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Message from the Associate Dean

“The future depends on what academic or career issues. In deadlines. Most of the staff
we do in the present” order to progress with your have been here for many
~ Mahatma Gandhi educational goals in a timely years committed to the mis-
manner, complete 12 units sion of providing “over and
Spring is a time for renewal and
each semester, maintain at above” services to help you
growth. For students, the spring
least a 2.0 grade point aver- accomplish your goals.
semester can be a time to rein-
age and always aim for A’s
Inside this issue: vigorate your reasons for being We have had some person-
or B’s.
in college. Whether it is a path nel changes spring semes-
to a new job, a certificate, de- Consider attending some of ter. Johana Garcia, Cal-
CalWORKs Updates 2 gree or transfer, utilizing the the workshops in the spring WORKs Office Assistant
support services available from 2011 Student Success Work- and Vince Hamilton, Cal-
CARE Information 2 the EOPS and CalWORKs De- shop series. Instructor WORKs counselor, are no
partment will guarantee your Karen Warren will be pre- longer working in the de-
success. senting an informative partment. Please join us in
Counselor’s Corner 3
workshop on how to write congratulating Vince, who
Remember to meet with your
a personal statement for has been hired as the new
counselor three or more times
EOPS Club Chat 4 scholarships on February Basic Skills Counselor for
per semester to develop your
8th at 1:30 p.m. Gavilan College.
educational plan on degree
works, review your progress Check in with the EOPS and Have a great semester,
report, register for the following CalWORKs staff to stay
Anne Ratto, Associate
semester during pre-priority abreast of important updates
registration or discuss personal, such as university visits and Dean, EOPS/CalWORKs

EOPS Reaches Out to Foster Youth

Foster Youth may need extra vice providers in the coun- The Foster Youth Liaisons
assistance in order to access seling department, EOPS/ have been busy connecting
college. In order to address this CalWORKs, DRC, TRIO, with state and local foster
need, Blanca Arteaga and Career Transfer, Admis- youth agencies and are
Anne Ratto have become the sions and the Public Infor- planning a Foster Youth
Foster Youth Liaisons for Ga- mation Office met to coor- Welcome Event on January
vilan College. “We want foster dinate services for current 26, 2011, from 10:00-12:00
youth to know that they can or former foster youth. A in the North/South Lounge.
achieve success at Gavilan and foster youth website has EOPS/CARE/CalWORKs
that there is plenty of support been developed at http:// For more information, staff & students visit with
and assistance,” states Anne please contact, Anne Ratto Assemblywoman
Ratto. During fall 2010 semes- guardianscholars/index.html at (408) 848-4772. Anna Caballero.
ter the Foster Youth Commit- to provide helpful resources
tee, comprised of student ser- and information to students.

CalWORKs Updates...
Greetings! I hope this news let- The future looks just as tough as tinue on the road to self-
ter find you all in good health. far as budgets and the economy. sufficiency. I not only recognize
It has been a difficult year for Please continue to advocate for what amazing staff we have, I
the CalWORKs program. First yourselves and our college pro- see daily how persistent and
we were threatened with elimi- grams. You might have all heard resilient all of you are. So my
nation, then childcare cuts and that we have lost some valuable promise to all of you for spring
finally, deep cuts to many col- staff members due to the deep semester is this; together we can
lege programs. We are limping cuts to our program. You are no and will make it through these
along but we are still here! To strangers to barriers and making challenging times.
those of you who wrote letters due with so little. Those that are
Congratulations to our very Peace and goodwill,
of support, sent emails and ad- still here remain committed to
own Olga Rodriguez for being vocated for CalWORKs – many walking with you as you com- Susan L. Sweeney
honored with the CalWORKs
thanks. plete your education, and con- Director of CalWORKs
Client Achievement Award.

2011 brings changes to CalWORKs

Happy New Year! The New Year has until 7pm. Hollister will have services comes often. Change can be good; it
brought change: Employment through on Thursday’s from 9am-6pm. allows us to be more creative and think
CalWORKs is scarce, however if you outside the box, which often times
I realize with change comes resistance
are interested in working I encourage leads to more efficient results.
because many of us like and are familiar
you to meet with me so we can discuss
with how things “used to be”. Please Last but not least, if you have questions
your options. Although I may not be
know our office is working harder than or concerns that are affecting your per-
able to subsidize employment at the
ever to ensure each and every one of you sonal and or academic success please see
current time there may be unsubsidized
has what you need, when you need it. one of the CalWORKs staff. We are
employment available. As you read in
We appreciate your understanding and here to help navigate through your jour-
Susan’s message we have lost some ney towards self sufficiency!
flexibility as we all move through chal-
staff and as a result our office will not
lenging times. One of the many things I Warm Regards,
be as available as in previous semesters.
have learned as a previous CalWORKs
There will no longer be services in Mor-
student and having worked for Cal- Annette Gutierrez
gan Hill. Gilroy evening hours will Program Specialist
WORKs over the last 5 years is change
take place on Tuesday’s & Wednesday’s

Welcome new and continuing CARE students. Hope you had a great semester. For those of you that will be returning in
Spring 2011, do not forget to meet with me at the beginning of the semester to pick up a supply voucher.

CARE updates: Gas cards and bus passes are available the first day of instruction, unless you are on probation. If so, you
will need to attend a probation workshop before receiving any services. You must attend two workshops during the semes-
ter and complete 9 units to be in good standing.

