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"It's a new year. A fresh start." Mr.

Schuester began
his opening lecture scanning the twelve faces in the
choir room. "Last year was amazing and we grew so
much, but it wasn't quiet enough. If we want to have
any chance at winning this year and cementing
ourselves as a legitimate club at McKinley, we are
going to have to work harder than we ever imagine.

When you are on stage performing together, you are
a unit, drawn together by the music, but off stage you
slip away from each other. I want to solve that
problem." The curly haired teacher turned his back
and quickly shuffled through some papers on the
piano while his students shuffled in their seats

"Now, I know there were a lot of personal issues last
year that prevented us from becoming the cohesive
group we need to be. I hope I'm correct in assuming
we took this summer to grow from those experiences.
And that brings me to our first assignment on the
year. You will have partners."

"Bringing out the hat of fate again, Mr. Schue or do
we get to pick this time?" Finn asked giving puppy
dog eyes to the petite diva sitting next to him.

Brittany's eyes widened. "The duck…" Santana took
the eager blonde's hand, smiling to herself.

"Neither. I've chosen for you." Mr. Schuester

explained holding up a piece of paper with their
names scribbled on it. "You are to pick a song which
you can both relate to, sing it in front of the group, and
then explain what it means to the other."

The group shrugged their shoulders.

"Sounds easy?" The teacher asked reacting to their
uninterest. "Well, it's not going to be. This assignment
is to pull you out of your comfort zone and force you
to get to know one another. So without further a due,
your partners: Santana, you are with Artie. Kurt, it's
you and Mike. Mercedes with Brittany. Matt and Tina.
Quinn with Rachel. And lastly, Puck with Finn."

The room fell silent only to erupt seconds later with
twelve angry voices shouting incoherent protests of

"Guys! Guys! This is why I am doing this. If we are
going to become a team - a real team, we need to
move past our past. I know this is going to be a
challenge so it's not due next week. I'm giving you a
lot of time because some of you honestly know
nothing about each other."

"Mr. Schue, this isn't fair," Finn argued, throwing
glares to Puck who shared the same look of disgust.

"I understand your reluctance. But this is how it is
going to be this year. If we can't do this as a team,

then we aren't going to do it at all. So that means
anyone who chooses not to do the assignment will not
be performing with us at Sectionals."

"Mr. Schuester, I believe that you are being a bit rash
in your decisions."

"No, Rachel" the teacher interrupted. "I'm not. This is
for your own good. We have already started to touch
base with that unity. Now, we just need to work on the
details. I know some of you may find this assignment
easier than others, so as you chose your songs, let
me know. That's all I wanted to say today. I told you
this would be short. However, I want to give you some
time now to get to know each other, or relearn one
another. So…" He waved his hands indicating his
desire for the students to mingle and find their

"This so isn't fair." Finn complained looking to his

Her eyes were filled with sympathy for him but she
brushed it away and beamed with her typical
optimism. "It's not, no. However, think of this as a test
of character, Finn. You may not have to forgive Noah
for what he and Quinn did to you, but I believe you
can find it within you to push past the reservations
you have and prove to Mr. Schuester that we will rise
to whatever challenge he creates in his good-
intentioned mind despite how truly unfair they are."

His expression never faltered. She lessened her grin
to a genuine smile and kissed him quickly on the lips.

"Do this for me then," she asked. "because there is no
way I can perform on that stage without you. Please,

He lamented but stood from his seat, thrust is hands
into his pockets, and trekked to the far end of the
room. It was only then Rachel saw Quinn looking at
her. The blonde was clad in her old Cheerio's uniform
which made the diva's stomach churn with anxiety.
She was going to willingly subject herself to the
blonde's torture for the sake of stardom. No, it was not
fair, but it was necessary.

Rachel swallowed her concerns and prepared to rise
when Quinn moved first. The blonde stood and calmly
walked over to the sitting girl. The flaps of her uniform
swished as she walked, accenting the twists of her
hips and attitude in her walk. Rachel always figured
Quinn would rejoin the Cheerios after the baby
scandal, and that thought gave her nightmares over
the summer. The blonde would seek her revenge,
Rachel was sure of it.

"Quinn," Rachel politely greeted as she took Finn's
seat. Despite her attempts to hide her apprehension,
the brunettes voice quivered as she spoke her name.
The chocolate eyes scanned the tile floor and her

fingers gripped the edge of her seat until her knuckles
turned white.


The brunette stopped breathing. Rachel. Not Man
hands. Not Stubbles or Treasure Trail. Not even
RuPaul, a particular favorite of the cheerleaders.

"Breathe, Rachel. I'm not going to hurt you." Quinn's
voice was light. Rachel doubted anyone else in the
room could have heard it, but she took the girls advice
and released her breath. "Better?"

Rachel nodded.

It was awkward. They sat there trying to avoid eye
contact until one would open their mouth to speak
only to shut it again. Finn and Puck weren't fairing any
better. They sat next to each other but didn't even
attempt to speak.

"I think they have the most awkward partnership."
Rachel announced trying to break the ice. "Ours is
based on an awkwardness due to our ignorance of
each other which is understandable and easily

Quinn slowly nodded and glanced at the pair across
the room. "And they're both my fault."

Rachel was suddenly aware of what she really said
and clinched her eyes shut, reprimanding herself

"Quinn, that's not what I -"

"But it's true. You offered me a friendship and I turned
it down. Well, ignored it more than anything. It didn't
help our situation, but it didn't exactly hurt it either."
She turned to face back to Rachel, her eyes filled with
regret. "But they were best friends and I ruined it."

"I…I don't believe you are solely to blame." The
brunette tried to comfort her, retracting her hand as
she thought better of trying to give a supportive touch.
"If I remember correctly, Noah had placed you in a
vulnerable position with his insistence of further
alcohol consumption beyond your desired limit."

"Maybe," she shrugged. "But I'm not passing blame. I
did what I did, before and after sleeping with Puck."

Awkwardness fell between them again, far more
gripping than before.

"Did…I realize this is not the most comfortable
environment for two individuals, particularly those with
our history, to allow themselves to lower defense and
become accustom to the others presences….Did you
want to, maybe, come by my house so we could talk
and decide what song would be appropriate for our


Quinn laughed lightly. "Are you trying to tell me you
actually relax at home? Because it will be a little bit of
a challenge to let down my guard if it takes all of my
concentration to interpret your questions?"

"So, is that a yes?"

The blonde nodded. "I think it is a good idea."

Rachel beamed. The whole experience was starting
to improve. "Superb. Well, Finn is taking me home.
Perhaps you could follow, or would you rather come
by later?"

"Or I could just take you home. Unless, you and Finn
needed to-"

"No." Rachel interrupted. "I don't really think he will be
up for conversation after this experience anyway."


"I have to stop and get a book from my locker."
Rachel motioned down the hall as she and Quinn
exited the choir room.

The blonde nodded and motioned in the opposite
direction. "I'll go get my car and meet you out front?"

her rolling backpack squeaking on the tile floor behind her. "Hey. Slushy facials were normally provided in full view of the student body for the maximum amount of embarrassment. Maybe Mr. but the cheerleader didn't have to offer the ride. It really was dorky. Coming down the hall in full force was Karofsky. Granted they were being forced to get to know each other. to be seen in public with her. she couldn't take the chance of straining it in high school. She spent endless hours complaining to her dads how unrealistically heavy all of her school books were until they bought it for her. Rachel thought to herself as she scurried down the hall. Freak!" A loud booming voice echoed through the hallway as Rachel swapped her books. But if her body was going to be able to handle the rigorous demands of musical theatre on Broadway for the next several decades. cherry slushy in hand." Never in a million years had Rachel Berry ever anticipated a moment where Quinn Fabray would offer her a ride home. Schuester wasn't so out of touch with reality after all."Okay. The petite diva was naive enough to believe she would be sparred since her relationship . She had no disillusions about the bag. Rachel even excused her from it. Rachel had been pleasantly surprised this had not happened earlier in the day.

relishing in her fear. "Find a new target. He reeled his arm back and prepared for the launch. "The guys think maybe you had something to do with that." Her eyes glued to the large cup as he rotated it in his fingers threateningly. But I tried to explain to them that Finn was gay." . A hand grabbed his letterman's jacket and turned him roughly." He took a step closer and tightened his grip on the cup. Man Hands…. Someone said the two of you were dating or something.with the star quarterback was now common knowledge. "Looks like you are to blame for him bailing after all." The giant oaf towered over her. "Then I remembered you have a few nick names…. Hesitantly. and breath held. She heard the icy splat and unusual clank of the empty cup bouncing on the tile floor.RuPaul…. fists clinched. Maybe Finn can be dating you and still be gay. "Finn skipped out on us this afternoon for your little gay club. giving Rachel enough time to brace for the impact. "Come on Rachel. I mean. why else would he have joined the Gay Club. she opened her eyes in time to see the jock's expression sway from shock to disbelief under the layer of red stained ice chips covering his face." Rachel saw him move in slow-motion. Her eyes shut tight. Karofsky!" Warned a very serious and very pissed Quinn Fabray.

Not only was the cheerleader who loved to torture her giving her a ride home." ~~/~~~\\~~~/~~~\\~~~ "You're lucky I came in to get you when I did. Slowly her mouth turned upward and stretched into her typical smile of superiority and leaned towards the slushied jock." This was truly weird now." Quinn remarked as Rachel fastened her seat belt.The blonde was already halfway down the hall before Rachel snapped out of her fog of shock. The red stains. It obviously wasn't your fault. "Don't apologize." "Oh. but also just saved her from a slushy facial. "Why did you come back in?" Quinn shrugged. "You were taking forever." The blonde shook her head as she pulled away from the school. "Don't…don't you worry that they will try and retaliate . sorry. "As a word of advice. which I am able to provide thanks to the years of abuse endured at your hands: You may want to wash off soon. The brunette smiled shyly.

" "Right. ********* The Berry household was nothing like Quinn expected. She wasn't exactly sure what she had expected but she didn't find it. "They won't slushy me. And you may be going home. It was all too perfect to make fun of. Santana will kick their asses. From the moment she walked through the front door the house screamed comfort. I'm going home now anyway. The air smelt of cinnamon and fresh baked cookies that reminded her of the Brady Bunch. "Did you want anything to eat or drink?" Rachel asked as she disappeared into the kitchen. but you're doing it in my car." Why else. They traveled the rest of the trip in silence except for the occasional driving directions. The walls were painted in rich. warm colors and plastered with countless candid photos of Rachel and her dads smiling or in loving embraces. Thank you. Rachel? She is still Quinn Fabray and you will always be Rachel Berry. I mean. I don't want to ruin the leather seats." Quinn really wasn't ." Quinn focused on the road and sighed.tomorrow? It probably wasn't worth it… to save me. No one would have even seen me. "Water will be fine.

Rachel emerged with two glasses of water. "I like them. The bright smiles did seem welcoming. We do have a significant amount of ground to cover in just a few weeks. and yet had never really looked at them. Take the person whose life you have made a personal hell for the last couple years and bare your soul'. I am most certain he intends to cover every available inch of wall space before he admits an obsession." Rachel walked by the photos day-in and day-out. "So.thirsty. "I mean. countless times. asking questions like favorites or general knowledge. The answer was more reflexive as she was lost in the pictures on the wall." Rachel took a second to study the cheerleader for any signs of opposition and was pleasantly surprised to find eagerness instead." . I had thought that it would be most productive to start slowly. They are very…welcoming. its not everyday you are told 'Hey. I took the liberty of jotting a few down on the ride home. "Daddy started photography as a mild hobby a few years ago." The blonde absently smiled as she took her drink from the diva and thanked her again. "Well. Quinn was right. she always has a plan." Quinn had meant for the comment to soften the tension but it only seemed to thicken it. "Follow me and we can get started. how do you want to do this?" The cheerleader asked with hope Rachel had a plan. She's Rachel.

it was forced. "First one up: Favorite color?" Rachel asked hesitantly. But there are days those colors make me nauseous and I prefer baby blue. Normally I like yellow or pink." . I am sure most people have noticed by now. Shame filled her as Rachel offered her a seat on her bed and handed her the list.Quinn remembered what Rachel's room looked like from the countless MySpace videos the diva had posted and the Cheerios publicly ridiculed." Quinn jibed. What about you?" This was awkward. "Mine is pink obviously. "But without the baby messing up my hormones I am pleased to say those are becoming rare. something warm. learning each other. all pink. back pack. It was just talking. "So I guess I can gage your moods based upon your wardrobe from now on? I mean. "Ummm…It depends on my mood. My phone. Quinn rubbed the palm of her hand over her forehead trying to calm he anxiety. my computer. when you aren't wearing the uniform. What was the big deal? Except it felt forced…Well." "Baring any mood swings." The brunette was relieved Quinn was participating no matter how obvious she made it that she was uncomfortable.

You?" "Depends. You can sleep in as late as you want. "I like Saturday." "Mondays?" The brunette's voice was of pure disbelief." Quinn hesitated. I like Fridays. If it was a bad weekend.It was a tension breaker. the explanations for Quinn's choices were much more personal than Rachel's generic ones. which is the only reason I dislike Sundays. "Probably because admitting they like Mondays forces the question of why. "And why would one wish to hide the fact they like Mondays?" God! She didn't let anything drop. I like Mondays. There are only a few reasons why someone would rather be at school than at home. a rare decision but a possibility nonetheless. "Second question: What is your favorite day of the week?" Rachel asked before continuing. "Very few of them are . If it was a bad week.. These were suppose to be easy questions and while the answers were simple.if I don't feel like doing my typical morning exercise regiment." Rachel furrowed her brow. You can also stay up as late as you want because there's no school the next day.. "No one likes Mondays." "I believe they just don't like to admit they like Mondays.

" Rachel nodded in acceptance of the answer's personal nature but was cut off when she attempted to comment. "I am and my Dad is. and countless opportunities to share my passion of singing with the rest of the world. holiday parties." "Christmas?" Quinn questioned." "Oh. I know it is cliché but I truly do believe it is a magical time of year. children in snowball fights. The falling snows.positive. you know. she hated the . "I thought you were Jewish?" Rachel nodded sharply. "I have a set answer for that one. There isn't a time of the year with more singing than Christmas. of course." Unlike Rachel. What is your favorite season? Mine is winter. warm family gatherings. So I have the privilege of experiencing both Christmas and Hanukkah. but Daddy is not. "What's number three?" "Number three." "What about you? Favorite season?" Rachel asked before adding "Depends?" Quinn smiled slightly and shook her head.

" "Well." Rachel laughed. "Yeah. that is the point of this assignment. though it does bug when they don't do it symmetrically. overcast skies. They were comprised of suit clad men discussing whose self-righteous life was the better fit for their father's outline of the perfect life. "I just never would have pegged you for a stickler for symmetry. Woman sat in silence or bragged about how perfect their daughters were before running to their husband's side to refill their glasses with the readily available alcohol of choice." .holidays. I like being out side and watching them fly by as the head south for the winter. the birds. "I like the fall. you know. when there are more birds on one side of the 'v' shape. She didn't have many warm family gatherings. It's cool without being cold. "And I bet you thought you were the biggest dork in the room. I like the changing colors of the trees. You know. and-" "The birds?" Quinn nodded. I always wanted to push them over to the other side with my finger so that it was even…" Quinn realized she was rambling on a rather odd topic by blank stare on Rachel's face.

perfect for marrying and raising a family for. I'm not aiming too high for anything specific. Question number four?" Quinn nodded pulling her legs underneath her. "This one isn't a favorite and my answer for it is glaringly obvious. really. but I decided to include it to aide in my endeavor to-" "Rachel. what is the question?" The blonde's tone wasn't sharp or annoyed. She had always been told what she was going to do with her life."True. allowing herself to get comfortable. date an upper classman. that way by the time she graduated." . "What is your dream? Mine. "Quinn…" "Umm. All I want is to end up happy with my life… however it turns out. He dad had it all planned out: She would attend college for a general degree. She didn't really know. he would be a successful business man. of course: huge Broadway star. It remained very calm and understanding of the verbose diva's perpetual rambling." The cheerleader deeply inhaled before slowly releasing it as she thought.

"Yes. If I don't make it on Broadway I don't know what I will do. If Rachel had faith from the person who hated her the most. Sweetheart. The girls continued for hours filling the house with laughter and cries of embarrassment after jokes were told at the other's expense before there was a knock at the door. "You were meant to be on Broadway. opened the door and cautiously peeked inside. Dad. a small balding man with thick rimmed glasses and a small and gentle voice. For her dream to falter. The diva constantly melted down if she lost solos. Give yourself the opportunity to explore. "There are no worries there Rachel."That's…admirable." ." They both knew it was true. This is Quinn Fabray from Glee Club. do we have company?" He father. That's my downfall… one of my downfalls. I will be crushed." It wasn't much of a confession. but hearing it from Quinn Fabray made it seem more possible. no one else could stop her. would be devastating. We are working on a project together." Quinn placed her hand on the girls knee before quickly retracting it. You can already out perform most of the people there. "Rachel.

Just call. "Also. She was allowed to speak her mind freely without threat of reprise." The cheerleader shook her head. It's not very often we get to meet Rachel's friends. My dads do . Quinn. We can set another place. I insist. Call your parents and tell them you will be staying. Berry. "It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. before you object again. She had clearly been groomed by her parents to have a predetermined repose for ever formality. After the man left she grabbed her phone and typed a quick message." "Of course it is. My husband is just finishing up. It was very different from Rachel's upbringing. "Quinn. but I should warn you. The Berry household was a very open place. "Thank you." Rachel was amazed at how poised and polite the blonde was." She couldn't help but smile and nod. Would you care to stay for diner. but I wouldn't want to intrude. Quinn thought. Rachel inherited he stubbornness from me so don't even try and fight it.Quinn rose from the bed and shook the short man's hand. "Is it okay with you that I'm staying? Your dad didn't give me the opportunity to ask you." That's because she doesn't have any." "You as well.

but I… I'm not fighting this assignment because I hope it will help me show… help me prove that I mean it…I would like to have that friendship you once offered me. "Well. by you or your dads. "I can't take back what I've done." "That's why you stopped Karofsky?" She nodded. she never expected the head cheerleader to be in her house. but before we go down I want to tell you something. or moreover. whatever happens I will take it as Karma. let alone stay for dinner. She knew her Dad would remain polite but her Daddy was much more protective.treat you the way I have." . And I know things aren't just going to be forgotten. Then again. He was going to say something. Having the baby and dealing with my parents…it kinda put things in perspective.know about…" "How horrible I've been to you?" Rachel nodded. frowning." She placed her phone back into her bag. One thing I decided was there was no reason for me to treat you like an enemy…. but I figure I can try and prevent it from happening again. who it is I want to be. "I took this summer to figure out what it is I want. She had never regretted telling her fathers until now. If the offer still stands.

Rachel Berry was just offered her first ever friendship. "We didn't want to disturb you." The man turned to greet Quinn." ~~/~~~\\~~~/~~~\\~~~ "Hi Daddy." His smile remained warm but fell in height. . Finn. "I would like that. Rachel only had one real friend. waiting for an introduction from his daughter. Now. she figured he must also be more assertive. and he didn't technically count because she was dating him. "It's nice to meet you Mr. I appreciate you honesty and maturity. Berry. And now. I am famished.For a second the Rachel Berry's world had stopped. There was an apology. He seemed much more playful in personality than his husband but the blonde saw a flicker of uncertainty in the brunettes eyes as she moved to Quinn's side. is the question. this is Quinn from Glee. I didn't ever hear you two get home let alone cook dinner. You sounded like you were having a good time." Rachel stood on her tiptoes to give the tall man a kiss on his cheek. there was an offer of friendship. There was an understanding." Quinn's mouth ran dry and her heart's pace quickened as the man's eyes fixated coldly to hers. lets go eat. But with who. "Daddy.

sir. "Could you help Rachel set the table?" She nodded. Eventually the two women simply kept to their own lives and schedules." Michael announced as he ." He turned his attention back to the stove. eager for anything to keep her busy. Quinn figured the less her mother knew about Rachel's family and their lifestyle."Please. "Alright. While Judy Fabray had originally doted on her returning daughter in attempts to make up for the years of emotional abandonment. it hurt. "Is there anything I can do to help?" Quinn directed the question to the shorter man as he set a stack of plates and silverware onto the table. Rachel tried to give the cheerleader an apologetic look but was waved off." She didn't. it's Michael. She knew she deserved much worse. Quinn deserved the cold shoulder. "Yes. She had actually texted Santana to warn her about Karofsky. There was no point to text her mom. Dinner is served. the better off the men would be. rarely interfered with one another. I texted my mom to let her know. but she deserved it. it all felt wrong. "Did you call home and let your folks know you were eating with us yet?" He motioned to the phone on the wall.

