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Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 1
Attorney Famuyide Wins 10 year Old
Case in Cleveland Ohio

n a cold winter day
with snow looming
in the air, Attorney
Joseph Famuyide boarded
the plane headed to Cleve-
land Ohio on another rescue
mission to liberate another
immigrant from the ....
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Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 - - - SUBSCRIPTION $1 PER ISSUE - NEWSSTAND FREE

Urgent & Important

for your
President Barrack Obama
Sisters Now pg 4

Careless Green Card Update on Obtaining

Holder in Removal Green Card as President Barack Obama

Proceedings pg 24
a Nurse pg 21

65,00 0 H 1B V i s as t o be
Rel eas e d o n A pri l 1 , 2 0 1 1 pg 8

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2 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011


cater for the spiritual and physical needs
xactly three years ago, I was sent on an
assignment bigger and larger than my-
of the people in New York City particu-
larly Bronx.
Hampshire State Motto reads; “Live FREE or
We need $1.5million to complete the
DIE”. American Legend, Patrick Henry once said
“Give me LIBERTY or Give me Death!” construction work. We started construc-
To make a difference is what everyone tion in October 2010. The construction
on the planet Earth must live for. A life is ongoing. The building will house our
lived without touching others is a wasted Church sanctuary and our ten points
life. We touch and impact charitable programs
others daily by the little namely; Hunger
act of kindness we render. Relief, Free Immi-
Making a Difference is grant Assistance,
what the story of my life Fitness Center,
is all about. In the last Youth Empower-
15 years as an Immigra- ment Center, Day’s
tion Attorney, if my esti- Rehab Center, Day
mate is right, my office, Care for the Needy
the Law Office of Joseph Families, Green COGA CATHEDRAL
Famuyide, would have Project for Older
succeeded in obtaining Adults, etc.
over 5,000 green cards for Join me to MAKE
immigrants in the United A DIFFERENCE;
States. I thought that was I am on a mission
it, getting green cards Attorney/Rev. Joseph Famuyide to raise $1.5million
for people, until I got to complete the
another call to MAKE A DIFFERENCE project. The names
in another way outside my comfort zone. of all donors will be inscribed in gold
My name is Attorney/Rev. Joseph at the entrance of the building. It is a
Famuyide. In addition to being an im- not-for-profit church venture. It is not
migration Attorney, I am the Pastor of about me. It is about making a DIFFER-
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Children Oklahoma, our Hunger Relief Church Wosem, COGA Cathedral, 811
Program fed 19,000 people in the Bronx. Trinity Avenue, Bronx, NY 10456. God
Miraculously, in 2009 we bought a ware- bless you as you heed this call.
house at 442 E. 183rd St in the Bronx to

City: _____________________________
Zip ______________________________
Amount Enclosed: _________________ PROPOSED CHARITY CENTER

T HAN K YO U ! Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 3

Visa Bulletin For February 2011

Number 28 Volume IX Washington, D.C.
1. This bulletin summarizes the availability of demand was excessive was deemed oversub- 2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nation-
immigrant numbers during February. Consular scribed. The cut-off date for an oversubscribed ality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum fami-
officers are required to report to the Depart- category is the priority date of the first appli- ly-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The
ment of State documentarily qualified appli- cant who could not be reached within the nu- worldwide level for annual employment-based
cants for numerically limited visas; the Bureau merical limits. preference immigrants is at least 140,000.
of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Only applicants who have a priority date Section 202 prescribes that the per-country
Department of Homeland Security reports ap- earlier than the cut-off date may be allotted a limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of
plicants for adjustment of status. Allocations number. Immediately that it becomes neces- the total annual family-sponsored and employ-
were made, to the extent possible under the nu- sary during the monthly allocation process to ment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The
merical limitations, for the demand received by retrogress a cut-off date, supplemental requests dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320.
January 11th in the chronological order of the for numbers will be honored only if the priority
reported priority dates. If the demand could not date falls within the new cut-off date which has 3. Section 203 of the INA prescribes prefer-
Hillary Clinton be satisfied within the statutory or regulatory been announced in this bulletin. ence classes for allotment of immigrant visas
U.S. Secretary of State limits, the category or foreign state in which as follows:

Family-Sponsored Preference Employment-Based Preference

First: Unmarried Sons and Daughters of try limit; B. Unmarried Sons and Daugh-
Citizens: 23,400 plus any numbers not re- ters (21 years of age or older): 23% of the
quired for fourth preference. overall second preference limitation.
Second: Spouses and Children, and Un-
married Sons and Daughters of Permanent Third: Married Sons and Daughters of
Residents: 114,200, plus the number (if Citizens: 23,400, plus any numbers not re-
any) by which the worldwide family pref- quired by first and second preferences.
erence level exceeds 226,000, and any
unused first preference numbers: Fourth: Brothers and Sisters of Adult
A. Spouses and Children: 77% of the Citizens: 65,000, plus any numbers not re- First: Priority Workers: Fifth: Employment Cre- visa demand exceeds the
overall second preference limitation, of quired by first three preferences. 28.6% of the worldwide ation: 7.1% of the world- per-country limit. These
which 75% are exempt from the per-coun- employment-based pref- wide level, not less than provisions apply at present
erence level, plus any 3,000 of which reserved for to the following oversub-
Diversity Immigrant (DV) Category numbers not required for investors in a targeted rural scribed chargeability areas:
fourth and fifth preferences. or high-unemployment CHINA-mainland born,
area, and 3,000 set aside DOMINICAN REPUB-
Second: Members of the for investors in regional LIC, INDIA, MEXICO,
Professions Holding Ad- centers by Sec. 610 of P.L. and PHILIPPINES.
vanced Degrees or Persons 102-395.
of Exceptional Ability: 5. On the chart below, the
28.6% of the worldwide 4. INA Section 203(e) pro- listing of a date for any
employment-based pref- vides that family-sponsored class indicates that the
erence level, plus any and employment-based class is oversubscribed (see
numbers not required by preference visas be issued paragraph 1); “C” means
first preference. to eligible immigrants in current, i.e., numbers are
Section 203(c) of the Immigration and being reduced to 50,000. DV visas are the order in which a peti- available for all quali-
Nationality Act provides a maximum of divided among six geographic regions. No Third: Skilled Workers, tion in behalf of each has fied applicants; and “U”
up to 55,000 immigrant visas each fiscal one country can receive more than seven Professionals, and Other been filed. Section 203(d) means unavailable, i.e.,
year to permit immigration opportunities percent of the available diversity visas in Workers: 28.6% of the provides that spouses and no numbers are available.
for persons from countries other than the any one year. worldwide level, plus any children of preference im- (NOTE: Numbers are
principal sources of current immigration numbers not required by migrants are entitled to the available only for appli-
to the United States. The Nicaraguan and For February, immigrant numbers in first and second preferenc- same status, and the same cants whose priority date is
Central American Relief Act (NACARA) the DV category are available to quali- es, not more than 10,000 of order of consideration, if earlier than the cut-off date
passed by Congress in November 1997 fied DV-2011 applicants chargeable to all which to “Other Workers”. accompanying or following listed below.)
stipulates that beginning with DV-99, and regions/eligible countries as follows. When to join the principal. The
for as long as necessary, up to 5,000 of an allocation cut-off number is shown, Fourth: Certain Special visa prorating provisions of
the 55,000 annually-allocated diversity visas are available only for applicants with Immigrants: 7.1% of the Section 202(e) apply to al-
visas will be made available for use under DV regional lottery rank numbers BELOW worldwide level. locations for a foreign state
the NACARA program. This reduction the specified allocation cut-off number: or dependent area when
has resulted in the DV-2011 annual limit

The Department of State has available a recorded message with visa availability information which can *NOTE: For February, 2A numbers EXEMPT from per-country limit are
be heard at: (area code 202) 663-1541. This recording will be updated in the middle of each month with
information on cut-off dates for the following month. available to applicants from all countries with priority dates earlier than
Employment Third Preference Other Workers Category: Section 203(e) of the NACARA, as amended by 01APR05. 2A numbers SUBJECT to per-country limit are available to ap-
Section 1(e) of Pub. L. 105-139, provides that once the Employment Third Preference Other Worker (EW)
cut-off date has reached the priority date of the latest EW petition approved prior to November 19, 1997, plicants chargeable to all countries EXCEPT MEXICO with priority dates
the 10,000 EW numbers available for a fiscal year are to be reduced by up to 5,000 annually beginning in beginning 01APR05 and earlier than 01JAN08. (All 2A numbers provided
the following fiscal year. This reduction is to be made for as long as necessary to offset adjustments under
the NACARA program. Since the EW cut-off date reached November 19, 1997 during Fiscal Year 2001, for MEXICO are exempt from the per-country limit; there are no 2A num-
the reduction in the EW annual limit to 5,000 began in Fiscal Year 2002. bers for MEXICO subject to per-country limit.)
4 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Urgent & Important

Petition for your Brothers

& Sisters Now
here is a legal an immigration attor-
maxim which ney. Lately, I have met
states, “Delay with immigrants who
defeats equity”. Eq- are very depressed as
uity here is the benefit a result of bad news
that could be defeated they received from
in if anyone delays in immigration regard-
pursuing opportunity ing the filing done
whenever it arises. by their brothers and
In the June 1, 2007 sisters 10years ago.
edition of the U.S. The petitions were
Immigration News, filed without using the
I wrote an article en- services of a quali-
couraging all immi- fied immigration at-
grants who were U.S. torney. Some of them
citizens to petition were filed without the
for their brothers and initial evidence re-
sisters abroad with im- quired to obtain ap-
mediate effect because provals. At some point
of a possible change in the process, the U.S.
in immigration law. I Citizenship & Immi-
would like to echo this gration Services sent Every immigrant must know this fact, whenever U.S. Citizenship & Im-
important message to a request for addi-
migration Services is wrong, the immigrant pays the price. The only way
all immigrants to peti- tional evidence (RFE)
tion for their brothers on these files and the you can guarantee that you will get notices from immigration is to use the
and sisters now. A day USCIS did not receive services of a lawyer.
is coming when such any response. These
an opportunity will no petitions were denied
the form AR 11 while needs to know that your file, and even if the immigrant submit-
longer be available. without the knowledge
some did not update whenever the U.S. Cit-
it gets into your file, ted a change of address
Many immigrants are of the petitioners.
their contact informa- izenship & Immigra-the USCIS Officers are some months before
aware that for your The simple reason for
tion with the USCIS. tion Services is wrong,
funny, they usually flip the notice was sent.
brother or sister to the denial was lack of
The end result is that the immigrant pays the
open your file and use It is important to use
migrate to the United response to the request
when these immigrants price. The only wayany address that pops the services of an at-
States as a result of for evidence. Many of
learnt that the prior- to guarantee that you
up for your correspon- torney for this type of
the petition, it usually
takes 9-10years. To Now let me say this clearly to all dence. petition because other
I was in Court last than complying with
some immigrants this immigrants, I do not believe that the United week and an immi- the requirements of the
is a discouraging factor
and many would rather States of America will wait for another 10years grant that was almost law and doing it right,
not file the petition. before the complete overhaul of the U.S. immigra- ordered deported said
that she did not receive
your attorney is less
likely to move com-
Some think they could
take a short cut to get
tion laws. the notice from the pared to you.
U.S. Citizenship & Petitioning for siblings
their siblings into the
Immigration Services. falls under fourth cat-
United States rather
ity dates were current; get notices from im- The Judge asked the egory of the Visa Bul-
than filing the petition these immigrants had
they checked with the migration is to use the Department of Home- letin released monthly
for them as brothers moved from one apart-
USCIS and found out services of a lawyer. land Security Attorney by the U.S. Depart-
or sisters. Regrettably, ment to the other in the
to their surprise that Even when you submit the address the docu- ment of State. The Visa
these siblings are still course of the 10year
what they had waited the change of address ments were sent to Bulletin is usually pub-
abroad 10 years later. waiting period. Some
for all these years had form, the AR-11 is and she gave the im- lished on page 3 of this
It is important that of them informed the
been denied two years kept in storage in Ken- migrant’s old address. newspaper monthly.
anyone who wants U.S. Citizenship &
ago. tucky. The informa- The Judge reviewed You can monitor the
to file such a petition Immigration Services
Every immigrant tion will not get into the file and found that progress of your peti-
uses the services of in writing by filing
cont’d on pg 5 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 5

