,h|ors
|c,an to ha·c 1inncrs to,cthcr a |cw tincs a nonth. crcatc1 a ¡icniccourtyar1 arca in thc un|cncc1 |ackyar1.
an1 sct u¡ a |ikc rack in thc si1c yar1 “lri·atc yar1s with |cnccs a||ow us to ¡ush thc wor|1 away.” says onc
o| thc Cct|i||cs’ nci,h|ors. lan lich| “lut thc norc you ¡ush it away. thc |onc|icr you arc”
“Con·crtc1 ¡ri·atc s¡accs can hc|¡ 1c·c|o¡ a stron, scnsc o| connunity. ¡ro·i1c sa|c an1 acccssi||c ¡|ay
s¡acc |or chi|1rcn. raisc ¡ro¡crty ·a|ucs. coo| thc nci,h|orhoo1. an1 rc1ucc storn watcr runo||.” says lo|
lncr|ic|1. a sta|| ncn|cr o| Connunity Crccns. a non¡ro|it a1·ocacy ,rou¡ whosc nission is to “cata|yzc thc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
1c·c|o¡ncnt o| connunity ,rccns in rcsi1cntia| nci,h|orhoo1s across thc Unitc1
:tatcs” lncr|ic|1 ¡oints to a lcrkc|cy nci,h|orhoo1 that has ha1 a connon |ackyar1
sincc thc +o-os. whcn a uni·crsity ¡ro|cssor |ou,ht a|| thc houscs on a |ar,c ||ock.
torc 1own thc |cnccs. an1 crcatc1 a sharc1 ,rccn arca that hc|¡c1 hin sc|| cach o| thc
houscs Thirty ycars |atcr thc connon ,rccn is sti|| intact
\uch o| thc rcst o| thc wor|1 is a|rca1y |ani|iar with ¡u||ic courtyar1s an1 ,rccn
s¡accs As Washington Post co|unnist Nca| licrcc ¡ointc1 out in an Octo|cr .oo.
co|unn. “An acria| ·icw o| laris’ choiccst nci,h|orhoo1s rc·ca|s ¡atchcs o| ,rccn in thc
ccntcr o| ||ock a|tcr ||ock. natchin, thc ·cr1ant |incs o| ncticu|ous|y ,roonc1 trccs
a|on, nany o| thc city’s chic| |ou|c·ar1s an1 ,ran1 ¡arks”
HOW TO GET STARTED lurin, an in|orna| con·crsation with a nci,h|or on thc
si1cwa|k or in thc a||cy. |c |o|1 an1 say you’·c rca1 this |ook \cntion thc ¡otcntia|
|cnc|its o| crcatin, ¡u||ic s¡acc out o| un1crusc1 |ackyar1s Tc|| your nci,h|or a|out
thc or,anization ca||c1 Connunity Crccns. |istc1 in our lcsourcc Cui1c lt can hc|¡
you or you can |c,in yoursc||. takin, 1own |cnccs |ctwccn |ackyar1s o| connunity
ncn|crs who arc intcrcstc1 in crcatin, |oth a connon ,rccn s¡acc an1 a ,rcatcr scnsc
o| connunity
Suggestion 13. Plant a Community Garden and Orchard
WHO’S DOING IT Connunitics across Ancrica
THE WAY IT WORKS Nci,h|orhoo1 ,rou¡s throu,hout thc Unitc1 :tatcs an1
Cana1a arc ¡oinin, to,cthcr to crcatc connunity ,ar1cns on what wcrc oncc wcc1
in|cstc1 an1 trash|i||c1 ·acant |ots — an1 c·cn on roo|to¡s l|antin, |ruits an1
·c,cta||cs |or |oca| consun¡tion rc1uccs thc 1istancc |oo1 ncc1s to tra·c|. hc|¡in, |ui|1
a norc sustaina||c wor|1 ln a11ition. connunity ,ar1cns |rin, a1u|ts an1 chi|1rcn o|
1i·crsc cu|turcs. cthnicitics. a,cs. an1 a|i|itics to,cthcr. hc|¡in, to knit c|oscr a||ianccs
Car1cns a|so |cauti|y run1own nci,h|orhoo1s an1 crcatc o¡¡ortunitics |or city
1wc||crs an1 su|ur|anitcs to work with naturc Thcy 1cnysti|y |oo1 ¡ro1uction an1
hc|¡ a1u|ts an1 chi|1rcn ,ain an a¡¡rcciation |or |oo1 ¡ro1uction
8.5a & b: You don’t have to take down all fences. These
neighbors in Boulder simply removed a fence between
their side yards, creating a more open space for lounging,
visiting, and picnicking. Credit: Dominique Getliffe.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
Thc connunity ,ar1cnin, no·cncnt |c,an in thc +o-os.
to1ay. or,anizations can |c |oun1 in a nun|cr o| citics.
inc|u1in, lhi|a1c|¡hia. lctroit. loston. Ncw ¥ork. Chica,o.
ln1iana¡o|is. lansas City. lcn·cr. :catt|c. \ancou·cr. an1
\ontrca| Accor1in, to thc Ancrican Connunity Car1cnin,
Association. thcrc arc now norc than ¸¸o |oca| ¡ro,rans
\c’·c |oun1 that schoo|chi|1rcn arc a|so csta||ishin,
,ar1cns ncar thcir schoo|s lor1 lo|crts l|cncntary :choo| in
ur|an \ancou·cr. lritish Co|un|ia. is a ,rcat cxan¡|c \orkin,
with City larncr. a non¡ro|it ,rou¡ that ¡ronotcs ur|an |oo1
¡ro1uction. tcachcrs ha·c crcatc1 a ¡ro,ran that c1ucatcs ki1s
a|out |oo1 ¡ro1uction an1 scicncc “Thc ,ar1cn a|so hc|¡s tcach
an cn·ironncnta| cthic.” says Cary lcnnin,ton. a ¡ro|cssor at
thc Uni·crsity o| lritish Co|un|ia who coor1inatc1 thc ¡ro¡cct
“Thc ,ar1cn incrcascs thcir scnsc o| won1cr lt’s ¡rctty na,ica|”
HOW TO GET STARTED lathcr than ,i·c you ¡ointcrs. wc
rcconncn1 that anyonc intcrcstc1 in startin, a connunity
,ar1cn contact thc Ancrican Connunity Car1cnin, Association.
|istc1 in our lcsourcc Cui1c Thc association’s wc|sitc contains
an cxcc||cnt |act shcct cntit|c1 “:tartin, a Connunity Car1cn.” which o||crs a wca|th o| a1·icc ¥ou can a|so
contact |oca| ,ar1cnin, or horticu|tura| socictics Ca|| a |oca| nurscry to track 1own this in|ornation lor tcachcrs
intcrcstc1 in startin, a schoo| ,ar1cn. |c surc to chcck out thc Nationa| Car1cnin, Association’s ki1s’ wc|sitc.
a|so |istc1 in our lcsourcc Cui1c
Suggestion 14. Establish Neighborhood Composting and Recycling
WHO’S DOING IT Harnony \i||a,c. Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. Cray lock Cohousin,. lort Co||ins. Co|ora1o.
lA lco\i||a,c. los An,c|cs. Ca|i|ornia. N :trcct Cohousin,. la·is. Ca|i|ornia
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
8.6: Converting a vacant lot to a community garden, like the P-Patch in Seattle, provides
a place to grow food, but participants reap many benefits besides fruits and vegetables.
Credit: Jim Diers.
THE WAY IT WORKS A|| ,ar1cncrs know that to naintain hca|thy soi|. thcy
ncc1 to |crti|izc thcir soi| — rc¡|cnish nutricnts — an1 naintain ¡ro¡cr |c·c|s o|
or,anic nattcr. ty¡ica||y |y a11in, con¡ost Con¡ost hc|¡s naintain csscntia| |actcria
ncc1c1 to rccyc|c ¡|ant nutricnts lt a|so acts |ikc a s¡on,c. ho|1in, noisturc that ¡|ants
ncc1 to sur·i·c an1 ¡ros¡cr
lncrcasin,|y. ccntra|izc1 ¡ro,rans run |y citics or conncrcia| trash hau|crs 1o thc
con¡ostin, in ur|an an1 su|ur|an cn·ironncnts Nci,h|ors co||cct yar1 wastc an1
or,anic kitchcn scra¡s such as ¡otato ¡cc|s. kcc¡in, thcn sc¡aratc |ron rccyc|a||cs an1
trash Thc or,anic nattcr is thcn hau|c1 o|| to a ccntra| con¡ostin, |aci|ity
lar |cttcr. |ccausc thcy cut 1own on |uc| usc. arc |ackyar1 con¡ostin, |ins —
sin¡|c woo1cn or ¡|astic structurcs that rccci·c con¡ost |ron cach honc \ith ¡ro¡cr
noisturc an1 occasiona| turnin,. thc or,anic nattcr is con·crtc1 to a rich hunus that
can |c a11c1 to ||owcr |c1s an1 ·c,cta||c ,ar1cns
Nci,h|ors can a|so con|inc c||orts. con¡ostin, at a ccntra| |ocation ncar thc
,ar1cn This is a ncasurc worth consi1crin, i| you arc intcrcstc1 in startin, a
connunity ,ar1cn. |ccausc it ncans con¡ost is ¡roccssc1 on|y a short 1istancc |ron
thc ,ar1cn whcrc it is usc1
\c’·c |oun1 con¡ostin, |aci|itics at a nun|cr o| cohousin, connunitics |ikc
Harnony \i||a,c. whcrc la·c |i·cs. an1 at Cray lock Cohousin, in lort Co||ins. whcrc
thcrc is a nassi·c connunity ,ar1cn \c’·c a|so 1isco·crc1 con¡ostin, ¡ro,rans in
ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s Thc |o|ks at N :trcct Cohousin,. |or instancc.
naintain a ,rou¡ con¡ostin, |aci|ity Thc rcsi1cnts o| lA lco\i||a,c co||cct yar1 wastc
— ,rass c|i¡¡in,s an1 such — thcn ,rin1 it u¡ an1 ¡ut it in thcir connunity
con¡ostcrs Onc ncn|cr o| thc connunity. thc “con¡ost cuccn.” nana,cs thc systcn
ln1i·i1ua|s |rin, kitchcn scra¡s to thc con¡ost |ins as wc||
HOW TO GET STARTED Con¡ostin, usua||y rccuircs sonc trainin,. as |cw
¡co¡|c ha·c c·cr cn,a,c1 in this acti·ity ¥ou can cncoura,c nci,h|ors to con¡ost on thcir own — startin, a
con¡ost |in in thcir |ackyar1s or sin¡|y 1i,,in, con¡ost into thcir ,ar1cns as sonc rcsi1cnts o| thc usua||y
warn lA lco\i||a,c 1o — or you can start a nci,h|orhoo1 con¡ostin, |aci|ity l| you’·c csta||ishc1 a
connunity ,ar1cn. situatc thc con¡ost |ins or ¡i|cs ncar thc ,ar1cn |or casy acccss ¥ou’|| ¡ro|a||y ncc1 to
8.7: Community compost piles, tended by the resident
expert, help reduce strain on existing landfills and put a
previously wasted resource to good use.
Credit: Dave Wann.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
a¡¡oint a con¡ostin, coor1inator an1 csta||ish two or thrcc |ins or ¡i|cs — |i|| thc |irst |in. thcn |ct it sit
an1 1ccon¡osc whi|c thc sccon1 |in is |i||in,
Suggestion 15. Plant Trees to Produce a More Favorable Microclimate and Wildlife Habitat
WHO’S DOING IT North oth A·cnuc nci,h|orhoo1. Tucson. Arizona. \i||a,c Honcs. la·is.
Ca|i|ornia. nany cohousin, connunitics
THE WAY IT WORKS :ha1c trccs |cauti|y nci,h|orhoo1s. incrcasc ¡ro¡crty ·a|ucs. an1 ¡ro·i1c
¡rotccti·c ha|itat |or |ir1s Thcy a|so hc|¡ coo| honcs. incrcasin, con|ort on hot sunncr 1ays an1
1ranatica||y rc1ucin, |uc| |i||s As Annc : \o||at an1 \arc :chi|cr ¡oint out in Energy-Efficient and
Environmental Landscaping. a sin,|c naturc trcc rcno·cs as nuch hcat as |i·c +o.ooolTU air con1itioncrs.
an1 it 1ocs it without |urnin, |ossi| |uc| or ¡o||utin, our atnos¡hcrc Trccs can |owcr thc tcn¡craturc o| thc
air surroun1in, a honc |y as nuch as o˚l
\c’·c ·isitc1 nany connunitics that ha·c ¡|antc1 trccs |or sha1c. inc|u1in, \i||a,c Honcs in la·is.
Ca|i|ornia. an1 a nun|cr o| cohousin, connunitics Onc o| thc |cst cxan¡|cs wc’·c |oun1 is in Tucson
Arizona. whcrc lra1 lancastcr an1 his |rothcr lo11 |ou,ht an o|1. |catu¡ housc in a run1own
nci,h|orhoo1 in onc o| thc ¡oorcst ¡arts o| thc city Thc yar1 aroun1 thcir honc was ¡ractica||y |arrcn. as
wcrc thc yar1s o| nany o| thcir nci,h|ors laytinc tcn¡craturcs 1urin, thc |on,. hot Arizona sunncrs o|tcn
cxccc1 ++o˚l
:hort|y a|tcr no·in, in. thc |rothcrs |c,an ¡|antin, trccs to crcatc sha1c Thcy hc|¡c1 nci,h|ors ¡|ant
trccs too. or,anizin, annua| trcc¡|antin, 1ays lra1 an1 his |rothcr arran,c |or thc 1c|i·cry o| trccs an1 tcach
nci,h|ors how to ¡|ant thcn in ways that tra¡ an1 conscr·c s¡arsc rainwatcr
:incc thcy |c,an. thc |rothcrs an1 thcir nci,h|ors ha·c ¡|antc1 norc than ïoo nati·c trccs that usc |itt|c
watcr O·cr tinc. thcir nci,h|orhoo1 has |ccn con·crtc1 to a 1cscrt oasis. nuch coo|cr an1 ¡rctticr than
|c|orc “Thc nci,h|orhoo1 has |ccn |cauti|ic1. coo|c1. an1 |o|ks arc in·cstin, in thc connunity.” rcnarks
lancastcr “Nci,h|ors arc ,cttin, to know onc anothcr lco¡|c arc rc,ainin, a scnsc o| ¡|acc with nati·c
·c,ctation o| thc :onoran lcscrt. nati·c |ir1 ¡o¡u|ations. an1 1i·crsity soarin, within thc inncr city”
HOW TO GET STARTED l| your nci,h|orhoo1 cou|1 |cnc|it |ron sonc sha1c — an1 nost can — you
ni,ht want to consi1cr a connunity trcc¡|antin, ¡ro¡cct ¥ou can o|tain trccs in |u|k |ron a |oca| nurscry
or |ron thc statc |orcst scr·icc i| thcrc is onc in your statc ¥ou can a|so contact thc |o|ks at thc Ar|or lay
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
loun1ation |or a1·icc an1 assistancc A11itiona||y. you nay want to contact statc an1 |oca| ,o·crnncnt
o||icia|s to scc i| thcrc arc any inccnti·cs |or ¡|antin, trccs A statc cncr,y o||icc. |or instancc. ni,ht |c wi||in,
to ¡artncr with you. o||scttin, ¡art o| thc cost as a ncans o| conscr·in, cncr,y A |oca| uti|ity ni,ht ¡oin in as
wc|| lt 1ocsn’t hurt to ask
lor naxinun succcss. |c surc that sonconc in thc ,rou¡ has trcc¡|antin, cx¡crtisc l| you’rc |uyin, in
|u|k |ron a |oca| nurscry. it ni,ht |c wi||in, to hc|¡ Consi1cr ¡|antin, nati·c trccs. which arc acc|inatizc1
to thc |oca| c|inatc an1 arc norc rcsistant to 1iscascs an1 insccts that can wrcak ha·oc on cxotic s¡ccics
iNotc l·cn thou,h nati·c s¡ccics rccuirc |css watcr. you wi|| ncc1 to watcr thc trccs |or thc |irst cou¡|c o|
ycars to cnsurc a ,oo1 start) \u|chin, aroun1 thc |asc o| trccs rc1uccs c·a¡oration ln 1ry c|inatcs you
ni,ht want to insta|| catch |asins — ho||owc1out arcas aroun1 trccs that ca¡turc rain. |unnc|in, it to thcir
roots ¥ou ni,ht a|so want to 1i·crt roo| watcr to trccs an1 othcr ·c,ctation
Suggestion 16. Replace Asphalt and Concrete With Porous Pavers
WHO’S DOING IT lozc||a Ha||’s rcsi1cncc. los An,c|cs. Ca|i|ornia. :outh|acc lncr,y lnstitutc.
At|anta. Ccor,ia. Thc :ctt|cncnt. Hc|ron. Connccticut
THE WAY IT WORKS \uch o| thc su|ur|an |an1sca¡c. inc|u1in, strccts. 1ri·cways. ¡arkin, |ots. an1
roo|s. is in¡cr·ious :torn watcr runs o|| a|| thcsc har1 sur|accs rathcr than soakin, into thc ,roun1
lo||utants such as oi|. |crti|izcr. an1 ¡cstici1cs arc washc1 into rccci·in, watcrways or into wastcwatcr
trcatncnt ¡|ants throu,h scwcr systcns. ¡|acin, an a11itiona| |ur1cn on thcsc |aci|itics
lcscarch has shown that c·cn “stu||orn” ¡o||utants. such as hca·y ncta|s. can |c a|sor|c1 |y nicro|cs
an1 roots o| ¡|ants in natura| |an1sca¡cs. so |y rc¡|acin, har1 sur|accs with so|t. ¡cr·ious sur|accs wc can
rc1ucc toxic runo|| Thcsc ncasurcs a|so rc1ucc thc ncc1 to ¡urchasc watcr |or |an1sca¡in,. hc|¡ to rcchar,c
,roun1watcr. an1 rc1ucc hcat |oa1s |ron hcata|sor|in, ¡a·cncnt
At lozc||a Ha||’s honc in los An,c|cs. a coa|ition o| a,cncics workc1 with a non ¡ro|it ,rou¡ ca||c1
Trcclco¡|c to crcatc a niniwatcrshc1 on thc ¡ro¡crty :|i,ht|y sunkcn arcas. ca||c1 swa|cs. wcrc “insta||c1” in
thc |ront an1 |ack yar1s to rctain storn watcr an1 |ct it soak into thc ,roun1 A 1ri·cway “1rywc||” ca¡turcs
cn,inc oi| 1ri¡¡in,s washin, o|| in¡cr·ious sur|accs an1 |unnc|s thcn into a |i|tcr o| san1 an1 crushc1 rock :ays
Trcclco¡|c |oun1cr An1y li¡kis. “l| city |ui|1in, an1 zonin, co1cs arc chan,c1 to rccuirc c·cry honc to |c
niniwatcrshc1s. wc cou|1 crcatc thousan1s o| ‘ur|an watcrshc1 nana,cr’ ¡o|s nationwi1c to kcc¡ thcsc systcns
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
workin, o¡tina||y Thc sa·in,s in
watcr trcatncnt an1 ¡un¡in, wou|1
¡ay thcir sa|arics”
lcr·ious concrctc was insta||c1 at
thc :outh|acc lncr,y lnstitutc. which
¡ronotcs sustaina||c |ui|1in,. to
1cnonstratc its ¡orosity an1 1ura|i|ity
“\c ,i·c a |ot o| tours an1 con|crcnccs
hcrc.” says lath|ccn :cio|c. “so thcrc’s
|ccn a |ot o| tra||ic. |ut thc a|tcrnati·c
¡a·cncnt has hc|1 u¡ ¡cr|cct|y |or six
An1 at Thc :ctt|cncnt. a su|ur|an su|1i·ision in Connccticut. thc |oca| ¡|annin,
an1 zonin, connissions rc·isc1 thcir roa1 stan1ar1s to a||ow o¡cn. ,rassy “swa|cs”
instca1 o| storn scwcrs Thc ¡u||ic works 1c¡artncnt nows thcsc swa|cs ¡crio1ica||y
ii| thc honcowncr 1ocsn’t 1o thc ¡o|). an1 a|so occasiona||y scoo¡s out sc1incnt ito
kcc¡ thc swa|c |ron |i||in, u¡) with a tractornountc1 sic·c 1c·icc that 1ocs not
1ana,c ·c,ctation
HOW TO GET STARTED Cct a co¡y o| thc cxcc||cnt nanua| Start at the Source.
|istc1 in thc lcsourcc Cui1c. an1 |ook |or o¡¡ortunitics in your nci,h|orhoo1 to turn
,ray sur|accs into ,rccn oncs Onc ¡ros¡cct is thc 1ri·cway. rc¡|acc it with two har1
tirc¡ath sur|accs an1 ¡|ant ,roun1 co·cr isuch as thync) in |ctwccn li, u¡ wa|kways
an1 rc¡|acc thcn with |rick or ¡orous ¡a·crs l| your nci,h|orhoo1 csta||ishcs ¡u||ic
wa|kways — throu,h thc |ackyar1s. |or cxan¡|c — usc crushc1 |incs or ¡a·crs instca1
o| concrctc lcncn|cr. sincc a |ar,c ¡crccnta,c o| thc ¡ota||c watcr wc usc is |or
|an1sca¡c irri,ation. thc watcr you rctain onsitc is watcr you won’t ha·c to |uy
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
8.8a, b, c: Porous pavers provide adequate support for
vehicles, yet eliminate many of the problems of
conventional asphalt or concrete driveways such as heat
absorption, storm water runoff, and flooding. Here are
three ideas for reducing driveway pavement. Credit: Tom
Richman Associates.
a. b.
Suggestion 17. Establish an Edible Landscape
WHO’S DOING IT \i||a,c Honcs. la·is. Ca|i|ornia.
Harnony \i||a,c. Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. Han1son l1i||c
lan1sca¡in, lro¡cct iHlll). \ancou·cr. lritish Co|un|ia
THE WAY IT WORKS At Harnony \i||a,c. la·c
1c|i|cratc1 sc·cra| nonths |c|orc 1cci1in, to ¡|ant straw|crrics
instca1 o| ,rass in his |ront |awn Hc thcn wcnt out an1 |ou,ht
a|out .oo |arcroot. 1ornant straw|crry ¡|ants an1 csta||ishc1
a straw|crry |c1 un1cr thc cottonwoo1 trccs in his |ront yar1
l·cry |a||. |ca·cs |ron ncar|y cottonwoo1s co||cct aroun1 thc
¡|ants to nu|ch in thc noisturc an1 warnth. an1 c·cry s¡rin, |or
thc |ast |i·c ycars thc straw|crry ¡|ants cncr,c to |orn a coo|
|ookin,. ,rccn ,roun1 co·cr that rccuircs |css watcr than ,rass
Occasiona||y. i| hc can ,ct to thcn |c|orc thc ro|ins an1 thc
nci,h|orhoo1 chi|1rcn. la·c har·csts |crrics |or |rcak|ast Onc
o| his |a·oritc si,hts is sccin, thc ki1s |ora,in, |or |crrics — hc
|o·cs thc i1ca o| crcatin, a ¡ositi·c cx¡cricncc in thcir ncnorics
“l rcncn|cr ¡ickin, wi|1 straw|crrics whcn l was a ki1.” hc
says “lt was kin1 o| |ikc an lastcr c,, hunt c·cry nornin, in car|y sunncr” To ¡ro·i1c a |it o| ·aricty in
his c1i||c |an1sca¡c. la·c ¡|antc1 an irrc,u|ar hc1,c o| Nankin, chcrrics an1 scr·icc|crrics. onc o| thc
swcctcst nati·c |ruits in thc locky \ountain rc,ion
lust as swcct arc thc lin, chcrrics an1 oran,cs at \i||a,c Honcs \ichac| Cor|ctt an1 his co||ca,ucs na1c
surc that soncthin, c1i||c is har·csta||c c·cry 1ay o| thc ycar a|on, thc nci,h|orhoo1’s wa|kways an1 in its
·incyar1s an1 orchar1s :ur¡|us |i,s. a¡¡|cs. ,ra¡cs. kiwis. an1 a|non1s arc so|1 to su¡¡ort thc 1aycarc ccntcr
an1 rc1ucc honcowncr 1ucs Thc ,ra¡cs a|so yic|1 a |oca| winc ca||c1 \i||a,c lc1
HOW TO GET STARTED l|antin, an c1i||c |an1sca¡c is as casy as ca||in, your county cxtcnsion o||icc
or ta|kin, to cx¡cricncc1 ¡crsonnc| at nurscrics or scnior ,ar1cncrs in town to |in1 out what ·arictics ,row
|cst in your arca Thcn |c,in thc ¡roccss o| “un,rassin,” thc |awn. |ca·in, stratc,ic wc||usc1 arcas intact
Thc na,ic wor1 in shrinkin, |awn arca is “nu|ch” ¥ou 1on’t ha·c to 1i, u¡ unwantc1 |awn. ¡ust snothcr it
8.9: Roll up the grass and plant strawberries, as Dave has done at his home. The
neighborhood children and birds love it. Now if only Dave could get a strawberry or two!
Credit: Dave Wann.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
lay six or ci,ht inchcs o| ,rass c|i¡¡in,s. nanurc. an1 woo1 chi¡s on to¡ o| car1|oar1 or ci,ht |aycrs o|
ncws¡a¡cr. cut to |it lct naturc con·crt your |awn into a |c1 |or hcr|a| ,roun1 co·cr. |crrics. an1 ·c,cta||cs
A ,rou¡ in \ancou·cr. thc Han1son l1i||c lan1sca¡in, lro¡cct iHlll). has a ,oo1 i1ca |carn a|out
c1i||c |an1sca¡in, |y hc|¡in, your nci,h|ors 1o it an1 |cttin, thcn hc|¡ you Ho|1 1csi,n an1 work ¡artics
in 1i||crcnt yar1s throu,hout thc nci,h|orhoo1 unti| c·cryonc’s yar1 is |an1sca¡c1
Suggestion 18. Start or Join a Community-supported Agriculture Program
WHO’S DOING IT :|ack Ho||ow larn. Ar,y|c. Ncw ¥ork. lox|ury larn. C|a·crack. Ncw ¥ork
THE WAY IT WORKS Connunitysu¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc iC:A) “is an inno·ati·c an1 rcsourcc|u|
stratc,y to conncct |oca| |arncrs with |oca| consuncrs to 1c·c|o¡ a rc,iona| |oo1 su¡¡|y an1 stron, |oca|
cconony.” accor1in, to thc |o|ks at thc Uni·crsity o| \assachusctts cxtcnsion scr·icc. whosc wc|sitc
contains a wca|th o| in|ornation on this i1ca
Thc i1ca |c,an in la¡an in thc car|y +o-os an1 has sincc s¡rca1 to othcr ¡arts o| thc ,|o|c. inc|u1in,
North Ancrica. with wc|| o·cr 6oo ,rou¡s an1 ncn|crs in thc Unitc1 :tatcs a|onc A|thou,h cach
,rou¡ is unicuc. connunitysu¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc ,cncra||y in·o|·cs two ¡artics a |oca| |arncr — ty¡ica||y a
sna|| |arncr who ¡ro1uccs |oo1 or,anica||y — an1 a ,rou¡ o| rcsi1cnts in a ncar|y city or town. thc ncn|crs
Thc ncn|crs ¡urchasc ¡ro1ucc 1ircct|y |ron thc |arncr ln sonc ,rou¡s. says author :arah \i|stcin in an
artic|c in Mother Earth News i|istc1 in thc lcsourcc Cui1c). “ncn|crs ¡ay ahca1 o| tinc |or a |u|| scason with
thc un1crstan1in, that thcy wi|| accc¡t sonc o| thc risks o| ¡ro1uction” l| thc cucun|crs ,row ¡oor|y. so |c
it “ln othcr ,rou¡s. ncn|crs su|scri|c on a nonth|y |asis an1 rccci·c a ¡rc1ctcrninc1 anount o| ¡ro1ucc
cach wcck.” shc a11s
lro1ucc is cithcr ¡ickc1 u¡ at thc |arn |y ncn|crs o| thc ,rou¡ or 1c|i·crc1 to a ccntra| |ocation |y thc
|arncr \cn|crs o| cach ,rou¡ ,cncra||y rccci·c ci,ht or norc 1i||crcnt ty¡cs o| ·c,cta||cs cach wcck —
startin, in thc s¡rin, an1 continuin, wc|| into thc |a|| Howc·cr. “sonc ,rou¡s o||cr |ruit. hcr|s. ||owcrs.
|rca1. chccsc. c,,s. yo,urt. |cc|. honcy. na¡|c syru¡. an1 nost anythin, c|sc you can ¡ro1ucc on a |arn.” says
C:A ¡ro,rans ·ary in sizc :|ack Ho||ow larn in Ar,y|c. Ncw ¥ork. has a 1ozcn ncn|crs who co·cr
on|y a sna|| ¡crccnta,c o| thc |arn’s o¡cratin, |u1,ct Thc rcst o| thc ¡ro1ucc |ron thc sc·cnacrc |arn is
so|1 throu,h a |oca| |oo1 coo¡ Across thc Hu1son li·cr is lox|ury larn. whcrc ,rowcrs cu|ti·atc .¸ acrcs
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
an1 sc|| to -oo ncn|crs whosc ¡urchascs co·cr a|out oo ¡crccnt o| thc |arn’s annua| o¡cratin, cx¡cnscs
Connunitysu¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc is a winwinwin situation larncrs 1c·c|o¡ sccurc narkcts ly
,rowin, a 1i·crsc array o| cro¡s thcy rc1ucc ¡cst ¡ro||cns. incrcasc soi| |crti|ity. an1 cnsurc a 1cccnt har·cst
¥ou. thc consuncr. rccci·c an a|un1ancc o| hca|thy |oo1 at a ·cry ,oo1 ¡ricc
Thc cn·ironncnt |cnc|its. too loo1 is ¡ro1ucc1 without ¡cstici1cs Thc |ir1s that |rccucnt thc
hc1,crows surroun1in, |arn |ic|1s |i·c hca|thy |i·cs. ,o|||in, 1own sonc o| thc insccts thcy har·cst |ron thc
|ic|1 an1 |cc1in, thc rcst to thcir c·crhun,ry o||s¡rin,
loca| ¡ro1uction a|so yic|1s cn·ironncnta| |cnc|its lccausc |oo1 is ,rown on|y a |cw ni|cs |ron your
honc. rathcr than on 1istant |arns hun1rc1s or thousan1s o| ni|cs |ron thc 1inncr ta||c. |itt|c cncr,y is
rccuirc1 to trans¡ort |oo1 to narkct Thc |css cncr,y. thc |css ¡o||ution lro1uction at an oi| wc|| in thc
\i11|c last nay 1cc|inc s|i,ht|y. |ut thc |i||ionairc shcik or Ancrican oi| cxccuti·cs who own it won’t noticc
thc 1i||crcncc Thcy’rc too |usy tryin, to 1cci1c which no1c| lcar ¡ct thcy want
HOW TO GET STARTED larncrs |ookin, |or a sccurc |oca| narkct |or thcir ¡ro1ucts initiatc nost. i|
not a||. connunitysu¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc o¡crations Thcy rccruit ncn|crs throu,h wor1 o| nouth.
|rochurcs. ||ycrs. nc1ia co·cra,c. an1 othcr nctho1s l| you’rc intcrcstc1 in such a ¡ro,ran. ask aroun1 an1
1o sonc rcscarch on thc wc| Attcn1 |oca| |arncrs’ narkcts an1 ask thc ¡artici¡atin, |arncrs i| thcy a|so
cn,a,c in C:A or know |arncrs in thc arca who 1o
Ancricans intcrcstc1 in |in1in, a |oca| C:A ¡ro,ran can a|so chcck with thc |oca| U: lc¡artncnt o|
A,ricu|turc cxtcnsion o||iccs in thcir statcs or can contact sonc o| thc non¡ro|it or,anizations. such as thc
C:A larn Nctwork iwhich |ists |arns in thc northcastcrn U:). |or |istin,s o| |oca| C:A |arns :cc our
lcsourcc Cui1c
l| you can’t |in1 a |oca| ¡ro,ran. you nay |c a||c to start onc yoursc|| |y contactin, |oca| |arncrs ¥ou can
|ocatc ¡otcntia| ¡artncrs |y ¡|acin, a1s in rura| ncws¡a¡crs. ·isitin, |oca| |arn su¡¡|y storcs. or contactin,
or,anic |arn or,anizations
Suggestion 19. Create a Car-share Program
WHO’S DOING IT :tattAuto. Ccrnany. Zi¡car. l|cxcar. City Car:harc. Unitc1 :tatcs
THE WAY IT WORKS Carsharin, is an i1ca whosc tinc has conc Thc carsharc no·cncnt |c,an in
luro¡c in thc |atc +oïos. an1 thc i1ca was so ¡o¡u|ar that nany carsharc ¡ro,rans c·o|·c1 into
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
¡ro|cssiona||y run or,anizations that o||cr an c||icicnt. ||cxi||c. shorttcrn.
nci,h|orhoo1 car rcnta| ly thc cn1 o| +ooo thcrc wcrc o·cr .oo car c|u|s. with a
con|inc1 ncn|crshi¡ in cxccss o| in :witzcr|an1. Ccrnany. Austria. thc
Ncthcr|an1s. Crcat lritain. lcnnark. :wc1cn. lta|y. an1 lrancc!
ln thc ni1+ooos thc i1ca o| car c|u|s s¡rca1 to Cana1a. an1 rcccnt|y thc i1ca has
|c,un to ||osson in thc Unitc1 :tatcs as wc||. whcrc Zi¡car an1 l|cxcar o||cr carsharc
¡ro,rans in norc than a 1ozcn citics. inc|u1in, loston. Ncw ¥ork. \ary|an1.
\ashin,ton lC. lcn·cr. lort|an1. an1 :catt|c
Zi¡car an1 l|cxcar o¡cratc ||ccts o| ·chic|cs in cach city Cars arc a·ai|a||c to
¡artici¡ants at any tinc. |or ¡crio1s ran,in, |ron onc hour to sc·cra| 1ays :¡ccia|
arran,cncnts can |c na1c to rcnt cars |or |on, tri¡s lusincsscs. |ani|ics. an1
in1i·i1ua|s can a|| ¡artici¡atc
At Zi¡car. ·chic|cs arc rcscr·c1 on|inc. a ¡roccss that takcs a|out ¸o sccon1s Thc
con¡utcr tc||s you thc car’s |ocation an1 its |iccnsc ¡|atc nun|cr ¥ou ,o to thc sitc an1
ho|1 your ¡crsona| Zi¡car1 ncxt to thc win1shic|1. whcrc a scanncr rca1s it l| you’·c
rcscr·c1 thc car an1 thc tinc is corrcct. thc 1oors un|ock An c|cctronic si,na| is thcn scnt |ron thc car’s
con¡utcr to con¡any hca1cuartcrs. whcrc a |i||in, rccor1 is acti·atc1
“lccausc thcrc arc no ¡co¡|c in·o|·c1 in thc transaction.” thc con¡any notcs. “you can nakc your
rcscr·ation |or any ¡icku¡ or 1ro¡o|| tinc that is con·cnicnt to you Our ¡ro¡rictary tcchno|o,y knows whcn
you |ock an1 un|ock thc 1oors an1 how nany ni|cs you’·c tra·c|c1 — so thcrc’s no ¡a¡crwork cach tinc you
1ri·c” \hcn you arc 1onc. rcturn thc car. |ock it. an1 ,o a|out your |usincss ¥our crc1it car1 is |i||c1
Carsharc ¡ro,rans in luro¡c o|tcn o||cr a ·aricty o| cars — sna|| connutcrs an1 |ar,cr cars |or takin,
thc |ani|y an1 thc ki1’s |ricn1s to thc country ln thc Unitc1 :tatcs. o¡tions arc norc |initc1 — you’|| |in1
nost|y sna|| connutcr cars
ln carsharin, ¡ro,rans. ncn|crs ¡ay a ncn|crshi¡ |cc an1 a sna|| hour|y ratc ¡|us ni|ca,c. an1 thc
con¡anics ¡ay |or thc car. thc insurancc. thc naintcnancc. an1 thc ,as ln :an lrancisco’s City Car :harc
¡ro,ran. run |y a non¡ro|it or,anization. uscrs ¡ay $¸¸o ¡cr hour an1 ¸- ccnts ¡cr ni|c Cars arc ¡arkc1 in
rcscr·c1 s¡accs. ty¡ica||y o||strcct. that arc con·cnicnt|y |ocatc1 throu,hout thc city This ncans ncn|crs
know whcrc thc car is an1 whcrc it nust |c 1ro¡¡c1 o|| To cnsurc that ncn|crs rcturn thc cars on tinc —
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
8.10: Shared vehicles are gaining in popularity. Perhaps
your neighborhood could benefit from a van or pickup
truck that everyone has access to. Credit: City Car Share.
so thc ncxt ¡co¡|c can usc thcn — Zi¡car in¡oscs a $.¸¡crhour |atc |cc with a nininun char,c o| $.¸ lt
a|so ¡rohi|its snokin, in thc car an1 on|y a||ows ncn|crs to trans¡ort ¡cts i| thcy arc in a¡¡ro¡riatc carricrs
Carsharc ¡ro,rans ,i·c ¡co¡|c who 1on’t own cars acccss to a ·chic|c |or runnin, ¡crsona| crran1s.
sho¡¡in,. ·isitin, a 1octor. or attcn1in, |usincss ncctin,s Thcy a|so catcr to thosc who ha·c onc car. |ut
occasiona||y ncc1 anothcr Carsharc ¡ro,rans arc hi,h|y c||ccti·c in ur|an scttin,s with ,oo1 nasstransit
systcns. whcrc ¡co¡|c ha·c othcr o¡tions |csi1cs 1ri·in,. |ut thcy arc a|so |oun1 in sonc rura| arcas
Carsharc ¡ro,rans sa·c noncy an1 |ct ncn|crs a·oi1 thc hass|cs o| car owncrshi¡. thcy rc1ucc ¡ri·atc
car owncrshi¡ an1 rc1ucc car usa,c \ost ¡co¡|c 1ri·c |css whcn thcy ha·c to ¡ay thc ¡crhour or ¡crni|c
|cc Thcy’|| ¡oo| tri¡s or wa|k or takc nass transit whcn it is con·cnicnt \any ¡co¡|c |in1 it norc con·cnicnt
to ri1c a |us or |i,ht rai| to connutc to an1 |ron work. thcn thcy rcnt a carsharc ·chic|c |or crran1s \any
systcns in luro¡c arc intc,ratc1 with thc nasstransit systcn
HOW TO GET STARTED l| your connunity is intcrcstc1 in ¡oinin, l|cxcar. Zi¡car. or a sini|ar
¡ro,ran. you nay |c a||c to ha·c a ·chic|c or two |ocatc1 within your nci,h|orhoo1 — ¡ro·i1c1 you can
,cncratc cnou,h |oca| intcrcst to ¡usti|y it lor a con¡|ctc |istin, o| carsharc ¡ro,rans in thc Unitc1 :tatcs.
Cana1a. thc Ul. an1 luro¡c. |o, on to <wwwcarthcasycon¹|i·ccarsharin,htn>
A|tcrnati·c|y. you can sct u¡ your own ¡ro,ran ln luro¡c. ,rou¡s o| |ricn1s. nci,h|ors. an1 co||ca,ucs
ha·c sct u¡ thcir own in|orna| carsharc ¡ro,rans usin, cars a|rca1y ownc1 |y in1i·i1ua| ncn|crs o| thc ,rou¡
or cars ¡urchasc1 ¡oint|y ¥ou wi|| ncc1 to csta||ish a |ookin, systcn. |in1 a con·cnicnt |ocation to ¡ark thc
·chic|c. an1 rcach a,rccncnts on |uyin, |uc|. acccssin, kcys. scr·icin, an1 insurin, thc ·chic|c. an1 a host o|
othcr nattcrs lri·crs usua||y ¡ay in ¡ro¡ortion to thcir usc — |y thc hour an1¹or |y thc ni|c ln luro¡c. car
c|u|s sct u¡ norc in|orna||y can o¡cratc usin, norna| insurancc as |on, as thc ,rou¡ or its ncn|crs 1o not
nakc a ¡ro|it Car c|u|s a¡¡|y |or insurancc in thc c|u|’s nanc an1 can |ist |our or |i·c ¡co¡|c to a sin,|c ¡o|icy
Suggestion 20. Retrofit Homes for Energy Efficiency
WHO’S DOING IT lcoTcans in \a1ison. \isconsin. an1 lushc|i||c. Nottin,han. Ul
THE WAY IT WORKS :incc thc |atc +ooos. nci,h|ors ha·c |ccn conin, to,cthcr to crcatc norc
c||icicnt an1 cn·ironncnta||y sustaina||c |i|csty|cs with thc hc|¡ o| a non¡ro|it or,anization. C|o|a| Action
l|an la·i1 Ccrshon. |oun1cr o| this ,rou¡. startc1 thc lcoTcans ¡ro¡cct in thc car|y +ooos an1 has ¡ro1ucc1
a work|ook |u|| o| ,rcat i1cas |or honcowncrs an1 rcntcrs — an1 thcir |ani|ics
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
Hcrc’s how it works ln1i·i1ua|s an1 |ani|ics work with othcr nci,h|ors — usua||y |i·c to ci,ht
houscho|1s |orn an lcoTcan Thcy ncct rc,u|ar|y o·cr a ¡crio1 o| six nonths to cx¡|orc an1 connit to
actions that wi|| rc1ucc ,ar|a,c ¡ro1uction. watcr usc. honc an1 trans¡ortation cncr,y |uc| usc. an1 o·cra||
consun¡tion \cn|crs arc not rccuirc1 to a1o¡t any s¡cci|ic actions. it’s u¡ to cach houscho|1 to 1cci1c
which stc¡s it wou|1 |ikc to takc lcoTcan is nonthrcatcnin, “lt o||crs structurc con|inc1 with choicc.”
says lr l \arrcn l|int o| li·c l’s Un|initc1. a consu|tin, |irn that can hc|¡ nci,h|orhoo1s sct u¡ lcoTcan
¡ro,rans icontact thcn at wwwcccccnct)
To 1atc. norc than ¡ ¡co¡|c in ¸o U: statcs an1 +- othcr countrics ha·c ¡artici¡atc1 in lcoTcans.
a ¡ro¡cct that continucs to1ay. cs¡ccia||y in thc Ul lcnncy loyzcr. who coor1inatcs lcoTcans in lushc|i||c.
a |orou,h o| Nottin,han. says that thc “intcrcst |ron aroun1 thc Ul has |ccn cxtraor1inary” Thcy’rc c·cn
1c·c|o¡in, thc ¡ro,ran to nakc it norc acccssi||c to |ani|ics in ¡oorcr arcas
U¡on con¡|ctin, thc lcoTcan ¡ro¡cct. |ani|ics ha·c na1c si,ni|icant stri1cs in crcatin, norc
cn·ironncnta||y sustaina||c |i|csty|cs. ty¡ica||y cuttin, ,ar|a,c out¡ut |y ¡o to ¸o ¡crccnt throu,h rccyc|in,
an1 con¡ostin,. watcr consun¡tion |y ¸¸ ¡crccnt. an1 ,as consun¡tion |or trans¡ortation |y +6 to .o
¡crccnt Honc cncr,y consun¡tion is ty¡ica||y s|ashc1 |y an a·cra,c o| o to +- ¡crccnt
Thcsc ncasurcs arc not on|y ,oo1 |or thc larth an1 thc |uturc o| hunans an1 a|| othcr s¡ccics. |ut thcy
a|so sa·c a |air anount o| noncy — |ctwccn $.6¸ an1 $¸ïo ¡cr ycar ¡cr houscho|1 lcoTcans o||cr nany
othcr |cnc|its as wc|| lcnni|cr O|scn an1 lcr lic||an1lun1. who ¡oinc1 an lcoTcan in \a1ison. \isconsin.
