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AutoCAD Mechanical Tips & Tricks

Optimize Workflows with AutoCAD®
Mechanical Templates
Users of AutoCAD® Mechanical are often familiar with its most
popular features, such as comprehensive parts libraries or
automatic machinery generators. But relatively few users take
full advantage of the time-saving power of templates, one of the
application’s hidden gems.
By allowing you to customize and save your stan- Based on the changes, some existing symbols will
dard and parts library configurations, the various update automatically. However, some may not, as
See how quickly AutoCAD template types help you to optimize your workflows. your template’s settings may add or remove options,
Drawing templates can save you time not only in or even change the revision used by these symbols.
Mechanical can improve your creating new drawings, but also in the standardiza- Where this is the case, the existing symbol will be
tion of existing drawings such as those from 3rd retained until edited. Once edited, the updated
productivity with a tip from parties. Screw connection templates leverage your settings are made available and the symbol gets
existing design data, allowing you to standardize updated based on your input.
Andrew de Leon, AutoCAD on common components used within your designs.
Read on to learn a few tricks with templates that
Mechanical Product will allow you to re-use your work from yesterday to Tip:
boost your productivity today. Setting the EXPERT system variable to 5 (0 by
Designer . default) removes AMSETUPDWG’s warning
Another Use for Drawing Templates message and a number of others for that
Templates; the last time I mentioned this word in matter. This helps if you want to automate
front of a bunch of users, I got a mixed reaction – AMSETUPDWG using a macro.
everything from nodding heads and smiles to blank
looks. Thankfully, those blank looks quickly became
“Ah! So that’s how it’s done!” looks, as soon as they
saw a template used to update an existing drawing’s
standard. Default Standards Template
So, as you can see, templates come in handy even if
That’s right, AutoCAD Mechanical templates – the drawing already exists. But what about drawings
they’re not just for new drawing creation anymore! that weren’t created in AutoCAD Mechanical? Users
Templates can also be used in conjunction with can also add standards to Non-Mechanical drawings
AMSETUPDWG to update standard settings within (for example, those created in basic AutoCAD®)
existing drawings; those created by contractors, for with another simple trick.
Located on the AM:Standards tab, within Options, is
When AMSETUPDWG is typed on the command the Default Standards Template setting. By default,
line, the first thing you’ll see is a warning message its value is none. Therefore, when a non-Mechanical
telling you that the operation cannot be undone. drawing is opened, AutoCAD Mechanical checks the
Once that’s understood, on the command line, enter MEASUREMENT system variable and loads either
your template’s filename including its path. Here’s the ANSI or ISO standard based on its value.
the trick! Enter the tilda (~) symbol to display the
Select template drawing dialog box; saves typing
it. You’ll then get the option to update layer/object
settings. I’ll leave this up to you, but I normally take
the default. And that’s it; your current drawing’s
standard, its welding library, and a number of system
variables have all been updated according to the
settings in your template.

another 2 washers. use symbols. they (the file) can be distributed a new template. or features but merely reflect our current plans. Wrap-up AutoCAD Mechanical software is AutoCAD for manufacturing. It allows you to select a screw (or bolt). click the Back button. hidden (no lines) or sectional). Purchasing decisions should not be made based upon reliance on these statements. Then. However. the context menu.. its placement Let’s face it. These statements are not intended to be a promise or guarantee of future delivery of products. save and close retrieve the selection. Inc. in the USA and/ or other countries. All rights reserved. and balloons AMSCREWMACRO2D and simply double click will be automatically setup and ready to go! on the template you need to use. but in engineering in general? And because screw connections are so widely used. Once configured. hidden (with lines).AutoCAD Mechanical Tips & Tricks To override this behavior and load your custom To create a screw connection template. 2 holes (1 for each plate). Inc. your template. make the For all the advanced users out there who want to standard from the drawing template you use every screw connection selection like you normally would know where the screw connection templates are day. 2 washers. or trademarks belong to their respective holders. Once saved. connections in not only mechanical engineering. Autodesk Inventor. You don’t have to do anything extra to the drawing’s standard.. The wizard goes back this is the full location .. layers. button makes Next. parts list. product names.C:\Program Files\Autodesk\ this a little easier. using the power of templates. services. one step and displays a list of the sample templates Acadm 2008\Acadm\Gef\Gdb\amsct. The selection is loaded into the selection step of the wizard and all Screw Connection Templates you need to do is select the right size. . AutoCAD Mechanical will load the active standard from the drawing template entered. AutoCAD Mechanical has a Screw Connection wizard. By along with their selection.gdb. Autodesk is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document. a nut. you can compound those productivity gains and maximize the return on your design efforts. Its comprehensive libraries of standards-based parts and tools for automating common design tasks offer significant productivity gains over basic AutoCAD software. That’s all there is to it. and on my computer. The Company assumes no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect events that occur or circumstances that exist or change after the date on which they were made. Occasionally. use AMPOWERRECALL to file located in the Acadm\Gef\Gdb\ subfolder. your custom standard from your drawing template. whenever you open a non- Mechanical drawing. a lock nut and even a cotter pin if you select the right bolt and then place it using the correct representation. where would we be without screw within the design and the representation (normal. Autodesk makes statements regarding planned or future development efforts for our existing or new products and services. simply open your drawing template and enter (using the Screw Connection wizard). For Standards Template setting. which may change. DWG. the BOM. All other brand names. or if you have stored. it can be renamed by throughout your company ensuring consistency right clicking it in the list and selecting Rename from across designs. Now. instead of clicking AutoCAD Mechanical 2008. purpose-built to accelerate the mechanical design process. All To load a screw connection template.GDB text its filename (including its path) to the Default an existing connection. © 2008 Autodesk. Click the Save button in having your screw connection templates stored the bottom right corner to save your selection as in a separate file. Clicking the Browse. and Inventor are registered trademarks or trademarks of Autodesk. they are stored in the AMSCT. AutoCAD. But how many of you know that you can save your screw connection selections as templates and then simply load the template next time you need it? Autodesk.