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A business proposal is a written offer from a seller to a prospective buyer. Business proposals are often a key step in the
complex sales process—i.e., whenever a buyer considers more than price in a purchase.

Actually a business proposal is a business idea to improve services and the company as well. and structure of the proposal. "This is the most important part of your proposal. objective/solution. tone. 4. 3. Make sure it's easy to read. benefits. writers of unsolicited proposals may wish to hold off on preparing this section unless the targeted person or company expresses interest in the basic proposal. 10. just serve as an idea on how to do it. and training. • Title Page—This part typically includes your name and the name of your company. The introduction should ideally be confined to one page. The executive summary provides basic information regarding the project. introduction. The purpose of the proposal. time and effort because it serves as a basis of your own proposal. services. 2." commented Herta A. The date of the proposal and its validity. Elements of the business" incorporating your business as an essential part of that solution. Problem/Need Statement The problem or need statement is a critical component of the business proposal methodology and defines what the proposal tries to achieve. adding value to your relationship with them.html#ixzz18wAxKU9c Objectives A good business proposal delivers a clear and compelling message about the abilities and services of your company. A brief history of past relevant accomplishments. Business proposals are documents that attempt to persuade targeted clients to buy a particular service or product. may range from relatively short (a few pages) proposals to "formal" documents of 50 or more pages. Read more: Business Proposals . There is a lot of sample business proposal everywhere either in the net or somewhere else. This section has two aims: • Attracting the reader's interest to the details that follow. implementation schedules. formal proposals (such as request for proposals). Using a sample business proposal will increase profitability of the company by launching a new product or service. which are used in academia and government as well as business and industry. Clarity and comprehensiveness are dual criteria for a good proposal title.type. it can become a legally binding document. "It's the section that will be read by every decision maker. Credits. It sets the direction. It does that in the following ways:  It offers an "unbiased"observation of what the client needs. Given the fact that many business proposals have not been formally requested by the recipient. evaluation. depending on the degree of formality of the proposal. Murphy and Herbert W. costs. In the process. Avoid technical jargon and technical details. 8.  It clearly outlines a solution to the consumer's "challenge at hand. such as project objectives. • Executive Summary—This is the portion of the proposal where you make your case for a business arrangement. whether aimed at convincing a publisher to publish your new book idea or convincing an investor to take a look at a potential new business site—are essentially designed to pique the interest of the prospective client. In short. logistical and support issues.referenceforbusiness. ideas or projects." • Body/Procedures Section—This is the section in which you place technical details and explanations. including the author and external sources who helped prepare the proposal. and methodology. A business proposal is just like a business deal. The business entity in terms of company. But other analysts point out that proposals—and especially unsolicited proposals. not all parts are always necessary) : • Cover Letter—This should provide an over-view of your proposal as well as an introduction. It could be a report showing an idea to improve management to your boss or it could be a written document offer from a seller to a prospective buyer. on the other hand. For this reason. solutions.  It backs up your proposed solution with a discussion of the capabilities of your business as well as market research related to the proposal. time frame." • Table of Contents—While usually not necessary for shorter such proposals often do not get into the nuts and bolts of compensation. a proposal is a selling tool. occasionally two. the name of the person or company to whom the proposal is submitted. .htm Title and Executive Summary The title of the business proposal should identify what the proposal is about in clear terms.  It shows that your experience puts you ahead of the competition in your ability to meet the client's goals. Many business proposals—and especially those proffered by startup businesses seeking to obtain new clients and business—are unsolicited (those that are created at the request of the prospective client are known as "request for proposals")." ELEMENTS OF THE BUSINESS PROPOSAL Business proposals are sometimes lumped in the same category as competitive bids. Concise personal profiles (not resumes) of key people who would drive the project. "Some titles are one line long.about. provide detailed information on all aspects of the proposed business arrangement. partnership. budget. proprietorship." said Sant. if necessary. you need a proposal to persuade clients that whatever you're selling is the best solution to their business problems. and the date of submission. "whether you're selling products. in which you include a brief synopsis of your company's background and qualifications. Writing a successful proposal http://www. 6. as well as information on price. cost. problem/need. 7. documentation. Standard elements of basic business proposals include the following (although. The intended recipients of the proposal and any access restrictions. 9. The major activities of the business entity.htm? zi=1/XJ&zTi=1&sdn=sbinformation&cdn=money&tm=284&f=00&tt=14&bt=0&bts=0&zu=http %3A//www. You can use sample business proposal as your guidance in your writing but make sure not to copy. There are some benefits of reviewing a sample business proposal because it can save money. executive summary. http://sbinformation. work plan. and other matters. and because of the length of time that is usually necessary to produce this section. The values and the ethical standards adopted in dealings with stakeholders. The contact details of the key person to contact for follow-up on the proposal.The basic structure of a business proposal includes the title page. A business proposal is needed to every business to use in decision making. "Some even include a colon—followed by words to clarify the thought. These documents. Focus on organizational issues and these are sometimes used for big.virtualrestaurant. 5. The purpose of using sample business proposal is to assess proposal created by others in your industry. As Tom Sant wrote in Small Business Reports. • Providing an orientation for the reader to delve into the finer points. Hildebrandt in Effective Business Communications. businesses that put these documents together have to make sure that they create a final product that will grab the attention of the prospective client in a positive way. Competitive bids. Introduction The introduction component of the business proposal struture ideally covers: 1. and conclusion. you may discover a solution they haven't considered before. staffing. and keep it short. For this reason. Legal experts note that if the proposal is accepted.

It can be a template that can easily customize with your company’s information and it has a good graphics and professional layout. it is important that you will know what to look for.In choosing a right sample business proposal. Also. . it should be easily and quickly fill in important information about your company.