1urin, thc |a|| o| +ooï. notc “\c wcrc a||c to in¡|cncnt nany chan,cs in our 1ai|y |i·cs that wc. |or a |on,
tinc. ha1 wantc1 to … ln a11ition to thcsc sin¡|c. iso|atc1 actions. lcoTcan ¡artici¡ation trans|ornc1 our
out|ook in two ways wc ha·c |cconc nuch norc awarc o| sustaina|i|ity issucs in ,cncra|. an1 arc acti·c|y
scckin, out an1 su¡¡ortin, ways to or,anizc our |i·cs in a norc larth|ricn1|y way ln a11ition. wc ha·c
|cconc cncoura,c1 an1 norc o¡tinistic on |cha|| o| thc larth an1 thc |uturc o| our s¡ccics… Throu,h our
own 1ircct cx¡cricncc. wc scc that ncccssary chan,cs can |c na1c — c·cn |y thosc o| us that arc not anon,
thc |orc|ront … o| sustaina||c |i·in, lt |cc|s ,oo1 to |c a ¡art o| thc so|ution an1 not on|y thc ¡ro||cn”
lcoTcans |orn a su¡¡ort nctwork ln1i·i1ua|s can ca|| on othcrs |or hc|¡ or nora| su¡¡ort so that ncw
actions |cconc |i|ctinc ha|its Thcy a|so ¡ro·i1c an o¡¡ortunity |or in1i·i1ua|s to work with city
,o·crnncnt ln \a1ison. lcoTcans wcrc ¡art o| thc \a1ison Arca :ustaina||c li|csty|c Can¡ai,n. crcatc1
|y a ¡artncrshi¡ o| |i·c |oca| con¡anics an1 ,o·crnncnta| a,cncics inc|u1in, thc \a1ison Cas an1 l|cctric
Con¡any an1 thc lanc County lc¡artncnt o| lccyc|in, an1 :o|i1 \astc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
HOW TO GET STARTED :tartin, your own lcoTcan — cithcr with thc assistancc o| C|o|a| Action
l|an’s Household EcoTeam Workbook or on your own — rccuircs |itt|c norc than nctworkin, with nci,h|ors
to scc who ni,ht |c intcrcstc1 in ¡oinin, l| your nci,h|orhoo1 has a1o¡tc1 sonc o| thc othcr su,,cstions
wc’·c o||crc1. you’·c |ikc|y ,ot a rccc¡ti·c au1icncc ¥ou can o|tain co¡ics o| thc work|ook throu,h your |oca|
|ookstorc or |y or1crin, at onc o| thc on|inc |ook su¡¡|icrs
Suggestion 21. Solarize Homes
WHO’S DOING IT Co|| Hi|| Cohousin,. Hart|an1. \crnont. OnCoin, Conccrns Cohousin,. lort|an1.
Orc,on. lA lco\i||a,c. los An,c|cs. Ca|i|ornia. lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt. lon1on. Ul
THE WAY IT WORKS lcsi1cs rc1ucin, cncr,y usc. honcowncrs can a|so ta¡ into so|ar cncr,y to ncct
sonc ¡ortion o| thcir annua| cncr,y 1cnan1 l·cn in c|ou1y arcas. inc|u1in, thc laci|ic Northwcst an1 thc
northcastcrn Unitc1 :tatcs. thcrc’s a sur¡risin, anount o| so|ar cncr,y a·ai|a||c |or hcatin, a honc. ¡ro·i1in,
1oncstic hot watcr. an1 ,cncratin, c|cctricity Ccrtain|y so|ar won’t ¡ro·i1c as ,cncrous|y in thcsc |ocations
as it wi|| at a ¡rinc so|ar |ocation such as lcn·cr. |ut it can sti|| nakc a si,ni|icant contri|ution
:o|ar cncr,y concs in nany ·arictics Thcrc’s ¡assi·c so|ar |or hcatin, honcs. 1iscussc1 in Cha¡tcr 6
lassi·c so|ar rc|ics on win1ows or attachc1 suns¡accs iso|ar ,rccnhouscs) a|on, south|acin, wa||s to a1nit
thc |owan,|c1 wintcr sun \any cxistin, honcs can |c rctro|ittc1 |y incrcasin, thc nun|cr o| win1ows on
south|acin, wa||s or |y a11in, a so|ar ,rccnhousc ln thc lcsourcc Cui1c. wc’·c |istc1 an artic|c on
rctro|ittin, that lan ¡u||ishc1 in Natural Home na,azinc. |ut to |carn norc a|out ¡assi·c so|ar you ni,ht
want to rca1 lan’s |ook. The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling
\any o| thc stc¡s a honcowncr takcs to ta¡ into so|ar cncr,y — such as a11in, norc insu|ation to wa||s
an1 cci|in,s — a|so hc|¡ to coo| honcs in thc sunncr This can |ca1 to si,ni|icant rc1uctions in |uc| |i||s ln
nany ¡|accs. sunncr coo|in, costs can cxccc1 wintcr hcatin, |i||s
¥ou can insta|| so|ar hotwatcr systcns to hcat watcr |or 1oncstic uscs or |or s¡acc hcatin, Thcsc acti·c
systcns — so nanc1 |ccausc thcy rccuirc ¡un¡s — consist o| a so|ar co||cctor. usua||y nountc1 on thc roo|.
which ,athcrs hcat |ron thc sun A hcattrans|cr |icui1 is ¡un¡c1 throu,h thc ¡anc| to rcno·c thc hcat.
which is thcn trans|crrc1 to a watcr stora,c tank in thc |ascncnt. an1 usc1 as ncc1c1
\o1crn so|ar hotwatcr systcns arc rc|ia||c. c||icicnt. an1 nakc ,oo1 ccononic scnsc in nany arcas ¥ou
can |carn norc a|out thcn in lan’s so|ar |ook an1 a|so his |ook The Natural House
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
Anothcr systcn worth cx¡|orin, is thc so|ar c|cctric systcn
Thcsc rc|y on s¡ccia||y 1csi,nc1 ¡anc|s that con·crt cncr,y |ron
sun|i,ht to c|cctricity lan’s honc in Co|ora1o is run cntirc|y |y
so|ar c|cctricity ,cncratc1 |y roo|to¡ ¡anc|s
lccausc honcowncrs sonctincs o|¡cct to thc acsthctics o|
tra1itiona| so|ar c|cctric ¡anc|s. a|so known as ¡hoto·o|taic
¡anc|s. s|cck ncw systcns ha·c |ccn 1c·isc1 Thcy consist o|
shin,|cs or ncta| roo|in, containin, thc sanc natcria| |oun1 in
thc so|ar cc||s o| ca|cu|ators. an1 thcir cost is con¡ara||c to
norc con·cntiona| so|ar c|cctric ¡anc|s
:o|ar c|cctricity. whi|c |cnc|icia|. can a|so |c cx¡cnsi·c —
usua||y aroun1 .¡ to .- ccnts ¡cr ki|owatthour \ost o| us ¡ay
aroun1 ï to +o ccnts ¡cr ki|owatthour |or con·cntiona||y
,cncratc1 cncr,y l·cn so. in sonc arcas. such as Ca|i|ornia.
whcrc c|cctricity is cx¡cnsi·c an1 ,cncrous tax crc1its or rc|atcs
arc a·ai|a||c. so|ar c|cctricity can |c ccononica|
\hi|c nost so|arizin, wc’rc awarc o| has occurrc1 on
in1i·i1ua| honcs. wc ha·c 1isco·crc1 sonc connunitics that
arc in¡|cncntin, this stratc,y \cn|crs o| Co|| Hi||
Cohousin, in rura| \crnont ha·c |ui|t thcir honcs to takc
a1·anta,c o| thc hcatin, ¡otcntia| o| thc sun OnCoin,
Conccrns Cohousin,. which consists o| sc·cn honcs ¡urchasc1
in a 1ctcrioratin, inncrcity nci,h|orhoo1 in lort|an1. Orc,on.
has a11c1 so|ar watcr hcatcrs to thrcc o| thc honcs lA lco
\i||a,c is insta||in, a so|ar hotwatcr systcn in a ¡ounit
a¡artncnt |ui|1in, that’s ¡art o| thc connunity An1 in thc
lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt. a con¡act. ncw|y |ui|t
connunity in ln,|an1. a|| ï. honcs wi|| |c ccui¡¡c1 with so|ar
c|cctric ¡anc|s
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
8.11 a & b: Passive solar can be added to existing homes either (a) by installing additional
windows on south-facing walls or (b) by adding solar greenhouses. Credit: Dan Chiras.
HOW TO GET STARTED l| your connunity is intcrcstc1
in so|arizin, — an1 i| ¡co¡|c arc kccn on 1oin, thc work
thcnsc|·cs — you wi|| ncc1 to 1o a |ot o| rcscarch on thc
su|¡cct :cc thc |ooks wc’·c |istc1 in our lcsourcc Cui1c. takc
worksho¡s. an1 ta|k to ¡ro|cssiona|s loca| cha¡tcrs o| thc
Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty nay ¡ro·c hc|¡|u| ¥ou nay
want to hirc a ¡ro|cssiona| — a so|ar architcct or |ui|1cr — to
consu|t on ¡assi·c so|ar 1csi,n. or hirc an cx¡crt to work with
you on so|ar hot watcr an1 so|ar c|cctric systcns ¥ou can
¡urchasc so|ar hot watcr an1 so|ar c|cctric systcns 1ircct|y |ron
su¡¡|icrs on thc lntcrnct — |or cxan¡|c. :o|aronsa|ccon or
lca|,oo1scon — thcn insta|| thcn yoursc|| or with thc hc|¡ o|
a trainc1 ¡ro|cssiona| inot a |a1 way to ,o) l| you’rc intcrcstc1
in insta||in, a nun|cr o| systcns in your nci,h|orhoo1. you
nay |c a||c to hirc a |oca| insta||cr to su¡¡|y an1 insta|| thc
ccui¡ncnt — an1 you wi|| |ikc|y |c a||c to nc,otiatc a |cttcr
lc surc to chcck out rc|atcs an1 othcr inccnti·cs |ron |oca|
uti|itics an1 |oca| an1 statc ,o·crnncnts ¥ou can |o, on to thc
lata|asc o| :tatc lnccnti·cs |or lcncwa||c lncr,y iwwwl:lllU:Aor,) :onc statcs. such as Ca|i|ornia.
l||inois. Ncw ¥ork. an1 Ncw lcrscy. o||cr cxtrcnc|y ,cncrous inccnti·cs |or insta||in, so|ar cncr,y ccui¡ncnt
• • •
Con·crtin, an cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1 in an o|1cr ur|an scttin, or in thc su|ur|s rccuircs connitncnt.
cncr,y. an1 noncy. |ut ¡co¡|c scckin, a |cttcr way o| |i|c ha·c 1cnonstratc1 that thc |cnc|its |ar outwci,h
thc costs
8.12: One of the newest and most efficient solar hot-water systems made by Thermomax,
this rooftop collector heats water for domestic uses, even heating the home.
Credit: Dan Chiras.
Suburban Revitalization: Can This Dream Become a Reality?
Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction.
It’s completely impossible. It’s possible, but not worth doing. I said it was a good idea all along.
AlTHUl C ClAlll
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
HlOUCHOUT THl \Olll. ¡co¡|c arc unitin, to work |or a connon ,oa| to crcatc connunity an1 norc
socia||y. ccononica||y. an1 cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y |i|csty|cs Our rcscarch has shown that thcir c||orts ,o
|ar |cyon1 what wc c·cr ina,inc1 ¡ossi||c whcn wc |c,an this ¡ro¡cct lco¡|c arc choosin, 1ranatica||y
1i||crcnt ways to ¡ro·i1c cncr,y. o|tain watcr. an1 ,ct ri1 o| wastc. to nanc a |cw This cha¡tcr |ooks at |i·in,
cxan¡|cs o| thc |o|1cst i1cas wc’·c su,,cstc1. showin, how thcy work an1 how you can ,ct startc1
Boldest Ideas
Suggestion 22. Create a Community Energy System
WHO’S DOING IT \uir Connons. la·is. Ca|i|ornia. Co|| Hi|| Cohousin,. Hart|an1. \crnont. :un
an1 \in1 Cohousin,. lc1cr. lcnnark. lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt. lon1on. Ul
THE WAY IT WORKS Connunity cncr,y systcns nay sccn out o| ¡|acc in in1ustria|izc1 countrics
whcrc ccntra| ¡owcr ¡ro1uction is thc norn On thc contrary. howc·cr. norc an1 norc ¡co¡|c rcco,nizc thc
·a|uc o| 1cccntra|izc1 cncr,y ¡ro1uction — ¡owcr ,cncratc1 an1 consunc1 |y in1i·i1ua|s an1 connunitics
ri,ht on sitc :uch systcns not on|y ¡ro·i1c ¡owcr. thcy 1o it usin, c|can. rcncwa||c rcsourccs. an1 thcy
¡ro1ucc it c|osc to thc cn1 uscr. so thcrc’s nuch |css cncr,y |oss in transnission Thcsc systcns arc a|so not
·u|ncra||c to systcn |ai|urcs that routinc|y |ca·c ni||ions o| houscho|1s without ¡owcr |or |on, ¡crio1s. o|tcn
whcn thcy ncc1 ¡owcr thc nost Nor arc thcy ·u|ncra||c to tcrrorist acts. as ccntra|izc1 ¡owcr ¡|ants arc
lcccntra|izc1 ¡owcr systcns 1csi,nc1 |or in1i·i1ua|s an1
connunitics consist o| win1 ,cncrators. so|ar c|cctric systcns.
nicrohy1ro¡owcr. an1 cncr,yc||icicnt nicrotur|incs. which
|urn natura| ,as Thcsc systcns a|| ¡ro1ucc c|cctricity |or |oca|
consun¡tion an1 can |cc1 thc cxccss |ack into thc ¡owcr ,ri1 —
thc c|cctric wircs that run throu,h nost o| our nci,h|orhoo1s
Nci,h|orhoo1 cncr,y systcns can a|so ,cncratc hcat
\uir Connons in la·is. Ca|i|ornia. thc |irst cohousin,
connunity in thc Unitc1 :tatcs. was con¡|ctc1 in +oo+ lt
consists o| .6 honcs situatc1 on ¡ust un1cr thrcc acrcs ln .oo.
thc ,rou¡ insta||c1 a +oki|owatt so|ar c|cctric systcn on thc roo|
o| thcir connon housc lt su¡¡|ics a|out thrcccuartcrs o| thc
c|cctrica| rccuircncnts o| thc connon housc at a cost o| a|out
ï ccnts ¡cr ki|owatthour lrc·ious|y thcy wcrc ¡ayin, .¸ ccnts
¡cr k\h!
On thc othcr si1c o| thc nation is Co|| Hi|| Cohousin,
locatc1 in Hart|an1 in rura| \crnont. this connunity insta||c1
a |ar,c. ccntra|. woo1|urnin, |urnacc that hcats watcr. which is
thcn ¡un¡c1 un1cr,roun1 throu,h insu|atc1 ¡i¡cs to thc honcs. ¡ro·i1in, hot watcr |or s¡acc hcat an1
1oncstic uscs Thc honcs a|so accuirc hcat 1ircct|y |ron thc sun. ca¡ita|izin, on ¡assi·c so|ar 1csi,n. an1
cach unit has a |acku¡ ¡ro¡anc hcatcr
Hca1in, |arthcr cast. to lcnnark. wc |in1 :un an1 \in1 Cohousin,. which con¡|ctc1 construction in
+oïo This ,rou¡ insta||c1 a ¸¸ k\ win1 ,cncrator that satis|ics +o ¡crccnt o| thc tota| cncr,y rccuircncnts o|
thc connunity Thc win1 nachinc is situatc1 +¸ ni|cs |ron thc connunity an1 is nountc1 on a -.|oot towcr
:un an1 \in1 a|so insta||c1 so|ar hotwatcr ¡anc|s co·crin, scuarc |cct o| roo| sur|acc \ost o| thc
¡anc|s arc on thc connon housc. with thc rcnain1cr on +¸ houscs in thc ¸ohousc connunity \atcr hcatc1
|y thc ¡anc|s is storc1 in insu|atc1 tanks |ocatc1 un1cr thc connon housc an1 is 1istri|utc1 to thc honcs in
thc connunity ·ia un1cr,roun1 ¡i¡cs Thc so|arhcatc1 watcr is usc1 |or 1oncstic ncc1s — such as washin,
1ishcs an1 showcrin, — as wc|| as |or ra1iant hcat to warn honcs lt nccts a|out a thir1 o| thc connunity’s
tota| cncr,y 1cnan1
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
9.1: Community energy systems, like this photovoltaic system in Davis, California,
provide independence and security and help build a more sustainable energy supply.
Credit: Eric R. Wahl.
Across thc ln,|ish Channc|. in thc lon1on |orou,h o| :utton. is lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt
This |ran1ncw connunity. which has in¡|cncntc1 nany i1cas wc’·c ¡rcscntc1 in this |ook. consists o| ï.
honcs — a|| |acin, south to ca¡ita|izc on thc sun’s wintcr hcat A11itiona| hcat in thcsc wc||insu|atc1
|ui|1in,s concs |ron a ccntra| |urnacc that |urns woo1 chi¡s |ron a |oca| trcc sur,cry ia con¡any that
¡runcs an1 rcno·cs trccs) Thc chi¡s wcrc ¡rc·ious|y |uric1 in a |an1|i|| This systcn a|so ,cncratcs stcan
that is usc1 to ¡ro1ucc c|cctricity |or a|| o| thc honcs Howc·cr. cncr,y 1cnan1s arc |ow as thc honcs wcrc
1csi,nc1 to usc 6o ¡crccnt |css cncr,y than con¡ara||c su|ur|an honcs
HOW TO GET STARTED l| ncn|crs o| your connunity show su||icicnt intcrcst in a nci,h|orhoo1
cncr,y systcn. |c surc to rcscarch your o¡tions carc|u||y \c’·c inc|u1c1 in|ornation on 1ozcns o|
¡u||ications an1 or,anizations in thc lcsourcc Cui1c ¥ou nay want to hirc a consu|tant or a ¡ro|cssiona|
insta||cr lc surc to |ook into tax inccnti·cs an1 rc|atcs |ron |oca| uti|itics an1 ,o·crnncnt a,cncics. as
cx¡|ainc1 in :u,,cstion .+ To hc|¡ |un1 thc insta||ation o| a so|ar c|cctric systcn. you ni,ht s¡onsor a han1s
on worksho¡ Thc |o|ks at \uir Connons in la·is. Ca|i|ornia. 1i1 this. an1 thc worksho¡ |ccs ¡ai1 |y
attcn1ccs hc|¡c1 o||sct thc cost o| thc tcachcr¹insta||cr
Suggestion 23. Establish Environmentally Friendly Water and Wastewater Systems
WHO’S DOING IT lcsi1cnts in Arizona. Ncw \cxico. an1 \ancou·cr. lritish Co|un|ia. laws. lnc.
\uncic. ln1iana. larrow :choo|. Ncw lc|anon. Ncw ¥ork. Hockcrton Housin, lro¡cct. Nottin,hanshirc.
THE WAY IT WORKS \ost su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s sccn to |c 1csi,nc1 to wastc watcr lain. scwa,c.
an1 ,raywatcr iwatcr |ron sinks an1 washin, nachincs) arc a|| channc|c1 into ¡i¡cs that carry thc watcr away
Thc wastc cithcr cn1s u¡ in scwa,c trcatncnt ¡|ants. whcrc it is trcatc1 an1 thcn 1un¡c1 into ri·crs. |akcs.
an1 |ays. or in sc¡tic tanks. whcrc it scc¡s into thc ,roun1 :tatcs such as Arizona. Ca|i|ornia. ln1iana. an1
Ncw \cxico. howc·cr. arc |c,innin, to |in1 ways to ca¡turc this watcr an1 thc nutricnts in houscho|1
wastcwatcr ln Arizona. |or cxan¡|c. honcowncrs can usc a|o·c,roun1 ,raywatcr systcns to rcco·cr
wastcwatcr so |on, as thc systcn han1|cs |css than ¡oo ,a||ons ¡cr 1ay an1 nccts ninina| rccuircncnts
Thc a·cra,c ¡crson ,cncratcs a¡¡roxinatc|y ¡o ,a||ons o| ,raywatcr ¡cr 1ay ly ca¡turin, that rcsourcc
|or rcusc. a nci,h|orhoo1 cou|1 ,ain cnou,h watcr |or irri,ation. hc|¡in, to rc1ucc thc anount o| cncr,y an1
chcnica|s citics an1 towns usc to trcat thc watcr
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
Any luntin, o| :anta lc ca¡turcs rainwatcr o|| hcr roo| an1
uscs it an1 ,raywatcr |ron hcr washin, nachinc to watcr hcr
|ush |ackyar1 ,ar1cn :hc washcs hcr c|othcs with an “ionic
|a||” ia·ai|a||c |ron ,rccn ¡ro1ucts su¡¡|icrs |ikc Caian lca|
Coo1s) so that thc ,raywatcr 1ocs not u¡sct thc soi|’s ¡H
|a|ancc lainwatcr |ron hcr roo| a|so |cc1s into a 1ry strcan|c1
that watcrs a sna|| ,ro·c o| trccs
l·cn rainrich \ancou·cr. lC. acknow|c1,cs thc a1·anta,cs
o| ,cttin, |u|| ·a|uc out o| cach 1ro¡ o| rain A thousan1 scuarc
|cct o| roo| or ¡a·cncnt can co||cct ¡.o ,a||ons o| watcr |ron onc
inch o| rain To nakc usc o| this ·a|ua||c rcsourcc. thc city
,o·crnncnt sc||s rain |arrc|s rcsi1cnts can usc to catch watcr |or
,ar1cn irri,ation :o |ar. norc than +..oo rcsi1cnts ha·c takcn
a1·anta,c o| thc city’s ¸o ¡crccnt su|si1y o| thc |arrc|s
lt is norc cha||cn,in, to rccyc|c “||ackwatcr.” inc|u1in,
scwa,c an1 kitchcn wastcs. than ,raywatcr. |ut thousan1s o|
1c·iccs that ¡cr|orn this task — inc|u1in, constructc1 wct|an1s
an1 “li·in, \achincs” — ha·c a|rca1y |ccn insta||c1 in honcs.
schoo|s. work¡|accs. ¡arks. an1 nci,h|orhoo1s Constructc1
wct|an1s arc sha||ow. ,ra·c||i||c1 ¡on1s whcrc ¡|ants |ikc cattai|s. rcc1s. an1 rushcs ,row Thc ¡|ants an1
nicro|cs on thcir roots ¡uri|y thc wastcwatcr — c·cn in thc wintcr li·in, \achincs arc con¡|ctc ccosystcns
— ty¡ica||y housc1 in ,rccnhouscs — whcrc nicro|cs. snai|s. ¡|ants. |ish. an1 othcr |i·in, or,anisns ¡uri|y
1oncstic wastcwatcr. csscntia||y thc way naturc 1ocs it
Thc laws. lnc. |aci|ity in \uncic. ln1iana. uscs a li·in, \achinc to trcat thc wastcs o| thc ïo¡crson sta||
rcs¡onsi||c |or crcatin, an1 narkctin, Car|ic|1 cartoons an1 stu||c1 anina|s At Ncw ¥ork’s larrow :choo|.
a connunity o| |i·cin ¡ri·atc schoo| stu1cnts. thc |ai|urc o| a con·cntiona| wastcwatcr systcn ¡ro·i1c1 an
o¡¡ortunity to insta|| a li·in, \achinc This systcn is usc1 as a han1son |a|oratory |or a ·aricty o| 1i||crcnt
c|asscs. inc|u1in, scicncc. chcnistry. nathcnatics. an1 c·cn art “Our |aci|ity is a ,rcat ¡|acc |or stu1yin,.
writin,. an1 1rawin,.” says schoo| 1ircctor lisa likcr “lt’s warn lt’s containc1 An1 it’s stinu|atin, |ccausc
it’s so ·cry a|i·c”
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
9.2: The Living Machine is a greenhouse-contained biological waste treatment facility
that uses natural methods rather than harmful chemicals to recycle human waste.
Credit: Stacey Giordano.
Anothcr a¡¡roach to so|i1 wastc is thc con¡ost toi|ct. a watcr|css “watcr c|osct” that uscs nicro|ia|
¡o¡u|ations to 1ccon¡osc hunan wastcs cuick|y. as notc1 in Cha¡tcr -
Onc o| thc |cst cxan¡|cs o| rc|iancc on an a|tcrnati·c wastcwatcr trcatncnt systcn is thc Hockcrton
Housin, lro¡cct |ocatc1 in Nottin,hanshirc in thc lritish \i1|an1s lt ca¡turcs rainwatcr o|| thc roo| an1
¡uri|ics it |or usc in1oors \atcr ca¡turc1 on thc |an1 is 1i·crtc1 to a sna|| ¡on1 |or out1oor usc l|ackwatcr
|ron toi|cts an1 ,raywatcr |ron sinks an1 showcrs is ¡i¡c1 to a sc¡tic tank. |ut thc |cachatc i|icui1 wastc |ron
thc sc¡tic tank) is 1i·crtc1 to a |io|o,ica| trcatncnt systcn. an1 thc ¡uri|ic1 watcr is thcn ¡i¡c1 to a ¡on1 in
which nci,h|ors swin Thc watcr cxccc1s thc luro¡can Union’s watcr cua|ity stan1ar1 |or |cachcs
HOW TO GET STARTED Catchin, rainwatcr an1 irri,atin, with ,raywatcr arc rc|ati·c|y strai,ht|orwar1.
as arc con¡ostin, toi|cts l|ackwatcr trcatncnt is a |it norc con¡|icatc1 Ccttin, a¡¡ro·a| to 1o thcsc thin,s.
howc·cr. can |c a cha||cn,c lach statc’s co1cs arc 1i||crcnt lccausc o| watcr ri,hts |aws in thc \cst. |or
instancc. co||cctin, rainwatcr that |a||s on thc roo| o| your honc ni,ht |c a,ainst thc |aw! lcs¡itc this. nany
statcs su||crin, |ron chronic watcr shorta,cs arc |cconin, norc ||cxi||c a|out o|tainin, watcr |or honcs an1
trcatin, wastcwatcr ln ln1iana. |or cxan¡|c. thc statc wi|| ccrti|y li·in, \achincs. a tcchno|o,y that has |ccn
1ocuncntc1 to |c as c||ccti·c as con·cntiona| trcatncnt
:tart |y 1oin, sonc rcscarch on thc wc| iscc thc lcsourcc Cui1c) to |in1 out a|out thc |aws in your statc
Thcn |c,in |y insta||in, watcrconscr·in, |ixturcs i|ikc |ow||ow showcrhca1s) in your housc an1 s|ow|y start
to nakc c·cry 1ro¡ o| watcr count
Suggestion 24. Establish an Environmentally Friendly Transportation Strategy
WHO’S DOING IT Norwoo1Ouincc nci,h|orhoo1. lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. A1o|c :ystcns. lrcnont.
\ashin,ton. lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt. lon1on. Ul
THE WAY IT WORKS Nci,h|orhoo1 |ca1cr Crahan Hi|| |ron lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. rc|crs to cars an1
trucks as an “a|tcrnati·c |orn o| trans¡ortation” |ccausc thcrc arc a ·aricty o| othcr o¡tions that arc routinc|y
usc1 |y ¡co¡|c |i·in, in his nci,h|orhoo1 Out o| .+o houscho|1s in thc arca. |or instancc. +¸o ha·c lco¡asscs
|or thc wc||nana,c1 |us systcn Thc city ¡ro·i1cs 1iscounts |or ¡artici¡atin, nci,h|orhoo1s Nci,h|ors a|so
ha·c cxcc||cnt ¡c1cstrian or |ikc acccss to a sho¡¡in, arca an1 to o¡cn s¡acc in a ncar|y ¡ark. sc·cra| |ikc
¡c1cstrian wa|kways. an1 c·cn a so|ar|i,htc1 wa|kway that was ¡ai1 |or |y a nci,h|orhoo1 nini,rant |ron thc
city “\c o|scr·c1 that nany nci,h|ors wcrcn’t wa|kin, to thc lou|1cr \arkct at ni,ht |ccausc thc strcct was
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
too 1ark an1 sccnc1 unsa|c.” cx¡|ains Hi|| “:o wc a¡¡|ic1 |or a
,rant to insta|| so|ar¡owcrc1 |i,hts that ha·c |attcry stora,c
\orc than a hun1rc1 nci,h|ors |cnc|it |ron thc |i,hts”
lorty ¡co¡|c in thc nci,h|orhoo1 arc ncn|crs in a carsharc
c|u| — which csscntia||y a||ows |or car rcnta| |y thc hour —
an1 norc than ¸o ha·c |cconc ncn|crs in an c|cctric |ikc
sharc o¡cration Thc c|cctric |ikcs arc ¡owcrc1 |y so|ar cc||s
incor¡oratc1 into a |ikc |ockcr This ¡ro¡cct was a|so |un1c1 |y
a sna|| ,rant |ron thc city
Thc nci,h|ors arc now |ookin, into crcatin, |cttcr acccss to
wa|kways an1 |ikc ¡aths |y |inkin, sc·cra| cxistin, ¡athways
with cascncnts throu,h ¡ri·atc yar1s To 1cnonstratc thc
c||icicncics o| nusc|c ¡owcr ·crsus |ossi| |uc| ¡owcr. Hi|| an1 his
co||ca,ucs sta,c1 a racc |ctwccn thc nayor. who ro1c a |icyc|c.
an1 thc county connissioncr. who 1ro·c a hy|ri1 car Thcy ha1
to run sc·cra| crran1s. an1 thc |ikcri1in, nayor won
Othcr connunitics arc a|so |ostcrin, norc cn·ironncnta||y
|ricn1|y |orns o| trans¡ortation. or c|ininatin, thc ncc1 |or
trans¡ortation At thc lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt in lon1on. |or cxan¡|c. work s¡accs wcrc
1c·c|o¡c1 ri,ht in thc nci,h|orhoo1 so nany rcsi1cnts cou|1 work c|osc to honc. a ncasurc that cuts 1own
on trans¡ortation Ancnitics |ikc sho¡s an1 a 1octor’s o||icc arc situatc1 ncar|y Thc 1c·c|o¡crs o| this ï.
honc con¡|cx a|so inc|u1c1 an intcrnct sho¡¡in, |ink with a |oca| su¡crnarkct so rcsi1cnts can or1cr
,roccrics without |ca·in, honc Thc storc nakcs rc,u|ar 1c|i·crics
lut that’s not a|| \hcn thc connunity was |cin, |ai1 out. ¡|anncrs |c|t ¡|cnty o| s¡acc |or storin, |icyc|cs.
an1 roa1s wcrc 1csi,nc1 to |c as ¡c1cstrian|ricn1|y as ¡ossi||c Thc 1c·c|o¡crs ¡ur¡osc|y |initc1 ¡arkin,
s¡accs to 1iscoura,c car owncrshi¡ an1 usc an1 cncoura,c thc usc o| ncar|y trains. |uscs. an1 Tran|ink ia |i,ht
rai| systcn) A ¡oo| o| c|cctric cars. ¡owcrc1 |y onsitc ,cncrators. is a·ai|a||c |or lc11in,ton rcsi1cnts’ usc
HOW TO GET STARTED Any con¡rchcnsi·c stratc,y |c,ins with a sin,|c stc¡ Ana|yzc thc nun|cr o|
tri¡s you an1 your nci,h|ors nakc. thcn work on ways to rc1ucc cach kin1 o| tri¡ — |or cxan¡|c. |y
car¡oo|in, lcconc acti·c in your work¡|acc. too. an1 hc|¡ 1c·isc ways to trans¡ort norc ¡co¡|c in |cwcr cars
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
9.3: Neighbors in Boulder, Colorado, share this GEM electric car for running errands. The
inventor, Dan Sturges, is pictured with his son. Credit: Dan Sturges.
A ,rcat cxan¡|c o| a con¡rchcnsi·c stratc,y at work is sct |y A1o|c :ystcns o| lrcnont. \ashin,ton lt
¡ro·i1cs |ikc racks. showcrs. an1 |ockcrs |or thosc who |ikc. wa|k. or run to work. an1 ,i·cs out l|cxlasscs.
which su|si1izc +oo ¡crccnt o| transit an1 ·an¡oo| |arcs As a rcsu|t. -¸ ¡crccnt o| thc ¸oo cn¡|oyccs a·oi1
thc onccar. onc1ri·cr ¡attcrn. with its nany nc,ati·c s¡ino||s
Ton \clntirc. a systcns ana|yst. car¡oo|s to work c·cry 1ay in his c|cctric \o|kswa,cn lcct|c “l’·c ha1
it a|out |our an1 a ha|| ycars now.” hc says “:incc thc car rcchar,cs in thc con¡any ,ara,c. no|o1y has to
chi¡ in |or ,as” :ystcns ana|yst loc Cornicc||o incor¡oratcs cxcrcisc an1 |un into his 1ai|y connutc — hc
kayaks to work!
Suggestion 25. Create a Common House
WHO’S DOING IT N :trcct Connunity. la·is. Ca|i|ornia
THE WAY IT WORKS Connon houscs arc a ccntra| |caturc o| cohousin,. |ut thcy arc a ,rcat i1ca |or
su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s as wc|| ln +oo+ in la·is. Ca|i|ornia. nci,h|ors |ornc1 a coo¡crati·c to con·crt a
nci,h|orhoo1 honc into a connunity housc — con¡|ctc with a connunity kitchcn. 1inin, roon. an1
ncctin, roon that houscs a T\ an1 ¡iano \ithin this |ui|1in,. ncn|crs o| thc connunity — +- honcs
an1 ,rowin, — 1inc to,cthcr. ¡|ay |oos|a||. watch ·i1cos. ta|k. or ncct to 1iscuss ¡|ans |or |uturc ¡ro¡ccts
To kcc¡ thc cost o| ¡oint owncrshi¡ 1own. thcy rcnt out thc rcst o| thc ranch housc as |i·in, s¡acc Thcy
rcccnt|y rcno1c|c1 thc housc. a11in, |our norc roons that arc rcntc1 to ,cncratc a11itiona| inconc
Now ca||c1 N :trcct Cohousin,. this connunity is unusua| in that it arosc as a rcsu|t o| thc trans|ornation
o| an cxistin, su|1i·ision lt’s a ¡rinc cxan¡|c o| :u¡cr|ia!. a|thou,h rcsi1cnts |ikc to ca|| it “rctro|it
cohousin,” No nattcr what you ca|| it. N :trcct Cohousin, is a |ca1in, cxan¡|c o| how to crcatc connunity
in cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1s
HOW TO GET STARTED latin, to,cthcr has |cconc a ¡art o| |i|c in N :trcct Cohousin,. |ut connuna|
1inncrs 1i1n’t |c,in with thc csta||ishncnt o| a connon housc lathcr. thcy startc1 ycars car|icr with
¡ot|uck nca|s hc|1 at 1i||crcnt ncn|crs’ houscs. as 1cscri|c1 in Cha¡tcr ï O·cr tinc. as thc connunity
c·o|·c1 an1 ,rcw norc intcr1c¡cn1cnt. thc i1ca o| csta||ishin, a connon housc sccnc1 |o,ica|
¥ou. too. can |c,in thc ¡roccss |y s¡onsorin, ¡ot|uck 1inncrs an1 |ui|1in, connunity within your
nci,h|orhoo1 i:u,,cstions + to +o) l| you arri·c at thc ¡oint whcrc a connon housc sccns 1csira||c. you
nay want to ¡urchasc a housc in your nci,h|orhoo1 As notc1 in Cha¡tcr -. thc ccononics arc attracti·c ly
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
rcntin, out o||icc an1 1aycarc s¡acc. cach |ani|y’s nonth|y sharc o| thc nort,a,c can |c 1ranatica||y rc1ucc1
lurthcr rc1uctions arc ¡ossi||c |y crcatin, a rcnta| unit O| coursc. you wi|| ncc1 to csta||ish a |c,a| cntity to
¡urchasc thc honc — |ut |y thc tinc you’·c rcachc1 this sta,c. that shou|1 |c a sna¡ lach ncn|cr o| thc
nci,h|orhoo1 association ¡ays a nonth|y |cc to o||sct insurancc. taxcs. u¡kcc¡. an1 what’s |c|t o| thc nort,a,c
Suggestion 26. Create a Community-shared Office
WHO’S DOING IT lionccr \a||cy Cohousin,. Anhcrst. \assachusctts. Cray lock Cohousin,. lort
Co||ins. Co|ora1o
THE WAY IT WORKS \c’·c |oun1 sc·cra| cxan¡|cs o| connunity o||iccs in cohousin, connunitics
ln lionccr \a||cy Cohousin,. six ncn|crs sharc an o||icc |ui|1in, |ui|t cs¡ccia||y |or thc connunity
Accor1in, to laura litch. an architcct who |i·cs in thc connunity an1 owns onc o| thc o||icc s¡accs. thc
|ui|1in, contains six ¡ri·atc o||iccs. a con|crcncc roon. an1 a sharc1 ,cncra| o||icc arca Thc six connunity
rcsi1cnts who usc thc ¡ri·atc o||iccs own thc |ui|1in,. which is a1¡accnt to a woo1 worksho¡ an1 art stu1io.
an1 ¡ust stc¡s away |ron thc connon housc Thc sharc1 o||icc s¡acc houscs a |ax nachinc. co¡icr. ¡a¡cr
cuttcr. an1 con¡utcr |or cnai| This ccui¡ncnt is a·ai|a||c to thc cntirc connunity an1 is wc|| usc1 |y
in1i·i1ua|s who work out o| thcir honcs
Thc ·a|uc o| thc connunity o||icc. says litch. “is nuch ,rcatcr than sharc1 ccui¡ncnt lor nc. it ncans
|cin, c|osc to honc. |ut without thc iso|ation… l rc,u|ar|y run into nci,h|ors an1 |c||ow o||icc owncrs at
thc co¡y nachinc. |in1in, tinc to chat… lor |o|ks at lionccr \a||cy who ha·c o||iccs ¡hysica||y within thcir
honcs. thc honc o||icc |ui|1in, crcatcs o¡¡ortunitics |or sonc |rcsh air an1 hunan intcraction Thcy can usc
thc con|crcncc roon any tinc it is a·ai|a||c ian1 it usua||y is) to ncct with c|icnts in a ¡ro|cssiona| scttin,
instca1 o| |rin,in, thcn into thcir ¡ri·atc honcs”
Thcrc arc othcr |cnc|its as wc|| Chi|1rcn arc cx¡osc1 to thc work thcir ¡arcnts. an1 othcrs. 1o \ork is
1cnysti|ic1 Thcrc arc o¡¡ortunitics |or cross|crti|ization. as wc|| ln lionccr \a||cy. litch an1 hcr ¡artncr
o¡cratc an architcctura| |irn. an1 thcrc’s a 1c·c|o¡ncnt consu|tant an1 a |ui|1cr in nci,h|orin, o||iccs Thcy
a|| |ouncc i1cas o|| onc anothcr ln a11ition. “a honc o||icc |ui|1in, can nakc a connunity norc o| a ·i||a,c
than ¡ust a ncw|an,|c1 su|ur|an housin, con¡|cx.” says litch
As thc |o|ks at Cray lock Cohousin, in lort Co||ins ha·c |oun1. sharc1 o||icc ccui¡ncnt sa·cs noncy
lor cxan¡|c. thcrc’s no ncc1 |or cach ¡crson who works at honc to own a co¡icr or c·cn a |ascr ¡rintcr
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
HOW TO GET STARTED l| your nci,h|orhoo1 has |an1c1
to,cthcr to ¡urchasc a connon housc. ¡art o| that |ui|1in, can
|c 1c1icatc1 to o||iccs an1 sharc1 o||icc s¡acc A1·ancc connit
ncnts |ron in1i·i1ua|s who wou|1 |ikc to rcnt or |uy an o||icc
wi|| hc|¡ to o||sct thc cost o| ¡urchasin, thc |ui|1in,. a cost |ornc
|y thc rcst o| your nci,h|ors \cn|crs o| your connunity nay
|in1 it chca¡cr. an1 a hcck o| a |ot norc con·cnicnt. to rcnt or |uy
an o||icc than to 1ri·c ha||way across thc city to rcach thcir
currcnt o||icc s¡acc lri·atc an1 connunity o||icc s¡acc wi|| a|so
¡ut a connon housc to |cttcr usc lnstca1 o| |cin, ·acant 1urin,
thc 1ay. it wi|| ha·c occu¡ants at a|| tincs
Ccttin, a¡¡ro·a| |or o||iccs nay |c tricky loca| o||icia|s nay
·icw it as conncrcia| s¡acc. which is ty¡ica||y |or|i11cn within
rcsi1cntia| nci,h|orhoo1s Onc ar,uncnt that lionccr \a||cy
Cohousin, usc1 succcss|u||y with town o||icia|s was that thc
o||icc s¡acc was not nuch 1i||crcnt than honc o||iccs lc
¡crsistcnt l| nci,h|ors 1on’t nin1 your csta||ishin, o||iccs in
thc connon housc. o||icia|s arc |ikc|y to accuicscc \ho knows.
in arcas su||crin, |ron nassi·c ,ri1|ock an1 air ¡o||ution. you nay start a trcn1!
Suggestion 27. Establish a Community Entertainment Program
WHO’S DOING IT Ncw \icw lrana Crou¡ an1 li1s’ Thcatcr. loston. \assachusctts. nci,h|orhoo1s
in Tucson. Arizona
THE WAY IT WORKS lranny Osnan o| thc Ncw \icw cohousin, connunity ¡ro·i1cs wc||a¡¡rcciatc1
cntcrtainncnt |or thc connunity |y 1ircctin, ki1s’ ¡|ays “\y trainin, in 1rana consists o| connunity
thcatcr at a,c c|c·cn. ¸o ycars a,o.” shc says “That’s it l 1ircct |ccausc l stc¡¡c1 in an1 sai1. ‘lt ni,ht |c
|un to 1ircct a ¡|ay.’ ca||c1 a rchcarsa|. an1 thc actors canc”
Thc cha||cn,c is to sustain a ,rou¡ oncc it’s |aunchc1 To 1raw ¡co¡|c to ncctin,s. work ¡artics. or
rchcarsa|s. thcrc has to |c an c|cncnt o| |un lt hc|¡s i| thcrc’s a ccrtain in,rainc1 |ortitu1c as wc|| :ays
9.4: Entertainment in your own neighborhood reduces trips to the city and enriches lives
in many ways. Credit: Community Greens.
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
Osnan. “:onc ¡arcnts ha·c won1crc1 how l nana,c thc
chaotic sccnc at rchcarsa|s l ¡ut nysc|| in a zcn|ikc no1c o|
chaos accc¡tancc an1 un||u||a|i|ity l |ct thc |ca1crs cncr,c |ron
within thc ranks an1 carry thc 1ay”
HOW TO GET STARTED A|| it takcs is a sin,|c in1i·i1ua|
with a |itt|c know|c1,c or ¡assion in a ,i·cn arca who’s wi||in,
to or,anizc a c|u| \cn|crs ha·c soncthin, to ta|k a|out an1
soncthin, to 1o to,cthcr
Suggestion 28. Narrow or Eliminate Streets
WHO’S DOING IT :c||woo1 Nci,h|orhoo1. lort|an1.
