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Business 2000


LAUNCH OF DREAM The Consumer Decision Linking Development and
Making Process Market Research
The technical development of Cadbury’s Dream took
place over four years and involved extensive use of
consumer feedback. For a chocolate bar market
Awareness research in the form of consumer testing will
impact on the product’s recipe, texture,
shape, format, size and packaging. It is
Alternatives important to get all these elements
The Importance of Strong Market estimates value the total Irish chocolate market at about
375 million of which the white chocolate market segment is currently correct when launching a product.
Confectionery Brands. Focus of
valued at 12 million, almost 3% of the total chocolate market. This Cadbury Selection
Strong brands are very important in the chocolate confectionery Recipe and Texture
clearly represented an area for future growth. Marketing
market. Almost 80% of chocolate purchases are made on impulse. to attract Purchase Market research carried out among
Buyers generally decide quickly which confectionery product to buy Impulse chocolate consumers found that
with almost half of purchase decisions made within 10 seconds of With proven levels of confectionery consumption, and growth purchasing Post-Purchase
opportunity in white chocolate, Cadbury’s identified a gap in the Irish consumers associated a unique intimacy
arriving at the confectionery fixture in the store. with white chocolate. Popularity of the
market for a new white chocolate brand. Previously, white chocolate was
targeted only at the kids market. The success of the previous launch in product in market testing was attributed to
The importance of developing strong confectionery brands is several key features including flavour, sweetness, a
2000 of Cadburys Snowflake, a white chocolate bar covered in milk
therefore clear, with consumers using brands and packaging to Female Market for White Chocolate creamy aftertaste and a melt-in-your-mouth texture.
chocolate would set the scene for a successful introduction of a
recognise products quickly and reduce perceived risks when Market research also shows that women purchase almost two-thirds of These identified features would later be incorporated into
mainstream white chocolate brand. Cadbury saw a further opportunity to
purchasing a newly launched brand. create an extremely strong brand, the Cadbury Dream bar, an adult all confectionery but eat just over half of what they buy themselves, as the product’s brand image and advertising.
market thus capitalising on the growing appeal for white chocolate and they are the gatekeepers when making purchasing decisions for the rest
Chocolate confectioners recognise the importance of this and spend of the family. By targeting the gatekeeper with a new product the chances Selecting a Brand Name
develop a new product category.
more on advertising than any other food category.The result of all this of a successful launch is increased. The name for the new product was chosen following extensive market
advertising and marketing activity is that the chocolate confectionery research in New Zealand. This included consumer focus groups where
groups of consumers were brought together to provide feedback on a
category is full of strong brands.
range of potential names for the new bar. Research found that the name
Gatekeeper ‘Dream’ represented the characteristics that Cadbury’s wanted to reflect
Irish Confectionery in the brand’s personality so that it would appeal to the target market –
Consumption Trends women in the 25 years to 34 years category.
Having universal appeal, Irish consumers purchase and eat
confectionery on a regular basis. Chocolate confectionery is very much Purchase Consumer Disposal A product’s brand personality is a description of its characteristics in
a part of everyday life in Ireland. We have the third highest per capita relation to the target market for the product. It assists marketers to
consumption of chocolate in the world at approximately 10 kg of develop suitable advertising and promotional campaigns for the product.
chocolate per annum and spend over 100 per person. Purchaser In the case of Cadbury’s Dream the key elements of its brand
personality were designed so that they would appeal to female
consumers seeking style, confidence, sophistication and self-
assuredness in their lifestyles. Their research also found that it would
Within the female market, research shows an increasing preference make the product stand out.
for white chocolate. The white chocolate market is considered to offer
significant potential for growth especially within the impulse segment. Female

In Ireland, the size of the white chocolate market Stylish Confident
has increased significantly. Increased impulse
buying, driven by consumption by children,
and innovation in the market has seen its Self Assured Sophisticated
size increase by 50% since Cadbury’s Dream
launched Snowflake onto the market Brand Personality
place in 2000. Up to 2000 the white
chocolate market was primarily a kids
markets. Innovation has further grown Figure: Cadbury’s Dream Brand Personality
this market with the launch of the adult Shape, Format & Size
chocolate such as Snowflake.The launch of Consumers also had preferences for squared block chocolate formats as
Cadbury’s Dream is expected to further they are convenient bite sizes. This shape has proven to deliver a good
develop this segment of the Irish market. taste experience.

