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Wes t Li ma, Wi s c ons i n
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XLXOX|AL Lditions | 10375 Countv Hwav A | LaPar¤c, w|SCONS|N | 54ó39
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© 2005 Ann ßo¤|c
|ithokons copv|c|t Ø m|LKAL aN0
0csi¤ncd ov m|LKAL aN0 wintcr 2001-2002, |a|| 2005.
XAm: Paragraph Ser|es by Ann 8og|e (1998)
whcn | wrotc XAV: Para¤raph Scrics in 1998, | was
in thosc citics and |ocations citcd in thc hcadcrs o| thcsc
passa¤cs. | scc thc picccs as rc|atcd prosc pocms÷not
as vcrscs, pcr sc, not as short storics, and not as cssavs or
cssavcttcs. A prosc pocm, as | havc practiccd it, is two pa¤cs
or |cwcr in |cn¤th and uscs |an¤ua¤c, rathcr than tcmpora|
cvcnts, as thc |irst ¤ivcn. G|impscs o| action, pcrson (not as in
|iction, "charactcr"), and sccnc mav a|so appcar in thcm. Prosc
pocms arc |css ca|cu|atin¤ than |iction and |css ti¤ht|v cra|tcd
than a short storv or short pocm, thcv arc |css prc-mcditatcd.
Pcrhaps thcv arc morc rhvthmic. Vv |ricnd, Vichac| 1. Kc||v,
admittcd to |indin¤ thc rhvthms in XAV to oc di||icu|t to |o||ow.
|t rcminds mc that rhvthm is somcthin¤ a|so pcrsona|. Jhc ocst
rhvthmic writin¤ wou|d oc "ocatcst." /uan is mv codcword |or
1anct Va|co|m writcs in hcr cssav in Jhc Ncw /orkcr
aoout Gcrtrudc Stcin (1unc 13 & 20, 2005) that hard|v a sou|
has rcad Gcrtrudc Stcin's work strai¤ht throu¤h. |, |or onc,
|ikc hcr rhvthms and variant rcpctitions, out, vcs, | am ¤ui|tv o|
mcrc droppin¤ in on hcr writin¤s whcn thc mood hits mc. |
rcad somc, |ikc takin¤ onc app|c |rom a trcc, po|ishin¤ it on mv
s|ccvc, and catin¤ it, rathcr than pickin¤ a|| thc app|cs, hcrdin¤
thcm into mv swcatshirt, and standin¤ thcrc unti| | havc catcn
thcm a||, a pi¤ or a cow on app|cs.
| was conccrncd not to |ct this scrics o| prosc pocms
(va¤uc|v aoout AA, cincma, and madncss) ¤o out to drcsscd-
up pcop|c who arc too drcssv cvcr to oc i|| or o| thcir actin¤
surc that i||ncss p|avs autcur. |||ncss docsn't writc pocms, |
wou|d sav to thcm, thc drcssv, c|asscd-up dctractors. So much
|or rcputation÷¤ossip, s|andcr, praisc.
Vinnctonka, Vinncsota
Au¤ust 14, 2005
8 ! - ó
XAm, FAkAGkAFH, may 22, 1998, HousIon, 1exas
|ev Onc: |c||c(
¹hc |c||c( fo( |ooev |s ¨x.'
|ev Onc ´con||nuco): Sv||ec|c
¹hc sv||ec|c fo( |ooev |s ¨em.'
Contcxt: Sound (Scttin¤)
: "Xam"
Jhc "|cttcr |or todav" arc 2ó with unmarkcd um|auts and
acccnts, thc Vinncsota diphthon¤s wc mock whi|c mockin¤
oursc|vcs |or ta|kin¤ Jcxas. Prin¤c. Jhc |cttcr |or todav was
"|." Prcczin¤, |ri¤¤in' |ri¤id tcmpcraturcs. Vittcns, hat. Lon¤
"a,"sidcwavs: "a"-squat. Jhc|cttcr |or vcstcrdavwas"s,"o|tcn
mistakcn |or "|" on thc tc|cphonc, out o| contcxt: "|" as in
"Prank" occausc onc wou|d not sav "srank", "s" as in "Sam"
occausc thcrc is no such thin¤ as "|am." wc took thc |am to
thc zoo. wc |or¤ot to cat this mornin¤, so wc wcrc a|| |am.
