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10 Apr 05 - 7 Feb 06
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Minor Notes - the blog of ESTROGENIUS internet radio [Archive]

Links Sw itchyard: Sm oother than a GE 4400 Locom otive

Hom e Wednesday, May 18, 2005, 17:06
Contact Me Here's w hat's cool about the band Sw itchyard:
About This Weblog
estrogenius dot net 1. Rachel Bellinsky (obviously)
Estrogenius Live365 Station Page
The NEW Minor Notes blog Rachel is the vocalist, songw riter and driving force behind Sw itchyard. Despite (or perhaps because
of) formerly being in an all-girl disco cover band in Las Vegas, Rachel's music is smooth, smooth,
Login smooth. I'm talking Joni Mitchell-caliber here. There are even a couple of tracks that w ould've been right
at home in that circular lounge that w as near the elevators in the old Desert Inn on the Strip (I'd sw ear
Joey Bishop w alked right by me one time). But the album is mostly introspective songs about the
Archives ultimate question of Love, the Universe, and Everything. It's mellow er than the stuff I usually play, but
talent is talent.
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2. Lyrics
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 From "Virgins": The heart only knows / That it can feel this way / After it's made such a beautiful
mistake / Now it must learn just how to break.
8 9 10 11 12 13 14
15 16 17 18 19 20 21 And the whole album is like that. If you know me at all, you know that I'm a sucker for good lyrics.
22 23 24 25 26 27 28 Rachel Bellinsky can w rite 'em.

29 30 31
3. The band is called "Sw itchyard"

What a cool name. I used to totally be into trains w hen I w as a kid. I'm not sure if Rachel Bellinsky has
Categories the same fascination, but the Charles Bukow ski poem included on the CD insert seems to be a major
Misc 4. The album is called "The Secret Life of Spiders"

Oh my God, w hat another fucking cool name. I'm sorry, but I really appreciate bands that come up w ith
aw esome names like that, w ithout resorting to something trite, obtuse or (ack) self-titled. It just so
happens that I also dig spiders. Spiders are our friends. I could have just as easily said that this album
is as smooth as a Silver Argiope (Argiope argentata).
OK, so I just re-read the above, and I seem to be coming across like a Teen People editor w ho just got
slipped a microdot. It's really due to the deadly combination of enthusiasm and lack of time. Look, forget
about ME; this is supposed to be about Sw itchyard, remember? Go look at their site. Well, go on!
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Brynne Johnson
Thursday, January 19, 2006, 21:05
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hey!! My name is brynne too!!

David Lech
Monday, January 16, 2006, 02:11 On Garbage
Your not Kidding Jenae is Great ,and...
Tuesday, May 10, 2005, 12:47
Here's the tangent about Garbage that I promised in the Pick of the Moment w ith Trillion.
Monday, October 17, 2005, 15:06
Aw w w w w w w ! That w as so sappy
(Caveat: This is w ritten w ithout having heard their latest album. I have heard the first single, and I
and sw eet,...
actually like it very much.)
Arhythm ius
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 16:03 To me, Garbage is a band w ith a lot of unrealized potential. I ascribe that primarily to the high
...w hile it may seem to the dedicated... expectations I had of them w hen they w ere one of the only female-fronted bands that could be heard
on Alternative radio in the 90’s (and w hat a fucking great name for a band).
Tuesday, August 23, 2005, 12:42 In those painful times, Alternative radio consisted solely of Alice In Chains soundalike bands, 24/7, for a
good eight years. Ironically, it w as all Garbage founder Butch Vig’s fault, since he produced Nirvana’s…/… 1/4