Follow me for Instant News at

cont’d from pg 4
tion through this news- You could have two or sun is still shining. File of that in 2010, when the Law Office of At- mediately.
paper. three petitions pending your petition today the waiting period of torney Famuyide at
Under the fourth pref- with the U.S. Citizen- with an attorney. category 2A, that was 718-647-6767 or send
erence category, the ship & Immigration If the current immigra- supposed to be 5years an email to jfamuy- USI News.
U.S. Department of Services at the same tion laws are replaced suddenly became for assis-
State releases 65,000 time. Once you receive as predicted, the 6months. Of course as tance.
visas years for the use your permanent resi- fourth category will be of January 2011, the This article is for your
of millions of broth- dent status through scrapped. We got the waiting period for cat- information only. It
ers and sisters of U.S. one of them, you may indication four years egory 2A had moved cannot be substituted
citizens all over the withdraw the others. ago with the version backward and it is now for legal advice or legal
world. As a result of So, do not rule your- of the Comprehensive 2years which is still far representation by a
this limited number of self out of any golden Immigration Reform better than the 5years qualified immigration
visas, there is usually a opportunity that might that earned some waiting period. attorney. If you need
long waiting period of be available. support called “Secure If you want to petition legal assistance, please
about 10years. Many Please be informed Borders, Economic for your brothers and feel free to contact At-
immigrants who filed that it is not likely that Opportunity and Im- sisters, please contact torney Famuyide im-
around year 2001 are the United States of migration Reform Act
now benefiting from America will wait for of 2007” was almost
these 65,000 visas. another 10years before passed. Under that
The waiting period the complete overhaul proposal, the fourth
appears very long, but of the U.S. immigra- category was com-
some immigrants who tion laws. The current pletely scrapped. Seize
did not seize the op- immigration laws will the opportunity now.
portunity in 2001 are be trashed within the It is also possible that
still here 10years later next 5years complete- if the change occurs
without legal docu- ly and replaced with in the next three years
mentation. either a more humane either for good or for
One important truth law or a completely bad as far as immi-
every immigrant must harsh immigration gration is concerned,
know is that having a policy. One of these your waiting period
pending petition does two will happen. It of 10years might be
not prevent you from is important that you reduced to 3-5years.
filing another one. make hay when the There was an example
6 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Attorney Famuyide Wins 10 year Old Case in Cleveland Ohio

is a façade. The unex- ter about 6months of
pected pain and suffer- complete silence, the
ing set in. Going back decision on the ap-
was not an option and peal issued, Attorney
survival became the Famuyide won again.
reality. The case was restored
and this frustrated im-
Fortunately for this migrant breathed a
immigrant, God had sigh of relief. He was
sent a “Joseph” ahead restored to the path-
of him to the United way to obtaining his
States long before he permanent resident
Joseph R. Famuyide, Esq.
had the opportunity to status again. The peti-
come. The “Joseph” tion was subsequently

n a cold winter was his brother. On approved and the im-
day with snow or about April 30, migrant waited for
looming in the 2001, this immigrant’s the opportunity to file
air, Attorney Joseph brother petitioned for application for adjust-
Famuyide boarded the him and the 10years ment of status to ob-
plane headed to Cleve- journey to permanent tain his green card in
land Ohio on another resident status began. the United States.
rescue mission to lib- The petition was filed
erate another immi- by this immigrant’s The much awaited op-
grant from the modern brother without the as- portunity came late
day slavery of illegal sistance of a lawyer. last year. His priority
immigration. The journey appeared date became current.
smooth at the onset Attorney Famuyide
The journey of this im- with the issuance of was immediately re-
migrant to the United filing receipt by U.S. tained at a huge cost
States started in 1991. Citizenship & Immi- to finish the process
It was a journey origi- gration Services. The and help obtain the
nally meant to last immigrant was surviv- green card error free.
for few days, but the ing, moving from one Attorney Famuyide
magnet of affluence of odd job to the other immediately filed the
America and web of with the hope that application for adjust-
the supposed benefits someday, the 10year ment of status with all
of capitalism caught journey will be com- the supporting docu-
this immigrant and pleted and freedom ments. The case was The journey of this immigrant to the United States started in 1991. It
he changed his mind, will come. scheduled for inter- was a journey originally meant to last for few days, but the magnet of
instead of returning view in January 2011. affluence of America and web of the supposed benefits of capitalism
home, he decided to Unfortunately, 5years Attorney Famuyide
caught this immigrant and he changed his mind, instead of returning
pursue the American into the journey, the was sent the ticket to
home, he decided to pursue the American dream.
dream. case was denied. It travel to Ohio by the
was the most devas- immigrant. Hotel res-
It started pleasantly tating news of his life. ervation was made York where thousands other success story to by a qualified immi-
well with the momen- It was a case as Bob for Attorney Famuyide of people will fill the report. Congratula- gration attorney. If you
tary bliss of unfailing Marley said “Men see and the day came for office waiting to be tions to all other At- need legal assistance,
availability of electric- their dreams and aspi- this nervous wrecked called, by 10am, At- torney Famuyide’s please feel free to con-
ity, running water and ration crumbling be- immigrant to face the torney Famuyide and clients who received tact Attorney Famuy-
the make belief glam- fore their face”. It was U.S. Citizenship & his clients were the their green cards in ide at 718-647-6767
our on American tele- at this stage that At- Immigration News only ones in the wait- the month of January, or send an email to
vision. Shortly after torney Joseph Famuy- officer for the much ing area to be called. 2011, we only have
the expiration of the ide was consulted and awaited interview. The waiting was space to report just this .
6months period grant- brought in for the res- about 15minutes and one.
ed to this visitor, the cue. It was in a huge Fed- the interview lasted

initial happiness start- eral Building in Cleve- about 15minutes. The This article is for your
ed to turn into anxiety, Attorney Famuyide land Ohio, snow was journey of 10years information only. It is USI News.
fear and uncertainty. prepared the appeal in the air, the weather completed success- not a guarantee of any
It dawn on this im- package; he added all was very cold. The im- fully to the joy of the future result. This ar-
migrant that without the necessary initial migration office inside entire family of this ticle cannot be substi-
legal status anything evidence documenta- the building was very immigrant home and tuted for legal advice
America seem to offer tion and his brief. Af- small. Unlike New abroad. It’s just an- or legal representation

contd on page 27 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 7

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8 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

DHS to Release 85,000 H1-B

Visas on April 1, 2011
n another few days, the or affiliated nonprofit gineers, or computer section 101(a)(15)(H) the arts may be consid- of H-1B stay beyond
U.S. Citizenship and Im- entities, nonprofit re- programmers. that allows American ered specialty occupa- the 6-year maximum
migration Services (US-
search organizations or companies and uni- tions. period, when: 365 days
CIS) will announce that it
will begin accepting H-1B governmental research As stipulated above, versities to temporar- Currently the number or more have passed
petitions subject to the fis- organizations. Peti- the yearly scramble ily employ foreign of H-1B visas issued since the filing of any
cal year (FY) 2012 cap on tions filed on behalf of for the H1-B visas will workers who have the per year is limited to application for Labor
April 1, 2011. Cases will be beneficiaries who will begin soon. All pro- equivalent to a US 65,000 with an addi- Certification, that is
considered accepted on
work only in Guam or spective candidates Bachelor’s Degree. tional 20,000 for those required or used by the
the date that USCIS takes
possession of a properly the Commonwealth of are advised to begin H-1B employees are with U.S. graduate alien to obtain status as
filed petition with the cor- the Northern Marian- putting their applica- employed temporar- degrees and no limit an employment-based
rect fee; not the date that as Islands are exempt tions together now. The ily in a job category for universities and immigrant, or 365 days
the petition is postmarked. from the cap until Dec. practice now is for the or more have passed
The fiscal year cap 31, 2014. Employ- visas to be exhausted since the filing of an
(numerical limitation ers may continue to within few days upon employment based im-
on H-1B petitions) for file petitions for these its release on April migrant petition.”
FY 2012 is 65,000. cap-exempt H-1B cat- 1 of every year. Due The race is about to
Additionally, the first egories seeking work to the economic situ- begin again for po-
20,000 H-1B petitions dates starting in FY ation of the country, tential employees and
filed on behalf of in- 2011. last year was a little employers to grab
dividuals who have Petitions filed on different, but with the their own share of the
earned a U.S. master’s behalf of current H-1B upward growth of the 65,000 H1-B visas that
degree or higher are workers who have economy, though still will be released on or
exempt from the H-1B been counted previ- very slow, the visas about April 1, 2011.
cap making a total of ously against the cap might be exhausted in In preparation for the
85,000 visas. also do not count no time. release of these visas,
The USCIS will towards the congres- small business owners
monitor the number of sionally mandated Please note that not all are particularly at a
petitions received and H-1B cap. Accord- aliens in the United great disadvantage.
will notify the public ingly, the USCIS will States are qualified to The new style is that
of the date on which continue to process pe- receive H1-B visas. petitioners file and pay
the USCIS received titions filed to extend To be eligible, you The fiscal year cap (numerical limitation on H-1B for premium process-
the necessary number the amount of time a must be in status, have petitions) for FY 2012 is 65,000. Additionally, ing. The expense for
of petitions to meet the current H-1B worker an employer who is the first 20,000 H-1B petitions filed on behalf obtaining one of these
H-1B cap. If needed, may remain in the willing and ready to of individuals who have earned a U.S. master’s visas is particularly
USCIS will randomly United States; change petition for you and huge. Begin your prep-
degree or higher are exempt from the H-1B cap
select the number of the terms of employ- you must be quali- arations now.
making a total of 85,000 visas.
petitions required to ment for current fied for the position in
reach the numerical H-1B workers; allow question with at least a If you are a young
limit from the peti- current H-1B workers bachelor degree. graduate currently
tions received on the to change employers; that is considered by non-profit and govern- using optional train-
final receipt date. But or allow current H-1B The best candidates for the U.S. Citizenship & ment research labora- ing (opt) employment
the USCIS will reject workers to work con- H1-B visas are those Immigration Services tories. authorization card
cap-subject petitions currently in a second who have optional to be a “specialty oc- Under the current and your employer
that are not selected, as H-1B position. training work permit cupation”. A specialty law, an alien can be in is willing to file for
well as those received H-1B petitioners after graduating from occupation is one that the H-1B status for a you, it is time to start
after the final receipt should follow all statu- college, those who requires theoretical maximum period of six talking to a qualified
date. As a result of tory and regulatory are new in the United and practical applica- years at a time. After immigration attorney
the current state of the requirements as they States and have valid tion of a body of spe- that time an alien must in order to begin the
U.S. economy, H1-B prepare their petitions I-94 and those outside cialized knowledge remain outside the process. You will need
visas continue to be in order to avoid delays the United States who along with at least a United States for one to obtain the prevail-
available past the April in processing and pos- have U.S. employers bachelor’s degree or year before another ing wage from the U.S.
1st date in the last two sible requests for evi- willing to petition for its equivalent. For H-1B petition can Department of Labor
years. dence. U.S. businesses them. example, architecture, be approved. Certain immediately.
Petitions for new use the H-1B program According toWikipe- engineering, math- aliens working on
H-1B employment to employ foreign dia, the free encyclo- ematics, physical sci- Defense Department In your selection of an
are exempt from the workers in occupations pedia, “the H-1B is ences, social sciences, projects may remain attorney, it is impera-
annual cap if the ben- that require theoretical a non-immigrant visa medicine and health, in the H-1B status for tive to confirm that
eficiaries will work at or technical expertise category provided for education, business 10 years. In addition, the attorney has suc-
institutions of higher in specialized fields, in the Immigration specialties, account- certain aliens may cessfully obtained an
education or related such as scientists, en- & Nationality Act, ing, law, theology, and obtain an extension H1-B visa before. The
contd. on pg 14 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 9