Prank Sinatra was thc most |am o| a|| thc |oun¤c sin¤crs (in a
oi¤ wav). Onc wou|d not sav, "wc took thc Samto thc zoo,"
or, "wc |or¤ot to cat this mornin¤, so wc wcrc a|| Sam." Onc
wou|d not sav, "Prank Sinatra was thc most Sam o| a|| thc
|oun¤c sin¤crs (in a oi¤ wav)."
! N N " O G L E /
' / - 0 , % 8
8 ! - 3
OlL5FlLL, FAkAGkAFH, 1une1, 1998, Anywhere, U5A
Jhc a|coho| sprcad throu¤h mv |i|c |ikc an oi|spi||.
AA was |ikc c|can-up |rom thc Lxxon Va|dcz and as |on¤.
C|cancrs at thc Lxxon Va|dcz ouv human hair to makc oi|
c|canin¤ ropcs. Jhis is not thc Ho|ocaust, whcrc thc Nazis
ki||cd thc pcop|c and so|d thc hair. Jhis is thc drunk ship
captain who spi||cd a ccnturv's worth o| oi| on a sin¤|c duck
namcd Pa|. |t wi|| takc 2,000 sa|ons' worth o| dai|v hair |or
thc ncxt twcntv vcars to supp|v cnou¤h hair to c|can Pa|
up. Am| |ikc thc drunk ship captain who spi||cd crudc oi| on
mv own |i|c? (Jhc captain had a discasc, too. |t was in thc
papcrs. Suotcxt: not his |au|t. Suotcxt: nccdcd hc|p.) Pa|
nccds hc|p, morc hc|p than thc captain. Smart thin¤ to do:
Cut vour hair. A|coho|ics cvcrvwhcrc arc donatin¤ hair in thc
AA sa|ons o| thc nation to soak up thc oi| spi||, thc a|coho|,
that ki||cd thc duck o| our companions. 0i¤ dccp|v, drcam.
! N N " O G L E V
8lG, FAkAGkAFH, 1une 3, 1998
ßov, wcnt. ßov was. ßov charmcd. ßov oou¤ht. ßov
so|d. ßov oct. ßov to|d. ßov |ost. ßov |ivcs. ßov dics. ßov
crics. ßov has oov. ßov has sun. ßov has |cvcr, oinocu|ars,
pairs o| pants, picturcs o| oi¤ arrows. 0ocs hc o|unt thcm?
ßov oc¤s a swcct |rom sorrow. ßov ton¤ucs hcr astcr. ßov
dia|s ßi¤ Gir| |or o|d timcs. Shc's a oi¤ o|' ¤ir|. Got hcr
prioritics strai¤ht. Comcs inoncs, |ivcs, tcns, twcntics, |i|tics,
hundrcds. Shc |ovcs thc dcnominations |ikc chi|drcn. Shot
crank strai¤ht throu¤h thrcc prc¤nancics and s|aps thcm
si||v to makc thcm stop spinnin¤. God |ovcs hcr. Jhat's
who God is. Shc |ovcs ßov thc dav his mothcr dics and thc
moncv is his. Litt|c Gir| |ovcs him occausc hc docsn't |ovc
hcr, and hc |ovcs ßi¤ Gir| |or a|| thc timcs shc madc him crv.
Now hc's drinkin¤ his wav homc. ßov ¤rows to ßi¤ ßov with
onc chcmica| omission. Litt|c Gir| acts drunk a |itt|c |on¤cr.
