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with the Mahindra brothers as the whole sole of the company.C. Malik Ghulam Mohammed moved to Pakistan where he became the nation's firstfinance minister. Mahindra Tractors(China) Co. Mahindra along with Malik Ghulam Mohammed. Ltd. Now.C. Products ? Mahindra Bolero ? Mahindra Bolero Camper ? Mahindra Bolero Inspira ? Mahindra Bolero Stinger Concept ? Mahindra Scorpio ? Mahindra Scorpio Getaway ? Mahindra Scorpio First ? Mahindra Xylo ? Mahindra Legend ? Mahindra MM550 XD ? Mahindra-Renault a  (in cooperation with Renault)[31] ? Mahindra Axe ? Mahindra Major ? Mahindra Souvenir Concept ? Mahindra Commander ? Mahindra DI ? Mahindra Cab Chassis[32] . manufactures and markets tractors as well as farm implements. M&M is one of the leading tractor brands in the world. It designs. M&M has a 100% subsidiary. develops.Introduction:- M&M motors Mahindra & Mahindra Limited is part of the Indian Industrial Conglomerate Mahindra Group based in Mumbai. Mahindra USA. which assembles products for the American market. The company was set up in 1945 inLudhiana as Mahindra & Mohammed by brothers K. Mahindra and J. It is also the largest manufacturer of tractors in India [15] with sustained market leadership of over 25 years. its name was changed to Mahindra & Mahindra in 1948. manufactures tractors for the growing Chinese market and is a hub for tractor exports to the USA and other nations.[3] After India gained independence and Pakistan was formed.

Y ain how the characteristics of rura buyers infuence the urchase of roducts assigned to and various agricuture equiments. Mahindra motors makes tracters. These product Mahindra most focused in rural areas also bolero or maxx for loading or as use as a carrier or transportation. .

They have affordability but not form a demand base large enough for marketing firms to depend on. The farmers of Bihar and Orissa fall under this category Rura Buyers behavior in urchase decision of Mahindra motors: ³The spirit of India lives in its villages´ has been rightly said by Mahatma Gandhi. there are twice as many µlower middle income¶ households in rural areas as in the urban areas.3 million urban households as against 1. literacy levels.000 villages. the middle and high-income households is expected to grow from 46 million to 59 million by 2007. the absolute size of rural India is expected to be double that of urban India. distances from nearest towns. They receive the grants from government and reap the benefits of many such schemes and may move towards the middleclass.6 million household in rural areas. It is very difficult being a marketer to position you as a Mahindra motors brand because of the unawareness of the brand in the rural market. ‡? At the highest income level there are 2. ‡? In urban India. If we talk about the general perspective the customer¶s decision mainly depend upon various factors. · The Poor: This constitutes a huge segment. Farmers cultivating sugar cane in UP and Karnataka fall in this category. which can be sorted in different parameters such as. but strength is more. According to the NCAER study. · The Midde Cass: This is one of the largest segments for manufactured goods and is fast expanding. Purchasing power is less.„irsty we cassify the customers in rura areas:- Cassification of rura consumers The rural consumers are classified into the following groups based on their economic status: · The Affuent Grou: They are cash rich farmers and a very few in number. penetration. Two-third of India¶s consumers live in rural areas and almost half of the national income is generated here.40. income levels. accessibility. . Thus. etc. Our country is classified around 450 districts and approximately 6. ‡? Middle and high-income households in rural India are expected to grow from 80 million to 111 million by 2007. Wheat farmers in Punjab and rice merchants of Andhra Pradesh fall in this group.

more value and a more aspirational image. MaXX leveraged the benefit of Zyaada space. The MaXX fuel consumption is 14-15 kmpl compared with the competitors¶ 10-12 kmpl. V? Personal vehicles are also hired out when ³not being used´ or ³in demand´. ‘ome of the key insights or other reevant facts that are to be noted here are: V? The rural consumer usually travels in a group. V? On the emotional plank. Therefore. The UVs have been sought either for personal use or for commercial purpose (making the vehicle available on hire to others) and in some cases both. which meant more space. is ³more´ or as relevant to the rural customer is Zyaada. a vehicle that is more rugged and tough. V? City and urban is inspirational. What did it convey? The MaXX brand promise was defined on two planks ± rational and emotional terms. particularly utility vehicles (UVs). least cost of ownership.The Concet of Rura Marketing for Mahindra - V? Rural customers have always have had a fascination for automobiles. V? The rational plank was that the vehicle was big on size. This was the core concept in the development of MaXX. The villager shouldn¶t look like he has come from one. Also seeks space for luggage. And Zyaada = MaXX. the rural needs were found and the Mahindra MAXX was launched as a product with more space. yet comfortable. he seeks the same in his vehicle. comfort and economy and the brand created a relatable aspirational value. MaXX positioned it as a travel companion Advertisement. Incidence of hiring out of vehicles is greater than ownership. which stands out. Optimization is a way of life but image and show is very critical to the villager. the leveragable difference. fulfilling the need for more value. V? Rural consumer needs a vehicle that is rough and rugged. . The idea behind the concet: Analyzing these insights. The engine is high on fuel economy and low on maintenance. He is used to wide open spaces. The MaXX length and width was more than that of competing vehicles. and Mahindra & Mahindra launched the product in the commercial segment in February 2001. Quite clearly.

