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Subject : SAINS

Form : 2 Ummu Aiman

Date : 05th of Feb 2009
Number of Students : 24 students
Duration : 40 minutes
Topic : Balanced Diet
Sub Topic : The Importance of Balanced Diet
Learning Objectives : Evaluating the importance of a balanced diet
Learning Outcomes : At the end of this lesson, students will be able to :

• state what is balanced diet is

• state the factors that must be considered when planning balanced diet

• explain how the factors affect a balanced diet

• state the quantity of energy in each gram of carbohydrate, protein and fats

• The unit of energy in food can be measured either in joules or calories.

Knowledge Available : The students have learnt the classes of Food

Integration : English(Vocabulary)
Value Absorption : Cooperation, Team Work, Responsibility, Helpful
Thinking Skill : Investigating, Exploring, Comparing
Teaching aids : Textbook, Exercises, Pictures from internet
-Give hint of • Teacher shows • Student try to

Set of topic pictures various types recognize the food

Induction of food that people that they usually

(5 minutes) always take daily eat

from all the classes

of food and relates to

the topics
A balanced Students will be In a group of 4, teacher asks • Students form the Team Work,

diet able to students to : groups and discuss Cooperation,

Step 1 • state what is • discuss and list the among them about

(10 minutes) balanced kind of food they their daily eating

diet is always have during habit, and factors

• state the meals.(breakfast, that can affect a

factors that morning break, balanced diet.

must be lunch, tea-break,

considered dinner, supper)

when • list down the meals

planning that they takes other

balanced than above and

diet discuss whether it is

a balanced diet or not

according to class of


• discuss factors that

must be considered

when planning

balanced diet

• explain how the

factors (Age, sex,

job, climate, state,

health) affect a

balanced diet.

• Teacher asks a mini

report from each

group after 15

• Students will • Teacher asks students • Students sitting • ask them to

be able to to take out the food with their partner bring food

state the wrappers that they and discuss about wrapper

Step 2 quantity of bring* and read all nutrition facts. earlier

(10 minutes) energy in the nutrition facts Students can • KBKK-

each gram of written on the exchange the food investigatin

carbohydrate, wrappers, discuss in wrappers among g,

protein and pairs them so that they

fats • Teacher act as can investigate

facilitator more

• They can ask

teacher if they do

not understand.
Balanced Diet Students will be • Teacher explains that • Student listen to the

Step 3 able to estimate the energy in food can be explanation

(10 minutes) calories of food measured in units

taken in a meal. calories or joules.

• Teacher explains

how to the

calculation is made.

Conclusion • Teacher asks students • Students make

(5 minutes) to conclude the topic conclusion of what

they have learnt is balanced diet,

today. how to make our

diet balanced,

factors of eating