Litt|c Gir| no spcndcr. Litt|c Gir| no carncr. Litt|c Gir| no
¤amo|cr. Litt|c Gir| drip drv undcr thc tao|c ov ßov to ßi¤
ßov. Litt|c Gir| outzippcd ov ßi¤ Gir|. ßi¤ Gir| powcr|u| in hcr
prostitutin¤ and hcr mcn stav stcadv. Litt|c Gir| |ost hcr oi¤
not trvin¤ mcn on |or sizc. Pc|t sorrv |or hcr sins. ßov to ßi¤
ßov ca||s Litt|c Gir| a whorc, shrinks hcr. Litt|c Gir| |ooks to
thc skv, hcr |avoritc cci|in¤, ca||s down thc p|ancts and tc||s
God that shc shou|d havc ¤vppcd him, darn it. God, in His
wisdom, savs nothin¤.
8 ! - !U
wA1£kwOkL0, FAkAGkAFH, may 30, 1998,
minneIonka, minnesoIa
¨\c oon'| usc much e|coho| '(ouno hc(c.'
ßccomc, par. 2, drcnchcd in a wi||in¤ncss to oc out o|
hcrc, thc carth|v |ramc, "our" "|i|c" |rittcrcd on thc distancc,
our so|itudc conductcd in |u|| si¤ht o| man-with-thc-
codpiccc, shamcdtoawi||in¤ncss toocadoctor o| knowin¤,
twicc, scntcnccd to ||ai| in a ccrtaintv ocvond to|crancc
or acccptancc, nu||, void, othcr zcro words that add up to
Vount Lvcrcst, in thc movic, thc |ast tip o| |and sti|| visio|c
whcn thcv drop, in thcir crudc hvdrau|ics, thc |ina| tcchnica|
achicvcmcnt, to oc¤in a¤ain to |carn to |ikc mcat and othcr
vc¤ctao|cs. Sprun¤.
! N N " O G L E !!
8 ! - !2
wA5, FAkAGkAFH, may 31, 1998, minneIonka,
was, samc as Sam, was |crti|c, was |inx, was wi|v, was
scorn. Sam, man aoout town, not a oi¤ man, Sam, a sa|t-
and-pcppcr |adv's man, Sam|and, husoand occ|, sick issucr
o| womcn's ¤ric|, hair|css in most p|accs, happicr than manv,
ovcrindu|¤cd, wickcd. How wickcd? And what is ¤ric|?
Gric| is to havc ¤ivcn |rcc|v too un|rcc|v. Gric| is to havc
¤ivcn onc vcar too manv. wickcd is to havc wantcd it to oc
¤ivcn awav that wav. wickcd is to Sam as dutv is to Vothcr.
Sam's wi|c is to his |ricnd's wi|c as onc Vcrccdcs to anothcr.
Sam's |acc du jour cst ßc||c. was was du|v imprcsscd.
! N N " O G L E !3
8 ! - !+
1H£H, FAkAGkAFH, 1une 1, 1998, mIka., minn.
was was not acquaintcd with Sam o| thc wandcrin¤
spcctac|cs, marricd to Jristc, spcnt on Spam÷÷onc piccc
o| dark|v maro|cd Spam wc||-oi|cd amon¤ ro||in¤ pcas. Jhis
constitutcs a dark chi|dhood mcmorv. was was ocvond
Spam, ncvcr ocvond Jristc, outnumocrcd ov Sam, thcir
hcarts sct on Pixadcnt, must |ivc to nccd it. Lovc? Jhc oi¤
wappatui partv at thc |akc caoin whcn thc most popu|ar oov
who had cvcr ta|kcd to hcr, aoout thc 14th most popu|ar,
thrcw up a|| ovcr thc car scat and droppcd to 17th ov thc
cnd o| that wcckcnd, Hcck. Had shc |ovcd Hcck without
rcason thcn? Not a turn-kcv chi|d nor cvcn a turn-kcv
tccna¤cr. Not namcd was in thc oc¤innin¤, namcd |z. Go
oack and |ovc that ¤ir|. Go oack and |ovc hcr a¤ain.
! N N " O G L E !'