Business 2000
sixth edition

personality of the product and Impulse purchases are typically products bought for immediate sought to appeal to female consumption. includes promotional and sampling make more rational decisions and consider the price of the product. Marketing Director. as there drive trial and establish the taste of Dream with consumers.” 4. Define the following terms: immediate impact in the market place. The making processes. or Woodgrange Technologies Ltd. A nation-wide Gatekeepers: These are buyers of products who control the selected colours on the packaging of a combination of blue and white are benefits for the new products to be associated with Cadbury’s and on-street sampling campaign also took place using the ‘Cadbury’s Dream flow of information as well as making the purchasing decision. take home and gift. "need a light buyers were more likely to spend more on their tastes and desired lifestyles. Findings included: purchaser and consumer in the decision making awareness of the brand to move down the steps prominent places and at train to actual purchase. The advertising strategy was ◗ 79% said Cadbury’s Dream packaging was developed around the brand eye-catching and stood out from the rest. aspects should be examined in during this testing? marketing team. Indeed the For Cadbury’s it is important that its traditional image is retained.This information would be used outdoor campaign on billboards in peak times for confectionery eating are late morning "elevenses".ie sixth edition . Advertising to ◗ 77% of females said they preferred Reflect Brand The gift segment of the market contains products that are Cadbury’s Dream to a leading brand in the Personality purchased for everyday gift occasions such as Valentines Day. Research shows that Team’ promotional staff.business2000. What is a consumer decision making process? How do From the outset the primary marketing objective for the launch of you think marketers use this to ensure a product is to this market. late by Cadbury to convert a consumer who has an afternoon. It was with the Umbrella Brand the launch. (b) Above-the-line marketing the launch of the new bar. and the beginning of a period of intensive advertising and promotional activities to ensure that the product would have an There will also be further development of the Cadbury’s Dream range. Market research results Cadbury’s Dream was to build high awareness quickly for the brand and we plan to drive further market growth through the introduction successful? This market research included a range of sessions get visibility for the launch of the product. chocolate and likely to buy blocks of chocolate The impulse market accounts for 50% of total chocolate sales and 80% more frequently. white chocolate category. commented: Cadbury Ireland could learn from research carried out and marketing (c) Focus group experiences in these countries. Snacking has become a part of everyday product. characteristics of indulgence and Research has found that growth in the impulse market is driven by By getting an understanding of consumer changes in lifestyles that are affecting the way we eat and an increase luxury associated with the intentions and attitudes toward a product the in demand for convenience. creamy. not as sweet. and immediate consumer needs such as "need filling up". consumer’s eye on a shelf. Business 2000 www. Miniature bars were used to had a particular appeal among the female target market. Here consumers taste. impulse egg.g. Above-the-line marketing strategy. snack". 2. Dream was offered as free samples with purchaser. 6. This is part of a ‘Choose Cadbury’s’ marketing segments of the market. TV advertising ran across Cadbury’s marketing team could get a better life and chocolate has become a unique impulse category because it is understanding of Irish consumer’s decision. This was supported by a widespread eaten throughout the day rather than specifically at meal times. stations. with both product and provide feedback to the marketing above and below-the-line launch activity. no liability shall attach to either The Irish Times Ltd. launch phase were the standard 45 gramme bar. Outline the objectives of a product launch marketing where consumers were invited to taste the new Ireland Cadbur y’s provided heavy marketing suppor t. Explain the difference between the roles of gatekeeper. it can be targeted separately from other modern and quality chocolate bar that was different enough to catch the popular consumer brands. "need a Cadbury’s Dream as well as their current was ‘All in a Cadbury’s Dream’. This theme incorporated the of these sales are bought on an impulse basis in the UK and Ireland. The advertising theme for the birthdays and Christmas. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this case study. Identify three branded chocolate products for each of the while below-the-line marketing for later consumption in and out of the home. more natural taste than other white chocolate.Packaging Ensuring Consistency Trial and Sampling Programmes The packaging for Cadbury’s Dream was also determined by consumer Product trial and sampling programmes were run both before and after research and influenced by the Cadbury’s Dream brand personality. Speaking at (a) Brand personality Because the product had been launched in other markets before Ireland.As leaders in the white chocolate market for adults. Michael Smith. As well as the standard offering seasonal Conclusion offerings e. and Market segment: A part of the market which has its own colour recognition of purple is strongly associated with Cadbury’s and that free samples were given away on the cover of VIP Magazine. were used for their attractiveness. An extensive sampling programme was used before and during GLOSSARY designed to fit with the product’s image of being soft and indulgent and the launch to generate awareness and trial. www. Launching Dream in For Cadbury.The core drivers for this type of purchase are indulgent The research also found that white chocolate chocolate consumers in particular. for any errors or omissions in this case study. a popular distinct customer profile and buyer characteristics such that. Feedback includes outdoor or TV advertising described Dream as having a better chocolate Take home confectionery is generally purchased in a supermarket 5. Identifying these changes in taste and lifestyle and matching these with quality products with strong brand values will mean that new product 1. after school and during the evening. Already this has seen Cadbury’s Dream varieties introduced into other market segments including the gift and take home segments. Easter were also planned. the value they place in the brand. "feel like indulging" and "need some energy". “Cadbury’s Dream is an exciting new edition to our white chocolate portfolio and marks a further commitment by Cadbury’s 3. romantic gesture" and "need to celebrate a special occasion". as reflecting indulgence to the female built upon the brand values that have been developed over 70 years (Cadbury’s brand has been in existence since 1824). shell egg. The variety of the products offered for the strategy using the established ‘glass and a half ’ corporate purple and flowing script that has become synonymous with Cadbury. To launch Cadbury’s Dream in of a complete cross category range. team on their views of the product.cadbury. purchase. 100 gramme and 200 gramme bars. all the main channels. It development will continue to be an integral part of the Cadbury’s business product development process? For a chocolate bar what represented the outcome of intensive process by Cadbury Ireland strategy. innovation remains one of the key elements to the Ireland company’s success with new brands catering for changing tastes and tasks and activities lifestyles. The core drivers in making a purchasing ◗ 56% of consumers said they would buy Cadbury’s Dream product launch decision in this segment are "need a token of appreciation". Explain the benefits of consumer testing during the Cadbury’s Dream was launched to the Irish market in February 2002. Cadbury’s Drinking Chocolate and Cadbury’s Roses Top Box cartons. better texture and following market segments – impulse. would be a success. In general findings indicated to the new product activities. and quantity purchased. marketing purposes. for Research found that the final packaging showed the new product to be a the Cadbury’s logo having the highest recognition of any logo among magazine with a large Irish female audience.