The EOPS/CARE Region IV Consortium will be sponsoring their 5th Annual CARE Conference, which will be held at San
Jose State University. Date to be announced.
~Gloria Mancera

CDC WORKs is a unique program designed for CalWORKs students who want to become Early Childhood
Educators. Students in CDC WORKs are supported in their academic progress at Gavilan and are assisted as
they pursue teaching permits in the Child Development field. CDC WORKs services include: Coverage of
costs for fingerprinting, transportation, & books, Individualized education planning for Child Development.
Assistance with the Permit application process, Collaboration with Child Development mentors, Connection
with other CalWORKs students who are pursuing Child Development.
San Jose State
University visit. If you have questions about the program or eligibility, contact Blanca at 408-848-4747 or or Susan Alonzo at 408-848-4814.
Volume 1, Issue 1 Page 3

Counselor’s Corner… “Welcome to Spring 2011!”

Welcome to the Spring 2011 semester! We are excited to begin a new year and will be available to assist you in your academic
endeavors. We also want to welcome those of you who are new this semester and look forward to meeting you. Below are im-
portant deadlines and information that are critical to meeting your educational goals.
• Renew Your Financial Aid Application
 Complete the FAFSA beginning January 1st. If you are a student transferring in the fall, please be sure to add all the
schools you applied to.
 The priority deadline for most grants is March 2nd.
 Complete your FAFSA online at If you need assistance in completing your FAFSA, please call
408-848-4740 to schedule an appointment.
 Degree Works Educational Plan
 Make sure you have a complete educational plan. As you know, this is your roadmap to reach your graduation goal.
 If you do not already have an educational plan developed on “my Degree Works,” please be sure to see your counselor to
complete one this semester. Ed plans will be developed or updated after the second week of the Spring 2011 semester.
 Graduation Petitions
 If you will be completing the requirements for your certificate or degree in the Spring 2011 semester, please make an ap-
pointment with your counselor at the beginning of the semester to complete the required paperwork. The deadline for
filing your petition is April 11th.
 Progress Reports
 Reviewing your progress report with your counselor will ensure your success in courses. Remember that turning it in early
may grant you a pre-priority registration appointment for summer and fall courses. Dates for submission are March 14th –
April 22nd.
 Transfer Updates
 Activate your University Student Portal (Ex: mySJSU, myCSUMB)
 All of the universities to which you applied will communicate with you entirely by messages and “to-do” lists posted to
your student portal.
 You are responsible for monitoring your progress for each university and must take action by posted deadlines. Failure to
do so may result in your application or admission to the university being withdrawn!
 Have you taken the Writing Skills Test (WST)?
 If you are planning to transfer to San Jose State University, you must take the WST to be eligible for certain upper divi-
sion courses. Visit this website for information on the test:
 Student Orientation & Intent to Enroll
 As early as February, you may be informed about your admission status from each of the universities to which you ap-
plied. This means that you will have to make a decision soon about which school you will attend in the fall semester. Be
sure to submit your intent to enroll and pay the required fee (fee not covered by financial aid).
 The majority of universities have mandatory orientation for all transfer students. At orientation, advising and registra-
tion will take place.
 Please make sure you sign up EARLY to ensure the best selection of courses. Be aware that you will have to pay a fee to
reserve your spot. Financial aid will not cover this fee, so start saving now! Fees may vary. Failure to pay or attend orien-
tation will affect your admission status.
 General Education Certification
 If you are planning to transfer to a four year university for the fall 2011 semester you must request a General Education
Certification to submit to your intended university. You must request this at the admissions office by May 2nd.
 Final Transcripts
 Be sure to submit a final copy of your transcript to your intended university. Your final transcript must include your
grades for the spring 2011 semester. The deadline is typically July 15th. If you have summer courses pending prior to trans-
ferring, you must submit another transcript with you final grades for summer.

Don’t forget that we have drop-in hours every Wednesday!

Your EOPS/CalWORKs Counselors: Blanca E. Arteaga, & Mari Garcia
Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
5055 Santa Teresa, CA 95020 Permit No. 195
Gilroy, CA 95020
Gilroy, CA 95020
Phone: 408-848-4740 Return Service Requested
Fax: 408-846-4934

EOPS Club Chat Calendar of Events

 Current Scholarships,
The EOPS Club mission is to provide
Drop-In students with support through peer
mentoring and foster academic success  Spring semester begins:
Counseling Hours: by networking among EOPS and Ga- Wed,. Feb. 2nd.
vilan College students. Join us, get
Every Wednesday, involved and participate in commu-
 President’s Day Holiday:
check with the front desk for nity service. Enhance your leadership Fri., Feb. 18-Mon., Feb. 21
 Financial Aid Deadline: March 2nd
hours. skills while meeting new friends. Once
again, the EOPS Club sponsored an-
 “NRS” Deadline: Thurs., March 3rd
other successful holiday toy drive for
our students’ children. Thank you to  Progress Report Due:
Staff & Counselors all who helped, especially Sara,
March 14-April 22.
Maura, Luisa, Lauren, Angel, Janette,
Anne Ratto, EOPS/CalWORKs Associate Dean
Olga, and Jessica. PLEASE join us in  Spring Graduation Petitions Due:
Susan Sweeney, CalWORKs Director the spring to help coordinate activities Mon., April 11
Blanca Arteaga, EOPS/CalWORKs Counselor and fundraising efforts for our EOPS
scholarships. Look for our first meet-  “W” Deadline: Wed., April 27
Mari Garcia, EOPS Counselor
ing date during the month of Febru-
Gloria Mancera, EOPS/CARE Program Specialist ary—make a difference. Have a great  EOPS/CalWORKs Awards:
Lucy Olivares, EOPS Senior Program Specialist spring 2011 semester! Thurs., May 19.
 Gavilan College Graduation:
Annette Gutierrez, CalWORKs Program Specialist Club Advisors -
Friday, May 27 @ 6:30 p.m.
Adriana Servin, EOPS Office Assistant Mari Garcia & Lucy Olivares