" "He feels that our history is…surpass able. "So did you two choose to be partners?" Quinn set her fork on her plate and placed her hands in her lap." Michael replied before turning to the blonde. we are talking about Glee Club. "So. girls. though my initial opinions on the assignment bordered on the words such as vicious and torturous.placed the food on the table. Schuester's intentions and applaud him on undertaking such a take. and that we could gain something from an understanding of one another. Her Dad notice her attempts. or is there music involved? I mean. Mr. Mr. what is this assignment about? How did you two end up partners for it?" Rachel shifted in her sit and Quinn knew she was preparing for a speech. "So do you simply take time to get to know each other. Schue selected all the partners." Rachel added. He intends to bridge the social gap and gain unity on and off the stage." "I see. I have grown to understand Mr. sir. "Well. Daddy." "Well. hoping to pull the prying man's attention away from Quinn. Schue wants us to pick a song we can both relate . once we become acquainted with each other. "No.

I find it difficult. Teachers lecture on what they expect from us but never teach. "How so?" his husband asked. We do have several classes together: Spanish. However. This will be a learning experience for both of us. "Well." Michael retorted looking down to his plate. we have heard of Quinn from Rachel. Daddy. allowing Rachel to answer. It is all rather boring." Quinn explained. moving on. Joshua clinched his jaw. "Classes were as they always are on the first day back. Trig. therefore Rachel is already familiar with her." his husband urged." Quinn bit her bottom lip. "How were classes? Do you two have any together?" Quinn faked a smile and nodded. and her dad. "Anyway. I found today that I know very little about and then explain it. "Actually. to believe Quinn knows anything substantial about Rachel. Rachel fumed. "Seems a bit one-sided to me. Chemistry. and…" ." Michael raised his hands in surrender. from those same stories.

" Rachel sank slightly in her seat as she remembered her perfect record of ruined school close on the first day of every school year. "Rachel. "because I was dating Finn. It initially made Quinn happy to see what an effect it had on Rachel's adoring fathers. So after rehearsal. "Are those the close you wore to school today. huh?" Rachel slumped again. I was not slushied. He chose Glee rehearsal over something with football and they blamed me. "So I guess dating Finn really has helped."…speech" Quinn offered. ." she admitted. But she quickly regained her composure and straightened in her seat. But he saw anyway. I was going to get slushied today. Rachel? You did wonders of cleaning them up this time. Honey. but that quickly faded with the understanding that she was normally responsible for their heartache." Quinn tried to hide her genuine smile at the joke in fear Michael would see it as her mocking the brunette. "I didn't need to clean them off today." Joshua beamed. "Well…no. why are you taking speech? We all know you have no fears about speaking. This year was her only slushy free school year start. Daddy. Both men laughed.

"Quinn then informed him that he needed to find a new target for his insecurities. but I still want to know why she's finally decided to be civil. Daddy?" "Why did you stop him. "Why. aren't you the one whose normally encouraging these attacks?" Joshua placed his hand on top of his husbands. We should simply be thankful she did. what. "He did but… somehow. "But he didn't throw it?" Joshua asked confused. Why did you stop him?" "Michael!" "Daddy!" . Quinn intervened. "I don't care why.Karofsky cornered me at my locker." "I am thankful." The men's eyes widened with surprise. I'm not entirely sure how. not me. All I know is when I opened my eyes Karofsky was covered in the slushy." Quinn glue her eyes on the brunette as she retold her story but she felt Michael's glares burning at her face. That's all that matters." "Why?" Michael asked flatly. Quinn? I mean.

"It's okay. "I just…I…actually. "Quinn you don't have to explain yourself. She had just gotten the girl as a friend. "Quinn…" Rachel grabbed tighter on her arm and stood with her." He had a valid concern for his daughter. she didn't want to lose her now. Obviously Rachel inherited his forgiving nature as well. but she can if she wants." Quinn's voice was so small the only reason she knew they heard her was the bickering stopped." Michael pushed. "No she doesn't. "I…I…" Rachel grabbed the blonde's hand. Quinn admired it. Willing to stand up and fight for his daughter when she wouldn't even fight for herself. I should go…" She stood up from the table trying to hold back the tears burning her eyes." Joshua nodded in agreement. "It's okay." Rachel saw for the first time the deepness . It's the past. She wished her father could have been more like him. I'll…I'll see you at school tomorrow. Quinn hesitated. "I'm very interested in knowing. "But she deserved it all those other times?" Some of them. That's a dad."Because she didn't deserve it." She looked the brunette in the eyes.

" "It was a valid question. but practically running to her car. I cannot act like she is welcome here." she whispered one more time before calmly walking out of the house. "Valid or not." Joshua placed the dirty dishes in the sink. "And just so we are clear. "It's okay." Rachel stormed off to her room. I hope you all have a good evening. The food was wonderful. it was not the time nor the place. and her eyes snapped open to . Her head whipped back and connected with her locker door with a deafening clank.of Quinn's eyes. I cannot believe you. That girl has made Rachel's life hell at school. "Michael." ************** "Do you have my number?" Rachel jumped at the suddenness of the voice. and Mr. "Thank you Mr. more embarrassed and upset at her father than she ever had been with Quinn. the couch is yours tonight. There were other issues playing on her mind. The brunette grasped at the back of her head as it throbbed but touched soft skin instead of hair. Berry." Quinn slowly pulled away as Rachel lessened her grip.

Rachel opened her mouth to respond but words failed her as she caught sight of Karofsky over Quinn's shoulder." The cheerleader's eyes fell to the ground. I didn't mean to scare you. Quinn turned to see him only a few steps away when Santana's voice called him to a stop. I would have to mess up your already screwed up face. And I don't want to take the chance of making you look better. "Do you have my number? I got to thinking last night that you might not. "Yeah. Are you okay?" Quinn checked for blood before pulling her hand away. and it could be useful to have for the assignment." . "I didn't think you would want to talk to me after what happened last night. "It wasn't your fault. "Karofsky? What the hell do you think you are doing? I know you aren't thinking about throwing that at Q. looking for revenge. "Sorry." Quinn really was trying. I'll be fine. I deserved it.see Quinn wincing in imaginary pain. It wasn't even what your dad was saying…it was…" She shook her head and waved the thought away. I…I…" The brunette stammered. Because if you were. Rachel could see it and couldn't stop herself from smiling at the blonde's improvements. her hand under Rachel's on the back of her head.

Karofsky." He argued. As he lifted the cup. pulling his arm back for the launch. Dumbshit? Don't ever try to pull that crap again or you'll become everyone's new favorite target since Berry is now apparently off limits. You now have two slushies under your belt. "What the hell. You just better have my back if this turns around to bite me in the ass." Santana announced as she wiped the slushy splatter off her hands onto his jacket. Q." "Don't mention it. Santana's hand hit the bottom. "Do I look like I'm kidding.He shouldered the Latina away. ." Rachel watched in disbelief as the cheerleader escorted the jock down the hall. "See. San. Rachel could only imagine that is what Quinn had done yesterday. Now move!" "Thanks. She has this coming. Now. Keep it up and you'll be giving Berry a run for the title. Are you kidding me?" The Latina narrow her eyes and dropped all sarcasm from her voice. back to my number. "Congratulations. "Back off Lopez. arching it up into his face. I told you she would have my back. parading her handiwork." Quinn stole the pink phone from the stunned diva's locker and entered her number.

Santana was beyond pissed. Quinn no longer made the snide remarks every time the Latina tried to make a suggestion or scolded her for attempting a moment in the spotlight. "I see. were you wanting to work on our assignment this . and we have each other's backs so we both get the respect." Quinn closed the phone and handed it back to Rachel. She couldn't stand to think of another year under Quinn's thumb. But when Santana met the new Quinn Fabray."I thought you two hated each other…like frienemies. as just one of the blonde's henchmen. The new Quinn offered to share it in exchange for mutual security. "I thought she would love the opportunity to watch you falter in status. "At one time." When Quinn first convinced Coach Sylvester to take her back on the squad. "So. yes." Rachel now realized the cheerleader was reevaluating all of her relationships. a very large undertaking. superior attitude. she gets to have the bitchy. I get the title of Head Cheerleader.." Rachel remarked as she watched the blonde type away. But we have recently come to an understanding of what we want and how we can both achieve it. her thoughts shifted slightly. Not when she had finally gotten a taste of the very top after Quinn's downfall last year.

Rachel could only nod as she took in her surroundings. "It's fine. Would we be able to do this at your house? If we can't I fully understand." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Rachel stood just inside the door way of Quinn's massive home. no. Dark walls layered with floral print wallpaper stretched from the pristine hardwood floors to the towering cathedral ceilings. "Although. I have this inability to-" Quinn put a hand up to stop any potential rambling. I just don't particularly like interfering with a group of overly opinionated individuals.afternoon as well?" Rachel nodded. requiring perfect posture to sit on. I find it quite exhausting to try and contend with multiple foes. I should probably mention my dads hold a book club meeting at our house on Tuesdays. "Wow. The furniture was old fashion and appeared highly uncomfortable. "Honestly." "Don't like the competition?" Quinn jibed. Do you need a ride?" Rachel nodded. I'm parked in the North Lot. Quinn. "Then I'll see you after school. Your home is…is…" "Daunting?" she offered. Along the walls were elegantly carved china closets displaying the family's most expensive dinning wear .

Make yourself at home…as much as you can. each with a demure smile upon their lips. some of her and Finn. the painting depicted Quinn's father standing tall and proud. Rachel found herself smiling at the picture." Quinn offered. There were group photos from cheerleading competitions and a collection of movie tickets pinned to the wall. "I'm going to change out of my uniform. pompoms. Hand painted and formally posed." Quinn guided the shell-shocked diva to her room. It was littered with Cheerios memorabilia: uniforms. Tucked in the bottom corner of the mirror was a photo of the Glee Club taken just before Regionals. . and pictures. She was proud to be part of something that someone like Quinn Fabray would deem worthy enough to place in her room. and a single portrait of the family. The brunette took her time gazing around the room at all the pictures: Quinn with Santana and Brittany.that Rachel was almost certain had never been used. trophies. knowing that if she felt out of place in her own home. "My room is upstairs. and medals dangling from the corners of her vanity. even some of her and Puck. towering over the three sitting women . All the red and white made Rachel feel more like she was at school than the White House. Rachel surely did. Thankfully Quinn's bedroom was a little less intimidating.

Rachel couldn't help but agree. Rachel turned to the cheerlead who started to unpack her bag. Questions like: Can I grab your ass? Out of all the girls in school Quinn Fabray was the one that could turn any girl gay. "Yeah. "You okay?" Quinn asked with a worried expression. Rachel tore her eyes away from the cheerleader and threw her gaze around the room again. except we will skip the alcohol…for tonight at least. Her breath caught in her throat. but that didn't make her gay. Rachel had overheard rather racy conversations in the gym locker room over the years about how much girls admired her beauty and how far they would be willing to go with her if they ever had the chance. "What about this game I use to play with Santana and Brittany. She had known Quinn worked out over the summer to reclaim her pre-pregnancy body but she had truly outdone herself." She added with a smirk. I was just thinking about what questions we haven't covered yet."It's a good picture. In McKinley High's rule book." Quinn stated as she entered the room again." Quinn suggested taking a seat on her bed." Sure she was. "It's called 'Have You Ever'. that just made you human. "You just ask questions like: Have you ever…been . Rachel's eyes survey the blonde's short shorts that fit her curves perfectly and her fitted shirt that clung in just the right spots.

"I don't know." Rachel shook her head. He nights were spent at home perfecting her craft and watching movies with her dads. I could be . Okay then. "Well. Yeah. I think you would be a very interesting drunk to be a round. A real free spirit. "Rachel." The brunette smile shyly. wouldn't you. my new friend. Have you?" Quinn laughed in her face. "Okay. "So you have never been drunk. I hate smokers. "I've never really had the opportunity. but have you at least had a drink? I'm not talking about at weddings or New Years. I remember that. we just may have to fix that. have you ever smoked?" "No. No I haven't. do you remember anything about last year?" "Oh. experiencing the normal but not always legal high school experience like her peers." Rachel blushed "You would be referring to the whole getting drunk off of wine coolers and getting pregnant. Not only could if prove disastrous for your health but it could very well destroy a singing voice." She had never been to a party or hung out at someone's house." Rachel nodded in agreement.drunk?" The diva sat down on Quinn's bed eager to be distracted.

" Rachel contemplated the idea." "Never." Quinn scoffed. "Oh come on. I would be supplying her with ammunition. We could so do it this weekend. She would have agreed if it wasn't for her and the diva's new found friendship." "Maybe. Mom is heading out of town to visit my aunt so it would be perfect. Not a possibility. I could get Santana and Brittany to come over and then this 'Have You Ever' game would get really interesting because they have done everything." Rachel teased the idea. What do you say? Ask your dads if you can sleep over here Friday night. She wasn't so opposed to experiencing the drunken state as she was about the company. Quinn had taken a liking to the argyle wearing diva so Santana would have to follow suite. I know several rather damaging secrets you can .tempting fate and wake up pregnant." Quinn assured her. "It would be a completely guy free zone. "If I am to become such the free spirit as you imagine. I'm not entirely sure I would want to do so around Santana. And if she tries. Trust me. It could be a one time thing if you wanted. She would use anything embarrassing against me at school. But I think you would enjoy letting lose a little bit. "No she won't. It could be a Glee Club curse.

" Santana called through the large. The girls' history screamed to Rachel telling her to turn the offer down. but the diva saw a genuineness in Quinn's eyes.use revenge. Friday night. What do you say?" Rachel pondered the offer again." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Friday Night: "Alright now." "Yes. "Me too!" chimed Brittany as she added another. "You're going to get shit-faced tonight whether you like it or not. "I get to see Rachel Berry drunk. . "No backing out now." Brittany bounced over to the doubtful brunette and threw her arm around her shoulders playfully. Mama's got the goodies. "Relax. She believed Quinn would stand up for her. empty house as she set several clanking bags onto the counters in Quinn's kitchen. "Okay. Berry." Quinn pumped her fist in victory." Warned Santana. Rachel's pleasant expression slowly faded to a blank stare as she took in the mountains of various alcoholic beverages.

"You drink it…?" "All of it at once. You do know who to take a shot right?" Rachel looked confused. but they obviously had experienced nights like these before. Tonight is all about having fun. Berry! Your attention is needed here. grinning mischievously as she descended the stairs." Quinn called for their attention ceremoniously. No school. "Like I said. "Bottoms up!" All four girls threw their drinks back. drawing Rachel attention away from the newly arrived blonde. To make things interesting we start right off the bat with two shots." Santana snapped her fingers and pointed to her own face. I present to you…The shot glasses!" from behind her back she produced four small glasses with various sexual innuendos printed across them and the room roared in applause and cheering." Santana poured the first round. then we start the games.Rach. Here." Brittany whispered. . Rach. no boys. "Ladies. All fun. "Right. "So to make this interesting…Hey. no parents." To say Rachel felt out of place would be a gross understatement. Not only was she surrounded by the very girls who tormented her relentlessly most of her life. "It is with great honor and much anticipation.

"Now. "Have you ever…gone for a 'joy ride'?" "Like stealing a car?" Rachel asked disbelieving as Santana upended her drink. "To the living room!" "To the living room!" Echoed the two blonde's mimicking Santana's gesture. Quinn. "Okay. Santana. chill out Berry. realizing this night was already the most memorable evening of her high school life. Berry. Number two!" The Latina refilled the small glasses and they were emptied with the same effects. or . They didn't even realize it was gone. The count: Rachel.Quinn winced at the burn while Rachel coughed and sputtered uncontrollably. 10. Rachel followed a few steps behind. I returned it when I was done. "Oh." she said lifted her glass in the air. My turn." "My turn! My turn!" Brittany clapped her hands together and immersed herself deep in thought. Brittany. "Rookies. 5. An hour and a half later the quartet was heavily immersed in the game. 8." Quinn slurred slightly.4. It comes with practice. Rachel already felt her reflexes slowing and shuddered thinking the night had just begun. No Worries.

whatever you say Sister Mary Berry. Rachel let out a puff of breath she hadn't realized she was holding. We have the Jewish Nun and Little Miss One-time-and-I'm- pregnant over there." Rachel scoffed in a playful show of disgust." Shouted Quinn as all three cheerleaders emptied their glasses. Their eyes fixed and a sly smile crept across the brunette's lips. my turn. Anyway. I knew it." The Latina thought long about this question gazing slowly around the room before stopping at Quinn's hazel eyes. "I am not all that nun-like. "Get a group of hormone filled girls in a room with alcohol and you never knew what will happen.deep for her standards. I will have you know. "I know you said I wouldn't have to worry about finding myself with child at the conclusion of this evening. "That's not fair. ." Rachel raised an eyebrow curiously. Have you ever done the dirty standing up?" Santana and Brittany both took their drinks before Santana objected belatedly. Quinn shrugged her shoulders. "Oh! Okay. knowing that Quinn's explanation of her gayish escapades was no different then the situation they were currently in." "Sure. "Have you ever made out with a girl?" "I knew you were going to ask that.

Berry. "This isn't fair. "Alright. That stick is still halfway up your ass. since Brittany just went." "My turn!" Brittany cried again. "Have you ever worn argyle?" "Good one Babe." Santana announced with a devilish smile. Quinn placed a reassuring hand on the diva's arm. We need to get you drunk. Rachel could only roll her eyes and choke back the drink." The shorter girls mouth flew open in protest but no intelligible words fell out.However." Santana pursed her lips and sneered to the girl." Santana cooed as she pecked Brittany on the lips in reward. "Oh. "What Brit wants. please. it looks like it is my turn again." Rachel tried to argue but was cut off by a death stare from the other brunette. you never mentioned your drunken tendencies to sway to those of the same sex. Brit gets. "Relax. "No it's not. "Have you ever quit glee to be the lead in a musical?" Rachel scoffed. Like knowing there was a chance Quinn might try and get in your pants would have actually stopped you from coming." she explained." She complained and . Rachel assured herself that her verbal defenses were simply hindered by the alcohol and pure shock of the Latina's forwardness.

At least help her clean it up. but Quinn gently brushed the strands behind the girl's ear. You made the girl dribble on herself. "Jesus. helping guide the glass to the brunette's lips and laughing as the girl coughed into the beverage causing it to bubble up and run down her chin.looked to Quinn for support. "I think you missed a spot. exhaling only after Quinn pulled her hand away. "Right there." The blonde ordered. and she closed her eyes. "Drink up Rachel." She . "Quinn?" Santana called in a calm voice and waited until the hazel eyes met hers before she continued. Quinn gazed back to Rachel. "I did." cried a hysterical Latina. She couldn't see the girl as she allowed her brown locks to fall in her face." "Did I?" Santana nodded with a smirk." Rachel's already shallow breathing shortened more as she felt the head cheerleader invade her space. Rachel's breath caught in her throat at the contact." Quinn placed her thumb gently to the corner of Rachel's mouth and trailed slowly down along the alcohol streak. Q. "Look what you did.

. within inches of Rachel's face. The touch was so soft and warm Rachel thought her skin would melt. and lingered there until the diva deepened the kiss. Berry?" Santana asked grinning slyly. The deep brown eyes fell from hers to her lips and then locked back into their gaze. Quinn placed her lips softly to Rachel's. unable to break eye contact with those big hazel eyes. "Did you like that. obviously pleased with herself. "Do you want her to make sure she got it all?" Quinn leaned forward. Rachel's actions were involuntary. pulling her back into another kiss.heard the blonde note in barely a whisper before softly pressing her lips to Rachel's chin. Their tongues cautiously explored one another before the need for air took them and Quinn began to retreat to her seat." She kissed the corner of Rachel's mouth ever so lightly before returning to her end of the couch. "I do. and waited for her to respond. When the blonde broke for a gasp of air Rachel took the opportunity and pressed her tongue into the blonde's mouth. Rachel's body overrode her mind and caught the cheerleader's face with a gentle hand." The gap closed. "And there. silently begging for more. noting that even under the layers of alcohol she still tasted sweet. She nodded.

