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Organic food is becoming more and more popular, as people look for ways to live a

healthier, pesticide-free, environmentally friendly, and sustainable lifestyle. Since the

early 1990’s, the interest in organic food has grown at a rate of 20% per year. Today,

organic food is available in most markets and grocery stores, and makes up about 3% of

food sales in the worldwide.

Recent studies have shown clearly that people who switch to organic foods have much

reduced levels of pesticides in their bodies.

Organic produce tastes better, and it seems that better taste and greater freshness.


We would like to say Alhamdulillah, for giving us the strength and health to do this

project work until it done. Not forgotten to our family for supported us and encouraged us

to complete this task so that We will not procrastinate in doing it.

Then we would like to thank our teacher, Mr Fajar Kurniawan for guiding us(team) and

our friends throughout this project. We had some difficulties in doing this task, but he

taught us patiently until we knew what to do. Also we had thanks to Theo Biyan for

designed our company’s logo.

To SMU-HK for offering the continuing education for us and being an instrument in

opening another door an opportunity of becoming an entrepreneur.

Last but not least, our dearest friends who were doing this project with us and sharing our

ideas. Without them this project would not be possible and fun to make.



SENIA Organic Food shop will offer customers organic and locally grown produce,

chemical –and preservative-free groceries, cruelty-free body care and eco-household


To provide a comfortable shop of the organic food in the community.


SENIA Organic Food is committed to providing the highest quality, fresh and natural

food, health and wellness products.

Educate and introduce a new and enlightened attitude toward healthy eating.


Provide our customers with the freshest, organically grown fruits and vegetables.

Offer foods without artificial colors, flavors, or additives.

Sell earth-friendly cleanses, pure, natural supplements and colors, flavor, or additives.

Support organic farm that keep our earth and water pure.


We will participate in community projects and host fund-raisers for local community



The name of our proposed project is SENIA ORGANIC FOOD.

The type our business as general partnership

Our project will be located at MATOS, Malang City, East Java province.

The proponents are Nur Piatin, Aristanti Retnaning, and Naning Candra Kurnia.


Our management staff shall be composed of manager, admin/finance, Advertising/

promotion, cashiers and produce/customer service staff. Nur Piatin will be responsible for

manager and daily operation. Naning Candra Kurnia will be responsible for

Advertising/promotion and product ordering, and Aristanti Retnaning will be responsible

for stocking and book keeping. Also we will be hired five persons as staff position (three

person as customer service and two person as a cashier). The person to be hired must

conform to the qualities set forth and due to function in accordance with their position.

They shall be entitled to receive mandatory benefits, meeting, trainings and seminars

shall be conducted regularly.


The project general and specific market has been identified the present market and an

analysis of the past, present and future demand and supply situation of our products. The

general marketing practices and proposed program and projected sales for the next five


The general partnership of SENIA Organic Food shall lease a building structure and facilities shall be dealt within the lease premises. Equipment and utilities shall be acquired to make the work of management and customers comfortable.000. Manpower requirements shall be accordance with the government minimum requirements in operating our proposed project. Closed on Friday. FINANCING AND FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The start-up cost of the SENIA Organic Food will consist primary of inventory and display equipment.000. They will also secure a Rp40. Aristanti Retnaning and Naning Candra Kurnia will invest Rp60. faster and efficient. Moreover. social responsibility consists of obligations a business has to society. To the environment. SOCIO-ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY SUMMARY The proposed business can absolutely contribute to the municipality of our proposed location in the form of taxes permits and license payments. . Nur Piatin. Raw materials needed in our business as an alternative is available locally. We use a recyclable bags as our responsibly with Environmental Protection Department.PRODUCTION OR TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY SUMMARY Our proposed products and services have been presented.000. community involvement and human resources. energy. The proposed business shall be open six(6) days a week with ten working hours and a lunch break.000 from bank.

2 CONCLUSION TO FEASIBILITY We believe this proposed project is feasible and will operate soon. .PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION AND TIMETABLE Assuming that the proposed project total operating time frame until the star of our normal operations is six months. 1.

2. . Aristanti Retnaning. 2. fresh and natural food. health and wellness organic products. East Java 20% Nur Piatin. East Java province.2 PROPOSED NAME OF THE BUSINESS SENIA Organic Food is a day shop which provides the highest quality. CHAPTER 2 PROJECT BACKGROUND _______________________________________________ _ 1. Indonesia. and Naning Candra Kurnia are general partners because each proponent invest and participate in running the business and is liable for all acts and debts of the partnership and any member of it. East Java 20% Aristanti Retnaning Indonesian Jombang. 2.5 Malang City.3 TYPE OF BUSINESS ORGANIZATION The proposed project is general Partnership because each of the partners shares in the profit and shares in the liability of the partnership including the losses.4 LOCATION OF THE SHOP Malang Town square /MATOS. East Java 20% Naning Candra K Indonesian Malang.1 PROJECT PROPONENTS Name Nationality Address % ownership Nur Piatin Indonesian Madiun. Jl Veteran No.

