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Na tional Wellness Ins ti t u t e o f Aus t r alia Inc.

from the Inside Out

Wellness For All Australians

Authors: Halima Goss and Bob Boyd, © 2006

These interrelated core values form the basis of personal Wellness. Developing resilience and acting with autonomy strengthens one’s capacity to commit to a Wellness lifestyle. values and true life goals? all of humanity and our earth rather than for self-interest? Are you able to make choices which Do you do all of the things you have a positive impact on the Environmental can to interact with nature and to environment around you? make the environment safe and clean? Are your material possessions and Do you feel that you regularly finances sufficient for you to pursue a Financial reassess how well you use your fulfilling and happy life? assets to achieve what you want in life? Are you able to enrich all aspects of your life in harmony with your heritage whilst Do you feel a sense of Cultural respecting the culture of others ownership over your current traditions and practices? Authors: Halima Goss and Bob Boyd. self-concept and Emotional when you are calm and clear- capacity to love and be loved? headed? Are you working in a way that enables Do you feel satisfied about the you to achieve your goals and extend role your work takes in your life? Work your skills in synergy with the other important aspects of your life? Do you feel that you can be Are you able to make positive decisions honest with yourself and others for yourself within the social groups in Social in all of your relationships? which you live? Are your current directions in life aligned Do you feel that you are working Spiritual and living a life for the benefit of to your beliefs. you express these? others and the environment? Are you engaging in an adequate level of Physical appropriate physical activity and Do you have a lifestyle that maintaining healthy nutrition to enhance involves physical activity and your health and wellbeing? healthy eating? Are you able to manage your emotions and make decisions that enhance your Do you make difficult decisions personal relationships. An individual who sets out to reach their full potential adopts a Wellness lifestyle which involves making ongoing choices to balance across these core values. © 2006 . Na tional Wellness Ins ti t u t e o f Aus t r alia Inc. Example Choices: Interrelated Core Values: Intellectual Do you communicate your ideas Are you able to creatively express and and try to learn new skills to help extend your understanding of yourself.

careful thought and being prepared to courageously do what it takes to attain Wellness. The changes may be major or minor. Having an overall sense of balance relies on acting on issues with clear. pressured. How can I try to maintain Balance when life is changing and the world is moving? By shifting your effort from time to time. Important activities or people may take effort that is not fully heartfelt and others may be “on hold” or omitted altogether. happier and well you. so that it is inevitable that some areas will need more effort and others less from time to time. much like a seesaw. At times one area may begin to take too much away from another. By developing your awareness of balance you will be able to sense this and adjust your time. Authors: Halima Goss and Bob Boyd.Notion 1: Balance Intellectual Physical Work Social Emotional Spiritual Environmental Financial Cultural Balance is the essence of treading a Wellness lifestyle path without obsessing on one facet of our existence. A commitment to a well life is a lifetime commitment to being completely honest and respectful with yourself and others. Begin by knowing what is fulfilling in your life and what is not. Once you feel aware of the areas you wish to alter in your life. What sorts of things can help me move towards Balance? Becoming aware of and accepting the aspects of life that are important to your personal goals and wellbeing provides clarity. In the web of life. Only you can do this for yourself. When balance exists. These may challenge your commitment to your personal Wellness. You seek to align your inner and outer worlds. You live in a constantly shifting world. © 2006 . Identifying the gaps in your life with honesty and openness may mean some painful realisations have to be faced. Striving to achieve/maintain balance strengthens our ability to manage challenges from any direction. How do I know if I don’t have Balance? Your energy levels may rise and fall like being on a rollercoaster. You may feel a little clumsy. you can try to spread your attention and energy across your value areas. you are peaceful. relationships. activities and options. Some areas of life seem to dominate over others and you feel you are torn between things or people. You may be compromising your values and aspirations because of fear or doubt. What is Balance? The notion of balance in Wellness relates to your sense of being able to attend peacefully to all aspects of your life and the world around you with confidence and enthusiasm. Such decisions may impact on others or not be understood or seen as “right”. A balanced outlook is the foundation of a healthier. New relationships and goals may take the place of old ones. your spirits may be at a low ebb. There is too much going on or “something” is missing. How does being “Balanced” feel? There is a sense of “flow” or timelessness. You have an inner coherence. rushed or lack a sense of stability. and new traditions and practices will grow from old ones. your own Wellness ultimately impacts on others and their Wellness. You feel empowered by and happy with your decisions. Assessing your own balance is a good first step. you can begin to plan your decisions and actions in order to make the necessary changes. contented and completely fulfilled by your choices and environments. resources and efforts to give attention to other areas of life. Making positive decisions to change aspects of your life that compromise your Wellness is the tough but necessary step in working towards balance. At times. Your resilience and commitment to being a well person with a long and fruitful life is necessary both for yourself and the world around you.

