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Key Responsibilities Specific Objectives/Tasks Performance
E M FS F Comments
(Exceeded) (Met) (Fell (Fail)
3 2 1 0

1) SETUP OF DATA a) To liaise with the
CENTRE AND DISASTER consultants and contractors
RECOVERY (DR) SITE under the GRBCIP to ensure
ENVIRONMENT, that the civil works at the
SERVERS AND OTHER Data centre primary and DR
COMPONENTS sites are completed by
March 2010 and May 2010

b) To ensure that all the
environmental monitors and
sensors are installed and
functioning by end May

c) To ensure that the firewall
and security systems such
as CCTV and biometric
access are setup at both the
primary and DR sites are
completed by end of May

eMerge T24 . APPLICATION SOFTWARE b) To ensure that the Oracle database and jbase are installed and configured at both sites by April 2010. reports and PARAMETERISATION AND enquires on the banking MIGRATION application by end of April 2010. SAN Switches and Tape Library are setup and configured by April 2010. versions. b) To ensure that eMerge application is fully parameterized on the servers installed in accordance with the CRP . Nod 32 Anti-virus . NMMi a) To assist the eMerge 3) eMerge T24 SYSTEM consultants in developing BUILD. Solar Winds . HP SAN. c) To ensure that the following software applications are installed and configured by May 2010 . a) To ensure that the Linux 2) INSTALLATION OF Redhat and Windows 2003 OPERATING SYSTEMS. are installed and configured DATABASES AND at both sites by April 2010. d) To ensure that the HP Blade servers.

Laptops. a) To install telephone system 5) INSTALLATION OF at the call centre and CALL CENTRE AND HELPDESK SYSTEM helpdesk section of the data centre by mid of May 2010. b) To liaise with MiDA in procuring PCs. c) To ensure that Unit testing of the versions and reports are performed on the system after development by the eMerge consultants by April 2010. a) To liaise with the Estate manager in setting up 4) DATA CENTRE STAFF offices for the data centre OFFICES SETUP staff by end of April 2010. e) To assist in the migration of the first 25 RCBs onto the data centre platform by end of August 2010. document by end April 2010. d) To assist the RCBs and Apex Bank representatives in conducting the User Acceptance Test on the eMerge application. office furniture and other logistics required for the smooth running of the Data centre by April 2010. .

Temenos. Solar winds iv. i. HP. Redhat and Solar winds a) To ensure that there is 6) SUPPORT AND adequate support and MAINTENANCE OF maintenance of the APPLICATION following software SOFTWARE FOR RCBS applications with the assistance of the developers to ensure minimum downtime not exceeding 1hrs i. .e. Nod 32 Anti-virus iii. NNMi b) To ensure that the Linux Red Hat enterprise and windows operating systems are running properly at all times. c) To review daily report on all issues at Helpdesk ensure that the needed attention is given to each logged issue based on its priority. c) To register with all the helpdesk and call centre of all vendors for support by end of May 2010. b) To install an internet based helpdesk software at the date centre by mid of May 2010. eMerge T24 ii.

g) To ensure that close of business errors are resolved before the next day start of business. . a) To monitor the quality and 7) MANAGEMENT OF availability of WAN links GRBCIP utilization at the primary INFRASTRUCTURE and DR site during business hours. h) To supervise the running of EOY operations at the Data Centre for the RCBS to ensure that the system is available from the beginning of the next year. d) To ensure that RCBs provide feedback on all helpdesk issues reported and resolved during each quarter by the 2nd week of the next e) To ensure that all helpdesk issues involving developments shall be resolved within a period of 1 to 3 months f) To ensure the smooth running of eMerge Close of Business process to make the system is available for business the next working day.

a) To liaise with the eMerge 8) DATA PREPARATION consulatants and PMSC to AND TRAINING ensure that selected RCBs data (static /dynamic) are verified and ready for migration one month before the go-live. c) To ensure regular updates of the operating system and anti-virus in use. g) To ensure that the health status of all devices at the Data Centre are good condition for optimum performance. b) To ensure that Internet connection is available at both sites during business hours. e) To ensure that the all devices on the network are free from virus attack and intrusion. d) To ensure that computers at the RCBs are updated with anti-virus on daily basis. f) To ensure that data is fully replicated at the DR site and backed up onto tapes on daily basis. .

a) To ensure that all the provisions under the SLA 9) MANAGEMENT OF with Vendors are strictly SERVICE LEVEL adhered to leading prompt AGREEMENT (SLA) payment. b) To ensure that RCBs staff are well trained on the eMerge banking application at least 2 weeks before their go-live date. c) To ensure that RCB Systems Administrators are trained on the WAN equipment and monitoring of links. contract renewal WITH VENDORS and abrogation and penalties due from the vendors when necessary b) To participate in the 10) MCA TECHNICAL organization of PSC monthly SUPPORT TO PSC AND meetings and to provide PROJECT secretariat support to the IMPLEMENTATION Committee. TEAM c) Provide technical support to Steering Committee d) To participate in the Technical Committee . d) To ensure that computer appreciation is conducted for some RCB staff at least one month before go-live.

a) To prepare monthly report on the status of the unit for Deputy Managing Director. . Application Team and Project Implementation Team meetings. workshops and conferences. c) To organise unit fortnight meetings. d) To develop a business resumption policy and procedure by end of year. a) To develop security policy 11) DEVELOPMENT OF document for the data POLICIES AND centre and operationalize it PROCEDURES by end of year. meetings for the project e) To participate in the Technical Infrastructure Team. 12) ADMINISTRATIVE b) To represent the Data RESPONSIBILITIES Centre Unit during meetings. b) To develop a helpdesk policy and operations manual by end of year c) To develop anti-virus policy and operations manual by end of year.

e) To manage the human capital available at the unit for optimum benefit. h) To liaise with the PMSC to ensure that all the deliverables at the Data centre fully met as per their contract with MiDA. f) To sign a performance contract with my subordinate for the year 2010 by mid April. DATE OF SIGNING: -------------------------------------- . SIGNATURE: ---------------------------------------------- DATE OF SIGNING: ------------------------------------. d) To manage operations of the data centre to ensure that the unit is available to support all RCBs. NAME (ASSESSEE): MICHAEL APPIAH NAME (ASSESSOR): DUKE OSAM-DUODU SIGNATURE: -------------------------------------------. g) To develop job descriptions for my subordinates by mid April.