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29-12-2010 Electrical and Computer Engineering Gra…

Electrical and Computer Engineering
We are pleased with your interest in our graduate program. Before you continue with the electronic application for admission,
we wish to ensure that you are familiar with the minimum requirements for admission to graduate degree study in Electrical
and Computer Engineering. It is important to recognize that although satisfaction of these basic requirements does not
guarantee graduate admission, failure to satisfy these requirements may lead to automatic denial of admission.

Supporting Documents: Below is an itemized list of supporting documents needed to complete your application that are not
included online. If you are an international applicant, all documents must be in both English and original language, if

Transcripts - two copies of official transcripts from the Registrar in a sealed envelope (both original language and
English translation). A Provisional Certificate from your Registrar must give the expected month/year of graduation, if
you have not yet graduated and received your diploma.
GRE Test - official scores from ETS only, no photocopies
TOEFL Test - for degree-seeking whose native language is not English, official scores from ETS only, no
photocopies. We also accept IELTS scores in place of TOEFL - please send the official score sheet.
Statement of Purpose and Resume - may be submitted online with your application. If you are unable to submit
electronically, you may send hardcopies.
Three letters of recommendation, online preferred

Application Deadlines: Applications and all supporting documentation must be received on or before the deadlines listed

Fall Spring Summer
January 5 (priority consideration for financial support).
Only a limited number of admissions will be
granted to applicants whose application is Summer session is only available to
All completed after January 5 applicants admitted for fall who wish
Applicants to start research early through an
May 1 (final deadline for receipt of completed agreement with their professor
applications; considered for admission only; no financial
support )

Send Supporting Documents To:
(In order to expedite the processing of your
Contact Information application, we ask that you submit all Web Sites of Interest
supporting documents in one large
Name: Karen Jurss Graduate Office
Admissions Representative School of Electrical and Computer
Phone: (765) 494-3392 Engineering Graduate Program Website
E-mail: Purdue University 465 Northwestern Avenue Electrical & Computer Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2035
USA…/ECEN.html 1/3

but recommended Or New IELTS Please note – to be considered for a teaching assistantship you must submit the IBT TOEFL Master's Degree Program Basic Requirements Undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3. you must download the recommendation form from our website at 2/3 .average scores of successful students should be equal to or greater than: Verbal: 570 Quantitative: 780 ias. International Applicant Requirements TOEFL for Non-Native English Speakers: Minimum Paper-Based Test (PBT) Score Required: 550 Minimum Internet-Based Test (IBT) Overall Score Required: 77 With the following minimum section requirements: Reading: 19 Listening: 14 Speaking: 18 Writing: 18 IELTS (Academic Module): An alternative to the TOEFL. or superior performance in a bachelor's program Graduate Record Examination (GRE): Required .purdue.D.purdue. bachelor's level students with exceptionally strong undergraduate records may apply for and be considered for direct admission into the Ph.pdf and complete the top portion before giving to your recommender(s) to include with their letter.29-12-2010 Electrical and Computer Engineering Gra… Completing the application: Letters of Recommendation should be submitted online. scores of 6.25 or equivalent required Graduate Record Examination (GRE): Required .edu/gradsch/…/ECEN. degree program. however.25 or equivalent required Master's Degree Completion: Required.average scores of successful students should be equal to or greater than: Verbal: 570 Quantitative: 780 Analytical Writing: 4.itap. If your recommenders are unable to submit electronically.3 or equivalent. Bachelor's level students are normally considered for admission into the Master's program.6 Doctoral Degree Program Basic Requirements Undergraduate Cumulative Grade Point Average: 3. scores of 58 or higher will be accepted TWE for Non-Native English Speakers Not required. with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher will be accepted Pearson Test of English (PTE) (Academic Module): An alternative to the TOEFL.

29-12-2010 Electrical and Computer Engineering Gra… Analytical Writing: 4.6 ias.html 3/3…/ECEN.itap.