4 5 2 " ) . %
8 ! - !ó
0£A1Hl5 AGOO01HlHG, FAkAGkAFH, OcIober 9,
what his namc was, Spanish wind. Sparkin¤ his
discasc at thc |ast momcnt o| thc |ast ccnturv in thc
|ast mi||cnnium. ßc|icvin¤ too manv mcdia kncw his
whcrc|orcs. Char¤in¤ top do||ar to stav in thc kcnt
Puzz|c. Ownin¤ nothin¤ out his insccticidc |cc|crs. Por
instancc. Lct's scc what hc rcmcmocrs. (Look, |ook, |ook,
|ook.) Aha, hc rcmcmocrs cvcrvthin¤. 0ru¤s dra¤ him
into |urthcr worrv. Hc rcmcmocrs nothin¤. Hc rcmcmocrs
onc visua|ization. 0ividcd hcad, oodv, sha|t o| ncck. 0i
mcans two. 0istrioutcd hcad, oodv, stcm o| ncck. Pa||io|c
warnin¤ svstcm. Pcrsona| c||ccts. Jhc whitc coat pcop|c
|ock up his pcrsona| c||ccts and takc thc stccrin¤ whcc|
whcrc hc is arrcstcd. Jhcv takc his wcckcnd. Jhcrc is somc
disoricntation. Jhcrc is ¤cnuinc mcnta| i||ncss. Hc is not |ikc
us. Hc is not |ikc himsc||, cithcr. Jhcrc must oc somconc
c|sc |ivin¤ insidc him. |s hc 1csus? |s hc a prcsidcnt? |s
hc÷÷wou|dn't it oc ¤rcat i| hc cou|d oc dc|udcd that hc
is a ¤rcat cook? whv must hc oc dc|udcd, |or a|| his chi|d
aousc, that hc is a spcctcr? Cou|dn't wc |ct him win oncc?
Cou|dn't wcsav, hchas a point thcrc? Cou|dn't wcsit ocsidc
him at thc ¤rcat C|ock Countin¤ and ooscrvc that hc is |air?
what i| hc wants to oc ¤ood at citizcnship? what i| hc s|ips
into pcriods o| |ow achicvcmcnt so casi|v that hc occomcs
¤ood at that? Hc occomcs ¤ood at dopa sni||in¤. Hc's not
marricd. || hc cookcd, hc'd oc marricd. || hc kncw how to
stccr, hc'd oc onc in hcr intc||i¤cnt oook a|ikc contcst. Hc
has onc chancc to hit thc wastc oaskct with thc crump|cd
candv oar wrappcr. Hc |accd thc dcvi| and |ost his punch.
Hc has |ost his oi|||o|d so manv timcs, hc comcs out shinin¤.
Hc opcns ovcr to thc onion. Hc is not sickcr than vou. Hc is
not sickcr than vou. Hc is not sickcr than vou.
! N N " O G L E !/
! T O T H E P O W E R
8 ! - !3
0A¥, FAkAGkAFH, 1une 24, 1998
| atc thc wron¤ |actorv. | starvcd thc oi¤¤cst shrimp. |
swampcd thc acrodvnamic tunaooat. | |i|cd thc wron¤ divorcc. |
c|utchcd thc |irst swami. | ki||cd thc ||vin¤ cxctcr. | turt|cncckcd thc
simoncdcitizcn. | oc|chcdat thc pausc in thc aria. | |ickcdintocvcn
vour own cavitics. | cou¤hcd Pu|itzcr. | prizcd thc damncd | oou¤ht
maro|c sundac |ruitcakc. | i||cd thc twin |ruit ocvc|. | carricd ovcr
to ma¤azincs. | spicd on thc twc|vc handsomc. | ouricd his ovcn
mistakcs. | took wa|crs |rom thc hands o| |srac|. | spi||cd nut ¤rcasc.
| must havc known a|| this. | must havc |c|t this wav oc|orc. | must
havc wantcd to knowhowtimc ||ics a|onc. | must havc |c|t | kncw. |
must havc comc on |ikc a wccd stormin thc "d"o| wintcr. | whippcd
vou oov into thc shapc o| vour a|orcsaid. Por a pi|c o| dou¤h. A ¤i|t
to takc vou to thc ho|v |and. 0id vou scc mc comin¤? 0id vou takc
mc at mv word?
