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24 Oct 05 - 13 Feb 06
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Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUS internet radio [Archive]

Links Pause for the Cause: The Raymond Theatre

Hom e Friday, August 5, 2005, 16:15
Contact Me Since I have still not follow ed through w ith making a page at for "causes & issues", I'll
About This Weblog just use this space for that purpose. (An idea w hich only just occurred to me; yeah, it takes me a w hile
estrogenius dot net to catch on, but once I do, I'm ALL over it.)
Estrogenius Live365 Station Page
The NEW Minor Notes blog Today's cause is primarily of interest to Southern Californians: The fight to preserve the historic
Raymond Theatre in Pasadena.


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Interior of the Raymond Theatre
The preservation group Friends of the Raym ond Theatre w as founded in 1988, and they are still
fighting to protect this historic landmark from being gutted or demolished.
Considering how many times the Raymond has faced imminent destruction, it w ould seem as if the City
of Pasadena has become obsessed w ith seeing to its demise. That w ouldn't be unusual for most cities
Search: in the greater L.A. area, but it is unusual for Pasadena, w hich to my know ledge has undertaken other
redevelopment projects w ith an eye tow ard preservation.
If you're a local, or just someone w ho is interested in architectural preservation, then I encourage you
to visit the Friends of the Raymond w ebsite (that's a link up there in the bold text) and learn all about it.
Better still, use the PayPal link on the site to donate to the cause, and you'll make Friends of the
Most Recent Raymond Theatre's President, Gina Zamparelli, very happy.

Brynne Johnson And now I must recognize the person w ho brought this issue to my attention: Pasadena resident and
Thursday, January 19, 2006, 21:05 ESTROGENIUS artist A Girl Named Jaen. Her first CD Dusk is available now , and I just found out that
hey!! My name is brynne too!! she's w orking on her new album as I w rite this! So, good on ya Jaen and Gina, and I hope that both of
your endeavors are successful.
David Lech
Monday, January 16, 2006, 02:11
Your not Kidding Jenae is Great ,and...

Monday, October 17, 2005, 15:06
Aw w w w w w w ! That w as so sappy
and sw eet,...

Arhythm ius
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 16:03
...w hile it may seem to the dedicated...

Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 12:42…/… 1/6

1/26/2011 Minor Notes . w ith some occasional percussion arrangements. Anyw ay.the blog of ESTROGENIU… I haven't been avoiding. the lyrics from “Clean & Sober” that prompted me to order the CD w ere: I hope you die a fiery death / I love you. backstabbing and human discord). or an aw ake Julee Cruise. Normally. Anya Marina’s w ork is more along the lines of someone like Jill Sobule. Clearly. I need you yeah. 15:10 Anya Marina (photo by John Brinton Hogan) In the all-important clever lyrics category. reminiscent of Julianna Hatfield. MTV producers have alw ays had an incredible knack for music placement on their show s. God. mostly featuring Anya on acoustic guitar. Her voice is sw eet and breathy. That’s… 2/6 . those are your only options for hearing any actual music on “Music Television” these days. Anya currently w orks at San Diego’s FM 94/9. here is another independent artist w ho really shines. Anya Marina is that rarest of birds: An unknow n solo artist w ho landed an on-air job at a commercial radio…/index. although many of the songs are quiet. As I said. though. I could not go w rong.. Most Recent The Minor Notes Archive VERY New Artist: Sara Oliveira New to the Playlist: Sarah Cracknell Squeaky F-w ord Gets the Grease Here's A Cogent Thought: Fuck! New Pick! Plus & Minus Handling Shipping Dow n With Irony Jenae: Flow er in the Frost A Girl Named Jaen (photo by Rollie) [ 1 com ment ] ( 8 view s ) | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink She's a Peach Wednesday. no matter w hat genre the song is.. and indeed the background music on show s like The Real World is alw ays better than w hatever’s on TRL – and really. Stylistically. Musical talent and a job playing great local music on a real radio station? Good thing I’m not the jealous type. and indeed any show that features catfights. Miss Halfway. I first heard Anya Marina w hen a clip from her song “Clean & Sober” w as played during a recent episode of MTV’s The Real World – Austin (Mrs Arhythmius is a dedicated view er of that show . they still have a sense of fun or w himsy – even if the replay. I’m just not into the solo-acoustic sound – that is the domain of my friend Red – but great lyrics alw ays draw me in.waybackmachine. July 27. The strength-of-personality that got Anya Marina the radio gig is plainly evident on her CD. the style is mellow . 2005.

