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31 Dec 05 - 6 Feb 06
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Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUS internet radio [Archive]

Links Jenae: Flow er in the Frost

Hom e Wednesday, August 31, 2005, 16:22

Contact Me As usual, it's musical feast-or-famine around here. Well, the famine is now over: I have a new artist to
About This Weblog w rite about today, and my Amazon shipment w ill (finally) be arriving soon w ith even more!
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2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Jenae is a prolific songw riter from Edmonton, Alberta w ho is looking for a little major-label love. So, I
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 thought I'd try to help her out:

16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Hey, Clive Davis! Kelly Clarkson has got a great voice, but how many songs has she w ritten? Oh, that's
23 24 25 26 27 28 29 right, NONE! Well, I know this girl from Canada, Jenae Rogers, w ho's w ritten over A HUNDRED...and
she can sing! How 'bout it, Clive?!
30 31
OK, so maybe I'd be more help to Jenae if I actually added some of her songs to the playlist. Done!
Listen for her tracks, "A Flow er", "Envy", and "Forsaken".
What's interesting about Jenae is the variety of genres in w hich she's comfortable performing. She's
Music toured as a member of various Country, Rock and R&B bands, and her ow n material (much of w hich
Misc she co-w rote w ith collaborator Corey Johnson) runs the gamut from Alt Rock to straight-ahead Pop.

Interestingly, Pop is the direction in w hich Jenae w ants to continue pushing her music. Up to this point,
her music has been much more Alternative-leaning. But in a recent post on her SoundClick page,
Jenae said, "I know my stuff is very Evanescence, that is w hy I have decided to change and find my
ow n style. Because I find the record companies are...getting bombarded by artists that are trying to do
Go the same style as Evanescence."

At this early stage in her career, a genre change w on't hurt Jenae; but I'd hate to see an artist give up a
genre that they enjoy, because of commercial pressure. How ever, judging by her musical history, and
Most Recent
by the variety of song styles available at her SoundClick page, I'd say that Jenae w ill have no trouble
Brynne Johnson performing in any genre she chooses.
Thursday, January 19, 2006, 21:05
hey!! My name is brynne too!! I also like her name, and as you know , a cool name goes a long w ay w ith me. And there may not be a
w ay for me to say this w ithout sounding like an arrogant prick, but the made-up w ords and vernacular
David Lech that she uses in her w riting are endearing.
Monday, January 16, 2006, 02:11
Your not Kidding Jenae is Great ,and... OK, here's a little background for you: My boss calls me "The Copy-Editing Nazi", because in the
w orkplace I have a zero-tolerance policy for grammatical or syntax errors in w ritten materials. So
RED people assume that I am (or should be) like that all the time; but the truth is, I think people should be able
Monday, October 17, 2005, 15:06 to w rite how they w ant to w rite on their ow n w ebsites and correspondence. To say nothing about
Aw w w w w w w ! That w as so sappy how boring music w ould be if all lyrics w ere grammatically correct. So you see, I can leave my cake out
and sw eet,... in the rain, and eat it too.

Arhythm ius ANYWAY, Jenae promises to update her site soon w ith some of her new material. I am curious to see
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 16:03 how it turns out, and I'm glad I w as able to put my considerable influence in the music industry to good
...w hile it may seem to the dedicated... use. Clive, check your messages!
RED…/… 1/5
1/26/2011 Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIU…
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I haven't been avoiding...

That's Not New s, That's Weather

Most Recent Wednesday, August 24, 2005, 12:44

This is not the message I w as hoping to post today, but... Once again, the Live365 netw ork is
The Minor Notes Archive
experiencing technical difficulties. ESTROGENIUS listeners may experience problems w ith the stream --
VERY New Artist: Sara Oliveira
dropouts, inability to connect -- but the most likely problems w ill be w ith faulty artist/track data in the
New to the Playlist: Sarah
player w indow . So, it could be w orse.
Squeaky F-w ord Gets the Grease
I haven't ranted much here about Live365's ongoing technical issues, mainly because they (thankfully!)
Here's A Cogent Thought: Fuck!
haven't affected me very much. But plenty of other broadcasters have been ska-rewed.
New Pick!
Plus & Minus
What's both funny and sad is that for years, Live365 w as a "budget-minded" operation, to put it
Handling Shipping
euphemistically. They had a skeleton crew , and operated on hardw are that w as only just adequate for
Dow n With Irony
the job. Yet, it worked. Then, earlier this year (I believe), Live365 moved to a new co-location facility
Jenae: Flow er in the Frost
and eventually got a complete netw ork hardw are upgrade.