Do You Mobilize Your Children to Participate in

Your Conflict With Others?
children. The er’s influence over but she could not.” him until he found captains and chief “Ask me whatso-
seed of bitter- her children. In This was because a convenient day estates of Galilee. ever you will and I
ness, discord the gospel of Mark Herod feared John, to arrest him. His daughter came will give it to you.”
and distrust chapter 6 from ‘knowing that he The day of doom in, danced and He even swore that
once planted verse 17 to 29, it is he would give her
are very hard recorded that King up to half of his
to evacuate. Herod had married kingdom. At this
Our children his own brother’s point she went to
love us and wife. This accord- her mother to ask
Re. Grace Eledan
USI News Columnist will do any- ing to the law of the for counsel as to
thing to protect Lord is adultery. what to request.
The society is us if they feel John the Baptist “What shall I ask?
shaped from the that our lives or in- had told him at the She said and her
home. Women tegrity are threat- time that it was not mother replied,
have a great influ- ened in any way. lawful for Herod to “The head of John
ence on their chil- The story of the have her. Verse 19 the Baptist.” Re-
dren and so every death of John the states that, “there- member that John
mother must be Baptist in the Bible fore Herodias had the Baptist had of-
careful with the typifies the great a quarrel against was a just man and was Herod’s birth- pleased Herod and fended her when
seeds they plant in evil that can come him, and would holy.’ He therefore day. He held a party his guests. Herod he told them it
the minds of their from a bad moth- have killed him; kept a watch on for his lords, high then said to her, was wrong for her
contd on pg 13

10 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

OH BABY! contd.
understand the hor- not the main reason we had pushed their dis- left the fast lane and down in their cage.
monal changes inside got married!” cussion aside and was drove to a side street. Tammy unlocked the
her and the emotional She knew he would looking at the address He changed direction front door of their
issues she was going talk like that. His con- of the next family to and drove toward their apartment and went
through? How could he fidence seemed to irk visit. Who knew what home. inside. She opened the
understand the feeling her now. What did they would hear at When they reached refrigerator, took a can
of failure she was bat- he mean by that last these places, anyway? the one-storey cream of juice and soon re-
tling with almost ev- comment anyway? Well, he could go if he colored house with a turned to her husband
eryday which even she Irritated and feeling wanted but it would be red roof, the security outside.
herself found rather dismissed, she said without her. man opened the red “Thanks. I will quickly
Rev. Taiwo I. Odubiyi
USI News Columnist strange? How could nothing more as she She told him, “Please gate wide. Richard check the other people
he understand all the and be back soon.” He
How could Richard internal issues she had said.
know how hurt and been struggling with “Okay, goodbye.” She
embarrassed she was without thinking she waved briefly.
by the comments of was being immature? He started the car and
Pat in her office? And How could he know the gate was opened
how could he know how she felt, what she by the security man.
how bad she felt after- was going through He drove out and
ward at her own reac- when she didn’t really Tammy went back to
tion to the comments? understand them their apartment. She
Tammy could still re- herself? “I under- opened the windows
member the sorry look stand,” Richard re- and drew the curtains
on Pat’s face and the peated as he squeezed back to allow the sun-
pity look Mercy had her hand, giving her a light in. She tossed her
given her. sideways glance. “It’s handbag on the sofa
Tammy knew the okay, Oluwatamilore.” carelessly before she
women were going to Her eyes flew open, did the same with her
be extremely careful “Okay? For over six body. “Lord, why are
around her from now, years?!” She asked in- we having this delay?
which was not what credulously. “For over We’ve always tried
she wanted. She was six years and we are
She tossed her handbag on the sofa carelessly before she to please You. What
naturally a friendly still without … even did the same with her body. “Lord, why are we having this is happening to us? Is
person but these days, a child?” She held her delay? We’ve always tried to please You. What is happen- there something we
she was very sensitive right index finger up. ing to us? Is there something we need to do?” need to do?”
to people’s comments, “It’s okay.” He repeat- She thought back to
looks and behavior, ed, refusing to get con- the beginning of her
which might make cerned. marriage. She was 26
people think she was There he goes again. turned to look out the drop me off at home. drove inside the com- while he was 28 years
not friendly. Before He just refused to un- window. I don’t want to visit pound and stopped when they’d gotten
now, she would simply derstand her. Wasn’t anyone again.” She the car, close to the married. Before mar-
say ‘It is well’, when he concerned about He dropped her hand felt alone in this strug- flowerbed. He turned riage, she didn’t know
people commented this baby issue at all? and took the paper on gle to have a child. off the ignition but much about the ovu-
about her childless- “You call that okay?” which he’d copied the Sometimes it was as if didn’t get down as he lation period and all
ness but these days, Her voice was sharp. names and addresses Richard didn’t care. told Tammy, “I need that but since she’d
her comments and atti- He was unperturbed, of the three families he He looked at her. “But to visit the other two gotten married, she
tudes were rude which “It doesn’t matter if had planned to visit, we still have two fami- families. Please get a had read it up and been
surprised even her. we have waited for six, from the church direc- lies to check …” can of juice for me to observing it. She had
She had been trying sixteen or twenty six tory, and checked it to She cut him off as she drink in the car.” also read many books
to control her emo- years. What I know is confirm the address of said firmly, “I want to “Okay.” She replied about getting preg-
tions but it seemed she that God makes every- the next family they go home! I’m tired, briskly and got down. nant. And since she
couldn’t help them. thing beautiful in His wanted to visit. please!” She repeated, She walked round the began to see fertility
She got easily irritated time and we will have Tammy saw him “Pleeease.” building to the back, doctors, she had done
and touchy these days our own children, so looking at the paper He sighed, “Okay.” passing Ringo, the a number of tests in-
and very close to tears don’t worry yourself. and got angry. So, the He slowed down the front neighbor’s dog cluding laparoscopy.
at the slightest oppor- Besides, don’t forget issue at hand was not car and turned the and her six puppies Some of the tests were
tunity. that having children is important to him! He signal light on. He where they were lying very painful. She had
How could Richard
cont’d on. pg 14 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 11

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12 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Obtain Your Green Card Through

Cancellation of Removal
is the focus of our dis- be true? for warts? in several places on occur on the vulva,
cussion. Before we Ans: Yes. Many Ans: Warts can occur the body. Genital warts cervix, or in the vagina
continue, we need to people infected with in females. In males,
know some facts from HPV have no symp- it can be on the penis
the Centers of Disease toms. Others may have and scrotum. In both
Control and Preven- genital warts. The sexes, it can also occur
tion (CDC) about problem is that when around the anus. For
HPV. According to people do not have people who engage
the CDC, HPV is the obvious lesions, they in oral sex, it can also
most common sexual- can still infect their occur in the mouth and
Dr. Oluwatoyosi Dairo ly transmitted disease sexual contacts with in the throat.
USI News Columnist in the United States. the virus. At least 50 percent of Ques: What is the real
sexually active people Ques: How do people concern about getting
At some point in time
will have HPV at one get HPV? infected with HPV?
you may have heard
time or the other in Ans: HPV is con- Ans: There are several
someone mention
their lives. Current- tracted through broken types of HPV. Infec-
the term, HPV. It is a
ly, approximately 20 skin during sexual in- tion with high-risk
virus that causes warts.
million people in the tercourse. It can also types 16 and 18 have
Warts can be found on
U.S have HPV. be transmitted during been associated with
different places of the
oral and anal sex. Very cancer of the cervix.
body. When it occurs
Ques: My partner rarely is it transmitted
on the hands, it is Warts can be found in different places on In fact, most cancer of
told me her doctor in- during birth. the cervix is associated
called common warts.
formed her that she the body. When it occurs on the hands, with HPV infection.
HPV can also cause it is called common warts. HPV can also There are also types 6
has HPV. She has no Ques: Where in the
genital warts, which
complaints. Can this body should I look out cause genital warts, which is the focus of and 11 that cause low-
our discussion. ..
contd on pg 24 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 13

contd from pg 9

to leave her husband could last a lifetime. tianity. The word of though we have the an unbeliever? If you be turned into warfare
for the King. She was There are some who God teaches us better. gift of prophecy, and only greet those who against this visible
probably enticed by when they have a dis- The book of 1 Corin- understand all myster- greet you or those enemy. If you are the
the riches of Herod’s agreement with their thians chapter 13 in the ies, and all knowledge; you are happy with, opposition and meet
kingdom and the role husbands instigate Bible teaches us to love and though we have all you are not yet fulfill- a child from the other
she stepped into as the children against one another uncondi- faith, so that we could ing the law of love. family, you already
Queen. Herodias’ their fathers, albeit we tionally. Verse 4 states move mountains, and Teach your children know that you are
daughter, wanting may argue that some that love is longsuffer- have no love, we are to be objective and to out of favor. You can
to please her mother of these men deserve ing and is kind. If that nothing. I agree that we operate under the rule easily take the first
rushed back to king what they get, but God is so, we must be able can be hurt so deeply, of love. 1 John 4:8 lets step towards peace.
Herod and demanded has called us to peace. to contain our emo- justly or not, but we us know that he that “Let the word of Christ
for the Head of John Sometimes, there is tions. We have heard have the word of God has not love, does not dwell in you richly in
the Baptist on a platter. ongoing strife amongst of situations where to create a balance so know God, for God is all wisdom; teaching
Although the king was family members Church leaders have that we do not drag love. and admonishing one
sorry at what he had because adults have instigated the congre- our children into a war If you have an ongoing another in psalms and
to do, he went ahead offended one another. gation against other that can sometimes last strife with a husband, hymns and spiritual
and ordered the execu- There is the case of a pastors they disagree a lifetime if the situa- friend, coworker or songs, singing with
tion of John. The ex- family of two sisters with. Pastors are spiri- tion is not arrested. family member, it is grace in your hearts to
ecutioner went and be- who throughout their tual parents to their The circle of bitterness time to forgive and the Lord.” (Colossians
headed him in prison adult lives remained at congregants and must must be broken. The let go. The army that 3:16) You cannot do
and brought his head loggerheads with each be good examples of Bible charges us to, we are supposed to be this when you cannot
in a charger and gave other. The ongoing the unconditional love “Be angry but sin not. mobilizing is the army forgive those who
it to the girl. She in disagreement has af- of God. Our allegiance Do not let the sun go of God unto good have offended you. If
turn presented it to her fected the relation- is to God and to obey down on your anger” works, and not an you have seen yourself
mother. ship between their his set rule, which is Conflicts must be re- army of angry people in the picture above,
We are called to Peace children so much so to love Him with all solved speedily. If you who shout, ignore or make amends for
I believe that the inci- that there has been no our hearts and to love ask your children not twist and gyrate their peace in Jesus’ name.
dent above would have contact between them our neighbors as our- to greet your friend finger in the face of a Grace Eledan can be
left scars in the mind of for upwards of twenty selves. who has now become friend turned enemy. reached @ (718) 503-
that girl when reality years. Each of these Charge to Mothers an enemy, what are The prayer time in 2580
sets in, and these scars sisters professes Chris- The Bible tells us that you doing better than the house may even
14 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