Orc,on. CossCro·c Nci,h|orhoo1. lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. Thc
THE WAY IT WORKS At onc tinc. strccts wcrc thc ccntcr
o| our connunitics lco¡|c sho¡¡c1 at |oca| ·cn1ors a|on, thc
strcct. chi|1rcn ¡|ayc1 with onc anothcr in thc strcct. an1 a1u|ts
·isitc1 with |ricn1s as thcy ¡assc1 on thc strcct To1ay. strccts arc thc c¡iccntcr o| a city’s or town’s ·chicu|ar
connunity lisscctc1 |y |usy. sonctincs 1an,crous strccts. our nci,h|orhoo1s ha·c su||crc1 trcncn1ous|y
\irtua||y c·cryonc’s |i|c has |ccn 1ininishc1 |y cxccssi·c tra||ic
Throu,hout thc wor|1. ¡co¡|c arc rcc|ainin, thcir strccts Thcy arc |in1in, ways to s|ow. rc1ucc. c·cn
c|ininatc tra||ic Thcir ,oa| is “to turn ¡u||ic roa1s into hi,hcua|ity cn·ironncnts that cncoura,c wa|kin,.
cyc|in,. an1 socia| intcraction.” accor1in, to li·in, :trccts lnitiati·c. a non¡ro|it ,rou¡ |ocatc1 in thc Unitc1
:|owin, an1 rc1ucin, tra||ic. known as traffic calming. |c,an in thc +o-os in thc Ncthcr|an1s. whcrc
strccts that ha·c |ccn ca|nc1 arc rc|crrc1 to as woonerf iln lutch. woon ncans “rcsi1cntia|” an1 erf ncans
“yar1”) Thc \ooncr| no·cncnt sccks to achic·c a |a|ancc |ctwccn ·chicu|ar tra||ic an1 othcr uscrs o|
nci,h|orhoo1 strccts. such as ¡c1cstrians. storc owncrs. cyc|ists. an1 |oca| rcsi1cnts To1ay thcrc arc an
cstinatc1 woonerf in thc Ncthcr|an1s. an1 thc i1ca has s¡rca1 to nany othcr countrics. anon, thcn
ln,|an1. Ccrnany. an1 thc Unitc1 :tatcs
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
9.5: Slowing traffic in cities by narrowing streets helps residents reclaim their
neighborhood, making life more pleasant and much safer. Credit: Peter Bosselman.
:trcct ca|nin, rc|ics on sin¡|c. |air|y incx¡cnsi·c. ¡hysica|
a|tcrations o| strccts an1 roa1s Thcsc inc|u1c intcntiona|
narrowin, o| strccts or ¡|acin, tra||ic circ|cs at intcrscctions to
s|ow tra||ic Tra||ic circ|cs o|tcn a11 |cauty |y inc|u1in, ||owcrs
an1 shru|s Thcsc an1 nuncrous othcr a|tcrations o| thc
strcctsca¡c su|t|y con¡c| notorists to 1ri·c norc carc|u||y an1
at nuch |owcr s¡cc1s. an c||ort su¡¡ortc1 |y nany |oca| an1
nationa| |aws \any ncasurcs. such as ||owcrs in a tra||ic circ|c.
can a|so a|tcr thc ¡sycho|o,y o| 1ri·crs. nakin, thcn |css
a,,rcssi·c an1 hurric1
ln thc :c||woo1 nci,h|orhoo1 o| lort|an1. Orc,on. rcsi1cnts
rcc|ainc1 a |oca| strcct intcrscction as thcir own ¡u||ic scuarc —
:harcit :cuarc — with ,o·crnncnt a¡¡ro·a| Thcy’·c insta||c1 a
Tca :tation. whcrc ¡co¡|c can ,ct a |rcc cu¡ o| tca .¡ hours a 1ay.
thcy |ui|t a ki1’s ¡|ayhousc. an1 thcy constructc1 a lro1ucc
:tation. whcrc nci,h|ors can |uy or cxchan,c |oo1 Nci,h|ors
ha·c c·cn ¡aintc1 a hu,c. co|or|u| 1csi,n on thc roa1 in thc
“On a 1ai|y |asis. intcrscction rc¡airs such as thcsc arc
¡|accs that ¡co¡|c can run into othcr ¡co¡|c in thcir connunity.” says lanic| lcrch. co1ircctor o| thc City
lc¡air lro¡cct. a lort|an1 non¡ro|it or,anization that hc|¡s nci,h|orhoo1s rcc|ain thcir intcrscctions Hc
a11s. “\any ¡co¡|c nakc a ¡oint o| tra·c|in, throu,h thc scuarc on thcir way to thc storc to chcck out thc
kiosk whcrc nci,h|orhoo1 ncws is ¡ostc1 Or thcy |rin, |ricn1s. ki1s. or sin¡|y ,o a|onc to cn¡oy thc |cauty
o| thc ¡|acc” Thc intcrscction is sti|| o¡cn to tra||ic nost o| thc tinc. |ut thc scuarc is c|osc1 o|| two or thrcc
tincs a ycar |or nci,h|orhoo1 ||ock ¡artics
lntcrscction rcc|ainin, has hc|¡c1 nci,h|ors ,ct to know onc anothcr “Ancc1otcs a|oun1 o| nci,h|ors
who ha1 |i·c1 ncxt to cach othcr |or ycars. yct nc·cr kncw cach othcr. |cconin, |ricn1s as a rcsu|t o| workin,
on thc ¡ro¡cct or sin¡|y ncctin, at thc scuarc.” says lcrch Thc scuarc has crcatc1 connunity i1cntity. an1
oo ¡crccnt o| thc rcsi1cnts |c|ic·c that it has s|owc1 tra||ic s¡cc1. whi|c o·cr ïo ¡crccnt |c|ic·c it has na1c
thcir strccts sa|cr Othcr rcc|anation ¡ro¡ccts in this ¡ro,rcssi·c city rc¡ort sini|ar rcsu|ts
9.6: Traffic circles, such as this one in Seattle, provide a splash of color and help to slow
traffic. Two neighbors whose passion is gardening proudly take care of it.
Credit: City of Seattle.
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
ln lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. thc CossCro·c Nci,h|orhoo1 was
1ranatica||y a|tcrc1 whcn thc city ||ockc1 sonc o| its strccts
larts o| thc c|osc1o|| intcrscctions wcrc con·crtc1 to ¡ockct
¡arks. 1iscussc1 in :u,,cstion ¡ A|thou,h such ncasurcs ha·c
,rcat|y rc1ucc1 tra||ic an1 na1c thc nci,h|orhoo1 norc
¡|casant. city o||icia|s say thcy ha·c a|so incrcasc1 tra||ic on
ncar|y roa1s an1 na1c na·i,atin, throu,h thc connunity a |it
|rustratin, Thc city counci| an1 thc ¡|annin, 1c¡artncnt ha·c
·otc1 not to rc¡cat thc cx¡crincnt. an1 now |a·or othcr
ncasurcs to s|ow tra||ic rathcr than ¡rc·cnt it Anothcr arca o|
con|usion is whcthcr thc ¡arks 1c¡artncnt or thc tra||ic
1c¡artncnt shou|1 naintain thc ¡ockct ¡arks
HOW TO GET STARTED “li·in, strccts ,i·c ¡riority to
¡c1cstrians an1 cyc|ists. an1 crcatc sa|c ¡|accs |or ¡co¡|c to wa|k.
cyc|c. ¡|ay. an1 ncct |ricn1s.” accor1in, to thc li·in, :trccts
lnitiati·c “Cars an1 othcr notor ·chic|cs arc not cxc|u1c1. |ut thc
strcct is 1csi,nc1 to nakc 1ri·crs awarc that thcy arc 1ri·in, in an
arca whcrc ¡c1cstrians an1 othcr uscrs ha·c ¡riority Any strcct
that is not a notorway or cx¡rcssway can |cconc a |i·in, strcct”
Thc succcss o| strcct rcc|ainin, 1c¡cn1s on c||ccti·c an1 wc||concci·c1 ¡|ans. |ut a|so rccuircs that a
connunity |uy in to thc i1ca an1 coo¡cratc. accor1in, to Honc Zonc. a non¡ro|it or,anization that ¡ronotcs
strcct rcc|ainin, in luro¡c l| you an1 your nci,h|ors arc intcrcstc1 in tack|in, this cha||cn,c. rca1 la·i1
ln,wicht’s |ook Street Reclaiming or |o, on to wc|sitcs o| thc li·in, :trccts lnitiati·c. thc City lc¡air lro¡cct. an1
othcrs Thcsc sitcs wi|| ¡ro·i1c you with a wca|th o| in|ornation on how to ,ct startc1 — an1 how to succcc1
Suggestion 29. Retrofit Garages and Spare Rooms into Apartments
WHO’S DOING IT N :trcct Connunity. la·is. Ca|i|ornia. City o| Co|1cn. Co|ora1o
THE WAY IT WORKS ln our rcscarch. wc’·c |oun1 that thc |ui|1in, 1c¡artncnts in a nun|cr o| citics
an1 towns arc startin, to casc u¡ on rcstrictions in ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s. a||owin, sonc in|i||
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
9.7: Three women from Boulder chat in one of three “theme” parks created when the
city closed off part of their street. This little park is for talking and meditation; a second
will be a community garden, and the third a bocci ball court. Credit: Doug Crigler.
1c·c|o¡ncnt ln Co|1cn. Co|ora1o. |or cxan¡|c. co1c o||icia|s
now ¡crnit |oca| rcsi1cnts to con·crt ,ara,cs to a¡artncnts or
a11 a¡artncnts on to¡ o| ,ara,cs This sin¡|c ncasurc ,rcat|y
incrcascs a·ai|a||c housin, in a connunity har1¡rcssc1 to ncct
thc ncc1s o| its |ar,c stu1cnt ¡o¡u|ation ilt is honc to thc
Co|ora1o :choo| o| \incs)
ln la·is. Ca|i|ornia. city o||icia|s a|so chan,c1 |ui|1in, co1cs
to assist ncn|crs o| thc N :trcct Connunity Accor1in, to
lc·in \o||. an N :trcct ¡ionccr. “thc nci,h|orhoo1 |ar,c|y
consists o| +.oooscuarc|oot honcs on 6.oooscuarc|oot |ots”
lccausc o| csca|atin, ¡riccs. honcs arc |cconin, una||or1a||c
|or nany ¡co¡|c To nakc it |casi||c |or in1i·i1ua|s to |uy
honcs in thcir nci,h|orhoo1. N :trcct ncn|crs |o||ic1 thc
city |or ¡crnission to rczonc an1 a11 |ar,cr attachc1 ,ranny ||ats
than ha1 ¡rc·ious|y |ccn ¡crnittc1 |y co1c Thcir c||orts ¡ai1
o|| Thc city chan,c1 thc nci,h|orhoo1’s zonin, status.
a||owin, |oca|s to |ui|1 |ar,cr attachc1 units that a11c1 norc
|i·in, s¡acc in thcir nci,h|orhoo1 without |ui|1in, on thc
¡rccious connon arca thcy’1 csta||ishc1 |chin1 thcir honcs
:o how 1ocs this |c,a| wran,|in, hc|¡? lnstca1 o| |uyin, a cost|y housc a|onc. a |ani|y can ¡artncr with
anothcr in1i·i1ua| or |ani|y Thcy i|ani|ics an1¹or in1i·i1ua|s) |uy thc cxistin, housc with thc a,rccncnt
that a sccon1 unit wi|| |c a11c1 ln onc instancc. two sin,|c woncn |ou,ht a honc. thcn onc a¡¡|ic1 |or a
construction |oan to |ui|1 a +.+.¸scuarc|oot ,ranny ||at Thc cxistin, housc was con¡|ctc|y rcno1c|c1
ln1i·i1ua| houscs can a|so |c rcno1c|c1 \c |carnc1 a|out a |ru,a| |ani|y in thc laci|ic Northwcst that
rcno1c|c1 a +.¸ooscuarc|oot honc to crcatc a ¡¸oscuarc|oot a¡artncnt whcrc onc o| thc |ani|y’s
,ran1nothcrs now |i·cs
9.8: Garage conversions, like conversions of unused rooms into apartments, provide
living space and also enhance neighborhood diversity. More and more cities and towns
are changing building codes to allow such development. Credit: Dave Wann.
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
Suggestion 30. Create a Mixed-use Neighborhood
WHO’S DOING IT :casi1c. l|ori1a. lc¡ot last. \innca¡o|is. \inncsota. Ccntcnnia| l|acc. At|anta.
THE WAY IT WORKS Thc i1ca o| incor¡oratin, rctai| s¡acc |or co||cc sho¡s. ,roccry storcs. ,ar1cn
narkcts. |ar|crs. an1 othcr acti·itics is not a ncw onc lt is. howc·cr. an i1ca 1c·c|o¡crs a|an1onc1 in thcir
rush to housc our ,rowin, ¡o¡u|ation a|tcr \or|1 \ar ll. in |ar,c ¡art |ccausc zonin, rc,u|ations rccuirc1
a sc¡aration o| acti·itics — housin, an1 schoo|s wcrc to |c sc¡aratc1 |ron |actorics. nunici¡a| ,o·crnncnt.
an1 sho¡¡in,
To1ay. Ncw Ur|anists arc ¡ronotin, nixc1usc connunitics — connunitics |asc1 on thc tra1itiona|
nci,h|orhoo1 no1c| with sho¡s. schoo|s. ci·ic ¡|accs. o||iccs. an1 honcs a|| within a short wa|kin, 1istancc
o| cach othcr lncoura,in,|y. thcrc arc hun1rc1s o| thcsc connunitics in ·arious sta,cs o| 1c·c|o¡ncnt in thc
Unitc1 :tatcs :casi1c is onc o| thc car|icst cxan¡|cs :ituatc1 in l|ori1a’s ¡anhan1|c. a stonc’s throw |ron thc
Cu|| o| \cxico. this connunity was |ui|t to rcscn||c a cuaint southcrn town — with 1ozcns o| ancnitics
|ocatc1 a short 1istancc |ron thc honcs
\ixc1usc 1c·c|o¡ncnt is a|so occurrin, in ur|anizc1 arcas 1urin, in|i|| 1c·c|o¡ncnt an1 rc1c·c|o¡ncnt
o| ccrtain arcas :|atc1 |or con¡|ction in lcccn|cr .oo¡. lc¡ot last is an in|i|| 1c·c|o¡ncnt in \innca¡o|is
Thc 1c·c|o¡cr. C:\ Cor¡oration. is con·crtin, a ¡arkin, |ot into a |ourstory |ui|1in, that houscs o||iccs. rctai|
s¡acc. a rcstaurant. an1 .. owncroccu¡ic1 rcsi1cnccs larkin, |or rcsi1cnts an1 sho¡¡crs is un1cr,roun1 or
hi11cn |y thc |ui|1in,s A ncw ccntcr |or thc arts was a|so |ui|t onsitc \hcn con¡|ctc. thc |aci|ity wi|| |rin,
¡co¡|c to work. ¡|ay. |carn. an1 |i·c in thc historic \i||s listrict
Ccntcnnia| l|acc is a nixc1usc. nixc1inconc connunity in At|anta. |or,c1 |ron an cxistin, ¡u||ic
housin, ¡ro¡cct This 6oacrc connunity is honc to ooo |ani|ics A ncw schoo| was |ui|t on thc sitc. a|on,
with a ncw ¥\CA an1 a ¡o|icc su|station Thc rcno·atc1 connunity ccntcr. ,roccry storcs. an1 rctai| out|cts
nakc thc nci,h|orhoo1 ncar|y sc||containc1 “\hat wc’rc ta|kin, a|out hcrc is rccrcatin, thc kin1 o|
connunitics nany o| us ,rcw u¡ in ycars a,o.” says l,|crt lcrry. ¡rinci¡a| o| thc lntc,ra| Crou¡. thc
nana,in, ¡artncr o| Ccntcnnia| l|acc
lorric Hannon1. who |i·c1 in thc housin, ¡ro¡cct an1 now |i·cs in Ccntcnnia| l|acc. says. “lt’s a 1i||crcnt
atnos¡hcrc :tu1cnts. |awycrs. 1octors. whitc an1 ||ack. |i·c hcrc lt’s a |ot |cttcr C|cancr Niccr schoo|
\akcs you want to kcc¡ it u¡”
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Ha·in, |usincsscs in our connunitics not on|y nakcs our
|i·cs norc con·cnicnt. |ut can a|so ha·c a ¡ositi·c socia|
in||ucncc on youth Onc cxtraor1inary cxan¡|c is likc \orks.
a |ikc rc¡air sho¡ in :catt|c This |usincss occu¡ics a |orncr|y
·acant an1 ||i,htc1 storc|ront that was rcno·atc1 |y connunity
·o|untccrs lt |cnc|its |oca| youth in a ·aricty o| ways lirst. it’s
thc on|y |icyc|c rc¡air sho¡ in southcast :catt|c. an1 it char,cs
|ow ratcs :ccon1. an1 nost in¡ortant. thc |usincss ,i·cs youn,
¡co¡|c a ¡ositi·c ¡|acc to s¡cn1 tinc. o¡¡ortunitics |or cxcrcisc.
an1 a way to |ui|1 sc||cstccn lt a|so cx¡oscs youth to
connunity scr·icc an1 ¡ro·i1cs in¡ortant ski||s How?
Any chi|1 |ctwccn thc a,cs o| o an1 +- is c|i,i||c to
¡artici¡atc in thc larnalikc ¡ro,ran Thc ki1s attcn1 ci,ht
c|asscs in |icyc|c rc¡air Thcn thcy rc¡air usc1 |icyc|cs that ha·c
|ccn 1onatc1 to likc \orks A|tcr con¡|ctin, .¡ hours o| work.
cach is ,i·cn a rc|ur|ishc1 |icyc|c. a hc|nct. an1 a |ikc |ock
:o |ar. norc than +¸o chi|1rcn ha·c carnc1 |icyc|cs :o
nany |icyc|cs ha·c |ccn rc|ur|ishc1 that thcy arc 1onatc1 to
or,anizations su¡¡ortin, |ostcr chi|1rcn an1 honc|css a1u|ts
lcccnt|y. ¸oo rccyc|c1 |icyc|cs wcrc shi¡¡c1 to Chana likc \orks a|so nana,cs an annua| li1’s likc :wa¡.
whcrc chi|1rcn can tra1c u¡ |or a |icyc|c that |its thcir ,rowin, |o1ics A|| o| this is na1c ¡ossi||c |y a sna||
sta|| an1 a|out +oo a1u|t ·o|untccrs
HOW TO GET STARTED \ixc1usc 1c·c|o¡ncnt — or. in thc casc o| an cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1.
rc1c·c|o¡ncnt — cncoura,cs a ·aricty o| connunity acti·itics an1 scr·iccs in a nci,h|orhoo1 lt rc1uccs our
ncc1 |or cxtcnsi·c autono|i|c tra·c| an1 is. as thc |o|ks at thc :nart Connunitics Nctwork ¡oint out. “an
anti1otc to thc wi1c|y sc¡aratc1 |i|c an1 work ccntcrs that arc con1uci·c to ur|an s¡raw|” lt hc|¡s |ui|1
connunity an1 sa·cs rcsourccs. tinc. an1 noncy
l| |i·in,. workin,. sho¡¡in,. an1 ¡|ayin, in your connunity a¡¡ca|s to you. you nay want to inc|u1c a
sna|| con·cnicncc storc — ¡crha¡s |y con·crtin, an cxistin, housc into a storc an1 an a¡artncnt |or thc
owncr. nana,cr. or a stu1cnt ¥ou cou|1 a11 a co||cc sho¡ or a ca|c. or cncoura,c a 1cntist to o¡cn u¡ sho¡
9.9: Inviting businesses into our communities fosters diversity and enhances
convenience. More and more cities and towns are looking favorably on such schemes to
help reduce traffic and create more people-friendly neighborhoods. Credit: Dave Wann.
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
in your nci,h|orhoo1 ¥ou cou|1 |uy a housc an1 con·crt it into o||icc s¡accs |or thosc who arc sc||cn¡|oyc1
an1 wou|1 |ikc to work c|oscr to honc
¥ou can 1o a|| this without chan,in, thc charactcr o| thc nci,h|orhoo1 an1 without incrcasin, tra||ic ·cry
nuch lut thcrc wi|| |c o|stac|cs Zonin, rc,u|ations in nany ¡arts o| thc country currcnt|y ¡rohi|it nixc1
usc1 connunitics ly workin, with your ¡|annin, o||icc — as wc|| as thc nayor’s o||icc — you can ¡rc·ai|
lccausc o| its nany cn·ironncnta| an1 socia| |cnc|its. nixc1usc 1c·c|o¡ncnt is |cconin, an casicr sc|| with
|oca| o||icia|s
Suggestion 31. Foster Diversity
WHO’S DOING IT \ontcrcy Cohousin,. :aint louis lark. \inncsota. lA lco\i||a,c. los An,c|cs.
THE WAY IT WORKS Our |ina| su,,cstion in·o|·cs ncasurcs you can takc to crcatc 1i·crsity in
connunitics \hi|c nany o| us |cc| norc con|orta||c whcn surroun1c1 |y ¡co¡|c o| |ikc nin1. thc su|ur|s
can |cconc stcri|c i| thcy arc ¡o¡u|atc1 so|c|y |y ¡co¡|c cut |ron thc sanc c|oth \orc 1i·crsc nci,h|orhoo1s
can |c ·i|rant an1 instructi·c li·crsity hc|¡s us o¡cn our nin1s to 1i||crcnt ·icw¡oints an1 |i|csty|cs This
|act has not csca¡c1 no1crn nci,h|orhoo1 1csi,ncrs |ikc An1rcs luany Hc an1 othcr Ncw Ur|anists arc
1csi,nin, nci,h|orhoo1s that wi|| 1raw a nix o| ¡co¡|c
Onc |caturc o| thcsc nci,h|orhoo1s is nixc1 housin, lathcr than |ui|1in, a ||an1 assortncnt o| sini|ar
|our|c1roon su|ur|an honcs. thcy’rc inc|u1in, tastc|u||y 1onc a¡artncnts an1 1u¡|cxcs ncst|c1 anon, thc
rcst o| thc honcs l| thc architcctura| sty|c is consistcnt with that o| nci,h|orin, houscs. as it usua||y is. thc
rcsu|ts can |c stunnin,
\c ha·c |oun1 cxan¡|cs o| thc nixc1nci,h|orhoo1 no1c| in sonc cohousin, connunitics. too lor
instancc. in :aint louis lark. \inncsota. a ,rou¡ o| ci,ht |ani|ics — a|| cohousin, as¡irants — |ou,ht a
nansion to rcno1c| This |ui|1in,. which ha1 |ccn a rctircncnt honc in car|icr 1ays. soon containc1 ci,ht
in1c¡cn1cnt a¡artncnts. ran,in, |ron tworoon suitcs o| |css than ¸oo scuarc |cct to a thrcc|c1roon unit
that’s norc than +.¸oo scuarc |cct Thc connunity is 1i·crsc in a,c. ran,in, |ron ¡ ycar o|1s to |o|ks o·cr
-o lt’s a|so socia||y 1i·crsc lcsi1cnts sccn to a¡¡rcciatc thc |carnin, that’s achic·c1 |y consi1crin, issucs
|ron anothcr’s ¡crs¡ccti·c
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
\any othcr connunitics cncoura,c or cc|c|ratc 1i·crsity lor cxan¡|c. rcsi1cnts o| lA lco\i||a,c conc
|ron a ·aricty o| cthnic |ack,roun1s Thc ,rou¡ rcccnt|y ¡urchasc1 a ¡ounit a¡artncnt con¡|cx in thc
nci,h|orhoo1. crcatin, an o¡¡ortunity |or c·cn |urthcr cthnic 1i·crsity iCurrcnt|y. sonc o| thc rcsi1cnts
¡artici¡atc in thc lco\i||a,c an1 othcrs 1o not) This is thcir sccon1 a¡artncnt |ui|1in,. an1 thcrc arc ncar|y
a 1ozcn norc in thc arca that thcy ho¡c to ¡urchasc an1 rcno1c|
HOW TO GET STARTED l| you ha·c con¡|ctc1 nany o| thc stc¡s 1cscri|c1 in ¡rc·ious ¡a,cs o| this
cha¡tcr. chanccs arc you’rc not too |ar i1co|o,ica||y |ron stc¡s that cou|1 cnhancc thc 1i·crsity o| thc socia|
|a|ric o| your connunity \hi|c |uyin, a housc an1 con·crtin, it to a 1u¡|cx or tri¡|cx nay ha·c sccnc1
1i||icu|t whcn you |irst startc1 your cucst |or :u¡cr|ia!. a|tcr in¡|cncntin, car|icr su,,cstions wc’·c na1c.
you nay |in1 your nci,h|ors o¡cn to thc i1ca o| cnhancin, thc 1i·crsity o| your connunity’s socia| |a|ric
l| you |i·c in an o|1cr nci,h|orhoo1. thcrc nay |c an a¡artncnt 1wc||in, in your ni1st a|rca1y — or you
nay |c a||c to tcar 1own a cou¡|c o| o|1cr 1i|a¡i1atc1 honcs an1 |ui|1 your own To ¡ronotc cn·ironncnta|
·a|ucs. |c surc to rcno1c| usin, ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s that arc carth an1 ¡co¡|c|ricn1|y This is what thc
|o|ks at lA lco\i||a,c arc 1oin, with a¡artncnts an1 honcs in thcir nci,h|orhoo1
Putting it All Together
“Okay.” you say. “l’n con·incc1 Thcsc i1cas arc 1oa||c lut surc|y not thc who|c |a|| o| wax ¥ou can’t
con·crt an cntirc connunity That sccns too |ar out thcrc. too ,ran1iosc”
Think a,ain
ln tinc. anythin,’s ¡ossi||c
An1 you 1on’t ha·c to |c wca|thy to nakc thc transition
Consi1cr thc casc o| lra1 lancastcr \hcn hc was .-. lra1 an1 his |rothcr lo11 ¡urchasc1 a 1i|a¡i1atc1
honc in a run1own nci,h|orhoo1 in Tucson. Arizona \ost ¡co¡|c wou|1 ha·c razc1 thc housc an1 startc1
o·cr. |ut not thcsc two O·cr thc ycars thc |rothcrs ha·c 1c·otc1 thcir cncr,y to |ixin, u¡ thc housc an1
|rcathin, |i|c |ack into thc wcc1in|cstc1. ari1 |ot. turnin, thc ,roun1s into an oasis an1 thc housc into a
stc||ar cxan¡|c o| ur|an sc||su||icicncy
To rc1ucc hcat ,ain in thc hot Arizona sunncrs. thcy ¡aintc1 thc housc whitc so it rc||ccts sun|i,ht an1
rc1uccs hcat a|sor¡tion an1 1iscon|ort Thcy a|so incrcasc1 thc |cn,th o| thc o·crhan, ica·cs). ¡ro·i1in,
a11itiona| sha1c Thcy constructc1 trc||iscs |ron sa|·a,c1 rc|ar an1 stcc| ncsh. thcn ¡|antc1 ·c,cta||cs that
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
,row on ·incs lurin, thc sunncr. scuash a1orn thc trc||iscs. ¡ro·i1in, |oo1 as wc|| as sha1c ln thc wintcr.
snow ¡cas ,row thcrc lccausc thcy on|y ,row to a hci,ht o| thrcc to |our |cct. thcy 1on’t ||ock thc |owan,|c1
wintcr sun. which hcats thc housc
O·cr thc ycars. thcsc two rcnarka||c ncn ha·c ¡|antc1 trccs to sha1c thcir honc an1 a ·c,cta||c ,ar1cn that’s
|c1 |y rainwatcr co||cctc1 |ron thcir sna|| roo| To ¡rotcct a,ainst o·crhcatin, in thc sunncr. thcy o|tcn cook
|oo1 out1oors in a so|ar o·cn lccausc thc 1cscrt air coo|s 1own su|stantia||y at ni,ht. thcy o¡cn a |cw win1ows
cach c·cnin, to ¡crnit thc chi||y 1cscrt air to ¡ur,c hcat that has accunu|atc1 insi1c thc housc 1urin, thc 1ay
ln thc wintcr thcy hcat thcir honc with so|ar cncr,y cntcrin, throu,h south|acin, win1ows A sna||
woo1sto·c ¡ro·i1cs |acku¡ hcat. usin, woo1 |ron thc trccs that ,row in thcir yar1 as |uc| A|| ycar roun1.
hot watcr concs |ron a so|ar watcr hcatcr
Thcy ,ct thcir c|cctricity |ron a so|ar c|cctric ¡anc| with |attcry stora,c ln thc sunncr. so|ar c|cctricity
¡owcrs a sna|| cci|in, |an that hc|¡s kcc¡ thc ¡|acc coo| “As thc |an is ¡owcrc1 |y thc ¡anc|. wc |itcra||y coo|
thc housc with thc sun.” rcnarks lancastcr
:|ow|y |ut surc|y. thcsc a1·ocatcs o| cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y |i|csty|cs ha·c |cconc norc an1 norc sc||
su||icicnt Thcy’·c a|so or,anizc1 thc crcation o| an or,anic connunity ,ar1cn an1 orchar1 Thirty|i·c
ncn|crs ¡artici¡atc in thc connunity ,ar1cn. ,rowin, an assortncnt o| ·c,cta||cs inc|u1in, tonatocs.
chi|ics. hcr|s. c,,¡|ants. snow ¡cas. |cttucc. |rocco|i. an1 watcrnc|on Thc connunity orchar1. |ocatc1 in
thc ni11|c o| thc nci,h|orhoo1 ncar thc ¡|ay,roun1. ¡ro1uccs ¡cachcs. ¡|uns. a|non1s. 1atcs. citrus |ruits.
1atcs. an1 a¡ricots This has |rou,ht norc nci,h|ors to,cthcr. strcssc1 a norc sustaina||c systcn o| |oca|
|oo1 ¡ro1uction. crcatc1 a ,athcrin, ¡|acc ithcrc arc wcck|y ¡ot|ucks an1 rc,u|ar work ¡artics). an1 |cconc
a ncws an1 ,ossi¡ hu| with a connunity |u||ctin |oar1
Thc lancastcrs ha·c c·cn crcatc1 a sna|| naturc ¡ark in thc inncr city “\c ,row nati·c s¡ccics oncc
connon aroun1 Tucson. |ut now |ost to ||a1in, i|u||1ozcrs) an1 1c·c|o¡ncnt.” says lra1 “lt |rin,s a ¡iccc
o| thc 1cscrt |ack to thc inncr city”
Thcsc cncr,ctic ·isionarics ha·c a|so csta||ishc1 a nonth|y nci,h|orhoo1 ncws|cttcr. nai|c1 out to
c·cryonc in thc nci,h|orhoo1 “Thc City ¡ays |or ¡rintin, an1 nai|in,.” says lancastcr. “which is a ,rcat
scr·icc. |ccausc thc ncws|cttcr kcc¡s c·cryonc currcnt an1 conncctc1 Anyonc can su|nit artic|cs. art. or
storics” Thc ncws|cttcr rca¡c1 othcr |cnc|its as wc|| lor cxan¡|c. it “,rcat|y rc1ucc1 ri1icu|ous runors.
s¡ccu|ation. an1 |acksta||in,. as |o|ks know what is ,oin, on lt has a|so cna||c1 us to no|i|izc ·o|untccrs
|or ¡ro¡ccts an1 ¡ush city an1 county o||icia|s to rcco,nizc our issucs an1 ¡ositions”
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
lut thcrc’s sti|| norc ln rcccnt ycars thc nci,h|ors ha·c csta||ishc1 an artists’ coo¡crati·c in a ncar|y
a|an1onc1 warchousc “Thcsc |owcost |i·c¹work s¡accs an1 thc crcati·ity o| thosc within thcn has crcatc1
an uno||icia| an1 ·i|rant connunity ccntcr with on,oin, c|asscs. conccrts. worksho¡s. scr·iccs. art shows.
thcatcr. |ikc rc¡air¹rcnta|¹sa|cs. an1 norc Nothin, ha1 to |c |ui|t. it on|y ha1 to |c o¡cnc1 an1 na1c
\hcn askc1 a|out thc noti·ation |or his c||orts. lra1 is c|ocucnt “l want to |i·c in a ·i|rant connunity.”
hc says “l want to |i·c whcrc ¡co¡|c know cach othcr. wa·c to onc anothcr. ta|k to an1 hc|¡ cach othcr. work
to nakc thin,s |cttcr. an1 ¡|ay to,cthcr l want to |i·c in a connunity that cncoura,cs an1 cc|c|ratcs 1i·crsity
an1 crcati·ity l want to |i·c in a connunity with a scnsc o| ¡|acc conncctc1 to thc |oca| cu|turcs. history. an1
|iorc,ion l want to |i·c in a connunity that |ca·cs thc car |chin1 to wc|conc |cisurc|y stro||s an1 |ikc ri1cs
l want to |i·c in a connunity whcrc wc ,row nuch o| our |oo1 an1 sharc it throu,h ¡ot|uck 1inncrs l want
to |i·c in a connunity that crcatcs rathcr than cxtracts rcsourccs As l want such a connunity. l work to
crcatc it an1 su¡¡ort it”
lt’s har1 to ar,uc with succcss
• • •
Thc lancastcrs an1 thcir Tucson nci,h|ors arc ¡ust onc anon, nany cxan¡|cs wc’·c |oun1 lc surc to
rca1 norc a|out N :trcct Cohousin, an1 lA lco\i||a,c on thc wc|. thcy arc su¡cr| i||ustrations o| what
can ha¡¡cn in cxistin, connunitics
Ci·cn tinc. wc can trans|orn our nci,h|orhoo1s 1ranatica||y. crcatin, ·i|rant connunitics wc’rc ¡rou1
to |c|on, to A|| wc ncc1 is thc ·ision. thc too|s. an1 thc wi||¡owcr an1 a |itt|c coo¡cration |ron city ha||
Suburban Revitalization II: Making Bold Dreams Come True
The community stagnates without the impulse of the individual. The impulse dies away without the sympathy of the community.
\llllA\ lA\l:
Taking Care in the Neighborhood
O\lTl\l: \l :A¥ THl \Oll: “takc carc” without nuch thou,ht as wc ¡roccc1 throu,h our 1ai|y routincs
“\ho’s ,oin, to takc carc o| thc ki1s?” wc ask “\ho’s ,oin, to takc carc o| thc 1o,. or thc |awn?”
“Takc carc.” wc say as a cuick |arcwc|| as wc start u¡ thc car
l1ca||y. thcrc’s norc to it than that. an1 wc ho¡c this |ook ,i·cs you i1cas that wi|| |rin, norc ncanin,
an1 intcntion to thcsc two sna|| wor1s Ccrtain|y a nci,h|orhoo1 that has |cconc norc sustaina||c takcs
carc in nany 1i||crcnt ways
lor cxan¡|c. in onc :catt|c nci,h|orhoo1 a nan o||crc1 to watch his nci,h|ors’ housc whi|c thcy wcrc on
·acation \hcn hc chcckc1 on thc housc a|tcr a hca·y rainstorn. hc 1isco·crc1 that thc |ascncnt ha1
||oo1c1 This is thc kin1 o| ,uy you want to trust your housc with |ccausc hc ¡un¡c1 thc watcr out o| thc
|ascncnt. 1ric1 thc itcns that ha1 ,ottcn wct. c|canc1 thc car¡ct. an1 rc¡aintc1 thc wa||s! ln anothcr :catt|c
nci,h|orhoo1 a rcsi1cnt o|scr·c1 that |a||cn a¡¡|cs crcatc1 a ro1cnt ¡ro||cn cach ycar. so hc or,anizc1 his
nci,h|ors to nakc ci1cr usin, a ¡rcss hc rcntc1 with a sna|| ,rant |ron thc city
Thcsc storics an1 nany norc conc |ron lin licrs. a nci,h|orhoo1 acti·ist who 1ircctc1 :catt|c’s cuttin,
c1,c lc¡artncnt o| Nci,h|orhoo1s |or sc·cra| 1cca1cs \ith a sta|| that ,rcw stca1i|y |ron |our ¡co¡|c an1
a shocstrin, |u1,ct in +oïï to a hun1rc1 ¡co¡|c an1 a $+. ni||ion |u1,ct in .oo.. licrs hc|¡c1 naintain a
|a|ancc o| ¡owcr |ctwccn connunity an1 ,o·crnncnt Un1cr thrcc 1i||crcnt nayors. his ro|c was. in his
wor1s. to “¡rcscr·c an1 cnhancc :catt|c’s 1i·crsc nci,h|orhoo1s. cn¡owcr ¡co¡|c to nakc ¡ositi·c
contri|utions. an1 |rin, ,o·crnncnt c|oscr to thc ¡co¡|c”
Now hc |ocuscs on |ui|1in, connunity in onc ¡articu|ar nci,h|orhoo1 an1 s¡cn1s |ots o| tinc on thc
roa1. ,i·in, ta|ks a|out what nakcs :catt|c’s ¡ro,ran succcss|u| “:incc +oïo.” says licrs. “thc city’s
Nci,h|orhoo1 \atchin, lun1 has |ackc1 norc than ¡ro¡ccts Connunity ,rou¡s ha·c contri|utc1
thousan1s o| hours to crcatc ncw ¡arks. rc|orcst o¡cn s¡acc. ¡|ant strcct trccs. 1c·c|o¡ connunity ,ar1cns.
rcstorc strcans an1 wct|an1s. insta|| in|ornation kiosks. |ui|1 tra||ic circ|cs. ¡i|ot connunity schoo|
¡ro,rans. 1ocuncnt connunity historics. 1c·c|o¡ nci,h|orhoo1 ¡|ans. crcatc nura|s an1 |anncrs an1
scu|¡turc. an1 nuch. nuch norc Thcsc ¡ro¡ccts arc ·isi||c in c·cry nci,h|orhoo1 o| :catt|c”
Hc tc||s thc story o| a nura| artist who was hirc1 |y a nci,h|orhoo1 association to |ri,htcn u¡ a ||ank
wa|| on thc si1c o| a |ui|1in, \hcn thc artist canc |ack to touch u¡ thc nura|. a ¡o|iccnan sto¡¡c1 to ask
what hc was 1oin, lccausc thc nci,h|orhoo1 ·a|uc1 thc nura|. a rcsi1cnt who thou,ht it was |cin, 1c|acc1
askc1 thc ¡o|icc to chcck into it — anothcr cxan¡|c o| takin, carc in thc nci,h|orhoo1
Ta|kin, with lin was onc o| thc hi,h|i,hts o| our rcscarch |ccausc his nci,h|orhoo1 succcss storics
1ranatica||y ·cri|ic1 our con·iction that whcn nci,h|ors |cconc acti·c. thcy can rca||y nakc soncthin,
ha¡¡cn “Takin, carc” ian1 |cin, takcn carc o|) |cconcs a way o| |i|c l| nci,h|orhoo1s arc |ikc ||owcrin,
¡|ants that ||osson whcn thcy arc wc||tcn1c1. thcy can a|so |c thou,ht o| as scc1 ¡ro1uccrs Thc |cssons
|carnc1 in onc nci,h|orhoo1 can ,crninatc in anothcr nci,h|orhoo1 a thousan1 ni|cs or norc away lor
cxan¡|c. licrs ¡ut us in touch with Chcric \ur¡hy. thc nci,h|orhoo1 |iaison in thc Chica,o su|ur| o| l|,in
\c askc1 hcr what thc City o| l|,in was 1oin, to ¡ronotc :u¡cr|ia!ty¡c nci,h|orhoo1s “Ouitc a
|ot.” shc rcs¡on1c1 “\c’rc workin, with citizcns to |rin, in thc kin1 o| rctai| thcy want. |or onc thin,
\c’rc tryin, to ¡ro·i1c |cttcr ¡u||ic trans¡ortation |or thc nci,h|orhoo1s. to rc1ucc sonc o| thc
con,cstion on our roa1s An1 wc’rc |ui|1in, zonin, ||cxi|i|ity into our con¡rchcnsi·c ¡|an. which wi|| |c
u¡1atc1 this ycar”
Having Fun
Chcric a|so to|1 us a|out thc “lo¡corn an1 l|annin,” c·cnts shc hc|¡s |aci|itatc in l|,in City o||icia|s sit
1own with nci,h|orhoo1 |ca1crs to watch ·i1co ¡ro,rans a|out sustaina||c connunitics an1 thcn 1iscuss
crcati·c o¡tions |or thcir own nci,h|orhoo1s lt was Chcric’s story a|out thc l|uc Tu|i¡ that cau,ht our
ina,ination. howc·cr ln onc o| l|,in’s nci,h|orhoo1s. sonconc ha1 sca·cn,c1 a |our|ootta|| woo1cn tu|i¡
at a ,ara,c sa|c an1 “trans¡|antc1 it” in a |ricn1’s |awn as a ¡rank Thc tu|i¡ ¡assc1 |ron |awn to |awn an1
,ra1ua||y canc to |c a syn|o| |or a ¡arty “lt wou|1 a¡¡car nystcrious|y on sonconc’s |awn. which ncant
that ¡crson ha1 to host a lri1ay ni,ht ¡arty.” Chcric sai1 “lco¡|c |ron a|| o·cr town now ,o |ookin, |or thc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
l|uc Tu|i¡. an1 c·cryonc’s wc|conc to conc to thc ¡arty l·cn |or ¡o|itica| |ocs. l|uc
Tu|i¡ ¡artics arc a sa|c s¡acc — a ¡|acc o| inhcrcnt ccua|ity”
Thc l|uc Tu|i¡ is a syn|o| o| anothcr trcn1 in nunici¡a| ,o·crnncnt — thc ncc1
to ha·c a scnsc o| hunor an1 cc|c|ratc 1ai|y |i|c Onc :catt|c cxan¡|c is thc lrcnont
Tro||. which ,uar1s a nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ark un1cr thc Aurora lri1,c lro¡osc1 |y thc
nci,h|orhoo1 as ¡u||ic|y |un1c1 art. thc Tro|| |ou,ht his way throu,h thc a¡¡|ication
¡roccss. u|tinatc|y |cconin, an o|||cat tourist attraction ln onc han1 hc c|utchcs an
actua| \o|kswa,cn lu,. as i| hc’s ¡ust snatchc1 it o|| thc |ri1,c
ln thcsc tincs o| transition. wc |c|ic·c |un ncc1s to |c a hi,h ¡riority in a||
nci,h|orhoo1 c||orts :catt|c’s nci,h|orhoo1 ,rou¡s cc|c|ratc ¡ust a|out any occasion.
askin,. “\hy ha·c a ncctin, whcn you can ha·c a ¡arty?” As a rcsu|t. ncctin,s arc
ty¡ica||y ¡ot|ucks. whcrc nci,h|ors can socia|izc l·cn “,runt work.” |ikc turnin, thc
con¡ost ¡i|c. is rc|crrc1 to as a “con¡ost socia|” Onc cou¡|c 1cci1c1 to ,ct narric1 in
thcir connunity ,ar1cn. whcrc thcy ha1 nct lin licrs rcca||s. “ln |icu o| tra1itiona|
wc11in, ,i|ts. thcy askc1 a|| thcir ,ucsts to |rin, soncthin, |or
thc con¡ost ¡i|c. which latc an1 lon wou|1 nix in as ¡art o| thc
wc11in, \c11in, con¡ost in,rc1icnts canc |ron a|| o·cr.
anon, thcn a |anana ¡cc| |ron lu|ia Chi|1. |u||a|o 1ro¡¡in,s.
an1 c·cn soncthin, iin1ircct|y) |ron Ccor,c \ lush a tax
rc|un1 chcck”
On thc o||icia| :catt|c ho|i1ay. Nci,h|or A¡¡rcciation lay
icc|c|ratc1 in thc 1o|1runs o| lc|ruary). nci,h|orhoo1 |csti·a|s
10.1: The Blue Tulip became an Elgin, Illinois, symbol for “open house.” Now another
Elgin neighborhood has begun a similar tradition: “Painted Lady” parties are
announced by a brightly colored mannequin. Credit: Cherie Murphy
10.2: One Blue Tulip party was a White Elephant sale that raised several hundred
dollars to help pay a neighbor’s medical expenses. A more formal party that
followed raised $30,000 for the family. Credit: Cherie Murphy.
Taking Care in the Neighborhood
arc hc|1 a|| o·cr thc city. an1 car1s 1csi,nc1 |y ki1s arc a·ai|a||c |rcc |ron city ha|| ln .oo+. +ï.ooo car1s
wcrc not cnou,h to |i|| a|| thc rccucsts
\hy shou|1n’t wc ha·c |un in thc ¡|accs wc |i·c? \hy shou|1n’t wc show no·ics on thc si1c o| a
nci,h|orhoo1 |ui|1in,. ¡ost \orn Crossin, si,ns at connunity ,ar1cns. an1 s¡onsor ¡a¡cr air¡|anc contcsts
o|| thc roo| o| thc schoo| ithc ki1 whosc ¡|anc nakcs thc |on,cst ||i,ht 1ocsn’t ha·c to hc|¡ c|can u¡)?