" Quinn broke from Rachel long enough to give a quick warning." Brittany whispered. "This is hot. not rushed or aggressive. "Claim your woman!" The kisses were slow and sensual. leaning over to a rather turned on Santana. Berry!" shouted Santana. Wonderful and pure bliss. Everything Rachel thought they would be. "Just not my bed this time. Longing and perfect. sinking further into the girl with each touch of their lips and each glide of fingers through her hair." and returned to the diva's mouth. She shivered under the touching grazes. "Quinn. she brought her finger to the sensitive . but Britt and I will be up stairs. "Yeah. lust filled eyes. The blonde had practically been pulled to lay across the diva's lap. Quinn pressed her arm into the couch lifting herself and forcing Rachel to rest her head against the back of the couch."Damn. We should leave them alone. An absentminded smile found its way to the blonde's mouth as she looked to the brunette's full lips. Seductively." She ordered. Only then did she once again pull away from the breathless girl and look into her deep and dark. standing and pulling the ditzy blonde to her feet. hate to interrupt. Come on.

tentative exploration of boundaries under the pretences and future excuse of alcohol consumption. Quinn obliged. Teasingly. sweet kisses and gentle touches. As Rachel's left had reached the place where Quinn's shorts met her shirt. Quinn kissed the fingers separating her lips from Rachel's before removing them to playfully nip the diva's bottom lip. There was no pressure for anything more than what it was: amazing. fighting the bright morning sun seeping in through the living room windows and attempted to silence the dull pounding in her head. There was nothing forceful to it. She took a moment to find her bearings before crawling along the floor to the coffee table to retrieve her phone. meeting the girls lips with the same tenderness as before. . She squinted her eyes." Rachel and trailed their outline slowly. kissing them lightly while she trailed her free hands up the girl's leg and braced arm. eliciting chill bumps as she went. Rachel lovingly pressed her lips to the girl's fingertips. This was definitely a memorable night. she drew in a deep breath causing Quinn to once again meet her gaze. *********** Quinn jumped awake when she heard her cell phone go off indicating she had a new text. "Kiss me again.

xQ As she crawled back to the layers of pillows and blankets on the floor she heard foot steps descending the stairs and witnessed Santana and Brittany holding hands.-you 2 decent? Im not ready to c berry naked. "So. Nothing happened btw." She pulled the blonde along by the hand. xS If her head hurt any less she would have rolled her eyes. "I hate you by the way. like. -Come on down. but I don't know where that was last night." Santana beamed. Seconds latter loud bangs of pots and pans rang from the kitchen. . Berry?" Rachel lifted her hand from under the blankets and gave Santana the finger. seriously? After all that hotness you two didn't…what happened?" Quinn reclaimed her spot next to the slowly waking diva." "Hung over." Rachel moan in agony as she came to. Just thought I should let you know. Lets make some breakfast and leave these two to their morning after regrets. but I hate you. "Nope. Your mom's. "Nothing. You are an amazing kisser. "Not my bed?" she asked hesitantly. "Oh! Nice. Come on Brit.

"I do have one question though. Even hung over she was beautiful. staring at the ceiling." Rachel nuzzled into the warm blankets. you kept your promise." This elicited a small laugh from the cheerleader. The blonde nodded. "What is it?" Quinn wrinkled her nose slightly. It didn't dawn on me until right now. making her glow. but Rachel couldn't help feeling compelled to wrap her arms around the blonde and cuddle up to her. She knew what happened between them was nothing more than drunken fun and that's why it never progressed. Instead she wrapped the blankets tighter around her shoulders. It probably didn't hurt that the sunlight from the windows behind her played off of her blonde hair and pale skin. I did not wake up pregnant. did you enjoy your first ever drunken night?" She did. wiping the sleep from her eyes. The blonde was lying on her back. "Oh my God! . "So. "It was indeed interesting and as far as I am aware. "What are you going to tell Finn?" "Finn?" Rachel echoed the question."She's doing that on purpose isn't she?" Asked Rachel as she rolled on her side to face Quinn.

'Hey. "That would be a lot easier. I . He will agree to that one. I can't do that. Anyway. Blame it on me. I can picture it now.' Yeah! That conversation won't be awkward at all. He wouldn't care as long as you promised he could watch next time. The alcohol may have aided me in forgetting about the fact I am dating Finn. Rach. "No." "Oh. "Relax. And by the way. Her stomach flipped. what did you do last night?' 'Oh. she is a much better kisser than you. Just a suggestion." She agreed meeting the blonde's apologetic gaze." Rachel shook her head. Just made out with you ex-girlfriend. "You could leave the part about me being a better kisser out of it. yeah." The brunette dropped her hands from her face. "Oh my God. I'm the one who initiated. but I even told you to kiss me. "Look." Quinn blushed. it's really all my fault. I'm sure he'll be understanding. Quinn smiled adoringly at the wincing girl before forcing herself to crawl over and kneel next to her. My head…" she faded as she slumped down to the couch. nothing. Too bad you aren't still dating Puck.Finn!" Clarity cut through the alcohol remains as she sprang up from the floor. nothing actually happened and you were drunk.

Most guys are quicker to forgive girl-on-girl indiscretions than they would be girl-on-guy." The air fell silent. She stood from her place in front of the diva and took a seat next to her on the couch. I've played both of those cards with him before and I suggest telling him. or not tell him at all and hope he never finds out. We only kissed. "A lot.want you to kiss me. Secrets aren't always worth keeping. The blonde couldn't help but smile. nothing actually happened. "We made pancakes!" Cheered Brittany placing a plate in front of each girl." Quinn nodded. She shook the thoughts from her head." "A lot. "Is it weird that they smell really good but make me ." Rachel added." Santana ordered. making sure to leave space between them. "Maybe it wont be so bad. you can either tell him you were drunk and made a mistake." The brunette sighed. Did she just say 'want' not 'wanted'? Reservations swelled in Quinn. "And like I said. It's not like we had sex." "Hey! Get your asses in here and eat before it's gone. "Well.

may I inquire. "Right. I will win. We have to get rid off all that before Mama Fabray comes home." Santana teased." Santana leaned over the counter to capture the blonde's lips. do you expect to ." "Tonight?" "Hell yeah." Brittany added. Though she would probably think it was hers…" Quinn nodded in a passive agreement. We only dented our supply last night. "God." In a very Rachel Berry way the diva lifted her chin in defiance. Berry.want to throw up at the same time?" Rachel asked holding her stomach." Quinn cringed as the Latina's words reminded her far too much of Coach Sylvester. There's no point in arguing. "And how. You know why? Practice. "I'm suppose to go to a movie with Finn this afternoon. "I had twice as much as you last night and I don't feel a thing. dreading the experience that awaited her. "And you're going to get some more practice tonight." Rachel argued. "And wash her sheets. You are such a lightweight. "So come over when you're done.

The movie starts at 3 so I suppose I shall arrive a little after 6. "No. and Quinn and Santana sat in the living room watching TV." . but wasn't ready for the whole student body to know. "Because I'll tell the whole school you made out with Quinn if you don't. it may help boost her popularity. Although." The Latina glared at the blonde waiting for the biting comment to follow. So…you gonna tell Finn about your make out session?" Rachel nodded slowly. Rachel had left to prepare for her date with Finn. "Can't wait to know how that goes down. Brittany was taking stock of the remaining alcohol for the weekend's finale. "Fine. Santana. She planned on telling Finn." Rachel deflated." "Good. I mean it." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ It was noon.manipulate an individual who posses my level of extreme and temperamental stubbornness?" Santana sucked a spot of syrup off of Brittany's finger before looking to the other brunette. "I'm really proud of you. She dismissed the thought. I was worried about how you would handle Rachel being here.

"Not even close. There is no getting around that." Quinn slapped her friend's arm." "I was not!" Quinn forcefully objected." Quinn scoffed. if only we can get her drunk at school…then I could consider not wanting to kill her all the time. Maybe Berry is a bit of a fairy. Now." Santana chuckled to herself. "Don't even get me started on you. I thought she would have freaked when I suggested you had missed a drop. "Sure… I mean. "You were getting some of Berry's fairy lovin'. Just getting to know each other. We have been working on our glee assignment.Santana shrugged her shoulders and flipped through the channels. but once she loosened up she wasn't all that annoying. "Yeah." Santana nodded. because you loved that. "She's weird. You were all moaning and shit. "I still can't believe she pulled you into that kiss last night. how well?" ." Santana's eyebrow arched. at least now I know why you have spent every day this week at her house after school… in her room." "She is quite different outside of school. She's not on edge.

or is this some sort of charity project to make yourself feel better?" Quinn has known Santana long enough to be able to read through her attitude. If you go down…I may still cut you lose. This is just ridiculous. "Cut the shit." . and honestly." She stated matter-of-factly. "Do you like Rachel?" Santana turned off the TV and met the blonde's eyes." Quinn was unimpressed with the brunette's threat. is she." "So. But I need to know what I am getting into. you will only look guilty by association. she's my friend' so you have an excuse to actually enjoy being around her. You and I have an understanding: If I go down. "Let's get this straight. But what you are waiting for is for me to say 'yes. Lopez. you are coming with me. "Shut up. But I'm not going to start protecting her and shit at schoolif this is all to simply ease your guilt. I can handle the freak outside of school easy enough. This question had a touch of jealousy and a tiny bit of concern in it…concern for Rachel. your friend now. "I do feel guilty for the way I have treated Rachel. down into her real emotions. To outside eyes.Quinn slapped her again. I know your game and you know mine. I think you do too. like.

you did what?" Finn stared openmouthed at Rachel as she sat in the passenger's seat." Quinn patted the Latina's lap like you would a small child on the head. Or." "Yeah. You're my girlfriend. "You…and Quinn?" Rachel nervously pushed her hair behind her ears. Yes." Quinn's confusion deepened. "The one I don't think you are even aware of yet. it is the only one I have. her eyes glued to her hands in her lap.Santana remained silent. "I told you I was heavily intoxicated. It was only kissing. I'm sorry." "I'm talking about your other secret. "Your secret is safe with me too. she has become a friend. "I thought so. You can tell anyone who asks that I have befriended the 'freak' and you have to put up with her because of it. at least your suppose to be. I actually talk to her in class and at our lockers." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\ "I'm sorry. Your secret is safe with me. and while I know that is not a valid excuse. Q. but it wasn't with me." Confusion swept over the cheerleader. "What secret? Obviously Rachel and I have become friends." .

"That was different." "Finn! That is ridiculous. I am. It wasn't even anything." "Because you broke my heart by being too embarrassed to be seen with me at school." "That…that…" He stumbled to regain control of the argument. You pushed me into Jesse's arms. He never could argue with Rachel. pleading with him. We were playing a game." "I can't believe this.She snapped her head up. Why her? Why not Puck now? Why don't you call him up and see if he can get you pregnant. "Finn. I'm sorry." . You were even dating some other guy. And then you ran to Santana's bed. We can make a hobby out of this. She moved faster. You are over reacting." "How was that different? Because you had sex with someone while I only kissed them? Or because you lied while I am being an honorable person and confessing that I made a mistake?" He shook his head in frustration. She was smarter than he was. No emotions involved. I didn't even act this bad when I found out you lied about being a virgin. He knew it and it only made him angrier. "It's different because we weren't dating.

How was the movie?" Her dad asked as she swung the front door open. shocked at his words. "I don't have the energy nor the self-control to discuss this afternoon's events without resorting to profanity. "Hey. . "What?" Finn fixed his stare on the steering wheel in front of him. slamming it shut behind her. The relationship was best described as awkward with moments of happiness. I don't want to talk to you tight now. I don't even want to look at you. Anything he wanted to talk about bored her and anything she felt like sharing was of no interest to him. you drop this on me? Get out of my car!" "You know what. Sweetheart. This wasn't their first fight and some how Rachel knew there was always going to be one more. fine. You've blown me off all week to hang out with Quinn and on the one day I get to have you." Rachel straightened her posture. "I said get out." Rachel flung the door open and jumped out of the car. Rachel found herself playing stupid most days so he could feel good about himself."Get out of my car. Finn was easily confused and hated being embarrassed while Rachel easily confused him causing him to become embarrassed.

" . Have you asked Daddy if I can stay at Quinn's again tonight?" Michael had proven a challenge to convince that Rachel should be allowed to spend the evening alone with the three cheerleaders the first time. demanding to know what the cheerleaders had done to hurt her. It was a bad day. I haven't talked to your Daddy yet.So I would prefer not to answer that question. I don't really want to talk about it. Dad. He almost refused but Joshua intervened stating Rachel simply had to call home if she needed to come home early. Rachel's anxiety was written on her face when she returned home this morning and Michael instantly went into protective mode. "I'm sorry.' "Thank you. She still didn't think he believed her so she asked her Dad to talk him into letting her say over again tonight. but there should be plenty of time for that once you are already there. "For a girl's night…I think you may need one if you day was truly that bad." He dad nodded after recovering from the verbal whiplash. It had taken her nearly and hour to convince him that she was only nervous about her date with Finn. Dad. just by chance the evening progressed badly.

don't. "They were actually nice to me. But she was going to talk to Finn. Just call if you need us. ******************** "It's 6:45. The only nickname she called me last night was 'Berry". At least wait until Brittany leaves the room. go pack your bag and I'll drop you off." "Me too." "All the same." Santana teased." Rachel nodded. thank you for all the wonderful comments. Faberry loving. S. "If he didn't take her news very well then I doubt she will come. This chapter was a little bit of a filler but some good stuff is coming soon." "Close what?" asked Brittany." "You home wrecker. you. Even Santana. Now." Quinn reminded her. . B. Actually." A/N: Again. Do you think she is coming?" asked a rather depressed Brittany. "I hope she does."Same thing applies though." "Come over here and shut it. Nothing hurtful about that. Then come and close it. "Shut it.

"I need the practice. And is she does show…well." Rachel visibly pondered the question. She readily accepted each and choked them back with a couple of coughs. we are starting this thing without her. help me get the goodies from the kitchen. Brittany shot up and bounced to the door. right?" "Yes. Babe. Britt." . is if you are here to have a good time. you do. The two seated cheerios could tell the brunette was not her typical beaming self but didn't want to push the topic. she will have to pay for making me wait. But if Berry doesn't show by 7.Santana shook her head. She had done it again. "All I need to know." Right on cue there was a knock on the door. but I don't really care tonight. Berry. "Nothing. She knew she had just ruined another relationship but that didn't stop the question from slipping from her mouth. "Rachel! You're here!" She flung her arms around the unprepared diva and dragged her inside. "No." Quinn cautiously approached the smaller girl." Santana extended two filled shot glasses to the girl. "Everything okay?" "Umm.

" "Truth or Shoot?" "Yeah. I'll start. Berry." "Whatever it takes for you to sleep at night. is the next . Tonight is about having fun."Are you sure?" Quinn pressed. The second refusal. no boys…all fun and I intend on having fun. Santana shook her head. She wasn't wanting to further complicate the situation if she could avoid it. They have to answer." Santana organized everything on the coffee table and positioned the shot glasses. I can easily pass this off as a type of learning aide. "Got it. they have to take a shot. This game may prove valuable for our glee assignment. my darlings. No school. Time. So on and so on. Whoever I ask the question to. no parents. "For more fun. It's time to teach you a new game. Like Brittany said yesterday. The first question they refuse to answer. filling them perfectly to the brim. Got it?" Rachel nodded. two shots. "Very. You ask one person a question. "Why are there eight? Are we expecting company?" asked Rachel glancing around the house. for Truth or Shoot.

Suddenly this game didn't sound so appealing." "So. Quinn. you have to take a dare. Rachel sank in her seat." Santana verified with a devilish smirk. "Santana. lets get down and dirty." "She will. "And if you're caught lying. "How do we know if someone is lying? It wouldn't take much to just tell a quick little lie to get out of answering. trying to break the attention off of the timid girl. "I'll know." . my turn now." Rachel interjected. since we all know you have no modesty. is it true. So. I mean honestly true. it is either tell the truth. but without her…at least once a day. get hammered enough that you wont realize you are spilling you deepest secrets." "Hold on.person to go. "So." answered Brittany. that you have only had sex one time?" "That is true indeed. A girl has her needs. "Not much since I have Britt." Quinn agreed. How often do you give yourself a 'helping hand'?" Rachel instantly blushed for the Latina who took the question in stride. or willfully subject yourself to whatever form of punishment we deem necessary." "You can't lie to me." Quinn announced.

"Whatever. "Rachel. "Truth or drink? Your choice. Rachel braced herself to object but Quinn quieted her with a raised hand." she retorted annoyed." Santana tallied. "Brittany. "No. have you let Finn finger you?" ." Quinn laughed at how repulsed the wordy diva appeared." Brittany replied smiling. we know you have made out with almost everyone at the school.Berry? Don't worry I'll go easy on you at first. Next one is two. "But she's best at other things." "Drink!" Rachel swallowed it down. is Santana the best kisser?" The Latina's eyes narrowed on the assertive diva. There was no point. I don't even see Puck much anymore. "My turn…" She was cut off by Santana whispering in her ear. maybe it would be easier to get you drunk right off the bat…Have you and Finn had sex?" Rachel's mouth dropped open. "That's one. "That's personal!" "That's kind of the point. Or."I take care of them now though right?" asked Brittany resting her hand high on Santana's thigh. "Yes you do." She winked. Next question…. She was playing a game she wasn't ready for.

" She hesitated selecting her target." She was being honest. "Drink. who is the best kisser out of everyone you've made out with?" The blonde girl's seemingly permanent smile deepened. "Brittany. Puck or Finn?" "Copout." The blonde was taken aback by hearing her name. That's five counting the two she took when she arrived." she heard Santana mumble. She already neared her limit set the previous night. Quinn!" What shocked Rachel more than the blonde's answer implying she was the second of Quinn female make out partners was seeing Santana pensively nod in ." Rachel stated. but that only left her with the choice to ask Rachel herself."You're pushing" Quinn informed the Latina with a warning glare. who's the better kisser. Two more down. "Neither of them are particularly skilled in the area. Did she really want to push Santana further? "Quinn. "How many girls have you made out with?" "You made three. "Rachel. Finn could been really sweet but kissing definitely wasn't his thing. He is more rehearsed. but I would say Puck. If she asked Santana or Brittany they would further torture the girl next to her. "That's easy.

" Santana leaned over again to whisper another question in Brittany's ear. Rachel had been hoping her neutral question to Brittany would have indicated a surrender. The alcohol was catching up to her already. Practice. "Quinn. If she didn't answer it would bring her count up to 8. Q." She directed her remark to Quinn. "Yeah. She contemplated attempting a lie. only complete and absolute victory. She didn't think about the possible consequences of her question. who is the best kisser? Brittany. She didn't accept surrenders.agreement indicating she was the third. she really wasn't sure she wanted to know the answer. "Drink. when was the last time you gave yourself a 'helping hand'?" The room stood still in anticipation. On top of that. She had just put her friend in a rather uncomfortable position. But then again. Who is the best kisser?" Echoed a very . nearly doubling her count. that answer was quite telling. "Shut up. or me?" Rachel regretted the question as soon as she realized what she had asked." she answered and tossed them back one after the other. this was Santana. but subjecting herself to Santana's wrath was not an option. Santana. "Well. "Rachel.

" "What the hell. "Lie!" Brittany yelled. Q?" Quinn rolled her eyes. but her shifting gaze gave her nervousness away. . ask you damn question. "Rachel is." "Whatever. San." "Alright. "Berry? Are you serious?" Santana spit out in disgust. You lied! Dare! Quinn she has to do a dare!" The ditzy blonde was practically bouncing in her seat. "Britt. You want to know if it's true for yourself. "Sorry. "No. "Hell no!" She objected instantly…reflexively. Rachel was in too much of a shock to be offended by the remark. You bite too much. "You do." she announced confidently.interested Santana. is she lying?" The ditzy blonde tilted her head and studied her subject carefully. Santana. "And you can't lie. do you want to kiss Rachel?" The answer rolled off her tongue without hesitation. She's telling the truth." All mouths dropped. So…" "I'll answer.