make decisions. Job Requirements Specifications Responsibilities Manager To coordinate Analyze problems.  Proposed Organizational Chart. tax information’s. CHAPTER 3 MANAGEMENT AND PERSONNEL FEASIBILITY 3. financial of the financial report organization Promotion/ Advertising Personal Finding new customers and revenues . Line Type of Organization 0100090000037400000002001c00000000000400000003010800050000000b0200000000 050000000c02f503c006040000002e0118001c000000fb02ceff0000000000009001000000 000740001254696d6573204e657720526f6d616e00000000000000000000000000000000 00040000002d0100000400000002010100050000000902000000020d000000320a2d00fff f0100040000000000bd06f503200016001c000000fb021000070000000000bc0200000000 0102022253797374656d000000000000000000001800000001000000e8f72300e4040000 040000002d010100030000000000  Line type of organizational structure provides has district and clear of authority that flows down to the lowest level of the chain of command of the organization. activities and communicate effort in the within the implementation of these decisions organization Finance Handling of Preparing budget.1 PERSONNEL (ADMINISTRATIVE)  Proposed number of administrative personnel is two.

MANAGEMENT PERSONNEL Beside Nur Piatin. 4. image branding sales promotions.250.00/month The each staff will be received the salary of Rp2. give valued customers. Helping Provide an excellent service to our customer.000. .00. SENIA Organic Food will have a staff of five: 1Two cashier 2Three customer service. The total of Rp10. We will hire an accountant or book keeper to help us with our financials on retainer’s basis wages of Rp1. 3. cashiers PROPOSED SALARY OF PERSONNEL The management and personnel will received the salary total of Rp15. selling. 5. service and receptionist. publicity Stocking Handling of Handle of good that will be sell the stocking of goods.000.000. Staff 1. Aristanti Retnaning and Naning Candra Kurnia.

Under conditions of modern industrial life the intellectual potentialities of the average human being are only partially utilized.000 Rp8.000 Rp6. Commitment objectives is a rewards associated with their achievement. The capacity to exercise a relatively high degree of imagination. 2 Cashiers and 3 CS Rp10. .500.000 Rp12. Rp6.000 Rp15.Personnel plan Year1 Year2 Year 3 ____________________________________________ Nur Piatin Rp5.000.000 3.000 Rp8.000. The average human being learn under proper conditions not only to accept but also to seek responsibilities.2 MANAGEMENT PROPOSALS MANAGEMENT STYLE We adopt this kind of theory Y because we believe that the expenditure of physical and mental effort in work is as natural as play or rest.000 Total People 8 8 8 _____________________________________________ Total Payroll Rp25.000 Rp39.000 Rp8. the external control and threat of punishment are not the only means of bringing about effort toward organizational objective.000 Naning Candra Kurnia Rp5.000 Rp30. ingenuity and creativity in solution of organizational problems widely not narrowly distributed in the population.000 Rp6. The internal and external factors resulted from the research on product ordering.000.000 Retnaning Aristanti Rp5. We also use a SWOT analysis that is an identification of various both internal and external factors which is systematically used for formulating the company strategy.000.

a market vacated by an ineffective competitor. CHAPTER 4 MARKETING FEASIBILITY 4. While. The Opportunity could be. the available Threatens include the competitors who sell the same products. The Weaknesses are the product expensive than non-organic products. only the middle and upper class can buy the product. lack of marketing expertise. and the competitors has a new innovative product or service. low cost spent and easy to obtain equipment relativity cheap and competitive product selling price (for middle and upper class). All of our product are healthful which have a local and international certificate of organic. strategic shop location. The growing student . Senia Organic food are obtained . a developing market such as the internet. the Malang city has grown tremendously.1 GENERAL MARKET DESCRIPTION By using the data gathered in my research and studying the current facilities around the city. in the past ten years. moving into new market segment that offer improved profits. The Strength owned includes human resources availability both in quality and quantity. price wars with competitors. a new international market.

flavor. a domestic airport with flights to Jakarta. the area is served by two major supermarkets that do not carry any of the product line available at the SENIA Organic Food Shop. is located just to the east of the city. Malang city is well-known as a industrial and trading city. Cleanses. Malang has a total area of combined with the families in the area are a perfect customer support base for the SENIA Organic Food shop. Lumajang(East). or additives.06 km2 . organically grown fruits and vegetables. Geographical Location : Malang has a total area of 252. Mounth Bromo.136 km2. tourism city. flavors. It shares its borders with Pasuruan(North). We believe that a local natural food store in the Malang City area would be competitive and offer customers a product selection that will assure repeat business Composition: Its composition of people looking for personal care of healthy food with the freshest. one of Java’s largest volcanoes and major tourist attraction. tourism city and education city with many fine universities these help enhance Malang city for intellectual inquiry and innovation. The closest natural food store is a twenty minute drive. or additives. much of this can be found reflected in Malang city creative arts and talented craftspeople. and Batu(West). pure. Climate: Malang city have a cool climate and array of extraordinary attractions. Consume of foods without artificial colors. natural supplements and colors. . Malang is served by the Abdul Rachman saleh Airport. Currently.