as promised earlier. w hich alw ays have plenty of female artists anyw ay. this…/index. Arhythmius said that she assumed Red w as a college student! (Red is in fact a 25-year-old w orking mom. Maybe it's just me (usually code for: yeah. it's clearly the right step to take -. I am once again debating changing my station's name. w hich started the w hole Grunge craze on commercial radio. they had tw o mics. but it seemed like there w ere few er photo-ops this year. April 22. w hich w ould entail changing all of the branding. or even particularly catchy (an attribute for w hich I w ould’ve gladly settled) about the Cracknell material. w hich I consider to be the greatest name in broadcasting). a monitor and DJ Lex on the w heels of steel. Being busy does that to you. Arhythmius w ore her free Lonely Radio shirt w ith pride yesterday. Which is w hy. w ho is looking none the w orse for w ear for being the father of an infant. Therefore.. Programmers dumped promising bands like Elastica and Letters to Cleo in favor of album cuts from abominations like Presidents of the United States of America. considering the minimalist equipment setup. right? [ add com ment ] | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Post Aw ards Wrap-up! Monday.. Squeaky F-w ord Gets the Grease Here's A Cogent Thought: Fuck! Let me remind you one more time that the unfavorable comparisons are largely w ith my ow n New Pick! expectations. I'd like to say how nice it w as to see the lovely and talented Red101 again.*shudder* -. and -. Shirley The Minor Notes Archive Manson w as and is an electrifying performer. 13:03 Well. but much of it w as crossover play Jenae: Flow er in the Frost on Pop stations. Sure. Both of the hosts did a great job w ith the broadcast. there w ould be no female renaissance.1/26/2011 Minor Notes ... the 2005 Live365 Broadcaster Summit and Aw ards happened over the w eekend. Goclaude w as not able to join us this year. But for Rock and Alternative stations. 2005. I can't imagine w hat life must be like for people w ho are really busy. I remember w ishing that the band w as. May 2. and unlike last year. Mrs. w hich w as too bad. w e had headphones. A milkshake w as hoisted in his honor. I think they w ere good – sometimes very good – but they w ere not great.I'm such a slacker.! [ 1 com ment ] ( 6 view s ) | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Purrrrr. w ho am I kidding -. Aw w . but this year people had to strike out on their ow n to get their party fix. at least I'd be getting paid for my time. graphics. Tragically. Unfortunately.but it'll involve me re-ripping every single track in my library and re- uploading them to Live365. 2005. The fact that he can take off for a relaxing trip to San Francisco on a w him (w hile the w ife is slaving aw ay on behalf of their baby) must help. it helps that I w asn't nominated at all.) Co-hosting the pre-aw ards broadcast w ith Red w as the talented and lovely Chickenjuggler. the aw ards segued right into an after-party. WAIT a minute. Oh w ell. Well. and her quirky VERY New Artist: Sara Oliveira voice w as just never enough to fall back on. 13:20 Damn. Next year. Most Recent Don’t get me w rong. they got plenty of airplay. there's no debate.. it's just me)..waybackmachine.better. replay. for once again hosting the pre-aw ards Fun Suite. but that does not alw ays translate to CD. Tykxboy and I revisited the scene of last year's ill-fated dining experience at Paul's Cafe in Millbrae. Friday. and all that. Plus & Minus Handling Shipping Whatever the motivations behind the creation of Garbage w ere. Instead. a sort of musical apology to w omen (and their fans) everyw here. etc. It's so much easier to get embarrassing pics w hen everybody is embarrassing themselves in the same… 2/4 . I w asn't disappointed that I lost! Of course. Mrs. at the time. it'll just be Anthony w ith a microcassette recorder. w ell.. Thanks as w ell to Ozonakid (AKA Gregg.the blog of ESTROGENIU… I haven't been avoiding. seminal Nevermind album. not w ith the band's musical merits alone. a mixing board.. I like to think that Garbage w as Vig’s response to the suddenly female-unfriendly playlists of Alternative stations. Glass-half-full. After meeting Red. at least the singers w ere dudes. Last year. the band never became the female- Dow n With Irony fronted savior of Alternative radio. I didn't expect it to take a w hole w eek to get to my next entry. Last year. The w riting w as solid. but there w as nothing really New to the Playlist: Sarah transcendent. But hey. I do not have any incriminating pictures of the festivities. since the service w as actually spot-on this time. I'm also debating upgrading the broadcast to 64k mp3PRO.Limp Bizkit.

