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JumpOff 6X9 FINAL.

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jump off the hormone swing

Mental/Mood Symptoms Test

In this section we deal with the “M” in PMS: mental symptoms (those
connected to your mental attitude about being female) and mood symp-
toms (weeping over Hallmark commercials). Place a check in the box next
to the symptoms that recur with some predictability up to two weeks
before the start of your period.

Mental Symptoms: � I want to hide, run away

� I dislike being a woman � I am impatient with everyone
� I view menstruation as a curse and everything
� TV ads for feminine products � I feel like “a mood playground
make me squirm with emotional swings and
� I lack desire to “do” life slides”
� I feel lonely
Mood Symptoms: � I feel sad
� I feel anxious, restless � I am sensitive, easily hurt
� I hear angry, critical words � I am unmotivated, no inner
pour out of my mouth “oomph”
� I cry for no reason at all � Other ________________
� I desire to hit someone or

Zero: Take DNA test to see if you really are female.

1–2: Soak in a bubble bath while sipping chamomile tea.
3–6: Memorize the help found in chapters 7–11.
7–12: See a doctor or health practitioner who specializes in PMS.
13–16: Dig out the white jacket with the long arms and cute ties in
the back.
Add up your score (give yourself one point for each box checked)

Your Score __________________________________