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Draft Module Descriptor – Electrical Technology (for B tech in Manufacturing

Module Title Electrical Technology
Module Code MTC 217
Credits ( 6 credits )- 150 Hrs
Related modules Applied Electricity
(Pre requisites)
Module Aim(s) To enable the student to apply the working principles and the
performance characteristics of Electrical Machines and power
system components in operation and maintenance of
manufacturing systems

Learning outcomes The student will be able to
• Demonstrate the knowledge of the construction
features, principles of operation, characteristics and the
application areas of various types of Electrical
• Develop transformer equivalent circuits to analyze the
performance of a transformer.
• Demonstrate the knowledge of the starting methods of
Electrical Machines.
• Demonstrate the knowledge of operation of Control
devices (relays, Contactors, etc..)
• Identify switchgear and other components of electrical
transmission and distribution networks
• Demonstrate the understanding of tariff structure and
the power factor correction

Learning content Transformer
Transformer construction & Operation, Equivalent circuit &
Determining circuit parameters, Transformer efficiency &
regulation, Autotransformers & Instrument transformers, Pulse
transformers, High frequency operations

Introduction to Motors & Generators
Electro magnetic principles, Operation of the simple DC& AC
machines, Constructional features of rotating machinery &
Terminology, Design aspects, Application Aspects, Cooling,
Efficiency & losses

DC Machines
Essential features in DC machines, Torque & EMF equations,
Series motor, Shunt motor, Compound motor, Permanent
magnet DC motor, Brushless Dc & Stepper Motors, Switch
reluctance motor, Power Electronic control ,

Losses & efficiency. Feeders. distributors and service mains. Relays. Applications AC Machines Different types of single phase & 3 phase AC machines & their applications. Contactors & Other Control devices. Voltage regulation. current. Starting. Overhead and underground systems. Electrical Power And Controls by Timothy L. AC & Dc motor starters. Skvarenina & William E DeWitt – Prentice Hall Publication ISBN 0-13-080182-8 The Performance And Design Of Alternating Current Machines by M G Say ISBN: 8123910274 Recommended texts and/or A course in Electrical Technology by J B Guptha (Vol ii) references . Different forms of tariff. samples of switchgear Prescribed texts and/or Principles of Electrical Engineering by B R Gupta references ISBN 81-219-0103-0. Laws of illumination. Lighting Tariff and Powerfactor Improvement Power system costs. meters & connecting leads Contactors. field current Load characteristics of different types of motors Short circuit blocked rotor test Torque – speed characteristics of capacitor motor Variation of efficiency. powerfactor with load Motor starter control circuits Resources Motor control panel c/w different types of motors Single phase test transformer. Adjustable Speed Drives(VSDs) Transmission and Distribution of Electricity Power supply network. Protection switchgear Illumination Definitions. AC Servomotors. Push buttons & wires. Powerfactor improvement Practical Transformer no load & short circuit tests Characteristics of Miniature Circuit Breakers & Fuses Measurement of resistance of machine windings No load characteristics of motors Characteristics of speed vs. Braking & Speed Control Control Circuits & Devices Relays & Protective Devices. Universal Motors.

Coursework based 30% assessmen on lab practical t 2. demonstrations & practicals learning activities Assessment and weighting Type Weighting (Should be related to learning Practicals & Take home assignments 40% outcomes) End semester exam 60% Assignment Continuous 1.Recommended teaching Lectures. discussions. Assignment based 10% on field visit Duration Contact hrs :Theory 90 hrs Practical 30 hrs Field visit Transmission & Distribution grid Self – study 30 hrs End of semester exam 3 hour paper .