Then, everything basically stopped w orking properly. It culminated w ith a system crash that happened
during the July 4th holiday w eekend, in w hich main AND backup servers failed simultaneously. Then
w e found out that Live apparently didn't perform a tape backup on a daily schedule; they did have
backup, but it w asn't that recent. Ouch.

OK, fine. System crashes do happen. It's bad luck, but you recover as best you can, and move on.
Except that the server reliability after the recovery still w asn't 100%. Okaaay, but at least if you know
that your servers are dodgy (and these are new Apple Xservers, w hich makes the problems more
surprising), then you can keep a close eye on them, and recover quickly from any dow ntime, w hich
Live365 has done.

Unfortunately, the servers w eren't the only hardw are that w as crashing: the Cisco routers w ere, too!
Some time after the big "ID4" crash, there w as another netw ork problem that required getting Cisco tech
support to unravel. And now today, w e hear that a module in one of the brand new routers has failed,
and w ill need to be replaced!

Jesus tap-dancing Christ! There's bad luck, and then there's THIS! Who did Live365 piss off to w arrant
this type of treatment?! I'm not a Christian, but if their employees say things like "Jesus tap-dancing
Christ", then maybe they should ease off for a w hile, just to be safe. I also recommend the burning of
incense, tw o dozen Hail Marys, and the ritual sacrifice of Toby Keith, just to cover all the bases.

I hope for the best, but I'm very w ary of Live365's infrastructure as of now , and I apologize for any
inconvenience that their apparently low karmic state may be causing you, the listeners.

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Latest Entry

Friday, August 19, 2005, 14:53

I w ill use this entry to apologize for not posting any new entries for so very long, and to explain w hy:

Nothing happened.

Musically, that is. To me. But I anticipate that stuff w ill be happening again in the near future, and w hen
it does -- look out!

But it all w orked out for the best, IMO, since the Raymond Theatre entry got to have some extra quality-
time at the top of the blog, w hich it deserved greatly.

Oh, and I w ent out of tow n on another business trip this w eek, so I w asn't even here to not w ork on
the blog.

You know , you could alw ays contribute. If you think it's been too long since the last entry, then send
me a suggestion, ask a question, solicit my opinion, w hatever! Communication is a tw o-w ay street (but
w eak metaphors are not).

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Pause for the Cause: The Raymond Theatre…/… 2/5
1/26/2011 Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIU…
Friday, August 5, 2005, 16:15
Since I have still not follow ed through w ith making a page at for "causes & issues", I'll
just use this space for that purpose. (An idea w hich only just occurred to me; yeah, it takes me a w hile
to catch on, but once I do, I'm ALL over it.)

Today's cause is primarily of interest to Southern Californians: The fight to preserve the historic
Raymond Theatre in Pasadena.

Interior of the Raymond Theatre

The preservation group Friends of the Raym ond Theatre w as founded in 1988, and they are still
fighting to protect this historic landmark from being gutted or demolished.

Considering how many times the Raymond has faced imminent destruction, it w ould seem as if the City
of Pasadena has become obsessed w ith seeing to its demise. That w ouldn't be unusual for most cities
in the greater L.A. area, but it is unusual for Pasadena, w hich to my know ledge has undertaken other
redevelopment projects w ith an eye tow ard preservation.

If you're a local, or just someone w ho is interested in architectural preservation, then I encourage you
to visit the Friends of the Raymond w ebsite (that's a link up there in the bold text) and learn all about it.
Better still, use the PayPal link on the site to donate to the cause, and you'll make Friends of the
Raymond Theatre's President, Gina Zamparelli, very happy.