was no such history in married the same year

cont’d from pg 10 her and her husband’s Tammy did and now
families. Richard was had three children with
also submitted herself
the second child in his wife. He resided in
for x-rays and fertil-
a family of six, all Spain with his family.
ity treatments, yet she
males. The first son, Tammy was the third
hadn’t conceived. Re-
who lived in London, child. The last child in
cently, she was feeling
had children. Pete was the family, Damilola
unusually tired and
Richard’s immediate got married last year
sick and was beginning
younger brother. He and his wife was ex-
to think the fertility
had a son, Joe. Pete pecting a baby.
drugs had something
lost his wife a couple
to do with it although
of years ago when she Tammy continued to
she hadn’t asked her
was giving birth to think until she became
doctor to confirm.
their second child. The sleepy. She didn’t
The doctors she and
fourth son had a female bother to change her
Richard had seen said
child and lived in Jos. clothes but adjusted
both of them were
The remaining two herself to be comfort-
EDITORIAL CREW okay and there was
were not yet married able, stretching out on
no reason why she
and were in Abuja. the sofa and slept off.
Publisher and Editor in Chief Joseph Rotimi Famuyide, Esq. shouldn’t conceive.
Editor Deborah O. Famuyide She’d begun to see
On her side, Tammy’s
Marketing Manager Glenda L. Cruz another female gyne-
mother had four chil-
Grace Fadeyi cologist last year.
dren, two males and To be continued
Graphic Designer David Famuyide “Everyone around me
two females. The first
International Correspondent Omolola Jeroman, Esq. has children,” she con-
female Toun, had a This story is from the
International Correspondent Ayobami Odeyemi tinued to talk to God,
daughter while a senior novel Oh Baby! by
World News Correspondent Olufemi Adeyemi her mind going to her
in high school at the Pastor Taiwo Odubiyi
Columnist Placid Aguwa, Esq. family and the office.
age of eighteen. She
Dr. Oluwatoyosi Dairo When she first realized
later got married to a To order this book and
Yomi Ajaiyeoba, Esq. that she was having
man and had two girls others by the same
Grace Eledan pregnancy delay, she
and a male set of twins. author, contact:
Pastor Abraham Obadare was surprised. There
The second, a male, got
Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers
Dr. Akinyele Eric Dairo, MD
Norka Blackman-Richards
Taiwo Odubiyi cont’d from pg 8

reason is that there is noU.S.-earned masters’ or advice or legal repre-

room for error. Some of higher degrees will be sentation by a qualified
the fees to be paid vary exempt from any fiscal immigration attorney.
depending on many year cap on available If you need legal as-
factors and the number H-1B visas. USCIS sistance, please feel
of employees your em- also notes that petitions free to contact Attorney
ployer has. If the attor- for new H-1B employ- Famuyide at 718-647-
ney is not familiar with ment are exempt from 6767 or send an email
the process, it is very the annual cap if the to
easy to make mistakes. aliens will be employed
Once your petition is at institutions of higher
rejected because of a education or a related USI News.
Corporate Address blunder, the cap might or affiliated nonprofit
U.S. Immigration News, Inc. be reached before you entities, or at nonprofit
2750 Atlantic Avenue, Suite 100 Brooklyn, New York 11207 return the package with research organizations
Tel. (718) 647-6767 Fax. (718) 647-6777 the correct amount or or governmen-
Email: information to the U.S.
Citizenship & Immi-
tal research or-
Need an Extra
® 2011 gration Services for Thus, petitions Income?
processing. for these exempt
H-1B categories Turn your Spare Time to Dollars
All rights reserved, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a
retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any form or by any means- elec-
Finally, it is important may be filed for Become USI News Marketing
tronics or mechanical including photocopying, recording or otherwise without the to point out that not work dates start- Agent
written permission of the publisher. The publication of any material shall not mean all H1-B petitions are ing in FY 2011. Now Paying up to 30%
that the content is endorsed. We reserve the right to reject any material submit- subject to the 65,000
ted for publication if the content is offensive or runs contrary to our goals. Li- Cap. As directed by the This article is Call to Register Now:
ability for misinformation in any advertisement is solely that of the advertiser,
USIN assumes the accuracy of all advertisement, therefore, we shall not be li-
H-1B Visa Reform Act for your infor- 718-647-6767
able. USIN shall not be held liable for any error in any advertisement and any li- of 2004, the first 20,000 mation only. It
ability whatsoever shall be limited to the cost of space occupied by the advertiser. H-1B petitions filed on cannot be sub-
behalf of aliens with stituted for legal Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 15

Citadel of God Almighty

Couples Night 2011
Free Valentine Dinner Splash
Theme: "Re-Ignite the Flame"

Date: Sat. Feb. 12, 2011

Time: 5pm
Admission is FREE

COGA Cathedral Banquet

811 Trinity Avenue
Bronx, NY 10456
Come, Learn, Eat & Have Fun.
At COGA, Everyone Wins

Crossing Over 2011

Prayer!!! Revival!!! Prayer!!!

Theme: "He is Coming Back" Rev. 22:12

Evang. Joseph Famuyide
Date: Sat. Feb. 18 & 19, 2011 @ 6:30pm Minister-in-Charge
Su Feb. 20, 2011 @ 10am
Admission is FREE
Program include FASTING until 3pm and Prayer on the phone at
9am, 12noon and 3pm on Fri & Sat, Feb 18 & 19, 2011. Prayer
Service in the Church at 6:30pm. Tel. 213-289-0555 Access Code

Photos from COGA Services in Jan. 2011

16 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011


The Biggest Imported Lace Warehouse In The Tri-State of
New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

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Fax: (646) 214-5996 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 17
18 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 19

Your 2011 Network for Success: Who’s Got Your Back?

lationships with them. me propose that your the strength of your your goals. A mentor 4. Partners and as-
But, the truth is that support network will connection with your is someone who has sociates – These are
relationships can make determine not only the faith will keep you been there before you people with whom you
or break us. Good re- height of your success focused. Some people and can offer practi- will establish commu-
lationships make us but also its longevity. develop this con- cal advise. Investing nal relationship. They
better persons, bad Experience has taught nection via member- money in a life coach have the same goals
relationships keep us me that more than ships within a specific or seeking the help but they are not nec-
in states of personal money, a carefully community of faith, of a mentor can con- essarily your friends.
stagnation. If we are They should be people
Norka Blackman-Richards serious about success who are driven and
USI News Columnist in 2011 we need to have the same goals.
find ways to establish 5. Networking Circle
Perhaps you have healthy relationships. – These are people who
heard the popular ref- you know socially, and
erences to the “self- Healthy relationships who have specialized
made man or woman”. help to support and skills or connections
These are individuals encourage us on our that are helpful to you.
who have somehow journey and become There is a quid pro
single-handedly our support network. quo relationship in-
managed to achieve ul- Perhaps your goal in herent to networking:
2011 is to lose weight,
timate success. In fact, ‘I do for you and you
the famous phrase, to get out of debt, to do for me’. You should
“to pull one self up bybuy a car, to go back to always be able to trade
ones own bootstraps” school, or to apply for services or skills with
alludes to not only a promotion. Whatever this group of acquain-
self-made success but those goals might be, tances.
you need the support
No matter how we advance technologically: we need Start building your
also a solitary one.
Have you considered and encouragement of people; and needing people means that we will have to be support network care-
that there is no such a network of positive in relationships with them. But, the truth is that relation- fully. This support
thing as a solitary people who will have ships can make us or break us. Good relationships make network can serve as
journey to success? your back. Immigrant the force behind the
groups in the USA
us better persons, bad relationships keep us in states of achievement of your
Can anyone honestly
say that they achieved such as: Latinos, Af- personal stagnation. .... goals in 2011.
success on their own? ricans and Asians are
No one ever offered well-known for their Copyright  2011
them an opportunity? networking power. crafted network with while others choose siderably increase by Norka Blackman-
No one ever showed Once one gets a job a mix of friends and to have daily personal your chances of faster Richards
them how to do any- or finds an opportu- connections is the best moments of spiritual success. Norka Blackman-
thing? No one ever nity that will benefit support you can have reflection, and others 3. T r u s t w o r t h y Richards is an educa-
encouraged them? Is it others, he or she will for success. need a combination of friends – Contrary to tor, a writer and an
possible to put oneselfmake it known. This is both. This relationship popular belief, this empowerment speaker
on a journey towards the reason why immi- As you continue is of utmost impor- circle must be small. on women, education,
success and not have grants are such a pow- to hike your way tance for it builds the It is critical that you diversity and genera-
one single relation- erful force to reckon toward accomplish- foundation for other identify 2-5 trust- tional issues. She is
ship? with. Not only are they ing the goals you have levels. worthy and positive the Chief Editor of
large in number but planned for 2011, it is 2. A life coach or a persons whom you Empowerment 4 Real
The saying, “No man they have effectively critical that you build mentor- Often there know without a doubt Women, the Founder
is an island, entire mastered the art of a support network for are misperceptions as will be in your corner. and CEO of 4 Real
of itself”, penned by social support. success. The following to the functions of a They will become your Women International,
John Donne centu- 5 levels of relation- life coach or a mentor, personal cheerleaders. Inc., and the Global
ries ago is true, even Thus, our support ships should form part but having at least one You must feel secure to Developer for The
today. No matter how network must be com- of this network: in your network can be go to them at any time. Global Community for
we advance techno- prised of the right 1. God -- This is critical to achieving If you succeed they Change. She teaches
logically: we need relationships. It is the most important success. A life coach will celebrate with you for CUNY at Queens
people; and needing important that you connection in your will keep you focused and if you fail they will College.
people means that we carefully build your network. Even if all and help you strat- encourage you to get
will have to be in re- support network. Let other relationships fail egize plans to achieve keep trying.
20 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Across 48 Attribute 15 Approved
1 Acclaim
5 Assemble
50 Book before Amos
52 ___ Speedwagon
21 Theatrical awards
24 Manicure implement Sudoku
9 Run through 53 “The King and I” 26 Immoral
13 Lacking determina- country 27 Fem.’s opp.
tion 55 Actress Donohoe 28 Samoan seaport
16 High water alternative 59 Solemn ceremony 29 Brownish orange
17 Tropical American 61 Categorized 31 Soak in the tub
wader 63 “Nay!” sayer 33 Fonda’s forte
18 “Cogito ___ sum” 64 Like some circum- 35 ___ me tangere
19 Cuckoo stances 36 Fly without a co-pilot
20 Bygone bird 65 Connery or Penn 38 Highway haulers
22 Floor covering 66 Cowboy affirmatives 39 Pilgrimage to Mecca
23 Narcissist’s love 67 Track circuits 42 Be mistaken
25 Brit’s cops Down 44 Pita filler
27 Wins at chess 1 Actress Virna 46 Lots of land
30 Spanish or Portuguese 2 ___ for one’s money 47 Send money
32 Emulated 3 Coffee dispensers 48 Elaborate tapestry Rules: Fill all empty squares so that the numbers 1 to 9
33 ___ mode 4 Cheapened 49 Paris divider appear once in each row, column and 3x3 box.
34 Family cars 5 Roadside stopover 51 Watering hole
37 Term of respect 6 Keyboard key 54 Stallion’s mate
38 Boils 7 Taken to court 56 Columbus craft
40 Also 8 Discotheque effect 57 Low in pitch 1. ITINERARY-TRIP
41 Professional progress 9 Haggard heroine 58 Tacks on
43 Fooled 10 Ended 60 “Ich bin ___ Berliner” A. syllabus-course
44 Collapsed 11 Pond organisms 62 Gullible person B. surplus: shortage
Can you Find these Missing 45 Type of division 12 Blemishes C. farce: sham
Words in the Diagram? 47 Sound medium 14 Math functions D. turmoil:order
E. timidity:audacity

Apricot Emerald Plum 2. GEAR-TOOTH

Bronze Flame Ruby
A. mellow:favorable
Burguny Hazel Rust B. hospitable:unfavorable
Camel Ivory Sage C. vindictive: favorable
Caramel Jade Saffron D.screw-thread
E. lax:favorable
Cerise Lemon Salmon

CRYPTOGRAPHY A. despondent: melancholy

Unscramble Words
B. leisurely: relaxation
to Solve
Example: u-p-s-r-e
C. notorious:infamy
D. mellow: wrath
Solution: Super
E. deference-subservience
Last Month: magnificient