Learning to be Resourceful
Anothcr as¡cct o| “takin, carc” in·o|·cs thc wisc usc o| rcsourccs Hcrc a,ain. thc city o| :catt|c is an cxan¡|c.
as it na1c rcsourcc|u|ncss a nission lts con¡rchcnsi·c ¡|an. “Towar1s a :ustaina||c :catt|c.” cn¡hasizcs
,cttin, thc ,rcatcst ·a|uc out o| cach rcsourcc
A|tcr thc :c¡tcn|cr ++. .oo+. tcrrorist attacks. a|out a ni||ion ||owcrs — ïo cu|ic yar1s — cncirc|c1
:catt|c’s lntcrnationa| lountain lnstca1 o| takin, thc wi|tin, ||owcrs to thc 1un¡. thou,h. ,ar1cncrs |ron thc
lntcr|ay connunity ,ar1cn ·o|untccrc1 to con¡ost thcn Thcy sc¡aratc1 ||owcrs |ron ¡oi,nant ncssa,cs.
chi|1rcn’s 1rawin,s. stu||c1 anina|s. ||a,s. an1 can1|c stu|s. thcn ïo ,ar1cncrs s¡cnt a who|c 1ay hau|in,.
cho¡¡in,. an1 nixin, — crcatin, con¡ost |or a ¡cacc ,ar1cn
Othcr ¡ro¡ccts arc 1csi,nc1 to nakc |u|| usc o| a |oca||y a|un1ant rcsourcc — rain ln thc Casca1c
nci,h|orhoo1. a 1owns¡out carrics roo| runo|| 1own thc si1c o| a conncrcia| |ui|1in, an1 into a sccon1story
win1ow |or usc |y a ,|ass stu1io Thc rcst o| thc watcr continucs 1own to strcct |c·c|. whcrc it cntcrs a cistcrn
a1¡accnt to thc si1cwa|k Cra·ity carrics watcr |ron thc cistcrn throu,h a hosc to ho|1in, tanks that rc|casc
thc watcr into a scrics o| ¡|antcr |oxcs that run thc |cn,th o| thc si1cwa|k
At thc nci,h|orhoo1’s connunity ,ar1cn. rainwatcr |ron thc roo| o| thc connunity ccntcr ||ows into |our
1ozcn ¸¸,a||on |arrc|s an1 an un1cr,roun1 cistcrn with a ca¡acity o| ¸.ooo ,a||ons This “ca¡turc1 watcr”
su¡¡|ics ¡o ¡crccnt o| thc watcr usc1 |y thc ,ar1cn. an1 it wi|| soon ||ush thc toi|cts in thc connunity ccntcr
:catt|c’s Trcc lun1 ¡ays |or thousan1s o| trccs that arc ¡|antc1 |y ·o|untccrs c·cry ycar Accor1in, to
licrs. “A ¡crson sin¡|y rccruits |i·c or norc nci,h|ors who wou|1 |ikc to ¡|ant trccs in |ront o| thcir houscs
or in a ncar|y ¡ark an1 noti|ics thc lc¡artncnt o| Nci,h|orhoo1s ln .oo+ thc Trcc lun1 was usc1 |y +¸¡
nci,h|orhoo1 ,rou¡s to ¡|ant ¡.¡oo trccs throu,hout :catt|c”
Thcrc arc nany non¡ro|it an1 |or¡ro|it or,anizations that hc|¡ nci,h|orhoo1s |cconc norc rcsourcc|u|
an1 sustaina||c lor cxan¡|c. lcn·cr’s Nci,h|orhoo1 lcsourcc Ccntcr stinu|atcs acti·isn in |oth ur|an an1
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s NlC’s lanc
Han|cy sccs nci,h|ors |cconin,
cn¡owcrc1 an1 cncr,ctic throu,h
nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ro||cnso|·in, ¡ro¡ccts
Onc ¡ro¡cct in lon,nont. Co|ora1o.
|ocusc1 on hi,h schoo| stu1cnts who
crcatc1 a nuisancc |y |oitcrin, at thc |oca|
stri¡ na|| “Thcy sin¡|y ha1 no ¡|acc to
,o.” says lanc “As ¡art o| our ¡ro||cn
so|·in, ¡roccss. in which thc ki1s
¡artici¡atc1. thc i1ca o| a ca|c |or thc
stu1cnts cncr,c1 A church 1onatc1
s¡acc. an1 |oca| |usincsscs an1
or,anizations hc|¡c1 with thc |un1in,
Thc nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ro·i1c1 its own
Sowing the Seeds of Superbia!
Nci,h|orhoo1s arc thc ||csh an1 |oncs o|
citics. towns. an1 c·cn |ar,c. anor¡hous
su|1i·isions lt nakcs scnsc |or |oca|
,o·crnncnts to |un1 nci,h|orhoo1
c||orts. |ccausc nci,h|orhoo1s are thc
town or city Thc ,oo1 ncws is that
10.3, 10.4 and 10.5: A scenario for creating a village
square around what was once a vacant lot.
Sometimes it just takes a good idea …
Credit: Urban Advantage, Berkeley, California.
Taking Care in the Neighborhood
nci,h|orhoo1 natchin,|un1 ¡ro,rans |ikc :catt|c’s — in which ·o|untccr |a|or an1 ¡ri·atc contri|utions
natch nunici¡a| ca¡ita| — now cxist in \ictoria. lC. :horc|inc. \ashin,ton. lu,cnc. Orc,on. :anta
\onica. Ca|i|ornia. :a|t lakc City. Utah. las \c,as. Nc·a1a. \ichita. lansas. Houston. Tcxas. \a1ison.
\isconsin. lctroit. \ichi,an. C|c·c|an1. Ohio. lu||a|o. Ncw ¥ork. :arasota. l|ori1a. an1 1ozcns o| othcr
towns an1 citics
Thcsc ¡ro,rans wi|| hc|¡ crcatc thc ri,ht “scc1|c1” |or thc ,crnination o| :u¡cr|ia! l|cxi|i|ity to¡s thc
|ist o| con1itions zonin, co1cs. tra||ic ¡attcrns. an1 con¡rchcnsi·c ¡|ans ncc1 to |c ||cxi||c cnou,h to a||ow
inno·ations |ikc strcct narrowin,. nci,h|orhoo1 storcs. an1 “out|ui|1in,s” such as rcnta|s. ,ranny ||ats. an1
|atctccn a¡artncnts lcsi1cnts ncc1 to |c ||cxi||c in thcir thinkin,. too. an1 wi||in, to try out ncw i1cas at
thc ,rassroots |c·c|. whcrc cu|tura| chan,c is |orn lcn1crs ncc1 to |c ||cxi||c |ccausc thc Ncw :u|ur|anisn
wc’rc ho¡in, to s¡ark wi|| rccuirc ca¡ita| ln nany cascs. ,cttin, ¡ast thc |irst cost o| an inno·ati·c 1csi,n or
1c·icc wi|| rcturn a stca1y strcan o| sa·in,s — at a |cttcr ratc than stocks or |on1s lor cxan¡|c. honc
in¡ro·cncnt |oans can ¡ut costsa·in, so|ar ¡anc|s on su|ur|an roo|s. |ront|oa1in, washin, nachincs in thc
|aun1ry roons. an1 hy|ri1 cars in ,ara,cs. nakin, cach nci,h|orhoo1 stron,cr
\c |c|ic·c Thonas lc||crson was ri,ht on thc nark a |cw ccnturics a,o whcn hc wrotc. “l an not an
a1·ocatc |or |rccucnt chan,cs in |aws an1 constitution. |ut |aws an1 institutions ,o han1 in han1 with thc
¡ro,rcss o| thc hunan nin1… \c ni,ht as wc|| rccuirc a nan to wcar thc sanc coat that |ittc1 hin whcn
hc was a |oy…” \c a1·ocatc rc·isions in ccrtain zonin,. ¡|annin,. an1 tra||ic cn,inccrin, ru|cs so that
nci,h|orhoo1s can |cconc norc sustaina||c
l|anncrs in lur|in,ton. \crnont. an1 lc|nont. North Caro|ina. wou|1 |ikc|y a,rcc lnno·ati·c or1inanccs
thcrc ¡ro·i1c ,ui1c|incs |or sustaina||c su|1i·isions. cncoura,in, narrow strccts to s|ow tra||ic. narrow
sct|acks to |rin, houscs c|oscr to si1cwa|ks. an1 storcs an1 sho¡s in rcsi1cntia| arcas City counci|ors in lort
Arthur. Tcxas. an1 lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. in¡|cncntc1 or1inanccs |or ¡rcscr·in, so|ar acccss This ncans onc
nci,h|or can’t |ui|1 or ¡|ant trccs in such a way that it ni,ht ||ock anothcr nci,h|or’s ¡otcntia| so|ar cncr,y
ln Car¡cntcria. Ca|i|ornia. thcrc arc rc,u|ations ,o·crnin, thc ¡|antin,. carc. an1 naintcnancc o| trccs Thc
statcs o| \ary|an1. Orc,on. \isconsin. \inncsota. l||inois. an1 Arizona ha·c crcatc1 ¡articu|ar|y inno·ati·c
¡|annin, rc,u|ations that ¡rcscri|c “snart ,rowth.” Ncw Ur|anisn. an1 nany o| thc :u¡cr|ia! stc¡s |ron
this |ook
ln con·crsations with nunici¡a| o||icia|s across thc country. wc hcar1 a|out 1ozcns o| othcr inno·ations
likc a hu,c occan |incr nakin, a oo1c,rcc turn. ¡|annin, an1 zonin, rc,u|ations arc |c,innin, to chan,c
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
coursc to cna||c nci,h|orhoo1 rctai|. work¹|i·c arran,cncnts. an1 rcsi1cntrccucstc1 chan,cs in |oth strccts
an1 |an1sca¡cs \c’rc not c|ainin, that c·cry town counci| wi|| |c wi|1|y cnthusiastic a|out :u¡cr|ia!. |ut at
|cast thcy wi|| ha·c to |istcn i| a nci,h|orhoo1 ,rou¡ s¡caks with onc ·oicc
Citizen Planning
Anothcr way to sow thc scc1s o| :u¡cr|ia! is to |cconc a “citizcn ¡|anncr” Thcrc arc now nany courscs a·ai|a||c
i1o a wc| scarch |or “citizcn ¡|anncr”) that c1ucatc rcsi1cnts a|out thc kcy |caturcs o| thcir nci,h|orhoo1s an1
how thcy ni,ht |c in¡ro·c1 :onc o||cr ccrti|icatcs so ,ra1uatcs arc cua|i|ic1 to scr·c on citizcnsta||c1 ¡|annin,
connissions Harrison luc. a citizcn¡|annin, ,uru. says. “Thc ha|it o| |ookin, at thc |ui|t cn·ironncnt throu,h
a win1shic|1 has |c1 our ¡u||ic 1ccisionnakin, ¡roccsscs |or norc than two ,cncrations”
luc’s ccntra| thcsis is that citizcns can takc contro| o| rcsha¡in, thcir connunitics an1 |i·cs “\c’·c
han1c1 o·cr to ¡ro|cssiona|s a|| thc 1ccisions a|out how an1 whcrc our connunitics shou|1 ,row an1 what
thcy shou|1 |ook |ikc \c’rc stuck |i·in, with thc consccucnccs lor cxan¡|c. our roa1s arc 1csi,nc1 |y tra||ic
cn,inccrs unconccrnc1 with |i|c on thc strccts”
luc has o|scr·c1 that so|utions arc |orn whcn citizcns |cconc c1ucatc1 “As a |ui|1cr¹1c·c|o¡cr |or
twcntysoncthin, ycars. l’·c conc to ·icw thc conncctions anon, ¡co¡|c. |usincsscs. towns. an1 natura|
systcns |ron thc stan1¡oint o| ur|an 1csi,n — thc ¡hysica| rc|ationshi¡ o| |ui|1in,s. ||ocks. strccts. ¡arks.
ci·ic an1 conncrcia| structurcs l |c|ic·c a·cra,c citizcns an1 ¡u||ic o||icia|s can |carn to |ook at thcir
connunitics in a sini|ar |ashion an1 |c noti·atc1 to act on this know|c1,c”
ln Ncw ¥ork. l|ori1a. Hawaii. an1 \ir,inia. luc has workc1 with cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1s to hc|¡ crcatc “rca|
towns |or rca| ¡co¡|c” His ¡hi|oso¡hy is a ·cry ,rccn an1 ,rassroots onc “l| l can |carn to nakc scnsc o| a¡¡ro¡riatc
|ui|1in, sitin,. strcct wi1ths an1 turnin, ra1ii. strcct trcc ¡|accncnt an1 sustaina||c |ui|1in, tcchno|o,y. i1cnti|yin,
nci,h|orhoo1 ccntcrs an1 c1,cs. an1 naxinizin, scarcc rcsourccs. thcn so can a|nost c·cryonc
“Tinc an1 a,ain l’·c sccn a·cra,c citizcns ‘,ct’ an1 cn|racc so¡histicatc1 concc¡ts |ar cuickcr than
c1ucatc1 ¡ro|cssiona|s stuck in ‘thc way wc’·c a|ways 1onc it’ no1c O|tainin, zonin, a¡¡ro·a|s an1 |un1in,
o|tcn rccuircs c1ucatin, |oca| o||icia|s. |ankcrs. |ui|1crs. an1 nci,h|orhoo1 acti·ists a|out how historica||y
|asc1. hunansca|c1 1csi,n can ,cncratc con¡rchcnsi·c so|utions”
Hc citcs thc cxan¡|c o| risin, taxcs to ¡ay |or a,in, su|ur|an in|rastructurc “Thc costs o| |ui|1in, an1
rc¡airin, scwa,c in|rastructurc cou|1 |c rc1ucc1 with a |itt|c crcati·ity lor cxan¡|c. wc wou|1n’t ha·c to
Taking Care in the Neighborhood
worry a|out whcrc to ¡ut scwcr ¡un¡in, stations or how |on, |ar,c nain ¡i¡cs wou|1 |ast i| wc crcatc1 a
nctwork o| nci,h|orhoo1|asc1. sc||containc1. wct|an1ha|itat. ninitrcatncnt ¡|ants |ikc thc onc lohn To11
1csi,nc1 to takc carc o| thc rcstroons at thc Nationa| Au1u|on :ocicty’s Corkscrcw :wan¡ :anctuary ncar
lnnoka|cc. l|ori1a”
As l ila·c) was writin, this |ast cha¡tcr. ny nci,h|ors an1 l wcrc acti·c|y ¡ro¡osin, that our town
accuirc a sna||. c|c·atc1 ¡arcc| o| |an1 ncar our ¡ro¡crty in or1cr to crcatc a sna|| nci,h|orhoo1 ¡ark that
wou|1 ¡rcscr·c thc ,rcat ·icws o| thc |oothi||s A 1c·c|o¡cr ha1 a|rca1y su|nittc1 a ¡|an. |ut wc nana,c1 to
¡crsua1c hin that hc cou|1 nakc ¡ust as nuch noncy |y sc||in, thc |ot |or o¡cn s¡acc
\c arran,c1 an a¡¡ointncnt with thc ¡|annin, o||icc. |ornc1 an o||icia|soun1in, Coa|ition to lrcscr·c
O¡cn :¡acc. 1csi,nc1 |cttcrhca1 with that tit|c. wrotc |cttcrs an1 cnai|s to city counci| ncn|crs. took
¡hoto,ra¡hs o| thc sitc an1 1rcw sc·cra| sccnarios o| thc ¡ossi||c sizc an1 sha¡c o| thc ¡ark. ¡ut to,cthcr |act
shccts an1 in|ornation ¡ackcts. ,ot ¡oo nci,h|ors to si,n a ¡ctition o| su¡¡ort an1 ¡|c1,c a|out $ o|
¡crsona| noncy. thcn |ina||y ¡rcscntc1 our ¡ro¡osa| to thc citizcns’ a1·isory |oar1 an1 city counci|
Our can¡ai,n |astc1 sc·cra| nonths. an1 wc |carnc1 nany thin,s a|on, thc way lor cxan¡|c. wc
1isco·crc1 that thc ¡hrasc “¡ockct ¡ark” was not ¡o¡u|ar with city o||icia|s or a1·isory |oar1s |ccausc sna||
¡arks arc incon·cnicnt to naintain an1 arc thou,ht to |c un1crusc1 \c |c,an to ca|| thc |an1 an “o·cr|ook”
instca1 \c a|so 1isco·crc1 thc ,rcat ·a|uc o| in·itin, thc nayor. counci| ncn|crs. an1 a1·isory |oar1
ncn|crs out to thc ¡ro¡crty. onc |y onc. to ¡crsona||y o||cr thcn our ¡crs¡ccti·cs on why this |an1 was a
,rcat in·cstncnt As wc stoo1 shou|1cr to shou|1cr with thcn. |ookin, out o·cr thc ·ista. wc’1 ¡oint out a||
thc ¡otcntia| uscrs. |ron 1o, wa|kcrs an1 cyc|ists to sunrisc |o·crs an1 nons with stro||crs lnstca1 o| sayin,.
“Not in ny |ackyar1.” wc sai1. “Hcrc’s an i1ca”
To our ,rcat 1c|i,ht. our c||orts ¡ai1 o|| \ost o| thc 1ccision nakcrs con¡|incntc1 our nci,h|orhoo1’s
a1·ocacy an1 a,rcc1 to usc $ o| |on1 rc·cnucs to |uy thc |an1 Thc nayor na1c a ¡oint o| sayin,
that our c||ort was “1cnocracy at its |cst” \c |c|t |ikc wc wcrc takin, carc o| a|| |uturc rcsi1cnts o| our
nci,h|orhoo1. whosc ·icw wi|| |c thc |oothi||s rathcr than thc |ack wa||s o| townhouscs
Getting It Right to Begin With
A Newsweek artic|c l tuckc1 away a |cw ycars a,o is tit|c1 “+¸ \ays to lix thc :u|ur|s” lt |ocuscs on thc
Ncw Ur|anisn. an architcctura| an1 town¡|annin, no·cncnt that |rin,s ¡co¡|c |ack into thc ¡icturc in
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
su|ur|an an1 ur|an 1c·c|o¡ncnts Thc artic|c inc|u1cs |ixcs
|ikc Ci·c U¡ li, lawns. lrin, lack thc Corncr :torc. \akc thc
:trccts :kinny. \ix Housin, Ty¡cs. link \ork to Honc. Think
Crccn. \akc a Town Ccntcr
ln othcr wor1s. thc Ncw Ur|anisn cs¡ouscs nany o| thc
sanc ¡rinci¡|cs wc’·c ¡ro¡osc1 in this |ook. cxcc¡t it sccs thcn
ha¡¡cnin, in new 1c·c|o¡ncnts lc|orc writin, this |ook. wc
intcr·icwc1 nost o| thc |oun1crs o| Ncw Ur|anisn in ¡crson.
askin, thcn what can |c 1onc in existing su|ur|s lctcr
Ca|thor¡c to|1 us a|out ¡ro¡ccts at thc c1,cs o| su|ur|ia. |ikc
Thc Crossin,s. his transitoricntc1 1c·c|o¡ncnt in \ountain
\icw. Ca|i|ornia. that succcss|u||y rc¡|acc1 an cxtinct na|| with
a 1i·crsc. con¡act nci,h|orhoo1 lor nany ycars Ca|thor¡c has
|ccn an a1·ocatc o| lc1cstrian lockcts. sna|| connunitics
attachc1 to a rai|way |ikc |ca·cs on a stcn
\hcn wc ta|kc1 to author lancs lunst|cr. who ¡rcscnts thc
¡rinci¡|cs o| Ncw Ur|anisn in Home from Nowhere. hc ¡rc1ictc1
that in .o or ¸o ycars thc ¡rairic cast|cs an1 \c\ansions o|
¡osh su|ur|an 1c·c|o¡ncnts “wi|| |c occu¡ic1 |y six or ci,ht
|ani|ics. an1 whcrc thc ¡uni¡cr |ushcs now arc. thcrc wi|| |c
ti1y. ¡ro1ucti·c rows o| tonatocs an1 scuash”
\ictor lo·cr. l|iza|cth l|atcrZy|crk. lonathan losc.
An1rcs luany. l|iza|cth \ou|c. an1 othcr inno·ati·c architccts an1 1csi,ncrs wc intcr·icwc1 a|| a,rcc1 that
soncthin, ncc1s to ha¡¡cn in cxistin, nci,h|orhoo1s. |ut thcy 1i1n’t sccn to know cxact|y what A|tcr a||.
thcir work ty¡ica||y |c,ins whcn a nci,h|orhoo1 ncc1s to |c |ui|t or rc|ui|t \c rca|izc1 that it wasn’t
architccts an1 town |ui|1crs who wi|| rcin·cnt cxistin, ur|an an1 su|ur|an nci,h|orhoo1s. |ut thc rcsi1cnts
thcnsc|·cs — ¡co¡|c |ikc you an1 nc That’s why wc 1cci1c1 to writc this |ook. to ¡rc¡arc thc scc1|c1 |or
thc ,crnination o| “Ncw :u|ur|anisn”
lut wc arc ·cry nuch in |a·or o| ,cttin, it ri,ht in thc 1csi,n ¡hasc \hy not o||cr honc|uycrs soncthin,
ncw on thc ncnu that can cnrich thcir |i·cs? l| wc think |ack to thc +o-os. wc rcncn|cr how snu, Ancrican
10.6: A mixed-use light-rail stop within walking distance of many homes is a true
community asset. Credit: Lyle Grant.
Taking Care in the Neighborhood
car nanu|acturcrs wcrc a|out thc autono|i|c narkct Thcy |c|ic·c1 that a|| Ancricans wantc1 |i,. ¡owcr|u|
cars. or at |cast cou|1 |c trainc1 to want thcn lut thcn thc con¡act. |uc|c||icicnt 1csi,ns o| Toyota. :u|aru.
l\\. an1 :aa| con·incc1 thcn thcy wcrc nissin, a |u|| cuartcr o| thc narkct
lt’s thc sanc with houscs an1 nci,h|orhoo1s in thc .ooos looks with tit|cs |ikc The Not So Big House,
The Natural House ilan’s |ook). an1 Cohousing arc sc||in, wc||. an1 1c·c|o¡crs |ikc lichar1 Ho|t an1 lin
:ou|cs arc |in1in, a nichc |y csscntia||y crcatin, :u¡cr|ia! |ron scratch Ho|t an1 his co||ca,ucs |ui|t lair·icw
\i||a,c. a Ncw Ur|anistty¡c ·i||a,c on thc outskirts o| lort|an1. Orc,on :ays Ho|t. “lccausc lair·icw
\i||a,c is an cx¡ansion o| an cxistin, su|ur|an connunity. wc kncw wc ha1 to cn,a,c thc ¡u||ic an1 kcy
1ccision nakcrs in crcatin, a conscnsus|asc1 ·i||a,c ¡|an \orc than -¸ stakcho|1crs ¡artici¡atc1 in our
thrcc1ay 1csi,n worksho¡. which ¡ro1ucc1 a rc,u|atin, ¡|an. a ncw zonin, co1c. an1 architcctura|
“\c no·c1 away |ron thc tra1itiona| a¡¡roach o| ¡uttin, u¡ so|itary structurcs on in1i·i1ua| |ots an1
conccntratc1 instca1 on |ui|1in, a cohcsi·c connunity.” hc continucs “To a·oi1 thc nistakcs o| ¡ost\or|1
\ar ll su|ur|an s¡raw|. wc |ookc1 at nota||c historic ,ar1cn su|ur|s — \aricnont in Cincinnati. :hakcr
Hci,hts in C|c·c|an1. an1 Country C|u| listrict in lansas City — |anous |or ||cn1in, rcsi1cnccs with
nci,h|orhoo1 sho¡s”
ln lair·icw \i||a,c. thc town ccntcr is within a cuartcr ni|c o| o¸ ¡crccnt o| thc ·i||a,c’s houscs. so
rcsi1cnts can wa|k to thc |i|rary. thc ¡ost o||icc. or thc co||cc sho¡ This ,i·cs thc ncw 1c·c|o¡ncnt an awar1
winnin, scnsc o| ¡|acc an1 a hi,h 1c,rcc o| rcsi1cnt satis|action lt was nunici¡a| ||cxi|i|ity that na1c it
ha¡¡cn lnno·ati·c zonin, co1cs a||owc1 houscs to |c c|oscr to thc strcct. connon ,rccn ¡arks to su|stitutc
|or cx¡ansi·c yar1s. an1 rctai| to |c |ocatc1 ri,ht in thc nci,h|orhoo1
Thc Cotta,c Con¡any. which |ui|1s con¡act nci,h|orhoo1s in thc su|ur|s o| :catt|c. is anothcr ,rcat
cxan¡|c o| what ni,ht |c ca||c1 “zoncsnithin,” Thc |ui|1crs ha·c con·incc1 a han1|u| o| su|ur|an
,o·crnncnts to a1o¡t thc “Cotta,c Co1c” This ||cxi||c zonin, a||ows sna|| ic,. +..oo to +.¸oo scuarc |cct).
wc|||ui|t honcs to |c arran,c1 aroun1 a connons at 1cnsitics twicc as hi,h as norna| ln lirk|an1. |or
cxan¡|c. notso|i, houscs arc a||owc1 in con¡unction with ancnitics such as nan1atory ¡orchcs — which
in \ashin,ton arc thrccscason out1oor roons — a naxinun housc hci,ht o| .¸ |cct. c|ustcrc1 ¡arkin,. an1
a connon courtyar1
Accor1in, to lin :ou|cs. “\c’·c sccn a hi,h |c·c| o| satis|action anon, thc ¡co¡|c who now occu¡y our
nci,h|orhoo1s lor cxan¡|c. not a sin,|c rcsi1cnt has con¡|ainc1 a|out thc ¡arkin,. which ty¡ica||y is +oo
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
to +¡o |cct |ron a housc Thcy |ikc what
thcy ,ct |or thc ninor incon·cnicncc —
a cuict. car|rcc courtyar1 an1 thc scnsc
o| an out1oor roon Thcy a|so |ikc thc
connon |ui|1in,s in our ¡ro¡ccts an1
thc cua|ity construction wc insist on.
with |ots o| 1ctai|s |ikc ti|c inscts on |ront
¡orchcs an1 har1woo1 ||oors insi1c
Thcsc honcs won’t |c tcar1owns”
:ou|cs |c|ic·cs thc cotta,cs. sonc
tincs ha|| thc nationa| a·cra,c o| ...oo
scuarc |cct — ncct a ,rowin, 1cnan1
|or sin,|coccu¡ancy. |ownaintcnancc.
1ctachc1 honcs “\c ca|| it ‘rcsizin,’
rathcr than ‘1ownsizin,.’” hc says “lach
cotta,c has a ¡ri·atc yar1 as wc|| as thc
connon arca that inc|u1cs ¡crcnnia|
||owcr |or1crs. |awn. |ruit trccs. an1 a too|
shc1” lccausc |cwcr tons o| |ui|1in,
natcria|s arc usc1 in cach cotta,c. an1
|ccausc thcy arc +¸ ¡crccnt a|o·c thc
strict \ashin,ton insu|ation stan1ar1s.
thc houscs arc norc sustaina||c than
con·cntiona| honcs :ou|cs a11s “lco¡|c
|ikc thc ‘rcsizc1’ cncr,y |i||s thcy ,ct
|i·in, in our cotta,cs. that’s |or surc”
10.7, 10.8, & 10.9: A scenario for sustainable growth
on the Colfax Avenue “strip” in Lakewood, Colorado.
Credit: Urban Advantage, Berkeley, California.
Taking Care in the Neighborhood
\hcthcr wc’rc ta|kin, Ncw Ur|anisn or Ncw
:u|ur|anisn. chan,cs in architccturc as wc|| as attitu1c can
hc|¡ crcatc a norc sustaina||c way o| |i|c an1 an cn1urin,
hunan ¡rcscncc — a ,oa| nany ¡co¡|c now stri·c to achic·c
Good-bye for Now
\c ho¡c this |ook hc|¡s rca1crs |cconc ¡|anncrs an1 acti·ists
in thcir own nci,h|orhoo1s an1 thcn rcach out to thc wi1cr
connunity Crcatin, sustaina||c su|ur|s wi|| rccuirc
coor1ination with a1¡accnt nci,h|orhoo1s. with rc,iona|
trans¡ortation o||icia|s. watcrshc1 cx¡crts. zonin, an1 ¡|annin,
1c¡artncnts. an1 c|cctc1 o||icia|s. anon, othcrs Thc rcsu|t wi||
|c nci,h|orhoo1s that conc to |i|c! Our rcscarch shows that
crcatin, norc sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1s can a|so crcatc a
stron,cr scnsc o| connunity. sa·c noncy. ¡rcscr·c rcsourccs.
an1 nakc |i|c norc cn¡oya||c lt shou|1n’t sur¡risc anyonc i|
:u¡cr|ia! |c,ins to s¡rca1 across thc North Ancrican |an1sca¡c
|ikc a sunrisc \c sinccrc|y ho¡c it concs soon to thc
nci,h|orhoo1 you |i·c in Takc carc!
Dan Chiras Dave Wann
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
10.10: The Cottage Company’s Greenwood Avenue cottage development includes
clustered parking, a central courtyard, and a common building with a dining room
and workshop. Credit: <>.
Chapter 1
+ A1an lonc. The Bulldozer in the Countryside: Suburban Sprawl and the Rise of American
Environmentalism. Can|ri1,c Uni·crsity lrcss. +oo¸. ¡ +o
. lrucc latz. “Thc lxit lan¡ lconony.” Boston Globe. \ay +¸. .oo+
¸ l|i1
¡ “la·in, thc l|anct Cars an1 Cro¡s Con¡ctin, |or lan1.” larth lo|icy lnstitutc |on|inc|. |citc1
lc|ruary +¡. .oo+| <wwwcarth¡o|icyor,¹A|crts¹A|crt+.htn>
¸ Cynthia Cir|in, an1 lcnncth Hc|¡han1. Yard Street Park: The Design of Suburban Open Space. lohn
\i|cy c :ons. +oo¡. ¡ ¸ï
6 Cha1 linnc|. “lc·isitin, lc·ittown. lcnnsy|·ania Chan,cs within a lostwar l|annc1 Connunity.”
Proteus: A Journal of Ideas. \o| +ï. No .. la|| .oo+. ¡¡ ïo–o6
- \ictor lc|ow cuotc1 in \ichac| l laco|son an1 lauric Ann \azur. Marketing Madness: A Survival
Guide for a Consumer Society. \cst·icw lrcss. +oo¸. ¡ +o+
Chapter 2
+ Cans. Hcr|crt The Levittowners. Co|un|ia Uni·crsity lrcss. +oï.
. lona|1 A¡¡|cyar1. Livable Streets. Uni·crsity o| Ca|i|ornia lrcss. +oï+. ¡ ..
¸ lcrsona| con·crsation with lr lichar1 lackson. Octo|cr .oo.
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¸ lancs Hi||cr1. “Honc :wcct C|onc.” Westword. Octo|cr +ï–.¡. .oo+. ¡ .¸
Chapter 3
+ An1rcs luany. l|iza|cth l|atcrZy|crk. an1 lc|| :¡cck. Suburban Nation. North loint lrcss. .oo+.
¡ 6¸
. l|i1. ¡ 6¡
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Suburbs, and Towns. :icrra C|u| looks. +oï6. ¡ ¡.
¸ lon :chu|z. “Thc :ustaina||c :u|ur| Charactcristics lasc1 on lasic lrinci¡|cs.” lntc,ratc1 li·in,
:ystcns. \ay .oo+. ¡ ¸
6 Anton C Nc|csscn. an1 lancs Constantinc. “Un1crstan1in, an1 \akin, Usc o| lco¡|c’s \isua| Usc
lrc|crcnccs.” Planning Commissioner’s Journal o. \arch¹A¡ri| +oo¸ A rc¡rint o| this artic|c is a·ai|a||c
as ¡art o| thc lcsi,n an1 Acsthctics rc¡rint sct |ron Planning Commissioner’s Journal. lox ¡.o¸.
lur|in,ton \T o¸¡o6 <www¡|anncrswc|con>
- “+¸ \ays to lix thc :u|ur|s.” Newsweek. \ay +¸. +oo¸. ¡ ¡6
Chapter 4
+ Cynthia Cir|in, an1 lcnncth Hc|¡han1. Yard Street Park: The Design of Suburban Open Space. lohn
\i|cy c :ons. +oo¡. ¡ ¸6
. l|i1
¸ A1an lonc. The Bulldozer in the Countryside: Suburban Sprawl and the Rise of American
Environmentalism, Can|ri1,c Uni·crsity lrcss. +oo¸. ¡ ¡6
¡ l|i1. ¡ 6+
¸ l Hcr|crt lornann. liana la|nori. an1 Cor1on T Cc|a||c. Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search
for Environmental Harmony. ¥a|c Uni·crsity lrcss. +oo¸. ¡¡ ¸6–6o
6 larcn :chc||. “\irtua| \i||a,c Honcs.” <wwwsustaina||c¡cta|unanct¹|ic|1tri¡s¹·i||a,choncshtn|.
- li|| lrownin, an1 lin Hani|ton. “\i||a,c Honcs A \o1c| :o|ar Connunity lro·cs lts \orth.”
In Context: A Quarterly of Humane Sustainable Culture. :¡rin, +oo¸. ¡ ¸¸
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
ï lcrsona| intcr·icw with lu1y an1 \ichac| Cor|ctt. +oo6. |or “lui|1in, Conncctions.” a ·i1co
tc|ccon|crcncc ¡ro1ucc1 |or thc Ancrican lnstitutc o| Architccts
Chapter 10
+ Harrison luc. “lca| Towns |or lca| lco¡|c.” Terra Nova: A Journal of Nature and Culture. \o| +. No
¡. +oo-
. “+¸ \ays to lix thc :u|ur|s.” Newsweek. \ay +¸. +oo¸. ¡ ¡6
¸ lor norc on lair·icw \i||a,c. ·isit thc wc|sitc <www|air·icw·i||a,ccon¹>
Resource Guide
Hl: ll:OUlCl CUlll CONTAlN: |ists o| |ooks. artic|cs. ·i1cos. na,azincs. ncws|cttcrs. an1 or,anizations
that wi|| hc|¡ you an1 your nci,h|ors |carn norc a|out crcatin, sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1s \c ha·c
inc|u1c1 ,cncra| rc|crcnccs on su|¡ccts such as cohousin, an1 cco·i||a,cs at thc |c,innin, o| thc ,ui1c.
thcn |istc1 thc rcnain1cr o| thc rcsourccs |y :u,,cstion Nun|cr lccausc a11rcsscs. ¡honc nun|crs. an1
wc|sitcs chan,c |ron tinc to tinc. wc ha·c tric1 to ¡ro·i1c nu|ti¡|c acccss ¡oints |or cach |istin, l| a wc|sitc
or ¡honc nun|cr is no |on,cr in scr·icc. you nay want to try writin,
Cohousing, Ecovillages, New Towns, and Suburbs
A|cxan1cr. Christo¡hcr. :ara lshikawa. an1 \crry :i|·crstcin. A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings,
Construction. Ox|or1 Uni·crsity lrcss. +o-- A c|assic with ,rcat insi,hts on ¡co¡|c|ricn1|y 1csi,n
Arcn1t. lan1a|| C. Conservation Design for Subdivisions. ls|an1 lrcss. +oo6 An intcrcstin, |ook at ways to
crcatc norc cn·ironncnta||y scnsiti·c su|1i·isions
laxan1a||. losa|yn. an1 l|iza|cth lwcn. Picture Windows: How the Suburbs Happened. lasic looks. .ooo
lntcrcstin, |ook at thc history o| su|ur|an 1c·c|o¡ncnt
lc|1on. lussonc||o an1 :tcwart. Choices Between Asphalt and Nature: Americans Discuss Sprawl. Thc
lio1i·crsity lro¡cct an1 Thc Naturc Conscr·ancy. +ooï lin1in,s o| .o |ocus ,rou¡s across thc Unitc1
:tatcs that show how Ancricans |cc| a|out |i|c in thc su|ur|s
loch|an1. lcssica. “Cohousin, How Crccn is \y \i||a,c?” Environmental Building News ++. no o. .oo..
+. ¡¡ +o–+- A·ai|a||c |ron lui|1in,Crccn. lnc <wwwlui|1in,Crccncon> Crcat o·cr·icw with
|oa1s o| ·a|ua||c in|ornation
Chiras. lanic| l. “Cohousin, A \o1c| |or thc :u|ur|s” Mother Earth News. lunc¹lu|y .oo.. ¡ ¸- A |ric|
|ook at cohousin, that cx¡|ains what cohousin, connunitics arc an1 how wc can |cnc|it |ron thcn
Chiras. lanic| l. “lron :u|ur|ia to :u¡cr|ia!” Mother Earth News. lunc¹lu|y .oo.. ¡¡ ¸¡–¸6 An
o·cr·icw o| ways to nakc su|ur|s norc ¡co¡|c|ricn1|y an1 cn·ironncnta||y sustaina||c
Communities Directory: A Guide To Intentional Communities and Cooperative Living. lc||owshi¡ |or lntcntiona|
Connunity. .ooo lnc|u1cs cohousin, an1 othcr intcntiona| connunitics
Cor|ctt. lu1y. an1 \ichac| Cor|ctt. Designing Sustainable Communities: Learning from Village Homes. ls|an1
lrcss. .ooo lcarn |ron two ¡ionccrs o| thc no·cncnt
luany. An1rcs. l|iza|cth l|atcrZy|crk. an1 lc|| :¡cck. Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the
Decline of the American Dream. North loint lrcss. .ooo A nustrca1
Christian. lianc l. Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities.
Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs. .oo¸ Crcat rcsourcc
Hanson. Chris. The Cohousing Handbook. Hart|cy an1 \arks. +oo6 A ,rcat |ook |or ¡co¡|c who want to
|carn norc a|out cohousin, or start thcir own cohousin, connunity
Hi|1ur. lackson. an1 larcn :·cnsson. c1s. Ecovillage Living; Restoring the Earth and Her People. Crccn
looks. .oo. A |u||co|or ,ui1c to cco·i||a,cs aroun1 thc wor|1
\cCanant. lathryn. Char|cs lurrctt. an1 l||cn Hcrtznan. Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to
Housing Ourselves. .n1 c1. Tcn :¡cc1 lrcss. +oo¡ \cry thorou,h cxanination o| cohousin,
connunitics an1 thc stc¡s ncc1c1 to csta||ish onc
Norwoo1. lcn. an1 lath|ccn :nith. Rebuilding Community in America: Housing for Ecological Living,
Personal Empowerment, and the New Extended Family. :harc1 li·in, lcsourcc Ccntcr. +oo¸ A ·a|ua||c
1iscussion o| what it ncans to |i·c coo¡crati·c|y
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
losc|an1. \ark. \aurccn Curcton. Hcathcr \ornc||. an1 Hazc| Hcn1crson. Toward Sustainable
Communities: Resources for Citizens and Their Governments. Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs. +ooï Onc o| thc
|cst rcsourccs |or crcatin, |i·a||c. sustaina||c connunitics
lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt. c¹o lca|o1y Trust. ¡¸ \cstninstcr lri1,c loa1. lon1on. Ul.
:l+ -ll lhonc o.o -o.. o.¸o \c|sitc <www|c1zc1or,uk> lor in|ornation on a tru|y ins¡irin,
cco·i||a,c in thc Unitc1 lin,1on
Ccntcr |or a Ncw Ancrican lrcan. 6o¸o Carro|| A·cnuc. :uitc ooo. Takona lark. \l .oo+. lhonc
i¸o+) ïo+•¸6ï¸ or + iï--) 6ï•lllA\ \c|sitc <wwwncw1rcanor,¹contacthtn|> Crcat sitc |or
rcsourccs an1 i1cas on sustaina||c |i·in,
Thc Cohousin, Nctwork. lO lox .¸ï¡. lcrkc|cy. CA o¡-o. lhonc i¸+o) ¡ï6•.6¸6 \c|sitc
<wwwcohousin,or,> O||crs a wca|th o| in|ornation on cohousin,. inc|u1in, a |ist o| cohousin,
connunitics in ·arious sta,cs o| 1c·c|o¡ncnt. with contact in|ornation lt a|so ¡ro·i1cs a conncction
to consu|tants an1 1c·c|o¡crs Chcck out thc Cohousin, Nctwork’s wc| ¡a,c |or a |ist o| cohousin,
or,anizations in othcr countrics an1 ·arious rc,ions. an1 |or Or,anizationa| lcsourccs
Con,rcss |or a Ncw Ur|anisn. Thc Hcarst lui|1in,. ¸ Thir1 :trcct. :uitc -.¸. :an lrancisco. CA o¡+o¸
¸.o6 lhonc i¡+¸) ¡o¸•.¸¸¸ \c|sitc <www(cnuor,> This non¡ro|it ,rou¡ acti·c|y ¡ronotcs
Ncw Ur|anisn. 1c·c|o¡ncnt |asc1 on thc nci,h|orhoo1 no1c|
C|o|a| lco·i||a,c Nctwork \c|sitc <www,aiaor,¹> U: Contact lco\i||a,c Nctwork o| thc
Ancricas. larthArt \i||a,c¹lnstitutc. 6¡oo+ County loa1 ll. \o||at. CO ï++¡¸ lhonc i-+o)
.¸6•¡..+ \c|sitc <htt¡¹¹cnacco·i||a,csor,> lro·i1cs a wca|th o| in|ornation on cco·i||a,cs in
your arca an1 aroun1 thc wor|1
Hockcrton Housin, lro¡cct Tra1in, lt1. Thc \atcrshc1. Ca||cs lri·c. Hockcrton. :outhwc||.
Nottin,hanshirc. Ul. NC.¸ oOU lor in|ornation on a sna|| housin, 1c·c|o¡ncnt that
incor¡oratc1 nany o| thc cn·ironncnta| as¡ccts o| :u¡cr|ia!