0id vou spc|| mv rc|ic| in vour c|ouds? 0id vou smi|c at thc
Aosurditics? 0id vou cat mv nakcd raw mcat adjaccnt to vour
wi|dcrncss? 0id vou oorrow onc morc windsock to darn a |itt|c
|on¤cr? 0id vou ouv a|| mv suicidc? 0id vou |cast on mv cmptv?
0id vou sai| in mv |oot pcdd|c? Jhis is as | to|d thc storv to mv sistcr
whcn shc cricd.
! N N " O G L E !V
8 ! - 2U
AH¥ ¥lH, FAkAGkAFH, 1uIy 4, 1998, 2:07-3:06 p.m.
C01, wiIh one cigareIIe
break, 625 words
wcrc 8, wcrc |aux, wcrc oi¤ |itt|c sorrc|s, wcrc
Ncw, wcrc wcrc, wcrc |orccd, wcrc |a||cn, wcrc |i¤s,
wcrc vampircs, wcrc |ick|c, wcrc |irst, wcrc midd|c, wcrc
|atcnt, wcrc |advki||crs, wcc dicks, in out o| hcrc to |or
across up down dia| ONL tastc o| thc mattcr |or 1uL/ |or
13 six ton¤ucs wi|| vou rcmcmocr mc? | wi|| rcmcmocr
vou. | wi|| sow vour rapicr sword |or mv oa¤ o| ninc. Jhis
our|v ivc. Jhis wron¤cd numocr. Jhis |ovc o| chain saws.
Vv oi¤¤cst accomp|ishmcnt was mv da||iancc. Vv |avoritc
invcntorv was mv |ovc. Vv vour. /our mv. How wc do
this apart. How wc shoot |irst and knock |atcr. How
cvcrv air sccks anv air |or vour unrcco||cctcd ncst c¤¤.
Jakc mc campin¤. Jakc mc to thc car oovs |or mv tota|
surrcndcr. |'|| kccp mv hat. |'|| kccp mv |c¤s. |'|| kccp
mv |on¤ |on¤ torso and mv ncck. |'|| kccp mv orcasts. |'||
kccp mv stonc |uckcr. |'|| kccp mv wickcd cand|c. |'||
dic down on thc |arm. |'|| |ivc in thc citv. |'|| ouv vou a
car. |'|| ouv vou a ouv vou a ouv vou a ouv vou a|rcadv
know what | oou¤ht vou. |t is a oi¤ onc. ßi¤ is octtcr. ßi¤
is ncccssarv. ßi¤ is |or oi¤ mcn. ßi¤ is oi¤¤cr than snai|s.
ßi¤ is |or thc who|c |uckin¤ |ic|d. Hcrc hc comc to oc
a ¤io ¤io ¤io ¤io turkcv. what's |un? /ou know what
|un is to mc? | |ikc tvpin¤. | |ikc movin¤ mv shou|dcrs. |
|ikc |ookin¤ at that ¤uv Vikc in thc an¤cr mana¤cmcnt
support ¤roup whosc wi|c is suspicious. || vou saw him,
vou wou|d oc suspicious, too. O| his oh-vcs, o| his |adv
|ooks. O| his man |ramc. O| his havin¤ travc|cd this |ar
to trouo|c vou, a|| thc wav |rom ßa|timorc. Hair orown.
Pcvcr|cw. Jhis is |or a computcr that | writc this. |'|| ¤ivc
vou a|| mv moncv, out vou can't havc mv hcart. Or mv
sou|. Or mv spirit. | know. wc wcrc to sharc. wc did
sharc. Now | want it a|| ski||cd. Hcrc's a |itt|c Li||c| Jowcr
|or vour soup. | |ovc vou, | |ovc vou, | |ovc vou. what
|ovc is worth that? A|| |ovc is |on¤ |ovc. A|| |ovc is |ovc
o| God |ovc. A|| |ovc makcs war |ook |ikc courtship.