"Yes. Santana seemed to be enjoying the experience as well. I dare you to make out with Rachel for at least one minute."Dares are dares and unbreakable." She let out a sigh of aggression and relaxed her tense muscles. It was different from kissing Quinn. you owe me. But the aggression wasn't necessarily a bad thing." "What?" Both brunettes protested. walked across the room and pulled the a reluctant Rachel from the couch. Santana shut her eyes and talked herself into lowering her lips to Rachel's. "Be nice. And Rachel. Something involving touching in other places. Rachel fought the urge to grasp the taller girl's hair and pull her into the kiss more. "And Santana…" Quinn added. Santana. No biting. Rachel wasn't quite as scared now that the Latina lost the heated fire in her eyes. Dutifully but with visible aggravation. Quinn took her time and lingered in the sensation while Santana pressed forcefully against her. She ran her tongue over Rachel's bottom lip. asking for entrance which the alcohol in her system granted. Either that or I will come up with something worse. Santana lifted herself from her seat. Rachel felt her body betray her and react to the forcefulness of the Latina's busy mouth and her stomach flipped slightly. Now kiss!" she ordered. You put me on the spot with that last question. but instead .

It wasn't Quinn. Yes. Rachel! I'm going to ask you a question. "Well. then I might as well answer. Right now answering the question about her and Finn having sex didn't seem so bad. Though if you do take the drinks. Have you ever thought of Quinn while masturbating?" The wind was knocked out of the small girl. I . She swallowed and straightened her posture. "Time. "Nice. If you don't answer that will mean four more drinks for a total of twelve. "Sure it was. huh?" "It's not your turn to ask." Santana broke away from the shorter girl quickly." "Is that even healthy? Can't I get like alcohol poisoning?" "Then I suggest you answer. we will know you have thought of your new best friend while pleasuring yourself. "Com on Berry. Answer the question or drink yourself to death. if you are going to put it that way. She should have seen this coming." The blush began to burn on her skin.lifted herself onto her tiptoes for the same effect. It's mine. "That was more than a minute!" she accused in protest." Quinn replied slyly. trying to break the tension. bit it was nice.

Or we can just finish up the bottles now. ." "I knew it. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Rachel stared at the large. She was visibly uncomfortable with Rachel's answer." "What?" Quinn asked looking at her." "Right. "I think it is time for a new game. perfectly polished grandfather clock as it struck midnight. "I think it's time for a new game. Rachel swallowed hard again and nodded her head.have. Berry." she confessed. I think I would feel better not being able to think about the words coming out of my mouth. "We did." Quinn suggested as she choked back a shot and began pouring herself another." Santana agreed. And what had Rachel really expected? Would she have been okay knowing Quinn thought of her during her intimate moments… "Yes." "I knew it too." Brittany confessed. handing Rachel a partial filled bottle.

" "Can't blame him though. Berry?" "The big deal about sex. They weren't even doing anything but kissing and he came. "Finn and I had sex." Brittany added." The two cheerleaders snickered to themselves."Did what." Santana sighed. "Quick shot Hudson." The Latina sat up and furrowed her brow. huh?" "I wouldn't say it was bad. She is a really good kisser. "Hey. Whose girlfriend are you?" . "That bad. That is how Quinn got him to think the baby was his. "Get what. fingers being run through her hair." "Congradu-fucking-lations." "…I don't get it. head in Brittany's lap. It was just…quick. Berry?" asked Santana from her reclined position. He's kinda know for that.

But come here for a second." She turned and ascended the stairs to the master bedroom. If we are going to get any sleep and still have time to-" "Hold that thought." "It is midnight though." The diva furrowed her brow. but if you are ever looking for someone to just have a good time with. Berry. "Go up to the big bed. "I know things between you and Finn probably didn't go down so well. "Don't worry about it." Santana slid herself off the couch. I'll be there in a minute. you aren't that bad when you don't have that stick up your ass. Why?" Santana pecked the slow girl's lips."Yours. "Thanks?…" "Don't mention it. trailing her hand down to the diva's ass and gently squeezing. leaving Rachel in shock and a heightened desire. where is she? She better not be asleep yet." She ordered Brittany with a slap on the ass before turning to Rachel. "Brittany and I can help you out." The Latina bent down and kissed the shorter girl with the same aggression as before. A few silent moments later she realized she was standing in the living room by herself." Rachel sighed and lifted herself to wobbly legs. The tall ceilings some how felt like they were pressing down . Speaking of Quinn. "You know.

"What is it. After a few seconds she twisted the handle and opened the door. Rachel searched the kitchen and down stairs guestroom before forcing her unstable legs to climb the stairs.on her while the cold barren walls drained her blood of it warmth. Sleep it off. The brunette rested her forehead again the cold surface and waited for a response. She really didn't want to be alone right now. You need to get some sleep. She looked so peaceful Rachel hated to wake her. "Quinn?" The blonde was a sleep in her bed with her back to the door. but they needed to talk. "Quinn?" She called out again as she reach the bed and grasped the girl's shoulder. "Quinn?" she called out to the girl with a quiet knock on her bedroom door. The sleeping cheerleader turn to her." . She needed to find Quinn and make sure they were okay after her confession earlier as well. If you really want we can talk about it tomorrow. It's okay. I-" Quinn touched the small hand still on her shoulder. Rachel?" "I want to apologize for what I said earlier. "Don't worry about it.

Deep chocolate eyes that seemed to see straight through everything and full. Quinn opened her eyes out of concern. but your house is kinda scary when you're by yourself downstairs. "Thank you. It's a home. "Then she invited me to join her and Brittany in your mom's room. Go to sleep now." "No problem. taking in the sight before her." Quinn replied sleepily. pouting lips begging to be kissed. feeling some how that her observation was important to her understanding of the cheerleader but her brain hurt too much to think about it. "Why not?" Her voice seemed to stick in her throat. "You can sleep here. That's why I like your house. "Here." the diva admitted." She patted the bed in front of here. "I don't think I can."Yeah." She ordered lifting the blankets so Rachel could crawl under them. "I know." Rachel rambled." Rachel climbed over the lying girl to fit in the slip of available space between her and the wall. It makes me feel small and insignificant." Rachel's voice was barely a whisper. "Santana kissed me again and squeezed my butt." .

" . were turned on by Santana's proposition. and that you might be gay. and adding that to my lack of desire to consummate my relationship with Finn again has brought me to the conclusion that I am a lesbian. "I did. "You are a very honest drunk." Rachel's face was very serious. genuine in every way. "No." She was shocked but amused at the same time. Now you just give them. causing Quinn to smile and hold back a laugh. all in one sentence." It took Quinn a few moments to grasp at her words again." Quinn did laugh this time. "It's okay. "Did…you…want to join them?" Rachel thought about it for a second before shaking her head.The cheerleader raised her eyebrows as far as she could. you talk around your answers. I don't mind honesty." "Really? I figured you would have already grasped the concept that I talk too much. Someone just honest and open. I just wasn't expecting you to admit that you slept with Finn." "I am and I apologize. but when you're sober. "Oh. But I do find myself increasingly turned on by the offer. It is a nice change. This was the Rachel Berry she would like to get to know.

sliding her tongue over the girl's bottom lip." She confessed before placing a second kiss to the blonde's lips. but resting her weight against the cheerleader. slightly easing the growing pressure between her legs. She allowed the brunette to push past her lips and massage her tongue with her own. Quinn gasped softly. capturing her lips. "I need to kiss you. kissing and licking until she found that sensitive spot and lightly bit down." Quinn furrowed her brow. After hearing the satisfaction from the lips of the girl underneath her. She rolled the girl onto her back and planted her hands to the mattress on each side of her body. She kissed a trail down Quinn's neck to her collard bone. begging to be let in. Rachel instinctively pressed her hips into Quinn." In a single fluid nothing Rachel pushed herself from the bed and leaned into Quinn. And the brunette didn't care. Rachel pressed her knee in the . "Please. Touching the girl felt so good. Frustrated. Quinn didn't object but she wasn't actively participating in Rachel's invasion of her personal space. "For what?" "For this. Quinn surrendered."I'm sorry." She kissed deeper. She tore herself away from the blonde and buried her face in Quinn's long neck. stopping only as she reached the fabric of her tank top.

gently squeezing her mound through the fabric. Unable to control herself any longer. . "Does that feel good?" Rachel asked in a husky voice against Quinn's ear as she pressed her leg against the cheerleader again. She lightly traced her fingers between the hem of Quinn's tank and the waist band of her shorts. Quinn arched into every movement. "Please. Quinn succumbed to the sweet and tender touch." She arched again. "Oh my god. nodding her head fiercely. The brunette shifted her weight to her left side. "Rachel." Quinn panted. she grinded against the girl. no. Rachel lowered her head and peppered the flexing abdomen with gentle kisses. freeing up her hand. She felt like she was going to explode as the brunette sucked on her earlobe. The brunette lifted herself to the hazel eyes and gently kissed her lips. The brunette felt Quinn's hand press against the small of her back urging her to rock again." She ran her hand over Quinn's shorts. but Rachel removed her leg and she caught only air.crease of Quinn's thighs. Slowly. teasing the flustered blonde. needing to know what she was capable of making her feel. "Tell me." She gasped as Rachel rocked her leg a second time." The diva pleaded. "It's so good.

"Rachel." It took Rachel two hours before exhaustion took over and forced her to close her eyes." She pulled the hand away and pushed the brunette back to her side of the bed. "Just… go to sleep. pulling the covers over her again. I don't swing that way. I need you." Quinn placed her hand over the smaller one but in resistance." Quinn explained. It made her heart thud heavy in her chest. Berry was literally trying to get in your pants and you stopped her?" Santana asked setting down her cup of milk. ********** "Now wait one damn minute." "No. "Besides." she panted. "You're drunk." Rachel saw a look of desperation and apology in her eyes." The tanned cheerleader raised an eyebrow. "…Ok. "You sure about that?" . please. "Please. "What the hell is wrong with you?" "She was drunk.

. I like seeing you pissed off." Quinn narrowed her eyes. Otherwise I would have let her keep going. "Turned on?" "No!" Yes. "I don't believe you. Lopez. If she had a pet peeve. that would be it. "S?" "Q?" Quinn hated being mocked." "Actually. "Don't piss me off. It's super sexy. it's not exactly something I can prove to you." Quinn reasoned before finishing her breakfast. Especially when you tighten that bottom lip…mmm… Britt always said it made her want to lean over and bite it.."Of course I'm sure." "Hhmm." She took a sip from her glass." Quinn's mouth dropped open at the confession." "Well. " 'Hhmm?' What is that suppose to mean?" "Nothing. trying to ignore her friend's smirk.

Quinn couldn't say anything. Her mouth would open but she never said anything. "Please. She couldn't even break away from Santana's captivating stare. Santana shrugged her shoulders. You can have any guy you want. "Okay."Well. "I haven't really thought about dating. So." "You're gross. Fine. "I am not." "No. I know for a fact you have guys all over you." Santana remarked as if it were common knowledge. She didn't know why. actually. you are Quinn Fabray. you are planning on trying things with Puck again." "And you're gay." . what boys at school are you planning on scooping up this year? Unless. It's not like guys are going to be lining up to date me after I spent half of last year looking like I swallowed a watermelon whole." She finally managed in a semi-convincing tone. Besides the fact that you were pregnant last year is like a huge red flag telling guys you put out…even if you don't. you can." Santana looked unimpressed." Quinn was still struggling with her words. You're not. So why not date one? Even just for the arm candy.

nearly knocking her chair over in the process. wait. Because this was not a topic she was wanting to have in a group discussion." . "I got pregnant last year from sleeping with a guy. Quinn stood up quickly. A male." "Santana! I am not gay!" Quinn was suddenly very thankful Brittany had to leave early and Rachel was still passed out in her bed. "Oh." "Santana!" The Latina ignored the blonde's protests.Quinn scoffed. Since then you made out with three girls on a number of occasions. you don't like any of them?… not a one? I find that rather odd. it makes perfect sense if you're gay. What?…nearly a year ago. "So out of all the guys in the entire school. Then again. So that would make Finn your last kiss. "Don't you think there should be more to a relationship than who looks best on your arm?" The Latina nodded calmly. I'm not gay. "Will you shut up!" Santana finally relented and sat quietly as Quinn collected herself. "Who was the last guy you kissed? Did you even make out with Puck when you were dating? I know you didn't have sex with him despite the fact you were already pregnant and had nothing to lose. He would have been your last male kiss.

Did you love Finn?" Her question was of sincere interest. "I think it's because he was suppose to be yours. Am I right?" Quinn still didn't say anything but shifted in her seat . sit down. unlike any tone Quinn had ever heard from the girl's mouth before. But I really need you to listen." Santana's voice was calm. Okay?" Quinn nodded her head. In addition she never called Quinn by her name. you weren't living up to those expectations. I wont say anything else unless you bring it up first. Then why did you care that you were losing him?" Quinn didn't answer. When you started losing him you probably felt like you were doing something wrong. supportive. "I want you to listen to me for just a few minutes. It was all very weird. you weren't what you were suppose to be. Afterwards. "Alright. Did you love Finn then?" "No. Expected by the students. You were the head cheerleader and he was the quarterback." "Okay."Quinn. Expected by your parents. Expected by the school. but then. "Not now. and understanding. I know you slept with Puck last year because you said it felt like you were losing Finn to Rachel. It was expected.

You admitted that you don't have feelings for any guy in the whole school. "I…just didn't want to be alone.indicating her answer." Santana nodded." Quinn wasn't ready for anymore questions. But you admitted that you don't want to be in a relationship with someone you don't have feelings for. Santana was striking a nerve that was still very much sensitive. You don't even have to answer it. She had tried . Just think about it." "…You need to admit you're still controlled by your parents' expectations. I have one more question. I know you didn't like him. The girl you were suppose to be in everyone's eyes. By everyone's expectations of who you are suppose to be. Now I just think you need to admit one last thing…" "I'm not gay. "So you never loved Finn and you never loved Puck. but you dated them both. So why were you with him?" Her voice was soft and raw. You may have decided this summer that you don't agree with them. "You went to Puck to convince yourself that you were still that girl every guy wants. She had disappointed so many people. but you are still living by some of them.

her breath even caught in her throat and she felt a flutter in her chest. a failure. Warmth spread rapidly through her veins. . Things were simple and laid out for her but she couldn't even follow them. Tried to be the perfect daughter. and Santana's lecture left her feeling numb. play her part. That's how things worked. Not just content or secure. Rachel was at the bottom. All she knew is that she was a disappointment. But before she left she return to Quinn and gave her a gentle hug. honor roll student. she wasn't what she was suppose to be. but happy. Quinn was at the top. Santana stood and gathered her dirty dishes. Head Cheerleader. "My last question…how did you feel when Rachel kissed you?" The blonde was suddenly hit with the swell of emotions and sensations she had experienced during her encounters with the diva. President of the Celibacy Club. She was too weak or not pretty enough or something that she couldn't really define. She went from feeling nothing to feeling everything. leaving the blonde to stew in her thoughts. Chill bumps erupted over her skin. She bullied Rachel for no other reason than that was what she was suppose to do. To feeling…happy. She placed the dishes in the sink and began to exit the room. a let down. the most popular girl in school.

" ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ It was morning. but you are. and how every damp strand of hair fell on her shoulders. Rachel knew it was morning by the familiar pound in her head."Santana?" Quinn grasped a hold of the girls arm as she tried to pull away. her gaze unshifted. She was focused on the scantily clad blonde wringing her hair dry in front of her vanity. the slight queasiness in her stomach." Rachel's eyes snapped to the mirror where she discovered Quinn returning her gaze. "I know. and the taste of stale alcohol in her mouth. The bright light was a good indicator as well but she wasn't too focused on that. every curve under her clothes. "…yeah?" "I-I…I'm…" Santana smiled. It's not what you're 'suppose' to be. "You know. subtlety really isn't your thing. Rachel's eyes started at her feet and surveyed every inch of bare skin. "I-I-I…I…um…" Quinn remained silent. She wasn't going to let her off the hook . as she waited for Rachel to respond intelligently.

Was the question: Tell me why you are apologizing because I want to further embarrass yourself? Or: Why are you apologizing. Let's talk about last night. I have bits and pieces but I'm discovering voids and gaps towards the latter part of the evening." Quinn draped her towel over the back of her desk . game. The brunette was fascinated by this trait normally.that easily for what she had done last night. Thanks to Quinn's nearly 17 years in the overly sensitive Fabray household. then why do it? But let's change the topic. but right now she hated it. for the majority." Quinn turned to face the flustered diva while she continued to towel her hair dry. are a little lacking. she had developed the unique ability to remove all traces of expression from her face and body language. "I'm sorry." "Last night?" Rachel retraced her memories. "Why?" For once in her life Rachel didn't know how to respond. last night… "My memories. "If you don't know why you are apologizing. because I don't mind you looking at me like that? "I…don't…know. Finn. Santana's kiss. find Quinn…oh. really horny." Quinn smirked. absolute embarrassment.

" Quinn nodded." "But you remember it? All of it?" Rachel nodded. And so has Santana. "If my actions made you feel uncomfortable or have jeopardized our friendship. "Not only do you have horrible subtlety skills." "Santana? You told Santana?" Rachel jumped to her knees on the bed almost preparing to run from the room. but you have really. but to be honest." Rachel sat up in the bad. really bad lying skills." "Okay. It was unexpected and has made me think.chair. "Do you regret it?" This would all be so much easier to handle if Quinn gave her some emotional feedback. then I truly and deeply regret putting you in this position. . So I am unable to decide if an apology is the direction I need to take. "It didn't jeopardize anything. pushing the covers to her waist. "I don't know what you want me to say. really. "I can apologize all day long but you aren't expressing anger or discomfort or…anything. I'm not sure if it made me uncomfortable." It was the truth.

"Well it's a fitting word." Quinn grabbed the smaller girl's shoulders. It's okay. It's all so weird and strange and good but scary and…strange. Santana likes you. "No! She wont! Listen to me for a minute." The blonde ran over to the bed in attempts to calm the frantic girl. "I made out with you." Quinn shrugged in agreement. You! I made out with you. I know I haven't ever given you a reason to.Quinn's eyes widened. She's not going to tell anyone. "Calm down." The diva stopped. I just don't know about any of this. "I don't know." "You said that already." Rachel's expression could best be defined as 'who the fuck are you kidding'. but will you trust me on this?" Rachel pushed away from the blonde and began pacing frantically." "How is that okay? She could tell everyone that I like…molested you while you tried to sleep or some twisted version of what happened. "She's told me…in her own way. "She wont do that. Trust me." "Yes she would! She would love that kind of opportunity. There are random parallel universes where that would still be considered . keeping her from fleeing.

" "Less awkward. Right?" "I…I don't know. "Will you shut up!" She screamed in a whisper. WE ALMOST HAD SEX!" Quinn slapped her hand over the brunette's mouth. "School work. This is just all too quick to be understood. Forced interactment. Whatever! So we can just look at it as drunken fun and work on our friendship. and then…I almost had sex with you. And while you may have been drunk. Whatever it is…was…wasn't." ." Rachel agreed. We've been friends for what? A week?" Quinn nodded. It's not like you or I are gay. I'm not sure what to make of it all.freakish. forget about it until…I don't know." Rachel gently removed the cheerleader's hand. I don't think that was simply for fun. It was drunken fun." Rachel ran her hands over her face trying to clear her thoughts. "You're right. It's just…too much to think about right now. Can we just. And then. I don't know. we hardly know each other. "I would prefer the whole neighborhood didn't know about that. I mean." "Yes. "Why are we even talking about this. "Look. It's much easier. our glee assignment.

********* "Favorite animal?" "Already asked that one. so it all depends on how tired I am after my 12 hour shifts! Also. let me know if you have anything you would like to see happen. as a friend. I'm always up for suggestions. But we can try. BUT! I should give you a little warning that the updates might slow down over the weekend. "So."…or not…" "Or not. "Favorite…school subject?" Rachel looked hopeful as she glanced down to the blonde from her bed. because you smell like a brewery. I know for a fact they would never let you over here again if they found out we got you drunk. I promise some more good stuff coming up soon. Friends?" Rachel nodded. I work. "Asked that one already too. I am telling you that you should take a shower before your dads get here." Quinn replied from her spot laying on Rachel's bedroom floor." A/N: I'm so glad you all liked the last chapter. Haven't you been paying attention?" .

"This is ridiculous. It had been a week and a half since Mr. Not even that."I have been." "Their fears. "So you are suggesting we get more personal? Like that spot on your neck that leaves you defenseless?" "Or your inability not to stare at my ass. We don't have that kind of time. I just don't understand how we have managed to make so many inquiries and still not be able to agree on an acceptable song which we can both relate to." Rachel added pensively." Quinn covered her face with her hands. how they react to things." Rachel warned. They may have scuffed the glossy protective finish on top on the surface." She was right. "It is very unbecoming to curse. "What's your biggest fear?" . "Rachel. You can't learn somebody in any real depths in this amount of time. pet peeves." Quinn rolled her eyes. You have to learn their habits. we aren't going to find a song about our shared passion for puppies or science. Schuester gave the assignment and they had only scratched the surface of each other's personalities." "Language. their reflexes.