yesterday has passed and tomorrow does not exist. Notion 2: Resilience Intellectual Physical Work Social Emotional Spiritual Environmental Financial Cultural Resilience is necessary to our Wellness in that it equips us with the ability to weather the storms of life. Courage grows as you become more resilient. Communicating honestly about the barriers. What is Resilience? In the context of Wellness. and worrying about where it will lead. so take small steps and celebrate your successes. Trust yourself since you are the one who knows your self best. resilience may be thought of as a form of personal strength. Laugh out loud! Enjoy nature and cuddle a pet! Remember you are loved by someone even if you do not know who they are yet! Authors: Halima Goss and Bob Boyd. You are aware of your fears and doubts and those of others but are not directed by them. Traditions and social norms and expectations will always exist so acknowledge and respect their place and role in the lives of those around you without compromising your personal values and decisions. There is a sense of spiritual growth in which you find that your purpose in life is clarified and you act to work towards it. Sometimes our actions send waves through our own world and we must regain solid footing in order to continue on in meaningful and purposeful ways. challenges and goals with those whom you love. You have increased resistance to the adverse effects of fear and doubt. feelings and desires. How can I try to maintain Resilience when life is changing and the world is moving? Practicing resilience strengthens resilience. Remember today is what you have. The sense of being able to tackle any situation or follow through in any circumstance is indicative of your resilience. Move on from your setbacks since they are only one step backwards in your physical journey of change but may take you many steps forward in your spiritual and emotional journey through life. Acknowledging your fears and doubts does not reduce them but enables you to focus your conscious mind on activities which will help you realise your aims. What may seem like a mistake could in fact be a gift. “Centring” yourself to be in the present moment provides a way of clearing the mind of clutter. You are able to share in total honesty your thoughts. Sometimes our world is rocked by events. You are able to find the lighter side of life when all seems dark. You are able to make the changes you need to when they are needed and you are able to assess your decisions and make new ones if necessary. people or nature itself. rather than what has led you there. What sorts of things can help me develop my Resilience? When making life-changing decisions planning for the change process and enlisting support is wise. How does Resilience feel? When you are able to commit to your goals and meet the challenges that come with change. so try to live in the moment. trust and respect wholeheartedly enables you to work through these. it is ultimately reassuring. Being able to peacefully face head-on the barriers to the pursuit of Wellness in your life is gratifying. determination and empathy. focusing on what needs to be done. It encompasses your flexibility. You find creative solutions to problems. Affirm your life’s values and seek to enrich the lives of others with kindness and good humour. © 2006 .

You have authority over your own life and respect and promote others’ autonomy. For example. relationship or social group. the only way to being able to exercise this right is to alter one’s environment be that a location. Learn. rather than feeling coerced. This however does not always mean that you are able to exercise your autonomy as easily as you should be able to. Only when we are true to ourselves are we able to plan and work towards our goals and dreams in harmony with others. less defensive and less self-protective. Taking a stand for your Wellness and balance coupled with facing your fears and working towards resilience will ultimately lead you to being able to grow your autonomy and thus your life. How can I try to maintain Autonomy when life is changing and the world is moving? Fortunately. Associating with those who support your autonomy so that you are able to discuss your goals.” What sorts of things can help me develop my Autonomy? By becoming open to information and events (even if these highlight negative aspects of yourself or your practices) you are able to consider options and make more informed choices. © 2006 . It involves being accountable to ourselves for our decisions and actions. Challenge your fears by recognising them as being just what they are – a product of your own thoughts. autonomy exists when your intentions are under your own control and you deeply endorse your own actions and involvement with others. guilty. aspirations and desires without conflict or defensiveness may build your confidence and courage. Knee et al (2005) state “Autonomy in romantic relationships refers to fully endorsing one’s own involvement in the relationship. Seek support and rewards which reinforce and celebrate your growing sense of autonomy. Setting goals which are meaningful and important to you rather than those which are in response to external pressures is essential. job. You are not pressured or coerced to act in a specific way either by others or your views of what others may think or believe about your intentions. Think. In order for us to make choices which enable us to reach our maximum potential. You have free choice and thus are self-governing.Notion 3: Autonomy Intellectual Physical Work Social Emotional Spiritual Environmental Financial Cultural Autonomy is both an ingredient and a product of our journey toward a Wellness lifestyle. What is Autonomy? In the context of Wellness. Australians are blessed with a social system which values the rights of the individual to free choice. or not knowing why one is involved in the relationship. It may be that for some. others and your environment. Begin with small steps so that you gain confidence in and comfort with your evolving sense of autonomy. It enables you to maintain your commitment to balance across the core values of a Wellness lifestyle. How does Autonomy feel? When you have autonomy in your life you are able to feel at peace with yourself. Autonomy is what makes us aware of and unforced in our actions. You feel self-integrated rather than self-alienated by your choices. Plan and Act Authors: Halima Goss and Bob Boyd. You feel secure.