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How to gift wrap a cylindrical gift

How to gift wrap a cylinder or tube

Wrapping a cylindrical shape gift can be done in two ways.

• By rolling your cylinder up in wrapping paper and twist the ends to form a cracker
• By fan-folded ends.

Second method is best - it gives a clean look.

Cylindrical wrapping technique

Cylindrical wrapping technique

Steps of wrapping
1. Place your cylindrical shape gift approximately 3cm in from the end of the wrapping paper.

2. Place the cylinder over on to its side.

3. Cut the wrapper off to length.

4. With wrapping paper good-side-down, fold over the nearest side edge to make a
lengthways join in the wrapping paper.

Repeat the process in 3 and 4 to create a series of 'fan folds'. push the item inside through until even. should be running parallel to the cylinders sides . Complete your fan folds all the way to the last. Starting with the bottom end of the cylinder. When you have one last fan to make. Tuck under and excess wrapping paper at the tip and tape. 16. 17. 19. stop folding. . Cut all the way down to the item inside. Turn over and complete the last fan fold on the bottom and repeat the tidying up process. 6. If not. 21. Cut across the wrapping paper. 14. Start with the cylinder positioned centrally on the underside of the paper. Tidy up the end of the last fan fold by folding it under. Crease the folded edge to leave a mark. 20. 9. 11. 18. With the other hand. Now roll up the gift. draw some more wrapping paper toward the middle. Stand the item on the almost-finished end and repeat the snick and fan-folding process at the other. 12. Square-up the join . 7.and tape in the middle. You are now ready to tackle the ends. 10. Snick the ends at the join. It will be easier to finish this when you can stand the item up.5. 13. fold in the excess gift wrap towards the middle. Make sure you have even amounts of excess wrapping paper at either end of the cylinder. Place the newly cut edge on the cylinder and roll up. It is now the correct width. Run your finger back to the edge 3cm along.


Standard wrapping papers that can be folded crisply are the best for hexagonal boxes.Before you learn how to gift wrap a hexagonal box. But if you add more layers. And it's not as difficult as it looks! Are you puzzling over how to gift wrap a hexagonal box? Believe it or not. But when we refer to "hexagonal box. How To Gift Wrap Multi-Angled Boxes .The illustrated gift wrapping instructions below show a hexagonal box. but not "mylar" type metallic- finished wraps. and it always looks like a very well-dressed gift! A few introductory thoughts: • About boxes . They produce beautiful gift wrapping results. sharp creases. This includes foil gift wraps." we really mean any box with five or more angles/sides. • Gift Wrapping Tips . • About wrapping papers . if you haven't already done so. a multi-angled box is easier to wrap than a round box. We don't recommend tissue wrapping paper because the corners of your box will easily tear through. it's a good idea to review our six general wrapping tips. since those seem to be the most common. the extra bulk will be difficult to fold into nice. How to Gift Wrap a Hexagonal Box: Gift Wrapping 106 How to gift wrap hexagonal and other multi-angled boxes.

along the upper bend in the wrapping paper.excess paper at seam near the top and bottom the top or bottom will really get rims of the box. not angle to angle) against the box. the top rim of the box as you I'm using a waste basket under work. NO extra unfolded edge. Or. Center the box on its side on the paper. more than the distance around the sides of the box. and to draw the gift wrap snugly over fits inside the extended paper. and tape the side height. Width (side to side across the fold up ½ inch along one of the design) . this large hexagonal box. fold the wrapping paper across the rim. sit down and brace the box toward the center of the box. toward the top of the design (if for a directional design) should applicable).make it 1-2 inches side-seam edges. Point the top of the box Height (the up-and-down way. . in your way! 3) Position the gift upside down 4) The straight sides of the box over a support that's taller and are useful as guides. Remember more narrow than the box. right of the seam.1) Measure and cut gift wrap: 2) With the paper face down. between your knees . Hold the paper snugly side to side.hold firmly Form a pleat at the LEFT corner to prevent the box sliding down of the rim section by folding inside the wrapping paper. Bring the paper up equal the distance across the around the side angles of the center top of the box (measured box. please . tuck under the AND down one side. but a large juice can will do for a small Beginning on the side to the box.