Thc Trust |or lu||ic lan1. ++6 Ncw \ont,oncry :trcct. lourth ||oor. :an lrancisco. CA o¡+o¸ lhonc
i¡+¸) ¡o¸•¡o+¡ \c|sitc <wwwt¡|or,> lro·i1cs a wca|th o| in|ornation on thc ¡rotcction o| |an1
|or ¡arks. ,ar1cns. ,rccn|c|ts. an1 ri·crways. a|| ·ita| to succcss|u| an1 |i·a||c connunitics
Resource Guide
Ur|an lan1 lnstitutc. +o.¸ Thonas lc||crson :trcct N\. :uitc ¸oo \cst. \ashin,ton lC .ooo-
lhonc iïoo) ¸.+•¸o++ \c|sitc <wwwu|ior,> lro·i1cs in|ornation on ur|an rc·ita|ization. snart
,rowth to |init s¡raw| an1 its in¡acts. an1 scnsi||c trans¡ortation
Cohousing Consultants
A|rahan an1 Associatcs. +¡6o Ouincc A·cnuc. :uitc +o.. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o¡ lhonc i¸o¸) ¡+¸•ïo66
\c|sitc <wwwa|rahan¡aisscon¹> lro·i1cs ¡u||ic rc|ations an1 connunity|ui|1in, cx¡crtisc
Thc Cohousin, Con¡any iChar|cs lurrctt an1 lathryn \cCanant). +.¸o A11ison :trcct #++¸.
lcrkc|cy. CA o¡-o. lhonc i¸+o) ¸¡o•ooïo \c|sitc <wwwcohousin,cocon> lionccrs o| thc
cohousin, no·cncnt. this |irn works with rcsi1cnt ,rou¡s an1 1c·c|o¡crs to |orn. |aci|itatc. 1csi,n.
an1 |ui|1 cohousin, connunitics
Cohousin, lcsourccs. llC. oï+¸ Nl \ur1cn Co·c lri·c. lain|ri1,c ls|an1. \A oï++o lhonc i.o6)
ï¡.•o+6o \c|sitc <wwwcohousin,rcsourccscon> Has assistc1 norc than ¸¸ cohousin, ,rou¡s
across thc country with a|| as¡ccts o| thc cohousin, 1c·c|o¡ncnt ¡roccss
lrauslitch Architccts. lnc. ln·ironncnta||y lns¡irc1 lcsi,n. ++o lu|¡it Hi|| loa1. Anhcrst. \A
o+oo. lhonc i¡+¸) ¸¡o•¸-oo \c|sitc <wwwkraus|itchcon¹> lntc,ratcs architccturc with
connunity. cn·ironncnt. an1 cua|ity o| |i|c O||crs a |u|| ran,c o| scr·iccs with an cn¡hasis on
cco|o,ica||y soun1 an1 socia||y rcs¡onsi||c 1csi,n
:harc1 li·in, lcsourcc Ccntcr. larkcr :trcct #o. lcrkc|cy. CA o¡-o¡•.ï¡+ lhonc i¸+o) ¸¡ï•66oï
\c|sitc <wwwsharc1|i·in,or,¹> locuscs on cco|o,ica||y sustaina||c ·i||a,cs
\on1cr|an1 Hi|| lc·c|o¡ncnt Con¡any. -¡¸ lo¡|ar A·cnuc. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o¡ lhonc i¸o¸)
¡¡o•¸.¸. \c|sitc <wwwwh1ccon¹> lar,cst cohousin, 1c·c|o¡crs in thc U:
New Urbanist/ New Suburbanist Builders
Thc Cotta,c Con¡any. llC. ï.+¸ ¡+st A·cnuc Nl. :catt|c. \A oï++¸ lhonc i.o6) ¸.¸•o︸ lnai|
¡in(cotta,ccon¡anycon A 1c·c|o¡ncnt an1 construction con¡any |asc1 in :catt|c. \ashin,ton.
an1 |ocusc1 on thc in¡|cncntation o| “¡ockct nci,h|orhoo1s” o| cotta,cs an1 “notso|i,” honcs
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Ho|t c Hau,h. lnc. +.oo N\ Naito larkway. lort|an1. Ol o-.oo lhonc i¸o¸) ...•¸¸.. This
con¡any has |ccn nationa||y rcco,nizc1 |or thc 1c·c|o¡ncnt o| lair·icw \i||a,c
Superbia! Consultants
Thc :ustaina||c :u|ur|s lro¡cct at thc :ustaina||c luturcs :ocicty Contact la·c \ann at i¸o¸)
.+6•+.ï+ or \ann1a·c¡r(cscon or lan Chiras at i¸o¸) 6-¡•o6ïï or 1anchiras(nsncon \c
o||cr worksho¡s. scninars. s¡ccchcs. s|i1c shows. an1 consu|tation on crcatin, sustaina||c su|ur|s
\c’rc |ookin, |or nci,h|orhoo1s that arc intcrcstc1 in ¡artncrin, with us to o|tain |un1in, to ¡ursuc
thc i1cas 1iscussc1 in this |ook
Suggestion 1. Sponsor Community Dinners
Cohousing Journal. a·ai|a||c |ron Thc Cohousin, Nctwork. lO lox .¸ï¡. lcrkc|cy. CA o¡-o. lhonc
i¸+o) ¡ï6•.6¸6 \c|sitc <wwwcohousin,or,> Thc |cst sourcc |or sccin, thc 1ayto1ay |i|c in
cohousin, lc,u|ar|y has artic|cs on connon nca|s
Communities Magazine o6 ila|| +oo-) This issuc contains a nun|cr o| artic|cs on connon nca|s in
cohousin, connunitics To o|tain this issuc. contact liana Christian. ¸. \i||ow :trcct. \arion. NC
.ï-¸.•¡ï¡o lhonc iï.ï) 6¸.•ï¸+- lnai| connunitics(icor,
On-line Resources
Thc :|ow loo1 \o·cncnt \c|sitc <wwws|ow|oo1con> lor in|ornation on thinkin, a|out |oo1 as a
way to crcatc connunity
lor crcati·c i1cas on how to ,ct connunity 1inncrs startc1. 1o a scarch on thc wc| |or thc ¡hrascs
“connunity nca|s.” “connon nca|s.” “¡ro,rcssi·c 1inncr.” an1 “connuna| 1inin,”
Resource Guide
Suggestion 2. Establish a Community Newsletter, Bulletin Board, and Roster
On-line Resources
Nci,h|ors Awarc o| Thcir ln·ironncnt iNATl) wc|sitc <www,cociticscon¹nci,h|orsawarc¹
a|outhtn|> This wc|sitc is a |rcc scr·icc 1csi,nc1 to a||ow nci,h|ors to crcatc a |rcc on|inc
nci,h|orhoo1 |u||ctin |oar1
Suggestion 3. Establish a Neighborhood Watch Program
To csta||ish a Nci,h|orhoo1 Crinc \atch lro,ran. contact your |oca| ¡o|icc o||icc or county shcri|| ’s
On-line Resources
Nationa| :hcri|| ’s Association Nci,h|orhoo1 \atch wc|sitc <wwwusaonwatchor,> This ·a|ua||c
wc|sitc o||crs nuch usc|u| in|ornation on Nci,h|orhoo1 \atch ¡ro,rans lc surc to chcck out
“Othcr lcsourccs” |or a |ist o| artic|cs an1 succcss storics. |aw cn|orccncnt |inks. |c1cra| a,cncy |inks.
an1 norc
Nci,h|ors Awarc o| Thcir ln·ironncnt iNATl) wc|sitc <www,cociticscon¹nci,h|orsawarc¹
a|outhtn|> This wc|sitc is a |rcc scr·icc 1csi,nc1 to ,i·c in1i·i1ua|s a chancc to in|orn nci,h|ors
o| what is ,oin, on aroun1 thcir connunity — |or cxan¡|c. to a|crt onc anothcr to ¡otcntia| 1an,crs
or crincs
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Suggestion 4. Start Neighborhood Clubs
lor in|ornation on |ackyar1 wi|1|i|c ¡ro,rans. scc rcsourccs |istc1 un1cr :u,,cstion +¸
Suggestion 5. Form Discussion Groups
\hcat|cy. \ar,arct l. Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to Restore Hope to the Future. lcrrctt
loch|cr. .oo. A ,rcat |ook |or cxaninin, why connunication is at thc corc o| connunity
Study Circles
Northwcst larth lnstitutc. Discussion Course on Choices for Sustainable Living: Guidebook. Northwcst larth
lnstitutc i¸o6 :\ :ixth A·cnuc. :uitc ++oo. lort|an1. Ol o-.o¡ lhonc i¸o¸) ..-•.ïo- \c|sitc
<wwwnwcior,¹>. +ooo Thcsc 1iscussion courscs wi|| |ui|1 |ri1,cs |ctwccn you an1 your
nci,h|ors :c·cn to twc|·c ¡co¡|c ncct wcck|y |or a|out an hour to 1iscuss rca1in,s |ron a coursc
|ook Coursc |ooks. cach a|out +oo to +¸o ¡a,cs in |cn,th. contain a 1i·crsc co||cction o| cssays.
artic|cs. an1 |ook cxccr¡ts or,anizc1 aroun1 wcck|y thcncs to crcatc |i·c|y 1iscussion
:cc1s o| :in¡|icity. lO lox oo¸¸. C|cn1a|c. CA o+..6 lhonc¹lax iï+ï) .¡-•¡¸¸. or + iï--)•UN:TUll
loun1cr Ccci||c An1rcws says. “lcin, ha¡¡icr with |css |ocus on tra¡¡in,s is casy whcn it sa·cs you
noncy. |cnc|its thc cn·ironncnt. tcachcs chi|1rcn ncanin,|u| ·a|ucs an1 hc|¡s othcrs in ncc1” Hcr
stu1y circ|cs can hc|¡ you |in1 this ¡ath
Resource Guide
Suggestion 6. Establish a Neighborhood Babysitting Co-op
On-line Resources
Two ,oo1 wc|sitcs |or scttin, u¡ a |a|ysittin, coo¡ in your arca arc <htt¡¹¹ntcssortncntcon¹
|a|ysittin,coo¡r·zhhtn> an1 <www,cociticscon¹|a|ysittin,coo¡¹>
Suggestion 7. Form an Organic Food Co-op
On-line Resources
loo1 Coo¡ lircctory wc|sitc <www¡rairicnctor,¹coo¡¹1ircctory¹> A |istin, o| |oo1 coo¡s in thc U:
an1 Cana1a
lin \i||ians’ |istin, o| |oo1 coo¡s wc|sitc wwwco|un|iac1u¹-¡w+¸-¹|oo1coo¡htn| lnc|u1cs |inks to
coo¡s with wc| ¡a,cs
Nationa| Coo¡crati·c lusincss Association wc|sitc <wwwnc|acoo¡¹nt||oo1c|n> listin, o| |oo1 coo¡
wc| ¡a,cs
Uni·crsity o| \isconsin Ccntcr |or Coo¡crati·cs wc|sitc <wwwwiscc1u¹uwcc¹|inks¹|oo1|inkshtn|>
listin, o| |inks to |oo1 coo¡crati·cs rctai|s. 1istri|utors. othcr |ists. an1 ¡ct |oo1 coo¡s
Suggestion 8. Create Car or Van Pools
Oak|an1 \ctro l|annin, Connission. Moving Towards More Community-Oriented Transportation Strategies
in the Bay Area: A Guide to Getting the Information. \ctro¡o|itan l|annin, Connission. +oo6 This
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
,ui1c 1iscusscs in¡ro·in, strcctsca¡cs an1 transit sto¡ 1csi,ns. an1 usin, in|i|| 1c·c|o¡ncnt. nixc1
usc 1c·c|o¡ncnt. an1 nctworks o| strccts an1 ¡aths |or cyc|ists an1 ¡c1cstrians
lui|1in, li·a||c Connunitics throu,h Trans¡ortation wc|sitc <www¡¡sor,¹Trans¡ortation¹
|i·a||ctrans¡ortationhtn> This is an initiati·c o| thc lro¡cct |or lu||ic :¡accs. with in|ornation on
strccts. transit. nationa| an1 rc,iona| ¡ro,rans. an1 ¡u||ications on trans¡ortation an1 |i·a||c
Connunity Trans¡ortation Association o| Ancrica. +¸¡+ C :trcct N\. +oth l|oor. \ashin,ton lC
.ooo¸ lhonc i.o.) 6.ï•+¡ïo \c|sitc <wwwctaaor,¹> Crcat sourcc o| in|ornation on
cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y trans¡ortation a|tcrnati·cs
lncr,y l||icicncy an1 lcncwa||c lncr,y Nctwork illlN) trans¡ortation wc|sitc <wwwccrccncr,y
,o·¹ll¹trans¡ortationhtn|> O||crs in|ornation on trans¡ortation tcchno|o,ics inc|u1in, a|tcrnati·c
|uc| in|rastructurc an1 rc1ucin, ni|cs tra·c|c1
Trans¡ortation A|tcrnati·cs. ++¸ \cst ¸oth :trcct. :uitc +.o-. Ncw ¥ork. N¥ +ooo+ lhonc i.+.)
6.o•ïoïo \c|sitc <wwwtransa|tor,¹> lronotcs wa|kin, an1 cn·ironncnta||y scnsi||c
On-line Resources
Car|rcccon This wc|sitc ¡ro·i1cs |ack,roun1 in|ornation on thc concc¡t o| car|rcc citics. 1iscusscs
rc|atc1 issucs. an1 o||crs |inks an1 |ists o| ¡rint rcsourccs on a|tcrnati·cs to autono|i|c trans¡ortation
Resource Guide
Suggestion 9. Create a Neighborhood Work-Share Program
lran1t. lar|ara. Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life. Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs. +oo¸ An in¡ortant
1iscussion o| ·a|ucs
Cahn. l1,ar :. No More Throw-Away People: The Co-Production Imperative. lsscntia| looks. .ooo A
1iscussion o| how Tinc lo||ars wcrc 1c·c|o¡c1 into a ¡ractica| an1 ¡owcr|u| too| |or connunity
Suggestion 10. Create a Neighborhood Mission Statement
lrctznan. lohn l. an1 lohn l \clni,ht. Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding
and Mobilizing Community Assets. ACTA lu||ications. +oo- Crcat rcsourcc |or thosc wishin, to
rc·an¡ thcir nci,h|orhoo1
:ha||cr. Caro|yn l. lristin Anun1scn. \ :cott lcck. an1 latricia lack|ar. Creating Community Anywhere:
Finding Support and Connection in a Fragmented World. lcri,cc. +oo¸
Suggestion 11. Create a Neighborhood Asset Inventory
lcrnan. \orris. The Reenchantment of the World. lantan looks. +oï¡ liscusscs how to |cconc rc
conncctc1 with onc’s innc1iatc surroun1in,s
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
:o|c|. la·i1. Map-Making with Children: Sense-of-Place Education for the Elementary School Years. Hcincnan.
+ooï Coo1 intro1uction to na¡nakin, |y chi|1rcn. which hc|¡s thcn 1isco·cr connunity asscts
Ccntcr |or Un1crstan1in, thc lui|t ln·ironncnt iCUll). ¸¸.ï \cst 6- :trcct. lrairic \i||a,c. l:
66.oï lhonc io+¸) .6.•ï... \c|sitc <cu|ckcor,> lrin,s to,cthcr c1ucators an1 connunity
¡artncrs to c||cct chan,c that wi|| |ca1 to a cua|ity |ui|t an1 natura| cn·ironncnt
Crccn \a¡ :ystcn. lO lox .¡o. Ncw ¥ork. N¥ +ooo. lhonc i.+.) 6-¡•+6¸+ \c|sitc
<www,rccnna¡or,> lro·i1cs assistancc in 1c·c|o¡in, assct in·cntorics. s¡cci|ica||y “,rccn” asscts
in a connunity
Suggestion 12. Tear Down Fences
Coo¡cr \arcus. C|arc. “Thc Nci,h|orhoo1 A¡¡roach to lui|1in, Connunity A li||crcnt lcrs¡ccti·c
on :nart Crowth.” Western City Magazine <wcstcrncitycon>. \arch .oo+ How to crcatc
coo¡crati·c s¡accs in your nci,h|orhoo1
lrayton. li||. “:ccrct Car1cns.” The Atlantic Monthly. lunc .ooo <wwwthcat|anticcon¹issucs¹.ooo¹
o6¹1raytonhtn> An cxcc||cnt artic|c that 1cscri|cs thc nany |cnc|its o| crcatin, connunity ,rccns
Connunity Crccns. +-oo N \oorc :trcct. :uitc .ooo. Ar|in,ton. \A ...oo+o¸o lhonc i-o¸)
¸.-•ï¸oo \c|sitc <wwwconnunity,rccnsor,¹> A non¡ro|it or,anization that |aci|itatcs thc
1c·c|o¡ncnt o| connunity ,rccns in rcsi1cntia| nci,h|orhoo1s in thc Unitc1 :tatcs
Resource Guide
Suggestion 13. Plant a Community Garden and Orchard
A|iNa1cr. lcancttc. la·i1 luck|cy. lcn1a|| lunni,an. an1 lristcn \ark|cy. “Crowin, Connunitics
How to lui|1 Connunity Throu,h Connunity Car1cnin,.” |on|inc| <wwwconnunity,ar1cn
or,¹> Tcrri|ic rcsourcc |or thosc intcrcstc1 in thc socia| as¡ccts o| connunity ,ar1cnin,
A||cnan. \ichac|. On Good Land: The Autobiography of an Urban Farm. Chronic|c looks. +ooï How
A||cnan ¡rcscr·c1 a |arn that was tota||y surroun1c1 |y su|ur|an 1c·c|o¡ncnt
An||cr. \aync. Caro| lan1a Christcnscn. larry Ho1,son. lctcr locwcr. an1 Tc1 \arston. Treasury of
Gardening. lu||ications lntcrnationa|. +oo- Contains a wca|th o| in|ornation on |an1sca¡c 1csi,n
that wi|| |c usc|u| as you trans|orn your yar1 into an c1i||c |an1sca¡c
lartho|oncw. \c|. Square Foot Gardening. lo1a|c lrcss. +oï+ How to o¡tinizc your yic|1 on sna|| ¡|ots
o| |an1
lra1|cy. lcrn \arsha||. c1. Rodale’s All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. lo1a|c lrcss. +oo. A
con¡cn1iun o| or,anic ,ar1cnin, tcchnicucs — a c|assic
lut|cr. laran la·is. The Complete Vegetable and Herb Gardener. \acni||an. +oo- An acccssi||c.
con¡rchcnsi·c rcsourcc with |ots o| |ists an1 hi,hyic|1 a¡¡roachcs
Chotzino||. lo|in. People With Dirty Hands. lohn \i|cy c :ons. +oo- A |ook that cc|c|ratcs thc ¡assion
o| ,ar1cnin, or1inary |o|ks who can’t sto¡ ,rowin,
lcnck|a. Tanya. The Organic Gardener’s Home Reference. :torcy Connunications. lnc. +oo¡ Contains a
wca|th o| in|ornation on |ruits. nuts. ·c,cta||cs. hcr|s. an1 ¡cst contro| A nicc |ook to ha·c on your
¡ottin, |cnch or thc arn o| your casy chair in thc wintcr
Hcncnway. To|y. Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture. Chc|sca Crccn. .oo+ A who|c
systcns a¡¡roach to ,ar1cnin,
lca·ons. lohn. How to Grow More Vegetables. +o :¡cc1 lrcss. +oo+ lxcc||cnt rc|crcncc. con¡i|cs ¸o ycars
o| ncticu|ous rcscarch on |iointcnsi·c ,rowin,
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
laync. larcn. an1 lc|orah lrynan. Cultivating Community: Principles and Practices for Community
Gardening as a Community-Building Tool, |on|inc| <wwwconnunity,ar1cnor,¹> liscusscs how to
structurc an1 nana,c a connunity ,ar1cn
:ha¡iro. Howar1¥ana. an1 lohn Harrisson. Gardening for the Future of the Earth. lantan. .ooo litcra||y
,roun1c1 in thc ¡rinci¡|cs o| sustaina|i|ity
:nith. :hanc. The Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion. lu|crun lu||ishcrs. .ooo How to o¡cratc a so|ar
,rccnhousc. |ron ¡|antin, to har·cstin,
\ann. la·i1. The Zen of Gardening in the High and Arid West. lu|crun lu||ishcrs. .oo¸ Ti¡s. too|s. an1
tcchnicucs |or ,rowin, c·crythin, |ron ¡canuts to ¡o¡¡ics
Ancrican Connunity Car1cnin, Association. +oo N .oth :trcct. ¸th l|oor. lhi|a1c|¡hia. lA +o+o¸
+¡o¸ lhonc i.+¸) oïï•ï-ï¸ \c|sitc <htt¡¹¹a,,ichorticu|turctanuc1u> A non¡ro|it
or,anization that o||crs a wca|th o| in|ornation on connunity ,ar1cns lc surc to chcck out thcir
wc|sitc |or ti¡s on startin, a connunity ,ar1cn
City larncr. Cana1a’s O||icc o| Ur|an A,ricu|turc. ïo+ – ¸+ï Honcr :trcct. \ancou·cr. lC \6l .\¸
lhonc i6o¡) 6︕¸ï¸. \c|sitc <wwwcity|arncror,> This sitc contains in|ornation on nany
to¡ics. an1 o||crs rcsourccs. inc|u1in, |csson ¡|ans. |or startin, a ,ar1cn at a |oca| schoo| Crcat
rcsourcc |or tcachcrs an1 intcrcstc1 connunity ncn|crs
Nationa| Car1cnin, Association. ++oo lorsct :trcct. :outh lur|in,ton. \T o¸¡o¸ lhonc iïoo)
¸¸ï•-¡-6 lor in|ornation on ,ar1cnin, |or ki1s. |o, on to thcir sitc at <wwwki1s,ar1cnin,con>
Suggestion 14. Establish Neighborhood Composting and Recycling
\artin. lc|orah l. The Rodale Book of Composting, lo1a|c lrcss. +oo. Contains a|| thc |un1ancnta|
wis1on |ron ha|| a ccntury o| cx¡cricncc
Resource Guide
:tc||. l|iza|cth. Secrets to Great Soil: A Grower’s Guide to Composting, Mulching, and Creating Healthy, Fertile
Soil. lincnsions lrcss. +ooï A ,oo1. |asic rcsourcc |or |carnin, how to con¡ost
lco|o,ica| ln,inccrin, an1 lcsi,n. +¸. Connonwca|th A·cnuc. Concor1. \A o+-¡..o6ï lhonc
io-ï) ¸6o•o¡¡o \c|sitc <wwwo|1,rowthor,¹con¡ost¹¡ro1ucts¹|ar,c> iThc Con¡ost lcsourcc
la,c) Coo1 sourcc o| in|ornation on con¡ostin,. anon, othcr to¡ics
Suggestion 15. Plant Trees to Produce a More Favorable Microclimate and Wildlife Habitat
lansta1. \cnchc l. lancs l O|son. an1 lichar1 T lornan. Landscape Ecology: Principles in Landscape
Architecture and Land-Use Planning. ls|an1 lrcss. +oo6 A usc|u| tcxt|ook on thc su|¡cct
li¡kis. An1y. an1 latic li¡kis. The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: Healing Your Neighborhoods, Your City, and
Your World. Tarchcr. +ooo A ,rcat |ook |ron thc |oun1cr o| Trcc lco¡|c. an or,anization that knows
thc ·a|uc o| trccs
\o||at. Annc :. \arc :chi|cr. an1 thc :ta|| o| Crccn li·in,. Energy-Efficient and Environmental Landscaping.
A¡¡ro¡riatc :o|utions lrcss. +oo¡ An cxcc||cnt rc|crcncc ithou,h now out o| ¡rint). with an
a|un1ancc o| in|ornation on |an1sca¡in, stratc,ics an1 ¡|ant ·arictics suita||c |or your c|inatc zonc
Nationa| lcncwa||c lncr,y la|. Landscaping for Energy Efficiency. lOl¹CO+ooo¸o¡6. \ashin,ton
lC lc¡artncnt o| lncr,y O||icc o| lncr,y l||icicncy an1 lcncwa||c lncr,y. +oo¸ lro·i1cs a
1cccnt. thou,h soncwhat 1isor,anizc1 o·cr·icw o| thc to¡ic
:tcin. :ara lonnctt. Noah’s Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards. Hou,hton \i|||in. +oo¸
lx¡|ains how ur|an an1 su|ur|an |awns wi¡c out cntirc connunitics o| ¡|ants an1 anina|s. an1 what
wc can 1o a|out it
:tcin. :ara lonnctt. Planting Noah’s Garden. Hou,hton \i|||in. +oo- :hows how ¡co¡|c arc hc|¡in, to
rcstorc |ackyar1 ccosystcns
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
:tric|c|. lan. an1 \cs|cy A Crocs|cck. The Resource Guide to Sustainable Landscapes. ln·ironncnta|
lcsourccs. lnc. +oo¸ lxcc||cnt rcsourcc
\i·ian. lohn. “Thc \orkin, lawn A :tc¡ lcyon1 an lx¡ansc o| Crccn.” Mother Earth News. lunc¹lu|y
.oo+. ¡¡ 66–-¡ A ,ui1c to con·crtin, |awn to a ¡ro1ucti·c |an1sca¡c
la1y lir1 lohnson \i|1||owcr Ccntcr. ¡ïo+ laCrossc A·cnuc. Austin. TX -ï-¸o lhonc i¸+.)
.o.•¡.oo \c|sitc <wwwwi|1||owcror,> O||crs a wca|th o| in|ornation an1 assistancc on ¡|antin,
nati·c wi|1||owcrs
Nationa| Ar|or lay loun1ation. +oo Ar|or A·cnuc. Nc|raska City. Nl 6ï¡+o \c|sitc <www
ar|or1ay or,> lronotcs trcc¡|antin, c||orts in thc U: an1 ,i·cs |rcc trccs to ncw ncn|crs
Nationa| \i|1|i|c lc1cration’s lackyar1 \i|1|i|c Ha|itat lro,ran. +++oo \i|1|i|c Ccntcr lri·c. lcston.
\A .o+oo¸¸6. lhonc i-o¸) ¡¸ï•6ooo \c|sitc <nw|or,¹|ackyar1wi1|i|cha|itat> :u¡cr| sourcc
o| in|ornation on csta||ishin, |ackyar1 wi|1|i|c ha|itat ¡ro,ran :cc thc N\l’s ncws|cttcr. Habitats
Suggestion 16. Replace Asphalt and Concrete With Porous Pavers
lay Arca :tornwatcr \ana,cncnt A,cncics Association an1 Ton lichnan Associatcs. Start at the Source:
Design Guidance Manual for Stormwater Quality Protection. lor|cs Custon lu||ishin,. +oo- A|thou,h
this is 1csi,nc1 |or thc lay Arca. thcrc’s nuch usc|u| a1·icc |or othcr rc,ions as wc||
low ln¡act lc·c|o¡ncnt Ccntcr. ¸o+o :unnysi1c A·cnuc. :uitc .oo. lc|ts·i||c. \l .o-o¸ lhonc i¸o+)
oï.•¸¸¸o \c|sitc <htt¡¹¹|owin¡act1c·c|o¡ncntor,¹> A non¡ro|it or,anization 1c1icatc1 to
naintainin, an1 cnhancin, ¡rc1c·c|o¡ncnt hy1ro|o,ic rc,inc in ur|an an1 1c·c|o¡in, watcrshc1s
Resource Guide
\i11|cscx County lxtcnsion Ccntcr. +o66 :ay|rook loa1. lox -o. Ha11an. CT o6¡¸ï lhonc iï6o)
¸¡¸•¡¸++ \c|sitc <htt¡¹¹ncnouconnc1u¹a|outhtn> Coo1 rcsourcc with casc stu1ics o|
a|tcrnati·c ¡a·cncnts an1 sur|accs
Suggestion 17. Establish an Edible Landscape
lruchk|ackhcr. Ann l. “\in1 ¥our \u|ch.” Natural Home. \arch¹A¡ri| .oo¸. ¡¡ -o–-+ A·ai|a||c
|ron .o+ lourth :trcct. lo·c|an1. CO ïo¸¸- \c|sitc <wwwnatura|honcna,azinccon> A short
|ut in|ornati·c artic|c on cco|ricn1|y nu|chcs
Crcasy. losa|in1. an1 \arcia licrHawthornc. The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping. :icrra C|u| looks.
+oï. Consi1crc1 a |asic rcsourcc on this su|¡cct
C|icknan. \arsha||. “Xcrisca¡in, |or l·cryonc.” Natural Home. \arch¹A¡ri| .oo¸. ¡¡ 66–6o Crcat
intro1uction to thc to¡ic
lourik. lo|crt. Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape Naturally. \ctanor¡hic lrcss. +oï6
Ccttin, startc1 with hcr|s. |crrics. an1 |ruits in your yar1
\o||ison. l. Perma-Culture Two: Practical Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture. Ta,ari
looks. +o-o A scnina| work in thc |ic|1 o| ¡crnacu|turc
A|so scc rcsourccs |istc1 un1cr :u,,cstions +¸ an1 +¡
Suggestion 18. Start or Join a Community-supported Agriculture Program
liolynanic Association. Community Related Agriculture. liolynanic Association. n1 A·ai|a||c |ron thc
liolynanic Association. lO lox ¸¸o. lin|crton. lA +o¡.. lhonc iïoo) ¸+6•--o- A |rochurc
that out|incs thc or,anization an1 ¡|annin, o| connunity |arns. C:A. an1 su|scri¡tion |arns
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
lc\uth. :uzannc. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): An Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide.
A|tcrnati·c larnin, :ystcns ln|ornation Ccntcr. +oo¸ A·ai|a||c |ron thc A|tcrnati·c larnin,
:ystcns ln|ornation Ccntcr iAl:lC). Nationa| A,ricu|tura| li|rary. lc|ts·i||c. \l .o-o¸.¸¸+
lhonc i¸o+) ¸o¡•6¸¸o
Croh. Trau,cr. an1 :tc·cn \cla11cn. Farms of Tomorrow: Community Supported Farms, Farm Supported
Communities. liolynanic Association. +ooo. an1 Farms of Tomorrow: Revisited. liolynanic
Association. +oo- A·ai|a||c |ron thc liolynanic Association. |istc1 a|o·c lasic tcxt an1 u¡1atc1
·crsion on C:A in ,cncra| an1 on sc·cra| liolynanic |arns in ¡articu|ar
Hcn1crson. l|iza|cth. an1 lo|yn \an ln. Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community-Supported Agriculture.
Chc|sca Crccn. +ooo Coo1 intro1uction to this in¡ortant su|¡cct
lowa :tatc Uni·crsity lxtcnsion :cr·icc. Community Supported Agriculture: Local Food Systems for Iowa. il\
+6o.) l:U lxtcnsion A,cncy. n1 A·ai|a||c |ron l:U lxtcnsion listri|ution. ++o lrintin, an1
lu||ishcr. l:U. Ancs. lA ¸oo++¸+-+ lhonc i¸+¸) .o¡•.o¡¸
lowa :tatc Uni·crsity lxtcnsion :cr·icc Iowa Community Supported Agriculture Resource Book for Producers
and Organizers il\ +6o¡) l:U lxtcnsion A,cncy. n1 A·ai|a||c |ron l:U lxtcnsion listri|ution.
|istc1 a|o·c
lanc. lc|orah. Maximizing Shareholder Retention in Southeastern CSAs: A Step Toward Long-Term Stability.
lnstitutc o| lco|o,y. +oo- A·ai|a||c |ron thc lnstitutc o| lco|o,y. Uni·crsity o| Ccor,ia. Athcns. CA
\i|stcin. :arah. “Crcatin, a \arkct Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|turc.” Mother Earth News. lc|ruary
+ooo This artic|c is ,carc1 to |arncrs |ut contains a |ot o| usc|u| in|ornation |or ncn|crs o| C:As
Tow|cy. Tansyn. an1 Chris lccnan. Our Field: A Manual for Community Shared Agriculture. Uni·crsity o|
Cuc|¡h. +oo¡ A·ai|a||c |ron Tansyn Tow|cy. Uni·crsity o| Cuc|¡h. Cuc|¡h. ON. Cana1a N+C .\+
lhonc i¸+o) ï.¡•¡+.o cxt ï¡ïo lax i¸+o) -6¸•¡6ï6 Co·crs nany in¡ortant to¡ics
Uni·crsity o| Ca|i|ornia Coo¡crati·c lxtcnsion. Community Supported Agriculture: Making the Connection.
UC Coo¡crati·c lxtcnsion. n1 A·ai|a||c |ron UC Coo¡crati·c lxtcnsion. Attn C:A Han1|ook.
++¡-- l A·cnuc. Au|urn. CA o¸6o¸ This ,ui1c|ook co·crs 1csi,nin, a C:A ¡ro,ran. rccruitin,
ncn|crs. crcatin, ¡ro1uction an1 har·cst ¡|ans. scttin, sharc ¡riccs. an1 1ca|in, with |c,a| issucs
lncor¡oratcs i1cas an1 stratc,ics o| succcss|u| C:A |arns
Resource Guide
\an ln. lo|yn. Basic Formula to Create Community Supported Agriculture. \an ln Ccntcr lor Connunity
:u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|turc. +oo. A·ai|a||c |ron \an ln Ccntcr lor Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|turc.
|istc1 un1cr Or,anizations An ïo¡a,c han1|ook¹startu¡ nanua| inc|u1in, san¡|c |u1,cts. ¡o|
1cscri¡tions. connunity outrcach tactics. |i||io,ra¡hy. an1 norc
\an ln. lo|yn. an1 Cathy loth. Community Supported Agriculture. Coo¡crati·c lxtcnsion lu||ication C
.+.. Uni·crsity o| \assachusctts. n1 A·ai|a||c |ron lu||ctin Ccntcr. Cotta,c A. Thatchcr \ay. U
o| \. Anhcrst. \A o+oo¸ lhonc i¡+¸) ¸¡¸•.-+- A |asic intro1uction to C:A
Magazines and Newsletters
Biodynamics: A Bimonthly Magazine Centered on Health and Wholeness. liolynanic Association. lO lox
¸¸o. lin|crton. lA +o¡¡. lhonc iïoo) ¸+6•--o- C|assi|ic1s o||cr |ists o| ¡ositions |or C:A
,rowcrs. ctc
The Community Farm: A Voice for Community Supported Agriculture. ¸¡ïo lottcr loa1. lcar lakc. \l ¡o6+¡
lhonc i6+6) ïïo•¸.+6 Contains a |ot o| ¡ractica| in|ornation on C:A
Growing for Market: News and Ideas for Market Gardeners. lair¡|ain lu||ications. lO lox ¸-¡-. lawrcncc.
l: 66o¡6 lhonc io+¸) ï¡+•..¸o lc,u|ar storics on C:A
CSA: Making a Difference. \an ln Ccntcr |or C:A. c¹o \i|son Co||c,c. +oo- A·ai|a||c |ron Ccntcr |or
:ustaina||c li·in,. +o+¸ lhi|a1c|¡hia A·cnuc. Chan|crs|ur,. lA +-.o+ lhonc i-+-) .6¡•¡+¡+.
cxt ¸.¡-
It’s Not Just About Vegetables. lowntown lro1uctions an1 lan \an1crtuin. +oï6 A·ai|a||c |ron
lowntown lro1uctions. .. lai|roa1 :trcct. Crcat larrin,ton. \A o+.¸o lhonc i¡+¸) ¸.ï•o¸o¸
Shared Farming: Towards a Sustainable Community. C:A Cana1a A·ai|a||c |ron C:A Cana1a. lox ¸¸¸. :t
A1o|¡hc. \l. Cana1a l¸A +A.
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
A|tcrnati·c larnin, :ystcns ln|ornation Ccntcr wc|sitc <wwwna|us1a,o·¹a|sic¹csa> This wc|sitc
o||crs a wca|th o| in|ornation on connunity su¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc. inc|u1in, a |ink to a sitc you can
usc to |ocatc a |arn ncar you
liolynanic Association. lO lox ¸¸o. lin|crton. lA +o¡¡. lhonc iïoo) ¸+6•--o- \c|sitc
<wwwhiscon¹c|aynont¹|1¹assochtn|> This na¡or ¡ro¡oncnt o| C:A in North Ancrica ¡u||ishcs
a |inonth|y ncws|cttcr. s¡onsors con|crcnccs. ¡ro·i1cs a cata|o, o| rcsourccs. an1 naintains a |ar,c
C:A 1ata|asc
C:A Ccntcr wc|sitc <wwwcsaccntcror,¹csastatchtn> lor a |ist o| connunitysu¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc
|arns in your arca. chcck out this sitc
C:A larn Nctwork. :tc·c Ci|nan. +¸o luckytucks loa1. :ti||watcr. N¥ +.+-o lhonc i¸+ï) ¸ï¸•¡6+¸
lronotcs C:A in thc northcast
C:A larn Nctwork \cst. lO lox ¸6¸. la·is. CA o¸6+- lhonc io+6) -¸6•ï¸+ï \c|sitc
<wwwca||or,> C:A in|ornation on thc \cst Coast
Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|turc o| North Ancrica at thc Uni·crsity o| \assachusctts lxtcnsion
wc|sitc <wwwunassc1u¹uncxt¹csa¹> Chcck out this wc|sitc |or a wca|th o| in|ornation. inc|u1in,
an cxtcnsi·c |ist o| rcsourccs
C:A \orks. ++¸ lay loa1. Ha1|cy. \A o+o¸¸ lhonc i¡+¸)¸ï6•¸+¸¸ lro·i1cs assistancc to thc
|arncrs ncc1c1 to run c||icicnt C:A cntcr¡riscs
lust loo1. 6.¸ lroa1way. :uitc oC. Ncw ¥ork. N¥ +oo+. lhonc i.+.) 6--•+6o. lax i.+.) ¸o¸•ï6+¸
lnai| ¡ust|oo1(i,cor, Hc|¡s conncct northcast C:A |arncrs an1 Ncw ¥orkcrs. ¡ro·i1cs startu¡
an1 on,oin, su¡¡ort to |arncrs an1 corc ,rou¡ ncn|crs
\a1ison Arca Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|tura| Coa|ition i\AC:AC). ¡o+¸ \onona lri·c. :uitc
¸o¡. \onona. \l ¸¸-+6 lhonc i6oï) ..6•o¸oo \c|sitc <wwwwiscc1u¹cias¹nacsac> Coa|ition
o| connunity acti·ists. rc¡rcscntati·cs o| or,anizations su¡¡ortin, sustaina||c a,ricu|turc. an1
|arncrs in thc \a1ison arca that c1ucatcs thc ¡u||ic a|out C:A. ¡u||ishcs an annua| C:A 1ircctory.
an1 ¡ro·i1cs su¡¡ort an1 nctworkin, o¡¡ortunitics to C:A |arns
lo|yn \an ln Ccntcr |or Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|turc. c¹o \i|son Co||c,c. Ccntcr |or :ustaina||c
li·in,. +o+¸ lhi|a1c|¡hia A·cnuc. Chan|crs|ur,. lA +-.o+ lhonc i-+-) .6¡•¡+¡+. cxt ¸.¡-
Resource Guide
lro·i1cs in|ornation. han1|ook. ·i1co. s|i1c show. an1 in|ornation on C:A 1c·c|o¡ncnt an1
¡ronotion. rcscarch con¡i|ations. ctc
Suggestion 19. Create a Car-share Program
Car l|us. Thc :tu1io. ¸. Thc Ca||s. lcc1s. Ul. l:. -l\ lhonc o++¸ .¸¡ o.oo \c|sitc
<wwwcarc|u|sor,uk¹car¡|us¹in1cxhtn> A luro¡can non¡ro|it or,anization that works with
connunitics. |oca| authoritics. an1 ¡artncr associations to ¡ronotc an1 su¡¡ort 1c·c|o¡ncnt o| car
c|u|s — carsharin, ¡ro,rans in thc Unitc1 lin,1on Thc wc|sitc contains a wca|th o| ·a|ua||c
City Car:harc lhonc i¡+¸) oo¸•ï¸ïï \c|sitc <wwwcitysharcor,¹a|out> A non¡ro|it or,anization
that ¡ronotcs carsharin, in an1 aroun1 :an lrancisco
l|cxcar wc|sitc <www||cxcarcon> A con¡any that o¡cratcs carsharc ¡ro,rans in Ca|i|ornia.
\ary|an1. Orc,on. \ir,inia. \ashin,ton lC. an1 thc statc o| \ashin,ton
Zi¡car lhonc iïoo) ¡o¡•-..- \c|sitc <wwwzi¡carcon> A con¡any that o¡cratcs carsharc
¡ro,rans in loston. Ncw ¥ork City. \ashin,ton lC. an1 lcn·cr
Suggestion 20. Retrofit Homes for Energy Efficiency: Creating Energy-Efficient Buildings
Carno1y. lohn. :tc¡hcn :c|kowitz. an1 lisa Hcschon,. Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies
and Energy Performance. Norton. +oo6 lxtrcnc|y in¡ortant rca1in, |or crcatin, cncr,yc||icicnt
Chiras. lan. “lctro|ittin, a loun1ation |or lncr,y l||icicncy.” The Last Straw ¸ï. :unncr .oo.. +o
<wwwstrawhoncscon> lcscri|cs ways to rctro|it |oun1ations to rc1ucc hcat |oss
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
linc Honc|ui|1in,. The Best of Fine Homebuilding: Energy-Efficient Building. Taunton lrcss. +ooo A
co||cction o| 1ctai|c1. soncwhat tcchnica|. artic|cs on a wi1c assortncnt o| to¡ics rc|atc1 to cncr,y
c||icicncy inc|u1in, insu|ation. cncr,ysa·in, 1ctai|s. win1ows. houscwra¡s. sky|i,hts. an1 hcatin,
Hurst\a¡szczuk. loc. “:a·c lncr,y an1 \oncy — Now.” Mother Earth News. Octo|cr¹No·cn|cr .oo+.
¡¡ .¡–¸¸ Usc|u| ti¡s on sa·in, cncr,y in ncw an1 cxistin, honcs
lsti|urck. loc. an1 lctsy lcttit. EEBA Builder’s Guide — Cold Climate. lncr,y l||icicnt lui|1in,
Association. +ooo :u¡cr| rcsourcc |or a1·icc on |ui|1in, in co|1 c|inatcs
lsti|urck. loc. an1 lctsy lcttit. EEBA Builder’s Guide — Mixed Humid Climate. lncr,y l||icicnt lui|1in,
Association. +ooo :u¡cr| rcsourcc |or a1·icc on |ui|1in, in a nixc1 huni1 c|inatc
lsti|urck. loc. an1 lctsy lcttit. EEBA Builder’s Guide — Hot-Arid Climate. lncr,y l||icicnt lui|1in,
Association. +ooo :u¡cr| rcsourcc |or a1·icc on |ui|1in, in hot ari1 c|inatcs
\unna. Tracy. Guide to Resource Efficient Building Elements. Nationa| Ccntcr |or A¡¡ro¡riatc Tcchno|o,y.
Ccntcr |or lcsourcc|u| lui|1in, Tcchno|o,y. +oo- U¡1atc1 ·crsions arc a·ai|a||c |rcc on|inc at
wwwcr|tor, A han1y ,ui1c to natcria|s that hc|¡ in¡ro·c thc c||icicncy o| honcs an1 othcr
Nationa| Association o| Honc lui|1crs lcscarch Ccntcr. Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow
Foundations. NAHl lcscarch Ccntcr. +oo6 Tcchnica| |ut csscntia| rcsourcc on this to¡ic
lah|. Crc,. Home Heating Basics. Chc|sca Crccn. .oo¸ A usc|u| o·cr·icw o| honc hcatin,
\i|son. A|cx. “\in1ows lookin, throu,h thc O¡tions.” Solar Today. \ay¹lunc .oo+. ¡¡ ¸6–¸o
A·ai|a||c |ron .¡oo Ccntra| A·cnuc. :uitc C+. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o+ <wwwascsor,¹so|ar¹> A ,rcat
o·cr·icw o| win1ows with a usc|u| chcck|ist |or thosc in thc narkct to |uy ncw win1ows
\i|son. A|cx. lcnni|cr Thornc. an1 lohn \orri||. Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings. -th c1.
Ancrican Counci| |or an lncr,yl||icicnt lconony. +ooo lxcc||cnt |ook. |u|| o| in|ornation on
cncr,ysa·in, a¡¡|ianccs This |ook is u¡1atc1 c·cry |cw ycars. so |c surc to o|tain thc nost rcccnt
c1ition to accuirc thc nost u¡to1atc 1ata on a¡¡|ianccs an1 othcr 1c·iccs
¥ost. Harry. Home Insulation: Do It Yourself and Save as Much as 40%. :torcy Connunications. +oo+
lxtrcnc|y usc|u| |ook |or anyonc |ui|1in, his or hcr own honc
Resource Guide
Ancrican Counci| |or an lncr,yl||icicnt lconony. +oo+ Connccticut A·cnuc N\. :uitc ïo+.
