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Vol. 1, No.

2 January 23, 2002

[The following is a reprint of an article in 'The W. D. Gann Technical
Review', written by Billy Jones in February, 1982.]

Market Vibration
W. D. Gann was a curious man. He noted the many parallels within the different realms
of science and nature's phenomena. For instance, Gann noticed the similarities between
chemistry's periodic law and music's harmonic octave.

The keyboard of music has the fundamental octave of seven notes and each octave
repeats these seven notes on a higher or lower pitch or number of vibrations. The
elements, when numbered in order of their atomic weights tend to repeat fairly simply
properties at every 7th element; like notes of a musical scale.

What interested Gann was the fact that these profound laws and characteristics also had
common traits and ties throughout the markets as well.

On the accompanying 1981 May Wheat chart notice that I have marked June 6th which
was the low on this chart. Also notice that I have marked the trading days of July 29th,
September 18th, November 10th and January 5th (from the low these would be the 36th,
72nd, 108th and 144th days as labeled).

I have drawn a 45-degree angle from the bottom up and a 45-degree angle down
connecting the marked days.

It is interesting to note the fact that on the bull side of the market, every 36 trading days,
price is up 36 cents! On the bear side every 36 trading days, price is down 36 cents!
This did not end there as it carried through to the 180th, 216th and 252nd trading day.

It should be noted that once these 36th days were completed, price did not trade below
these days' lows while on the bull side and did not trade above the high of these days on
the bear side (see dotted lines on chart). Research shows that this phenomena of 36
trading days repeating changes from time to time.

chemistry's periodic law or for that matter. Gann insisted that 'vibration' was the governing factor. D. as to intensity. W. D. volume and direction. color's spectrum? Mr. Gann Commodity Course) Looking closely at the May Wheat chart we can see a certain harmony and rhythm. (See page 115 of W. all the . Are these the same properties that are familiar with music's octave.Looking at some statistics we see: 36 Trading Days x 7 = 252 225 Minutes in a Trading Day (Wheat) x 36 = 8100 8100 = Master 360 degrees Circle Chart Squared or 90 x 90. Gann stated: Through the law of vibration every stock and commodity in the market place moves in its own distinctive sphere of activities.

are really centers of energies. Thus. therefore they are controlled mathematically. rhythm and harmonics… Music of the Spheres by Guy Murchie Dover Publications. every class of phenomena. harmony and vibration. Gann Technical Review are complete and accurate. Future issues of the W. power to attract and repel. D. Vibration is fundamental. must be subject to the universal laws of causation. They create their own field of action and power. Louisville Kentucky ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: The chart reproduced in this article was produced by Market Analyst II software.Stanley Brown Touchstone Publishing Co. New York Realm of Science . Billy Jones The W. Gann Library For more information on vibration. Random House. New York 10014 The Rainbow Book by F. 180 Varick Street. I affirm. . Thus to speculate scientifically it is absolutely necessary to follow natural law. therefore applicable to every class of phenomena on the globe. Gann Technical Review will cover more on these subjects. Lanier Graham Vintage Books. Stocks and commodities. whether in nature or in the market. DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to ensure that the content and conclusions presented in The New W.essential qualities of its evolution is characterized in its own rate of vibration. which explains why certain stocks and commodities at times lead the market and turn dead at other times. D. nothing is exempt from this law. D. it is universal. like atoms.

to be successful. you acknowledge that you understand and accept the contents of this disclaimer. by The New W. Traders requiring trading or investment advice should contact a licensed advisor. Inc. will be liable for any liability. Gann Technical Review contains trading advice . The directors and associates of Lambert-Gann Educators. Lambert-Gann Educators. Neither Lambert-Gann Educators. past performance is not necessarily an indication of future performance. The giving of advice is therefore contrary to the very objectives of Lambert-Gann Educators. D. Inc. Gann Technical Review.No part of The New W. Inc. Stockbrokers and futures brokers are licensed advisors. D. are NOT licensed trading or investment advisors. must take full responsibility for their own actions. Inc. is an organization designed to assist traders and investors to become more knowledgeable and independent. By maintaining your subscription to The New W. or believed to be caused. nor anyone else involved in the production of The New W. D.. . Gann Technical Review. With respect to trading results. Gann Technical Review. nor is an invitation to trade. loss or damage directly or indirectly caused. D. Traders.stated or implied.

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