over 6) Working around to the left. under. hexagonal box. 7) How-to-gift-wrap TIP: 8) Then smooth all the pleats Solve this by gently lifting up the toward the center of the box and first pleat. and adjust each pleat to point toward adjust so the fold points directly its opposite corner. be sure the paper is fold the last pleat beneath it. nice and snug around the box rim. . 9) Tape the wrapping paper 10) And that's how to gift wrap a closed at the center of the box.5) Lay the fold to its right. Oops. point the pleat fold Continue until you have made toward the center of the opposite five pleats (seven for an SIDE). giving you room to press flat. Press the pleat flat. the last making a second fold beneath pleat wants to fold out instead of the pleat. and fold it toward the opposite corner (On down over the previous pleat. Not so difficult. boxes with odd numbers of angles. the flat section of paper. octagonal box).

and it certainly stands out in a crowd. Invert the box and repeat from was it? Now. preferably wide enough to stand upright • sheets of tissue paper for stuffing • gift tissue (preferred) or solid-colored paper gift wrap • yellow tissue for the flame • 2-3 round wooden toothpicks for the wick (blacken with a marker) • turkey lacing skewer or similar (thin. and now your gift box is a lot of compliments! ready to decorate. plus clear/doublestick tape (or glue stick) • a gift tag or card • 12" of ribbon or decorative cord. sharp & strong) for Step 5 • household glue. where the pleats meet at a point. A cardboard tube candle is a fairly simple disguise for any gift that will fit inside your tube . and popular for birthdays or the holidays.” We made it out of an extra-wide tube from a roll of gift wrapping paper. get ready to receive Step 3. It's reusable too. or 18” of curling ribbon A few Notes: . Here’s how we made ours: Materials you will need: • a large cardboard tube. For about fifteen years. Make a Cardboard Tube Candle A cardboard tube candle is a fun and easy disguise for the well-dressed gift. our family has enjoyed recycling a big red Christmas “candle.

for large candles. leaving a Do not tape the bottom closed if generous overlap at each end. Join you want your candle to be two pieces of gift paper together. Go with tape if glue makes a messy seam. add enough loosely crumpled tissue paper to keep the gift from shifting. rim. So.About the candle wick . where its weight will help the candle to stand upright. try the glue stick on a couple of scraps to see how it behaves with the paper you are using.Double-stick tape hides well . About tapes . to stuffed into the ends of the roll. wrapping paper. Firmly pack in enough crumpled tissue to hold the gift in place near the bottom of the tube. Leave a few inches empty inside the top of the tube.use pieces that are short enough to avoid the paper jumping onto the tape while you are trying to position it. they are fine. That extra paper will be slightly beyond the rim. and tape closed inside the and flame. either immediately or upon drying. or brace it upright. However. Now. Fold under the raw firmly enough to support the wick edges. too! Preparing the gift for a cardboard tube candle . . And use enough pieces to hold the entire seam flat. But leave a couple of inches empty inside the very bottom of the tube. resemble the concave lip of a and the top end must be packed in burning candle. If you prefer regular clear. to help the wick take the glue effectively. I'd take an emery board and rough up those smooth sides at each end. "magic" or gift wrapping tape.Wrap your present in gift wrap or tissue and position it inside the tube. even solid glue may cause tissue or other thin papers to pucker.When you wrap a cardboard tube candle. Then stand up your candle. a glue stick may produce the least visible seam. At the needed to provide the generous top of the roll. for the disguise! How to Make a Cardboard Tube Candle 1) Wrap the cardboard tube in 2) Gently stuff the overlapping solid-colored tissue or gift paper into the bottom of the tube. but a lollipop stick cut to about 3" might make a good wick too. About a glue stick .We use toothpicks. At the top end of the tube. if reusable as a gift container. without large gaps that can catch and tear the paper. push in the paper overlap.