But something told Rachel that Quinn didn't need to hear anything.Quinn worried her bottom lip between her teeth as she thought." "So what does scare you?" Quinn sighed as she stared at the ceiling fan slowly rotating above her. too many legs. Maybe she had struck a cord and would really learn about the blonde now. "It just seems so trivial now." Rachel dropped her brow. and everything that I went thorough with the baby and my family…spiders just seem like nothing. more than dreams can. Or so Rachel thought. "Being alone. Fears could tell you a lot about people. She had so many friends who cared for her. "I don't know. too many eyes. Like last year." Rachel wanted to tell the cheerleader she wasn't alone and had very little to worry about. There's really no reason to be scared. listening eagerly. Slowly she lowered herself from her bed to sit on the . Creepy. but…" "But what?" Rachel leaned forward. You can squash them so easily. "You don't know what your biggest fear is?" "Well. it use to be spiders.

The brunette could see the girl studying her out of the corner of her eye.floor next to the blonde. It was so scary." Quinn laughed at herself for sounding like the rambling diva." She whispered in her ear. I just wanted to curl up and cry at times. Rachel. She couldn't imagine suddenly learning that their love did have stipulations in the moment she needed them most. but I still felt so alone. of course. "I'm sorry. She could go without friends if she had the unconditional love of her parents. That. "I guess I just realized if it was that scary to be alone despite the friends I had. I know I wasn't." Rachel knew that feeling. everyone else in Glee. Far too well and her heart broke for the blonde." she sighed again. Quinn rolled on her side and brought an arm up around the smaller girl. waiting for her to continue. She pulled herself closer until her head rested comfortably on Rachel's shoulder. Instead she took a place laying down beside her and waited. Rachel fought the urge to wrap the cheerleader in her arms let her cry it out. At least Rachel would always have her dads. "Last year. only reinforced the feeling that I was all alone. but every time I did. "Last year I felt so alone. "I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to . But despite the laugh a tear fell down her cheek. all I wanted was someone to hold me. Technically I had Puck and Mercedes and in a lesser sense. I can't even imagine what it would be like without anyone.

what's your biggest fear?" "That I'll always be alone. It just may be important. "No. not text. "You aren't anymore." She did know. Quinn. "Are you going to get it?" "Are you trying to get rid of me?" Never. Quinn sniffed. "So. "Oh. "If it was important they would call." Neither of them moved. There was no denying the pain in the cheerleader's voice and the truth behind her tears and gestures. now that I'm done blubbering." They laid there for what seemed like an hour until Quinn's phone beeped. so that has ever made you feel alone." Rachel's tears fell freely now. I know." She shift her hand from Rachel's other shoulder to her neck . Rachel shifted her head to look for the source of the noise." Quinn squeezed the girl tighter." Quinn informed her." Quinn repositioned her head on Rachel's shoulder. She brought her hand up to rest on Quinn's forearm to comfort her. "New text. "It's okay. I am so.

said we better not be doing anything she wouldn't approve of." "What was the second one?" She watched as the blonde pressed a few buttons and rolled her eyes." . I can get anything I want if I administer the right amount of logic. Her place Friday night. What are we doing? What is this? Where did it come from?" The phone beeped again." Quinn reluctantly removed herself from the diva and grabbed her phone from her bag. "It's Santana. "What are we doing?" "We are laying on your floor. Not like that leaves much. Mom is out of town. attitude." "More games?" Rachel asked playfully. "And will you get that. We are to be there after school." "That's not what I meant and you know it. "Santana. I'm Rachel Barbara Berry. Quinn shrugged.and played with the brown locks she found there. So do you think you can convince your dads to let you go this weekend?" "Please. "You never know. it is making me nervous. and stubbornness. guilt.

" ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Tickle her." "Then you will never know." The brunette smirked. "Not happening. I'll find out. She sat up against the side of her bed." Quinn placed her phone back in her bag and started to reclaim her spot cuddled up to Rachel when the diva moved away. . "So. No wonder she likes you so much." She noted. Friday night. you would have to know already." Rachel shook her head. how would I go about getting it?" Quinn scoffed. I can just ask Santana. I mean if there was something I wanted or something I wanted to know." "What?" questioned Rachel. "Let's see what another good question would be…what is your one weakness? I'm not talking about the spot on your neck. we have made some progress today."God. "Oh. Not unless you tell me yours first. "To get the answer to that. Because I'm not divulging that sort of information. you sound like a mini Santana. avoiding Quinn's hazel eyes.

Still. I might just be able to tell you. she was hoping not to make a habit out of these drunken weekends. You are. She gets these looks without expression and I want to be able to crack them. but in time should try to do it sober." Santana informed her taking a swig of her beer. "I need another. "Anything you want. She had never thought she would drinking but it calmed her a little bit."Yeah." The blonde appeared . "What was it you were trying to get out of her anyway. "Nothing in particular." "You mean no one else as bull headed as yourself." The shorter brunette scoffed and finished her latest beer. Now get your voluptuous ass in here with some more drinks. I just haven't encountered anyone that can be quite as bullheaded as her before. "Yeah. It would be nice to know how to do it in the future." Rachel shook her head. Fabray." "Q? We're out!" "Am I your slave?" She heard the blonde call from the other room. the easiest way to get Quinn Stubborn-ass Fabray to give in is to tickle her. She loved the company and the feeling like she actually belonged and was wanted somewhere.

The only thing that kept Rachel from trying to stop a potentially physical altercation was the basis of this spat was ridiculous. the doorway empty handed." Rachel silently watched the battle of dominance wondering in the back of her head if this was playful or not." Santana ordered taking a step closer to the blonde." There was no . "You should have just brought the damn drinks. "Go get them Fabray. "I will wind this. Q!" She announced. It was only after the second scream that Rachel noticed Santana was tickling her. in turn. It couldn't be taken that seriously. "Where are my beers?" Quinn folded her arms across her chest defiantly as the Latina rose from her seat to meet her eye to eye. not hitting her. Each girl had a look of seriousness plastered on her face and posture that beckoned a confrontation. Rachel jumped at the sudden movement and scream as the two girls crashed to the ground and Santana pinned the blonde on her back. Quinn dropped her hands to her side and lifted her head to squeeze out some height over the Latina in a final show of defiance. Maybe you should go and get them. matched her step until they were inches apart. "They're in the kitchen.

and gasps for air Quinn tried to fight off Santana furiously fast fingers. Berry." . Rachel took the time to venture to the kitchen and fetch the drinks from the fridge for herself. "Help! Ah! Rachel!" pleaded a defeated Quinn. This was a musing. "Sorry Quinn. As much as I would love to come to your rescue." "Damn straight." Santana panted as she started to run out of energy. "Give up yet?" Another scream escaped as the head cheerleader shook her head. Quinn had momentarily gained the upper hand and began tickling the cheerleader on top of her but now found her hands pinned on each side of her head. who remained in her place on the sofa." The war commenced. Quinn tried to overpower the girl but found herself pinned completely to the ground as Santnaa straddled her waist. screams. Q?" Quinn took the Latina's moment of exhaustion to catch her breath before answering. I am pretty certain Santana would kick my butt.reply other than a mix of laughter. The battle for dominance was beginning to exhaust itself. "Give up. and a slight turn on to Rachel. "Not a chance.

"Got a problem there. Q." Quinn smirked devilishly and bucked her hips upwards between the Latina's legs. little was known about how defiance effected her. Quinn lifted her head to look down between their heaving chests. trying to gain control of her body. gaining a gasp from the aroused girl. could feel the heat radiating from the girl's core and their eyes locked. looking for a surrender." Rachel remained on the sofa unable to move as the sexual tension in the room rose until it was palpable in the air. It was as if she said it out loud for at that moment Santana pressed her lips against Quinn's in a passionate kiss. Santana smirked and shifted her hips slightly."Give up?" The Latina asked again looking down upon the defeated girl. "No…" Santana licked her lips." It was no secret Santana liked being dominant. Her mouth ran dry and it became difficult to swallow. San?" She asked in a hushed voice. The blonde shook her head. "You don't know what you're getting yourself into. However. Quinn though. She gazed down at the two girls silently willing them to kiss. "Too bad Brittany's not here yet to help you out. Just go get me my drinks. . Quinn bucked her hips again.

I'll give it to you. biting lightly as she went. Quinn gasped. this time with her thigh pressing into Quinn's center. and between her breast. Impulsively Quinn began to push herself off the ground when she felt the dominate girl's weight return. All you have to do is be my slave and get me the drinks. There was no answer." The answer was the same but her conviction was lessening. "I know what you want. The blonde was biting her bottom lip. "Open your eyes. "Come on." Quinn obliged." "No. "You going to get my drinks?" Santana asked before swirling her tongue over the sensitive spot. "No. Lightly Santana traced her finger down the blonde's jaw line. All the wind was sucked from the blonde's lungs. hesitating at the waistband . searching for that right spot. There.She moved her kisses to the blonde's long neck." Frustration filled the Latina and she lifted her body off of the blonde's. Q." She twisted the blonde's wrists so that both fit into one hand. Q. The Latina slowed her pace. ignoring the whimpering protests from below. her neck. She released her grip on one of Quinn's arms and pinched the girls nipple through her shirt until she heard a whimper." urged Santana as she picked a steady rhythm. "I know what to do.

gliding them side to side. It's not the same when you have to do it yourself. Are you going to be my slave?" Santana moved her tongue over the sensitive spot on her neck one more time and kissed it gently." She ran her fingers over the girl's slit. He gaze met the pleading hazel eyes and she lowered just the tips of her fingers below the fabric. What you need. tracing her fingers in gentle circles. Tell me and I'll take care of you. isn't it?" She forced her hand lower. "I can help you relieve that tension. but I'm here. playing in her wetness. "Just tell me. "That's what you want. Q. And now she was going to cause Quinn to lose hers completely. She did that. She pumped her fingers at a furious pace relishing how wet she managed to make the head cheerleader. "I understand.of the blonde's shorts." She teased the girl's opening. "…yes…" Santana smiled and slide two fingers into the gasping blonde. "humph…" she whimpered licking her lips. She was in control. The blonde moaned and bucked her hips in her . "Do you want that?" The blonde swallowed hard. Q. playing with the blonde curls she found there.

"I cannot believe that just happened." Santana peered over her shoulder. "Come on. Cum for me. "On second thought. "I'm sorry. Quinn pulled her down into an embrace. Q. Santana left her and made her way to the kitchen. She removed her hand from the girls shorts and watched her convulsing body. She needed the closeness as the last few waves of her climax ravaged her body. Rachel couldn't take her eyes off of the blonde still reeling from her orgasm. mixed drinks sound better. but she understood. "Rachel?" She called out feeling with her hand. kneeling on the floor next to Quinn." The blonde apologized. Berry?" The stunned brunette shook her head. Rachel wiped away the blonde strands of hair ." She confessed through her fingers. "Rachel?" The petite diva removed herself from the couch. removing her arms from Rachel's neck and covering her face in embarrassment." She pressed her thumb firmly to the blonde's clit and felt her muscular walls contract around her fingers. "You want one. wrapping her arms around her neck. Rachel didn't know why. I think I'll go make some.eagerness. grasping her hand. It was only then Rachel realized exactly how aroused she was.

"I have to say one thing though. "So out side of the three of us…this never happened." Quinn laughed and lowered her hands. was hot." ********** . mixed drink in hand." Rachel confessed as she aided Quinn off the floor. Instead of staring like come sick perv. You know that. well maybe you can join us next time. she would force me to run through the halls at school naked." "Yeah. "I'd like to have two bitches. One to kiss each cheek. right?" Rachel nodded. "What is that?" The blonde asked nervously. "That. "It's okay Quinn." The hazel eyes poured gratitude. I do believe this falls under one of the numerous rules Santana make me swear my life to uphold. Berry." Retorted Santana. "She would too.plastered to the abashed girl's forehead. The one which come to mind most vividly is rule number one: If I were to so much as to admit to being here to witness anything embarrassing." "Thank you.

So. you said that you two have made out." Rachel scrunched her face."So. Just be glad they had the decency to close the door this time. Eager for anyone but willing to come back to just one. It's just different seeing it. Santana is fairly dominant." "Was that the first time you and Santana…" she trailed her words off as Quinn covered her face again. The only difference is Brittany gets jealous easier. "I mean." Rachel stated. I walked in on them one time when they didn't…far more than what I bargained for." the brunette noted before brushing her hair out of her face. but beyond that?" . "Yep. Santana is making it up to her now. Some people just have no modesty. "Are her and Brittany…I thought Brittany would be mad at her for what happened between you two. I guess not. "Their relationship is beyond complicated. "So that is what they are doing back there." Quinn laughed a little sipping on her glass of water." Quinn let out a long sigh. I guess the best way to look at it is see them both as Puck. "No. "Does that surprise you?" Quinn asked with a slight blush of embarrassment remembering the night's earlier events.

not hers." Rachel nudged back. I am not drunk. "I did not!" Rachel laughed."Beyond that." Quinn exclaimed running her palm across the back of her neck in the awkward moment. I don't even know how it happened." Quinn arched an eyebrow. "You are suppose to be my friend." Both girls fell silent as loud moans from the rear of the house echoed off the walls. but that doesn't override your guilt in the matter. That…was…a first. . they are loud. "I'm buzzed. "I am your friend. If you had just brought her the drinks-" "I cannot believe you are taking her side over mine." "You started it." Rachel stated. "My God. "You did." "You must be drunk. no." "Why?" Rachel shifted so she was sitting sideways on the sofa with her legs curled under her. Quinn snapped to look at the girl next to her. "Because I formed an opinion based upon facts which conflicts with yours? And just so you know." Quinn teased shouldering the smaller girl.

I should give you some credit. It wasn't like. "No." "You know…I'm not sure I like the drunk 'you'. I do believe you caught yourself just before you screamed Sant-" Quinn leaned over the girl and clasped her hand over her mouth. "Don't say another word about that.Ew! Rachel you just licked my hand!" She pulled away quickly wiping her palm on her shirt. Your hand just happened to be in the way."You weren't exactly quiet yourself. Though." She lied. I licked my lips. "You are far too assertive and honest. She loved this Rachel. but Rachel made her laugh." . Rachel made her laugh too." "Rachel!" "What? You weren't. Santana and Brittany were amusing. "Hey! You were the one who said you didn't mind the honesty and preferred me when I wasn't talking around my answers. Every time the brunette spit out a quick quip Quinn felt compelled to kiss her. While the moaning was incredibly intense. Something that didn't occur regularly in her life." The brunette sat up defensively.

There was that flutter in her chest again. "What about it?" she asked flippantly. but need? "Okay. only." That hurt. "You know what. "You're right. But I might like it better if you weren't talking at all." Rachel gulped down her drink and refilled it before turning back to Quinn. I just need a drink. I mean. Pissed and hurt and those two emotions were a volatile mixture. She wouldn't look Quinn in the eyes. and possibly the brunette herself. Another kick to the chest." Quinn was pissed. Nothing hurt more than rejection. Quinn walked down the hallway and out the back door. "Nothing's wrong. was Rachel not flirting with her? Was this not the same girl who crawled into her bed and professed the need to be with her. Keeping herself from destroying her friendship with the brunette. Except being lied to about being rejected." Quinn leaned forward and kissed the unsuspecting brunette. to kiss her? Not want. never mind. she kept her eyes to the floor. Especially when combine with Fabray blood. "What's wrong?" Rachel grabbed her empty glass and moved to refill it with the alcohol conveniently located on the other side of the room. She felt Rachel deepen the kiss then suddenly pull away. I'm sorry but we are going to have to talk about what just happened. Desperate for some .

okay?" Brittany nodded and aided the stumbling brunette to the sofa and away from the remaining bottles. take care of her drunk ass while I find Q. never indicating a specific direction. Only when she turned he attention to a second bottle did she notice Santana and Brittany emerging from the bedroom. no more drinking for her. "She's out there. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ . Now give me the fucking bottle. "Out where.fresh air. Berry?" "Out back. Thirty minutes later she heard another door open and closed but she ignored it. "Give me that bottle. "Hey Berry. "Britt." Rachel's arm waved haphazardly in the air." The shorter girl reached for it but slipped from her seat. Where's Q?" Santana asked playing with the cheerio's arm looped around her waist. Only after she heard the screen door slam shut did she down her refill and return to the sofa with the entire bottle in hand. Rachel watched as she left." Santana snatched it away from the diva's lips. landing face first onto the floor. And Babe.

"I feel so stupid. This is all too new for that. She looked broken. I mean. The blonde sniffed. at least not around other people. Lately those walls had been crumbling with the slightest breeze. needed to be with me.Santana gazed out the back door and saw Quinn sitting on top of her picnic table. the creek of the spring echoed into the darkness. not because that's the way she actually was. Without saying a word Santana took her spot next to Quinn. She's always had walls built around her so the constant emotional hammering never hit her. head resting on her arms which were draped over her knees. She pulled away. She was becoming a sap for her friend. It was obvious she had been crying. I kissed." . their side touch in support. she flirts and then there is nothing…I just don't like being someone's experiment. Santana knew her normal don't-give-a-shit attitude wasn't going to work. Now she's ignoring it. She said she thought she was gay and even made a move on me. Q?" Quinn lifted her head. She told me that she needed me. "Short story: She flirted. Then pretended like nothing happened…Last weekend she was all over me. "What happened. Quinn Fabray was a tough chick because she had to be. As the screen door closed." Her words were muffled by her arms.

Just go talk to Berry-" "I'm not going to talk to her right now. HBIC. She hoped she would be proven wrong in the morning." Santana now feared that Quinn Fabray. She faced rejection with you. She was building her walls back up. We just need to figure it out. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Let go of me Brittany. She was wiping her tears. You do whatever the hell you want. I'm going to bed. gaining her composure… but Santana knew what she was really doing. Nothing good would come out of it. . if she was only curious she would have ended up in bed with me and Britt. I have a hard time believing you were just an experiment. not you. I was just being stupid." "Yes it does matter. Obviously there is something to all of this." Rachel tried for the bottle again but the strong arms around her waist held her back with ease. had returned.Santana placed her arm around her friend but Quinn pulled away." "It doesn't matter. I mean. The blonde left the table and stood a few feet forward into the darkness. "Q.

"Nope. "Nope. Rach. "Santana doesn't know shit." Rachel pressed her fingers against her temple firmly. She even apparently knows what turns Quinn on in a split second. Suddenly the room was spinning." . Brittany whipped around." The brunette held her head in attempts to steady her still spinning vision. throwing the tiny girl onto the cushioned sofa. Santana knows about sex. "Santana said you had enough. "She knows enough." Rachel unconsciously bit her bottom lip as she tried once more to magically extend her arm an inch further. But Santana does not know about me. Let me go. And Santana does know about these things." Brittany took the seat next to the brunette and nudged her with her shoulder. Santana knows about jacking cars." The brunette stretched as far as she could knowing her full weight was being supported by the cheerio." "Rachel! That wasn't very nice. "Santana knows about cheerleading." "Seriously. I can almost reach it.

" "You don't think she likes you?" "No. Brittany?" Rachel turned to face the blonde anticipating the enlightening response." "Yes you do. Rachel was expecting the remark." "I resent the implication. But. I can't see her with me." "I don't like Quinn like that. I do."And what is it that she knows. "But didn't she like. I can't picture us together. It would really help me out. "I do. I like her." Brittany nodded her head in silent agreement. but not the moment of sobriety that accompanied it." Rachel stated it as if it was obvious." "And people think I'm slow. I don't know. I admit it." remarked the drunk diva snidely. When I think about it…I just." "Oh really? She could save me a lot of hassle and fill me in on those. "She knows you like Quinn. "What has she figured out about me?" "All the things you haven't. "But I don't. cuddle with you and stuff?" ." Brittany reassured her.

then you freak because it's real."Yeah. and just north of crazy. but that's when I didn't want to be with her anymore. Berry. "No." the brunette rattled . You want Quinn until she wants you back. holding hands?" The room was silent." Rachel suddenly felt like she sounded just like Brittany. Why don't you want something real?" "Tell me Santana. You and Quinn could and it would be fine. Let me get this right. But if I were the one holding the other's hand there would be an onslaught of slushies and name calling." Santana stated as she entered the room. what do you think would happen if Quinn and I walked down the hallway in school. crude anonymous phone calls. "You and Brittany can and it's fine. "So." The two sat in silence with matched expressions of confusion on their faces. I want her but when I have her…I just fear it. more confused than normal. "You two look so pathetic right now. and not to mention her mother would throw her back out on the street. "So it's like you want what you can't have?" pressed the blonde. just south of coherent.

