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Front Office Training Plan

Malou van den Berg
GHE at Holiday Inn Oceanfront Hilton Head,

The trainee’s educational background and prior experience will be a definite factor in developing a
training structure that is appropriate for the individual career development. The primary purpose of the
training is to enhance the trainee’s skills in the area of interests. If the trainee is at a career point, which
requires a specialization in a certain aspect of the department, this area will be emphasized. Additionally,
the trainee’s knowledge of American techniques, methodologies and expertise in the department is to be
refined. Further, through daily interaction at the training site and in the local community the trainee will
gain a better understanding of American culture and society. And additional benefit of this type of
exchange program is that American citizen can also benefit from new knowledge of foreign cultures and
skills. Finally, the program is to create an environment that promotes the open exchange of ideas between
the trainee and the American participants.

The on-the-job training approach for the trainee is targeted to provide the trainee with experience that will
allow time for exposure, evaluation and opportunity to benefit properly in understanding our company
philosophy. It is designed to bridge the gap between academics and theoretical studies. The training
program will create an environment that will allow the trainee to put his theory into practice. This work is
essential to the trainee’s professional education and further enhances and supports his/her career
development in a highly competitive workplace.


At Your Service 12-16 weeks . Knowledge of the management philosophy: (T)otal (Q)uality (M)anagement 4.PBX 2-4 weeks . The trainee will start from the least responsible position but complete the training in that department by assuming the role of the manager with him highest responsibilities. “Knowing the recipe does not mean you have the ability to cook”. but are required through practice and experience. all Trainees will be asked to fill all existing positions in each department.Concierge 4-8 weeks entry level . Introduction to the various departments. For example in the case of the Front Office. their functions and interaction.PART I OUTLINE OF TRAINING PROGRAM A) The following are the objectives the trainee’s should achieve during their internship: 1. the trainee will start and finish by working the following positions.Front Office Manager (trainee) 22-24 weeks 2 . 2.Assistant Front Office Manager (trainee) 20-22 weeks managerial level . 3. Successfully complete two (2) written reports in which the subject issues are industry (business management) related and chosen by the college mentor and the representative of the hotel.Reservations 8-12 weeks supervisory level . 5. Hospitality skills are not only learned in the classroom. “Hands-On” Expected Duration . Therefore.Front Office Shift Supervisor 16-20 weeks . 6. This part of their graduation process. Current trends in the United States as it pertain to Hotel Operations. In order to be successful it is imperative that the Trainees experience the various aspects of this unique business “hands-on” to expand on their theoretical knowledge. Understanding of the difference between the labor force in the United States and your home country and its effect on the company’s training programs. Understanding of the difference in amount and spelling of leisure time between the two (2) countries and its effect on tourism. PART II The hospitality industry is the perfect example of a business where “hands-on-training” is essential.

) • Tour of Property 2. Departmental Orientation – by manager and associates • Detailed tour of department • Introduction to associates • Rap session with manager • Introduction of training checklist/job description • Posting schedules/time Clock • Uniform distribution • Training with associates for 5 – 7 days PART IV B) The representative from the hotel and liaison between the Trainees will be the Front Office Manager who will be responsible mainly for the orientation of the interns with the community. social security number.Executive Committee • Management Philosophy and introduction to (T)otal (Q)uality (M)anagement • Expectations of guest and the Principles of Hospitality • Benefit packages for associates • Hotel policies and guidelines • Factual Information about the hotel (amount of sleeping rooms. General Orientation – presented by a Human Resource Representative in the Corporate Office and requires mandatory attendance for all new hires. 3 .Quality Team . etc. PART III A) The orientation program in the hotel consists of two (2) parts: 1.Loss Prevention Team . It covers the following: • History of the GHE Hotels and Resorts • Ghe Mission and Vision Statement • Structure of GHE Corporation and its various divisions. He will assist the interns with finding housing by taking them to various apartment locations. etc. catering space. • Introduction of owners • Introduction of the various committees: . set-up of bank accounts.

4 . but also to understand the differences in life style and cultural background. Europe & Australia. educational approach. lodging habits and trends of the American guests. B) The hotel is involved in various charity events throughout the community (foodbank. It will enable the student to experience some of the social challenges as well as meet different people with various backgrounds. fund raising events for the homeless. etc.).PART V In order to finalize a successful training program. A) Hotel operations: comparison of the level of customer service quality and hotel operations between the United States. The hotel will give the student’s ample opportunity to participate and attend various events and company or community initiatives. The contacts the hotel has with colleagues working in different hotels as well as community colleges and managers' associations should enable the students to broaden their vision. it is important not only to succeed in the professional exchange of training.

(2 weeks) 2. As an intern you will be asked to complete two projects in every department you will rotate. Talk with the staff and get their ideas about their current job descriptions (4 to 8 weeks) 4. Ask your supervisor/manager to give you the copies of current job descriptions for the above mentioned positions and analyze them in detail at you free time. Front Office Supervisor. Observe and take detailed notes on how the staff and the supervisors conduct their daily duties (8 to 10 weeks) 5. To achieve these goals we are going to provide you with beneficial projects as part of your structured training. a trainee should learn all the managerial and basic duties and responsibilities in every key department and every key sub-department in order to develop necessary skills to be an effective manager. This training program’s major goal is to aid trainees to achieve this goal besides introducing them to Hotels and American Hospitality Business practices. Reservations. and Assistant Front Office Manager. Activities: 1. Concierge. Ask for an appointment from the Human Resources Manager to discuss the process of reviewing and revising the job descriptions (2 to 4 weeks) 3. These projects will not only increase your professional knowledge in the specific areas of the hospitality management but also will be great changes for you to interact with different people in the organization and develop your interpersonal skills. On The Hotel Service. Try to identify any duties that are not well explained or misleading in the current Job Descriptions.SUPPLEMENTAL ACTIVITIES FOR THE STRUCTURAL TRAINING As a prospect future manager in the hospitality industry. Prepare a written report and present it to Front Office Division. managers. In project two you will work alone but you are expected to solicit the help of your supervisors. Put your findings in a written report and present it to your Director of Rooms Division (10 to 12 weeks) 5 . Following these projects is primarily your responsibility. You will get help from your supervisors and managers but timing for these projects should not interfere with the managerial responsibilities of your superiors or your practical training program. In project one you will be part of a team (not larger then 3 interns) and experience a teamwork effort in a professional environment. the hotel staff and even other interns. FRONT OFFICE DIVISION PROJECT ONE: Objective: Review the current job descriptions for PBX.

Ask your supervisor/ manager’s help in making a list of the hardware and software’s used by the Front Office department. cost. Activities: 1. 3. Conduct a competitive analysis of the products and companies in terms of quality. 5. which focuses on quality. searching the Internet. reading trade magazines. Search for alternative companies and products that can be used. dependability. Find alternative products and companies by talking with your supervisors/managers.FRONT OFFICE DIVISION PROJECT TWO: Objective: Identify the hardware and that are currently used by the property as PMS system. flexibility aspect of the products based on your findings. Obtain the unit prices. etc. 4. cost. Also identify the companies. flexibility etc. 6 . dependability. Start your competitive analysis. cost-cost and training cost of the products you identified. 2. which supply these products. Put your findings in to paper in a report format and give your suggestions and ideas based on your research findings.