the wick. drip a little flame. Adjust the flame to stand Generously cover the top 1/3 of up straight. tightly twist together (15-25 cm.) square of yellow the tissue at the top. while you let the glue Squeeze the flame lightly to be dry thoroughly for several hours or sure the glue makes close contact overnight. with a diameter loosely tucking in the shorter about 3/4 that of the cardboard sides. with the tissue paper ball inside. Brace the flame upright. The corners of the square down you twist the corners. Center the ball on a 6” . poke a hole about one the candle. if necessary. a fairly tight ball. to bring the tissue. and will form the tip of the's sharp and strong.3) To fashion the flame: Crumple 4) Bring the corners of the square a piece of yellow tissue paper into up around the crumpled ball. and insert skewer . the wick . For each 1" into the paper inside the top of toothpick. with about 1/3 of wick the toothpick with glue and insert showing.12” flame loose. and allow the glue to dry completely before proceeding. I use a turkey-lacing glue into the hole too.poke a hole about three set slightly apart). 5) Now. Cover the bottom 1/3 inch deep in the bottom of the of the wick with glue. two or repeat Step 5 . the taller a flame is height of the flame by how far needed. toothpick (for a large flame.a blackened 6) To affix the flame to the candle. . Determine the tube candle. The larger the cardboard flame to a point. trim as needed to obtain the proper shape. Keeping the base of the tube. it into the bottom of the flame.

toothpicks can add stability. love your cardboard tube candle! How to Make a Tissue Paper Pouch . leaving a few inside edges rise up the wick a bit inches at the end for curling. push it through a them close together.7) After the glue is dry. so their hole in the tag. side by end and let it dangle down the side. If you use with the wick between them. use short pieces that won't extend up the sides of Woo hoo! .your recipient is gonna the flame. at the flame end. tube. Attach the tag to the other Apply two pieces of tape. to the center of the tube end. One or two more ribbon or cord at the wick. front of the candle. If needed curls will hold the tag on. Place curling ribbon. and opposite the seam side of the I've had good luck with clear tape. The and stick to each other. the wick may still need reinforcment to 8) Gift Tag: Tape one end of the stand upright.

3) Draw the edges of the tissue 4) Gather the gift tissue into a paper up and over the gift. Then center flat bottom and lend stability to the gift on the paper. Be neck. leaving the ends loose sure the edges lie flat. . plate or rigid circle of cardboard use double sheets. and tuck under any gaps where they overlap.1) Arrange 2-4 sheets of tissue 2) If your gift has an unusual wrapping paper into a circle that shape that does not sit flat on will reach 6"-8" inches above the the bottom. and short ends. with no above it. slip a thick paper gift all around. your gift pouch. that all the ends are drawn up over the gift. For a larger gift. overlapped under the gift to provide a nice and taped together.

Here. this pouch will keep them guessing. it requires very few materials. .. more firmly for tighter curls. ribbon. if needed). and very little fuss. more little detail: a gift tag. Tie it Arrange the curls attractively. onto the ribbon. tie the gathered draw a blade of your scissors tissue snugly at the neck. Pull gently for loose curls. One more great feature of a gift pouch: If your gift is intended to be a surprise. squeezing fingers! A tissue wrapping paper gift pouch is hard to beat for unboxed items. 5) With a length of ribbon or 6) To make curling ribbon curls. Use bubble wrap to conceal the shape of your well-dressed gift from curious.. or insert it into maybe with some peeking out the fluffed tissue ends (use a bit between the fluffs of gift tissue. 7) Finishing touches: Separate 8) Don't these curls look nice and fluff the ends of the tissue cascading beneath the fluffed wrapping paper that extend tissue paper? There's just one above the neck of your pouch. Curling along the inside curve of the ribbon is a good choice. I've used several strands. of double-stick tape. decorative cord.

Wrapping a Cardboard Tube Method-A: Fluffy Ends .

in two or more places. for a neat seam. A-3) Tie the neck snugly with A-4) Separate and fluff the tied- yarn. This is my Curl the ends by drawing a blade favorite look for a tube. section of loose tissue paper ending with the folded edge on top slightly into the end of the tube. Repeat at the other end Curling ribbon is a good choice. ribbon or a pretty cord. Method-B: Flat Ends B-1) Again we begin by wrapping B-2) To finish the ends. press one the gift paper around the tube. and tissue of your scissors along the inside paper is definitely the easiest to curve of the ribbon . around the tube. Not too close to the rim. loose curls and more firmly for tighter curls.gently for work with. Tape the seam a neck. of the cardboard tube. across to cover the end of the tube. Tape the seam in Tuck under the sides as you draw two or more places. or you might squeeze the pieces of tape evenly. rim out-of-round or tear the paper. . spacing the please. ending with the gather the loose gift tissue to form folded edge on top.A-1) Wrap the folded gift paper A-2) At one end of the tube. spacing the the remaining loose tissue wrap pieces of tape evenly. off ends.