******** Nothing was mentioned the next day. She picked up the blanket and laid it out straight. She hugged the girl in her arms until she felt her tension release. She should be fine. "I am sorry. "For. Please. like…everything." Santana grabbed a few more bottles and followed the blonde out of the room." She paused." She let the girl go. Rachel cared." There it was. Let's just go to sleep and deal with this after our hangovers tomorrow. Berry…I'm sor-" "Don't apologize. No one wanted .off the truth. "Look. "She's asleep in the other room. "So. The undeniable truth. "Where is she anyway? Is she okay?" Santana nodded. please tell me there is nothing to fear about being with Quinn when I know what she will go through only because it is my hand she holds. Brittany collected the empty bottles and took them to the kitchen while Santana crossed the room and threw her arms around Rachel. No one could argue with it or even try and downplay the effects." She stood up and motioned with her arms for everyone to find their spot on the floor. She cared enough to force herself not to.

How is your wonderful Monday morning going? And…did you happen to remember to do the chemistry homework?" Santana crossed her fingers waiting for her to reply." Quinn huffed. "Thank you! But seriously." " talk about it. School was bound to bring things back to normal. Shit changes. I mean. But to Santana's relief. "Hey Q. or so they all hoped. how's it going?" "It's okay but I guess I'm still in a bit of a fog. "Yeah. give it time. The blonde laughed at he adorableness and handed her the worksheet. The Latina avoided her normal snarkiness and kept surprisingly quiet until they all said their goodbyes. Brittany did her best to ease the dull mood in the air but it remained relatively the same. "You two will still be good friends. Perhaps it's for the best. "Insensitive much?" . right?" "Last night you were pushing for us to get together and now you are hoping we're going to be friends…" Quinn wondered what had changed so abruptly." She pushed. Quinn swallowed her hurt and attempted to put a visibly shaken Rachel at ease. I realized last night that you two would make one way overly dramatic couple.

"Preferably in sentences. I'm talk about Santana. As she entered her next class she still couldn't understand what had just happened.." The brunette stumbled on her words. well. "Can I ask you something?" Quinn asked as she took her seat conveniently position next to Rachel and continued talking before the brunette could respond. "I.uh."Ah. Speak!" she barked. Q." "What has she done that makes you ask?" . K? Love ya. Bye. Say Something. This isn't the time for you to lose you obnoxiously large vocabulary." "I'm not jum-" "Sure. I say one little thing and you're jump all over me. "See what I mean." The Latina pointed at the blonde. I'll give you back your worksheet at lunch. "Come on Rachel. "What the hell happened Saturday night? Not between you and me." Rachel couldn't force herself to speak. Whatever." Quinn watched with an open mouth as her 'best friend' walked away.

"And now this morning she could have cared more about dirt on her new shoes. "Forget I asked. She wasn't really wanting to bring this up. "It's just this weekend. Class flew by and thankfully the glee rehearsal had been canceled for the day. Did you two talk after I went to sleep?" Rachel knew if she said yes then Quinn would want to know what she had said and she really didn't want to say those things to the girl. she probably even loved he. Even despite the fact her mother was home and already self medicating with a new bottle of Bacardi. She could picture it: 'I can't be with you because I don't want you to feel alone'…oh so logical. she cared. Quinn had never been so happy to walk into her house as she was that afternoon." The blonde spat before focusing on her work.Quinn hesitated. She trudged up the stairs and threw herself into her homework. I don't remem-" "You don't remember? Really Rachel? Are you sure?" She was such a horrible liar. Hell. "Oh. and to Rachel of all people. when she talked to me she was… concerned. She . She couldn't confess it then deny a relationship and cite the girl's closeted vanity and fear of being alone as her excuse. trying to drown out the day." Quinn just realized how strange a concept that was. well. As much as she pretended not to.

She hated it. She tried to put every ounce of emotion she felt for the blonde into the kiss hoping she would understand how she felt. It was her defense. Sweetie. It was a habit she was trying to break but she still wasn't use to people seeing her vulnerable and that was exactly how Rachel made her feel at Santana's. "What do you want?" There was no answer. Attack so no one can see you're hurt. She felt like a fool. Slowly she . lacking any trace of alcohol. "I like you. The diva cupped the taller girl's cheek in her hand and pulled her down to her height. When the door clicked shut Quinn stood from her chair and wrapped her arms around herself defensively as Rachel approached. "Thank you Mrs. You have company." Her mother's bloodshot eyes smiled at her as she opened the door and ushered Rachel in." The brunette whispered as she closed the door. I like you so much Quinn. Sweet and tender. She didn't realize how much time had passed until she heard a knock on her door. Fabray. "Quinny. only lips on hers. When the pair broke from the kiss. Rachel refused to let Quinn go from her grasp. that it hurts" She kissed her again long and full of passion.knew she had been too aggressive with Rachel at school.

She wouldn't hesitate to do it again. "So what?" "So what! Quinn she threw you out because you embarrassed her when you got pregnant. "Don't Quinn. And that's why I can't be with you. is everything alright?" Her mother asked as both girls exited the house just seconds apart." Rachel pulled away and put a few steps distance between them. "Don't what? You can't kiss me like that and say what you said. never looking back. "Rachel. savoring every second before turning and leaving the room. What do you think she would do if she knew about how we feel. Your mother is right there.release the girl from her hips and loosed her grasp on her face." Quinn grabbed the girls arm and spun her around." ." Rachel warned in a hushed tone of the woman observing from the opened front door. "You'll lose everything being with me." she heard Quinn call behind her as she descended the stairs." "Will you keep your voice down. "Rachel!" "Quinny. and then tell me I can't respond." She placed one more kiss on the blonde's lips. "Rachel.

But you just got this part of your life back. Don't leave me here without knowing you are going to be with me." Their eyes locked." "Quinny. "Kiss me.Quinn choked back tears. It was as if she was being pulled from her body and engulfed in the blonde standing before her. I don't want you to. "No. "So I should hide who I am like I always have? Deny that I would be happy with you?" Rachel reflexively closed the gap between them and took the girl's face in her hands when she saw a tear fall from Quinn's eye. Quinn. "Quinny…" The woman's voice trailed off in the distance. I don't need the big empty house and drunk mother. but she had already made her decision. Please. I need everything you gave me in that kiss. Rachel was right. She was going to lose something if this was to happen. just like before. Quinn could almost hear her shocked expression as she wrapped her arms around the shorter girl's waist and pulled her deeper into the kiss." And she did. are you okay?" Her mother asked taking a protective step closer. . "Don't go Rachel. I want you to be happy and have everything you ever wanted. full of every emotion and desire. Quinn had thought of all of this.

Quinn squeezed Rachel's hand gently and guided her passed the flabbergasted woman and back into the house. "How does she look?" The brunette bit her lip." "Oh. "Mom. "Heart broken. have you?" "No." "Well. "What are we doing?" "I'm going to pack my bags. This is what she didn't want. I think it's time you did." Quinn sighed. "You've never met my mother." Quinn took Rachel's hand in hers and escorted her up to the front stoop.Right in the front yard for all the neighbors to see. When they finally broke apart they panted through beaming smiles. Just when she let me in tonight. I would like you to meet Rachel. my girlfriend. "Just . "Maybe it wont come to that this time." Rachel deflated. "She still there?" Quinn asked." Her mother remained silent and expressionless. just in case. Rachel glanced over the taller girl's shoulder and nodded her head." He mother broke her silence." "Thirty minutes.

" Rachel had dialed the number but hung up quickly. do you remember the really tall." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Quinn pulled two duffle bags from her closet and threw them onto her bed next to her Cherrios' bag. "Sure." Quinn stepped out of her closet and studied the diva's face. "Are you serious? I mean." Rachel approached the doubtful . She was thankful she hasn't actually unpacked that one yet last time. See if I can stay with her tonight. "Can you call Santana for me?" Rachel had been frozen just inside the doorway watching as Quinn began sorting through her clothes. but not Michael. You're staying with me. I'll set the timer on the stove. "Let her know I am out of the closet…so to speak…and out of the house. what did you want me to say?" Quinn studied her wardrobe hanging inside her closet. Joshua maybe. "I don't think so. Thirty minutes and get out. Not after what happened between you two this weekend. deciding what she could live without." "I'm sure he will understand when I explain the entire situation to him. intimidating man who lives there that hates me? There is no way he is going to let me stay with you.

he wont be. But! She has quite convincingly displayed her ability to coerce you to do whatever she wishes." Quinn dropped the girl's hands and wrapped her arms around the diva's neck. "I trust you. Rachel nodded. "My . but my feelings are genuine. "I know it all happened indescribably fast. To figure out exactly what this is. "But as your father. because…" "I'm gay." Quinn rested her forehead against Rachel's and played with her fingers in her hand." Quinn finally admitted. It was all so unreal." "I don't want you to stay with Santana. because of us.blonde and took her hand. Every tough left her tingling." She lifted their intertwined hands." "Rachel…" "I want you to stay with me. kissing her temple. I want us to have the time and opportunity to really get to know each other." Rachel pressed her index finger to the blonde's lips. "And as a gay individual himself. he will be very understanding and sympathetic for your situation. and before you object. Especially not with you. I like her but I don't entirely trust her yet. "You're being thrown out because of this.

" "Good." Rachel smiled and placed the computer and all of its chords into its travel bag. "I wouldn't have thought of that." "Insightful. For instance." "He is." "Yeah. He says you're a softy who mold to her situations. "The upside of this being my second time to pack my bags is I know exactly what I need and everything I forgot I needed last time. homework I don't want to redo. email addresses and all things that would make me feel more at home in a strange house. "I know Dad will be okay with it." She pulled away slowly and made her way back to the closet." She walked over to her desk." Rachel nodded her head quickly in approval before folding some of Quinn's clothes and placing them in her duffle bags. One of those things where you don't know what you have til it's back in your parents house . What else do you need to bring?" Quinn survived the room.feelings are real too. "I'm willing to see if your dads would be okay with me staying. He already likes you. Thirty minutes wasn't really a long time. "My laptop…full of pictures that can never be replaced. But it's amazing how much time I actually spend on it.

"Your room?" Quinn smiled mischievously. Finn just stood there and kept apologizing. packing goes by much faster when you have someone helping you. "What happened to the guest room?" "Tonight we can get away with you sleeping in my bed . Guys can be so useless sometimes. Just in case I remember something else. But I'm keeping the key this time." Rachel said as she handed Quinn the bag she was carrying. Now it was laughter." "So are you ready?" Quinn nodded. How did we not figure out we didn't want them sooner.and you don't have a key." Quinn laughed and embraced the diva one more time before grabbing her bags and exiting the bed room. "He would. You know. "Do you get to keep the car or do I need to call my dads?" Quinn shrugged. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Here. I can sneak back in and get it while mom is at work. Take your bags up to my room while I talk to my dads." Rachel rolled her eyes. "I'm keeping it until they take it. This had to be the right thing. Last year she shut the door in tears.

Rachel nodded. Well. "Sweetheart. It may not happen again for a while so I strongly suggest we take advantage of it. There are no sleepovers. "You are also aware that we have since then formed a wonderful friendship. Honey. "I know." Rachel watched the girl ascend the stairs with mixed feelings of adoration and heartbreak. "It's a school night." Michael reminded her." Joshua nodded and Michael rolled his eyes. "We need to talk. Quinn and I have not always been on friendly terms." The two men exchanged glances. To your room I go. we have had this talk before." The men's eyebrows raised in surprise. that blossoming friendship has… blossomed into something much more. I mean. "As you are both well aware of.under the 'I'm upset I was just kicked out' heading. "Rachel." "Got ya. Quinn didn't seem affected by her second disownment but Rachel knew she was hiding whatever hurt she was feeling. suddenly feeling like little kids being sat down by their mom to have that talk." The brunette slowly made her way into the kitchen and took a seat opposite of her fathers. Finn and I aren't . was that Quinn?" He dad asked from his seat at the kitchen table. I thought you were dating Finn…a boy. Well.

Noah. I have even discovered that she never harbored any true distaste for me until I tried to take Finn and that still wasn't all that it appeared to be. I am sure you care for the girl. "You went from hate to a romance in just over two weeks? Rachel. I did have my suspicions. "I wont lie to you. She's here tonight because she has been kicked out of her house." Michael wanted to protect his daughter. and how cruel it all could be.actually together anymore. You see. So. and Jesse combined. be her friend. "but I have more feelings for her than I do Finn. Wanted to make her think of everything carefully. she risked a lot…outside of school. And I never hated her. I have always wanted to be around her. He knew how high school was. I have thought about that in great detail. "She has no more because of her feelings for me." Michael shifted in his discomfort. And then still it is not even worth competing against." Michael's eyes widened in realization. primarily because of my feelings for Quinn. She's the first close female friend you've ever had. I don't know when it all happened. but it doesn't fit." "Could this not be some in depth ploy to embarrass you somehow at school." "I've thought of that. This was real. I assure ." she admitted. but maybe it is simply a misplacement of emotions. but I can assure you they were invalid.

yes. "I do think this would be the best environment for her." Joshua stated looking to his husband. "I agree with your dad. Give us some time to talk about it and we will discuss it tomorrow. But I also believe her being here. He had misjudged they are real. He no longer fought Quinn's influence over his daughter. I want her here. Rachel nodded. Quinn has never had that. I'm sure Quinn is very . in this house with the two of you." Joshua noted for clarity." Her dads beamed with pride at her words. Now she's been thrown out again. "You raised me to be happy with who I am no matter what that might actually be. was going to need support. that's why she had the bags. "Do you want her to stay here?" He daddy's words were full of concern now." "So. She will get all the support and acceptance she is going to need. but there will be just a few ground rules. Kurt is the only gay individual she knows and he is just coming into it. even more than Rachel. will undoubtedly help her with this…transition. I mean. She has always been strictly reprimanded for stepping out as herself. They understood coming out was going to be a challenge and Quinn.

"Thank you. The way she felt. her soft skin. Rachel thought. "Even Michael? He's really okay with this or is Joshua making him sleep on the couch again?" Rachel pulled the blonde up from the bed." Quinn beamed. "No. wrapped her arms around her waist and kissed her gently. Quinn was sitting anxiously on the bed. her sweet smell. and her comforting touch. This is all very real.upset so we wont bother her with them right now. Now go check on your girlfriend. filling her senses with everything Quinn. "My dads say 'Welcome to the Berry House'. Just let her know she is welcome her. the way she tasted. "He's really okay with it." "You're welcome." Rachel stood and gave each man a hug of gratitude. of course. You are more than welcome here. I convinced him this wasn't some ploy of yours and Santana/s" Quinn shook her head." She kissed the shorter girl again." Take some time getting use to hearing. Once. Rachel inhaled deeply. "I knew your house always . That's going to take some getting use to saying… girlfriend. She could hear the murmurs of the voices talking in the kitchen as she opened the bedroom door.

"…hi…" The men's smiles deepened. Quinn nodded and took her seat back on the edge of the bed. "And what is so funny." Rachel nodded." Rachel told her. placing herself in front of Quinn again and ran her fingers lightly through her blonde tresses." . "I know it is." "This is going to be hard. Only she found her dads braced against the frame with amused smirks on their faces. but just knowing that there is this safe and loving house to retreat back to everyday. "Hi. with you here with me…it makes it a little less scary." "You didn't close the door. Rachel let out a sigh of frustration and turned to shut the door.felt more like home." "So?" The blonde smiled broadly and pointed to the door before diverting her eyes to the floor. "Yeah. Rachel felt her blush come on in a wave of intense fire." She trailed her thumbs over the blonde's jaw line and lifted her chin into another passionate kiss until Quinn began to laugh into the kiss. It's going to be hard keeping my hands away from you. but not only that.

Her dad shook his head." She rolled her eyes and began to shut the door as the men walked away." .."Is…there something wrong?" She asked as she grabbed the door to close it. A foot stopped it from closing all the way and Rachel opened it again.. And I want to thank you both for allowing me to stay here. Now that the cat is out of the bag things will really begin to pick up. hope you all enjoy it. ******* "Good morning girls." "Morning Dad. "It smells wonderful. "Hungry?" Joshua asked Quinn. "Get out!" She slammed the door in embarrassment. please. She nodded. A/N: So here's another chapter I cranked out because I know I wont have the opportunity to update tomorrow. Daddy. "PG…13. Nothing wrong." Rachel beamed and gave the two men kisses as she entered the kitchen. "No. Anyway. I'm off to work. Just… keep it PG tonight.ish…" Michael restated.

if I may." Quinn shook her head at the man's guilt. a show of affection without judgment. I didn't realize you were in the process of righting some of your wrongs and my guilt trip did nothing to help the fact." When Rachel was done greeting her fathers she took a seat next to Quinn and placed a chaste kiss to her lips. "I am going to protect you as well. "You have nothing to apologize for. I was out of line. "Well. Michael took his seat across from the girls and sipped his coffee before reaching for Quinn's hand. I mean. You were only trying to protect her. It was simply a kiss. This is the best place for you right now." he squeezed her hand supportively. "We haven't actually discussed that yet. I agree with what Rachel said last night. She's lucky to have someone like you to look out for her. Quinn smiled at the action. I know what she's been through…what I've put her through." "Oh?" Joshua asked as he served everyone their meals." "And now."Don't mention it. "I'm sorry for that first night. There was no awkwardness or fear of what Rachel's parents might say or think. Daddy. how are you two going to handle this relationship at school?" The two girls quickly exchanged glances. I know high school can be .

" There was no point in lying. Rachel took her hand under the table in support. School was going to be different. An honest one. "Dad. Rachel was already at the bottom rung of the social ladder while Quinn had just reclaimed the top. Trying to hide everything last year with the baby was-" "The baby?" The two men asked in unison. "The baby?" "I have a baby. but I don't believe hiding who you are will help either of you in the long run." Michael cleared his throat. "Can we just get it all out on the table?" "I think that may be best. Quinn reached over and closed it for her." Quinn mouthed 'oh' unable to actually speak the word. Had a baby. I didn't sleep around with boys or . "It wasn't really my place. searching between the girls for an explanation. "I agree." Rachel agreed but she didn't want to push Quinn. "I hadn't actually told them about that…" Rachel admitted. especially for those who are different." Joshua informed her.difficult. Family and close friends knowing is one thing. "I was the president of the Celibacy Club last year. I appreciate your-" "I agree." The brunette couldn't close her mouth.

" "Right. technically. You are still welcome here. Anyway. We don't necessarily have to broadcast it with a formal announcement. I'm not really wanting to do it all again this year. When my parents found out. "I couldn't raise a baby." She turned to Rachel and looked her in the eyes. So. "So that's what Rachel meant by you were thrown out again. Quinn. But I did make one mistake and I got pregnant. "This is like a mini soap opera. back to school." The room fell silent. and maybe even slushied…" . but I'm not looking to hide it either." Realization struck Michael. they threw me out. "So." Quinn nodded. I was sleeping on people's couches." Rachel added. After trying to hide the baby drama and lying to everyone. Quinn's daughter is my adoptive sister." Michael commented. I didn't even have a place to call home. "But this doesn't change anything.anything like that. called names. "I'm not ashamed of how I feel. I know we are probably going to get laughed at. I gave her to…" "Shelby Corcran. Puck's a decent guy but he couldn't help me in the way I needed it.

" "She has no objections." . her and…" Rachel glanced to Quinn with a blank stare. "Santana's one of the cheerleaders. They can…be with anyone they want as long as they don't mind if the other was to…be with that person as well…male or female. "Harassment is sort of Santana's thing. They are in what they refer to as an openly closed relationship."But that's what I told Santana I was afraid of. another cheerleader." Rachel interrupted her. In fact. right?" Joshua asked trying to keep up with all the new information." "So that's why Santana's attitude changed over night?" Rachel nodded. "I don't know how to explain that. eager for more gossip. Dad. she is…well. "And she already knows about you two? She's okay with it? She's not harassing you?" Quinn laughed as she took another bite of her breakfast. are my two closest friends. "How you just managed to get everything back and I was terrified of being the reason you lost it again. It's just what she does." "More soap opera?" Michael asked leaning in. Her only concern is for Quinn's happiness. "Santana and Brittany.