In Hospital you lots of Jell-O and ice
Two little kids are in a hos- cream. It’s a breeze.”
Teaching A Lesson them! Hurry up! Are you CRAZY? Have pital, lying on stretchers
you LOST your mind? Don’t forget to
next to each other outside The second kid then asks,
A wife was in the kitchen making a salt them. You know you always forget
breakfast of fried eggs for her husband. to salt them. Use the salt! USE THE
the operating room. “What are you here for?”
Suddenly , her husband burst into the SALT! THE SALT!??? The first kid leans over The first kid says, “A cir-
kitchen. and asks, “What are you cumcision.”
The wife stared at him. ???What in the in here for?” “Whoa!” the second
???Careful,??? he said, ???CAREFUL! world is wrong with you? You think The second kid says, kid replies. “Good luck,
Put in some more butter! Oh my gosh! I don’t know how to fry a couple of “I’m in here to get my buddy. I had that done
You’re cooking too many at once. TOO eggs???? tonsils out and I’m a little when I was born. Couldn’t
MANY! Turn them! TURN THEM nervous.” walk for a year.”
NOW! We need more butter. Oh my The first kid says, “You’ve
gosh! WHERE are we going to get The husband calmly replied, ???I just
got nothing to worry
MORE BUTTER? They’re going to wanted to show you what it feels like
STICK! Careful. CAREFUL! I said when I’m driving about. I had that done
be CAREFUL! You NEVER listen to when I was four. They put
me when you’re cooking! Never! Turn you to sleep, and when
you wake up they give Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 21

Update on Obtaining
Green Card as a Nurse
here is a saying out much to secure the back into the labor 2005. It simply means avenues to obtain per- Not so many immi-
there that “no news nursing certificate force. The field unless something mi- manent resident status grants remain that
is good news”. This
only to leave college became crowded raculous happened as in the United States. are qualified for
is not a true statement
with regards to the immi- for an uncertain future and the privilege of did last year regard- Another unfortunate Section 245(i). All
grant nurses in the Unit- in the United States. instant green card ing the 2nd preference thing with the nurses nurses must consider
ed States. For a period of At the time many of was lost. The special category of the family is that many tend seeking other avenues
about a year now, I have these immigrants em- nursing category based avenue to to run out of status to obtain permanent
refrained from writing
braced the nursing simply merged with obtain permanent res- during their waiting resident status. Any of
any article concerning
how nurses obtain per- profession, a special the 3rd preference ident status whereby period. Now without them that entered with
manent resident status preference category category and the ding 5years waiting period Section 245(i) of the visa, might consider
in the United States. The in the monthly Visa dong began. became six months Immigration & Na- marriage, if they are
reason for my silence is Bulletin managed by tionality Act, they will not currently married.
because there is no good
the U.S. Department not be able to adjust This article is for your
news to report.
of State, was created their status in the information only. It
Many immigrants
for nurses. They oc- United States. Section must not be substi-
embrace the nursing
cupied the world of 245(i) is the law that tuted for legal advice
profession, not just
their own with the assist any immigrant that could only be
because they really
rare privilege of ob- who entered the rendered by your at-
like working in the
taining permanent United States without torney. If you need
healthcare field, but
resident status faster inspection or who legal advice, please
because it used to
than any other prefer- overstayed their visa feel free to contact
be a sure way to the
ence categories of the to adjust their status Attorney Joseph
permanent resident
employment-based in the United States Famuyide at 718-647-
status. How else
avenues to obtain by paying the sum 6767 or send email to
could you fathom
green card. of $1000 as penalty.
someone with a bach-
About 5years ago, Today, the February momentarily, it will Such an immigrant
elor’s in accounting
while many of the 2011 Visa Bulletin take nurses a very must have entered the USI News
or a lawyer becom-
immigrant nurses is not showing any long time to become United States before
ing a nurse if not for a
were in school, some- movement for the 3rd green card holders. December 21, 2000.
catch? Unfortunately
thing changed. The preference category. As it stands now, A petition must have
in the last 5years, it
downward trend of The current priority many of these immi- been filed for the im-
has become a frus-
the economy brought date for this month grants might need to migrant on or before
trating experience to
many retired nurses now stands at April 1, look closely into other April 30, 2001.
many who spend so

You Missed the First Opportunity:

Green Cards Now Available for your Siblings
Some months ago, I the fourth category who filed on or before years. The current date immigration than 245(i) of the Immi-
wrote an article asking of the Visa Bulletin January 1, 2002 were which was January just continue in your gration & Nationality
those who petitioned released by the U.S. current. They were 1, 2002 in December current illegal status. Act to proceed.
for their brothers and Department of State. supposed to begin 2010 is now January Please seize every op-
sisters before April The priority dates of visa processing if re- 1, 2000 in January portunity whenever As you will recall, in
30, 2001 to visit my all pre-April 30, 2001 siding abroad or filed 2011. It simply means they are available. the year 2000, Presi-
office for assistance. filing became current. application for ad- that those who did not dent Bill Clinton
Some immigrants Some of these files justment of status for take the needed steps The best thing to do is gave a parting gift to
who read the article were assigned visa those who resided in in the year 2010 have to consult with an im- all immigrants in the
responded and they numbers. My office the U.S. At the time lost two years. They migration attorney to United States with the
are now getting green processed some of I wrote an article en- have to wait another help you through the passage of the LIFE
cards as a result of ap- them. We have some couraging everyone two years before process. Once an im- Act. Under the LIFE
plication for adjust- pending for interview, to begin the process- they can obtain green migrant number is re- Act was the passage
ment of status filed while we have ob- ing, some complained cards. served for your case, of Section 245(i) of
by my office. Perhaps tained green cards for about money, while even if the priority the Immigration and
some procrastinators some. some simply refused
It is important that date moves backward Nationality Act which
are still waiting to act. to act.
all immigrants know you will still be able allowed all immi-
By December 2010, that it is wiser to to obtain a green card. grants who entered the
Early 2010, there was which was the peak By January 2011, the borrow money and Many of the immi- United States without
a one year gain for of the good news, the Visa Bulletin moved rescue yourself from grants in this catego- inspection and those
petitions filed under priority dates of those backward by two the slavery of illegal ry will need Section who overstayed their
Contd on pg 29 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 22

Ask Lisa-Anne
to become rapists!
rapes are reported each • Don’t leave your age and places you fre- for.
Let’s not forget, males year. Thousands go drink unattended. quent etc. on twitter or 1. Acts overly
can unreported. • Make your sexual facebook. macho.
be raped, too. None • Rapes occur at all limits clear. • Don’t blindly trust 2. Believes that all
of us like to discuss times of the day. • Have your own people just because males and females fit
this topic. However, it • There are no ride. they appear friendly. traditional roles.
is a must! ‘typical’ rapists or rape • Avoid people who • Have your keys 3. Doesn’t take no
Young people, male victims. ignore your feelings. ready when approach- for an answer.
ing your car. Lock 4. Ignores personal
doors! boundaries.
• Avoid parking 5. Uses force to solve
Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers next to large SUVs as problems.
people won’t see you 6. Acts excessively
if you are been abduct- jealous even by second
Dangers of Campus
ed. date.
• Have a cell phone 7. Obsessed with
Q. My daughter told
with you and never weapons.
me recently that her
hitchhike. 8. Acts immaturely.
roommate was almost
• Have a car charger 9. Tries to separate
raped while
for your phone so it is you from friends.
on a date on their
always charged. 10. Insist on being
college campus. Her
• Always tell your alone with you on first
roommate didn’t know
friends, roommates, or date.
this boy well,
parents where you are 11. Has a short
so she decided to
going and with whom. temper.
have their first date on
• If you’re being fol- 12. Demands your at-
campus. After a few
lowed, get into a store tention at inappropri-
hours, he asked
her to come to his
Life would be so much easier if people walked around with or other public place. ate times.
apartment to see some- florescent signs alerting us to their character. Unfortunately, • If someone points 13. Wants to know
this is not possible. Rapists look like everyone else. There is NO a gun at you run in a more about you than
thing. He had been so
zigzag fashion. If you you want to tell.
nice, she didn’t specific way to identify a potential rapist...
get in the car or go with 14. Expects the rela-
think it would be a
them it won’t be pretty. tionship to be on his/
problem. Once there,
At least running gives her terms.
he demanded sex and
and female, need to be • Rapists use rape • Don’t go off you a chance to get 15. Views women as
when she refused,
aware of the facts! Just to hurt and humiliate campus until you know away and draw public children, property,
he tried to force her.
because they are their victims, not for the person better. attention. objects of conquest.
Luckily, she was able
18 years old doesn’t sex. • Don’t get set up on • Fight with all What to do if you have
to get away and run to
mean that they aren’t • People who wear blind dates. you’ve got! Ladies re- been raped!
her dorm room.
our children anymore seductive clothing are • Don’t believe ev- member your strength
My daughter tried
nor that they have the not asking to be raped. erything a new love is in your legs. 1. Go to a safe place
to get her to tell the
life experience to • Victims do not interest tells you! • Hit them in vul- away from your at-
police, but she refused
handle all situations. falsely accuse rapists • If someone is ag- nerable spots like eyes tacker.
thinking that she
First, let’s define rape. just to get back at gressive and won’t and noses. Bite off 2. Call someone you
was so stupid for
Basically, rape is them. take no for an answer, anything you can. trust to be with you.
going to his room.
defined as a sexual • Women do not say seek help from your 3. Call your parents!
Could you use your
act committed against ‘no’ when they mean parents, friends and se- Signs of an acquain- You’ll need their
column to educate
a person’s will. ‘yes.’ curity. tance or campus support.
• Men! No matter • Never lend your Rapist! 4. Seek medical at-
and college stu-
Rape Facts and how far it’s gone, if room keys to others. Life would be so much tention. Very impor-
dents about date rape
Strategies! she says ‘no’ and you • If you lose your easier if people walked tant!
on college campuses!
continue, it’s rape. dorm or apartment around with flores- 5. Do not shower,
The experts at the • Avoid being alone keys replace your cent signs alerting us bathe, brush teeth, or
A. That is such a scary
www.channing-bete. in secluded places. locks. to their character. Un- douche.
and traumatic experi-
com website and I offer • Leave lights on • Don’t alert po- fortunately, this is not 6. Don’t change or
ence for a young girl
the following facts when you’re out. tential attackers that possible. Rapists look wash clothes. Bring
or boy. Parents send
and rape prevention • Install peepholes you are home alone or like everyone else. fresh set to the hospital
their children off
strategies for college and deadbolts and use heading somewhere on There is NO specific or clinic.
to college to obtain
and high school stu- them. twitter or facebook. way to identify a po- 7. Some hospitals
higher learning and do
dents: • Avoid alcohol and • Don’s share per- tential rapist however
not expect their
drugs while out on a sonal information like here are a few charac- cont’d on pg 23
daughters/sons to be
• Thousands of date. your address, state, teristics to watch out
raped or for their sons
23 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011


1. Front of U.S. Post Office 13. Front of US Post Office
in New York City 1. Corner of Church & Flat-
bush Ave, Brooklyn, NY
on Linden Blvd, Cambria
Heights Queens
3925 61st Street
Woodside, NY 11377
1. Front of Duane Reade on
Broadway, New York (Closest
to 26 Federal Plaza)

Now in your
2. By Atlantic LIRR train 2. Front of U.S. Post Office 14. Front of U.S. Post Office
station on Flatbush, Brooklyn, Rochdale Mall, Queens. 122-01 Jamaica Avenue Rich- 2. Front of 291 Broadway by
NY mond, NY 11418 26 Federal Plaza, New York
3. Corner of Parsons

3. By Subway, Corner of Blvd & Archer, Jamaica 15. Front of US Post Office 3. Front of Nigeria House on
Court Street & Montague St, Queens. 195-04 Linden Blvd Saint 828 2nd Ave, New York, NY
Brooklyn, NY Albans, NY 11412
4. Corner of Archer 4. 525 Lenox Ave
4. Front of U.S Post Office on & Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, 16. Front of US Post Office Manhattan, NY
Atlantic btw 3rd & 4th Ave. Queens. 120-0715th Avenue (Opp. Harlem Hospital)
Downtown, Brooklyn College Point, NY 11356
5. Front of Citibank 5. Front of 243 Canal Street
5. Corner of Fulton St on 121-13 Liberty Ave, Rich- 17. Front of US Post Office Btw. Centre & Lafayette St.
& Nostrand Ave. Brooklyn, mond Hills, Queens 329 Beach 59th St (By J, M, Z, N, Q Subway)
NY New York, NY