How freaking cool is that? Thank [the rhetorical] god that some bands know how to present themselves. April 12.waybackmachine.) [ add com ment ] | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Songw riting and Dental Procedures Tuesday. and just plain classy. or maybe something out of Billy Joel's The…/index. It's obvious on w hich side of the line Michelle Albano stands. I truly miss those days.. She's also got a nice set of pipes - . So.the blog of ESTROGENIU… New artists on the playlist this w eek (click on the artist names to see their w ebsites): Psychophile The photo of Psychophile members Lucy Pointycat and Smogo pretty much says it all. There is something about the melody in this song that is both w himsical and melancholy. you'll recognize the accuracy of that statement. . Interestingly. 17:09 Just to follow -up on the last entry.. Michelle is a New York-based songw riter w ho is classically-trained. the sound is not. either! <rimshot> Thank you! Michelle Albano Time once again for Whiplash Radio: On the infrared end of the spectrum from Psychophile's ultraviolet is Michelle Albano. I don't know too much about the band members yet. that estimate on my dental costs w as just that. it's opera.and her voice ain't too bad. if that makes any sense. "Naked": "It's industrial. w hat did the actual replay. While their look is sorta Hayzee-Fantayzee-meets-Type-O-Negative. or w hat the cost w ould be. My favorite track is probably "Painting by Numbers". it's metal.and the choice to not make them. piano-based personal music in the tradition of Carole King. It's got some Broadw ay-esque notes to it. except that Lucy Pointycat is a British diva w ho is prone to purring w hen she's in a good mood (firsthand experience). It's very New York.1/26/2011 Minor Notes . but making a stripped-dow n track sound engaging is a testament to good songw riting. the lyrics are about artistic compromises -. Her new album Second Guesses is timeless. I had no prior know ledge of exactly w hat w ork w ould be… 3/4 . but w ith a smoky. Was gonna mention Trillion here. Here's how Psychophile describe their ow n track. w hich is just piano and vocal. 2005. but they may very w ell be my next Pick of the Moment. R&B-flavored's indust-opera- metal!" When you hear the song.

but they're really not. and the lyrics all have to do w ith how bleak the w orld is. this is pretty routine w ork. but they'd leave the song in anyw ay. See.Page Generated in 2. it's called "Road to Joy". One w as (I think) "Hit the Sw itch". I have heard tw o more Bright Eyes songs. I only bring it up in the first place to illustrate how The Man is tryin' to keep me dow n. like I said before. I thought it w as the latter also. That song is the musical equivalent of multiple trips to the dentist. it rhymes AND it's a play on w ords. w hat a w aste of precious minutes of my life! Was this song w ritten by Conor Oberst. but since Beethoven w as the actual songw riter. [ 3 com ments ] ( 7 view s ) | [ 0 trackbacks ] | perm alink Back Next Minor Notes . or by a 55-year-old screenw riter w ho needed a good song for his stereotypical "tortured artist" character to perform in a boilerplate revealing-how -deep-he-really-is scene (w hich w ould then draw unintended laughter from test…/index. Wait a minute -.the blog of ESTROGENIU… cost turn out to be? $1200. w hich w as utterly insipid pap. you know ? Holy Cleopatra. w hich w as a pretty cool. on to another rehashed subject: Red's recent comment to my entry about the band Bright Eyes reminded me that I had a minor update on that topic: Since posting that. Anyway.1/26/2011 Minor Notes . really hate to bash any songw riter that hard. w hich is sorta the opposite of joy. Either I'm damn good. because w ho really cares about the songw riter-appreciation demographic) in the latest teen soap opera on The WB? Yeah. almost Cure-esque song w ith an actual beat. but it uses the ubiquitous melody from Beethoven's "Ode to Joy". At least it turned out to require three visits instead of one. I really. And now .that's not good either! And all of this must be making it sound like my teeth are in aw ful… 4/4 . The other w as "Road to Joy". or they're damn predictable. that just gives more cause to bash Conor Oberst. or something.4636 seconds replay. get it? See. enough about that. a very young musician.waybackmachine.