B-3) Make the paper ends as B-4) Decorate both ends. Then use double- gift tag string can be taped under stick tape to hold the folded gift the decoration. a tape. you can affix a wrap in place at the end of the label directly onto the wrapped cardboard tube. just over half a string. covering smooth and flat as you can. Or. A paper is visible. tube. under any exposed edges so that Double-stick tape is strong enough only the right side of the wrapping to hold the decorations in place. Fold any irregularities in the paper. or the box itself to the height is about right. will encircle the box plus about 2 a greater overlap (but no more extra inches (5cm). For a measure a piece of gift wrap that shallow box like the one pictured. Use box. Wrap a Rectangular Box 1) Unroll a length of gift wrap and 2) Leave an overlap for each end decide how you want to orient the that is less than the height of the box with respect to the design. . than the box height) is better. For a deep box.

to snug around the corners of the make a neat seam. match up the pattern (if neat seam. pieces of tape . keeping them the edge of the bottom flap. to see which you like best. You may wish to try a different method at each end of your box. Method A 5-A) Fold the sides of the gift 6-A) Make a narrow fold across wrap to the center. 4) Bring the paper firmly up and 3) Place the paper design-side around the box to meet at the down. You can choose how to gift wrap the ends between two equally easy methods that produce almost identical results. A large box requires 2-3 seam will end up at the them evenly. . Center the gift box possible or desirable) before taping upside-down on the paper so the the seam. box. With the folded edge on along one short edge to make a top. and fold up about 1/2 inch center. as shown. Crease the diagonal edges. Top and bottom flaps will form as you fold in the sides.

. and tape the seam... snugly up over it. neat finish. bottom. Then fold the flap up Note: The second end may be firmly against end of the box. and easier to work with if you stand tape the seam. for a tape if your box is a wide one. 7-B) Fold up about 1/2 inch along 8-B) You may need 2-3 pieces of the edge of the bottom flap.8B at . keeping the paper snug at the end of the box. A wide box may require 2-3 pieces of tape . and crease the the box them evenly.7-A) Fold the top flap down 8-A) . Repeat Steps 5A . the box on the wrapped end as shown. then bring the bottom flap against the end of the box . Repeat Steps 5B . and crease the diagonal folds that form at either diagonal folds that form at the side. Method B 5-B) Fold down the top section of 6-B) Fold in the sides one at a overlapping paper snugly against time..8A at the other end of the box.

Note the gift tag made from a wrapping paper scrap . right). or. If the flap extends beyond the center of the box end. So before you cut. as the photo illustrates. .. Looks good! Now that you know how to gift wrap a box. keeping the sides snug along the box corners. Or. fold it in. you may wish to fold it under. To use Method A. Fold the sides in. you're all set to decorate it. Methods A & B 9) Turn the box over so the seam is at the bottom. Crease the diagonal folds to form the bottom flap (often an exact triangle). Or not. Fold the top overlap section down over the box end. Part of how to gift wrap is orienting the box properly on the paper. How to gift wrap a square-ended box . the other end of the box. you may decide to stand the box on end (see below). one at a time (above. But a's easy with Method B. be sure that the top of the design points toward the "up" end of the box.. though it may seem intuitive to position it that way (photo below. center). The box opening need not end up at the top of the wrapped gift. If there's a raw edge. there will be too much bulk for Method A. square-ended box that nicely stands on end is a good backdrop for an up-and-down wrapping paper pattern. use Method B. If the paper reaches much beyond the center of the box end. cut off the excess paper . the paper overlap is often easier to manage using Method B. at left). then fold up the flap and tape at the center. all the way to the corners ( matches perfectly! How to Gift Wrap Square and Cubic Boxes When the ends of a box are square or nearly square.

across the top of the box. . An attractive geometric pattern is formed at the ends of the box. this well-dressed gift looks its best standing the tall way! A gift tag looks nice dangling down the side of a tall gift. and slightly down the side. With such an interesting background for a bow or other decoration. Use a narrow ribbon to reach from the bow. by paper folds (striped paper is especially good for this effect). Tape the back of the gift tag to the end of the ribbon.

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