Families of over-seas workers. Government employees. This creates a festive environment in the Malang central commercial/retail area that attract shoppers also attracts young families where one or both parents are students or employees of the university. Farm owners. Farmers have adapted their skills to work in harmony with the environment. 4. . Malang have scenery that you wont find anywhere else ranging from smoking mountain tops to shimmering floodplains-and everything in between. here you can see agricultural smallholdings farmed as they were centuries ago along side more recent plantations of exotic crops. Population: There are roughly 1. The population density is 10. college students and retirees. socialites. a wide range of climates and ample rain.3% per year. Income Level: Middle Income earners and up.175. The community is home to a number of artists and craft people that operate the Malang City Craft fair. Plantation workers.282 people living in Malang. 2Students: A significant number of students prefer to shop at a natural food store. with population growth of 9. workers Job Categories: Teachers. Find a well-worked land blessed with great fertility. These families are a strong customer base for the SENIA Organic Food shop.000-17.000/Km2.2 TARGET MARKET THE SENIA Organic Food will focus two significant customer groups: 1Families: Many of the young families moving into the Malang City area are doing so because of its unique community environment.

Pasar Besar 1-2 325569 STORE . Merdeka Timur 369733 STORE MATAHARI DEPT. MARKET ANALYSIS Family member Student Other MALLS LOCATED IN THE CITY: RAMAYANA DEPT. JL. SENIA Organic Food will be within walking distance for most area residents. JL. Our location will make our shop a convenient place to shop on the way home from classes.

com) MATOS (Malang Town Jl Veteran 5 Malang Square) HERO SUPERMARKET JL. Year Pop of Malang City 2006 861. Kawi Malang GARDEN (MOG) http://www. quality of their future and their children’s future. most people care about quality of food.malangkota. quality of life.php?id=16060730 4. KH Agus Salim 18 366589 MITRA II Dept Store & JL.3 DEMAND FIGURES DATA FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS.SARINAH JL.903 2009 966. Basuki Rachmad 2A 369085 CAREEFOUR Jl A Yani 2 490023 MITRA I Dept Store & JL. Raya Langsep 2 568030 PLASA GAJAHMADA JL. KH Agus Salim 10-16 327987 Supermarket MALANG OLYMPIC Jl. LetJen Sutoyo 32-34 491939 Supermarket Jl. KH Agus Salim 28 324674 PLASA DIENG JL.405 2007 894.go. Blimbing Indah Megah No.169 . Basuki Rachmad 2A 364523 DEPARTEMENT STORE SARINAH Jl Danau Toba 718888 DEPARTEMENT STORE PLASA MALANG 2008 929. 2 Malang 0341- PLASA ARAYA 409310(www. We would like to start. The demand situation of our services.

849 Id.003.801 5. good advertising and promotion. with only one competitor.825 Third 1.313) + 28.2014(2013=1.032.488 1.488 1.801) + 28.2012(2011=1.313 4.289 Years of operation Total projected demand First 1.117. This will be our main reason for easy penetration of the organic market.488 1.337 2.337 Second 1.2011 (2010=1.825 3.289 4.060. They key establishment .488 Projected year Total Projected Demand 1.060.Yani No 2. 4.825) + 28.405) The difference increase/ (decrease) 142.032.2013(2012=1. So.488 142.089.4 SUPPLY According to Masyarakat Pertanian Organik Indonesia (MAPORINA) There is an only one of supermarket that sold of organic products in Malang City.5 GENERAL MARKETING PRACTICES A local establishment that could help in marketing our products.146.313 Fourth 1.2015(2014= divided by 5 (2006 to 2010) 28.849) + 28. 2010 1003. it is a Cereefour in Jl A.849 Less the demand for the first year(2006) (861.117.801 Fifth 1. we would like to get their market share with our unique service.488 Take the actual demand for the last year(2010) 1.337) + 28.

We will also host a number of community events. We will participate in community projects like the area’s food bank and community programs for children. Community Support: The SENIA Organic Food is a community market that will give back to the community. 3. Malang Trade Center 2. COMPETITIVE EDGE Location: Located in the heart of the Malang City. Agribusiness Center of Batu Malang-Organic support small and medium enterprise. 1. Masyarakat Pertanian Organic Indonesia (MAPORINA) 5. The key to customer satisfaction is a community-friendly store that is easy to navigate and has knowledgeable . Kantor Pemerintahan kota Malang . 4. Sales strategy The sales strategy of the SENIA Organic Food is simple. Sampoerna Academy scholarship Winners–Foundation for local education office staff and entrepreneur. East Java province. The closest natural food shop to the Malang City is a twenty minute drive. The foot traffic in the retail area is very strong. such as charity pancake brunches and benefit barbecues.

