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What are the true reasons of the latest Egyptian riots?

I'm sure that this might sound more like SF story rather than article
backed with the hard-core evidence but after you read it decide for
Egypt is not only place where are the pyramids and the mysteries of
the Ancient civilization, it is also place where certain miracles took
place who are hard to be explain with our common mind.
The most famous are of course miracles done by the Pharaoh's
priests as backs to anything Moses did, in order to persuade the
Pharaoh Seth I to let his people go, as described in part of Exodus's
story of the Old Testament.
Then there has been Queen Hatshepsut who made curse to Gypsies,
and of course the last Queen Cleopatra, from the 31st dynasty, who
cancelled that curse under certain conditions which have to be
obeyed by all means.
Much later when Tuth-ank-Hamon grave was found and his mummy
taken with famous golden mask, to the Egyptian Museum of Cairo,
not only that sudden deaths happened to the main archeologist and
his crew, but the lights went on and off in Cairo for the whole 1/2
hour!!!That was the famous Pharaoh's curse, first mentioned
then and later implemented in many other similar stories.
Our story is connected to the Greatest of all Pharaohs Ramses II,
who made general curse, with the help of his three high priests to
the Egyptian land under the borders of the Lower and Upper Egypt,
which can be cancelled only under three major conditions together
such as:
1) As long as there are all Egyptian items from worldwide
restored to their original places in Egypt.
2) As long as all ancient places, houses, buildings, palaces
and temples are not restored as they were in their original
beauty long time ago.
3) As long as the true princess of Egyptian origin is not
chosen to make Egypt country as a sample to all civilized
world, just like it was supposed to be in the first place.

That princess will be the true incarnation of the late Egyptian
princess Nevine Abbas Halim, who was the great-great
granddaughter of the late Mohamed Ali Pasha, and she will have a
Pharaoh's soul of the Egyptian princess from the Egyptian Gallery in
the Canterbury Museum in Christchurch.
Identity of the future Egyptian princess is known and lately shared
with someone very important and reliable person who lives
That mummy from the Canterbury Museum is nobody else but the
nephew of the Nefertiti (See picture below!).
I'll tell you another true story which occurred in the time of Titanic
as described by Philipp Vandenberg in his dubious tome "The Curse
of the Pharaohs".

one of Lower and another one of Upper Egypt and above all. the heretic pharaoh who took the name Ikhnaton.On board the Titanic were 2. has been the curse’s victim? Therefore even since Cleopatra's rule Egypt has been indeed cursed place who was under all possible rules and occupations and even after the establishment of the legitimate royal's family who was overturned and its president later murdered (Sadat)! Right now with all these riots.000 sacks of coffee. ”The female mummy had been equipped with the usual amulets and artifacts.000 eggs — and an Egyptian mummy that Lord Canterville wanted to take from England to New York. too. too. the “Temple of the Eyes. incarnation of the late Nevine Abbas Halim. 35. as said above! © Copyright 2011. An amulet with the inscription Awake from the swoon in which you sleep and a glance of your eyes will triumph over everything that is done against you had been placed beneath her head. had not been placed in the hold of the Titanic but behind the command bridge. 12.000 bottles of mineral water. David Strossmayer . 40 tons of potatoes. look into those fatal radiant eyes? Could he.200 passengers.true Queen of United Kingdom of Egypt. who are nothing else but the pavements of the one solid road to the true intention of the ancient Pharaohs. The mummy was the carefully prepared body of a prophetess who had enjoyed a great vogue during the reign of Amenhotep the United Kingdom of Egypt!!! That Kingdom will be ruled by two princesses. A small temple had been built for this prophetess. Her grave had been found in Tel el-Amarna. because of its value. Many scientists who handled mummies showed clear signs of mental derangement. Did Captain Smith. Was this the hint that the remains of the prophetess enjoyed special protection? The mummy was encased in a wooden crate and.