yeah – Anya Marina. And the opening lines to “Morning’s A Peach (Come Back to Bed)” are on their w ay to becoming my email signature: Morning’s a peach/Night is a pitbull / Either way I get a bite. [ 2 com ments ] ( 10 view s ) | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Mitsu Taiko Wednesday. w here w as I? Oh. is that taiko isn't something that a bunch of strangers can pick up after a few hours of rehearsal. that one’s open for replacement. Anya sings All my friends in LA got jobs on Melrose Place / I play Replacements songs and sigh – a Waitress in the Sky. 13:33 UPDATE: Som e sharp readers have uncovered m ore inform ation on this topic. So the emergence in recent years of part-female or all-female taiko groups is pretty special. I doubt that the director w ould be able to "cheat" a good performance. 2005. Sorry. Whoa – déjà vu.although the w ord also refers to a musical group consisting of multiple such drums played simultaneously. let’s see how the list stands now : 1) “Shock the Monkey” by Peter Gabriel 2) “Monkey Gone to Heaven” by The Pixies 3) “Monkey to Man” by Elvis Costello 4) “Space Monkey” by Anya Marina 5) “Monkey” by George Michael I’m not at all sure about the last one. in an already male-dominated society. let me know . July 13. and I’ve been having trouble rounding it out. but I just don’t love “Brass Monkey” the w ay you people seem to. there’s a track on the album called “Space Monkey”. I've come up w ith exactly jack squat. If anyone has any better… 3/6 .the blog of ESTROGENIU… underlying subject matter is a bit darker. The only problem is. The reason I think it's an actual group. An all-female taiko group is notable. and “Hey Hey We’re the Monkees” doesn’t count. And so far. even given the quick cuts of the commercial format. although it does have the lyrics Why don’t you do it / Why don’t you set that monkey free / Why don’t you do it / Do you love your monkey or do you love me? YeahQlike I said. a sort of rage against low self-esteem. The mysterious Mitsu Taiko I w as not able to find any background information at Mitsubishi's site (although you can at least view replay.1/26/2011 Minor Notes . Finally. For those of you not up on your traditional Japanese music history. “Sociopath” is about the curious predilection – w hich most w omen share – for dating major assholes: I’m pathologically addicted / To what you call a dickhead / Cheaters and liars seem to light my fire / And…/index. Anya Marina to the rescue? Well. I play several utterly fantastic Japanese artists on Estrogenius. in a case of magical synchronicity. I’ve gotta get clean.waybackmachine. and I think it might be interesting to play a taiko track. as opposed to musicians w ho w ere "cast" for the commercial. Umm. and I dig the fact that she got a job w here she can provide radio exposure to deserving artists. What the artist couldn’t have know n is that I’ve been compiling a list in my head of the top five greatest songs w ith “monkey” in the title. the album’s cool. I'm desparately trying to find out w ho the all-female taiko group is that's featured in the new Mitsubishi Eclipse TV commercial. I'd like to look into it. In the title track. since taiko has historically been an all-male art form. at the very least. and she’s cool. Conversely. The rules are that it must have the w ord “monkey” in the title. See the com m ents section for details! So. I have no idea w ho the group in the Mitsubishi commercial actually is (see screen capture below ). Well. taiko is a type of large w ooden drum made in Japan -.

and for those of you w ho didn't know . the tw o fantastic artists w ho are currently featured. w ho is a tw o-foot-tall guy dressed in a purple gorilla suit. and crow d favorite Tsuki. the incomparable Poubelle Tw ins. but none of them mention appearing in a major advertising campaign on their w ebsites. but she is an ispiration to Mrs Arhythmius as a beautiful Asian w oman on prime-time TV. that's right: For the first time ever it's a TAG TEAM Pick of the Moment! Speaking of tag teams (dynamite segue. Although this w as my third Lucha VaVoom. Cassandro. This time.1/26/2011 Minor Notes . There w ere quite a few celebrities at the show . I am ashamed to say. Jamie! replay.waybackmachine. They w eren't kidding about "Greatest Hits". it's incredible how skillful and entertaining these sisters have become. July 1.w ill remain a mystery for the time being. so I thought I'd return the favor by putting her image out there.the blog of ESTROGENIU… the commercial by clicking on that link). Thanks. But I still love the idea of a bunch of w omen pounding on drums -.) There are a few all-female taiko groups in various parts of the w orld. Yes. either.especially in a formerly males-only art form. But I so w ish I could give you a picture of the guy. I'd never seen Super Porky before. I guess that the identity of this particular taiko group -. for now at least. Jamie w as nice enough to give Mrs Arhythmius an autograph. And porky. and from w hat I can gather. 13:09 Let's do the important stuff first: Go to the Pick of the Mom ent page at estrogenius dot net. The show featured w restlers Los Gallineros (my second-favorites).if it even is a group -. Elvis. Most… 4/6 . [ 9 com ments ] ( 75 view s ) | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Tag-Team ! Friday. that broadcasting school is really paying off!). the show is co-produced by my sister Rita. But even more remarkable is Que Monito. including Okafu Taiko. and the ad agency's (BBDO) site doesn't even list Mitsubishi as a client! (They just became one in March. Thus. One of the very few . 2005. but none impressed Mrs Arhythmius more than Jamie from MTV's Real World San Diego. because he w as alw ays scheduled on differnt nights.w hich could only be stopped by the tw ins' trademark high leaps off the turnbuckle and onto the offenders. Greatest Hits marked the latest appearance of my all-time favorite luchadores (or should I say luchadoras). The Poubelle Twins Considering their humble beginnings as "The French Maids" w ho cleaned-up after the Velvet Ham m er girls. Que Monito). this past Wednesday I w as lucky enough to be at the Mayan Theater in dow ntow n Los Angeles to w itness Lucha VaVoom's Greatest Hits! Lucha VaVoom is the entertainment phenomenon that features Mexican masked w restling AND burlesque dancers. Jamie is not technically a "celebrity". Good…/index. No. the Eclipse campaign is BBDO's first for Mitsubishi. and read about Ana Lovelis and Tippi. And. w ith no previous w restling experience (that I'm aw are of). He definitely is super. Super Porky (w ith his very ow n Mini-Me. the playlist w ill remain taiko-free. Bibi and Fifi got in the middle of a scrap betw een drunk ringside fans and security staff -.