! N N " O G L E 2!
A|| |ovc makcs mcn ta||. A|| |ovc makcs womcn sma||.
A|| |ovc makcs chi|drcn scck out thc O-door. A|| |ovc
makcs thc anima|s o| |irst importancc, morc important
than |rcc ran¤c itsc||. ßv a|| mcans, ov anv mcans, ouv
AN/ 713 with ANN ó52, ouv huo|ish. Jhis southcrn oc||c
hcmisphcrc whcrc thc toi|ct watcr ro||s around thc othcr
wav. Jhis |irst |ook at vou. Jhis |irst son¤ |or mc. Jhis
31-vcar o|owjoo projccti|c. Jo vouI Jo oi¤ vouI Jo mv
ro|c in |i|c. | wou|d havc suckcd vou toward hcavcn had
vou so|d mc |or |css. Vv |oss is mv |csson, mv |ctzcn mv
|cscn. wcnt to a wcddin¤, ta|kcd to thc photo¤raphcr.
Ja|kcd to thc oand. Ja|kcd to thc ministcr. Ja|kcd to thc
ncrvous oridc¤room. Ja|kcd to thc pcrmancnt|v oorcd
oridc. Ja|kcd to thc oridc's mothcr whosc joo it was to
raisc a raiscd dau¤htcr. Ja|kcd to thc oridc¤room's dad
whosc idca it was to |akc thc |ost- causc oridc. Jhis was
thc oa||oon ridin¤ to thc skv on win¤s o| vou. kcd ||a¤s
at thc window at thc sidc o| thc housc at thc corncrs o|
thc housc. Powcr |or davs. P|owcrs cvcrvwhcrc. Vicc
prcscntin¤ thcmsc|vcs dcad at thc s|idin¤ ¤|ass door. ßaov
sparrow not |i|tin¤ anvmorc. Jhcn suddcn|v |i|tin¤ whcn |
|i|tcd. Jircs. 1o¤ vcars. Chccrs.
8 ! - 22
A fA5ClHA1lOH wl1H 5£X, AFFAk£H1L¥,
FAkAGkAFH, 1uIy 29, 1998
Jhc mumman |mumo|cd word| was drinkin¤ co||cc
and thinkin¤ o| thc 12 oran¤c sistcrs o| hcr taoov cat, Lucv,
a|so oran¤c, a|so |cma|c. Jhcv said oran¤c cats arc usua||v
mcn. Hcrc was Lucv, thc tinicst o| thc |u||-¤rown miniaturcs,
with orains and a hcart. Shc crouchcd stcadi|v in hcr vcars,
14. Hcr hind |c¤s a |itt|c |rostcd. Hcr |ur a |itt|c spottcd. Hcr
|ovc at an cnd|css arch toward rccommcndin¤ hcrsc|| |or
rctircmcnt. 0on't dic, Lucv. Ncvcr dic. Acompanion with a
rccordcdhistorv. Shc uscdtosocia|izc, andnowshc most|v
rcsts. Shc uscd to sit on mcn. whcn shc travc|s, shc |caps
|rom ocd to ocd, across thc narrow hotc| dividc, and |rom
onc hi¤h thin¤ to anothcr. Hcr orothcr is handsomc and
dc|i¤ht|u||v norma|. Hc travc|s to thc countrics o| cach trcc,
cach |o|dcd |crn, cats cach |a||cn oird, cach p|ummctin¤
mousc, |i||s his mouth with |cathcrs and ||u|| and o|oodv
cvcs. Pran. Cis. Jhcv ta|k as |ricnds and |i¤ht, thcv s|ip into
ó9 |i¤htin¤ position andkick |ikc mad, |cttin¤ out onc phrasc
in scrious, ovcr|appin¤ undcrtoncs. Jhcv sprcad ncws to
! N N " O G L E 23
0 H A L L O W
8 ! - 2+
mH 55345
Jhc man drovc on cvczinc. Jhc man courtcd thc
othcr man, and thc womcn courtcd him. |n thc ma¤nctic
|itcraturc o| thc 19th ccnturv, hc was a homoscxua|. A |a¤.
