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Wednesday, September 28, 2005, 12:14

This just in: I have made a new Pick of the Moment at estrogenius dot net, and it's... Go Betty Go! I decided to start w ith the biggest job first, w hich w as updating the main site. From here on out, I w ill be using this blog to tell you about all of the OTHER new music you thought I w as lying about. But for now , follow the link above for the review of GBG, and for corn's sake, buy the album!

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Plus & Minus
Monday, September 26, 2005, 11:36

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I actually had some good new s to report, but then I realized that it just w ouldn't be "me" unless I also threw some bad new s in, too. Let's start w ith the bad new s, w hich I have delayed w riting about because I haven't quite been able to get my head around it: My colleague in female musical empow erment, and fellow Live365 broadcaster, Red101, has called it quits. She is shutting dow n The Station w ith the Remarkably Similar Name -- w hich I w ill now honor by referring to by its real name, The Estrogen Zone. Despite the remarkable similarity in both name and mission, The Estrogen Zone and Estrogenius had very little crossover in content. We may likew ise have had very little crossover in audience as a result, but w e w ere alw ays happy to plug each other's stations anyw ay. The fact that w e could both run radio stations dedicated largely to female artists ignored by the mainstream, and NOT play the same artists, show s just how tragically overlooked these w omen are. As both a radio station and a w ebsite, The Estrogen Zone w as much more accomplished and ambitious than Estrogenius. I got into this hobby w ith zero w ebsite experience and the intent to create a personal playlist to w hich others could listen if they so desired. Eventually, I realized that these artists deserved more active promotion, so I started estrogenius.net and this blog. But doing these things requires time, money, time and money. When I am short of any of those four things, the station suffers, and for that I apologize. Now compare my little dog-and-pony show to the beautiful and comprehensive Estrogen Zone w ebsite, and you'll see w hy I admire Red so much. And here's the kicker: This w as a SIDE PROJECT. Red actually has another gig as a contributor to the The Flossing of Am erica, a lefty political commentary w ebsite that has nothing to do w ith dentistry, except as a source of puns. So, w hen you combine that gig w ith an actual day-job, and the duties of raising her loverly daughter, it's a bit easier to see w hy Red had to give something up, and w hy I am an unconscionable slacker in comparison. I really mean that. Red, like all of the w omen in my life, has inspired me to do better. I ow e it to the artists I play, and to an audience that now has one less place to go. Maybe they w on't go to MY station -because I still refuse to play Folk (I'm not insane) -- but the principle remains. So, farew ell to Red, and let the bad new s of her departure segue into the good new s I have to report: It's The Return of Music. Not that I ever stopped playing music, but I have been in one of those dow n cycles that I seem to get into w ith regard to updating the station. Well, no more. Over the coming days, I w ill be adding TEN new artists to the playlist, plus new material by current Estrogenius artists. Why, it's the biggest music update on Estrogenius since...w ell, since the LAST time I had some spare cash.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 12:42 I haven't been avoiding...

Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIU…
That, combined w ith the perpetually just-around-the-corner prospect of converting the station to a 64k mp3PRO stream, means that happy days are here again! Watch this space for profiles of new artists, w hich I w ill post as frequently as I can digest their CD's. In the meantime, I w ant all of you to hoist a jigger of Crow n Royal in honor of our friend, Red. "Prost!"

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Handling Shipping
Friday, September 16, 2005, 15:37

The Amazon issue is almost resolved. Since I never received my package, it looks like they're going to be righteous dudes, and send me another one. *Sigh* See, the unique set of circumstances to w hich I alluded last time is this: * I can't have express packages sent to my residence, because it's an apartment building, and 1) There's nobody there to sign for the packages, and 2) If the driver w ere to just leave the package anyw ay, then it could get stolen. * I can have US Mail packages sent to my residence, but only if they'll fit in the mailbox. Packages that do not fit are left out in the mailroom, w here they can get stolen (this has happened to me). Since I don't know how big the package w ill actually be w hen I'm ordering it (Amazon once sent me a single CD in a shoebox-sized package), this is not a viable option. * Although I w ork in a modern office building, I can't have US Mail packages sent to my business address. As a result of a policy change last year, the mail carrier no longer delivers packages to the individual suites; instead, she leaves all packages in the building's common mailroom, w hich can be accessed by anyone. Obviously, packages left in the mailroom can get stolen (this has also happened to me -- before the Amazon Incident). * Therefore, the only w ay I can have a package sent to me that I can be sure of receiving, is to have it sent to my business address using a shipping method that requires a signature. This should not actually be a problem -- except that, sometime in the past year or so, Amazon sw itched their shipping contract from UPS to US Mail. That's right, w hether you order Super Saver (free) OR Standard (not free) shipping, it w ill be sent to you via the nice folks of the United States Postal Service. Amazon does offer "Tw o Day" and "One Day" shipping options, but guess w hat? They still w on't tell you how they'll ship those packages. Buried deep w ithin their "Help" section is a clause that states that [paraphrasing] "You can't choose w hich carrier is used to deliver your package. We'll choose it based on w here you live." Now here on Amazon.com does it even say w ho they MIGHT use! Which could mean that, if you live w ithin tw o mail delivery days of Fernley, NV, then you STILL could end up getting your package delivered by US Mail. That is unlikely, but how can I take that chance? Basically, I can't. I know that this is crushingly dull reading, but here's my point: If ANY of the follow ing scenarios w ere true, then this w ouldn't be a problem -- 1) I lived in a normal building, w ith a safe place for delivered packages; 2) I w orked in a normal building, w here packages w ere delivered to the suite OR left in a secure place; or 3) YOU COULD CHOOSE WHICH FUCKING CARRIER YOU WANTED AMAZON TO USE. Naturally, this being me, none of those scenarios are true. So, bye-bye Amazon. ::cries:: Unfortunately, I just found out that Buy.com has the exact same setup. For corn's sake!! Looks like it's 2day shipping from BestBuy's w ebsite (w hich I confirmed w as definitely UPS). Those of you w ho know that I live about tw o miles from Am oeba Music are probably about ready to kill me right now . Hey, parking's a fucking nightmare around there!

