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Project Management Office Nitin Shende, PMP®, IPMA-D


Project Management Office “PMO”

Organizations are expanding worldwide and mergers - acquisitions have become
buzzword, to be precise the ‘mantra’ of growth. It has created a ‘need’ and
‘urgency’ for creating project management culture and methodology wide and
Enterprises are looking towards the PMO as a participative facilitator of
organizational effectiveness. Strategic initiatives are managed through various
schemes and it is observed that majority of them revolve around the nucleus
called Project Management Office (PMO).
Let’s take a quick look at “Which ‘needs’ are exactly directing everybody
towards PMO?”

Sources of Need:

1. Enterprises involving broader interactions of processes and the emerging
2. Increased inter dependencies and intricacies within projects
3. Persistence for innovation
4. The speed of innovative changes
5. The pace of evolution of technologies
6. Better and faster communication modes within key stakeholders
7. Increase in shorter version of projects
8. Increased volumes of projects
9. Complexity of projects
10. Optimum utilization of resources

Events of Need:

1. Maintaining Cost baselines of the projects
2. Maintaining schedule baselines of the projects
3. Achieving expected margins of the projects
4. Availability of Knowledge assets across the organization
5. Continuous process improvement across the organization
6. Mentoring platform to enhance their efficiencies of resources
7. Up-to-date Tools to be used in projects
8. Health check of projects across the organization
9. Availability of analyzed historical data base
10. Co ordination of inter dependencies within projects

The list of both “Sources” and “Events” can easily be longer than this, constantly
orbiting at different distances around the nucleus of PMO!

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in project-oriented management acknowledges that. Fundamental brainstorming must be conducted for “Where do you stand today? What do you require? “Project / Program/ Portfolio” Management Office”. Each one of them has different Objectives and hence its scope and role and responsibilities to be performed. the skills and style of the Portfolio Management Office requires to have a specific Business oriented zest and must be pursued at the very top level management. The Project Management Office can provide project management knowledge. Define your objectives clearly prior to stepping forward to set up a PMO. IPMA-D ___________________________________________________________________ Caution: Before going in for such an ‘Unit’ within your organization switch ON an ‘amber light’. skills and process area skills needed for effective completion of the project. PMP®. think for a while. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt.Project Management services Page 2 of 8 . Ltd. look at your right & left and be sure of what you are looking at. Program Management Office: A second stage of organizational maturity. shared resource management and its monitoring controlling becomes more powerful levers to achieve enhanced performances. The primary focus will be on gaining control of the essentials of project management. The objective that justifies the effort and focus at the top management levels is naturally the one that becomes basic strategic input for the enterprise business and its direction. offers the ability to leverage control and monitoring elements that the project management approach applies to single projects. When organizations do not have existing standard project management methodologies or the processes are more of ‘evolved’ rather than ‘standardized’. In Program management.Project Management Office Nitin Shende. Although portfolio Management syncs with Project and Program initiatives. Treating projects with similar key attributes as program. Scope of this article is limited to “Project Management Office”. Portfolio Management Office: Portfolio management is usually driven top-down in the enterprise. providing management to related projects achieves more than managing projects individually. Project Management Office: This is a foundation level of project management maturity level. but benefits may be disproportionate.

IPMA-D ___________________________________________________________________ The goals of the Project Management Office (PMO) should be to bestow business value. These techniques includes but not limited to “Brainstorming.Project Management Office Nitin Shende. PMO also endow with the infrastructure to the Project managers in the following categories: 1. There are a range of techniques to collect and ink down the information. Ltd. Tools and Technique to support performing project management effectively 2. and congregate customer needs. deliver a quality solution. Gathering valuable inputs from support departments etc”. PMP®.Project Management services Page 3 of 8 . which becomes critical in designing an effective implementation strategy. Tools and Technique to support solution delivery _______________________________________________________________________ _ Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. It is essential to identify strengths and weaknesses of present project management methodology along with understanding organizational culture and the project management maturity level. The consistent approach brought by a PMO structure enhances a business' ability to manage global projects and to develop qualified project managers whenever they are needed. Collecting ‘pain areas’ and ‘gray areas’ inputs from resources actively involved on project. Reviews of any kind of information about past projects. which will facilitate in identifying and prioritizing opportunities for improvement. Meetings at different levels of management. use of satisfaction resources. PMO Frame: PMO Increased Significant More Higher employee competitive effective customer satisfaction. advantage. Step 1: Assess organizational requirements: Review existing organizational business processes and project management practices. Interviewing.

