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Mobile No:  +91-9966690843

Technical Knowledge:

CORE Areas: Oracle DBA(fresher)

 Installation of Oracle on Linux & Windows platforms.
 Creating & Maintaining of Databases through DBCA or Manually.
 Monitoring Alert logs for any errors, problems or processes running,
 Backups and Recovery
 Planning and scheduling Backups, Database Recovery, taking Logical Backups &
Physical Backups.
 Knowledge in cloning using cold backup, hot-backup and RMAN backup.
 Migrating databases using various tools such as SQL*Loader, Import/Export and Data
 Knowledge in REDO logs management and tuning by creating new members and resizing
 Allocating system storage and planning future storage requirements for the databases.
 User management, role and profile creation.
 Configuring Database in Archive log mode.
 Adding Data file in Table space.
 Checking free space in Data files.
 Scheduling backups using crontab
 Knowledge in Upgradation of database with DBUA.
 Knowledge in Patching the Oracle 10g on Linux
 Monitoring and tuning the performance of Oracle Instance

Professional Qualification:

• Mca from OSMANIA University with an aggregate of 65 % in 2010.

• BSc in the stream of from ANDHRA University with an aggregate of 61% in 2007.

• S. PERSONAL INFORMATION: Name: BRAHMAJI RAO .  DBMS Packages : ORACLE9i/10g  Tools & Utilities : SQL*Loader. Export/Import. Dbca. This will accessible to all customers who have a valid User Id and Password.• Intermediate from Board of Intermediate Education with an aggregate of 85% in 2004. Windows (2003Server/XP). OEM.AKULA Father’s Name: NAGESWARA RAO Date of Birth: 16/06/1987 Gender: MALE Nationality: INDIAN Languages Known: ENGLISH.0/5.1.S.C from Board of Secondary Education with an aggregate of 85% in 2002. Oracle10g DESCRIPTION: An online comprehensive solution to manage Internet banking.4.  Backup and Recovery : RMAN PROJECT DETAILS: TITLE: INTERNET-BANKING Technologies: Java. Technical Skills:  Operating System : RHEL4. TELUGU Date: . This system provides the following facilities: • Balance Enquiry • Funds Transfer to another account in the same bank • Request for cheque book • Change of an address • Stop payment of cheques.