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jump off the hormone swing

Physical Symptoms Test
Place a check in the box next to physical symptoms that recur with some predictability up to two weeks before the start of your period. Give yourself one point for each box checked. � � � � � � � � � � � � Zit eruption Back pain Cramps Clumsiness (drop or trip over things) A plugged system (constipation) A runny system (diarrhea) Drop-dead weary Desire to salt your Doritos Hunger for anything dipped in chocolate Alcohol cravings Can’t sleep Retain more water than the Hoover Dam Bonus symptoms for the woman in perimenopause: � � � � � � � � � Achy joints Digestive issues Hot flashes Irregular bleeding or heavy periods Sagging libido Sleeplessness Vaginal dryness Dryer has shrunk your clothes (weight gain) Other ___________________

zero: 1–2: 3–6: 7–15: 16–20:

Lucky you! Take two Midol and a nap. Memorize chapters 1 through 5. See a doctor or health practitioner about your symptoms. Stay in bed and ring for food.

Your Score __________________________________