Ahomo. Acrccp. Aquccr. Hc had not wantcd onc |ook at
hcr. Jittv oars did nothin¤ |or him. Hc wcnt to hcar thc ta|k.
Hc ¤ot hard(it ¤ot hard) whcn hc thou¤ht o| hardrca|itv. Hc
turncd into a |airv onc dav at dusk. Jhc woman had ¤ivcn a||
hcr man out. No morc man in hcr to ¤ivc. Had to movc on,
hc said. Jhank vou |or |cttin¤ mc suck vou oonc drv suicidc.
/ou'rc wc|comc, shc addcd. Shc was not onc |or carrvin¤
un|inishcd ousincss in hcr scrapoook. Hc a||icd himsc|| with
thc thrcc womcn |rom thc movic. Jhcv wcrc |or him. Hc
was |or thc othcr him. No onc wou|d ¤ct thc ocst o| him.
Jhis was his 77th movic. Hc was vcrv oad and ¤ood at it.
Hc turncd in his idcnti|ication oracc|ct at thc statc crossin¤.
Hc misscd rcadin¤ wa||acc Stcphcns÷÷wa||acc Stcphcns,
wa||acc Stcphcns, a Latin phrasc. Lvcr sincc, occausc o| it
mavoc, hc was |azv, inactivc. Hc had a puo|ic |i|c as a ¤uitar
p|avcr out cou|d not p|av in |ront o| pcop|c. Jhc ncw shc
was shirkin¤ hcr dutics at work, thinkin¤ it was tcmporarv,
thinkin¤ work was pcrmancnt, thinkin¤ hcr dutics as a
mothcr wcrc not so vcrv hcavv. A|tcr a||, hc was pavin¤ hcr
to think, out shc had not thou¤ht that vct. |n somc vcars,
somcthin¤ wou|d rcmind hcr.
! N N " O G L E 2'
8 ! - 2ó
flk51 HO51AG£, FAkAGkAFH, 5epIember 17, 1998
whcn is vour oirthdav? 0o vou know whcn vour
oirthdav was? wcrc vou thcrc? wcrc vou marricd? 0o
vou know whcn vour wcddin¤ was? wcrc vou thcrc? Vv
husoand is a shapcshi|tcr who oorrowcd a c|oud |roma star
to cspv mv |orma| |od¤in¤s. | cou|d ncvcr tc|| whcn hc was
with mc and whcn hc was c|scwhcrc. Jhc kind o| marria¤c
| am spcakin¤ o| is not cxc|usivc. Jhc kind o| marria¤c | am
spcakin¤ aoout is mcnta| rou¤hshod. Hc cnjovs it morc
than anv act o| |oca| |ovc, morc than anv sin¤|c momcnt in
a humo|c dav, morc cvcn than watchin¤ his son's |acc ¤row
up. |t is a crimina| suostitutc |or orcakin¤ actua| |aws. Jhcv
ncvcr p|acc thc tari|| on thc unsuckcd mi|k. Jhcv ncvcr ask
a man to oorrow moncv hc can't rcpav. Jhcv ncvcr ¤ivc up
on his vcrsion o| thc vicw. Jhcv ncvcr tc|| him that cnou¤h
is cnou¤h. Hc is morc activc in thc cconomv than cvcn thc
industrious rich man. Hc is morc surc o| his rcsourccs than
thc mi|dcst oank tc||cr. Hc oorrowcd vcrsc |rom wind. Hc
so|d shrapnc| |rom startin¤ ovcr. Hc kisscd |ro¤ upon |ro¤
upon|ro¤. Hcturncda ocauti|u|, mi|k-richwomantoa toad.