\ashin,ton lC. .oo¸6 lhonc i.o.) ¡.o•oo6¸ \c|sitc <wwwaccccor,> Nuncrous cxcc||cnt
¡u||ications on cncr,y c||icicncy. inc|u1in, Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings
lui|1in, Ancrica lro,ran. U: lc¡artncnt o| lncr,y. O||icc o| lui|1in, :ystcns. ll¡+. +ooo
ln1c¡cn1cncc A·cnuc :\. \ashin,ton lC. .o¸ï¸ lhonc i.o.) ¸ï6•o¡-. lca1crs in ¡ronotin,
cncr,y c||icicncy an1 rcncwa||c cncr,y to achic·c zcro cncr,y |ui|1in,s
lncr,y l||icicncy an1 lcncwa||c lncr,y C|carin,housc. lO lox ¸o¡ï. \crri|ic|1. \A ..++6 lhonc
iïoo) ¸6¸•¸-¸. Crcat sourcc o| a ·aricty o| usc|u| in|ornation on cncr,y c||icicncy
lncr,y l||icicnt lui|1in, Association. ¡oo Concor1ia A·cnuc. lO lox ..¸o-. la,cn. \N ¸¸+..
lhonc i6¸+) .6ï•-¸ï¸ \c|sitc <wwwcc|aor,¹> O||crs con|crcnccs. worksho¡s. ¡u||ications an1
an on|inc |ookstorc
C|o|a| Action l|an. ï lu|woo1 l|acc. lon1on. Ul. \C+\ 6HC lhonc io.o) -¡o¸ ¸6¸¸ \c|sitc
www,|o|a|action¡|anor,uk lor in|ornation on crcatin, an cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y houscho|1
:outh|acc lncr,y lnstitutc. .¡+ linc :trcct. At|anta. CA ¸o¸oï lhonc i¡o¡) ï-.•¸¸¡o \c|sitc
<wwwsouth|accor,¹> lronotcs sustaina||c honcs. work¡|accs. an1 connunitics throu,h
c1ucation. rcscarch. a1·ocacy. an1 tcchnica| assistancc
U: lc¡artncnt o| lncr,y an1 ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy’s lNllC¥ :TAl ¡ro,ran lhonc
iïïï) -ï.•-o¸- \c|sitc <wwwcncr,ystar,o·> lro·i1cs in|ornation on cncr,yc||icicnt houscs
an1 cncr,yc||icicnt a¡¡|ianccs
Suggestion 20. Retrofit Homes for Energy Efficiency: Energy-Efficient Heating Systems
Chiras. lanic| l. The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling. Chc|sca Crccn. .oo. :cc Cha¡tcr ¡ |or a
1iscussion o| cncr,yc||icicnt hcatin, systcns
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Cu||an1. lohn. “\oo1sto·c luycr’s Cui1c.” Mother Earth News. lcccn|cr¹lanuary .oo.. ¡¡ ¸.–¡¸
:u¡cr| o·cr·icw o| woo1sto·cs with a usc|u| ta||c to hc|¡ you sc|cct a no1c| that nccts your ncc1s
ly|c. la·i1. The Book of Masonry Stoves: Rediscovering an Old Way of Warming. Chc|sca Crccn. +oï¡ This
|ook contains a wca|th o| in|ornation on thc history. |unction. 1csi,n. an1 construction o| nasonry
\a|in. Na1a·. an1 A|cx \i|son. “Croun1:ourcc Hcat lun¡s Arc Thcy Crccn?” Environmental Building
News o. lu|y¹Au,ust .ooo. +. ¡¡ +6–.. A·ai|a||c |ron lui|1in,Crccn. lnc <wwwlui|1in,Crccn
con> lctai|c1 o·cr·icw o| thc o¡cration an1 ¡ros an1 cons o| ,roun1sourcc hcat ¡un¡s
Nationa| lcncwa||c lncr,y la| “Ccothcrna| Hcat lun¡s.” |on|inc|. <wwwcrcn1oc,o·¹crcc¹|act
shccts¹,cohcat¡un¡shtn|> Crcat o·cr·icw o| ,roun1sourcc hcat ¡un¡s
:ic,cntha|cr. lohn. “Hy1ronic la1iantl|oor Hcatin,.” Fine Homebuilding. Octo|cr¹No·cn|cr +oo6. ¡¡
¸ï–6¸ A·ai|a||c |ron Taunton lrcss <wwwtauntoncon¹|inchonc|ui|1in,¹in1cxas¡> lxtrcnc|y
usc|u| rc|crcncc \c||writtcn. thorou,h. an1 wc||i||ustratc1
\i|son. A|cx. “A lrincr on Hcatin, :ystcns.” Fine Homebuilding. lc|ruary¹\arch +oo-. ¡¡ ¸o–¸¸
A·ai|a||c |ron Taunton lrcss iscc a|o·c) :u¡cr| o·cr·icw o| |urnaccs. |oi|crs. an1 hcat systcns
\i|son. A. “la1iantl|oor Hcatin, \hcn lt locs — an1 locsn’t — \akc :cnsc.” Environmental
Building News. lanuary .oo.. +. ¡¡ o–+¡ A·ai|a||c |ron lui|1in,Crccn. |istc1 a|o·c \a|ua||c
CcoHcat Ccntcr. Orc,on lnstitutc o| Tcchno|o,y. ¸.o+ Can¡us lri·c. l|anath. Ol o-6o+ lhonc
i¸¡+) ï︕+-¸o \c|sitc <wwwoitosshcc1u¹-,cohcat¹> Tcchnica| in|ornation on hcat ¡un¡s
Ccothcrna| Hcat lun¡ Consortiun. lnc. -o+ lcnnsy|·ania A·cnuc N\. \ashin,ton lC. .ooo¡.6o6
lhonc iïïï) ¸¸¸•¡¡-. \c|sitc <www,h¡cor,> Ccncra| an1 tcchnica| in|ornation on hcat
Hcarth. latio. an1 lar|ccuc Association i|orncr|y thc Hcarth lro1ucts Association). +6o+ North lcnt
:trcct. :uitc +oo+. Ar|in,ton. \A ...oo \c|sitc <htt¡¹¹h¡|aor,> lntcrnationa| tra1c association
that ¡ronotcs thc intcrcsts o| thc hcarth ¡ro1ucts in1ustry O||crs |ots o| ·a|ua||c in|ornation
Resource Guide
\asonry Hcatcr Association o| North Ancrica. +.¸. :tock larn loa1. lan1o|¡h. \T o¸o6o lhonc
iïo.) -.ïo6 \c|sitc <wwwnhanctor,> lu||ishcs a ·a|ua||c ncws|cttcr an1 has a wc|sitc
with |inks to 1ca|crs an1 nasons who 1csi,n an1 |ui|1 nasonry sto·cs
la1iant lanc| Association. +¡¸¸ \cst .o :trcct. lo·c|an1. CO ïo¸¸o lhonc io-o) 6+¸•o+oo \c|sitc
<wwwra1iant¡anc|associationor,> lro|cssiona| or,anization consistin, o| ra1iant hcatin, an1
coo|in, contractors. who|csa|crs. nanu|acturcrs. an1 ¡ro|cssiona|s
U: lc¡artncnt o| lncr,y. O||icc o| Ccothcrna| Tcchno|o,ics. ll+.. +ooo ln1c¡cn1cncc A·cnuc :\.
\ashin,ton lC. .o¸ï¸o+.+ lhonc i.o.) ¸ï6•¸¸¡o Carrics out rcscarch on ,roun1 sourcc hcat
¡un¡s an1 works c|osc|y with in1ustry to in¡|cncnt ncw i1cas
Suggestion 21. Solarize Homes
Chiras. lanic| l. The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling. Chc|sca Crccn. .oo. A con¡rchcnsi·c
,ui1c to hcatin, an1 coo|in, honcs natura||y
Chiras. lanic| l. “lui|1 a :o|ar Honc an1 lct thc :unshinc ln.” Mother Earth News. Au,ust¹:c¡tcn|cr
.oo.. ¡¡ -¡–ï+ A sur·cy o| ¡assi·c so|ar 1csi,n ¡rinci¡|cs an1 a casc stu1y showin, thc ccononics
o| ¡assi·c so|ar hcatin,
Chiras. lan. “Ta¡¡in, into thc :un.” Natural Home. \arch¹A¡ri| .oo¸. ¡¡ -ï–ï+ A·ai|a||c |ron .o+
lourth :trcct. lo·c|an1. CO ïo¸¸- <wwwnatura|honcna,azinccon> A |ric| intro1uction to
¡assi·c so|ar hcatin, with i1cas on rctro|ittin, honcs |or ¡assi·c so|ar
lncr,y li·ision. North Caro|ina lc¡artncnt o| Conncrcc. Solar Homes for North Carolina: A Guide to
Building and Planning Solar Homes. North Caro|ina :o|ar Ccntcr. +ooo A·ai|a||c on|inc at thc North
Caro|ina :o|ar Ccntcr’s wc|sitc. |istc1 un1cr Or,anizations
\i||cr. lurkc. Solar Energy: Today’s Technologies for a Sustainable Future. Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty.
+oo- A·ai|a||c |ron Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty. |istc1 un1cr Or,anizations An cxtrcnc|y
·a|ua||c rcsourcc with nuncrous casc stu1ics showin, how ¡assi·c so|ar hcatin, can |c usc1 in
1i||crcnt c|inatcs. c·cn sonc |air|y so|ar1c¡ri·c1 ¡|accs
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
O|son. lcn. an1 loc :chwartz. “Honc :wcct :o|ar Honc A lassi·c :o|ar lcsi,n lrincr.” Home Power.
Au,ust¹:c¡tcn|cr .oo.. ¡¡ ï6–o¡ A·ai|a||c |ron lO lox ¸.o. Ash|an1. Ol o-¸.o
<wwwhonc¡owcrcon> :u¡cr| intro1uction to ¡assi·c so|ar 1csi,n ¡rinci¡|cs
:ustaina||c lui|1in,s ln1ustry Counci| Designing Low-Energy Buildings: Passive Solar Strategies and Energy-
10 Software. :llC. +oo6 A·ai|a||c |ron :ustaina||c lui|1in,s ln1ustry Counci|. |istc1 un1cr
Or,anizations A su¡cr| rcsourcc! This |ook o| 1csi,n ,ui1c|incs an1 thc lncr,y+o so|twarc that
concs with it cna||c |ui|1crs to ana|yzc thc cncr,y an1 cost sa·in,s in |ui|1in, 1csi,ns Hc|¡s ¡crnit
rc,ions¡cci|ic 1csi,n
Magazines and Newsletters
Backwoods Home Magazine. lO lox -+.. Co|1 lcach. Ol o-¡¡¡ lhonc iïoo) ︸•.¡+ï \c|sitc
<www|ackhonccon> lu||ishcs artic|cs on a|| as¡ccts o| sc||rc|iant |i·in,. inc|u1in, rcncwa||c
cncr,y stratc,ics such as so|ar
Home Energy Magazine. .+.¡ littrc1,c :trcct. No o¸. lcrkc|cy. CA o¡-o¡ Crcat rcsourcc |or thosc who
want to |carn norc a|out ways to sa·c cncr,y in con·cntiona| honc construction
Home Power. lO lox ¸.o. Ash|an1. Ol o-¸.o lhonc iïoo) -o-•6¸ï¸ \c|sitc <wwwhonc¡owcr
con> lu||ishcs nuncrous artic|cs on ¡hoto·o|taics. win1 cncr,y. an1 nicrohy1roc|cctric an1
occasiona||y an artic|c or two on ¡assi·c so|ar hcatin, an1 coo|in,
Solar Today. .¡oo Ccntra| A·cnuc. :uitc C+. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o+ lhonc i¸o¸) ¡¡¸•¸+¸o \c|sitc
<wwwascsor,¹so|ar¹> This na,azinc. ¡u||ishc1 |y thc Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty. contains a
wca|th o| in|ornation on ¡assi·c so|ar. so|ar thcrna|. ¡hoto·o|taics. hy1ro,cn. an1 othcr to¡ics A|so
|ists nancs o| cn,inccrs. |ui|1crs. an1 insta||crs an1 |ists worksho¡s an1 con|crcnccs
Buildings for a Sustainable America A·ai|a||c |ron thc :ustaina||c lui|1in,s ln1ustry Counci| i:llC).
+¸¸+ H :trcct N\. :uitc +ooo. \ashin,ton lC. .ooo¸ lhonc i.o.) 6.ï•-¡oo \c|sitc www
s|icounci|or, A concisc o·cr·icw o| ¡assi·c so|ar |ui|1in,s an1 thcir |cnc|its
Resource Guide
The Solar-Powered Home with lo| loy Can |c ¡urchasc1 |ron thc larthwoo1 lui|1in, :choo|. ¸66
\urta,h Hi|| loa1. \cst Chazy. N¥ +.oo. lhonc i¸+ï) ¡o¸•--¡¡ \c|sitc <wwwintcr|o,con¹
-cwoo1> An ï¡ninutc ·i1co that cxanincs |asic ¡rinci¡|cs. con¡oncnts. sctu¡. an1 systcn
¡|annin, |or an o||,ri1 honc. |caturin, ti¡s |ron Ancrica’s |ca1in, cx¡crts in thc |ic|1 o| honc ¡owcr
Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty. .¡oo Ccntra| A·cnuc. :uitc C+. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o+ \c|sitc <www
ascsor,¹so|ar¹> lu||ishcs Solar Today na,azinc an1 s¡onsors an annua| nationa| ncctin, A|so
¡u||ishcs an on|inc cata|o, o| ¡u||ications an1 s¡onsors thc Nationa| Tour o| :o|ar Honcs Contact
this or,anization to |in1 out a|out an A:l: cha¡tcr in your arca
Ccntcr |or lui|1in,s an1 Thcrna| :ystcns o| thc Nationa| lcncwa||c lncr,y la| iNlll). +6+- Co|c
lou|c·ar1. Co|1cn. CO ïo¡o+ lhonc i¸o¸) ¸ï¡•-¸¡o \c|sitc <wwwnrc|,o·¹|ui|1in,s¹hi,h
¡cr|ornancc> lcy ¡|aycrs in rcscarch an1 c1ucation on cncr,y c||icicncy an1 ¡assi·c so|ar hcatin,
an1 coo|in,
Ccntcr |or lcncwa||c lncr,y an1 :ustaina||c Tcchno|o,ics iCll:T). +6+. l :trcct N\. :uitc ¡+o.
\ashin,ton lC. .ooo6 lhonc i.o.) .o¸•.ïoï \c|sitc <htt¡¹¹so|sticccrcstor,> Non¡ro|it
or,anization 1c1icatc1 to rcncwa||c cncr,y. cncr,y c||icicncy. an1 sustaina||c |i·in,
lncr,y l||icicncy an1 lcncwa||c lncr,y C|carin,housc. lO lox ¸o¡ï. \crri|ic|1. \A ..++6 lhonc
iïoo) ¸6¸•¸-¸. Crcat sourcc o| a ·aricty o| usc|u| in|ornation on rcncwa||c cncr,y
North Caro|ina :o|ar Ccntcr. lox -¡o+. la|ci,h. NC .-6o¸ lhonc io+o) ¸+•¸¡ïo \c|sitc <www
ncscncsuc1u> O||crs worksho¡s. tours. ¡u||ications. an1 nuch norc
:o|ar lncr,y lntcrnationa|. lO lox -+¸. Car|on1a|c. CO ï+6.¸ lhonc io-o) o6¸•ï︸ \c|sitc
<wwwso|arcncr,yor,> O||crs a wi1c ran,c o| worksho¡s on so|ar cncr,y. win1 cncr,y. an1 natura|
:ustaina||c lui|1in,s ln1ustrics Counci| i:llC). ¸¸+ H :trcct N\. :uitc +ooo. \ashin,ton lC. .ooo¸
lhonc i.o.) 6.ï•-¡oo \c|sitc <www¡sicor,¹> This or,anization has a tcrri|ic wc|sitc with
in|ornation on worksho¡s. |ooks. an1 ¡u||ications. an1 |inks to nany othcr intcrnationa|. nationa|.
an1 statc so|ar cncr,y or,anizations lu||ishcs a ncws|cttcr. Buildings Inside and Out
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Suggestion 22. Create a Community Energy System
:cc rcsourccs |istc1 un1cr :u,,cstions .o an1 .+
Ci¡c. lau|. Wind Power: For Homes and Business. Renewable Energy for the 1990s and Beyond. Chc|sca Crccn.
+oo¸ Con¡rchcnsi·c. tcchnica| co·cra,c o| honc win1 ¡owcr
Hack|cnan. \ichac|. an1 C|airc An1crson. “Har·cst thc \in1.” Mother Earth News. lunc¹lu|y .oo.. ¡¡
-o–ï+ A won1cr|u| intro1uction to win1 ¡owcr
lc||rcy. lc·in. Independent Energy Guide: Electrical Power for Home, Boat, and RV. Orwc|| Co·c lrcss. +oo¸
Contains a wca|th o| in|ornation on so|ar c|cctric systcns an1 win1 ,cncrators — an1 it is |air|y casy
to rca1
lon¡. lichar1 l. Practical Photovoltaics: Electricity from Solar Cells. ¸r1 c1. aatcc lu||ications. +ooo lair|y
¡o¡u|ar |ook on l\s
lca·y. \ichac| A. Fuel from Water: Energy Independence with Hydrogen. ïth c1. \crit. lnc. +ooï Tcchnica|
ana|ysis |or cn,inccrs an1 chcnists
lotts. \ichac|. The New Independent Home: People and Houses that Harvest the Sun, Wind, and Water.
Chc|sca Crccn. +ooo looks at a ·aricty o| ways to achic·c cncr,y in1c¡cn1cncc in onc’s honc
:a,ri||o. \ick. “A¡¡|cs an1 Oran,cs .oo. Choosin, a Honc:izc1 \in1 Ccncrator.” Home Power.
Au,ust¹:c¡tcn|cr .oo.. ¸o–66 A·ai|a||c |ron lO lox ¸.o. Ash|an1. Ol o-¸.o <wwwhonc
¡owcrcon> An cxtrcnc|y usc|u| con¡arison o| ¡o¡u|ar win1 ,cncrators with |ots o| ,oo1 a1·icc on
choosin, a win1 nachinc that works |cst |or you A nust rca1 |or anyonc intcrcstc1 in |uyin, a win1
:chac||cr. lohn. an1 thc lca| Coo1s :ta||. Solar Living Source Book. +oth c1. lca| Coo1s. +ooo Contains
an cnornous anount o| |ack,roun1 in|ornation on win1. so|ar. an1 nicrohy1roc|cctric
:cuss. Tcrri. an1 Chcry| lon,. “l|ininatc ¥our l|cctric li|| Co :o|ar. lc :ccurc.” Mother Earth News.
lc|ruary¹\arch .oo.. ¡¡ -.–ï. An cxcc||cnt 1iscussion o| so|ar roo|in, natcria|s
Resource Guide
An Introduction to Residential Microhydro Power with Don Harris. ¡ro1ucc1 |y :cott : An1rcws. lO lox
¸o.-. :ausa|ito. CA o¡o6¸ lhonc i¡+¸) ¸¸.•¸+o+ Outstan1in, ·i1co ¡ackc1 with |ots o| usc|u|
An Introduction to Residential Solar Electricity with Johnny Weiss :ourcc |istc1 a|o·c Coo1 |asic
intro1uction to so|ar c|cctricity
An Introduction to Residential Wind Power with Mick Sagrillo :ourcc |istc1 a|o·c A ·cry in|ornati·c ·i1co.
cs¡ccia||y |or thosc wishin, to insta|| a nc1iunsizc1 systcn
An Introduction to Solar Water Pumping with Windy Dankoff :ourcc |istc1 a|o·c A ·cry usc|u|
intro1uction to thc su|¡cct
An Introduction to Storage Batteries for Renewable Energy Systems with Richard Perez :ourcc |istc1 a|o·c This
is onc o| thc |cst ·i1cos in thc scrics lt’s |u|| o| ,rcat in|ornation
Newsletters and Magazines
Home Power Magazine. lO lox ¸.o. Ash|an1. Ol o-¸.o lhonc iïoo) -o-•6¸ï¸ \c|sitc
<wwwhonc¡owcrcon> :cc 1cscri¡tion un1cr :u,,cstion .+
Solar Today. .¡oo Ccntra| A·cnuc. :uitc C+. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o+ lhonc i¸o¸) ¡¡¸•¸+¸o \c|sitc
<wwwascsor,¹so|ar¹> :cc 1cscri¡tion un1cr :u,,cstion .+
Wind Energy Weekly. +.. C :trcct N\. :uitc ¸ïo. \ashin,ton lC. .ooo+ lhonc i.o.) ¸ï¸•.¸oo
\c|sitc <wwwo,ca¡cor,¹awca¹> Ncws|cttcr ¡u||ishc1 |y thc Ancrican \in1 lncr,y Association
Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty. .¡oo Ccntra| A·cnuc. :uitc C+. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o+ \c|sitc
<wwwascsor,¹so|ar¹> :cc 1cscri¡tion un1cr :u,,cstion .+
Ancrican \in1 lncr,y Association. +.. C :trcct N\. :uitc ¸ïo. \ashin,ton lC. .ooo+ lhonc i.o.)
¸ï¸•.¸oo \c|sitc <wwwo,ca¡cor,¹awca¹> This or,anization s¡onsors an annua| con|crcncc on
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
win1 cncr,y Chcck out thc wc|sitc. which contains a |ist o| ¡u||ications. an on|inc ncws|cttcr.
|rccucnt|y askc1 cucstions. ncws rc|cascs. an1 |inks to con¡anics an1 or,anizations
lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt. c¹o lca|o1y Trust. ¡¸ \cstninstcr lri1,c loa1. lon1on. Ul.
:l+ -ll lhonc o.o -o.. o.¸o \c|sitc <www|c1zc1or,uk> lor in|ornation on a tru|y ins¡irin,
cco·i||a,c in thc Unitc1 lin,1on
Hockcrton Housin, lro¡cct Tra1in, lt1. Thc \atcrshc1. Ca||cs lri·c. Hockcrton. :outhwc||.
Nottin,hanshirc. Ul. NC.¸ oOU lor in|ornation on a sna|| housin, 1c·c|o¡ncnt that
incor¡oratc1 nany o| thc cn·ironncnta| as¡ccts o| :u¡cr|ia!
Nationa| \in1 Tcchno|o,y Ccntcr o| Thc Nationa| lcncwa||c lncr,y la|oratory. +6+- Co|c lou|c·ar1.
Co|1cn. CO ïo¡o+¸¸o¸ lhonc i¸o¸) .-¸•¸ooo \c|sitc <wwwnrc|,o·¹win1¹in1cxhtn|>
\c|sitc ¡ro·i1cs a scarch no1c so you can chcck out thc sitc. which ¡ro·i1cs a ,rcat 1ca| o|
in|ornation on win1 cncr,y. inc|u1in, a win1 rcsourcc 1ata|asc
:o|ar li·in, lnstitutc. lO lox ï¸6. Ho¡|an1. CA o¸¡¡o lhonc i-o-) -¡¡•.o+- \c|sitc
<wwwso|ar|i·in,or,> A non¡ro|it or,anization that o||crs |rccucnt han1son worksho¡s on so|ar
an1 win1 cncr,y an1 nany othcr to¡ics
Suggestion 23. Establish Environmentally Friendly Water and Wastewater Systems
lanks. :uzy. an1 lichar1 Hcinichcn. Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically Challenged. Tank Town
lu||ishin,. +oo- Hunorous an1 in|ornati·c ,ui1c to a|o·c,roun1 rainwatcr catchncnt systcns
Can¡|c||. :tu. The Home Water Supply: How to Find, Filter, Store, and Conserve It. :torcy Connunications.
lnc. +oï¸ Coo1 rcsourcc on watcr su¡¡|y systcns. a|thou,h it is 1atc1 Un|ortunatc|y. it has ·cry
|itt|c a|out catchwatcr or ,raywatcr systcns
lc| lorto. la·i1. an1 Caro| :tcin|c|1. The Composting Toilet System Book. Ccntcr |or lco|o,ica| lo||ution
lrc·cntion. +ooo Contains 1ctai|c1 in|ornation on con¡ostin, toi|cts an1 ,raywatcr systcns
lcnkins. losc¡h. The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure. .n1 c1. lcnkins
lu||ishin,. +ooo lxcc||cnt rcsourcc \c|| worth your tinc
Resource Guide
lu1wi,. Art. Creating an Oasis with Greywater: Your Complete Guide to Managing Greywater in the Landscape.
Oasis lcsi,n. +oo¡ lair|y 1ctai|c1 1iscussion o| thc ·arious ty¡cs o| ,raywatcr systcns
lu1wi,. Art. Building Professional’s Supplement: Your Complete Guide to Professional Installation of Greywater
Systems. Oasis lcsi,n. +oo¸ Contains a wca|th o| in|ornation on ,raywatcr systcns. inc|u1in,
in¡ortant in|ornation on sa|cty an1 chcnica| contcnts o| 1ctcr,cnts
:o|ar :ur·i·a| Architccturc. “Catchwatcr.” ln Earthship Chronicles scrics. :o|ar :ur·i·a| lrcss. +ooï
locuscs ¡rinari|y on catchwatcr systcns |or larthshi¡s. |ut has i1cas that arc rc|c·ant to a|| honcs
:o|ar :ur·i·a| Architccturc. “Crcywatcr.” ln Earthship Chronicles scrics. :o|ar :ur·i·a| lrcss. +ooï locuscs
¡rinari|y on ,raywatcr systcns |or larthshi¡s. |ut has i1cas that arc rc|c·ant to a|| honcs
:o|ar :ur·i·a| Architccturc. “l|ack \atcr” ln Earthship Chronicles scrics. :o|ar :ur·i·a| lrcss. +ooï
lro·i1cs an intro1uction to thc ||ack watcr systcns un1cr 1c·c|o¡ncnt |y ::A
U: ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy. US EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse. lu||ication U:llA¹U:All
llA6.¸¹lo.¹oo¡. \ashin,ton lC U: llA. +oo. ¥ou can o|tain a co¡y o| this 1ocuncnt |ron
thc U: llA Nationa| Ccntcr |or ln·ironncnta| lu||ications. lO lox ¡.¡+o. Cincinnati. OH
¡¸.¡. lhonc iïoo) ¡ïo•o+oï \c|sitc <wwwc¡a,o·¹c¡ahonc¹¡u||icationshtn>
Rainwater Collection Systems. a·ai|a||c |ron Car1cn\i||c Nurscry. ï6¡ï O|1 lcc Ca·c loa1. Austin. TX
-ï-¸¸ lhonc i¸+.) .ïï•6++¸ This |ric|. in|ornati·c ·i1co concs with a ¸o¡a,c |ook|ct that
¡ro·i1cs norc 1ctai|s on systcns an1 ¡ro·i1c in|ornation on ccui¡ncnt an1 su¡¡|icrs
Ancrican \atcr \orks Association. 6666 \cst Ouincy A·cnuc. lcn·cr. CO ïo.¸¸ lhonc i¸o¸)
-o¡•--++ \c|sitc <wwwawwaor,> Conccrnc1 with nany as¡ccts o| watcr. inc|u1in, watcr rcusc
lu||ishcs ¡roccc1in,s |ron its watcrrcusc con|crcnccs
locky \ountain lnstitutc. +-¸o :nownass Crcck loa1. :nownass. CO ï+6¸¡ lhonc io-o) o.-•¸ï¸+
\c|sitc <wwwrnior,> Chcck out thc cata|o, o| this outstan1in, or,anization |or ¡u||ications on
watcr c||icicncy an1 watcr rcusc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Suggestion 24. Establish an Environmentally Friendly Transportation Strategy
Nci,h|orhoo1 Trans¡ortation l|annin, lcsourccs wc|sitc <wwwarutcxasc1u¹ca1|a|¹han1ywc|¹
NTransl|anlinkshtn|> lro·i1cs ,rcat |inks to a wca|th o| rcsourccs |or rcthinkin, nci,h|orhoo1
Trans¡ortation A|tcrnati·cs. ++¸ \cst ¸o :trcct. :uitc +.o-. Ncw ¥ork. N¥ +ooo+ lhonc .+.6.o•ïoïo
\c|sitc <wwwtransa|tor,¹> lronotcs wa|kin, an1 cn·ironncnta||y scnsi||c trans¡ortation
Suggestion 25. Create a Common House
:cc cohousin, rcsourccs |istc1 car|icr. such as Cohousing Journal. a·ai|a||c |ron Thc Cohousin, Nctwork.
|istc1 a|o·c
litch. laura. “Honc O||icin, at lionccr \a||cy Cohousin,.” Cohousing Journal, \intcr .oo+ lxcc||cnt
artic|c on thc |cnc|its o| connunity o||iccs
Suggestion 26. Create a Community-shared Office
:cc cohousin, rcsourccs such as Cohousing Journal. a·ai|a||c |ron Thc Cohousin, Nctwork. |istc1 a|o·c
Resource Guide
Suggestion 27. Establish a Community Entertainment Program
lurnhan. lin1a lryc. an1 :tc·cn lur|an1. The Citizen Artist: 20 Years of Art in the Public Arena. Critica|
lrcss. +ooï An antho|o,y on ¡cr|ornancc art. art |or acti·ists. an1 art |or |ui|1in, connunity
C|c·c|an1. \i||ian Art in Other Places: Artists at Work in America’s Community and Social Institutions.
Uni·crsity o| \assachusctts Arts lxtcnsion :cr·icc. .ooo lcscri|cs how connunity arts ¡ro,rans
ha·c |ccn usc1 to a11rcss sonc o| our nost ¡rcssin, issucs
Communities Magazine +o- i:unncr .ooo). “:on,. lancc. c Cc|c|ration.” contact liana Christian. ¸.
\i||ow :trcct. \arion. NC .ï-¸.¡ï¡o lhonc iï.ï) 6¸.•ï¸+- lnai| connunitics(icor, A
,oo1 issuc |ron a na,azinc with ¸o ycars o| rc¡ortin, a|out intcntiona| connunitics |ron ur|an co
o¡s to cohousin, ,rou¡s to cco·i||a,cs to rura| connuncs
Connunity Arts Nctwork iCAN). ll ¸oï. \ir,inia Tcch. l|ack|ur,. \A .¡o6+ lhonc i¸¡o)
.¸+•6¸o¡ \c|sitc <wwwconnunityartsnct> lronotcs art as ¡art o| c1ucation. ¡o|itica| |i|c.
hca|th rcco·cry. an1 connunity rc,cncration
lcoarts¡acc wc|sitc <wwwccoarts¡accor,> :u¡¡orts art that raiscs cn·ironncnta| awarcncss. ¡ro·i1cs
|inks to othcr or,anizations
Suggestion 28. Narrow or Eliminate Streets
A¡¡|cyar1. lona|1. Livable Streets. Uni·crsity o| Ca|i|ornia lrcss. +oï+ A ,oo1 sourcc o| in|ornation |ron
thc ¡ionccr in strcct rcc|anation
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
lcat|cy. Tinothy. Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities. ls|an1 lrcss. .ooo \orthwhi|c rca1in,
lur1cn. la·i1 Street Design Guidelines for Healthy Neighborhoods. Ccntcr |or li·a||c Connunitics. +ooo
A ¡u||ication |ron thc |o|ks at loca| Co·crnncnt Connission. an cxcc||cnt or,anization iscc |istin,
un1cr :u,,cstion ¸o)
lurrin,ton. :tc¡hcn. an1 \cronika Thic|ach. Take Back Your Streets: How to Protect Communities from
Asphalt and Traffic. Conscr·ation law loun1ation. +oo¸ Coo1 rc|crcncc on strcct ca|nin,
ln,wicht. la·i1. Street Reclaiming: Creating Livable Streets and Vibrant Communities. Ncw :ocicty
lu||ishcrs. +ooo O||crs ·a|ua||c insi,hts on thc chan,cs that ha·c occurrc1 in our citics an1 su|ur|s
with thc risc o| thc autono|i|c’s ¡o¡u|arity. an1 ways to rc·crsc thcn. rc,ainin, strccts an1 crcatin,
norc |i·a||c connunitics
lcttcr ln·ironncnta||y :oun1 Trans¡ortation. ¸+o \cst Hastin,s :trcct. :uitc ï... \ancou·cr. lC.
Cana1a \6l +ll lhonc i6o¡) 66o•¸ï6o lro·i1cs in|ornation on cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y
trans¡ortation a|tcrnati·cs
Thc City lc¡air lro¡cct. lO lox ¡.6+¸. lort|an1. Ol o-.¡. lhonc i¸o¸) .¸¸•ïo¡6 Hc|¡s |aci|itatc
intcrscction rc¡air an1 nuch norc
Crcati·c Connunitics lntcrnationa|. - l|ctchcr lara1c. lar1on Ouccns|an1 ¡o6¸. Austra|ia lhonc
i6+-) ¸¸66•--¡6 \isit a|| thrcc o| thcir wc|sitcs <www|csstra||iccon> |or rcsourccs on strcct
rcc|ainin,. wwwtra||ictancrscon to cncoura,c ki1s to wa|k to schoo|. <www¡|ay|orchan,ccon>.
which in·itcs ¡co¡|c to chan,c thc wor|1 |y ¡|ayin, a ran,c o| sin¡|c ,ancs
Honc Zonc wc|sitc <wwwhonczoncsor,> lro·i1cs assistancc on strcct ca|nin, c||orts in thc Ul
an1 othcr luro¡can countrics
li·in, :trccts lnitiati·c. lc1cstrians Association. ¸r1 l|oor. ¸+–¸¸ lon1way. lon1on. Ul. :\ï +:l
lhonc o.o -ï.o +o+o \c|sitc <www|i·in,strcctsor,uk> lronotcs thc sa|cty o| thc wa|kin,
¡u||ic an1 thc con|ort o| an1 ,cncra| ancnitics |or ¡c1cstrians
\a|ka||c Connunitics. ¸.o : \ain :trcct. Hi,h :¡rin,s. ll ¸.6¡¸ lhonc i¸ï6) ¡¸¡•¸¸o¡ \c|sitc
<wwwwa|ka||cor,> lc1icatc1 to hc|¡in, who|c connunitics. |ron |ar,c citics to sna|| towns. or
¡arts o| connunitics. |cconc norc wa|ka||c an1 ¡c1cstrian |ricn1|y
Resource Guide
Suggestion 29. Retrofit Garages and Spare Rooms into Apartments
Thc rc|crcnccs in this scction wi|| hc|¡ you crcatc a hca|thy. cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y structurc
lakcrla¡ortc. lau|a. lrica l||iot. an1 lohn lanta. Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide for
Architects, Builders, and Homeowners .n1 c1. Ncw :ocicty lu||ishcrs. .oo+ Contains a ,rcat anount
o| usc|u| in|ornation
lowcr. lohn. The Healthy House: How to Buy One, How to Build One, How to Cure a Sick One. ¸r1 c1. Thc
Hca|thy Housc lnstitutc. +oo- A 1ctai|c1 ,ui1c to a|| as¡ccts o| honc construction
lowcr. lohn. an1 lynn \aric lowcr. The Healthy House Answer Book: Answers to the 133 Most Commonly
Asked Questions. Thc Hca|thy Housc lnstitutc. +oo- Crcat rcsourcc
Ccntcr |or lcsourcc|u| lui|1in, Tcchno|o,y :ta||. Reducing Construction and Demolition Waste. Nationa|
Ccntcr |or A¡¡ro¡riatc Tcchno|o,y. Ccntcr |or lcsourcc|u| lui|1in, Tcchno|o,y. +oo¸ A ,ui1c |or
|ui|1crs an1 honcowncrs on ¡o|sitc rccyc|in,
Chiras. lanic| l. The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-efficient, Environmental Homes.
Chc|sca Crccn. .ooo Contains a wca|th o| in|ornation on natura| |ui|1in, natcria|s with 1iscussions
o| thc ¡ros an1 cons o| cach onc
Chiras. lan. “Crccn lcno1c|in, lcc¡in, it C|can.” Solar Today. \ay¹lunc .oo+. ¡¡ .¡–.- A·ai|a||c
|ron .¡oo Ccntra| A·cnuc. :uitc C+. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o+ <wwwascsor,¹so|ar¹> lcscri|cs a
stratc,y |or rcno1c|in, a honc to ¡rc·cnt in1oor air ¡o||ution
Chiras. lanic|. Green Building. Chc|sca Crccn. .oo¡ A hi,h|y rca1a||c |ook that 1cscri|cs thc stc¡s
ncc1c1 to crcatc cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y honcs
l1ninstcr. Ann. an1 :ani ¥assa. Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction: A Practical Guide to Saving
Wood, Money, and Forests. Natura| lcsourccs lc|cnsc Counci|. +ooï A·ai|a||c in ¡rint an1 on|inc at
<wwwnr1cor,¹citics¹|ui|1in,¹rwoo1usas¡> lcscri|cs how to rc1ucc |un|cr usc |y ¸o ¡crccnt
without con¡ronisin, thc structura| intc,rity o| a honc
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Hcrnannsson. lohn Green Building Resource Guide. Taunton lrcss. +oo- A ,o|1ninc o| in|ornation on
cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y |ui|1in, natcria|s
Ho|ncs. lwi,ht. larry :train. A|cx \i|son. an1 :an1ra lci|owitz. GreenSpec: The Environmental Building
News Product Directory and Guideline Specifications. lui|1in,Crccn. lnc. +ooo Cui1c|inc s¡cci|ications
nakc this a ·a|ua||c rcsourcc |or conncrcia| |ui|1crs an1 architccts
\a,woo1. Chris. an1 lctcr \ack. Straw Bale Building: How to Plan, Design, and Build Straw Bale. Ncw
:ocicty lu||ishcrs. .ooo A won1cr|u||y writtcn |ook on |ui|1in, straw |a|c in a ·aricty o| c|inatcs.
cs¡ccia||y northcrn oncs Contains a |air anount o| in|ornation on ¡|astcrin,
\yhrnan. \atts. an1 :O \yhrnan. Build It with Bales (Version 2.0): A Step-by-Step Guide to Straw-bale
Construction. Out on la|c. +ooï A su¡cr||y i||ustratc1 an1 rcccnt|y u¡1atc1 nanua| on straw |a|c
construction Contains a |air anount o| in|ornation on wa|| ¡rc¡aration. ¡|astcrs. an1 ¡|astcrin,
O||cnsky. lira. Garage: Reinventing the Place We Park. Taunton lrcss. .oo+ A |un |ook at ways to con·crt
,ara,cs to |i·in, s¡accs
:tccn. Athcna :. li|| :tccn. la·i1 lain|ri1,c. an1 la·i1 liscn|cr,. The Straw Bale House. Chc|sca Crccn.
+oo¡ Contains a wca|th o| in|ornation on straw |a|c construction. wa|| ¡rc¡aration. an1 ¡|astcrs
:ustaina||c lui|1in,s ln1ustry Counci|. Green Building Guidelines: Meeting the Demand for Low-Energy,
Resource-Efficient Homes. :llC. .oo. Ccncra| ,ui1c to ,rccn |ui|1in,. co·crin, nany in¡ortant to¡ics
U: ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy. A Citizen’s Guide to Radon: The Guide to Protecting Yourself and Your
Family from Radon. .n1 c1. U: llA. +oo. A ·cry |asic on|inc intro1uction to ra1on A·ai|a||c at
U: ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy. What You Should Know About Combustion Appliances and Indoor
Air Quality. U: llA. un1atc1 A ,rcat intro1uction to thc c||ccts o| in1oor air ¡o||utants |ron
con|ustion sourccs A·ai|a||c at <wwwc¡a¹iac¹¡u|s¹con|usthtn|>
U: ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy an1 thc U: Consuncr lro1uct :a|cty Connission. The Inside
Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality llA locuncnt No ¡o.lo¸oo-. U: Co·crnncnt lrintin,
O||icc. +oo¸ A|so a·ai|a||c on|inc at <wwwc¡a,o·¹iac¹insi1csthtn|> Hc|¡|u| ¡u||ication |or thosc
intcrcstc1 in |carnin, norc a|out in1oor air cua|ity issucs an1 so|utions
\c||s. \a|co|n. How to Build an Underground House. sc||¡u||ishc1. +oo¡ To o|tain a co¡y. contact thc
author at lox ++¡o. 6-¸ :atuckct loa1. lrcwstcr. \A o.6¸+ O·cr·icw o| carthshc|tcrc1 |ui|1in,
Resource Guide
\c||s. \a|co|n. The Earth-Sheltered House: An Architect’s Sketchbook. Chc|sca Crccn. +ooï Crcat |itt|c
|ook on carthshc|tcrc1 1csi,n
Magazines and Newsletters
Environmental Building News. lui|1in,Crccn. lnc. +.. lir,c :trcct. :uitc ¸o. lratt|c|oro. \T o¸¸o+
lhonc iïo¸) .¸-•-¸oo \c|sitc <wwwlui|1in,Crccncon> Thc nation’s |ca1in, sourcc o|
o|¡ccti·c in|ornation on ,rccn |ui|1in,. inc|u1in, a|tcrnati·c cncr,y an1 |acku¡ hcatin, systcns
Archi·cs containin, a|| issucs ¡u||ishc1 |ron +oo. to .oo+ arc a·ai|a||c on a CllO\
Environmental Design and Construction. ï+ lan1crs :trcct. :an lrancisco. CA o¡++¡ lhonc i¡+¸)
ï6¸•.6+¡ \c|sitc <wwwllCna,con> lu||ishcs nuncrous artic|cs on ,rccn |ui|1in,. ,carc1
norc towar1 conncrcia| |ui|1in,s
Mother Earth News. +¸o¸ :\ ¡. :trcct. To¡cka. l: 666oo lhonc iïoo) 6---o \c|sitc
<wwwnothcrcarthncwscon> lu||ishcs a wi1c assortncnt o| storics on ,rccn |ui|1in,. |ron natura|
|ui|1in, to so|ar an1 win1 cncr,y to natura| swinnin, ¡oo|s to ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s
Natural Home. .o+ lourth :trcct. lo·c|an1. CO ïo¸¸- \c|sitc <wwwnatura|honcna,azinccon>
lu||ishcs nuncrous artic|cs on ,rccn |ui|1in,. cs¡ccia||y natura| |ui|1in, an1 hca|thy |ui|1in,
¡ro1ucts. with |ots o| ins¡irin, ¡hoto,ra¡hs
Online Sources
Austin’s Crccn lui|1in, ¡ro,ran at <www,rccn|ui|1crcon¹sourcc|ook¹> lro·i1cs on|inc in|ornation
on nanu|acturcrs
Ccntcr |or lcsourcc|u| lui|1in, Tcchno|o,y’s cCui1c <wwwcr|tor,> lro·i1cs a scarcha||c 1ata|asc
on ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s an1 thcir nanu|acturcrs
Nationa| lark :cr·icc :ustaina||c lcsi,n an1 Construction lata|asc wc|sitc <wwwn¡s,o·¹1sc¹
1s,ncnstr¹,¡s1> lro·i1cs |ric| rc·icws o| o·cr +.¸oo ¡ro1ucts |ron o·cr ¸¸o nanu|acturcrs
Oikos Crccn lui|1in, lro1uct ln|ornation wc|sitc <wwwoikoscon¹¡ro1ucts> ¥ct anothcr on|inc
sourcc o| in|ornation
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Wholesale and Retail Outlets
lui|1in, |or Hca|th \atcria|s Ccntcr. lO lox ++¸. Car|on1a|c. CO ï+6.¸ lhonc io-o) o6¸•o¡¸-
\c|sitc <www|ui|1in,|orhca|thcon> O||crs a con¡|ctc |inc o| hca|thy. cn·ironncnta||y sa|c
|ui|1in, natcria|s an1 honc a¡¡|ianccs inc|u1in, straw |a|c construction ¡ro1ucts. natura| ¡|astcrin,
¡ro1ucts. ||oorin,. natura| ¡aints. oi|s. stains. an1 |inishcs. sca|ants. an1 construction natcria|s O||crs
s¡ccia| ¡ricin, |or owncr|ui|1crs an1 contractors
lcolui|1. lO lox ¡6¸¸. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o6 lhonc i¸o¸) ¸¡¸•6.¸¸ \c|sitc <wwwcco|ui|1con>
This con¡any |ocatc1 in lou|1cr. Co|ora1o. works s¡cci|ica||y with |ui|1crs an1 ,cncra| contractors.