600.000 Others Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Subtotal Rp.972.134.000 Rp.000 Rp.972.000 Rp.000 Others Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Total Sales Rp.000.people to help customers find what they want quickly.000 Direct cost .000 Rp.000 Direct Cost of Sales Year1 Year2 Year3 _____________________________________________________ Sales Rp.21.810. Sales forecast The following is the SENIA Organic Food’s sales forecast for three years.600.000.000.000 Rp.134.000 Rp. Rp.000 Rp.1.32.400.400. Year 1 Year2 Year 3 ____________________________________________________ Sales Sales Rp810.

Budget Limits is Rp2. 1500 1000 500 0 sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 others 4. “One stop shop” program all offices with direct participation of documents are house in one place for smooth flow of documents. research activities.6 PROPOSED MARKETING PROGRAM  Present national and local marketing policies and assistance packages and programs that will benefit our project.000. product and services development and the source of information. State Marketing Philosophies and Task The marketing philosophy and task that we would like to apply in our project is that developmental marketing because with limited same business. we think that the potential market is looking for a product quantity beside quality.  Marketing Research and Development ( R & D ) Program We update on current Business Analysis. . source of information.000.

Marketing Timing and Scheduling Strategies: Design Marketing Strategies for our products.000 Know your Product-Mix With: How many lines will be sold by company? Product-Mix Depth: What will be the average number of items to be offered by company per product line? Product-Mix Consistency: What will be the relationship of company’s different product lines to our all marketing program.  Pricing Strategies The SENIA ORGANIC FOOD will utilize pricing that will be consistent with other shop in local market. Discount and Allowances: . The conditioned of merchandise that were using new and will be replaced from time to time. Each product will not more expensive than non-organic product.Mix and Marketing Mix Strategies Consider our budget Limits: Rp2. The consumer’s behavior if satisfied with the service will feel happy and contended and make their first shopping experienced memorable.  Term and Conditions of sales Strategies Consider a.  Product. Discounts are offered to consumers who will get the package deal and pay in cash will get a 10% discounts. Introduction Stage: SENIA ORGANIC FOOD is still in its introductory stage of start up business.000.

Cash discounts: Percentage off if paid in cash more from term.9(pro 4). These will be passed out throughout the city on a regular basis. Promotions The advertising director will use a variety of promotional methods to gain more interest . A representative of RRI has developed a plan for SENIA ORGANIC FOOD that will include four. The following advertising methods will be the primary avenues used in spreading the word. malls. Flyers: This will be the primary source of advertising for the SENIA ORGANIC FOOD.AM 891. Promotional Allowances: Gift Coupon  Advertising and Promotional Strategies Advertising The advertising director will have to carefully develop an advertising campaign to promote the SENIA ORGANIC FOOD as majority of customers are obtained through word of mouth. Expense for flyer is included in the office supplies expense. 30 second commercials to run on Monday. kab Malang)-FM 106. Wednesday. universities. and on the quarterly basis throughout the year. FM 91. and Friday .6(pro 1). school. Radio: The SENIA ORGANIC FOOD will advertise on RRI Malang. FM 94. b. of this new service and increasing the public knowledge of this shop services. The flyers will be distributed at the local hotels. quantity discounts: Discounts of the parcel service and non-deliveries. Kanjuruhan FM (Kepanjen.5 one month prior to the opening of the Shop. and some of public area.

including the shop’s name. SENIA ORGANIC FOOD offering one free tee-shirts with the purchase of the signature product.from the community and ensure that they will continue to use our services for their health benefits and wellness product. 3Easy ordering methods(phone. The tee-shirt will feature a two color design. sugar free. CUSTOMER SERVICE Labeling system: We introduce ”Labeling System” to help customers making informed choice a bit easier. The free tee- shirt will be given to the first 100 customers. Free Tee-shirt. 2PRODUCT LABELS shows which products are made with organic ingredients. Convenient shopping: 1Twice-a-week home and office delivery 2Enquiries hotlines and email. and good for school children. online and in person) Easy payment method: .000. Promotions to be used are as follows. location to be signed later and will cost the SENIA ORGANIC FOOD Rp20. low carbohydrate. good for gift ideas. fair trade or organically made. wheat free. fax. There are two elements in this system- 1FOOD LABELS highlights which foods are gluten free.

It has been observed that when it comes to the taste and nutritious value of organic food. FRESH ORGANIC FOOD Most of the organic food sold in the markets and various outlets is in the fresh form. common garlic. birthday gifts. peeled garlic cloves. They are extremely popular with customers. tamarind to name a few. meat. VISA and Master card payment. carrots. it is imperative on the part of the customer to make sure that the packaged organic food carries a government certification with it. organically grown garlic. However. . vegetables like apples. special promotional offers and other discounts offered by 3rd party merchants.We accept cash. ginger. they are far better than foods grown on usual farm.1 TYPE OF ORGANIC FOOD PRODUCT The types of Organic food available are fruits. eggs and dairy products as well. CHAPTER 5 PRODUCT OR TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY _______________________________________________________________________ 5. VIP benefits: Our VIPs are eligible to enjoy purchase discounts.

