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Model Point Base Ranged Squad Roll to Kill Base Free 90'
Cost Close Weapon Bonus as AP's Turn
Squat 2 D6-2 Special +2CP Hybrid 3 Yes
Brotherhood 5

Squat Trooper - D6-2 Special Hybrid 3 Yes
Sergeant - D6-1 Special Hybrid 3 Yes
Heavy Weapon - D6-3 Special Hybrid 3 No
Squat Acoustic 2 D6-3 Special Special Hybrid 3 No
Squat Herald 1 D6-3 Bolt Pistol +3CP Hybrid 3 Yes
Squat 1 D6+1 Storm- Terminator 4 No
Exo-Armor Bolter

● Squat Imperial Brotherhood Squad consists of 10 models:
1 Squat Sergeant w/ bolter, crack & frag grenades, +:30 sec if Squats are being used alone.
5 Squat Troopers with las-guns, crack & frag grenades,
4 Squats with plasma or heavy weapons and no grenades.
• Squat Commander is equipped with plasma pistol, and 8 Melta-bombs. He confers
+2CP's to any Squat force, and +:30 sec if Squats are being used alone. Squat CP's
may only be applied to Squat troops.
• Squat Herald is equipped with a pistol and herald standard, and confers bonus of
+3CP's for the his Brotherhood while alive. Squat CP's may only be applied to Squat
• Squat Exo-Armor was designed by the Squat Tech-priests to assist in the most grueling
environmental and battle conditions. They are equipped with servo-motors to enhance
mobility, a deadly Vibro-Blade that penetrates even the thickest armor (D6 +1 CAB),
and a rapid-firing bolter similar to an Imperial storm bolter, with equivalent damage,
range, and restrictions. 2D6, may move & fire, may go on overwatch, jams on
doubles while on overwatch.

even for its technician. the Engineer must spend 2AP's. • Harmonic Shockwave requires 3AP's to activate. • To Boost Communications. or other obstacles that completely block LOS & fire-arc to the target section. The roll of a '6' indicates the amplifier system has overloaded beyond capacity to modulate. It explodes. Roll 1D6 and subtract 2. The attacker must roll 1d6 for each affected model. Each affected model in the section loses all it's AP's. • Harmonic Shockwave overloads the amplifier system. While recharging. The Engineer focuses a complex array of highly energized sound waves into a massive Shockwave that incapacitates all models in the target section with deafening noise & gut-wrenching. Overwatch status.similar to a plasma weapon (ie if Shockwave is used on Squat player's Action Phase. on the following Action Phase will be ready to fire again. and affects all models within a target section (within LOS & Fire Arc). armor crushing harmonic pulses. the amplifier may not use Boost. May not fire through friendly units. The Engineer may be given a single Boost order in both team's action phases. May not be put on Overwatch. May not fire while moving. sometimes literally shredding apart internally & externally. Rubble does not disrupt Boost functions. as the Squat technician attempts to attune his equipment for optimum squad effectiveness.• Squat Acoustic Engineer carries an advanced synthesizer-amplifier that has multiple abilities. A '6' indicates that the integrity of the target's armor & body have broken down in the acoustic onslaught. It can both be used to Boost friendly communications providing additional command points. The result is how many Command Points are added to the Squat player's CP total (0-4) for the Action Phase. • Rubble does not disrupt Shockwave attacks. possibly allowing the Squats a good deal of additional CP initiative.) • When using Harmonic Shockwave roll 1D6 for the Engineer. nor can CP's be issued by it or to it until its next Action Phase (psykers may save themselves with an Aura). causing it to shut down and reboot taking a 2 full turns to be restored & operate again . as the target vibrates so violently that it is incapacitated. next Squat Action Phase it will be recharging. killing it. and any other bonus applied to it (except psychic). the model is removed from play. immediately killing the Squat Engineer in a fury of electronic sparks and flame. and its internal organs have failed. doors. • . has a range of 12. and it can be used to deliver a powerful Harmonic Shockwave that causes catastrophic micro-abrasions in both armor and flesh alike.

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