one of those completely messed-up 70’s movies that my dad insisted on taking me to. A I said. Smith Island gets major points for the direct reference to Zardoz. A couple of things.but w e w ill all have to make an exception for Smith Island. there’s such a thing as too creative” 1970’s. it turns out that I’M the reason good bands don’t get the success they deserve! Go figure. June 27.the blog of ESTROGENIU… Jamie Chung. really quick: I live in Hollyw ood. and they’ve gone and created a rock opera. Yes. A Boy and His Dog. Sorry about that. Putney Swope -. takes shelter. I never w anted to hear one before -. then it’s a very loving one.waybackmachine. But more importantly. and w hile it is now inhabited almost entirely by elderly Ukranians. Once a curious relic of the “Yes. By the end of it all. this w as the late 70’s. The story of this rock opera is the now -classic tale of a young w oman w hose dreams of Hollyw ood are shattered by the reality of drug use and casting-couch abuse. ErQback to Smith Island. (After all of my complaints on the subject. in the 70’s you couldn’t sw ing a cat w ithout hitting a Zelda Zardoz-type (don’t try to start doing the math. So much so. 16:50 Here’s a cool project I came across a w hile back.. that you probably never w ant to hear another rock opera ever again. it’s pretty damn true to the period aurally as w ell. w hich quite literally drives her insane.. I’d be w ith you on that – hell. as This Is Spinal Tap w as. he loved that w eird shit. or any of the countless rock bands that Spinal Tap w as sending-up.) The band is Sm ith Island. and then inexplicably forgot to w rite about.San Diego [ add com ment ] | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Asylum Seekers Monday. So the material is thematically true to the period. But Smith Island isn’t necessarily a spoof project – or if it is. Maybe it w asn’t himQ maybe the movies just sucked overall. in fact. In fact. the concept of rock opera w as once again thrust into the public consciousness by the success and acclaim of Green Day’s American…/index. MTV's The Real World . The Magic Christian. the material is thematically true to the period.… 5/6 . major-studio release in the 70’s. a ROCK OPERA. but the replay. Smith Island sounds like a cross betw een Blondie and Iron Maiden.1/26/2011 Minor Notes . and I w as very young). Zelda’s adventures make Jenny from Forrest Gump look like Marie Osmond. There may be only five tracks. Normally. It w as like a freaking miracle w henever my dad actually took me to a normal. “Smith Island” is the fantasy asylum in w hich the heroine.for some reason. Zelda Zardoz.

org/…/index. w here I've added the Smith Island tracks "Asylum" and "Starfucking Your Way to Now here" to the playlist. because that’s w here you w ill BUY the album once you’ve decided you like it. [ add com ment ] | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Back Next Minor Notes .ph… 6/6 . Would you like to find out for yourself? Well.Page Generated in 0.waybackmachine.1/26/2011 Minor Notes . Right? Or you can listen to ESTROGENIUS.0362 seconds replay.the blog of ESTROGENIU… quality is too high – from Gabrielle Stubbert’s vocals to the spot-on arrangements – for this to be a throw aw ay project. here’s the best part: You can dow nload the tracks in their entirety from Smith Island’s w ebsite! But I linked to the CDBaby page above.

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