Metrics: collection and analysis 6. and training of process and methods for project delivery. Project Monitoring & Controlling processes 5. In short. Step 2: Compass: The Project Management Office must stay focused on the development of organizational skill in executing project management on a project-by-project basis. Quality management 7. It also helps ensure that the business delivers a _______________________________________________________________________ _ Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Resources enhancement programs to boost their knowledge and skills 5.Project Management services Page 4 of 8 . technical & application) 2. Project executing processes 4. IPMA-D ___________________________________________________________________ 3. Project planning processes 3.Project Management Office Nitin Shende. Resource enhancement 10. Entrenched project management techniques and practices on business processes background 6. Requirement analysis processes (stakeholder. Systems that support project work on both the fronts. Vendor management 8. The key responsibilities and value generation during the life of enterprise wide projects is to define appropriate development workflows and facilitation to undergo procedures. Configuration management 9. The idea is to assist Project Managers throughout the life cycle of the project while delivering fundamental deliverables and generating assets for the organization. Overall Process improvement The Project Management Office should provide a framework for the establishment. process descriptions and templates. and by delivering training and creating quality consciousness. Implementing Motivational schemes In order to have predictable project deliveries PMO must deal with some of the key processes throughout the life cycle of projects: 1. PMP®. Technical & Business 4. the cumulative effort should result in building up a strong capabilities of managing projects in the organization. A dominant PMO should provide leadership in helping to secure new business and support on-going business. Ltd. maintenance.

Ltd.Project Management services Page 5 of 8 . Creating Opportunity :Identification of projects for evaluation 2. IPMA-D ___________________________________________________________________ high quality service at a competitive price to its customers. These include project management processes. The PMO is also responsible for defining and maintaining policies.Delivery” kind of activities largely depends on cross-functional efforts. b) The success of “Bid – Win .e. The customer engagement roadmap goes through following stages: 1. Evaluating Opportunity: Evaluation against ‘Opportunities and Threats’ against organizational strengths and weaknesses 3. procedures and other business practices relating to project management throughout the customer engagement. i. During and Post project assignments. “a methodical approach towards creating customer engagement within organizational strengths and strategies”. an integrated methodology. which necessitates a disciplined approach towards managing Pre. Negotiation: Obtaining the mutually agreeable contract 5. PMP®. policies. Step 3: Core areas of focus: Project Management Processes and Methodology PMO characterizes the requirement of rigorous processes to manage multiple projects and their dependencies. and tools. Delivery and Support: Solution implementation and post project support _______________________________________________________________________ _ Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. standards.Project Management Office Nitin Shende. Developing proposals: Developing and submitting the proposal focusing the solution for the customer and creating organizational assets 4. PMO responsibilities all the way through customer engagement: a) The pre initiation stage of the project. An exultant PMO provides the developmental activities that project managers need to effectively manage projects as well as to progress in their careers.

A project management career path with expectations for each level should offer a growth path through all the levels. Conclusion: PMO strengthens organizational project management in multiple ways: _______________________________________________________________________ _ Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Even the most experienced project managers must continue to upgrade and update their knowledge and skills. Motivation: To encourage high performance concerned with project management. c) Build a powerful knowledge culture where knowledge is shared on a global basis. a PMO must provide a program that addresses a broad spectrum of development activities that: a) Encourage professional growth and development. project managers should be encouraged to participate in seminars. It is a focal point skill and competency that must be continually developed. Knowledge sharing should be encouraged. In order to share knowledge and also get socialized with PM community. IPMA-D ___________________________________________________________________ Project Management Development A very simple but important phrase: Everything is perfect and everything can be improved!. Trainings: A proud PMO must provide the training that project managers need to learn the latest techniques in all aspects of project management. Ltd. a driving force in terms of appreciation and incentive programs should be recommended. conferences and gatherings organized by recognized institutes and other project management professional associations. conference papers and presentations. consisting of lessons learned. The same is true of project management. b) Cultivate a sense of community and teamwork.Project Management Office Nitin Shende. and internal PM forums. The trainings should be evaluated correctly against the value addition rather than only on commercials! It should be taken into account as priority requirement and schedules and budgets must be developed considering this as ‘Critical Activity’. PMP®. project experience.Project Management services Page 6 of 8 . In order to develop the best project managers possible.

Project Management services Page 7 of 8 . that I have come across in the long journey . it take its own time to get matured  With these alignments in place. support and so on. such as infrastructure. PMP®.  Be patient to catch the fruits of PMO. Project management process/methodology: Develop and implement a consistent and standardized process. the PMO can deliver on its promise to the enterprise. Implement and analyze the results to reach to right destination. Home for project managers: Maintain a centralized office from which project managers are loaned out to work on projects. Project management software tools: Select and maintain project management tools for use by employees. Internal consulting and mentoring: Advise employees about best practices. which is an outcome of experience gained while working with various organizations across the globe and the knowledge acquired from numerous books/documents/school of thoughts. Portfolio support: Establish a staff of program managers who can manage multiple projects that are related.  Define. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. Training: Conduct training programs or collect requirements and arrange proper trainings from an outside agency.Project Management Office Nitin Shende. Declaration: This is to inform you that the contents of this document “Project Management Office (PMO)” are authored by me. software applications. technologies. and allocate resources accordingly.  Be sure to have the corporate sponsorship and support appropriate for the scope of activities implied by the PMO being implemented. Ltd. IPMA-D ___________________________________________________________________ Project support: Provide project management guidance to project managers in business units. performance enhancements. Key Advice:  Staff the PMO you choose with people that have the skills and experience to assume the roles that will be required.  Do not expect turn key results immediately.

Project Management services Page 8 of 8 . PMP®. PMP®. IPMA-D.Project Management Office Nitin Shende. Ltd. UK) _______________________________________________________________________ _ Vinsys IT Services (I) Pvt. DBM (ICS. IPMA-D ___________________________________________________________________ Thanks Author: Nitin Shende.