¡ro·i1in, consu|tation an1 ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s at con¡ctiti·c ¡riccs
lcolro1ucts. lnc. +-ïo – ¸¸th :trcct. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o+ lhonc i¸o¸) ¡¡o•+ï-6 \c|sitc <www
cco¡ro1uctscon> O||crs a ·aricty o| ,rccn |ui|1in, ¡ro1ucts inc|u1in, ¡|astic |un|cr
lco\isc. ++o \ l|iza|cth. Austin. TX -ï-o¡ lhonc i¸+.) ¸.6•¡¡-¡ \c|sitc <wwwccowisc
con> Carrics a wi1c ran,c o| cn·ironncnta| |ui|1in, natcria|s. inc|u1in, nontoxic natura| |inishcs
an1 a1hcsi·cs
ln·ironncnta| lui|1in, :u¡¡|ics. +¸¸+ N\ lcarncy :trcct. lort|an1. Ol o-.oo lhonc i¸o¸)
...•¸ïï+ \c|sitc <wwwccohauscon> Crccn |ui|1in, natcria|s out|ct |or thc laci|ic Northwcst
ln·ironncnta| Construction Out|ittcrs. ¡¡ Cros|y :trcct. Ncw ¥ork. N¥ +oo+. lhonc iïoo)
.¸ï•¸ooï \c|sitc <wwwcn·iron¡ro1uctscon> :c||s an assortncnt o| ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s
ln·ironncnta| Honc Ccntcr. +-.¡ lourth A·cnuc :outh. :catt|c. \A oï+¸¡ lhonc iïoo) .ï+•o-ï¸
\c|sitc <www|ui|tccon> O||crs a ·aricty o| ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s
l|anctary :o|utions. .o¸o +-th :trcct. lou|1cr. CO ïo¸o. lhonc i¸o¸) ¡¡.•6..ï \c|sitc <www
¡|anctcarthcon> lon,tinc ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria| su¡¡|icr O||crs ¡aints. ||oorin,. ti|c. an1 nuch
lca| Coo1s. +¸--+ : Hi,hway +o+. Ho¡|an1. CA o¸¡¡o lhonc iïoo) o+o•.¡oo \c|sitc <www
rca|,oo1scon> :c||s a wi1c ran,c o| cn·ironncnta||y rcs¡onsi||c ¡ro1ucts |or honcs |ron so|ar an1
win1 cncr,y ccui¡ncnt to watcr c||icicncy ¡ro1ucts to air |i|tcrs an1 cn·ironncnta||y rcs¡onsi||c
Resource Guide
Ancrican lnstitutc o| Architccts. +-¸¸ Ncw ¥ork A·cnuc N\. \ashin,ton lC. .ooo6 lhonc iïoo)
.¡.•¸ï¸- \c|sitc <wwwaiaor,> Thcir nationa| an1 statc connittccs on thc cn·ironncnt arc
acti·c|y ¡ronotin, ,rccn |ui|1in, ¡racticcs an1 ha·c |ccn |or nany ycars
lui|1in,Crccn. lnc. +.. lir,c :trcct. :uitc ¸o. lratt|c|oro. \T o¸¸o+ lhonc iïoo) ï6+•oo¸¡ \c|sitc
<wwwlui|1in,Crccncon> lu||ishcs Environmental Building News. GreenSpec Directory ia
con¡rchcnsi·c |istin, o| ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s. Green Building Advisor ia CllO\ that ¡ro·i1cs
a1·icc on incor¡oratin, ,rccn |ui|1in, natcria|s an1 tcchnicucs in rcsi1cntia| an1 conncrcia|
a¡¡|ications). an1 lrcniun On|inc lcsourccs ia wc|sitc containin, an c|cctronic ·crsion o| its
lui|1in, ln1ustry lro|cssiona|s |or ln·ironncnta| lcs¡onsi|i|ity. ¸.¡¸ Co||c,c A·cnuc. #..¸. Oak|an1.
CA o¡6+ï \c|sitc <www|i¡crusa|iz> A nationa| non¡ro|it or,anization that ¡ronotcs
cn·ironncnta||y sustaina||c |ui|1in,
Ccntcr |or lcsourcc|u| lui|1in, Tcchno|o,y. lO lox +oo. \issou|a. \T ¸oïo6 lhonc i¡o6)
¸¡o•-6-ï \c| <wwwcr|tor,> A ¡ro¡cct o| thc Nationa| Ccntcr |or A¡¡ro¡riatc Tcchno|o,y
lronotcs cn·ironncnta||y rcs¡onsi||c construction
lco|o,ica| lui|1in, Nctwork. .oo Ca|c1onia :trcct. :ausa|ito. CA o¡o6¸+o.6 lhonc i¡+¸) ¸¸+•-¸6o
\c|sitc <wwwcco|ui|1nctwork> :ccks ways to |ui|1 cn·ironncnta||y sustaina||c shc|tcr in wca|thy
in1ustria| an1 nonin1ustria| nations
Thc Hca|thy Housc lnstitutc. ¡¸o N :cwc|| loa1. l|oonin,ton. lN ¡-¡oï lhonc iï+.) ¸¸.•¸o-¸
\c|sitc <htt¡¹¹hhinstcon¹in1cxhtn|> O||crs |ooks an1 ·i1cos on hca|thy |ui|1in,
Nationa| Association o| Honc lui|1crs lcscarch Ccntcr. ¡oo lrincc Ccor,c’s lou|c·ar1. U¡¡cr
\ar||oro. \l .o-¡¡ lhonc i¸o+) .¡o•¡ooo \c|sitc <wwwnah|rcor,> A |ca1cr in ,rccn
|ui|1in,. inc|u1in, cncr,y c||icicncy :¡onsors in¡ortant con|crcnccs. rcscarch. an1 ¡u||ications lor
a |istin, o| thcir |ooks ·isit <www|ui|1cr|ookscon>
Nationa| la1on Hot|inc iïoo) :O:•lAlON \c|sitc <wwwc¡a,o·¹iac¹contactshtn|> Ca||in, this
nun|cr or contactin, thc wc|sitc wi|| ,i·c you acccss to |oca| contacts who can answcr ra1on
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Suggestion 30. Create a Mixed-use Neighborhood
Ca|thor¡c. lctcr. The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community, and the American Dream. lrinccton
Architcctura| lrcss. +oo¸ A ,rcat an1 ·cry thorou,h |ook at how thc ¡icccs o| thc nctro¡o|itan |a|ric
|it to,cthcr
Ca|thor¡c. lctcr. \i||ian lu|ton. an1 lo|crt lishnan. The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl.
ls|an1 lrcss. .oo+ An u¡1atc o| The Next American Metropolis with a11itiona| ana|ysis an1 1csi,n
luany. An1rcs. l|iza|cth l|atcrZy|crk. an1 lc|| :¡cck. Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the
Decline of the American Dream. North loint lrcss. .ooo lxanincs crcati·c ways to a|tcr thc coursc o|
ur|an an1 su|ur|an 1c·c|o¡ncnt ¡rinari|y throu,h nci,h|orhoo1 1c·c|o¡ncnt
Ha||. lcnncth l. an1 Ccra|1 A lortcr|ic|1. Community by Design: New Urbanism for Suburbs and Small
Communities. \cCrawHi||. +oo¸
loca| Co·crnncnt Connission. ooo :trcct. :uitc .o¸. :acrancnto. CA o¸ï+¡ lhonc iïoo)
.oo•ï.o. or io+6) ¡¡ï•++oï \c|sitc <wwwcntor,¹> This or,anization kcc¡s track o| inno·ations
in |an1 usc. Ncw Ur|anisn. :nart Crowth. an1 |i·a||c connunitics lts ncws|cttcr is wc|| worth
Resource Guide
Suggestion 31. Foster Diversity
Ccntcr o| lxcc||cncc |or :ustaina||c lc·c|o¡ncnt. U: lc¡artncnt o| lncr,y. O||icc o| lncr,y l||icicncy
an1 lcncwa||c lncr,y. +6+- Co|c lou|c·ar1. Co|1cn. CO ïo¡o+ lhonc i¸o¸) .-¸•¡ï.6 \c|sitc
<wwwsustaina||c1oc,o·> lronotcs nixc1usc. 1i·crsc connunitics
locky \ountain lnstitutc. +-¸o :nownass Crcck loa1. :nownass. CO ï+6¸¡ lhonc io-o) o.-•¸¡.o
\c|sitc <wwwrnior,¹> A non¡ro|it or,anization whosc nission is to crcatc a sustaina||c socicty
l\l’s Crccn lc·c|o¡ncnt sta|| ¡ronotcs 1i·crsc nci,h|orhoo1s
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
A|iNa1cr. lcancttc. +ï6
A||cnan. \ichac|. +o
On Good Land: The Autobiography of an Urban
Farm, +ï6
A|rahan an1 Associatcs. +-ï
a1hcsi·cs. nontoxic. .++
A1o|c :ystcns ilrcnont. \A). +¡¸. +¡¸
A1o|c :ystcns lntcrnationa| i:catt|c. \A). ++ï
a,ricu|turc. connunitysu¡¡ortc1. see connunity
su¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc
air cua|ity. .¸6. ¡o. ¡¸. ¸6. 66
see also ¡o||ution. air
A|cxan1cr. Christo¡hcr
A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction,
A|tcrnati·c larnin, :ystcns ln|ornation Ccntcr
iAl:lC). +o+. +o¸
Ambler v. Euclid i+o.6). ¡
An||cr. \aync
Trcasury o| Car1cnin,. +ï6
Ancrican Connunity Car1cnin, Association. +ï-
“:tartin, a Connunity Car1cn.” +.¡
Ancrican Counci| |or an lncr,yl||icicnt
lconony. +o¸6
Ancrican 1rcan. +o. ¸¸. ¸6. ¡6
Ancrican lnstitutc o| Architccts. +-¸. .+.
Ancrican li·cs. ¸¡
Ancrican l|annin, Association. +6
Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty. +¸-. +oï.oo. .o.
Nationa| Tour o| :o|ar Honcs. ï
Ancrican \atcr \orks Association. .o¡
Ancrican \in1 lncr,y Association. .o.
Ancs. :tc·cn. ¡+
An1crson. C|airc. .o+
An1crson. :hcrry luth
The Cultural Creatives, ¡o
An1rcws. Ccci||c. +ï+
Anun1scn. lristin
Creating Community Anywhere: Finding Support
and Connection in a Fragmented World, +ï¡
a¡artncnts. +o¸6. +¸o+. .oï
see also. ,ara,cs. roons. s¡arc
A¡¡|cyar1. lona|1. .¡
Livable Streets, +-+. .o6
a¡¡|ianccs. cncr,yc||icicnt. +o¸6
Ar|or lay loun1ation. +.6-
Arcn1t. lan1a|| C
Conservation Design for Subdivisions, +-¸
Arkin. lois. +.o
Art in Other Places: Artists at Work in America’s
Community and Social Institutions, .o6
as¡ha|t. rc¡|accncnt o|. ïo. +ïo
asthna. .¡6. ¡o. ¡¡¸
Au1u|on :ocicty. .o
autono|i|cs. ¸¸. +.. +¡. +6-. +o. .+.. .¡. .6-.
¸¸. ¡o+. ¡¡. ¸.. ¸¡. ¸o. 66. +o¸. ++ï. +6ï. .o-
see also cars
|a|ysittin, |ucks. ++6-
lack|ar. latricia
Creating Community Anywhere: Finding Support
and Connection in a Fragmented World. +ï¡
Backwoods Home Magazine. +oo
lackyar1 \i|1|i|c Ha|itat lro,ran. +ïo
|ackyar1s. -o. ︸. oo. +66. +ïï
¡ri·acy |cnccs. see |cnccs
wi|1|i|c ¡ro,rans in. -¸. +ï+. +ïo
lain|ri1,c. la·i1
The Straw Bale House, .oo
lakcrla¡ortc. lau|a
Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide
for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners, .oï
la|nori. liana
Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for
Environmental Harmony, ¸-. +-.
lanks. :uzy
Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically
Challenged, .o¸
lanta. lohn
Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide
for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners, .oï
lartho|oncw. \c|
Square Foot Gardening, +ï6
Basic Formula to Create Community Supported
Agriculture, +o.
laxan1a||. losa|yn
Picture Windows: How the Suburbs Happened, +-¸
lay Arca :tornwatcr \ana,cncnt A,cncics
Start at the Source: Design Guidance Manual for
Stormwater Quality Protection, +ïo
lcat|cy. Tinothy
Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities,
lc11in,ton Zcro lncr,y lc·c|o¡ncnt ilon1on.
Ul). +¸¸6. +¸o. +¡+. +¡¸¡. +--. .o¸
lccnan. Chris
Our Field: A Manual for Community Shared
Agriculture, +o+
lcrnan. \orris
The Reenchantment of the World, +ï¡
lcrri,an. la·i1. .¸
Best of Fine Homebuilding, The: Energy-Efficient
Building, +o¸
lcttcr ln·ironncnta||y :oun1 Trans¡ortation. .o-
lcttri1,c. lu|ic. +..
|icyc|cs. .¸. ¸¸. ¡o. ¸+. ¸¡. ¸ïo. 6¡. +o¡¸. +¡ï.
+¸o. +¸¸. +¸-. +66. +ï¸
Big Orange Splot, The, ¡6
likc \orks i:catt|c. \A). +¸¸
|io1i·crsity. ¡¸
lio1i·crsity lro¡cct. Thc. +6. ¸¸. +-6
Choices Between Asphalt and Nature: Americans
Discuss Sprawl, ¸¸. +-6
liolynanic Association. +o+¸
Community Related Agriculture, +oo
Biodynamics: A Bimonthly Magazine Centered on
Health and Wholeness ina,azinc). +o.
lio|ct no1c| icon¡ostin, toi|ct). +oo
||ackwatcr. trcatncnt o|. oo+oo. +¡.¸. .o¡
||ock ¡artics. nci,h|orhoo1. +¡o
||ock watch. -¡. ï¸. ++¡
l|uc Tu|i¡ il|,in). +6o+
loch|an1. lcssica. +-6
|ook c|u|s. see nci,h|orhoo1 |ook c|u|s
Book of Masonry Stoves, The: Rediscovering an Old
Way of Warming, +o-
lornann. l Hcr|crt
Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for
Environmental Harmony, ¸-. +-.
loun1ary :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1 ilort|an1. Ol).
lowcr. lohn
The Healthy House Answer Book: Answers to the
133 Most Commonly Asked Questions, .oï
The Healthy House: How to Buy One, How to Build
One, How to Cure a Sick One, .oï
lowcr. lynn \aric
The Healthy House Answer Book: Answers to the
133 Most Commonly Asked Questions, .oï
Bowling Alone, +¡
lra1|cy. lcrn \arsha|| ic1)
Rodale’s All-New Encyclopedia of Organic
Gardening, +ï6
lran1t. lar|ara
Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life, +ï¡
lritish lctro|cun. o6
lrookin,s lnstitution. o
lrownin,. li||. +-.
lruchk|ackhcr. Ann l. +oo
lruhn. lohn
The Power of Clan, .6
luck|cy. la·i1. +ï6
Build It with Bales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Straw-
bale Construction, .oo
lui|1in, Ancrica lro,ran. +o6
Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path
Toward Finding and Mobilizing Community, +ï¡
lui|1in, |or Hca|th \atcria|s Ccntcr. .++
lui|1in, ln1ustry lro|cssiona|s |or ln·ironncnta|
lcs¡onsi|i|ity. .+.
lui|1in, li·a||c Connunitics throu,h
Trans¡ortation. +ï¸
|ui|1in, natcria|s. cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y. ï. +oï.
Building Professional’s Supplement: Guide to
Professional Installation of Greywater, .o¡
lui|1in,Crccn. lnc. +-6. +o-. .oo. .+.
Buildings for a Sustainable America i·i1co). +oo
|ui|1in,s. zcro cncr,y. +o6
lu|ch. Cin,cr. +..
lu|ch. laynon1. +..
Bulldozer in the Countryside, The: Suburban Sprawl
and the Rise of American Environmentalism, ¸6.
luntin,. Any. +¡.
lur1cn. la·i1
Street Design Guidelines for Healthy Neighborhoods,
lurnhan. lin1a lryc
The Citizen Artist: 20 Years of Art in the Public
Arena, .o6
lurrin,ton. :tc¡hcn
Take Back Your Streets: How to Protect Communities
from Asphalt and Traffic, .o-
|us systcn. ¸¸. +¡¸
see also nasstransit systcn
lush. Ccor,c \. +6+
lut|cr. laran la·is
The Complete Vegetable and Herb Gardener, +ï6
|uttcr||y ,ar1cns. -¸
|uttcr||y nci,h|orhoo1. .ï
Cahn. l1,ar :
No More Throw-Away People: The Co-Production
Imperative, +ï¡
Ca|thor¡c. lctcr. -. +¸. ¸¸. ¸ï. +6-
The Next American Metropolis: Ecology, Community,
and the American Dream, +¸. .+¸
The Regional City: Planning for the End of
Sprawl, .+¸
Sustainable Communities: A New Design Synthesis
for Cities, Suburbs, and Towns, +-.
Can¡|c||. :tu
The Home Water Supply: How to Find, Filter, Store,
and Conserve It, .o¸
Car l|us. +o¡
car ¡oo|s. -ïo. ï¡. +o¸. ++ï. +¡¡. +ï.
car|on 1ioxi1c cnissions. ¡o. 6-. ïo
Car|rcccon. +ï¸
Carno1y. lohn
Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies
and Energy Performance, +o¡
carsharin, ic|u|s). 6ï. +¸+¸. +¡¡. +o¡
carstrcct. ¸.¸
cars. +o¸. +¸¸. +¡¡¸. +6¡
see also autono|i|cs
Casca1c nci,h|orhoo1 i:catt|c. \A). +6.
catchwatcr systcns. oï. .o¸¡. +.-
Ccntcnnia| l|acc iAt|anta. CA). +¸.
Ccntcr |or lui|1in,s an1 Thcrna| :ystcns o| thc
Nationa| lcncwa||c lncr,y la| iNlll). .oo
Ccntcr |or lco|o,ica| lo||ution lrc·cntion. .o¸
Ccntcr o| lxcc||cncc |or :ustaina||c lc·c|o¡ncnt.
Ccntcr |or li·a||c Connunitics. .o-
Ccntcr |or a Ncw Ancrican lrcan. +--
Ccntcr |or lcncwa||c lncr,y an1 :ustaina||c
Tcchno|o,ics iCll:T). .oo
Ccntcr |or lcsourcc|u| lui|1in, Tcchno|o,y. .oï.
.+o. .+.
Ccntcr |or lcsourcc|u| lui|1in, Tcchno|o,y :ta||
Reducing Construction and Demolition Waste, .oï
Ccntcr |or Un1crstan1in, thc lui|t ln·ironncnt
iCUll) ilansas City). ¡¡
“\a|k Aroun1 thc l|ock.” +.+. +ï¸
Ccntcrs |or liscasc Contro| iClC). .¡¸
Chc|s in a Car1cn i:catt|c. \A). ++¸
Chcn. lona|1. ¸¸. +-.
Chiras. lanic| l. ï. +¸. 6ï. +++. ++¸-. +¸6. +6+.
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
+-6. +-o. +o¡
Green Building, .oï
The Natural House: A Complete Guide to Healthy,
Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes, +¸¸. +6ï.
The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling,
+¸¸. +o6. +oï
Choices Between Asphalt and Nature: Americans
Discuss Sprawl, +6. ¸¸. +-6
Chotzino||. lo|in
People With Dirty Hands, +ï6
Christian. lianc l
Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow
Ecovillages and Intentional Communities, +-6
Christcnscn. Caro| lan1a
Treasury of Gardening, +ï6
Citizen Artist, The: 20 Years of Art in the Public
Arena, .o6
Citizen’s Guide to Radon, A: The Guide to Protecting
Yourself and Your Family from Radon. .oo
City Car :harc lro,ran i:an lrancisco. CA). +¸.
City Car:harc. +¸+. +o¡
City larncr i\ancou·cr. lC). +.¡. +ï-
City lc¡air lro¡cct. Thc ilort|an1. Ol). +¡o¸o.
C|arkc. lon. ¡+
C|c·c|an1. \i||ian
Art in Other Places: Artists at Work in America’s
Community and Social Institutions, .o6
c|inatc chan,c. ,|o|a|. see ,|o|a| warnin,
Coa|ition to lrcscr·c O¡cn :¡acc. +66
Co|| Hi|| Cohousin, iHart|an1. \T). ï-. o.. +¸¸
6. +¸o¡o
cocoonin,. +6. .6. ¸¸
cohousin, connunitics. 6. 6+. 6¸. 6o. o.. +oo.
+o¸. +oï. ++.. ++¸6. ++o.o. +.¸6. +¡o. +¡¸
-. +¸¡. +6-. +--ï. .o6
Cohousin, Con¡any. Thc. +-ï
Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing
Ourselves, 6.. +6ï. +-6
Cohousing Handbook, The, +-6
Cohousing Journal ina,azinc). +-o
cohousin, no1c|. ¸¸. ¡6. 6.¸. 66. 6o. +-¸
cohousin, nci,h|orhoo1s. see cohousin,
Cohousin, Nctwork. Thc. 6+. +--. +-o. .o¸
Cohousin, lcsourccs. +-ï
cohousin,. rctro|it |or. 6¸. +¡¸
co||cctor ¡anc|s. see so|ar cncr,y ¡anc|s.
¡hoto·o|taic ¡anc|s
Co|ora1o :choo| o| \incs. +¸+
connon |ui|1in,s. see connunity |ui|1in,s
connon |aci|itics. see connunity |aci|itics
connon houscs. 6. 6+. 6¸. 6¸-. +oo+. +o¸. +++.
+.o. +¡o. +¡¸. +¡-. .o¸
connuna| 1inin,. see connunity 1inncrs
connunitics. .¸. ¸ï. ¡.. ¸ï. ï¡. +o-. +¸.. +6o.
+--. +ï¸. .o6. .+¸¡
Communities ina,azinc). +-o
Communities Directory: A Guide To Intentional
Communities and Cooperative Living, +-6
connunity. ï. .o. ¸+.. ¡¸. ¡-. ¡o. 6.. 6--¡. --
o. ï+. ︡. ï-. o¸6. +o¸. +oï. ++.¸. ++-. +.+.
+.¸. +¡6-. +¡o. +¸6-. +6o. +6ï. +-oïo. +ï¸.
+oo. .o¸6
|ui|1in,s. ¡.. ¸o+. -.¸. o¡. +¸o. +6o
1aycarcs. see 1aycarc |aci|ity. connunity
cncr,y systcns. see cncr,y systcns
housc. see connon houscs
orchar1s. ¸+. ¸o. ï¸6. ïooo. o¸. +oo.
+.¸. +.o. +¸6. +ï6. .o¸
trcc¡|antin,. see trcc ¡|antin,
worksharc. --. ï+. ï¡. ++o. +¸o. +¡-.
see also nci,h|orhoo1
Connunity Arts Nctwork iCAN). .o6
connunity|y1csi,n. ¸.
Community By Design: New Urbanism for Suburbs
and Small Communities, .+¸
Community Farm, The: A Voice for Community
Supported Agriculture ina,azinc). +o.
connunity ,ar1cns. 6. ¸ï. ¡+. ¡6. ¸o+. ¸o. 6.¸. ï¸
6. ïoo+. o¸. ++.. ++o. +..¸. +¸o.
+¸6. +6o.. +--. +ï6-
Connunity Crccns. +..¸. +ï¸
Community Related Agriculture, +oo
connunitysharc1 o||iccs. .o¸
Community Supported Agriculture, +o.
connunitysu¡¡ortc1 a,ricu|turc iC:A). o+.
+¸o+. +oo. +o¸
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): An
Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide, +o+
Community Supported Agriculture: Making the
Connection, +o+
Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|turc o| North
Ancrica. +o¸
Connunity Trans¡ortation Association o|
Ancrica. +ï¸
connutin,. see trans¡ortation. connutin,
Complete Book of Edible Landscaping, The, +oo
Complete Vegetable and Herb Gardener, The, +ï6
con¡ostin,. ï. ¡6. ¸+. ï-ï. o¸. +.¸. +¸¡. +6+..
Composting Toilet System Book, The, .o¸
con¡ostin, toi|cts. oo+oo. +¡¸. .o¸
concrctc ¡a·crs. ïo. +.ï
concrctc. ¡cr·ious. +.ï
concrctc. rc¡|accncnt o|. ïo. +ïo
Con,rcss |or a Ncw Ur|anisn. +--
Conservation Design for Subdivisions, +-¸
Conscr·ation law loun1ation. .o-
Constantinc. lancs. +-.
Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, +o¸6
consun¡tion. o. +¡+¸. +-. ¸o
coo|in, |i||s. o¸
see also cncr,y |i||s
Coo¡cr \arcus. C|arc. +ï¸
Cooperation and Competition Among Primitive Peoples,
Cor|ctt. lu1y. ¸ï6+. +-¸
Designing Sustainable Communities: Learning from
Village Homes, +-6
Cor|ctt. \ichac|. ¸ï6+. +.o. +-¸
Designing Sustainable Communities: Learning from
Village Homes, +-6
Cornicc||o. loc. +¡¸
Cotta,c Co1c. +6ï
Cotta,c Con¡any. Thc. +6ï. +-o. +-ï
cotta,c in1ustrics. +o6
cotta,cs. +6o. +-ï
Country C|u| listrict ilansas City). +6ï
co·cnant co¡s. .ï
Cow|cs. \acon. 6-. -¸
Crcasy. losa|in1
The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping, +oo
Creating Community Anywhere: Finding Support
and Connection in a Fragmented World, +ï¡
Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow
Ecovillages and Intentional Communities, +-6
Creating an Oasis with Greywater: Your Complete
Guide to Managing Greywater, .o¡
Crcati·c Connunitics lntcrnationa|. .o-
crinc ¡rc·cntion. see Nci,h|orhoo1 Crinc \atch
Crossin,s. Thc i\ountain \icw. CA). ¸¸. +6-
C:A Ccntcr. +o¸
C:A larn Nctwork. +¸+. +o¸
CSA: Making a Difference i·i1co). +o.
C:A \orks. +o¸
C:\ Cor¡oration. +¸.
Cultivating Community: Principles and Practices for
Community Gardening as a Community-Building
Tool, +ï-
Cultural Creatives, The, ¡o
cu|turc. nci,h|or|y. see nci,h|or|incss
Curston. \aurccn
Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for
Citizens and Their Governments, +--
lur|an1. :tc·cn
The Citizen Artist: 20 Years of Art in the Public
Arena, .o6
lansta1. \cnchc l
Landscape Ecology: Principles in Landscape
Architecture and Land-Use Planning, +ïï
lanc County lc¡artncnt o| lccyc|in, an1 :o|i1
\astc. +¸¡
lanic|. lonathan. 6ï
larrow :choo| iNcw lc|anon. N¥). +¡+.
lata|asc o| :tatc lnccnti·cs |or lcncwa||c lncr,y.
1aycarc |aci|ity. connunity. ¸+. +oo.. +o6. +.o.
see also nci,h|orhoo1 |a|ysittin, coo¡s
1ccision nakin,. 6ï. ïo+. +6¸
Deep Ecology, ¸o
lc| lorto. la·i1
The Composting Toilet System Book, .o¸
lc\uth. :uzannc
Community Supported Agriculture (CSA): An
Annotated Bibliography and Resource Guide, +o+
lcnck|a. Tanya
The Organic Gardener’s Home Reference, +ï6
lcnhan. \ary. ++-
lc¡artncnt o| Nci,h|orhoo1s i:catt|c. \A). +¸o.
lc¡ot last i\innca¡o|is. \N). +¸.
Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations,
Designing Low-Energy Buildings: Passive Solar
Strategies and Energy-10 Software, +oo
Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape
Naturally, +oo
Designing Sustainable Communities: Learning from
Village Homes, +-6
lc·a||. li||
Deep Ecology, ¸o
lich|. lan. +..
licrs. lin. +.+. +¸o6.
¡ot|uck. .o. ¡6. ¸ï. -+. ï-. ++.. +¡¸. +¸6-. +6+
¡ro,rcssi·c. ++¸. +-o
see also connunity 1inncrs
Discussion Course on Choices for Sustainable Living:
Guidebook, +ï+
1iscussion ,rou¡s. ¡+. ++¸6. +ï+
see also nci,h|orhoo1 1iscussion ,rou¡s
1iscascs. ¡o||utionrc|atc1. .6
1istricts. ¡o¸o
1i·crsity. +-. ¸¸. ¸ï. ¡¸. ¸-. 6ï. +o6ï. +.o. +.6.
+¸+. +¸¸¸. +¸-. +¸o. .+¡
lonc|. \ichc|c. ¸¸
lo·cr. \ictor. +-. +6-
lrayton. li||. +ï¸
luany. An1rcs. -. ... ¸¸. ¸-. +o-. +¸¡. +6-
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the
Decline of the American Dream, -.. +-6. .+¸
luncan. \r c \rs Hu,h. ¸¸
lunni,an. lcn1a||. +ï6
lurnin,. A|an
Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the
Mind, ¡¡
lurrctt. Char|cs. 6+. +-ï
Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing
Ourselves, 6.. +-6
larnalikc ¡ro,ran. +¸¸
larth lo|icy lnstitutc. +-+
Earth-Sheltered House, The: An Architect’s Sketchbook,
larthwoo1 lui|1in, :choo|. .oo
lcoarts¡acc. .o6
lcolui|1. .++
lco|o,ica| lui|1in, Nctwork. .+.
lco|o,ica| ln,inccrin, an1 lcsi,n. +ïï
lcolro1ucts. lnc. .++
Ecopsychology: Restoring the Earth, Healing the Mind,
lcoTcans. ¸.. +¸¸¡
ccotourisn. ¡+
Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her People,
lco\i||a,c Nctwork o| thc Ancricas. +--
cco·i||a,cs. +-¸. +--. .o¸. .o6
lco\isc. .++
c1,cs. ¡o¸o. +6¸
c1i||c |an1sca¡cs. see |an1sca¡cs. c1i||c
l1ninstcr. Ann
Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction: A
Practical Guide to Saving Wood, Money, and
Forests, .oï
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Cold Climate, +o¸
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Hot-Arid Climate, +o¸
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Mixed Humid Climate, +o¸
Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction: A
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Practical Guide to Saving Wood, Money, and Forests, .oï
liscn|cr,. la·i1
The Straw Bale House, .oo
c|cctric |ikcsharc ¡ro,ran. +¡¡
c|cctricity. o6ï. +¡+
l||iot. lrica
Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide
for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners, .oï
lnory Uni·crsity. .6. ++ï
cncr,y. +-. .+. ¸ï. ¡¸. ¸+. ¸¸. o¸. o6-. +¸o¡o.
+o6. +oo. .++
|i||s. o. o6. +6o
conscr·ation. ¸ï. ¸¸. ¸o. +.-
consun¡tion. ¸o. ¡6. ¸¸. +¸¡
costs. ¸.. o6
c||icicncy. ï. 6¡. ï+. o-. +¸¸. +o¡. +o6. .oo. .+.
win1. see win1 cncr,y
zcro. |ui|1in,. +o6
see also cncr,y systcns
lncr,y l||icicncy an1 lcncwa||c lncr,y
C|carin,housc. +o6. .oo
lncr,y l||icicncy an1 lcncwa||c lncr,y Nctwork
illlN). +ï¸
lncr,y l||icicnt lui|1in, Association. +o¸6
Energy-Efficient and Environmental Landscaping, +.6.
lNllC¥ :TAl ¡ro,ran. 6-. +o6
cncr,y systcns. ¡6. o6-. +oo. +¸o¡+. .o+
ln,wicht. la·i1
Street Reclaiming: Creating Livable Streets and
Vibrant Communities, +¸o. .o-
cntcrtainncnt ¡ro,ran. connunity. see connunity
cntcrtainncnt ¡ro,ran
cn·ironncnt. |ui|t. +6¸
Environmental Building News incws|cttcr). .+o
ln·ironncnta| lui|1in, :u¡¡|ics. .++
ln·ironncnta| Construction Out|ittcrs. .++
cn·ironncnta| 1ana,c. o-
Environmental Design and Construction ina,azinc).
ln·ironncnta| Honc Ccntcr. .++
cn·ironncnta| issucs. ,|o|a|. ++¸
ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy. see U: llA
Escape from Affluenza, +o
l·cr,rccn loo1 Coo¡ il·cr,rccn. CO). ++-ï
l·cr,rccn \ca1ows il·cr,rccn. CO). ++6
lwcn. l|iza|cth
Picture Windows: How the Suburbs Happened, +-¸
lair·icw Car1cns i:anta lar|ara. CA). +o
lair·icw \i||a,c. +6ï. +-¸. +-o
lannic \ac. .
Nationa| Housin, :ur·cy. ¸¡
|arncrs’ narkcts. +.+
Farms of Tomorrow: Community Supported Farms, Farm
Supported Communities, +o+
lc1cra| Housin, A1ninistration ilHA). ¡. ¸¡
lc||owshi¡ |or lntcntiona| Connunity. +-6
|cnccs. +¡+¸. .¸¡. .-. ¸+. 6o-o. . o¸. +...
lcn1|cy. l1. ¸¸
|crti|izcrs. .o. ï6. ++-. +.-
linc Honc|ui|1in,
The Best of Fine Homebuilding : Energy-Efficient
Building, +o¸
|inishcs. nontoxic. +oï. .++
lishnan. lo|crt
The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl,
litch. laura. +¡6. .o¸
li·c l’s Un|initc1. +¸¡
l|cxcar. +¸+¸. +o¡
l|cxlasscs. +¡¸
l|int. lr l \arrcn. +¸¡
||oo1in,. ¸6. ïo. +.ï
||uorcsccnt |i,hts. cncr,yc||icicnt. 6¸. ++¸
|oo1. +ï. .o. ¸ï. o+. +.¸¡. +¸o+
loo1 Coo¡ lircctory. +ï.
lornan. lichar1 T
Landscape Ecology: Principles in Landscape
Architecture and Land-Use Planning, +ïï
|ossi| |uc|s. +¡. ¡o. ¸¸. o¡. o-. +.6. +¡¡
lox lun inci,h|orhoo1). ¸+. -o. --. ïo. ïï. oo..
o¡¸. +o¸. +o-
lrcnont Tro|| i:catt|c). +6+
lrcnch. lc|. ¸¸
lronn. lrich
To Have or To Be, +o
|ruits. or,anica||y ,rown. o¸
lrynan. lc|orah
Cultivating Community: Principles and Practices for
Community Gardening as a Community-Building
Tool, +ï-
|uc|. +. ¸ïo. ¡¸. ¸¡¸. 6-. o¸¡. o-. +o¸. +¸¸
Fuel from Water: Energy Independence with Hydrogen,
|uc|s. |ossi|. see |ossi| |uc|s
lu|ton. \i||ian
The Regional City: Planning for the End of Sprawl,
Caian lca| Coo1s. +¡.
Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture,
Cans. Hcr|crt
The Levittowners, ... +-+
Garage: Reinventing the Place We Park, .oo
,ara,cs. ¸+. 66. -o. +o¸6. +6¡
con·crtc1 to |i·in, s¡acc. +oï. +¸+. .oo
rctro|it o|. +o¸. +o-. +¸o+. .oï
,ar|a,c. ¸.. ¸o. ïï. +¸¡
Car1cn City ilritain). ¸¸
,ar1cnin,. ï. ¸-. ¡¸. ï+. +... +6ï. +ï6-
Gardening for the Future of the Earth, +ï-
,ar1cns. see connunity ,ar1cns
Car1cn·i||c Nurscry
,aso|inc. ¸.. -o. +o.. +oï. +¸¡
see also |ossi| |uc|s
Cc|a||c. Cor1on T
Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for
Environmental Harmony, ¸-. +-.
Geography of Nowhere, The, +6-
CcoHcat Ccntcr. +o-
Ccothcrna| Hcat lun¡ Consortiun. lnc. +o-
Ccrshon. la·i1. +¸¸
Cct|i||c. loninicuc c \i·ian. ++.. ++6. +..
Ci|nan. :tc·c. +o¸
Ci¡c. lau|
Wind Power: For Homes and Business. Renewable
Energy for the 1990s and Beyond, .o+
Cir|in,. Cynthia
Yard Street Park: The Design of Suburban Open
Space, ¸.. +-+.
C|icknan. \arsha||. +oo
C|o|a| Action l|an. ¸.. +¸¸. +o6
Household EcoTeam Workbook, +¸¸
C|o|a| lco·i||a,c Nctwork. +--
,|o|a| warnin,. +o. ¡o. ïo. o6. ++6
CossCro·c Nci,h|orhoo1 ilou|1cr. CO). ++..
++¡. +¡ï. +¸o
Crahan. \incc. ¸6
,rass. hi,hnaintcnancc. oo
see also |awns
Cray lock Cohousin, ilort Co||ins. CO). +.¡¸.
,raywatcr. +¡.¸
trcatncnt systcns. oo+oo. +¡+. .o¸¡
,rccn |ui|1in,. +¸¸. +¡.. .+o.
Green Building, .oï
Green Building Guidelines: Meeting the Demand for
Low-Energy, Resource-Efficient Homes, .oo
Green Building Resource Guide, .oo
Crccn \a¡ :ystcn. +.+. +ï¸
Crccn lark Nci,h|orhoo1 iHickory. NC). +.+
,rccn s¡acc. connon. +.¸
Green Urbanism: Learning from European Cities, .o-
,rccn|c|ts. +--
Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion, The, +ï-
,rccnhousc ,ascs. ïï
,rccnhouscs. ¸-. +¡.
see also so|ar ,rccnhouscs
GreenSpec: The Environmental Building News Product
Directory and Guideline Specifications, .oo. .+.
Crccnwoo1 A·cnuc cotta,c 1c·c|o¡ncnt. +-o
Crocs|cck. \cs|cy A
The Resource Guide to Sustainable Landscapes, +ïo
Croh. Trau,cr
Farms of Tomorrow: Community Supported Farms,
Farm Supported Communities, +o+
,roun1|c·c| ozonc. see ozonc. ,roun1|c·c|
,roun1watcr. +-. ¡o. ïo
see also rainwatcr
Growing for Market: News and Ideas for Market
Gardeners incws|cttcr). +o.
Guide to Resource Efficient Building Elements, +o¸
Cu||an1. lohn. +o-
Hack|cnan. \ichac|. .o+
Ha||. lcnncth l
Community By Design: New Urbanism for Suburbs
and Small Communities, .+¸
Ha||. losc||a. +.-
Hani|ton. lin. +-.
Hannon1. lorric. +¸.
Han1son l1i||c lan1sca¡in, lro¡cct iHlll)
i\ancou·cr. lC). +.o¸o
Han|cy. lanc. +6¸
Hanson. Chris
The Cohousing Handbook, +-6
Hanson. lc|| c \i·ian. o6ï
Harnon. :usan. +..
Harnony \i||a,c iCo|1cn. CO). 6. .o. ¸ï. 6.¸.
66ï. ++¸. ++¸. +.¡¸. +.o
Harrisson. lohn
Gardening for the Future of the Earth, +ï-
Healthy House Answer Book, The: Answers to the 133
Most Commonly Asked Questions, .oï
Hca|thy Housc lnstitutc. Thc. .oï. .+.
Healthy House, The: How to Buy One, How to Build
One, How to Cure a Sick One, .oï
Hcarth. latio. an1 lar|ccuc Association. +o-
Hcarth lro1ucts Association. +o-
hcat. ¸¸. o-. +.ï. +¸¸. +o¡. +o-ï
hcatcrs. ¡ro¡anc. +¡o
hcatcrs. so|ar. see so|ar cncr,y watcr hcatcrs
hcatin, |i||s. ¸o. o¸
see also cncr,y |i||s
hcatin,. honc. see honc hcatin,
hcatin,. ra1iant. +¡o. +oï
hcatin, systcns. +o6. .+o
hcattrans|cr |icui1. +¸¸
Hcinichcn. lichar1
Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically
Challenged, .o¸
Hc|¡han1. lcnncth
Yard Street Park: The Design of Suburban Open
Space, ¸.. +-+.
Hcncnway. To|y
Gaia’s Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale
Permaculture, +ï6
Hcn1crson. l|iza|cth
Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community-
Supported Agriculture, +o+
Hcn1crson. Hazc|
Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for
Citizens and Their Governments, +--
Hcrnannsson. lohn
Green Building Resource Guide, .oo
Hcrtznan. l||cn
Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing
Ourselves, 6.. +-6
Hcschon,. lisa
Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies
and Energy Performance, +o¡
Hi||cr1. lancs. +-+
Hi,h|an1s Crossin, ilitt|cton. CO). .ï. ++o. +..
Hi|1ur. lackson
Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her
People, +-6
Hi||. Crahan. +¡¸. +¡¡
Hockcrton Housin, lro¡cct iUl). +¡+. +¡¸
Hockcrton Housin, lro¡cct Tra1in, lt1. +--. .o¸
Ho1,son. larry
Treasury of Gardening, +ï6
Ho|ncs. lwi,ht
GreenSpec: The Environmental Building News
Product Directory and Guideline Specifications,
Ho|t c Hau,h. lnc. +-o
Ho|t. lichar1. +6ï
Home Energy Magazine. +oo
honc hcatin,. +o¸
Home Heating Basics, +o¸
Home Insulation: Do It Yourself and Save as Much as
40%, +o¸
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Home from Nowhere, +6-
Home Power ina,azinc). +oo. .o.
Home Water Supply, The: How to Find, Filter, Store,
and Conserve It, .o¸
Honc Zonc iluro¡c). +¸o. .o-
honcowncr 1ucs. rc1uction o|. +.o
honcs. 6. ï. +o. ... .¸. .ï. ¡¸. ¸.. ¸¸. +¸¡. +6o
rctro|ittc1 |or cncr,y c||icicncy. o.¸. +¸¸. +o¡.
rctro|ittc1 |or so|ar. o¸¡. +¸¸. +¸-. +oï
Honcwoo1. Chica,o su|ur|. ¸¸
housc |ui|1in,. natura|. ¡6
Houscho|1 loncstic lro1uct iHll). ¸o
Household EcoTeam Workbook, +¸¸
houscyar1. ¸.
houscs. see honcs
How to Build an Underground House, .oo
How to Grow More Vegetables, +ï6
Humanure Handbook, The: A Guide to Composting
Human Manure, .o¸
hunus. ï-. o¸
Hurst\a¡szczuk. loc. +o¸
l||ich. l·an
Toward a History of Needs, +o
in¡cr·ious sur|accs. ¡¸6
Independent Energy Guide: Electrical Power for Home,
Boat, and RV, .o+
in1oor air ¡o||utants. .oo
ln1ustria| lawn. ¸-
lncr|ic|1. lo|. +..¸
in|i|| 1c·c|o¡ncnt. +¸o. +¸.. +ï¸
Inside Story, The: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality, .oo
lnstitutc o| lco|o,y. +o+
lntc,ra| Crou¡. +¸.
intcntiona| connunitics. +-6
intcrscction rcc|ainin,. +¡o
see also strccts. rcc|anation
lntcrstatc Hi,hway Act i+o¸6). ¸
Introduction to Residential Microhydro Power with
Don Harris, An i·i1co). .o.
Introduction to Residential Solar Electricity with
John Weiss, An i·i1co). .o.
Introduction to Residential Wind Power with Mick
Sagrillo, An i·i1co). .o.
Introduction to Solar Water Pumping with Windy
Dankoff, An i·i1co). .o.
Introduction to Storage Batteries for Renewable Energy
Systems with Richard Perez, An i·i1co). .o.
in·cstncnt c|u|s. see nci,h|orhoo1 in·cstncnt
ionic |a||. +¡.