Now in Banks,
Arverne, NY 11106
6. Corner of Leffert Blvd &
6. Front of U.S. Post Of- Liberty Ave, Richmond Hill, 18. Front of US Post Office 6. Front of 284 Canal Street
fice on Flatlands, Carnasie, NY 7523 Main Street Btw. Broadway, (By J,Z,W

Stores & Post Offices

Brooklyn, NY Flushing, NY 11367 Subway) New York, NY
7. Front of U.S. Post Office
7. Corner of Pennsylvania & on Rockaway Blvd, South 19. Front of US Post Office 7. Front of 78 8th Avenue,

in Long ISland
Atlantic Ave. Brooklyn, NY Ozone Park, NY 2950 Union Street Btw. W. 14th St & Greenwich
Flushing, NY 11354 St, New York, NY
8. 380 86th St Bay Ridge 8. 58-17 Junction BLVD
( Front of “R” Train Station)
Brooklyn NY
Lefrak City
(Front of US Post Office)
20. Front of US Post Office
197-33 Hillside Avenue Hol- THE BRONX
lis, NY 11423
9. Stillwell Ave Coney Island 9. 209-20 Jamaica Ave 1. By Subway on E.149th St
NY ( Front of “F”,“Q”, “D” Queens Village, NY 21. By F Train, Opp. Queen & 3rd Ave, Bronx, NY
& “F” Train) (Front of US Post Office) of Sheba 87-75 Parson Blvd
Hillside, NY 2. Front of Supreme Court on
10. 1427 Rockaway Parkway 10. 2115 Mott Ave Grand Concourse, Bronx, NY
Carnasie, NY Far Rockaway 22. Front of U.S. Post Office
(Around “L” Train Station) ( Front of “A” Train Station) 95-07 Linden Blvd St. Al- 3. By Subway, Corner
bans, NY of E.167th St & Rivers Ave.
11. Front 480 86th Street 11. 40-06 Main Street Bronx, NY
Btw. 4th Ave & 5th Ave 23. Front of U.S. Post Office
er Flushing, NY
Anoth of Brooklyn, NY (By “7” Train Station) Rochdale Mall
initiat ws
Rochdale Village, NY STATEN
e 12. Front of US Post Office
USI N 8642 Forest Pkwy ISLAND (NEW)
G Woodhaven, NY 11421
E W INNIN 1. 205 Bay Street, Corner of
Victory Blvd Staten Island,
(Front of Food Stamp Office)

ways to a woman’s and Raped.’ torment and rid you of your for more than two decades.
cont’d from pg 22 drastically different in other peace of mind and enjoy- She holds
ways. Boys are raised to be 1. Get help. ment of life. Therapy can graduate degrees in speech-
call the police as a proce-
strong, brave and self-reli- 2. Start writing. help you accomplish this. language pathology and
dure and that doesn’t
ant. When a man is raped 3. Treat yourself. Rape Visit www.findingyour- multicultural education.
mean you have to speak
he, feels a tremendous can make you feel dirty. Do for more from She also
with them right away or at
amount of shame. Often things to lift your spirits. Scott Davis. holds certification in educa-
men ask themselves ‘why 4. Join a group. tional administration. She
8. Call your local rape
didn’t I fight harder?’ This 5. Get the anger out. For more safety tips and is the author of the book,
crisis center or call the Na-
shame can be compiled 6. Start reading materials more information visit: They Say I Have ADHD, I
tional Sexual
with others asking him why that help you to cope and, Say Life Sucks! Thoughts
Assault line at 1 (800) 656-
he didn’t fight harder. It gives you strategies., From Nicholas available at
Hope for further assistance.
is also harder for men to 7. Go to the police. www.incestabuse.about. She is
9. Don’t blame yourself.
tell their female partners. 8. Find sanctuary. Healing com,, the education editor of the
You did nothing to deserve
A young college student from rape is a painful www.survivor2survivor. Community Journal news-
to be raped.
would probably rather keep process. Have a place you org, www.stopcampusrape. paper in Long Island, NY.
10. It may take a while but
it all in, than tell his peers. can escape to when the pain com, and www.webpages. She is currently employed
hold your head up high.
It might appear to be a sign is bad. in the Hempstead School
You have nothing
of weakness and he wants 9. Know it’s not your html. District. You may contact
to be ashamed of.
to avoid becoming the fault. her at speechlrb@yahoo.
target of jokes. A rape sur- 10. Regain your freedom. Lisa-Anne Ray-Byers is com or by visiting her
Male Rape Victims!
vivor himself, Scott Davis, Free yourself of emotional a licensed and certified website www.AskLisaA-
reports in his book Finding pain, shame, anger, and speech-language patholo-
A man’s reaction to being
Your Marbles and articles fear. gist who
raped is similar in some
’10 Things to Do if You Are Don’t let these lock you into has worked in education and
24 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Careless Green Card

Many of the immi-
Holder in Removal
and take heed and shun follow the attorney’s went to sleep with the sufferings that go with card obtained through
grants in the United carelessness. instructions. It was a same careless attitude it. It will now cost him marriage, please note
States will never learn There was an immi- case of faith without of what will be, will more to remedy the that you need to show
from others’ mistakes. grant who arrived in works. After months be. He did not do any- problem created by that your marriage is
Even the well educat- the United States in of back and forth with thing. He seemed to his carelessness. It is legitimate. You can
ed ones that you think 1994. For many years the U.S. Citizenship & have advised himself still possible to get the only achieve this with
ought to know better this immigrant suf- Immigration Services, that he got it regardless green card back; we a lot of joint docu-
keep falling into the fered in the hands of like a moving target, of his carelessness, he have done that many ments. If your docu-
same pits that have fraudsters and con- we finally received the would keep it notwith- times in the past, but at ments are solid, you
robbed others of their artists who took his approval and this care- standing. a huge cost to the im- will not need to go to
permanent resident money with a promise less immigrant was The time came to migrant. another interview to
status. It is so pathetic to help obtain green granted a permanent file the application to Now, let me warn all remove the condition,
to know that most of cards without luck. resident status. remove the condition, immigrants, getting but if your documents
the immigrants losing This immigrant was Immediately after but there was nothing the green card is not are not strong, you will
their green cards practically working the approval, this im- to include with the as difficult as keeping be interviewed again.
waited for several for these miscreants by migrant was advised application that was it. It is important that
years to get them. doing all available odd to begin the process jointly acquired. It you follow the instruc- This article is for your
They went through jobs despite having a of accumulating joint was a complete act of tion of your attorney information only; it is
acute pain and suffer- bachelor’s degree from not a legal advice and
ing before they were his country. must not be substituted
granted green cards After about 13years I have written an article similar to this a couple of months ago, but as for legal advice from
only for them to lose of this self imposed long as I keep seeing negligent immigrants displaying the same kind of your attorney. If you
them to carelessness. slavery, luck smiled carelessness, I will continue to warn; perhaps someone might read and need legal representa-
I have written an at this immigrant and take heed and shun carelessness. tion, please feel free
article similar to this a was granted perma- to contact Attorney
couple of months ago, nent resident status. Joseph Famuyide at
but as long as I keep It was a hard fought documents that will be blatant disregard to an to the letter just as 718-647-6767 or send
seeing negligent im- battle for my office to required to remove the attorney’s advice. Sub- you will follow that email to jfamuyide@
migrants displaying obtain the green card condition on his per- sequently, the case was of your doctor. Once
the same kind of care- because traces of care- manent resident status denied and this care- you do this, you will
lessness, I will con- lessness were written in about two years. less immigrant is now get the benefit you are
tinue to warn; perhaps all over the case. The Instead of doing some- in removal proceed- seeking. To remove USI News
someone might read immigrant will not thing, this immigrant ings with the pains and conditions on a green

contd from pg 12

risk infection. Low another. nodeficiency virus) are to get vaccinated prior Ans: Genital warts are HPV testing can also
and high risk refers to also prone to the infec- to any sexual activity. treatable, but HPV is be done. Vaccines are
the changes the types Ques: Which groups of tion. not curable. Treatment available, so get vac-
of HPV cause to cells. people have HPV the Ques: At what age can of genital warts range cinated. Limiting your
Types 6 and 11 cause most? Ques: Is there a way people get vaccines? from locally applied sexual partners will
low-grade changes Ans: Young sexually- to protect oneself from Ans: There are two cream, to destroying further reduce your
that tend to resolve in active females aged getting HPV? types of vaccines. the warts by various risk.
the cells of the cervix. 20-24 have the highest Ans: Practicing safe Gardasil and Cervar- means such as freez-
Changes in the cells rate of infection. Males sex is one of the ways ix. Gardisil protects ing or electrocautery. This article is for your
of the cervix are de- are not excluded from to protect yourself against HPV types 6, Absence of the warts, information only; it is
tected during a PAP infection. The fre- from getting infected. 11, 16, and 18. Cer- however, does not not a replacement for
test. Types 16 and 18 quency in males may This means keeping varix protects against mean the person is no medical advice from
cause high-grade cel- appear less because the a monogamous re- HPV types 16 and 18. longer infected. your doctor.
lular changes, some virus is not routinely lationship and using The vaccines can be
of which progress to tested in males. The condoms. Condoms, given to girls from Dr. Oluwatoyosi Dairo
cancer of the cervix. more sexual partners however, are not ab- age 11 to 12 as part of Take Home Message can be contacted at
HPV is also incrimi- one has, the higher solute in protecting routine immunization HPV is not curable and Amazing Medical Ser-
nated in cancers of the one’s risk of getting against HPV as contact schedules and from not everyone who has vices located at 110-16
anus, genitals, mouth, infected with HPV. can still occur through age 9 to about 26 in HPV will have visible Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica,
and throat. Both the People whose immune uncovered areas. males. warts. Protecting your- NY 11435; or by phone
low and high-risk system is weak like Vaccines are available self is very impor- at 718 526 7600.
types can be transmit- those infected with for both males and Ques: Can HPV be tant. Females should
ted from one person to HIV (Human Immu- females. It is advisable cured? have a PAP test when Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 25



Riots have on fire the region are sia. ew York law-en- aliens in 26 states. At least 1,100 people
chased out this to protest job under 30, and in The riots in forcement agen- were arrested on im-
cies have begun
African na- shortages and some countries nisia tells the The investigation, migration
collecting their one-third
tion’s president, low wages. As like Yemen, whole world, portion of a near which began upstate, charges. The
leaving the re- words of the the population how young $21 million settle- was based on a truck company settled this
gion politically self-sacrifice is expected to people are hun- ment from a na- driver’s tip and led to federal case in 2008.
unstable. spread, so did double in the gry for change, tional pallet-recycling the April 2006
74-year-old Ben riots. Social next three de- using the in- company that em- raids at more than 40
Ali, a former in- networks like cades. People ternet to bring ployed 6,000 illegal IFCO system plants.
terior minister, facebook and have grown down bad and
grabbed power twitter spread tired of corrupt corrupt gov-
23 years ago words of the institutions and ernments. This
in a coup and unrest, which stagnant politi- is also a very
human rights takes away the cal order.” The strong warn-
groups in Tuni- tight media con- riots have ing to other sit-