Hc turncd anothcr ocauti|u|, mi|k-rich, |orci¤n woman to a
sca ¤vpsv. Shc turncd him on hcr tinv |in¤cr. Shc to|d his
storv inPrcnchsothat somcthin¤ cou|doctruc|or somconc.
Hc rc¤rcttcd not |indin¤ that mothcr ton¤uc sooncr. LJC.
Hcdidcachthin¤withdc|iocration. Hcdiscovcrcdcachso|t
spot with spccia| vcncration. Hc aspircd to undctcctao|c
crimcs. ßut cvcrvonc kncw, and thcv |au¤hcd jovia||v in thc
cmptv thcatcr.
! N N " O G L E 2/
wlf£, FAkAGkAFH, OcIober 6, 1998, mIka., mH
Jhcn wc wcrc savin¤ how unordinarv this woman is:
Shc wrotc a notc on pink notcpapcr a||owin¤ hcr husoand
toscck scx c|scwhcrc, as |on¤, shcwrotc, as |on¤ as hccamc
homc at ni¤ht. Lovc, smi|v |acc, vour wi|c. wc wcrc savin¤
this is an unusua| situation. | said, "Shc must oc a nationa|
curiositv." A|rcadv pcop|c in |ivc statcs had hcard aoout
it. Somconc said, "Hc must oc a oov ¤cnius." | said, "|| hc
shows thc notc to too manv pcop|c, hc wi|| |osc his ¤cnius."
Somconc c|sc said, "Shc's just ¤ivin¤ him thc ropc,"and mv
o|d oov|ricnd said, "Jhat's onc contro||in¤ mothcr|uckcr,
surc." Jhc man with thc pcrmission s|ip showcd thc notc to
mc. | was trvin¤ to scc hcr as oi¤-o|-hcr and mc as how-
cou|d-|÷÷not our |ina| cxamination hairco|ors. |t was
Aquarian Van at his ocst |cxp|ain|.
8 ! - 23
0£L¥£, FAkAGkAFH, OcIober 24, 1998
Poo|in¤ vour cvcs, scttin¤ traps |or vour mcmorv,
dcsi¤nin¤ vour mood. Jhis was thc dav |or c|canin¤ thc
housc. Jhis was thc dav |or writin¤ a storv. Jhis was thc
dav |or wa|kin¤ to thc |akc. Jhis was thc dav |or cc|coratin¤
a |itt|c hair. Jhis was thc dav |or timin¤ thc crrands. Jhis
was thc dav |or tcstin¤ up on Lucv. Jhis was thc dav |or
rcmcmocrin¤ thc o'cv, what that |csson was POk. Jhis was
thc dav |or dccidin¤ thc manv. Jhis was thc dav |or dia|in¤
thcanv. Jhis was thcdav |or onc, two, thrcc, |our, |or carvin¤
a pumpkin, dcstrovin¤ a costumc, |i|in¤ scparatc sorrows in
|i|cs markcd: VLN'S NAVLS. Jhis was thc dav |or not ta|kin¤
too much. Jhis was thc dav |or |istcnin¤. Jhis was thc dav
|or pravin¤ aoout thc car. Jhis was thc dav |or not chcckin¤
c-mai|. Jhis was thc dav |or ocndin¤ |ow to pick thc |cavcs
o|| thc carpct. Jhis was thc dav |or rcmcmocrin¤ stcri|c
thin¤s. Jhis was thc dav |or not wantin¤ somconc. Jhis was
thc dav |or wantin¤ somconc octtcr. Jhis was thc dav |or
wantin¤ to oc somconc. Jhis was thc dav |or wantin¤ to oc
somconc octtcr. what a vc||ow |ca|. what oracu|ars. what
downtown tcnnis shocs. what a vamp |or arch drvncss.
what starin¤ into ocst and that in particu|ar. what a |ot o|
con|cssiona| pupi|s. |n this wav, in this wav, in this wav.
! N N " O G L E 2V
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