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MAN B&W Diesel A/S

Service Letter SL01-397/HH
November 2001

New W-seat Exhaust Valve Bottom Piece
26-98MC/MC-C/MC-S Engines

Dear Sirs

In our efforts to improve the performance and reliability of the wear parts of
MAN B&W two-stroke engines, we announced, earlier this year, the introduction of
the W-seat exhaust valve bottom piece on new engines, and as spare parts for plants
in service.

The introduction is based on extensive service tests lasting up to four years, with
extraordinarily good service results.

The primary advantage of the new design is the increased time between overhauls,
owing to minimal indentation marks and reduced wear of the valve seats.

In addition, it has been confirmed that the new bottom piece seat design is compatible
with all former and present standard valve spindle hard-facings, including Nimonic
valve spindles. This means that all existing MC engine bottom piece designs can be
replaced with the new W-seat design.

In order to obtain the full benefit from the W-seat, we draw your attention to the below
important points:

•= If a spindle seat with indentation marks from service with a former standard
bottom piece is paired with the W-seat, there is a risk that too large indentation
marks may lead to blow-by.

•= When replacing a former standard bottom piece with a W-seat bottom piece,
either grind the remaining indentation marks on the valve spindle seat, so as to
reduce their size to less than 2 mm in diameter, or install a new valve spindle.

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The above recommendations also apply to Nimonic valve spindles. 2 •= During regular overhaul of exhaust valves with the W-seat. minor gas leaks across the exhaust valve seat do not require grinding of the seat. we recommend to apply the new “U-type” sealing ring. Questions or comments regarding this SL should be directed to our Dept. 2300. and it is available for the engine types K/L/S26-70MC/MC(E)/MC-C/MC-S. •= For plants experiencing failure of the lowermost O-ring between the regular overhaul intervals. Yours faithfully MAN B&W Diesel A/S Thomas S Knudsen Mikael C Jensen . The U-type ring ensures a heat resistant seal.