sia and abroad trol by the gov- ravaged the na- tight leaders in
have criticized ernment. These tion’s reputation Africa and the
the lack of lib- events are as a stable Mus- Arab world.
erty and free- resonating so lim nation. The They should
dom ever since. widely because United States know that gone
the main prob- has expressed are the days
Tunisia was lems of Tunisia concern. Also when the flow
a French pro- are common to European of information
tectorate until just about every governments and knowledge
independence country in the warned travel- is controlled,
on March 20, region: a grow- ers about go- with the inten-
1956. Today it ing population ing to Tunisia, tion of keeping
has about of young peo- whose safe, sta- their people in
10.4 million ple who are at ble image and the dark and ig-
people and has once educated Mediterranean norant. People
seen steady eco- and ambitious, beaches draw are now bet-
nomic growth, unemployed millions of ter connected;
but many ordi- and frustrated, mainly Europe- communication
nary young Tu- muzzled and re- an travelers and is fast and easy
nisians sentful. make tourism with the popu-
can’t find jobs In a speech, just the mainstay larity of social
and feel they a day before the of the small, networking
have few pros- Tunisian presi- North African sites.
pects for the fu- dent fell, the nation’s econ-
ture. United States omy. German
The protests Secretary of government
started in mid- State Hillary issued a state-
December in Clinton told an ment warning
an inland town audience in Qa- of the danger of
after a young tar that “a grow- kidnapping and
man set himself ing majority of attacks in Tuni-
26 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Tools For
Withstanding Pressure
but lose faith in the the heavy weight of in the US and indeed the strange things we
LG’s slogan that life is We are in a New Year debt, there are people the whole country is have been witnessing
good. Yea, life is good and the whole world is trying hard to break no exception. Not with in recent times.
sometimes, but not all still dealing with some free from bad habits, the rising rate of unem-
the time. Indeed, life of the terrible events there are those trying ployment and the very The recent spate of
is a disproportionate suicides and random
combination of the shoot outs in the US,
good, the bad and the Japan and Tunisia and
Ayobami Odeyemi ugly. Egypt all stems from
International Correspondent stories of people who
e-mail: In the last two years, could no longer cope
the nations of the with life challenges,
Life is good! There world have been under who caved in, decid-
are times we say that intense pressure as ing in some instances
or actually feel liking an aftermath of the to take other people
shouting that to the global economic melt- with them. Things
hearing of who ever down, security/ter- got too bad and they
cares to listen. When rorism issues, global quit holding up. Un-
dreams come true, warming, natural disas- fortunately, the gov-
when set goals are ters etc. World leaders ernment and indeed
achieved, when prom- have been facing the families get too pre-
ises are fulfilled, when challenges of dealing occupied with other
there is not much to with the ripple effects things to pay attention
bother about but good of the various misfor- to these people whose
things, we often have In one way or the other, we are all under some kind of pres-
tunes that befell the sure, and as much as we had like to persuade ourselves that we do emotion have become
to agree with the LG world, just as various fragile and eventually
Company that life is well under pressure, the fact remains that there is a limit to which
business concerns the got the better of them.
indeed good. However, everyone can hold off the pushes and pulls of life.
world over. The years It appears nobody
there are times when have seen buildings notices them until they
life demands too much and corporations col- that shook the world to resist the pressure many disappointments snap, succumbing to
from us, there are times lapse under the pres- in the last decade. As to form the bad habits, and dashed hope suf- the pressure after years
when things do not just sure of the problems in much as one would there are several single fered in the previous of lone struggle.
work out as planned, this challenging time. have wished other- ladies who are under year.
there are times we There was so much wise, we are not the pressure to get married The genesis of the crisis
face so intense diffi- news about depression only ones that survived and start a family. In one way or the that saw the President
culties that makes one and not much about 2010, some of the chal- There are marriages on other, we are all under of Tunisia out of gov-
wonder whether one sporadic growth and lenges we faced in the the verge of collapse, some kind of pressure, ernment was a young
will survive another development. At the previous year also did. there are young college and as much as we had unemployed man who
day, there are times risk of sounding pes- The truth is that chal- undergraduates having like to persuade our- could no longer with-
when everything simistic, it is apparent lenges are part of the difficulties maintain- selves that we do well stand the pressure of
seems torn apart and that all is not well with total life experience, ing good grades, there under pressure, the poverty and decided
there are times things the world, and as much we cannot do without are graduates who are fact remains that there to end it all, choosing
appear to have turned as one would love to them. However, our under pressure to get is a limit to which ev- the most excruciating
upside completely believe that things will continued subsistence a good job, there are eryone can hold off means to make a point
down. With lot of erst- get better, there is no and survival depends those who are working the pushes and pulls everybody was not
while gainfully em- doubting the fact that on whether or not we under tension pressure of life. When life taking seriously until
ployed people losing all the current attempt overcome the chal- to perform on the job demands becomes then. How many more
their jobs, people is to get the world out lenges life throw our or lose their means of too much, and there people like him do we
losing their homes of the debris of the col- ways. A lot of people livelihood, and there is not much to meet have walking around
and investment earn- lapsed systems and re- are under pressure are businesses grap- it, when life begins the streets? How many
ings, no thanks to the inforce the weak struc- for one reason or pling to survive the to take more than it is people are presently
global economic re- tures from imminent the other. There are hard times. The im- giving, the resulting feeling like they have
cession, one cannot collapse. people groaning under migrant community pressure best explains been pushed to the

contd on pg 27 Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 27

contd from pg 26
wall by life bellows the wrong direction by reasons to be angry, one has to do the little As we all endeavor to support you during a
and are ready to take the challenges we are we just have to look the situation allows, deal with our individ- difficult time, do not
drastic measures to facing? Why would inward and we will and control what can ual challenges and the piss them off, and if
turn their fortune people decide to end see what is not right be controlled in the resultant pressure this you are left by friends
around or just make their lives and take as about our lives. Every circumstances. year, we have to un- and family to face the
the world feel a bit of many people as pos- happy and successful derstand that success storm alone, do not
the pain they had felt sible with them? Why individual the world The pressure mounted is dependent on our take offence. It is your
carrying their loads of would a father decide is celebrating today by challenges is often actions and reactions. life and no one should
despair. The question to kill his children and has had and is still intended to break one’s One’s disposition be more concern about
is, how many more of die with them? When likely to have their seal for life, to abort towards his person it than you. Swim
this ‘time bombs’ are we succumb to pres- moments of despair. dreams and aspira- struggles and chal- against the current,
still walking around, sure, in whatever form We all have to take tions, to stall progress lenges matters a lot. As the river might just be
waiting for the appro- it may come, we let go the challenging route and cause perpetual bad as things might be, flowing towards a cliff.
priate time to trigger of reasoning and act on sometimes because it’s failure. It is therefore do not lose your values
off and put an end to sentiment, we lose our the surest way to sus- wisdom for us to look even if you have lost Hold on to whatever
their miseries taking as mind and act according tainable success. Chal- out for the specific all your valuables. good thing life chal-
many innocent people to the shallow dictates lenges are not meant to areas of our lives that Do not let the repre- lenges is try to wriggle
as possible with them? of our situation. We all destroy us but to make are likely to be affect- sent situation turn you out of your grip, do
How many more have to be conscious us stronger, hence ed by the pressure we into a monster, do not not give it up, do not
people do we have in of the forces set in when the pressure to are facing and try hard take out your frustra- give up on yourself,
our world making de- motion by our current give up on life or give to protect them to the tion on other people, withstand the pressure
cisions they would not situation to propel us up one’s dreams starts best of our abilities. If and especially those and you will soon be
have ordinarily made to do what could cause to build, we have to you are not broken by who may feel obliged writing a unique story
if things have not been our undoing. We have understand it’s a test of the challenges in your to stand by you. There of your success to
so tough? to guide our actions our willpower and en- life, you will certainly is nothing as scary as inspire your world and
and reactions to the durance, it is no time have a breakthrough, facing life challenges the future generation.
Or better still, how well difficult situation we to act in desperation, if you do not allow the alone, so if you feel Hang in there! Do not
are we all dealing with often encounter and it is no time to break prevalent difficulties you are not getting give up just yet.
the pressure we are ex- ensure that they do not down and wallow in to make you derail, any support from the
periencing in the rel- push us off the edge. self pity, it’s a time to you will turn out much people in your world,
evant areas of our lives be calm and focused. better than you ever seek help.
in recent times? Are Everyone has a reason Most times, there is not imagined. If you have got people
we not all being bent in to be sad, everyone has much one can do, but who care enough to
28 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Matter of Maria De Jesus CORTEZ Canales, Respondent

(1) An alien who has dered her ineligible for appealed from that out being admitted or plication for relief. ranted.
been convicted of a cancellation of re- decision. The DHS’s paroled. On August II. ISSUE The issue In response to the
crime involving moral moval under section appeal will be sus- 21, 2007, the on appeal is whether DHS’s arguments, the
turpitude for which a 240A(b)(1)(C) of the tained and the respondent’s motion the respondent’s con- respondent asserts that
sentence of a year or Act, because it was for record will be re- to reduce her offense viction for welfare her welfare fraud con-
longer may be imposed a crime involving manded to the Immi- to a misdemeanor was fraud renders her in- viction does not pose
has been convicted of moral turpitude for gration Judge. granted, the eligible for cancella- a bar to her eligibility
an offense “described which she could have I. FACTUAL AND imposition of her tion of removal under for cancellation
under” section 237(a) been sentenced to a PROCEDURAL HIS- sentence was suspend- section 240A(b)(1)(C) of removal under
(2) of the Act, 8 U.S.C. year in county jail and TORY ed, and she was placed of the Act because it is section 240A(b)(1)(C)
§ 1227(a)(2) (2006), was therefore for an The respondent is a on 5 years a conviction for an of- of the Act. Specifical-
and is therefore in- offense “described un- native and citizen ofEric Holder,
of probation on cer- fense described ly, she maintains that
eligible for cancella- der” section 237(a)(2) Mexico who entered tain General
U.S. Attorney conditions, which under section 237(a) our decision in Matter
tion of removal un- of the Act. FOR RE- the included imprison- (2) of the Act, 8 U.S.C. of Almanza ignores
der section 240A(b) the plain language
(1)(C) of the Act, 8 of sections 237(a)
U.S.C. § 1229b(b)(1) Matter of Maria De Jesus CORTEZ Canales, Respondent (2)(A)(i)(I) and (II),
(C) (2006), regard- File A094 374 872 - San Francisco, California which require that the
less of the alien’s eli- alien be convicted
gibility for the petty Decided August 13, 2010 of a crime involving
offense exception un- U.S. Department of Justice moral turpitude within
der section 212(a)(2) 5 years of admission
(A)(ii)(II) of the Act, Executive Office for Immigration Review and that the convic-
8 U.S.C. § 1182(a) Board of Immigration Appeals tion be one for which
(2)(A)(ii)(II) (2006). a sentence of 1 year
Matter of Almanza, 24 or longer may be im-
I&N Dec. 771 (BIA posed. The respondene
2009), clarified. Mat- respondent onvicted in
ter of Gonzalez-Zo- 2007 of welfare
quiapan, 24 I&N Dec. SPONDENT: Bruce United States with- ment for 60 days § 1227(a)(2) (2006). fraud in violation of
549 (BIA 2008); Mat- C. Wong, Esquire, San out being admitted and the payment of The DHS argues that section 10980(c)(2) of
ter of Gonzalez-Silva, Francisco, California after inspection by an restitution. In removal the respondent’s con- the California Welfare
24 I&N Dec. 218 (BIA FOR THE DEPART- immigration officer in proceedings, the Im- viction is for a crime and Institutions Code.
2007); and Matter of MENT OF HOME- March 1982. The re- migration Judge found involving moral tur- At the time of the re-
Garcia-Hernandez, LAND SECURITY: cord reflects that she the respondent re- pitude under section spondent’s offense,
23 I&N Dec. 590 Catherine J. Lull, As- was convicted on a movable on her own 237(a)(2) and renders that section of the
(BIA 2003), explained. sistant Chief Counsel plea of nolo conten- admissions for being her statutorily ineligi- statute provided, in
(2) In determining BEFORE: Board dere to welfare fraud present in the United ble for cancellation pertinent part, as fol-
which offenses are Panel: ADKINS- in violation of section States without admis- of removal under lows: Whenever any
“described under” sec- BLANCH, WENDT- 10980(c)(2) of the sion or parole. How- section 240A(b)(1)(C) person has, willfully
tions 212(a)(2), 237(a) LAND, and GUEN- California Welfare ever, the Immigration pursuant to our deci- and knowingly, with
(2), and 237(a)(3) of DELSBERGER, and Institutions Code Judge dismissed the sion in Matter the intent to deceive,
the Act for purposes of Board Members. on March 2, 2007.1 On charge based on her of Almanza, 24 I&N by means of false
section 240A(b)(1)(C) ADKINS-BLANCH, May 9, 2007, the DHS conviction for a crime Dec. 771 (BIA 2009). statement or represen-
of the Act, only lan- Board Member: In a issued a Notice to Ap- involving moral turpi- The DHS further ar- tation, or by failing
guage specifically per- decision dated March pear (Form I-862), tude, concluding that gues that the to disclose a material
taining to the criminal 30, 2009, an Immigra- charging that the re- the conviction fell Immigration Judge fact, or by imperson-
offense, such as the tion Judge found the spondent was remov- within the petty of- erred in finding that ation or other fraudu-
offense itself and the respondent remov- able under sections fense exception of sec- the respondent dem- lent device, obtained
sentence imposed or able but granted her 212(a)(2)(A)(i)(I) and tion 212(a)(2)(A)(ii) onstrated that she was or retained aid under
potentially imposed, application for can- (6)(A)(i) of the Act, (II) of the Act. Find- a person of good moral the provisions of this
should be considered. cellation of removal 8 U.S.C. §§ 1182(a) ing that the respondent character, that one of division for himself or
(3) The respondent’s under section 240A(b) (2)(A)(i)(I) and (6)(A) was statutorily eligible her qualifying relatives herself or for a child
misdemeanor convic- of the Immigration (i) (2006), as an alien for cancellation of re- would suffer excep- not in fact entitled
tion for welfare fraud and Nationality Act, who was convicted of moval and that she tional and extremely thereto, the person
in violation of section 8 U.S.C. § 1229b(b) a crime involving mor- merited a favorable unusual hardship if she obtaining this aid shall
10980(c)(2) of the (2006). The Depart- al turpitude and who exercise of discre- is removed, and that a be punished as fol-
California Welfare and ment of Homeland Se- was present in the tion, the Immigration favorable exercise of lows:
Institutions Code ren- curity (“DHS”) has United States with- Judge granted her ap- discretion was war- ....
to be contd Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 29