" Quinn announced as she placed her keys in her bag and prepared to exit the car. "Get your asses out of the car." Rachel asked more than stated. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ The two girls sat quietly in the car in the school's parking lot. "You've put me in a tough spot. Getting out of the car and holding hands while hundreds of your peers pointed and whispered…not quite as simple." the men responded in unison again. Berry made some valid points this . Santana studied the on edge pair intently as the left the comfort of the car. "Will we get to meet these two?" "The likelihood is high. Quinn nodded her head slowly." "Motivation has arrived. Talking about acting normally at school was simple. "Anything I should know?" Rachel meandered her way to Quinn who took her hand and intertwined their fingers. Exactly where they were fifteen minutes ago. "We can do this." Rachel concluded. The Latina let out a long sigh of contemplation."Oh. There was a tap on the driver's window. You see. bitches.

Now I have to decide if I let Quinn fumble her way back to the bottom by herself.weekend." "Santana…" "Or! If I risk my own status to make sure both of you end up at the top with me…What are you offering me?" She was joking but she wasn't. You can help us or you will fall. but she was also absolutely terrified of falling from it." "Berry…this is why I like you. "You have no choice." Santana snapped her neck with her attitude. because I will tell the entire school that not only did you willingly shove your tongue down my throat and grab my ass. You do have a choice." Rachel played along. lifting her head up high. She liked having the security of an actual friend next to her at the peak of the unstable popularity pyramid. "Excuse me? I always have a choice. I had always assumed your freakish friendship would last long enough that everyone would get use to the concept of you two as friends before you pulled out the homo card." Rachel straightened her posture. but you propositioned me to join you and Brittany for a threesome. You remind me of a little . "You're right. "Nobody tells me what to do.

me." Quinn let out the breath she had been holding." "Uh. But how did this all come about? Yesterday you were wanting to rip Berry's head off. Mom kicked me out." "Hi guys!" Brittany bounced up to the trio. "You two are so cute together. "Berry. San. if it wasn't for me. Of course I'll help you two out. "Let me put it this way. I moved in with Rachel. San. "Q. you would still be in denial. if I am going to be saving your ass on a day- to-day basis now." The Latina motioned for them to start walking towards the school." "Oops…I never did call her like you asked. "I guess now is as good a time as any." Santana raised her hand to halt the refusal. "You had me worried. Her sweater matches your uniform. If I have to save Quinn's reputation everyday . giving hugs all around. okay…I'm sure if I was expecting that. we are going to have to do something about the way that you dress." Rachel confessed." Santana and Quinn cringed at the comment. but that is waaaaaay the hell out there. I would have a really snappy and semi humorous comment. There you are. all caught up.

you are keeping those skirts. "Well. Quinn nodded. I think he deserves to hear about this from me. "Some time last week. "See you in class." "You pervert. But the stockings and penny loafers can go. for starters." Rachel pushed the taller girl away and began putting distance between them. not his football buddies." Quinn wrapped her arm around Rachel's shoulder and pushed space between the brunettes protectively. Something different without being brand new. I-love- them. Things were . She's not cheating on him with you or anything like that?" Santana asked for clarification. "We can come up with come sort of compromise with a make over." Quinn nodded and blew her a kiss. "Where are you going?" "To find Finn.because of the way you dress…" "Got it. still Rachel." "So they did break up." "How so?" Rachel asked tightening a grip on the blonde's hip.

They had sex. They would all find out eventually but it was a far scarier concept without Quinn at her side. Together they entered the empty classroom and took adjacent seats.still awkward between them and finally snapped when she told him that she still came back to my house after their disaster date." "She didn't tell him that she climbed into your bed. Things happen. I would like a moment or two of your time. "Rach. right?" . did she?" Quinn shook her head. "You were drunk. "I forgive you. "She didn't need to." He blurted. but that was different. Granted that is what happened with Puck and Quinn. I've been meaning to talk to you too." "Can we discuss this somewhere more private?" Rachel's eyes danced around the passing students." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Finn. About what you told me… about the kissing. And she certainly didn't want to inform Fin of the developments in their situation with an audience. You just kissed…you didn't have sex." Finn sighed and shut his locker door. It was over before she got that far. if it is not too much on an inconvenience.

Finn. this summer we even…you . So if my girlfriend was to kiss someone who wasn't me. I mean. "I don't understand. It's cool" he cut her off. I thought you always wanted to be with me. Rach. it might as well be a girl." Rachel watched from the corner of her eye as his expression shifted from sadness to anger and he pushed himself out of the chair. I can't. you know." "Oh." Rachel hesitated. but-" "No. How could she tell me gently so he wouldn't be hurt? Was that even possible? "We're cool right? We can go back to being boyfriend and girlfriend? 'Cause I missed you. "I mean. "I'm happy you were able to forgive my drunken indiscretions." "It just happened recently and I thought that it would be best if you were to hear it from me instead of the whispers in the halls.Rachel lowered her gaze and shook her head. the whole girl-on-girl things is kinda hot. "I'm seeing someone else." "Finn." "Right…about that." She kept her eyes glued to the floor.

" "I know. "Right. She walked out of the room to her first class." Rachel knew it wasn't enough. She stoop up and gathered her books. Finn and I don't regret that. But why would anyone care about who you were dating?" His words hurt. He was too mad. but he was someone she truly cared about. from you…not the whispers. -I told him. it took the mystery of what it would be like to have sex with a boy away. it wasn't one she had with Quinn. mostly because they were true. "I just wanted you to hear it from me. It may not have been the with person she would spend her life with. They weren't going to care about who Rachel Berry was dating. "Because I'm dating Quinn Fabray." She didn't. xR There was no going back now. Quinn felt a small . They were going to care about who the head cheerleader was dating.know. New text message. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Quinn's phone buzzed in her bag. Secondly. Now she could focus on her relationship with Quinn and be undistracted. Unfortunately." She didn't look at him. I'm sorry.

-r u alright? How did it go? xQ -Don't know. It was nothing. "I was just scared and then I realized I was only scared because you weren't there which in turn scared me more because I have never been so emotionally dependent on another individual and it was as if it all came crashing down on me when I realized I wouldn't see you until next period and would . XQ By the time Quinn got there Rachel already had tears in her eyes." The blonde raised her infamous eyebrow indicating her unwillingness to accept that answer. "It's okay baby. "Then what was it?" Quinn pulled Rachel away from her and gently wiped away the tear residue. leaving Rachel no time to answer. xR -meet me in the bathroom in 10.wave of anxiety roll her stomach as she pressed the buttons on her phone. "Nothing. What happened? Why are you crying? What did he say?" A million other questions spewed from her lips. She rushed to the girl and cradled her in her arms. Rachel shook her head in embarrassment. "It wasn't him." The brunette mumbled into the cheerleader's uniform.

I would be if I could. "Believe me." Quinn stood straight up. begging for the entrance which she received. I would. look. "I actually followed that. I understand. As their tongues massaged one another the girls felt their need burning in the pit of their stomachs. lingering for a second in her need.have to suffer through it on my on until then. The brunette ran her tongue along her bottom lip. The kiss deepened as Rachel lifted herself onto her toes and cupped her girlfriends cheek. "Rachel. I do! Things are just easier when we are together. I swear." Rachel rolled her eyes and turned to wash her face in the sink. ." She leaned down and capture the pair of full lips." She took the diva's hands and kissed them." Quinn pulled away reluctantly and put a few steps between them. when we have that hand to hold. "You're going to get me in trouble." "One more?" Those chocolate eyes melted Quinn's resistance and she pulled the girls closer. "But I can't always be right there. if I could do that as well. "Can we stay here and do that all day?" Rachel asked trying to hide her growing smile while she stared at the inviting lips in front of her.

"Yeah. take your seats so we can begin. "But you don't love me any less." "Party pooper."So?" Rachel attempted to close the gap but Quinn had made it to the door. that's what I'm going to do to you if I don't get back to class now. Quinn figured that compared to Brittany and Santana's pinky holding. she and Rachel came off as normal friends. Perhaps it was best. Subconsciously they avoided kissing in the hall ways but never hid their hand holding. "Alright guys. The real test was going to be glee. . I don't think you dads would approve of us getting detention for skipping class so we could ravage each other in the bathroom. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ The day progressed smoothly and while some students noticed the girls' closeness. "So. Quinn and Rachel hadn't displayed anything out side of the 'friends' realm. They weren't hiding but they weren't putting it all out there." Quinn rolled her eyes." Mr." And with that she disappeared down the hall." "Ravage?" Rachel like the blonde's word choice.

but okay. Rachel hated to let go but holding on would have drawn too much attention. we are in need of a few more days." "You have had two weeks already. Schuester. I'm just glad you have worked out your issues. earning her glares from both girls. Quinn and Rachel aren't ready…Santana? How about you and Artie?" "Sorry. on the other hand. Mr. "Get over it." "That's not all they've worked out. "Have you two come up with a song? Would you be able to go today?" "Actually." Santana mumbled." Couldn't . didn't seem worried and rested her arm along the back of Rachel's chair. some of you have already gone. It's difficult for a cheerleader and a kid in a wheelchair to find something in common." The girls blushed as they took their seats next to each other. running her thumb lightly on her shoulder. ladies. "Well.Schuester took notice as the former rivals entered with their hands clasped together. Quinn. parting hands. I look forward to hearing you ding. This is what I was hoping for. I am glad your assignment has led to a friendship." "Alright.

"What do you expect? This isn't fair." "No! You make me work with the guy who got my ex- girlfriend pregnant while you allowed her to steal my new one." "Finn.argue with that. Puck reclined against the back wall in boredom while Finn stared off into heated space with aggravation plastered across his face." He grumbled. calm down." "Finn. "Are you and Puck ready for your presentation?" He shook his head. "Come on you guys. just calm down. What are you doing with your time?" His answer was directed at everyone but Finn took in personally. "Finn?" the teacher coaxed him out of his trance. "Not yet." The teacher approached the fuming giant but he quickly left the room. Schue. You have had how long to do this now. This is a bunch of crap. "Puck and Finn? How about it?" Neither boy spoke. Eyes wandered around the room for an explanation . Mr.

Rachel physically sank in her seat while Quinn continued the comforting shoulder rubs. The only thing that kept her from leaving was Quinn. man…this is just messed up. "Lets move on shall we?" Puck opened his smirking mouth to say something. The blonde reached down and took her and in her own and squeezed it tightly. Mr. "Don't even think about it Puckerman. "Ah." "And I thought you would be the one struggling with this. Schue…teach!" "Okay." Santana shouted. People. Quinn leaned over and pecked Rachel on the cheek. ." Quinn smiled. "It's okay." Mercedes commented. "Hell has indeed froze over. "I agree.for the boys outburst and settled on the blonde and brunette. Rachel wanted nothing more than to run from the room and hide from all the unwanted attention." He agreed and began his lecture. "Hey." Waves of realization rippled through the remaining members and hit the dumbfounded teacher last." Kurt added staring at the two in disbelief.

"Yeah. it's for me to look at not them. And most individuals would not approve of the attention their significant other would receive from flaunting said attributes. I've got the next few chapters all planned out but feel free to let me know if there is something you'd like me to touch on. She laid on the bed resting her head in the cheerleaders lap as Quinn delicately wove her fingers through her hair. but the way I see it. "That stays." "Language. She didn't care." Quinn insisted as Santana grabbed a navy blue and green plaid skirt. Always a good c **** Rachel was amazed at how calm Quinn made her." Rachel playfully slapped her girlfriend's leg." "It's short. Even now as Santana and Brittany raided her wardrobe. Might as well show them off. discarding articles of clothing all over the floor of her bedroom.A/N: Thank you all for your wonderful reviews. "It's hideous. "What? You have killer legs and a nice ass." Rachel teased. Deffinetly going to hit some humor and fluff soon. They really push me to keep going." .

Santana emerged from the walk-in closet with a look of amusement hiding below a thick layer of disgust." The stunned man raised ." "Hey girls…" Michael's voice trailed off as he took in the disorderly state of the room." "Rachel. Simple enough. All arguments were to be resolved within the house. "Why is your dad black?" "…Daddy. She was responsible for certain chores. the Berry's did not like tension of lingering issues." Brittany calls in a hushed whisper as she and Santana exit the large closet. "Santana. "Right…what is going on in here?" He waved his finger around the destruction. helping with dishes and such." Rachel and Quinn pointed out simultaneously referring to the newly laid rule that when both girls are in a room the door must remain open. "They are revamping my wardrobe because it apparently does not meet the standards of dress for the girlfriend of the head cheerleader. "Door's open. that is Brittany. It's nauseating. Brittany." Rachel urged. The men's rules had been fairly simple and nothing Quinn wasn't expecting. "Will you two shut up. And that the door must stay open. come meet my Daddy.

" "Hi…Well. "Berry.his hand gingerly in greeting. "I'm Santana. Quinn's playing with her hair was beginning to put her to sleep. unable to find the appropriate words." Rachel could sense the blonde grin at the vision of Rachel walking into school in just her skirt and bra." "Okay. all you have left to wear are the skirts Quinn has deemed inappropriately short enough to keep. we need to take you shopping." "Oh. "That would be cool Mr. "Yep." Quinn noted as the two cheerleaders returned to filtering Rachel's wardrobe. pizza! I had a square one once…but it tasted the same." "Do you?" Rachel asked sleepily." His expression was of shellshock as he vanished down the stairs. I'll go place the order then. At the rate we're going." Santana covered the blonde's mouth. stealing a cautious glance over his shoulder. "That went smoothly.…would you girls like to stay for dinner? We are just ordering some pizza. Berry. .

each time lightly pinching the bundle of nerves. Quinn eased her hand between Rachel's legs and began inching it upward towards her heat. "No. pulling it back and forth over the cotton material.She rolled on to her back to look Quinn in the eye and lifted a defiant finger." She said hooking a finger under Rachel's sweater and pulling it up slightly with each tug." Rachel sat up and claimed the blonde's lips." Quinn playfully bit at the digit before leaning down and delivering a quick kiss to the full lips. "Your hand is cold. She pressed the pad of her thumb to the sensitive bud and lifted her index finger to stretch the length of her. Her new position left her girlfriend's hand to fall high on her thigh and send chills up her spine while igniting her core. "I bet you do. "…fuck…" Rachel's words were barely more than a . "Then let me warm it up. The kiss deepened and the brunette wrapped her fingers into the blonde locks." Unconsciously Rachel parted her legs slightly allowing Quinn's fingers to make contact with her cotton underwear. pulling gently." Quinn shifted her thumb under her skirt. eliciting a soft moan from Rachel's throat. The blonde lightly dragged her thumb nail over the rapidly dampening fabric. "Why not? I kinda like the idea of getting rid of these.

ignoring the pout on her lips. leaving Rachel intoxicated with the cheerleader's natural sweetness. Remind me to ask them latter." Rachel blushed and removed Quinn's hand. but I like that. "I will.breath. Quinn kissed her cheek and smile at her reaction." Rachel bit her bottom lip as Quinn pressed with a little more force. because right now all I can think about is throwing you on the bed and taking you right now. "I don't." She captured the blonde's lips again. Quinn's lip gloss didn't have a flavor. "Don't give me that." ." Quinn rested her head on the brunette's shoulder. "And you were probably to distracted to hear. desperate to taste her. But what I don't get is. Remind me." "Yeah. "I thought you didn't like profanity. yeah. because it makes no sense. yeah. "I'm serious. why do your dads care what we do?" "I don't know. It was your friend who interrupted. if I can't get you pregnant." Santana warned standing in the doorway. but your dad said the pizza was here." Rachel reached the doorway and stopped suddenly causing Quinn to slam into her. "You two better not be doing what I think you're doing.

It's the round kind." Santana pecked the girl's lips." "There you two are. "Is it. I thought we were going to have to send someone in after you. these girls are. "And what if it is Quinn who breaks Rachel's heart?" The Latina rolled her eyes and scoffed at the miffed . Babe. you'll get your fill of us soon enough." Quinn smiled and lifted her fingers. Imagine what we have been missing out on all these years." Santana caught then men's gaze. "Have some pizza." Joshua answered before turning to his husband."You have no idea how turned on I am right now. "Quite the characters. "In where?" Brittany asked confused. As long as Berry doesn't go breaking my girl's heart that is." Michael tensed instinctively. "No where." Michael joked as the girls descended the stairs. like.are you two… You cool with a little PDA? I know you've got Berry and Q on a bit of a leash. I do." "Ah.…. does it apply all the way around?" "We have no objections to displaying affection. "Actually. leaving Michael just as confused.

They were happy. which lead to the kissing confession." Then men's eyes widened." "That's true. Q is so whipped it isn't even funny." Rachel about choked on her pizza while Quinn nearly died laughing." Quinn nodded. "By kisses. The room was full of what she would consider friends for the first time." . "I was just telling your dads I believe Santana when she said you were a really good kisser. "Britt explained I meant whipped by kisses. not sex. "And how did this topic come about. "Rachel is a really good kisser. "I was telling them how Q would never break your heart because she's whipped. "" "Believe her about what?" Rachel asked as she and Quinn entered the living room with food and drinks in hand. But Santana has and I believe her. I've never kissed her. may I ask?" She sat mortified until she saw the amusement on her father's faces." Brittany explains. "Please." "Whipped?" Then men asked knowing the term usually refers to sex.

Rachel couldn't handle the glee club knowing she broke up with Finn to date her. "Your house. Quinn?" Michael asked. which brings be to a questions I wish to ask you to Dad. "What is it you wanted to discuss. Daddy. "Do you have a problem with our rules. She couldn't bring herself to look at him. "Is this really the time?" "We've just been discussing being whipped and my… experience with Santana." she stated assuredly. ."Ah." Quinn could already feel herself going red. is incapable of impregnating me. your rules. "Then why are you so against us expressing our feelings for each other physically?" The longer the room stayed quiet." Quinn grew three shades redder at the word." Quinn spit her drink back into her cup. "If Quinn…or any girl for that matter. Sweetheart?" Joshua asked interested in what could have the blonde so flustered. the more Quinn had to remind herself to breath. but for some reason was perfectly comfortable asking her dads about sex in front of a group of people. I am fairly certain this would be an ideal time to have an open conversation.

"Well. so relax Quinn. The two men shifted in their chairs and exchanged . "As parents we are just worried for our little girl and don't want her to regret anything. especially for a girl…woman…young woman." Michael added. As for why. "And if you didn't have to worry about it being my first time?" Santana lifted her cup to her face. The biggest reason for girls to wait is because they can end up pregnant and screw up the rest of their lives…no offense Q. trying to hide smile while Brittany openly beamed. I mean." Joshua comforted her. not you. "If you take that away. "Besides it was Rachel who asked the question. Rachel slowly finished chewing her food. one's first time should always be special." All eyes turned to the Latina. eager to see if her openness would continue." Santana offered the comment in attempts to ease the blonde's nerves. "I am. I'm curious." The three cheerleaders turned their attention to the blushing diva. they just became friends and are now dating. you came out of that experience with flying colors. then why not allow them to show how they feel?" "I believe we can handle an open conversation better than most parents." "We just think it would be best if Rachel was to take her time and get to know Quinn.

"Just…" Michael began. "Need to keep you alive. having some sort of silent conversation between themselves. I…that's quite a revelation." Rachel stated turning her gaze back to her fathers. Sweetheart." Joshua offered up as an excuse for their speechlessness. Q. "Never in my life did I think I would see Santana Lopez blush." Brittany added causing Santana to choke on her drink and have it fly back up in her face. However." "No better way to learn than sex. "not while we're home." Rachel whispered in her ear." "Brittany makes a valid point though.awkward glances." . "I understand that. take that out of your list of excuses and you only have one left. because tomorrow after school. "Breathe. okay?" Three of the girls beamed in excitement over their victory while Quinn debated with herself if she was going to pass out or not from the lack of oxygen." "Shut it. Baby. The men were studying each other. that Quinn and I are just learning about each other. "Uh.