They want value for their money so Mahindra motors should take pricing into consideration and they should revising their pricing strategy in the rural areas. Rural people are emotional also so they need to be attacked emotionally. and friends are consulted before making purchase decisions of higher-value products. symbols. Rural consumers show a preference for bold. V? Rura ife is generay ess e citing than urban ife: Very rightly said that rural people are not very exciting so in order to create excitement in their minds do something so that feel excitement in their lives. and social activities. Moreover rural people are mainly bothered of symbols and colors so in order to position Mahindra motors in the minds of rural people to have the distinct image of their brand. Opinion leaders and people who are perceived to be knowledgeable play an important role as information providers and advisors.Characteristics of the rura consumer which affects their urchase behavior: V? Peoe in rura areas have oor job oortunities than urban: Being the manager of Mahindra motors we should take this thing into consideration and I think we should go for that class of rural areas who either are employed or having some other source of income like land farming on large scale V? Re understands symbos and coors better. primary colors. rural consumers have different interpretations of colors. Family members. and ooks for endorsement by oca eaders or icons: We know that rural people buying process is mainly based on opinion leaders so being Mahindra motors they should focus on those opinion leaders to influence the purchase behavior of rural people. V? The rura consumer is very conscious about getting vaue for money: Pricing plays a very important role in the buying process of rural people. I think more than TV hoardings play a good role in the communication of the brand. Exhibitions and road shows act as some of the key triggers for information-search behavior. Consumer Behavior in Rura Areas: Purchase-decision processes and preferences also show certain characteristics that implication for marketers.? ? V? Re has a very high invovement in any roduct urchased: As I said earlier that rural people want value for their money and they take a lot of time in the purchase of any product so they the human resource in rural areas plays a very important role. relatives. Word of mouth has more significance in purchase decisions of rural consumers. V? The rura consumers are marked by a conservative and tradition-bound ifestye: We know that rural people are not very fashion conscious so positioning plays a very important role in this matter. red . Mahindra motors are meant for excitement so focus on that only. Compared to the urban counterparts.

non-agriculture labour (9%). Rural consumers also tend to be more loyal as brand switching has greater perceived risk. 4.3. There are states like U. In general a rural consumer spends less on non-food items. As many as 16 major languages are spoken adding to the complexities in rural communication. Assam. as the exposure to mass media and information technology is increasing. telephone and other higher-value consumer durables. M. 6. However. MP (14200 villages).. Literacy is one of the important factors in developing awareness and knowledge about technological changes. and education of children in cities are considered as status symbols. 3. For Mahindra motors it will not be implemented as such because of less brand awareness in the rural areas but somehow these factors are very important in the brand positioning of Mahindra motors in rural areas.2003).? Transortation faciities: . overall social and economic backwardness lead to low standard of living.P.? Low standard of iving: Low income. Gujarat (7000 villages). This includes Rajasthan (17600 villages). Statistics indicates that the reach of Print media is 10%. salary earners (2%) and not gainfully employed (2%). the rural population constitutes about 74% of the total population in our country. Maharashtra (12000 villages). Characteristics of rura market:- 1. low purchasing power. followed by TV 31%. and AP. While the population went from 55 crores (1971) to 85 crores (1991). 2.color connotes happiness and auspiciousness. Others are engaged in business (10%). 5. Rajasthan and Orissa where rural population varies from 80 to 90 percent. Orissa about 6000 villages each. rural consumers are becoming more informed about products and services. Ownership of a large tractor.? Large number of consumers: According to the 1991 census.? Literacy eve: It has been estimated that the rural literacy level is 36% compared to 62% in urban areas.? Vccuation attern: Land is the major source of income for about 77% of the population. and green color prosperity.? Communication faciities: About 20% of the six lakh villages are without telephone facility even today.? Media reach: The media reach in rural household is low.P. large house. Therefore the marketer has to consider rural specific promotion media and methods to reach the villagers. 7. and their dependence on traditional reference groups is gradually waning. Bihar. (Source: The Indian Express dated 30. Radio 32% and Cinema 36%.