Frequently asked Questions Your Case will Take 5years to Complete

Dear Sir,
You Need A Change of Law to Get Green Yesterday I was reading the U.S.
Card, Be Hopeful. Immigration News and I saw an ar-
ticle saying that you missed your
Dear Sir, chance for green cards for spouses
and children. In it, it explained that a spouse or child
I arrived in the US in F1 status January could get a green card within six months. My question
2000, at age 30. In 2004, I dropped out of is: my father, who is a citizen, petitioned for me Janu-
school because my funds for tuition ran out. ary in 2010. My understanding was that it would take 5
That same year 2004, my mom filed I-130 for me while she was years. Would I fall under the category of this six months
a green card holder. It was approved. The priority date is April timing? My father lives in Florida while I live in the
2005. My mom is still Green card holder (not a citizen). Can you Bronx. I was divorced at the time of the filing. I eagerly
help me to get approved for Green Card due to the fact that I fell await your answer.
out of status? My mom put me on the street in 2009, and I am Yours truly,
now residing in the shelter system. I really need to get on with my life and continue to be
independent. Looking forward to hearing from you. Yours truly.
Thanks for your mail. You actually read the ar-
Thanks for your mail. I quite sympathize with your cur- ticle accurately. Whenever immigration uses the
reThanks for your mail. I quite sympathize with your cur- word “child” it refers to children under the age of
rent situation. The priority date of the petition filed by your 21 and when the words “sons” and “daughters” are
mother is already current, but unfortunately, you cannot used, they refer to children over the age of 21. The article has to do
adjust your status in the United States at the moment unless the law should with spouses and children under the age of 21, therefore, your case is
change. You entered the United States after the expiration of Section 245(i) of not qualified for the six months processing bonanza. It is also important
the Immigration & Nationality Act that could have helped you to pay a pen- to note that the opportunity is gone now. As you rightly observed, your
alty of $1000 and get the green card in the U.S. Right now, you can only get case will take about 5years to complete. At that time, you will need an
the green card at the U.S. Consulate abroad, but I will advise you not to travel attorney to evaluate whether or not you are eligible to adjust your sta-
because you overstayed your visa for more than one year already and that tus in the United States since you are probably out of status unless you
carry a penalty of 10years. Simply put, if you travel, you cannot come back are qualified for section 245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act
for 10years unless you are granted waiver. My advice is that you get married relief which requires the payment of $1000 to adjust your status in the
to a U.S. citizen or wait for the law to change. In the meantime, every year United States. Please make sure you retain the service of an attorney on
you will get a letter from the National Visa Center seeking to revoke the ap- this matter. Good luck.
proval for failure to process, always indicate that you are still interested so it
Contd from pg 21
could be extended. Do not make payment to National Visa Center. Good luck.
Your Daughter Might be Lucky authorized stay in the United
States to apply for adjustment of
brother or sister filed an I-130
petition for alien relative for you
Hi Mr. Joseph Famuyide, status in the U.S. by paying the before April 30, 2001 and you
sum of $1000 as penalty for their have lived in the United States
I came to this country in March of 2010; I sponsored my immigration violation. The only continuously before December
18 year old daughter in March also. Between September and caveat at that time was that the 21, 2000, there is a green card
November I did biometrics and affi- petition must be filed before the waiting for you and my office
davit of support. My daughter is waiting now on ap- sunset date of April 30, 2001. can help you acquire it.
pointment letter. My question to you sir, I noticed that
they are not working as fast as they were last year. Now At that time, many immigrants You will need to bring your ap-
visa bulletin says they are working on January 2008, do who were not eligible for ad- proval notice to my office imme-
you think I have to wait for the next three years, or my justment of status because they diately to begin the process that
daughter will get her appointment soon? Thank you. entered without inspection, got will lead to your permanent resi-
married to citizens of the United dent status in the United States.
States and were able to adjust
It appears that you are the luckiest immigrant in the their status by paying the sum Anyone with an approved peti-
United States today. From the little information you pro- of $1000 as penalty. Those who tion filed by a sibling must act
vided, it appears that you did the right thing timely and were not able to get married to now. It is important for all immi-
your daughter is very fortunate. I will advise that you U.S. citizens persuaded their grants in the U.S. with such ap-
bring everything you file to my office to review and as- brothers and sisters who were proved petition applying under
sist you. The information you provided was not sufficient for me to answer U.S. citizens to petition for them. Section 245(i) of the Immigra-
your questions in details, but from the timeline you provided it appears you At the time the petitions were tion & Nationality Act to know
did the right thing. I want to assume that you daughter also enter the U.S. in filed, the waiting period for ad- that you will be required to pay a
March 2010. The question is did your daughter entered the U.S. legally or justment of status for category penalty of $1000. It will cost you
not? Was your daughter in status when the petition and probably application four of the family-based petition close to $5000 in filing and legal
for adjustment of status were filed? I will need more information for me to was 10years. These immigrants expenses to obtain your green
answer your question. Please feel free to call 718-647-6767 for appointment. have been waiting since that card through this process.
As I wrote in my previous article, last year children and spouses of green card time.
holders had a golden opportunity to migrate to the U.S. within 6months of Likewise, if you are a U.S.
filing, that opportunity is no longer there, but those who filed timely at that Now, let me advise you, if your citizen and you petitioned for
time will are just waiting for assignment of numbers. So your daughter seems To be Continued...
to be on a good footing.
30 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

Recipe for Long life, Riches and Honor

more precious than ing is able to formu- earth; by understand- and it will be given to what they say – Prov.
rubies; nothing you late principles; and the ing he created the him.” You see that God 16:23. Do you say any-
desire can compare with person who has wisdom heavens.”(Prov. 3:18- is generous and willing thing that comes to
her. She offers you long is able to take actions 19) NKJV. to give. He also will not mind and everything
life in her right hand, by applying those prin- What type of wisdom reproach you when you you know?
and riches and honor in ciples. & understanding are we ask. Take the step today; • Wise children listen
her left. She will guide Having this clarity referring to? ask the Holy Spirit of to their parents’ instruc-
you down delightful implies that knowl- • It is the wisdom and God to give you godly tions – Prov. 13:1. Are
paths; all her ways are edge is nothing without understanding of God’s wisdom. you a child who obeys
satisfying. Wisdom is a understanding and will which makes it pos- What do wise people your parents?
tree of life to those who wisdom. Likewise it sible for one to please do? • Wise people walk
Pastor Abraham Obadare embrace her; happy becomes clear that one God and bear fruit in In case you wonder how with wise people – Prov.
USI News Columnist are those who hold her could know and under- good works – Col. you can know whether 13:20. Who do you as-
tightly. By wisdom the stand but still do dumb 1:9-10 or not you are living sociate with?
Everybody in life Lord founded the earth; Of course the bible
searches for the recipe by understanding he gives us more indica-
to use in order to live created the heavens. By tions of wisdom acts.
long while enjoying his knowledge the deep May the Holy Spirit fill
riches and honor at the fountains of the earth you with more wisdom
same time. Just like you, burst forth, and the dew and understanding in
I am one of such people. settles beneath the night Jesus name. Please note
Thank God, we need to sky.” NKJV that any actions contrary
search no further. I have From this passage, to the godly ones listed
the recipe now and I am you can deduce that above are foolish.
glad to share it with you WISDOM is the recipe The bible says if you can
in this write-up. for longevity, riches get understanding and
The recipe is in the and honor; therefore, God’s wisdom, which
book on your shelf. Yes, one ought to seek and make you bear good
in the book. “Which find wisdom and under- fruit, you will have long
book?” The BIBLE standing if these things life and become happy,
on your shelf, in your are to be enjoyed. KNOWLEDGE is the mere acquisition of rich and honorable –
hands or pocket book, First, allow me to state Prov. 3:13, 16
fact / information; while UNDERSTANDING at the moment Pray now that the Lord
under your pillow, in
your vehicle and where is the mere acquisition one finds the meaning of the fact / information. Then will endow you with
else you keep it. of fact / information; WISDOM sets in. this kind of understand-
Open your bible to while UNDERSTAND- ing and wisdom in Jesus
Proverbs 3:13-20 and ING at the moment one name.
you’ll see the recipe finds the meaning of • It is the understand- By God’s grace a newly
for long life, riches and the fact / information. things. ing and wisdom of the wisely, read the fol- revised edition of my
honor spelt out right Then WISDOM sets Therefore wisdom is the mysteries of God’s lowing statements and book, “Chosen But
there. in. Wisdom is to know ultimate and we need ways – 1 Cor. 2:6-10 scriptures: Naughty” is now avail-
It reads thus: “Joyful what to do next with the to know its source and Source of Wisdom & • Wise people preach able. Call 516-860-5729
is the person who finds fact / information that how to obtain it. The Understanding the gospel – Prov. 11:30. in order to obtain your
wisdom, the one who you now have or under- bible says, “Wisdom is a The Holy Spirit is the If you find that witness- copy. In this book you
gains understanding; stand. tree of life to those who source of godly wisdom ing Jesus is not some- will gain insight to the
For wisdom is more Hence, the person who embrace her; happy are – 1 Cor. 12:8. I advise thing you delight in, reasons why certain
profitable than silver, has knowledge becomes those who hold her that you seek the face of then you need wisdom. situations keep repeat-
and her wages are better a scholar; the person tightly. By wisdom the Lord this year and • Wise people accepts ing themselves in your
than gold. Wisdom is who has understand- the Lord founded the receive the in-filling of rebuke – Prov. 9:8. How life and how the blood
the Holy Spirit. As He do you react to rebuke / of Jesus can help bring
gives you wisdom, it corrections? victory.
becomes possible for • Wise people hear I serve as the Pastor of
you to make wise deci- the word of God and Christ Apostolic Church
sions and live right, then ACT on them - Mat. (World Soul-Winning
honor, riches and long 7:24. Do you find your- Evangelistic Ministry)
life will follow. self doing what the in Queens, NY. You
How to obtain wisdom word of God prescribes may reach me there at
and understanding (commands) or you 718-6588981 and I’ll
All you have to do is only choose what is be glad to pray with you
ask – James 1:5. This convenient? and share God’s mind
scripture says, “If any • Wise people listen through His words. We
of you lacks wisdom, to advice – Prov. 12:15. are located @ 108-02
he should ask God, who How are you doing in Sutphin Blvd., Jamaica,
gives generously to all this area? NY 11435.
without finding fault, • Wise people watch Vol.4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011 31
32 Vol. 4 No. 59 - February 1, 2011

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