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Causes of the Revolutionary War DBQ

Many things happened after the French and Indian War
that caused the colonist to want their independence
from Great Britain (England).

Question: Was it necessary and right for the
colonists to break from British rule? Think about
the events that caused the colonies to want
to break from English rule and gain
Document 1:
Boston Tea Party 1773: As a protest against a tax placed on imported tea
by the British crown, a group of American colonists, led by Samuel
Adams, staged the Boston Tea Party. On December 16, 1773, the
colonists, some dressed as Native Americans, boarded three British ships
and dumped 90,000 pounds of tea into Boston Harbor.

1. What is going on in the picture?
2. Based on your knowledge of the Tea Act, did the American
colonist have a right to protest like they did?

Which country “passed” the four “acts” or laws to tax the colonists? 4. British Chancellor of the Exchequer (1763-1765) and the author of the Stamp Act. Whately was an advisor to George Grenville.." a pamphlet written by Tomas Whately. Document 2: Some Causes of the American Revolution “Trade Laws” “Stamp Act” “Townshend Act” “Intolerable Acts” “Workin g to pay for Englan d’s war against France” 3. . what were these taxes for? 5. According to the cartoon. In this . . Why then do you think the colonists were angry and unhappy with the King of England? Document 3: This excerpt is from "Considerations .

Paine explains why he believed it was necessary for the American colonies to gain their independence from Great Britain. involve [America] in European wars and quarrels. we have neither anger nor complaint. and against whom." 6. . [will] directly . . Why did Whately (and probably most other British officials) feel that the American colonists should be willing to pay higher taxes to Britain? Document 4: This excerpt is from Thomas Paine’s. a pamphlet that was influential in gaining support for the Revolution. any submission to. We are not yet recovered from a War [French and Indian War] [fought] for their [the American colonists’] Protection . . The one on the right (Colonial taxes) shows how much the Colonists paid in taxes each year. and [makes us enemies] with nations. .” 7. . they should contribute to the Preservation of the Advantages they have received . are [very many]. . or dependence on Great Britain. . In it. . Whately explained why the British were justified in placing taxes on their American colonists. . According to Paine. . . “But the injuries and disadvantages we [receive] by that connection [to Great Britain]. Common Sense (1776). who would otherwise seek our friendship. a War undertaken for their defense only .pamphlet. how did America suffer from its connection with Britain? Document 5  The bar on the left (British taxes) shows how much the British paid in taxes each year. .

Our repeated [requests for help] have been answered only by repeated [abuses]. The document gave reasons for declaring their independence from England. all [aimed at] the establishment of an absolute Tyranny [i.  This picture depicts events at the Boston Massacre.e. .8. A Prince. adopted by the Continental Congress on July 4. The Declaration of Independence was the document in which American colonists proclaimed their freedom from England. fair look at the conflict between the colonists and Britain? Explain. the colonists or Document 7: These excerpts are from "The Declaration of Independence”. In every stage of these [unfair and illegal actions by the King] We have [asked for help in dealing with this situation] in the most humble terms. How does this document describe the British King. shooting? 10. 9. whose character is [so abusive of his power]. Who are the people on the right.” 12. is unfit to be the ruler of a free people. Who are the people on the left. Which side. abuse of power] over these States. lying dead or running? 11. Was the Declaration an unbiased. 1776. How might a British representative or supporter of England use the information from the chart above in defense against the complaints of the colonists? Document 6: The Boston Massacre The Boston Massacre was not a massacre but a dispute between a mob and a squad of British soldiers that ended with the deaths of five American colonists. George III? 13. “ The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations [unlawful acts].

the Declaration of Independence was read to a group of American patriots in New York City. Pieces of the statue were melted down and cast into tens of thousands of bullets to be used against the 14. King George III. Later that night. The 15.Document 8: "Bringing Down the Statue of King George in New York" by unknown artist  On July 9. Why were they doing this? 16. 1776. What is going on in this picture? British Army. What was meant by “melted Majesty”? . a statue of the British king. was pulled off its pedestal and smashed.