create time.? @istance: Village nearer to towns has elements of the urban life. Even if a company has a product that meets the requirements of . Many farmers use bullock cart for transporting their produce from village to the market. Most of the roads are kachha and become unusable during rainy season. place and possession utilities. Interior villages are more traditional. Therefore channels are useful to producers as well as consumers. These middlemen facilitate the process of exchange of goods. Promotion strategies Through the rural markets offer big attractions to the marketers. About 50% of the markets are not connected by road. 8. one of the most important questions frequently asked is ³How do we reach the large rural population through different media and methods? „orma media V? Newspapers and magazines: V? Television: V? Radio: V? Cinema: V? Outdoor advertisements: V? Point of purchase: V? Direct mail advertising: V? Wall paintings: V? Tree boards: ? InformaRura secific media V? Farm-to-Farm/House-to-House V? Group meeting V? Opinion leaders V? The Melas V? The Haats V? Audio Visual Publicity Vans (AVP Vans) V? Product display contests V? Field demonstration V? Field days @istribution Channe ‘trategies The channel members consist of wholesalers and retailers who are middlemen in distribution and they perform all marketing functions. This means of transport is time consuming.

Information search: Generally. The amount of information required depends upon: ã? Type of the product : In our case product is an affluent one so Mahindra motors need to make the marketing strategies accordingly. Consumers try to find information pertaining to their want satisfying products to make the right choices. marketers have to research on consumer problems and needs. rural consumers. At this stage.the consumer may obtain information from one or more of the following sources . ã? Nature of the product :In this case Mahindra motors is a complex and hi-tech brand ã? Availability of sources --. it will succeed only if it is made available at the right place as and when required by the consumer. marketer should help consumers identify their current and future problems and felt or latent needs.Customers are more demanding because there is a need of more production in less time. The BDP follows a logical sequence of five steps ã? Need Recognition ã? Information search ã? Evaluation of alternatives ã? Purchase ã? Decision ã? Post-purchase behaviour Need Recognition: When the buyer recognizes a gap between his desired state and the actual state. numbers of bulls for ploughing is decreasing and they can use the tractor for transportation purpose also. Good financial support for agricultural equipments. They should take care of the target market aswell. buying process starts. To do this.a rural peoples get information through they directly visit to the agencies and also get suggestion for their friends. In case of Mahindra motors they should try to create a stimulus in the rural buyers so that they can understand them well. M&M Motors BUYING @YCI‘IVN PRVCY‘‘. Such recognition maybe caused by stimuli either internal (self) or external (by environment or marketer). V? @irect saes to consumers: V? Manufacturer-whoesaer-retaier-consumer: V? Manufacturer-retaier-utimate consumer: b) ‘tudy the urchase rocess with resect to assigned roduct.

Through application of final criteria. The choice is dependent upon factors influencing the mind of consumer at this final state (e) Post-urchase behaviour: In Mahindra motors¶s case a buyer feels satisfied when the perceived product performance is close to his/her expectations. neighbors ã? Commercial :advertising. for example. examining. Mahindra motors have to take into cognizance this aspect and design offers to induce immediate buying. the customer is delighted. they should design communication programmes to reach the consumers and provide adequate and relevant information. Through information search consumer will become aware of some brands in the total set. it maybe impulse buying too.ã? Personal : family. the consumer evolves his choice set. Occasionally. Awareness set consists for brands which the consumer is aware of the brands. Keeping in mind the information needs of consumers. which are purchased for one-shot consumption. and print media ã? Experiential :handling. the customer is disappointed. buying criteria.tracters maxx pick up. using the product Search expands with the availability of time. . They make up the consideration set. friends. If it falls short of expectations. In case of convenience goods. the final choice will be made in favour of one brand. What consumer sees. Ëc) Yvauation of aternatives: The evaluation process may be done more carefully and logically in Mahindra motors¶s cases. (d) Purchase decision: All the existing brands in the market make a total set. The buyers get decision according to our need. radio. However. Concusion Consumer is the basic foundation of every business. if it exceeds expectation. displays ã? Public : TV. All the brands in this set are acceptable to the consumer. sale people. which meet initial. In this case a rural people indentify the various alternatives of the tracters and choose a best out of that like:- ã? Eicher ã? Mahindera ã? Ford ã? Farmatrac ã? And various others. The emergence of rural market as a viable proposition has sparked a new interest among marketers to explore and understand them. the evaluation may be very less. will be considered for further evaluation. thinks prefers and buys is of great importance to marketers to fine tune their marketing offers and achieve high level of consumer acceptance and satisfaction.

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