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RESU@ OF THE CCST NECESSAFfY TO REXAEILITATE TH3 MII@ AND MI& a> l -----------‘---*--I-----------.000 72. ~0.5 " (red) X 16*51 6191 L25 75*0 " (green) x 13.--d-------'------c -+-+-dr-----v yl.Y~----'--Y-*-~-~-----' 25. .00 f)"l--L-'--L---.51 16f.oo d) .25 301*05 45.25 10.65 177. taking into BIT oount that the preaent eleotrio ppow~r is sufficient to malntaln this mill.000.25 37.00 MN I--L------~--------------------.00 $ 365.O m2 burple > x ?&0. 43) * Baneficiation.51 453.000.035.0 " (yellow) x 23..65 118.0 " (purple 31 '60.5 5. 100~000.5 n (red) X 16.000 27.00 ESTIllATE . The ertu8y of thiB projeo't ehoul8 be@ immediately.0 " (PA) x it will be neceasary to uompletely reoonstruot the present alll.50 5.N 25. 1.000. hevertheless.00 4 *---d-d------* L---+-L-d------&*.@O YEH TO.000. hmdiately inol%ase the oapaclty of the present mill tb 25 tone per day by meane of tbe acquiaition of & 41 x 5' bol1 millL.65 l.000.OF.0 " (g-sen) x 13.375 .0 " ( yellow) x 23.552.o64.00 ET).CRE A3SAaNG HIGH-IER THAN c:lJ.J " cyellow) x 23.*-L---------l 100.clo 77s " (green) x 13m ~069.21 1.80 1.00 01 .923 75. it ia to be remembersã that from the beglnnl. ----. $ 25000.-------------------------.035.


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shaft No. vmryir$ from 4 ft. 1 c "Total developmsnt (at that time) was 91. securgng a corrssponding econotiy in coGt of treatment and a highop rute of extrfiction. ãepth ä &qft connectB EhnTts Iio. levsl. 2 to ths supposed eastem limit of the 01% FhOot. e@at of ahnft NQ. 2 and 57 f%. 1 to 100 f't. contaislng posltive ore as follot-rs: 2Q. west of ahaft No. west O. "The zone extendSng from 50 ft.~ #The present method of treatment coneiata of atamping thrcq& 40 meeh @tiresn. "At 100 ft. "Working tetits show that by alimlng ti1 the ore1 concentra- tion coul*d be eliminated.8 witb a total sav$. Ie cnl~ulated ät 55.874 tor-i~.& ~rork also e~poaes -the ful1 width of the oré 'co the 100 fl. as alao that belo~: tha posltive ove to a depth of 200 Us. recconcentre$ti lng the slimes on canvas tab Be." .2 values). concentpmtln on a "Flil.57 (193.ney table". value $8.9 rt. 2 nnd extends 105 f't. 3 and Ro.k hae blòcked out 8 section extenãing from 60 ft." "The development wow. 2 am& ta a depth of 160 ft. eaat of sbaft No. at the gurfacé to 14 I't. eawt of shati No. af about 40%~ af the v4luea in concentrates. "Th"..815 tona.. at 50 f't.

@nd no attempt has been rnede to resume. 'Flotation testB on the ore havé shom a recovery of 95% to 96% of tile VAlues. "The %Stïes wer@ iosuea by the Diaz gsverrxnent In 1906/7 and the taxe!e have alwaya been pald. vhen the property wa8 tAosed doqm due to irnpossible palltioal conditlons.298. Xevel and ahort driftB run fmn the bpttom of the 500 ft.R. only spasmodia operations were carried on until about 1. exclusive of taxes.tten. together x*flth a few croaacut~ to ahov the widtkl gf Xhe ve$n should prove P. 'The roas value of the poaitive ore therefom becometi EQ- proximatay ti 2~0. They are p&d in ful1 for the aurrent year. hae establi.75 per ton before taxes and depraciatlon. v4a Nogales.000.R.000 ft.y $14O.915. shaft. Arlzorca to Che City of Tep$c and the trine cm be machea from *the station af Corte Zn a two hour horseback ride. %dnce the ori&al report mm8 wH. connected oh the 200 or 300 f-t. kdy of ore 800 to 1. BQ the wagse rozad has beeo destroyed. long. Eetimating the cos% of mining and mlLtllng al $4*50 per'ton. IIThe $*P. the net value of the positive ore skmld be Q#~TOIET iaate1. millfng the ore wlthout sorting.OOO. A "Two ohaft s eunk 300 end 500 fe@t in depth.00 C$247. and a recovcry of 95$. Tb0 .72).shed through Pullman sexvice from Los Ange~a~~ and from the E@t.OO or $6.

4% of the silver 13n ore that ws ground t6 m$nue 65 maah 2nd gave a concentretion ratio of 26.. March 8. recovered 80. / . rlThe metallurgiaal investigationq mada oo Purisima oxle duxc. 29.0ue.run8 un Wrch 12. S. Minaa de NaywLt. S. showa& recovezlleer of 91$. wae in poQsneqsion of the property demonetrate thgt the ore ia not.ö tons 0f me to 0ne ton of c0ncentsate.A.P." "Mill. Fomento Minero at theis labora$ory in Tec~m~haJco. kng the time that. W2th swh high conwntration reztias the gnelting oharge'per ton of ore is verg low. rebell5.. F3ot~3i.011 e~périments made by the MetaElurgIcal Engineers of the Comision de. 85% and 91. 1958.2$ of the gold and 78. 13 and 14 of 1959 at the piLot m%lS in@taXled at the mine by IllnrìB de Nayarit. D.F." .82% respectively and concentration ratio@ of 353 tona to 1.07 tons tu 3 and 31*4 torlt3 to 2.

There i B aI80 a ' sllghtly improved road ACTOBS leve1 terraln from the mine 35 milse to Pllga where it InterU8cts the intarnationnl highv:ay about ten m11ea florth of tbe City uf TepZc." .lop the property ta a degree where. "Secretarla de Yacienda" req~estipg ~pecial diacounts on taxation.raddn.grnntlng a special tax reduction. the construotlon of a 200 tan per 24 jlOUPS miií iU JUstified.~n@~ lane ttru& roa& extende from JY&L rotzd station Corte el@t miles to thc rrlne. Jt is daairabla to further deve. ta a depth of 250 fe&. "The ore ir m'~e~ab~B to flot8ZkW-A and readerB a concefl%ra- tion rat$o of thbty tons af ore to ene ton of concentrate ahoting a recovery of 858 to 90% which reoultB Zn a Zow ~oet per tan of 01% f~r fFei&ht and IX@$tin& Qefare iI-lZU$lW ating a campeign for further explorstion -6 exzJoStat%on it !.B recommendeã that thé project bs fully plannea an& submitted t0 the Ninìstry of Finance.. Xn a reglan so void of mfnlnc aotivity kt seems poosible that the FeaeraL Government might be tJIl1ir-g to aubsidPze the effort by . "A partly g.