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(Suggest the strategies together with the method for achieving national
integration. )

Thay are many ways that can be taken to achieve unity among the
Malaysians. Based on myopinions, one of the way of achieving national
integration is through sports. It is because,children who play together and
eventually will stand together as a nation when they becomeadults. On the
other hand, government policies on national unity is the nature of
integration,namely through the adjustment with a variety of cultural and
social characteristics that can beaccepted by all ethnic groups in our country.
Apart from fostering unity among the people, thegovernment also
emphasizes the integration of the region, especially between peninsular
Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak.Meanwhile, the political power sharing also can
create the unity between the Malaysians.Before our country got the
independence, the leader of the three main races which are Malay,Chinese
and Indian have realized that political compromise and power sharing is
essential inthe guard and conducted fairly to avoid power misconduct and
divisions. The importantpositions in government, the seats in the election and
the candidates contesting must be ensurenot only dominated by one
ethnic.The other point cold be the the democracy to choosing the
government. We must ensure thatall citizens are eligible and do not violate
state law, can voice their opinions, criticisms, andchoose a candidate in the
elections freely and fairly. Who would win the election with amajority of votes
entitled to be elected representatives can voice their aspirations
throughestablished channels such as the Dewan Rakyat or Dewan Negara.To

To overcome this situation. social problems. Try to make room for other communities topractice cultural and religious without trying to influence or interfere with each other.ensure the national integrity can be achieve. If it is left to other problems such as social jealousy among the natives of other races. The weak and the poor should be helped with a varietyof ways to improve their economic status. . we as Malaysians must show some respectand accept the culture and religion of other races.The highest incidence of poverty who are still held by the natives. they feel themselvesoppressed. increasing crime rates and so forth.the allocation of the economic cake must be made in a fair manner and in accordance with theneeds of people who are in Malaysia.