And now I must recognize the person w ho brought this issue to my attention: Pasadena resident and
ESTROGENIUS artist A Girl Named Jaen. Her first CD Dusk is available now , and I just found out that
she's w orking on her new album as I w rite this! So, good on ya Jaen and Gina, and I hope that both of
your endeavors are successful.

A Girl Named Jaen (photo by Rollie)

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She's a Peach

Wednesday, July 27, 2005, 15:10…/… 3/5
1/26/2011 Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIU…

Anya Marina (photo by John Brinton Hogan)

In the all-important clever lyrics category, here is another independent artist w ho really shines.
Anya Marina is that rarest of birds: An unknow n solo artist w ho landed an on-air job at a commercial
radio station. That’s right, Anya currently w orks at San Diego’s FM 94/9. Musical talent and a job
playing great local music on a real radio station? Good thing I’m not the jealous type.

The strength-of-personality that got Anya Marina the radio gig is plainly evident on her CD, Miss
Halfway. Normally, I’m just not into the solo-acoustic sound – that is the domain of my friend Red – but
great lyrics alw ays draw me in, no matter w hat genre the song is.

I first heard Anya Marina w hen a clip from her song “Clean & Sober” w as played during a recent
episode of MTV’s The Real World – Austin (Mrs Arhythmius is a dedicated view er of that show , and
indeed any show that features catfights, backstabbing and human discord). MTV producers have
alw ays had an incredible knack for music placement on their show s, and indeed the background music
on show s like The Real World is alw ays better than w hatever’s on TRL – and really, those are your
only options for hearing any actual music on “Music Television” these days.

Anyw ay, the lyrics from “Clean & Sober” that prompted me to order the CD w ere:

I hope you die a fiery death / I love you. God, I need you yeah.

Clearly, I could not go w rong.

As I said, the style is mellow , mostly featuring Anya on acoustic guitar, w ith some occasional
percussion arrangements. Her voice is sw eet and breathy, reminiscent of Julianna Hatfield, or an
aw ake Julee Cruise. Stylistically, though, Anya Marina’s w ork is more along the lines of someone like Jill
Sobule; although many of the songs are quiet, they still have a sense of fun or w himsy – even if the
underlying subject matter is a bit darker.

In the title track, a sort of rage against low self-esteem, Anya sings All my friends in LA got jobs on
Melrose Place / I play Replacements songs and sigh – a Waitress in the Sky. Conversely, “Sociopath”
is about the curious predilection – w hich most w omen share – for dating major assholes: I’m
pathologically addicted / To what you call a dickhead / Cheaters and liars seem to light my fire / And
God, I’ve gotta get clean.

And the opening lines to “Morning’s A Peach (Come Back to Bed)” are on their w ay to becoming my
email signature: Morning’s a peach/Night is a pitbull / Either way I get a bite.

Finally, in a case of magical synchronicity, there’s a track on the album called “Space Monkey”. What
the artist couldn’t have know n is that I’ve been compiling a list in my head of the top five greatest songs
w ith “monkey” in the title, and I’ve been having trouble rounding it out. Anya Marina to the rescue? Well,
let’s see how the list stands now :

1) “Shock the Monkey” by Peter Gabriel

2) “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by The Pixies
3) “Monkey to Man” by Elvis Costello
4) “Space Monkey” by Anya Marina
5) “Monkey” by George Michael

I’m not at all sure about the last one, although it does have the lyrics Why don’t you do it / Why don’t you
set that monkey free / Why don’t you do it / Do you love your monkey or do you love me? YeahSlike I
said, that one’s open for replacement.

If anyone has any better ones, let me know . The rules are that it must have the w ord “monkey” in the
title, and “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees” doesn’t count. Sorry, but I just don’t love “Brass Monkey” the
w ay you people seem to.…/… 4/5
1/26/2011 Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIU…
Umm, w here w as I? Oh, yeah – Anya Marina. Well, the album’s cool, and she’s cool, and I dig the fact
that she got a job w here she can provide radio exposure to deserving artists.

Whoa – déjà vu.

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