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Dow n With Irony
Friday, September 9, 2005, 13:15




Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIU…
So here's w hat happened... Through a unique set of circumstances, the Amazon package for w hich I w as w aiting disappeared, most likely due to theft. I found this out tw o days ago, and naturally, I w as crushed. Since I didn't have any new music to put up on the station, and therefore nothing else to w rite about here, the only thing I could really do w as come on here and tell you my tale of w oe. So, I came here, and -- it w asn't here. I mean the blog, all of it, THIS w asn't here. If you tried visiting in the past few days, then you couldn't help noticing, either. I guess it's like they say, one bad turn deserves another. I gave it 24 hours to see if my w eb hosting company w ould fix it themselves, w hich is w hat usually happens, but it didn't happen in this case. So, I had to spend about 45 minutes on the phone w ith a friendly tech support person direct from Russia (w ith a cute accent -- sorry I didn't get her name, or I w ould personally thank her here). Apparently, it w as a pretty serious server problem, but obviously they w ere able to get it back up and running. I just had to mouth-off about Live365's technical problems, and how lucky I've been in comparison, didn't I?!? Anyw ay, since I had to use this entry to talk about the technical problems w ith the blog, I didn't w ant to take up any more space to explain the complex series of circumstances that led to my Amazon package being stolen...but I w ill. Oh yes, I w ill. Oh, and this morning, a similarly complex series of circumstances almost lead to the loss of a contact lens. After that happened, I realized w hat w as going on: My life is Final Destination! Only instead of offending Death, I seem to have somehow offended Irony. Yes, Irony is out to get me, and I don't like it one bit. I dread finding out w hat kind of Rube Goldberg-esque torture Irony has in store for me next. But w hen it does happen, you'll learn about it here. Unless, of course, here isn't here.

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Jenae: Flow er in the Frost
Wednesday, August 31, 2005, 16:22

As usual, it's musical feast-or-famine around here. Well, the famine is now over: I have a new artist to w rite about today, and my Amazon shipment w ill (finally) be arriving soon w ith even more!

Jenae Jenae is a prolific songw riter from Edmonton, Alberta w ho is looking for a little major-label love. So, I thought I'd try to help her out: Hey, Clive Davis! Kelly Clarkson has got a great voice, but how many songs has she w ritten? Oh, that's right, NONE! Well, I know this girl from Canada, Jenae Rogers, w ho's w ritten over A HUNDRED...and she can sing! How 'bout it, Clive?! OK, so maybe I'd be more help to Jenae if I actually added some of her songs to the playlist. Done! Listen for her tracks, "A Flow er", "Envy", and "Forsaken". What's interesting about Jenae is the variety of genres in w hich she's comfortable performing. She's toured as a member of various Country, Rock and R&B bands, and her ow n material (much of w hich she co-w rote w ith collaborator Corey Johnson) runs the gamut from Alt Rock to straight-ahead Pop. Interestingly, Pop is the direction in w hich Jenae w ants to continue pushing her music. Up to this point, her music has been much more Alternative-leaning. But in a recent post on her SoundClick page, Jenae said, "I know my stuff is very Evanescence, that is w hy I have decided to change and find my ow n style. Because I find the record companies are...getting bombarded by artists that are trying to do the same style as Evanescence."




Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIU…
At this early stage in her career, a genre change w on't hurt Jenae; but I'd hate to see an artist give up a genre that they enjoy, because of commercial pressure. How ever, judging by her musical history, and by the variety of song styles available at her SoundClick page, I'd say that Jenae w ill have no trouble performing in any genre she chooses. I also like her name, and as you know , a cool name goes a long w ay w ith me. And there may not be a w ay for me to say this w ithout sounding like an arrogant prick, but the made-up w ords and vernacular that she uses in her w riting are endearing. OK, here's a little background for you: My boss calls me "The Copy-Editing Nazi", because in the w orkplace I have a zero-tolerance policy for grammatical or syntax errors in w ritten materials. So people assume that I am (or should be) like that all the time; but the truth is, I think people should be able to w rite how they w ant to w rite on their ow n w ebsites and correspondence. To say nothing about how boring music w ould be if all lyrics w ere grammatically correct. So you see, I can leave my cake out in the rain, and eat it too. ANYWAY, Jenae promises to update her site soon w ith some of her new material. I am curious to see how it turns out, and I'm glad I w as able to put my considerable influence in the music industry to good use. Clive, check your messages!

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