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3.You ate Vaibhav/Vibha. You ate quote concerned about the increasing incidents of deaths and accidents caused due to ho road ʹrage. The people show their anger and impatience while driving. Write a letter to the Editor of a leading daily complaining against the problem of road-rage. 8 c  c   c   4.You ordered dome important books to a publisher but despite the wait of a month. you have not received the 1. Read the following passage carefully the questions that follow: 10 ordered books. Send an e-mail as a reminder to the publisher. 5 SrinivasAijanagar and his wife Kamalamma were very happy. Reason?Birth of a son who was named 5.The following passage have not been edited. There is an error in each line write the encorrect word and the Ramanujan. When Ramanijan was only one year old, his mother took him to helpordKimbakonam where his correction in the space given below.4.5 father was a clerk in a cloth merchant͛s shop.Ramanijanattende different schools. Then he entered the Every year the President of Indians (a) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. Town High School in 1898. Ramanujan never went closer to his classfellows. He never participated in sports. honour the children which have shown (b) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. He used to well on all his subjects but he had a special love for mathematics. In 1900, at the age of 13, Exemplary courage during the latest year.(c) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. Ramanujanbegan to work on mathematic, including geometric-arithmetic series. In 1902 a turning point It is do to encourage the children to show (d) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. came In his life when he borrowed from a friend a book entitled Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Courage in his /her life. It is very clear that (e) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. Applied Mathematics, written by George Shobbigde Carr. This book which contained nearly 6000 theotems, thechild should has done something to save (f) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. formulae and mathematics proofs had awakened the mathematician in Ramanijan. By 1904, he started the life of somebody else, not of themselves. (g)) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. taking deep interest in the subject. The children are made to sat on (e) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. Ramanujan got first division inmathematics in his matriculation examination and wos awarded the a elephant just as a token of appreciation. (i) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. Suntamaniyan scholarship. In 1904, he got admission in KumnakonamGovernment College. Here he is spent most of his time in studying mathmetics at the cost of other subjects. eventually he had to lode the 6. Look at the words and phrases below. Rearrange them to form meaningful sentences to make a readable scholarship. He began to feel the pinch of poverty and left the college. Now he was much depressed. passage. Write the correct sentences in your answer sheet against the correct blank number. 4 Ultimately he decided to work on mathematics developing his own ideas without anyhelp and guidance. His source of inspiration continued to be Carr͛s book. a..Ordinary/no/was/called/Gandhi/man/Mahatma/͛Bapu͛ Ramanujan had become so obsessed with mathematics that he needed 2000 sheets of paper to do his ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. calculations. To earn moneyfoe this , unkempt and unimpressive, he would visit offices showing everybody b. Soul/frail/mighty/body/was/his/but/his/was his frayed note books and telling them that he knew mathematics and could do clerical jobs, but of no avail, ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. Now he vegan to pose problems and solve problems in the journal of the Indian Mathematical Society. After c. an/truth/was/non-violence/and/peace/apostle of/he publication of a brilliant research paper on Bernoulli members in 1911, he gainedrecognition for his work. ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙ d. Living/thinking/believed/high/simple/he/in/and 1.1 On the basis of your reading of the above passage, fill in the blanks s to complete the life story of ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. Ramanujan. Write the answers in your answer sheer against the correct blank number. 7. Combine the following pair of sentences, using the sentence connectors given in the brackets. 4 Ramanujan (a) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙ on Dec. 22, 1887. When he was only a tear old, his mother (b) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙ a) Suman turn on the radio. Ravi was taking a shower. (while) where his father was a clerk. He joined (C)͙͙͙͙͙͙ in 1898. He (d) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. for mathematics. In 1900 b) I saw the bus coming . I immediately ran towards it. (as soon as) he (e) ͙͙͙͙͙.. mathematics. Two years larer a book (f) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.. brought a turning point in his life. In c) She won the first prize. She was the best speaker. (since) 1904, he (g) ͙͙. The Kumbakonam Government College where he (h) ͙͙͙.. on mathematics at the cost of d) I went to school. I was unwell. (although) other subject and won a scholarship. 1.2 Answer the following questions as briefly as possible. 8. Fill in the blanks with suitable modals. 6 Which prove to be a turning point in Ramanujan͛s life? Why had Ramanujan to lose his scholarship? When I was at school I ͙͙͙͙͙͙. Sing and dance well, but now I ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙ neither sing nor dance well.The reason is 1.3 Find words from the passive which mean the same. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the simple. I ͙͙͙͙͙͙.. go to my office quite early. I know that I ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. Practice daily and rehearae properly. My correct blank number friends advice me that I ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. Be panicky. ͞ A little practice ͙͙͙͙͙.. restore your capability͟,they say. (a) Finally (Para 3) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙. (b) sad (para 3) ͙͙͙͙͙͙͙͙.͙.. c    2.You paid a visit to a factory in your city. You saw many children working there. These children are ill-paid, ell- fed and ill-treated. Their condition is no better than that of the animals, No doubt, there is law against child labour but enforcement of this law is not so strict. Write an article for a newspaper on ͞Child labour͟.8