3Food products made of natural ingredients are chosen if they also meet other criteria : no MSG. 5. PROCESSED ORGANIC FOOD Processed food are widely popular and covers a huge range in any super marker the world over. frozen vegetables and other ready-to- eat foods are labeled ‘organic’. no hydrogenated oils. chemical. egg and dairy products fall under this category.2 QUALITY PLEDGE 1Only the finest quality of products will be considered by our merchandising team. if the production and processing of these foods have not involved the use of any chemicals and if they conform to the required standards.Fruits. Various products such as canned foods. The product are: 1Free of artificial colors 2Free of artificial preservatives.and preservative-free groceries. It is important for the consumer to check for government certification before buying any food that claim to be “organic”. 2Product made of organic ingredient are always on top priority to carry. no preservatives. and no additives.3 PRODUCT The SENIA Organic Food will offer customers organic and locally grown produce. . 5. vegetable. meat. no GM substance.

000 Grocer • Oil Rp75.000 • Instant Beverage Rp38.000 • Peanut Butter Rp40.000 • Candy/chocolate Rp18.000 Baby Food • Fruit Baby Puree Rp26. 3Free of chemical additives. KIND OF PRODUCT Healthy Snacks • Biscuits/cookies Rp20.000 • Juice Rp19.000 • Soup/Canned Food Rp26.000 • Dried Food Rp16.000 • Dried Fruits Rp38.000 • Baby Organic Biscuits Rp20.000 • Honey Rp55.000 Healthy Beverage • Tea Rp45.000 • Baby Organic Vegetable Mash Rp21. 6Non-irradiated 7Cruelty free. whenever possible.000 Jam/Honey • Jam Rp48.000 • Noodle/Pasta Rp18.000 • Nuts Rp56.000 . 4Organically grown. 5The least processed or unadulterated version available.000 • Soy Milk/Coffee Rp32.

000/pack • Paprika Rp10.000/pack • Mustard Rp10.000/pack • Caulies Flower Rp10.Organic Meat • Organic Chicken Wings Rp36.000 • Organic Sausage Rp38.000/pack • Celery Rp10.000 • Green Beans Rp4.000/pack • Broccoli Rp10.000/pack • Artichokes Rp10.000 • Organic Beef Rp37.000 • Chicken Nugget Rp16.000/pack • Eggplant Rp10.000/pack • Corn Rp10.000/pack • Cassava Rp10.000/pack Organic Fruits • Avocados Rp12.000/pack • Beets Rp10.000/pack • Water Spinach Rp10.000/pack • Sweet Peas Rp10.000/pack • Chili Rp60.000 .000/pack • Asparagus Rp10.000 • Plums Rp12.000 • Parsnips Rp4.000/pack • Potatoes Rp10.000/pack • Chili Peppers Rp10.000/pack • Onions Rp10.000 • Organic Chicken Rp99.000/pack • Long Bean Rp10.000/pack • Sweet Potato Rp10.000 • Beef balls Rp14.000 • Parsley Rp3.000/pack • Sea Vegetables Rp10.000 • Organic Tender King ribs Rp290.000 • Organic Lamb Rp21.000/pack • Ginger Rp10.000/pack • Cabbage Rp10.000/pack • Spinach Rp10.000/pack • Yam Rp10.000/pack • Sweet Peppers Rp10.000 Organic Vegetables • Carrots Rp12.000/pack • Mushroom and Truffles Rp10.

000 • Strawberries Rp35.000 • Apricots Rp12.000 http://eshop.000 • Rasberries Rp12.000 • Bananas Rp12.php?lang=en http://www.000 • Peaches Rp12.000 • Lemons Rp12.000 • Cherry Rp12.000 • Dragon Fruits Rp12.000 • Coconuts Rp14.000 • Dates Rp12.000 • Kiwi Rp12.000 • Orange Rp12.000 • Papayas 5.000 • Figs12.000 • Mangoes • Pears http://anaklima.000 • Grapes Rp12.000 • Nectarines Rp12.000 • Tangerins Rp12.4 CERTIFIERS According ”Otoritas Kompeten Pangan Organic” there currently are no Indonesian accredited • Tomatoes Rp12.000 • Raisins Rp12.000 • Apples Rp12. Some individuals have qualified as organic inspectors due to .000 • Fruit sausage Rp12.000 • Almond Rp12. • Olive Rp12.000 • Durian Rp25.000 • Water Melon Rp12.000 • Prunes Rp12.nlpra.000 • Grapefruits Rp12.000 • Cucumber Rp12.

