the Satanic entrenchment on Earth i keep trying to quit writing (for many reasons) but She keeps pushing

me.. As i write, Satanic forces are mustering and scrambling to save the Standard Model. They anticipated this attack but i'm guessing the timing caught them off-guard. They're trying to figure out how to accommodate a variable alpha, fine structure constant. They realize that it makes no sense whatsoever to try to explain alpha within the SM so are trying to extend it somehow reasonably believably - key word believably. As stated previously, alpha is (according to QED/SM) the coupling constant that determines the interaction rate between photons and electrons. In the OM, alpha represents antiphoton density. So what Satanic forces are basically trying to do is: keep the Standard Model alive while accommodating a variable alpha. i'm sure they'll find some 'clever' (in a Satanic sense) way to do this .. But i won't waste too much sleep time over it. .. i just had a talk with Yui over Skype .. i tried to explain to her the importance of an Oprah interview (Oprah is looking to start a new show with 'somebody'). But i explained i cannot ask Oprah this - it would be wrong of me. Just like me accepting any gift personally - for me - i cannot morally do. i can accept gifts for one of the two families - but not me. So in much the same way, i cannot ask Oprah (for me) to host her new show. i've already written to her twice about an interview - that's enough. My satire of her is simply to provoke an interview - nothing more. But as i explained to Yui, it almost doesn't matter at this point who interviews with her. It could be my four buddies: Pat, Dimi, Doug, and Russell. Or it could be someone else.. (i believe only Russell entertains the possibility i may onto something - the rest vehemently disagree with me; so they'd be good interview candidates.) Pat Condell is a famous Irish dude who i call "the Truth" or mouthpiece of God (even though he's atheist). Dimi Sengos i've written about before. Doug Sweeney/Lerner as well. And Russell Guinn who's like a brother to me. (Probably more brother than either Phil or Paul.) .. Recently i've pulled out of Facebook (much like a john pulls out of a prostitute) because there i'm treated much like Phil treated me: patronizingly. i did remeet one guy from high school there: Dan Bailey - who also might be a good interview candidate. As i wrote Dimi, Doug, and Russell - i sense Satanic forces are mustering for a counterattack which could include an assassination attempt on yours truly .. i Know that sounds absolutely Paranoid but .. You're not fighting a war against demonic forces. ..i asked Yui to pray for an interview (remember she does not believe in God) .. As she was falling asleep, i explained to her that "i'm nobody, i'm just a simple guy from Michigan, somehow God chose me for this (perhaps because She knows i'm one of the few who cannot be bought), She knows i'm Loyal to Her, and that Yui will have to turn people away if i can get an honest respectful interview" But she was falling asleep and likely didn't hear much of what i was saying..

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