Iowa Community Supported Agriculture Resource Book
for Producers and Organizers, +o+
Iowa CSA: Local Food Systems for Iowa, +o+
lowa :tatc Uni·crsity lxtcnsion :cr·icc
Iowa Community Supported Agriculture Resource Book
for Producers and Organizers, +o+
Iowa CSA: Local Food Systems for Iowa, +o+
irri,ation. oïo. +.ï. +¡+.
lshikawa. :ara
A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction,
is|an1s istrccts). ¸6
iso|ation. see socia| iso|ation
It’s Not Just About Vegetables i·i1co). +o.
lackson. lichar1. \l. .¡¸. +-+
laco|son. \ichac| l
Marketing Madness: A Survival Guide for a Consumer
Society, +-+
lancs lr·inc loun1ation. ¡+
lca·ons. lohn
How to Grow More Vegetables, +ï6
lc||rcy. lc·in
Independent Energy Guide: Electrical Power for Home,
Boat, and RV, .o+
lcnkins. losc¡h
The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting
Human Manure, .o¸
lanc. lc|orah
Maximizing Shareholder Retention in Southeastern
CSAs: A Step Toward Long-Term Stability, +o+
latz. lrucc. o. +-+
lcck. Ccor,c. ¸¸
lcnt|an1s. ¸¸
lcycs. la|¡h
Timelock, ¸-
li1’s likc :wa¡. +¸¸
lic||an1lun1. lcr. +¸¡
licrHawthornc. \arcia
The Complete Book of Edible Landscaping, +oo
linnc|. Cha1. +-+
linncy lun Nci,h|orhoo1 Association iCo|1cn.
CO). ++¸
lirschncr. lanc. +-
lni,ht. lanion. -¸. ï¸. o+. +oo. +o.¸
lon¡. lichar1 l
Practical Photovoltaics: Electricity from Solar Cells,
lor1csh. lichar1. .6. +-+
lourik. lo|crt
Designing and Maintaining Your Edible Landscape
Naturally, +oo
lrauslitch Architccts lnc. +-ï
lrctznan. lohn l
Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path
Toward Finding and Mobilizing Community, +ï¡
lunst|cr. lancs
The Geography of Nowhere, +-
Home from Nowhere, +6-
lA lco\i||a,c ilos An,c|cs. CA). ¸6. oo. ++-.
++o.o. +.¡¸. +¸¸6. +¸¡¸. +¸-
la1y lir1 lohnson \i|1||owcr Ccntcr. +ïo
lancastcr. lra1. +.6. +¸¸-
lancastcr. lo11. +.6. +¸¸. +¸-
|an1|i||s. ï-ï. o¸. +.¸. +¡+
|an1narks inci,h|orhoo1). ¡o¸o
Landscape Ecology: Principles in Landscape
Architecture and Land-Use Planning, +ïï
|an1sca¡cs. 6¸6. ï+. ï6. +.-ï. +6¸. +-o
c1i||c. ¸ï. ¸o. oo+. +o¡. +ï6. +oo
Landscaping for Energy Efficiency, +ïï
|awns. +o. -o. oo. o¸. +6o. +ïï
lc|ow. \ictor. +¡. +-+
lci|owitz. :an1ra
GreenSpec: The Environmental Building News
Product Directory and Guideline Specifications,
lcrch. lanic|. +¡o
lc·itt. \i||ian. ¡. +¸+¡
lc·ittown. ¡. +¸+¡. ..
Levittowners, The, ... +-+
Life ina,azinc). ¡
|i|c. cua|ity o|. see cua|ity o| |i|c
|i|csty|cs. o. +ï. ¸ï. 6o. +++. +¸¸¡. +¸o. +¸6
linkin, thc Ncw lconony to thc li·a||c
Connunity. ¡+
li¡kis. An1y. +.-
The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: Healing Your
Neighborhoods, Your City, and Your World, +ïï
li¡kis. latic
The Simple Act of Planting a Tree: Healing Your
Neighborhoods, Your City, and Your World, +ïï
|i·a|i|ity. in1cx |or. ¡¡6
|i·a||c connunitics. +--. +ï¸. .+¸
Livable Streets, +-+. .o6
li·in, \achincs. +¡.. +¡.
li·in, :trccts lnitiati·c. +¡ï. +¸o
lc1cstrians Association. .o-
l|cwc||yn lark iNcw lcrscy). ¸¸
lockhcc1 \artin. o
locwcr. lctcr
Treasury of Gardening, +ï6
|onc|incss. see socia| iso|ation
lon,. Chcry|. .o+
lor1 lo|crts l|cncntary :choo| i\ancou·cr. lC).
low ln¡act lc·c|o¡ncnt Ccntcr. +ïo
lsti|urck. loc
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Mixed Humid Climate,
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Cold Climate, +o¸
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Hot-Arid Climate, +o¸
lu1wi,. Art
Building Professional’s Supplement: Guide to
Professional Installation of Greywater, .o¡
Creating an Oasis with Greywater: Your Complete
Guide to Managing Greywater, .o¡
ly|c. la·i1
The Book of Masonry Stoves: Rediscovering an Old
Way of Warming, +o-
\cCanant. lathryn. 6+. +-ï
Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing
Ourselves, 6.. +-6
\cla11cn. :tc·cn
Farms of Tomorrow: Community Supported Farms,
Farm Supported Communities, +o+
\clntirc. Ton. +¡¸
\ack. lctcr
Straw Bale Building: How to Plan, Design, and
Build Straw Bale, .oo
\clni,ht. lohn l
Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path
Toward Finding and Mobilizing Community, +ï¡
\c\ann. \artin. -¸6
\a1ison Arca Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|tura|
Coa|ition i\AC:AC). +o¸
\a1ison Arca :ustaina||c li|csty|c Can¡ai,n. +¸¡
\a1ison Cas an1 l|cctric Con¡any. +¸¡
\a1rona nci,h|orhoo1 i:catt|c. \A). ¸.
\a,woo1. Chris
Straw Bale Building: How to Plan, Design, and
Build Straw Bale, .oo
\a|in. Na1a·. +o-
Map-Making with Children: Sense-of-Place Education
in the Elementary School Years, +ï¸
\aricnont iCincinnati. OH). +6ï
Marketing Madness: A Survival Guide for a Consumer
Society, +-+
\ark|cy. lonathan. ïo
\ark|cy. lristcn. +ï6
\arston. Tc1
Treasury of Gardening, +ï6
\artin. lc|orah l
The Rodale Book of Composting, +ï-
\ash¡cc Connons. ¸¸
\asonry Hcatcr Association o| North Ancrica.
nasonry sto·cs. +o-ï
nasstransit systcns. +¸¸. +ï¸
see also |us systcn
Maximizing Shareholder Retention in Southeastern
CSAs: A Step Toward Long-Term Stability, +o+
\azur. lauric Ann
Marketing Madness: A Survival Guide for a Consumer
Society, +-+
\ca1. \ar,arct
Cooperation and Competition Among Primitive
Peoples, .6
\ca1ows. lana. o.
nicroc|inatc. ïï. +ïï
nicrohy1roc|cctric. +oo. .o+
nicrohy1ro¡owcr. +¡o
nicrotur|incs. o-. +¡o
\i11|cscx County lxtcnsion Ccntcr. +oo
\i||cr. lurkc
Solar Energy: Today’s Technologies for a Sustainable
Future, +oï
\i||s listrict i\innca¡o|is). +¸.
\i|stcin. :arah. +¸o. +o+
\o||att. Annc :
Energy Efficient and Environmental Landscaping,
+.6. +ïï
\o||ison. l
Perma-Culture Two: Practical Design for Town and
Country in Permanent Agriculture, +oo
\ontcrcy Cohousin, i:aint louis lark. \N). +¸¡
\orri||. lohn
Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, +o¸
Mother Earth News, ï. o¡. +++. +¸o. .+o
\ou|c. l|iza|cth. +6-
Moving Towards More Community-Oriented
Transportation Strategies in the Bay Area: A Guide to
Getting the Information, +ï.
\uir Connons ila·is. CA). 6+. +¸o¡+
nu|chcs. cco|ricn1|y. +... +.o. +oo
\un|or1. lcwis. +¸
\unna. Tracy
Guide to Resource Efficient Building Elements, +o¸
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
\ur¡hy. Chcric il|,in. ll). +6o
\yhrnan. \atts
Build It with Bales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Straw-
bale Construction, .oo
\yhrnan. :O
Build It with Bales: A Step-by-Step Guide to Straw-
bale Construction, .oo
N :trcct Cohousin, ila·is. CA). 6¸. ++.. +.o.
+.¡¸. +¡¸. +¸o+. +¸-
Nationa| Aca1cny o| :cicnccs iNA:). ¸6
Nationa| Ar|or lay loun1ation. +ïo
Nationa| Association o| Honc lui|1crs. ¸6
Nationa| Association o| Honc lui|1crs lcscarch
Ccntcr. .+.
Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow
Foundations, +o¸
Nationa| Au1u|on :ocicty
Corkscrcw :wan¡ :anctuary. +66
Nationa| lui|1in, lnno·ation Awar1. 6-
Nationa| Canccr lnstitutc. .¸
Nationa| Ccntcr |or A¡¡ro¡riatc Tcchno|o,y. +o¸.
.oï. .+.
Nationa| Coo¡crati·c lusincss Association. +ï.
Nationa| Car1cnin, Association. +.¡. +ï-
Nationa| lark :cr·icc :ustaina||c lcsi,n an1
Construction lata|asc. .+o
Nationa| la1on Hot|inc. .+.
Nationa| lcncwa||c lncr,y la|oratory. +o-. .o¸
Landscaping for Energy Efficiency, +ïï
Nationa| :hcri|| ’s Association Nci,h|orhoo1
\atch. +ïo
Nationa| Tour o| :o|ar Honcs. .oo
Nationa| \i|1|i|c lc1cration. -¸
lackyar1 \i|1|i|c Ha|itat lro,ran. +ïo
Habitats incws|cttcr). +ïo
Nationa| \in1 Tcchno|o,y Ccntcr. .o¸
natura| |ui|1in, natcria|s. .oï
natura| |inishcs. nontoxic. +oï. .++
natura| ,as. +-. +ï. o.. o-. +¡o
Natural Home ina,azinc).+¸¸. .+o
Natural House, The: A Complete Guide to Healthy,
Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes, +¸¸. +6ï.
Natura| lcsourccs lc|cnsc Counci|. .oï
Naturc Conscr·ancy. Thc. +-6
Nc||. lohn. ¡¡
Nci,h|or A¡¡rcciation lay i:catt|c. \A). +6+
nci,h|orhoo1. .. .¸. .-o. ¸6. 6-. -+. ï¡. ï-. o¸.
+o-ï.+¸.. +¸6.+6¡¸
asscts in·cntory. -.. ï+. +.+. +
|ook c|u|s. -¸. ï¸. ++¸
1iscussion ,rou¡s. ¡+. -¸6. ++¸6. +ï+
in·cstncnt c|u|s. -¡. ï¸. ++¸
nission statcncnt. ¸o. ¡o. ïo+. +.o. +ï¡
¡arks. ¸¸. +6o+. +66. +6ï. +--
worksharc ¡ro,ran. -oïo. ++o.o. +ï¡
see also connunity
nci,h|orhoo1 |a|ysittin, coo¡s. -6-. -o. ︡.
++6-. +ï.
nci,h|orhoo1|y1csi,n. ¸¡. ¸ï. 6¸
Nci,h|orhoo1 Crinc \atch ¡ro,ran. ¸¸. -¸¡.
ï¸. ++¡. +ïo
Nci,h|orhoo1 \atchin, lun1 i:catt|c. \A). +6o
Nci,h|orhoo1 lcsourcc Ccntcr ilcn·cr. CO).
Nci,h|orhoo1 Trans¡ortation l|annin, lcsourccs.
nci,h|orhoo1s. .¸¡. ¸¸. ¡¸6. ¡o¸+. ¸6. 6+. +oï.
++¡. +.+. +¸+¸
nixc1usc o|. .6. ¸+. +¸.. +¸¡. .+¸
¡ockct. +-ï
rcin·cntion o|. .. ¸¸. ¡-. 6o
rcno1c|c1. .. .6. ¡o¸+. ¸¸. 6¸
su|ur|an. +. ¡. ï. +ï. .¸6. ¸¡. ¡.. ¡6. ¸o. ¸6-.
6.. ï¸. ï-. +o¡. +oï. +++. +.¸. +¸o. +6¸. +6-
sustaina||c. .. ¸.¸. ¸6-. ¸o. 6ï. -o. +¸o. +6.
ur|an. +. ï. .6. ï¸. ï-. +o¡. +oï. +++. +.¸.
+¸o. +6¸. +6-
see also connunitics
nci,h|or|incss. .. ¡¸. ¸o
Nci,h|ors Awarc o| Thcir ln·ironncnt iNATl).
Nc|csscn. Anton C. ¡.. +-.
Nct Nci,h|orhoo1 lro1uct icua|ity o| |i|c). .o
New Independent Home, The: People and Houses that
Harvest the Sun, Wind, and Water, The, .o+
Ncw :u|ur|anisn. +6¡. +6ï. +-o. +-ï
New Suburbanist, ¸6
Ncw Ur|anisn. ï. +-. ¸¸. +o-. +¸.. +¸¡. +6¡.
+66ï. +-o. +--ï. .+¸
Ncw Ur|anisn :ur·cy i+oo¸). ¸¡
Ncw \icw lrana Crou¡ an1 li1s’ Thcatcr
iloston. \A). +¡-
Newsweek, ¸¸. +66
Next American Metropolis, The: Ecology, Community,
and the American Dream, +¸. .+¸
Nikc ilca·crton. Ol). ++ï
No More Throw-Away People: The Co-Production
Imperative, +ï¡
Noah’s Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own
Backyards, +ïï
no1cs. ¡o¸o
North Caro|ina lc¡artncnt o| Conncrcc
Solar Homes for North Carolina: A Guide to
Building and Planning Solar Homes, +oï
North Caro|ina :o|ar Ccntcr. .oo
North. lanct. +o+
North oth A·cnuc nci,h|orhoo1 iTucson. AZ).
++o. +.6
Northwcst larth lnstitutc. ++6
Discussion Course on Choices for Sustainable Living:
Guidebook, +ï+
Norwoo1. lcn
Rebuilding Community in America: Housing for
Ecological Living, Personal Empowerment, and the
New Extended Family, +-6
Norwoo1Ouincc ilou|1cr. CO). +¡¸
Not So Big House, The, +6ï
nuc|car ¡owcr. see ¡owcr. nuc|car
Oak|an1 \ctro l|annin, connission
Moving Towards More Community-Oriented
Transportation Strategies in the Bay Area: A Guide
to Getting the Information, +ï.
o||icc. connunitysharc1. +o+.. +o6. +¡6-
see also connunity o||iccs
oi|. +¡. +-o. ¡o. +.-
O|1c Hi||crcst Nci,h|orhoo1 Association
i\i|waukcc. \l). ++¡¸. +.o
O|nstca1. lrc1crick law. ¸¸
O|scn. lcnni|cr. +¸¡
O|son. lancs l
Landscape Ecology: Principles in Landscape
Architecture and Land-Use Planning, +ïï
O|son. lcn. +oo
On Good Land: The Autobiography of an Urban Farm,
OnCoin, Conccrns Cohousin, ilort|an1. Ol).
6¸. +¸¸6
o¡cn s¡accs. ¡.. ¡¡¸. ¸o+. ¸¸. +6o. +66
orchar1s. see connunity orchar1s
Orc,on lnstitutc o| Tcchno|o,y. +o-
|oo1 coo¡s. ï. --ï. ï¡. ++-. +ï.
|oo1 storcs. ++ï. +.+
,ar1cnin,. ï
¡ro1ucc. o¸. ++ï
Organic Gardener’s Home Reference, The, +ï6
Osnan. lranny. +¡-ï
Our Field: A Manual for Community Shared
Agriculture, +o+
o·crhan, ion housc). ¸o
ozonc. ,roun1|c·c|. .¸
lah|. Crc,
Home Heating Basics, +o¸
laintc1 la1y ¡artics. +6+
¡aints. nontoxic. 6¸. +oï
¡arkin,. 6. ¸o. 66. +o¡. +6ï. +-o
¡arks. see nci,h|orhoo1 ¡arks
¡arks. ¡ockct. ¸ï. +¸o. +66
¡arty. ||ock. .ï
¡aths. see |icyc|cs. ¡c1cstrians
Pattern Language, A: Towns, Buildings, Construction,
¡a·crs. ¡orous. +.ï. +ïo
¡a·in, a|tcrnati·cs. 66. +oo
laws. lnc i\uncic. lN). +¡+.
laync. larcn
Cultivating Community: Principles and Practices for
Community Gardening as a Community-Building
Tool, +ï-
lca·y. \ichac| A
Fuel from Water: Energy Independence with
Hydrogen, .o+
lcck. \ :cott
Creating Community Anywhere: Finding Support
and Connection in a Fragmented World, 184
The Road Less Traveled, ..
lc1cstrian lockcts. +6-
¡c1cstrians. .¸. ¸6. ¸ï. 6¸. 66. +ï¸. .o-
lcnnin,ton. Cary. +.¡
People With Dirty Hands, +ï6
¡crnacu|turc. +oo
Perma-Culture Two: Practical Design for Town and
Country in Permanent Agriculture, +oo
lcrry. l,|crt. +¸.
¡cstici1cs. .o. ¸-. -ï. ï6. +.-. +¸+
lcttit. lctsy
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Cold Climate, +o¸
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Hot-Arid Climate, +o¸
EEBA Builder’s Guide — Mixed Humid Climate,
lcw :choo| o| lourna|isn. +6
¡hoto·o|taic ¡anc|s il\s). ï. ¸o. o6-. +o¡. +¸6.
+¡o. +oo
¡icku¡ truck. connunity. o6. +oo
Picture Windows: How the Suburbs Happened, +-¸
licrcc. Nca|. +.¸
lionccr \a||cy Cohousin, iAnhcrst. \A). +¡6
l|anctary :o|utions. .++
Planting Noah’s Garden, +ïï
l|atcrZy|crk. l|iza|cth. +6-
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the
Decline of the American Dream, 172, 176, .+¸
¡o||ution. o. +o. ¡¸. ¸6. ïï. o.. o¡. o-. +o.. +oï
air. .+. .¸. .o. -o. +o¸. +¡-. .oï. .oo
watcr. ïo. oo
¡orous ¡a·crs. see ¡a·crs. ¡orous
lortcr|ic|1. Ccra|1 A
Community By Design: New Urbanism for Suburbs
and Small Communities, .+¸
lotts. \ichac|
The New Independent Home: People and Houses that
Harvest the Sun, Wind, and Water, .o+
¡owcr. o6ï. +¸o¡o
nuc|car. ¸¡. o-
Power of Clan, The, .6
loyzcr. lcnncy iUl). +¸¡
llatch connunity ,ar1cn i:catt|c. \A). ++¸.
Practical Photovoltaics: Electricity from Solar Cells,
Prescriptions for a Healthy House: A Practical Guide
for Architects, Builders, and Homeowners, .oï
¡ri·acy. .+. .¸. .-. ¸6. 6+. -o. ï¸
¡ri·atc s¡accs. ¡6. ¸¡
lro1ucc :tation. +¡o
¡ro1ucc. or,anica||y ,rown. see or,anic ¡ro1ucc
¡ro,rcssi·c 1inncrs. see 1inncrs. ¡ro,rcssi·c
lro¡cct |or lu||ic :¡accs. +ï¸
¡ro¡anc hcatcr. +¡o
¡u||ic s¡accs. +6. +-. .¡. .6-. ¸ï. ¡6. ¸¡. ¸6. ¸ï
lutnan. lo|crt
Bowling Alone, +¸
cua|ity o| |i|c. .o¸o. ¸ï. ¡o. ¡¡. ¡6. 6o
la1|urn. Ncw lcrscy. ¸¸
ra1iant coo|in,. +oï
ra1iant hcatin,. +¡o. +oï
la1iant lanc| Association. +oï
rainwatcr. ¸-. 6o+. oïo. +¡+¸. +¸6. .o¸
Rainwater Collection for the Mechanically Challenged,
Rainwater Collection Systems i·i1co). .o¡
lay. lau|
The Cultural Creatives, ¡o
Reader’s Digest, ¡. ¸¸
lca| Coo1s. +¸-. .++
lca| Coo1s :ta||
Solar Living Source Book, .o+
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Rebuilding Community in America: Housing for
Ecological Living, Personal Empowerment, and
the New Extended Family, +-6
rccyc|in,. ï. ¡6. ¸+. 6¸. 6¸. ï-ï. o¸. +¸¡. +ï-.
Redesigning the American Lawn: A Search for
Environmental Harmony, ¸-. +-.
Reducing Construction and Demolition Waste, .oï
Reenchantment of the World, The, +ï¡
Regional City, The: Planning for the End of Sprawl,
lcnstc1. lack. -o. -¸
lcnstc1. \arion. -o. -.. -¸6. ïo. . oo. o¡.
o6. +o¸. +o-
Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies
and Energy Performance, +o¡
Resource Guide to Sustainable Landscapes, The, +ïo
rctcntion ¡on1s. see rainwatcr
rctro|its. honc cncr,y. see honcs rctro|it. cncr,y
ri1csharin,. ++ïo see also car ¡oo|s. ·an ¡oo|s
likcr. lisa. +¡.
li·crsi1c iChica,o). ¸¸
Road Less Traveled, The, ..
roa1s. 6o. +o¡. +¡¡. +6¸
see also strccts
lo|yn \an ln Ccntcr |or Connunity :u¡¡ortc1
A,ricu|turc. +o.. +o¸
locky \ountain lnstitutc. .o¡. .+¡
Rodale Book of Composting, The, +ï-
Rodale’s All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening,
lo1wc||. lu|ic. ++¸
lonc. A1an
The Bulldozer in the Countryside: Suburban Sprawl
and the Rise of American, ¸6. +-+.
roo| watcr. 1i·crsion o|. +.-
see also rainwatcr
roo|to¡ ¡anc|s. see so|ar cncr,y ¡anc|s. ¡hoto·o|taic
roons. s¡arc. +oï
rctro|it o|. +o¸
losc. lonathan. +6-
losc|an1. \ark
Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for
Citizens and Their Governments, +--
loth. Cathy
Community Supported Agriculture, +o.
roun1a|outs istrccts). ¸6
loutc . Connutcrs i:t lohns|ury. \T). ++ï
lox|ury larn iC|a·crack. N¥). +¸o
loy. lick. ++¡
luc. Harrison. +6¸. +-¸
runo||. see storn watcr runo||
runo||. toxic. +.-
lushc|i||c iln,|an1). +¸¸
lussonc||o. lc|1on. :tcwart
Choices Between Asphalt and Nature: Americans
Discuss Sprawl, +-6
:a,ri||o. \ick. .o+.
:chac||cr. lohn
Solar Living Source Book, .o+
:chc||. larcn. +-.
:chi|cr. \arc
Energy Efficient and Environmental Landscaping,
+.6. +ïï
:chu|z. lon. ¸ï. +-.
:chwartz. loc. +oo
Scientific American ina,azinc). ¸¸
:cio|c. lath|ccn. +.ï
:catt|c Chi|1rcn’s Hos¡ita|. ¡¡
Secrets to Great Soil: A Grower’s Guide to Composting,
Mulching, and Creating Healthy, Fertile Soil, +ïï
:cc1s o| :in¡|icity. +ï+
sc||rc|iancc. hunan. oo. +o+
:c|kowitz. :tc¡hcn
Residential Windows: A Guide to New Technologies
and Energy Performance, +o¡
:c||woo1 Nci,h|orhoo1 ilort|an1. Ol). +¡ïo
scrotonin. .6
:cssions. Ccor,c
Deep Ecology, ¸o
:ctt|cncnt. Thc iHc|ron. CT). +.-ï
:cuss. Tcrri. .o+
scwa,c. 6+. +oo. +.-. +¡+.. +6¸6
sha1c itrccs). see trccs. sha1c
:ha||cr. Caro|yn l
Creating Community Anywhere: Finding Support
and Connection in a Fragmented World, +ï¡
:hakcr Hci,hts iC|c·c|an1). +6ï
Shape na,azinc. .¸
:ha¡iro. Howar1¥ana
Gardening for the Future of the Earth, +ï-
:harc1 li·in, lcsourcc Ccntcr. +-6. +-ï
:harcit :cuarc. +¡o
Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community-Supported
Agriculture, +o+
si1cwa|ks. ¡o. ¸¸
:ic,cntha|cr. lohn. +o-
:i|icon \a||cy. o. +¸
:i|·crstcin. \crry
A Pattern Language: Towns, Buildings, Construction,
Simple Act of Planting a Tree, The: Healing Your
Neighborhoods, Your City, and Your World, +ïï
:|ack Ho||ow larn iAr,y|c. N¥). +¸o
:|ow loo1 \o·cncnt. Thc. +-o
:nart Connunitics Nctwork. +¸¸
snart ,rowth. +6¡. +-ï. .+¸
:nith. lath|ccn
Rebuilding Community in American: Housing for
Ecological Living, Personal Empowerment, and the
New Extended Family, +-6
:nith. :hanc
The Greenhouse Gardener’s Companion, +ï-
snow nc|t. oïo
:o|c|. la·i1
Map-Making with Children: Sense-of-Place
Education in the Elementary School Years, 1ï¸
ca¡ita|. .-. .o. ¡o
|a|ric. +6. 6.. +¸¸
intcractions. -6. ï¸
iso|ation. +. .+
soi|. ¸ïo. ¡¸. ï-. +¸+. +¡.
cc||s. +¡¡
coo|in,. ¡assi·c. .oo
1csi,n. ¡assi·c. +¸-. +¡o. +oïo
,rccnhouscs. ¸¸. +¸¸. +ï-
roo|in, natcria|s. .o+
tcchno|o,ics. ¸¸
thcrna|. +oo
so|ar cncr,y. 6. ¸¸. ¸o. +¸-. +¸6. +6¡. +oo.oo.
.o¸. .+o
to ,cncratc c|cctricity. ¸¸. +¸¸6. +¸6. .o.
hcatin,. ¡assi·c. o¸. +oï.oo
hotwatcr systcns. ¸o. +¸¸-
¡anc|s. ¸¡. ¸o. 6¸. o6. ++¸. +¸¸-. +¡o. +¸6.
rctro|ittin, honcs |or. +oï
s¡acc hcatin,. ¸¸. ¸o
systcns |or. +¸¸-. +¡o+. .o+
watcr hcatcrs. ¸¸. 6¸. +¸6. +¸6
:o|ar lncr,y lntcrnationa|. .oo
Solar Energy: Today’s Technologies for a Sustainable
Future, +oï
Solar Homes for North Carolina: A Guide to Building
and Planning Solar Homes, +oï
Solar House, The: Passive Heating and Cooling, +¸¸.
+o6. +oï
:o|ar li·in, lnstitutc. .o¸
Solar Living Source Book, .o+
Solar-Powered Home i·i1co). .oo
:o|ar :ur·i·a| Architccturc. .o¡
Solar Today ina,azinc). ï. +oo. .o.
:o|aronsa|ccon. +¸-
:onoran lcscrt. +.6
:ou|cs. lin. +6ï. +6o
:outh|acc lncr,y lnstitutc iAt|anta. CA). +.-ï.
:¡cck. lc||
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline
of the American Dream, 172, 176, .+¸
s¡cc1 |un¡s. +o¸
s¡raw|. su|ur|an. +¸6. +ï. .¡. ¸o. +6ï
s¡raw|. ur|an. +¸. +¸¸. +-ï
Square Foot Gardening, +ï6
:ta|| o| Crccn li·in,
Energy-Efficient and Environmental Landscaping,
stains. nontoxic. +oï
:taircasc linncrs ilc||c·uc. \A). ++.
Start at the Source: Design Guidance Manual for
Stormwater Quality Protection, +.ï. +ïo
:tartAuto iCcrnany). +¸+
:tcin. C|arcncc. ¸¸
:tcin. Ccrtru1c. ï
:tcin. :ara lonnctt
Noah’s Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own
Backyards, +ïï
Planting Noah’s Garden, +ïï
:tccn. Athcna :
The Straw Bale House, .oo
:tccn. li||
The Straw Bale House, .oo
:tcin|c|1. Caro|
The Composting Toilet System Book, .o¸
:tc||. l|iza|cth
Secrets to Great Soil: A Grower’s Guide to
Composting, Mulching, and Creating Healthy,
Fertile Soil, +ïï
:tc·cns. \icki. .ï
:tric|c|. lan
The Resource Guide to Sustainable Landscapes, +ïo
storn scwcrs. ¸.. 6o. ïo. +.ï
storn watcr. 6o. +.-ï
storn watcr runo||. ïo. +... +6.
:torn. lin1a. ¡¡
sto·cs. nasonry. see nasonry sto·cs
:train. larry
GreenSpec: The Environmental Building News
Product Directory and Guideline Specifications,
Straw Bale Building: How to Plan, Design, and Build
Straw Bale, .oo
straw |a|c construction. .oo
Straw Bale House, The, .oo
strcans. ¸.. +6o
Street Design Guidelines for Healthy Neighborhoods,
Street Reclaiming: Creating Livable Streets and Vibrant
Communities, +¸o. .o-
strcctcar su|ur|. +¸. ¸¸
strccts. .¡. ¡¸. ¡o. ¸¸¡. ¸6. -o. ïo. +o¡. +¸o. +6¸.
ca|nin,. ¸6. +¡o. .o-ï
c|inination o|. +¡ï. .o6
narrowin,. ¡.. ¡¡. ¸¡. ¸6-. 6o. +¡ïo. +6¡.
rcc|anation. +¡o¸o. .o6-
see also tra||ic
strcctsca¡cs. ¸+. +ï¸
:tur,cs. lan. +¡¡
su|1i·isions. cn·ironncnta||y scnsiti·c. +-¸
su|scri¡tion |arns. +oo
su|ur|an. +. ¸. ï. +.. +¸6. .+. .-. ¸o. ¡+. ¸¸¡.
¸ï. -o. +.-. +6-. +-¸
Suburban Nation: The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline
of the American Dream, ¸. +-.. +-6. .+¸
su|ur|ia. ¸. ïo. +¸. +-. .+. .ï. ¸6. ¸o. ¡+. ¸.¸.
¸6. 6.. 6o. o¸. +6-
su|ur|s. +. ¸. +o.. .+. ¸¡. ¸6. ¡o. ¡-. -¸
auto 1c¡cn1cncc in. +¸
cu|tura| iso|ation o|. +o6. +oo
cn·ironncnta||y sustaina||c. +-6
socia| hono,cnization in. +o6. +oï
strcctcar. +¸. ¸¸
sustaina||c. ¸¡. +-o. +-o
:un an1 \in1 Cohousin, ilcnnark). +¸o¡o
suns¡accs. +¸¸
su¡cr||ocks. ¸¡
sustaina|i|ity. ¡o. ¡¡. ¡o. ¸¸. 6ï. o.. +¸¡. +ï-
:ustaina||c lui|1in,s ln1ustrics Counci| i:llC).
Buildings Inside and Out incws|cttcr). .oo
Designing Low-Energy Buildings: Passive Solar,
Green Building Guidelines: Meeting the Demand
for Low-Energy, Resource-Efficient Homes, .oo
Sustainable Communities: A New Design Synthesis for
Cities, Suburbs, and Towns, ¸ï. ¸¸. +-.
:ustaina||c luturcs :ocicty. ¸ï. +++. +-o
sustaina||c nci,h|orhoo1. see nci,h|orhoo1s. sus
:ustaina||c :catt|c. ¡¡
:ustaina||c :u|ur|s lro¡cct. Thc. +++. +-o
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
:·cnsson. larcn
Ecovillage Living: Restoring the Earth and Her
People, +-6
swa|cs. ¸.. 6o+. +.-ï
Take Back Your Streets: How to Protect Communities
from Asphalt and Traffic, .o-
Tca :tation. +¡o
tcchno|o,ics. sustaina||c. ¡o. o6
Thcrnonax. +¸-
Thic|ach. \cronika
Take Back Your Streets: How to Protect Communities from
Asphalt and Traffic, .o-
Thornc. lcnni|cr
Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, +o¸
Tinc lo||ars. +ï¡
Time na,azinc. ¡
tinc. rcc|anation o|. .6
Timelock, ¸-
To Have or To Be, +o
To11. lohn. +66
toi|cts. con¡ostin,. see con¡ostin, toi|cts
Ton lichnan Associatcs
Start at the Source: Design Guidance Manual for
Stormwater Quality Protection, +ïo
Toward a History of Needs, +o
Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for
Citizens and Their Governments, +--
Towar1s a :ustaina||c :catt|c. +6.
Tow|cy. Tansyn
Our Field: A Manual for Community Shared
Agriculture, +o+
toxic runo||. rc1uction o|. +.-
tra||ic. +6. .+. .¡. -o. -o
ca|nin,. +o¡¸. +¡ï
circ|cs. ¸o. +¡o. +6o
,ri1|ock. +¸. +¡-
rc1uction o|. +oï. +¡ï. +¸¸
s|owin,. ¸¡. ¸6. +¡ï. +6¡
see also strccts
Tran|ink. +¡¡
transit. see nasstransit systcn
trans¡iration. ïï
trans¡ortation. +-. +o. ... ¸¸. ¸+. 6ï. o+. +¸¡.
+6o. +-o. +-ï. +ï¸
a|tcrnati·cs. +¡¸. +ï¸. .o-
connutin,. .6. ¸¸. 6¡. -ï
costs. o. .o
stratc,y. cn·ironncnta||y |ricn1|y. +¡¸¡. +ï¸.
systcn. nci,h|orhoo1. +o¸
Trans¡ortation A|tcrnati·cs. +ï¸. .o¸
trans¡ortation. autono|i|c. see autono|i|c
Treasury of Gardening, +ï6
trcatncnt systcn. |io|o,ica|. see ||ackwatcr. trcat
ncnt o|. con¡ostin, toi|cts
Trcc lun1 i:catt|c. \A). +6.
Trcc lco¡|c. +.-. +ïï
trcc ¡|antin,. ¸6. ïï. +.6. +6¡. +ïïo
trccs. sha1c. ¡¸. ¸¸. ¸6. 6o. ïïo. +.6
trucksharc ¡ro,ran. 6ï. o+.
Trust |or lu||ic lan1. Thc. +--
Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to
Restore Hope to the Future, +ï+
Tutt|c. la|c. ++¸
Uni·crsity o| lritish Co|un|ia. +.¡
Uni·crsity o| Ca|i|ornia Coo¡crati·c lxtcnsion
Community Supported Agriculture: Making the
Connection, +o+
Uni·crsity o| Co|ora1o at lcn·cr. ++¸
Uni·crsity o| \assachusctts cxtcnsion scr·icc. +¸o
Uni·crsity o| \isconsin Ccntcr |or Coo¡crati·cs.
u¡,ra1cs. c||icicncy ihoncs). ¸¸
ur|an. +6. ¡¸. +6-. +ï¸. .o6
|orcsts. ¸ï. ¸.
rc·ita|ization. +-ï
s¡raw|. see s¡raw|. ur|an
trans|ornation. -o
Ur|an lan1 lnstitutc. +-ï
U: lurcau o| la|or :tatistics. ¸o
U: Consuncr lro1ucts :a|cty Connission
The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality,
U: lc¡artncnt o| A,ricu|turc cxtcnsion o||iccs.
U: lc¡artncnt o| lncr,y
lNllC¥ :TAl ¡ro,ran. +o6
O||icc o| Ccothcrna| Tcchno|o,ics. +oï
U: ln·ironncnta| lrotcction A,cncy. o¡. .oo
A Citizen’s Guide to Radon: The Guide to Protecting
Yourself and Your Family from Radon. .oo
lNllC¥ :TAl ¡ro,ran. +o6
The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality,
US EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse, .o¡
What You Should Know About Combustion
Appliances and Indoor Air Quality, .oo
US EPA Guidelines for Water Reuse, .o¡
U: llA Nationa| Ccntcr |or ln·ironncnta|
lu||ications. .o¡
U: Cco|o,ica| :ur·cy. +-
uti|ity |i||s. oï
uti|ity con¡anics. |oca|. o-. +.-. +¸-. +¡+
\an 1cr lyn. :in. ¸ï. ¸-
Sustainable Communities: A New Design Synthesis
for Cities, Suburbs, and Towns, ¸¸. +-.
\an ln Ccntcr lor Connunity :u¡¡ortc1
A,ricu|turc. see lo|yn \an ln Ccntcr lor
Connunity :u¡¡ortc1 A,ricu|turc
\an ln. lo|yn
Basic Formula to Create Community Supported
Agriculture, +o.
Community Supported Agriculture, +o.
Sharing the Harvest: A Guide to Community-
Supported Agriculture, +o+
·an ¡oo|s. -ïo. ++ï. +¡¸. +ï.
·ansharc ¡ro,ran. o+. o6
·an1a|isn. ci·ic. +-
·c,cta||cs. or,anica||y ,rown. o¸
·chic|cs. ¸ï. ¡¸
connunityownc1. o+.. +o¸
cncr,yc||icicnt. o.
\i||a,c Honcs ila·is. CA). .o. ¸ï6+. +.6. +.o
·i||a,c ¡|an. conscnsus|asc1. +6ï
·i||a,c scuarcs. +6¸
·i||a,cs. cco|o,ica||y sustaina||c. +-ï
·ision inci,h|orhoo1). ïo
·isionin, ¡roccss. ¡+¡. 6¸
\isua| lrc|crcncc :ur·cy i\l:). ¡.. ¡¡
\itanin Cotta,c. ++-
\i·ian. lohn. +ïo
\a|csh. lin
“linkin, thc Ncw lconony to thc li·a||c
Connunity.” ¡+
wa|ka|i|ity inci,h|orhoo1). ¸+
\a|ka||c Connunitics. .o-
wa|kin,. .¸. ¸¸. +o¡¸. +¡ï. +ï¸. .o¸
wa|kways. ¸¡. ¸ïo. +¡¸
\ann. la·i1. +¸. ... ¸ï. +.o. +66. +-o
The Zen of Gardening in the High and Arid West,
Washington Post, +.¸
\ashin,ton :trcct Nci,h|orhoo1 ilou|1cr. CO).
++6. +..
wastcs. +ï. +¡¸
or,anic. ï-
so|i1. ¸ïo. ¡¸
trcatncnt. |io|o,ica|. +¡.
yar1. ¸o. ï-. o¸. +..
wastcwatcr. ¸ïo
trcatncnt systcns. ï. oïo. +.-. +¡+¸. .o¸
watcr. o. +-. +ï. .+. ¸.. ¸-¡o. ¸¡. oo. o¸. +oo.
+.o. +¸¸. +¡¸. .o¡
ca¡turc1. oï. +6.
co||cction. 6o
conscr·ation. ï. ¸ï. 6-. oo
consun¡tion. ¸o. ¡¸. o6. +¸¡
so|arhcatc1. +¡o
storn. see storn watcr
systcns. oo. +¡+. .o¸
trcatncnt. oo. +.ï
watcrshc1s. ¸ï. +.-. +-o. +ïo
\c||s. \a|co|n
The Earth-Sheltered House: An Architect’s
Sketchbook, .+o
How to Build an Underground House, .oo
\cst lark Nci,h|orhoo1 Association iCanton.
OH). +.o
\cstsi1c ilansas City). ¡.
\cstwoo1 Nci,h|orhoo1 i:catt|c. \A). +.+.
wct|an1s. ¡¸. ¸.. +6o
What You Should Know About Combustion
Appliances and Indoor Air Quality, .oo
\hcat|cy. \ar,arct l
Turning to One Another: Simple Conversations to
Restore Hope to the Future, +ï+
Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life, +ï¡
wi|1|i|c corri1ors. ¡o
wi|1|i|c ha|itat. -¸. ïï. +ïï
\i||ians. lin. +ï.
\i|son. A|cx. +o-
Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings, +o¸
GreenSpec: The Environmental Building News
Product Directory and Guideline Specifications,
cncr,y. +oo.oo. .o¸. .+o
,cncrators. +¡o. .o+
nachinc. o-. +¡o
¡owcr. +o. o6. .o+
\in1 lncr,y \cck|y incws|cttcr). .o.
Wind Power: For Homes and Business, Renewable
Energy for the 1990s and Beyond, .o+
win1|rcaks. ïï
win1ows. 6¸. o¡
\ins|ow Cohousin, ilc||c·uc. \A). ++¸
\o||. lc·in. ++.. +¸+
\o||. lr :tcwart
The Power of Clan, .6
\on1cr|an1 Hi|| lc·c|o¡ncnt Con¡any. 6+. +-ï
\ooncr| no·cncnt iNcthcr|an1s). +¡ï
woonerfs, ¸.. ¸6
work ¡artics. ++o. +¸o. +¡-. +¸6
worksharin,. see connunity work sharc. nci,h|or
hoo1 worksharc ¡ro,ran
\or|1 \ar ll. ¸¸. +6ï
\ornc||. Hcathcr
Toward Sustainable Communities: Resources for
Citizens and Their Governments, +--
\orswick. lin1a. 6.. 6¸
\orswick. \att. 6¸
\urstcr. Cathcrinc laucr. +¸
xcrisca¡in,. +oo
Yard Street Park: The Design of Suburban Open Space,
¸.. +-+.
yar1 wastc. see wastcs. yar1
¥assa. :ani
Efficient Wood Use in Residential Construction: A
Practical Guide to Saving Wood, Money, and
Forests, .oï
¥ost. Harry
Home Insulation: Do It Yourself and Save as Much
as 40%, +o¸
Zen of Gardening in the High and Arid West, The,
zcro cncr,y |ui|1in,s. +o6
Zi¡car. +¸+¸. +o¡
zonin, co1cs. +. ¸. .6. ¡¡. 66. +o6. +oï. +.-. +¸+.
+¸¡. +6o. +6¡¸. +6ï. +-o
Superbia: 31 Ways to Create Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Dan Chiras is a |rcc|ancc writcr. consu|tant. an1 c1ucator Thc
author o| +o |ooks. inc|u1in, The Natural Plaster Book. with Ncw
:ocicty lu||ishcrs. an1 o·cr .oo artic|cs in ¡u||ications such as
Natural Home, Home Power Journa| an1 The Last Straw Hc is a|so
a contri|utin, c1itor an1 a1·isor to Mother Earth News. an a1¡unct
¡ro|cssor at two uni·crsitics in lcn·cr. an1 currcnt|y tcachcs
courscs on cco|o,ica| 1csi,n an1 rcncwa||c cncr,y at Co|ora1o
Co||c,c Chiras is a ncn|cr o| thc Co|ora1o lcncwa||c lncr,y
:ocicty an1 thc Ancrican :o|ar lncr,y :ocicty
Dave Wann workc1 with thc llA |or a 1cca1c an1 is now a
writcr an1 ·i1co ¡ro1uccr \i1c|y ¡u||ishc1 in na,azincs such
as Organic Gardening, Mother Earth News an1 Sierra. hc is a|so thc
coauthor o| thc succcss|u| |ook. Affluenza: The All-Consuming
Epidemic an1 two othcr |ooks a|out 1csi,n. as wc|| as six ·i1co
¡ro,rans on connunity Hc is thc .oo. winncr o| thc Tinothy
\irth Awar1 |or :ustaina|i|ity an1 is thc \icc lrcsi1cnt o| thc
:ustaina||c luturc :ocicty
About the authors

l| you ha·c cn¡oyc1 Superbia! you ni,ht a|so cn¡oy othcr
Our |ooks ¡ro·i1c ¡ositi·c so|utions |or ¡co¡|c who want to nakc a 1i||crcncc \c s¡ccia|izc in
Sustainable Living • Ecological Design and Planning • Natural Building & Appropriate Technology
New Forestry • Environment and Justice • Conscientious Commerce • Progressive Leadership
Educational and Parenting Resources • Resistance and Community • Nonviolence
lor a |u|| |ist o| N:l’s tit|cs. ¡|casc ca|| +ïoo¸6-6--. or chcck out our wc| sitc at
New Society Publishers
New Society Publishers has chosen to produce this book on Enviro, recycled paper made with 100% post consumer
waste, processed chlorine free, and old growth free.
For every 5,000 books printed, New Society saves the following resources:
46 Trees
4,147 Pounds of Solid Waste
4,563 Gallons of Water
5,951 Kilowatt Hours of Electricity
7,538 Pounds of Greenhouse Gases
32 Pounds of HAPs, VOCs, and AOX Combined
11 Cubic Yards of Landfill Space
Environmental benefits are calculated based on research done by the Environmental Defense Fund and other members of the Paper Task Force
who study the environmental impacts of the paper industry.

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