A. labeling and Advertising. Department of Trade and Industry 5.69/1999 Description : Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia No. Accounting firm for an accountant B. labeling and advertisement Date :21 July 1999 Number :PP No.69 year 1999 regarding food.5 TECHNOLOGYCAL ASSISTANCE List of offices and specialist whom our will coordinate with hire on a retainer’s basis who will help with external techno-managerial assistance during our operation period. Malang have scenery that you wont find anywhere else ranging from smoking mountain tops to shimmering floodplains-and everything in between.International recognition. Book keeper C. The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia (NASAA) and SKAL International are among international certifier that operate in Indonesia. Food. 5. .6 PROJECT SITE LOCATION On Climate Malang city have a cool climate and array of extraordinary attractions.

5. food stalls and other amenities of the mall.7 PROJECT LAYOUT The area in third floor inside the MATOS.Find a well-worked land blessed with great fertility. The foot traffic is high everyday because of the presence of supermarket. a wide range of climates and ample rain. State the current cost of real state in the vicinity of our project site. East Java Province. Project Proposed Location: Our proposed location for our business is located in one of the biggest mall of Malang City. Nearby is the establishment of the government offices. The second floor is department store and the massage parlor. universities. department stores. bank and business. Farmers have adapted their skills to work in harmony with the environment. here you can see agricultural smallholdings farmed as they were centuries ago along side more recent plantations of exotic crops. FLOOR PLAN . The mall had 3 floors on the ground floors is the non-organic supermarket and food court.

000 All other salaries and wages Rp10.333 Advertising Rp400.000.573.000 .000 Rent Rp5.1 Initial Capital Requirement and Analysis Monthly Salary of owner-manager Rp15.000. CHAPTER 6 FINANCING FEASIBILITY _______________________________________________________________________ _ The following is the Financial Plan for the SENIA Organic Food shop 6.

104.000 Licenses and permits Rp2.000.000 Legal and Other professional fees Rp1250.923.Supplies Rp250.000 Taxes.333 6.000.000 Maintenance Rp300. including social security Rp1.333 One-Time Building Rp200.000 Interest Rp800.000 _______________________ Rp35.000 Starting inventory Rp140.000 Deposits with public utilities Rp1.000 Miscellaneous Rp600.000 Insurance Rp250.000 Other Rp2.104.000 Advertising and promotion for opening Rp2.000 Total Initial Capital Requirement Rp461.000.000 Decoration and remodeling Rp5.000.000 Fixtures and Equipment Rp27.000 _________________________ Subtotal Rp425.027.000 Telephone Rp100.000.000.000 Cash Rp40.000 Installation charges Rp1.500.000 Legal and Other professional fees Rp4.000.000.2 Total project cost Item Category Total .000.500.000 Other Rp400.

500. 20% Retnaning Aristanti Rp100.854.000 20% Loan Rp200.000 Item Category Total B Pre Operating Capital Cost 1 Management of Pre Project Operations a. Current Assets a.A Fixed Capital Cost 1.000. Inventories Rp140.000 40% .000 c.000 _______________________________________________________________________ _Total Pre-Operating Capital Cost Rp10. Legal Permits Rp3.000.000 2.000 Total Cost of Project Rp702.000 Total Initial Working Capital Rp465.000.000 b.000 Item Category Total C Initial Working Capital 1.000 Total Initial Fixed Capital Cost Rp227.000 b. Furniture and Equipment Rp27. Cash On Hand Rp300. Buildings R200.000.000.000 20% Naning Candra K Rp100.000. Pre-Operating Production Cost a. Arrangement for Marketing and Promotion Rp2.000. Salaries and Wages Rp25.104.000 2.000.750. Recruit and Training Rp5.104.000 CHAPTER 7 FINANCIAL FEASIBILITY _______________________________________________________________________ _ Major Assumed Cost CATEGORY SHARES %CONTRIBITION _______________________________________________________________________ _ Nur Piatin Rp100.

000 Inventories: Market products Rp40.000 Office supplies Rp12.333 .984.000 PROJECT CASH FLOW STATEMENTS SENIA ORGANIC FOOD December 31.000.000 FIXED ASSETS: Rent Rp66.000.000 TOTAL ASSETS Rp749.000 100% PROJECTED BALANCE SHEET SENIA ORGANIC FOOD December 31.133.2011 Projected Balance sheet For the years ended 2011 ASSETS Current Assets: Cash On Hand Rp300.000 Furniture & Equipments Rp27.000.880. Accessories Rp4.TOTAL: Rp500.000 Cash on Bank Rp200.104.2011 Projected Cash Flow Statements For the years ended 2011 Year1 Year2 Year3 Year 4 _______________________________________________________________________ _ Cash Balance beginning: Rp247.

000. ending Rp418.000 PROJECTED INCOME STATEMENTS SENIA ORGANIC FOOD Projected Income Statements For the years ended 2011 (000) Year1 Year2 Year3 Year4 Year5 ______________________________________________________________________________ Sales Income: Rp810.000 Other Income: Service Rp0 Total net income Rp810.000) Rp729.000.800.000.000 TOTAL Sales /service Rp810.10 Income tax payable Rp81.000 Less: Selling Expenses ( Rp310.000 Rp972.134.000.000 Rp1.000 Rp1.000 (Rp81.296.000.000. Service income Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 Rp0 ______________________________________________________________________________ .000) Cash balance.200.548.000.Add: cash receipts Net sales Rp810.000 Rp1.000 Tax x.

800 Rp574.312.169.600 Rp12.000 Rp1.200 Rp113.200 Rp9.600 Rp1.800 Rp9.800 Rp7.800 Taxes & Licence Rp12.800 Rp442.000 Less :Operating Expenses Rp323.600 Rp4.400 Rp4.400 .600 Rp5.000 Rp15.000 Rp1.000 Rp9.000 Rp12.800 Rp442.800 Rp574.000 Rp60.400 Rp129.000 Rp24.000 Rp1.200 _______________________________________________________________________ _ GROSS PROFIT: Rp729.600 Rp154.000 Rp1.100 Rp1.000 Rp1.000 Tax Less:Income tax Rp81.000 Rp25.548.000 Rp376.000 expenses Advertising stra.000 Rp48.296.000 Rp36.Rp4.000 Rp6.700 Operating Income: Other income Dividend Income Income Before Rp810.800 Rp1.134.600 Administrative Expenses Rp318.000 Rp1.000 tegies &Promotion Insurance Expenses Rp3.000 Rp10.600 Rp7.000 Rp972.000 Less: Operating Expenses: Selling Expenses: Rp310.020.600 Rp6.000 Office supplies Rp2.000 Rp24.000 Rp874.800 _______________________________________________________________________ _ TOTAL NET PROFIT Rp729.000 Rp20.000 Administrative Expenses: Salaries & Wag Rp300.000 Maintenance Rp3.800 Rp376.000 Rp97.000 Rp972.548.000 Traveling Rp5.600 Rp15.800 Rp508.800 Rp508.134.000 Rp20.000 NET INCOME Rp87.Σ Net Income: Rp810.000 Rp15.296. Rp200.333 TOTAL LIABILITIES Rp0 CAPITAL Capital Contribution Rp100.000 Utilities Rp1.133.000 Fixed Assets Rent Office Supplies Rp22. end Rp247.000.000 Rp100. 2011 .000 Rp100.000.000 TOTAL ASSETS Rp735.536.333 Furniture & Equipment Rp27.333 TOTAL LIABILITIES & CAPITAL Rp235.000.000 Budget for Operating costs Rp40.000.333 PROJECTED CASH FLOW The following table the projected cash flow SANIA ORGANIC FOOD December 31.PROJECTED BALANCE SHEET SENIA ORGANIC FOOD Balance Sheet As of December 31.000 Markets Products Rp140. Capital.2011 ASSETS Current Assets: Rp500.

000.000 Office Supplies Rp200.000 Less: CASH DISBURSEMENTS: Rent Rp22.000 Market products Rp140.000 TOTAL ASSETS Rp235. END Rp247.000 Utilities Rp1.400.133.000 Total Cash Inflows Rp365.293.104.333 Furniture & Equipments Rp27.333 BREAK-EVEN ANALYSIS SENIA ORGANIC FOOD BREAK-EVEN POINTS SUMMARY .000 Loans Rp134. Cash Flow CASH INFLOWS: Cash Contributions Rp500.333 _______________________________________________________________________ _ CASH BALANCE.000 Budget for Operating costs Rp40.000.536. Accessories Rp4.600.

000 20% Naning Candra K Rp100.000.200.000 _________________ GROSS PROFIT Rp729.800.000 40% TOTAL CAPITAL CONTRIBUTIONS: Rp500.600.000 20% Retnaning Aristanti Rp100.600.020.000 By YR3= Rp1.000 BY YEAR 3: Rp1.000 _________________ OTHER NET PROFIT Rp520. Salaries and Wages.000 O/P: Rp18.000 Add: NET PROTIF Rp741.000.600.000.000 Less: Income tax Rp81. and to possibly pay our self a bonus.000. This is our sales income left after all expanses we’ve paid.000 ______________ NET PROFIT IN 1 YEAR Rp247.000.600.000 20% Loan Rp200. Less investors Rp500.000 TOTAL SERVICE & SALES INCOME : Rp729.000 Total Income: Rp810. .000.000 IN 3 years. including Taxes.262.200.FINANCIERS: SHARES %CONTRIBITION CATEGORY: Nur Piatin Rp100.200.000 100% SUMMARY EXPENSES: Rp481.000 X yrs.000 LESS:OPERATING EXPENSES Rp481.000 by year 3 we can pay back the money of investors. Rent.000.000. Rp741.800. Even the shares of the financiers. Etc.000.000.600.020.000 _________________ TOTAL NET PROFIT Rp1. This is the profit left to put back in to our growing business.

CHAPTER 8 SOCIO-ECO FEASIBILITY 7.1 PROJECTS EMPLOYEE The projects employee will receive a daily salary and cost of living a month. social .

income tax and taxes for application of business in Malang City.2 THE GOVERNMENT The government will received the taxes such as sales tax. sick/maternity leave’s days off in one service (SSS) membership paid by the company while he/she is employed. After working for 5 months she will be considered as a regular employee and entitled to 13th month pay. CHAPTER 9 PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION AND TIME TABLE 2011 ______________________________________________________________________ ACTIVITY DURATION(unit of time) .3 OTHER BENEFICIARIES As company who care for the health and wellness. 7. one week annual leave. 7. we believe that we have to share to the community by getting involved sponsorship of public health projects and the environment like recycling efforts.

Bureau of Internal Revenue August d. Land October b. Cashiers September Arrangement/supervision for operation (preparation/canvassing and negotiations/ Delivery and receipt acquisitions/construction/ Installation of project: a. building and facilities October d. Improvements October c. Marketing budgets November b. Municipality/City Government August c. Customer services September b. “other” regulatory and registration office August Arrangement/Supervision for management (selection/recruitment/training) of: a. Advertising and promotions November Dry Run of Operations December Start of normal operation December .Project conceptualization and June Identification Preparation of project feasibility June Study Negotiations/ Approval/ Release of July Finance from project proponents/ Financier Determination/Awarding of engineering/ July Management/marketing contracts Incorporation/Legal Registration With: a. The Department Trade & Industry August b. machineries and equipment and accessories October arrangements/Supervision for marketing (presentation/canvassing and negotiations) Of: a.

other regulatory and registration office 6 Arrangement/Supervision for management Rp (selection/recruitment/training) 7 Arrangement/Supervision for operations Rp (preparation/canvassing and negotiation/ Delivery and receipt/acquisition/construction (fabrication)installation of projects 8 arrangement/supervision for marketing Rp (presentation/canvassing and negotiations Of marketing budget) 9 Dry Run Operation Rp 10 Start Normal Operations Rp Total Rp Assignment of Activities _______________________________________________________________________ _ No ACTIVITY In-Charge* 1 Project conceptualization and Naning Identification .Municipal/City government.BIR.SEC.Budgeting and Costing No Activity Pre-Operating Cost 1 Project conceptualization and - Identification 2 Preparation of project feasibility - Study 3 Negotiations/Approval/Release of - Finances from projects proponents/ financiers 4 Determination/Awarding of engineering/ Rp Management/marketing contracts 5 Incorporation/Legal registration Rp with DTI.

2 Preparation of project feasibility Naning Study 3 Release of Finances from projects Aritanti proponents 4 Determination/Awarding of engineering/ Aristanti Management/marketing contracts 5 Legal registration Aristanti 6 Arrangement/Supervision for management Nur Piatin (selection/recruitment/training) 7 Arrangement/Supervision for operations NurPiatin (preparation/canvassing and negotiation/ Delivery and receipt/acquisition/construction (fabrication)installation of projects 8 arrangement/supervision for marketing Naning (presentation/canvassing and negotiations Of marketing budget) 9 Dry Run Operation Nur Piatin. Aristanti. Naning _______________________________________________________________________ _ CHAPTER 10 ANNEXES AND OTHER . Naning 10 Start Normal Operations Nur Piatin.Aristanti. Rp3. sell= 69RFreezer machine chasier USD 718 = Rp6.php (Price Stand in MATOS) rent= Merchant2/ SUPPLEMENTS: List of marketing forms and records: .org.http://www.000 4.html supermarket shelf USD 50 supermarket shelf= Rp450.mvc+Screen=PROD&Store_Code=SE&Product_Code=TGM- 69RFreezer Freezer HK$ 1.WEBSITES chasier Desk USD 175= Rp1.000 Merchant2/merchant.000.htm www.

Credit memos.issued along with sales invoice and used a posting reference in our stock cards. Receiving Receipts-are used to record stock purchases from suppliers. a will stocked first aid cabinet.issued to customers who purchase on discounts or those who are given rebates. Official Receipts-are given to customers who make direct or full payment of their purchased items. There should be a reception center attended by qualified and trained staff. The shop should be provide different types of product. If corporations-security and exchange commissions. LOGO FOR OUR SHOP .Sales Invoice-used to invoice merchandise (service) sold to customers either in cash or in charge basis Delivery Receipts. Local Government Office. Mayors office. There should be a suitable facilities and provision for disabled. department of Health. Project General Company policies: Minimum standard requirement in operating shop in the Malang City according to revised rules and regulations of Department of Trade and Industry. The location should be safe and comfortable. There should be separate toilets for men and women.