"Berry. it is more accepted?" Santana shook her head." Santana explained at lunch. but still avoided that full on kiss. "It's the hotness factor.she blew lightly into the blonde's ear. Kurt will get the crap kicked out of him for kissing a boy.' comments or 'How much for a kiss?". Rachel noticed that while there were a few rude 'dyke' remarks. I promise! *** The girls' confidence in their relationship had grown tremendously after their first. we live in Ohio." A/N: Short Chapter but I'm going to make up for it with the next one. school day as a couple. Quinn was more daring. but a plus for you right now. There were of course the jokes told as they walked down the hall and the occasional 'If you need a man to remind you what you're missing. "A double standard in effect." "So just because we are girls. Out of all the 'dyke' callers I have been hunting down and bitch- . It's more tolerated. call me. Shitty over all. and relatively easy. but you and Quinn will get cheers and catcalls. It's not more accepted. the general harassment was not all that disapproving. draping her arm around Rachel's shoulder as she escorted her to class and even placing quick kisses on her cheek. "It's on.

I was expecting more… 'what are you doing with her' comments." Santana pondered her response. Two. you have the support of the two people who would have instigated those comments. and I'm still trying to figure it out. slushie worthy anymore. Glee Club Captain. 90% of them are guys. people are taking notice of…" The Latina glanced around to make sure Quinn wasn't around." "But not the concept of two guys. "Their realizing that you can be frickin sexy as hell. but now it was based on experience. Guys still get turned on by the lesbian concept. I am still Rachel Berry." . I mean. Got it. Rachel had always been outspoken in regards to the topic based purely on principal. some how. "You probably wont get those comments. She was really thankful she and Quinn only had the occasional rudeness to contend with but it also made her feel very guilty. Quinn calms down your crazy. "Are you complaining that this is turning out easier than you expected?" Rachel shook her head. now that we have you out of those horrible sweaters. "Not exactly. you aren't…lets say." It was sad. And three. Quinn will. Things weren't fair for Kurt or her dads.slapping. But then again… One. So with those three things covered.

"Good to know. Her hazel eyes traced up the toned. Makes the school day go by without as much anxiety. Her mind was elsewhere. It fell just right on the diva's his. accentuating her round bottom. Rachel's rich brown locks fell over her shoulder and brushed the exposed skin of her chest. The bulky argyle sweater was replaced by a sinfully formfitting black v-neck whose neckline dipped down to reveal a significant amount of cleavage. "What is it Finn?" The tall boy had been relatively quiet after his storm out. "Quinn…Quinn…" A hand touched her shoulder and she jumped. tan legs until the disappeared into the barely-there plaid skirt. Santana ordered her to straighten her hair and wear it down and Quinn silently thanked her. It was all Quinn could do not to throw the girl up against the wall and have her way with her right there for everyone to see. but she knew this was coming. I need to talk to you…now!" This was not the time. "Quinn." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Hey-" Quinn shut her locker and turned to speak to Rachel but her words stuck to her throat. The gutter mostly. The fact Rachel was leaning over and scribbling something in her notebook didn't hurt. "This is all some sort of sick joke right? You and .

He stared at the dark haired diva like he always did. "It's not a joke. I care for her. longing and desperate. "I'm going to get her back.Rachel? You hated her and now you walk around holding her hand." By the look on his face. If she was a . Finn. well I don't appreciate that you stole her from me." She saw the determination in his eyes. She always did." Like Rachel. We never had that problem." "Yeah. Twice actually. You two can't even kiss in public. I don't get it. You gave her away. Quinn was pretty sure he didn't really want to either. "Give it up Finn. You're not gay. Finn? I have other things I need to do. Trust me. I just don't see it. neither is Rachel. Shouldn't that tell you something?" No. "What's your point." Quinn rolled her eyes. and Quinn felt the anger swell within her." "You can care for her and not have to date her. "I don't appreciate you looking at her like that. Shouldn't that tell you something?" He hated it when she mocked him. "Hey!" She snapped her fingers in his face.

Just kick the crap out of him for thinking about her girl. hello there. Quinn?" Rachel asked as she removed her arms. After the shock passed. Finn raced away down the hallway. Rachel wrapped her arms around Quinn's neck and melted into the girls touch as she ran her hand up and down the brunette's side." The diva turned and her hair glided over her shoulder and Quinn lost it. grabbing the smaller girl with one hand on her hip and the other cupping her face as she pulled her into a passionate kiss. "Well. But this was very different. She didn't know what she could do…or did she? "Hey Rachel. refusing to loosen her hold around Quinn's neck." Rachel teased. She pulled Rachel's notebook from her hand and dropped it on the floor. this would be simple." Rachel placed a chaste kiss on the blonde's lips.guy. . "What took you so long?" Quinn opened her mouth to respond when they both jumped from the sound of a fist against the metal lockers. "What is going on. "I have been dying to do that all day. They ignored the catcalls and whistles ringing down the hall and only pulled away when the need for air was too great.

I would have to kick the shit out of him. "I was defending us. I had to show him that I do love you and I don't care who knows. Next time I'll just kick him in the nuts and take the suspension. "Say it again. Baby. "It wasn't like that. She was so stubborn. I'm sorry. "No." "So you kissed me to make him jealous?" The irritated diva returned to her notebook. "Yes! He said that this was all a joke and that I didn't love you because we haven't kissed in front of people. turning her back to her girlfriend." Rachel closed her notebook. "I'm sorry. resting her chin on her shoulder." ." "I love you."He was being a jerk and I had to put him in his place." Quinn stood behind her and laced her arms around her small waist. He was saying things and looking at you in a way that if I were a guy." "By kissing me in front of him?" Quinn pressed her forehead to the brunette's shoulder and grunted." "Language." Quinn placed a soft hiss on the singer's exposed neck." Rachel warned passively.

"Okay. I." Rachel didn't think her blush could get any darker after Quinn's hallway confession but her comment proved otherwise. Berry.Rachel turned to meet Quinn's hazel eyes and studied them. mouth agape. I'll find a way to show everyone how much I care about you without even touching you. because I do not take lightly to being treated like a piece of property one can claim by publicly kissing." Quinn nodded and backed away." She kissed her lightly. Love. Deal?" Rachel nodded. Thank you!" The verbose diva was speechless. "By the way. Rachel. . "Excuse me everyone!" Quinn shouted down the halls drawing the attention of several dozen students and faculty members. Quinn. "I. love Rachel Berry. but you need to come up with a better way of letting it be known. "Say it again. Rachel Berry. "I love you too. you look absolutely beautiful today. proud of herself for navigating through their first 'issue' unscathed. Quinn Fabray." "I love you. Please spread the word. "Better?" Quinn asked as she returned to her spot taking Rachel by the waist.

"I think it's perfect. "So. "I think I may have found a song for our Glee assignment." Rachel flipped the cover of the notebook back so Quinn could read." Quinn quipped. It's a very intimate setting. your hair kept falling into your shirt and I realized it my be the cleavage that kills me. the ass-" "Language" "The butt." Rachel began writing in her notebook again in attempts to hide her growing smile. but it's perfect." The chocolate eyes studied the blonde's face as she read the lyrics. And today. It's a very simple song but it says everything. the lips. I can't decide what kills me more though. "I'm glad."Don't be shy. just the artist and a guitar. forcing down her emotions. It's actually more of a poem put to music…there is no chorus. It's an acoustic arrangement. I think maybe we should split the first two 'verses' appropriately and join together on the . The legs." "You're incorrigible. what are you writing?" "Well. you know that. "You don't love me any less. You are. "What do you think?" Quinn swallowed hard." Rachel beamed. or those eyes that just melt me. I've never heard it.

Rachel nodded. Quinn. "What is it?" "Nothing. She was incredibly calm and wore a faint permanent smile that played upon her lips. "You done?" She asked pointing to Rachel's locker. Perhaps we can sing it tomorrow? I'm sure Mr. "I just showed half the school how much I love you. Now I think it's time I showed you. "That sounds wonderful.third. I do know you better than that." Quinn lifted their clasped hands and kissed the tanned skin. Schuester will be thankful to know we are not simply trying to avoid the challenge all together." Quinn nodded her head. "Okay." "I'm glad you agree. How did this all happen? How ." "You can't lie to me. Lets go home. The brunette nodded and Quinn closed it. grabbing Rachel's bag with one hand and the diva's hand with the other." Quinn nodded." Home." Rachel had noticed a change in the blonde from just minutes before.

Quinn took her time and brushed Rachel's hair behind her shoulders and traced her fingertips down the back of her arms. The blonde rested her hands on the . She trailed kisses along her neck and guided her hands around the small waist. There was nothing rushed. Slowly she leaned in and kissed the brunette just like their very first kiss. Quinn led Rachel by the hand up the stairs and into her room where she closed the door. causing the diva's skin to ripples in chill bumps. She broke from the kiss but barely moved her head from Rachel's as she moved to stand behind her. grazing the shorter girl's torso with her fingernails through the fabric before lifting the shirt over her head and letting it fall to the floor. It was just the two of them. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ They dropped their bags at the door and continued inside the house. longing and sensual. She needed to prove this was real. never saying a word. crave worthy by anyone's standards. perfect. but Quinn controlled her emotions. she was glad it happened. Her lips were soft and sweet. Nothing forceful or hormone driven.did Quinn Fabray go from calling her RuPaul and Stubbles to professing her love and calling her beautiful? How did she go from shoving and slushies to hand holding and kissing? What ever it was.

never taking her eyes off the cheerleader as she discarded her uniform . unhooking it with ease. Over and over she rotated between kisses and licks with the occasional pinch from her fingers on the vacant breast. Quinn then placed tiny kisses down her neck to her collar bone." Rachel walked backwards as she was told. Quinn's fingers traced lightly up her spine until they connected with her bra strap. The cheerleader pressed firmly into the small of Rachel's back. needing to feel the contact of more skin. He was all about kissing then penetration. Rachel fisted the blonde hair. The straps were guided over Rachel's shoulders and down her arms where the diva discarded the material. Slowly. "Move to the bed. Quinn's lips made their way back up to Rachel's mouth for one final kiss.delicate shoulders as she peppered them with gentle kisses and again traced them down the tanned skin before returning to stand in front of the diva. Finn never did anything like this. relishing the sensation. The brunette gasped at the touch of Quinn's tongue to her hardening nipple. swirling in lazy circles before her lips gently closed around it. bringing her closer into a kiss. proceeded to the fleshy mounds of Rachel's breasts. and after a few seconds of teasing. Rachel returned the tenderness raising her hands to Quinn's arms. This was unreal and sent spasms to every core muscle in her body. sucking tenderly.

gently running her hands up the girl's leg starting at her ankle to her calf. laying her down flat. A second slow lick sent a tremor up her spine and she's desperate for more. more urgent in need. She lowered herself. and she was Rachel's. Quinn stood there. She kissed and teased her neck and traveled to her breasts again while her hands undid the side zipper of Rachel's skirt. There was no sign that the girl had ever had a child. and then to her thigh. to her knee. kissing the place where he had rested before placing a second slightly high. Flawless.on the ground. bucking her hips. The blonde fund the sensitive bundle of nerves and . Quinn approached the bed and cradled the smaller girl's body in her arms. She could smell Rachel's arousal and hear the raggedness of her breathing. No one would believe it. The kisses fell into the valley between her Rachel's pert breasts and down her flexing abdomen as she wiggled the girl's skirt and underwear from her hips. Her porcelain skin draped flawlessly over toned muscles and perfect curves. until Rachel felt the warmth of Quinn's tongue span the length of her moist slit. but she restrained herself. Each kiss closer to the panting girl's center elicited louder moans. looking down upon the specimen of perfecting below her. only breaking contact when she stood to discard the last articles of clothing.

inserting just the tip. Quinn…" She sucked it into her mouth again while she teased the brunette's entrance with her finger. sending Rachel into another spasm. Yes." She was going to explode if she didn't have her. That's…that's so good." and she arched into the touch. Quinn steadily increased her rhythm until it reached a frantic pace. Quinn stayed there. please…I need you. The cheerleader found a steady rhythm and matched it with her tongue and lips. The finger slid easily in to the knuckle and Quinn shivered with the sensation of Rachel's walls constricting around her. . Rachel's hips began thrashing. "Please. "Oh my god! Fuck!" Found it. She reached down and tangled her hand in the cheerleader's hair. "Right there. "Quinn. Rachel writhed in the pleasure of her touch. god.sucked it between her lips before flicking it with her tongue. "Oh." Rachel's breath was frantic and her body was covered in a fine layer of sweat. sucking her clit between her lips while she slid a second finger inside. nearly throwing the blonde off of her. curling it upward in search of that elusive spot.

"Yes! Fuck!…God, Quinn….I'm gonna, I'm gonna…

The brunette's body tensed then convulsed
uncontrollably as the blonde rode out every wave with
her. Rachel's grip on the Quinn's hair loosened and
turned into loving strokes.

"Oh, dear God. That was amazing." Rachel looked
down to the girl between her legs and watched her
slowly lick her fingers clean. Her chin still glistening.
"You missed a spot."

Quinn smiled and wiped her face before claiming the
girl's mouth with her own. "I love you."

"I know you do. Now let me prove my love for you."
The brunette flipped their positions so she now
straddled the blonde.



Quinn drew her into another kiss. "Not today. Today
was just about me proving this to you."

Rachel studied her face for any sign otherwise. "Are
you sure?"

Quinn nodded pulling the girl to lay beside her,
wrapped in her arms. "I'm very sure." Rachel's heart
was still pounding as she laid with her naked body
pressed to Quinn's. She laughed. "What's funny?"

"Oh, I was just thinking back to a conversation I had
with Brittany and Santana about not understanding
what the big deal about sex was…and how incredibly
wrong I was." Quinn smiled broadly as she played
with Rachel's hair. "But…where did you learn to do

The blonde chuckled in memory. "It was one
particularly interesting night when I was living with
Puck. He and Santana were a little drunk and started
comparing stories and techniques. It was all very

"I'm sure those two are a wealth of knowledge.
Perhaps I should ask for some tips because I have
never done…that to someone before."

"Well, I'm not opposed to letting you experiment. And
you know the saying: Practice makes perfect."

"That is true, so I believe we should start rehearsals
immediately after school tomorrow."


"Thank you for showing up, Noah. If I may just have a


"Speak quick." It was lunch time. Puck braced himself
against the lockers just outside the choir room and
scanned the halls for this week's next target.

She cleared her throat and regrouped her thoughts
after being cut off from her prepared dialog. "Quinn
and I are in need of your musical skills for our glee
assignment. The song is fairly simplistic so I am
certain someone with your-"

"I wanna see you kiss." His eyes never broke from his

"Excuse me?" She was a mixture of shocked,
appalled, and expectant.

"You want a favor. I don't do favors. I get paid. And I
want to see you two kiss." His eyes lowered to the
rear of a passing Cheerio and he sighed. "Take it or
leave it."

"Hey." Rachel felt Quinn's warm arm embrace her
from behind. "Did you ask him yet?"

Rachel huffed. "We are in negotiations."

With a devious smile on his face, Puck survived the
two girls standing before him. "There's no negotiation
about it. Unless, of course, you have the guts to cop-

a-feel right here, right now."

"Noah, this is absurd- Quinn Fabray!" Puck's eyes
widened as Quinn took one of Rachel's breasts in
each hand and squeezed firmly.

"Negotiation over. Give him the music so we can
leave him to his…little friend. And don't even try and
act like you're mad. You know you loved that."

Rachel rolled her eyes and shoved the sheet music to
the overly excited boys chest. "We are doing this this
afternoon. Learn it quickly. And you…" she began as
Quinn took her waist and walked away. "I cannot
believe you just did that. It was-"

"It was hot." Quinn finished for her.

The brunette stopped dead in the hallway. "Why does
everyone insist upon cutting me off when I try and
speak? And you sound just like him. Maybe carrying
his child for nine months has damaged you in some

Rolling her eyes, Quinn guided the pouting brunette to
the side of the hallway. She ran her index finger over
Rachel's collar bone before tracing the neckline of her
shirt down to her bosom. "Tell me it didn't turn you

Rachel's breath hitched as the finger ran over the

exposed top of her breast. "…Th-that's not the point?"

"No?" Quinn ghosted her fingertips of her other hand
on the back of Rachel's thigh. "What's the point then?"

"I…I…um, don't remember."

"Hhm, then it must not have been very important,"
Quinn was whispering in her ear now. Her hand,
reaching the curve of Rachel's leg where thigh melds
with butt. "Did I ever tell you how much I love theses

Rachel fought hard to swallow. In not even thirty
seconds Quinn had broken down her defenses and
filled her with so much want she was almost willing to
let the blonde take her right there in the hallway. Just
a light kiss on her neck would have been enough.
"Lunch?" her voice squeaked.

The blonde shrugged. "Okay. We can finish this after
school." Rachel nodded uncontrollably.


"Alright guys." Mr. Schuester clapped his hands and
looked to his students, his eager expression fading
slightly. "Anyone know where Finn is?" The room
stirred but no one answered. "Alright then. I'm sure
everything is fine so lets get started. Maybe he's just
running a little late. Actually, before we start, do we

have any takers for the Get-to-know-me assignment?
I'm going to come up with a final due date for these
things. And remember, if you don't participate in
these, you don't participate in Sectionals."

"Mr. Schuester?"

"Yes, Rachel?

The brunette stood and ran a flat hand over her skirt.
"Quinn and I are ready. We have also enlisted Noah's
musical talents."

The burly haired man smiled. "Wonderful. I believe
the two of you have undoubtedly made the biggest
improvement in you friendship…relationship. I can't
wait to hear what you came up with and why."

Quinn arranged three stools while Puck tuned his
guitar and Rachel addressed the class.

"The song we have chosen is not one of my typical
taste, nor one necessarily meant for show choir
purposes. However, there is no other song more
fitting. Mr. Schuester, when you first announced that
Quinn and I would be working together as partners, I
was more than apprehensive. I understood what you
were attempting to do and applauded your efforts, but
I also thought it was absolutely ridiculous that you
believed Quinn Fabray and myself could co-inhabit a
room without it resulting in my tragic and untimely


Quinn stopped shuffling the stools and raised a
questioning eyebrow to Rachel's back.

"The first few days of our research into one another's
personalities yielded nothing more than favorite colors
and compulsive needs for symmetry."

"Hey…" Quinn playfully warned.

"I feared that our attempts would fall drastically short
of your expectations. However, in a single revelation a
connection deeper than the superficial was
discovered. An understanding that beyond the
surface, we are much more similar than we are
different. This epiphany presented itself though a fear.
Our greatest fear. This fear cut through years of
annoyance, irritation, and torture to present us with
the understanding that two individuals so seemingly
different are capable of feeling the same way; alone,
scared. And in that connection, we discovered that we
are no longer as alone as we once thought. We have
each other."

Rachel took a seat on the stool between Puck and
Quinn. The students shifted in their seats as Puck
struck the guitar strings setting the tranquil
atmosphere. Quinn inhaled and began the first lines,
looking to Rachel.

Quinn would always be there to help her back up. I will not leave you all alone.I will not take my love away. She would not be left alone. and seasons change. Quinn would push her to continue. If her dream ever seemed to falter. When praises cease. She was there for her now. when she was abandoned again. When striving leads you far from home. Rachel had tried to be there for Quinn when she was struggling with her pregnancy. There's no yield for what you've sown. but allowed herself to be pushed away. It was true. The whole world turns the other way. There was no possibility . Rachel grasped the blonde's hand and took the next few lines. knowing that Rachel was destined to obtain it. All the times she knew Rachel would struggle with her dreams and the criticism which accompanied it. I will not take my love away. I will not leave you all alone.

yeah. always look to me. He stood and moved towards the girls. The last chord resonated through the room before Mr. oh. No matter what happens this year. yeah I will give you what you need. "Thank you. I know it's already been worth it. I will give you what you need: I will not take my love away. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ . No matter how much the blonde may protest. placing a supportive hand on each shoulder. Schuester began the rippling applause. oh Yeah.of her leaving Quinn to struggle on her own again. That was wonderful. oh. Oh. She would not be left alone. Smiles played on their lips as the finished out the song. In plenty or in poverty. Forever. oh. yeah. yeah. Thank you for being so open with us. and spoke softly to them.

She had not shifted her position nor her uncharacteristically slumped posture since the meal began. Afterwards. He studied the light fixture. occasionally consuming a bite. stealing glances at the three other faces in confusion. crown molding. Joshua ate his meal as normally as he could. and pictures on the wall. periodically exhaling in puffs of frustration. Michael's gaze shifted around the room as if it was the first time he had ever stepped foot into it. And refused to make any eye contact with her fathers. He refilled Quinn's glass for the third time as she nodded in response to his offer. he waited patiently. However. Quinn's eyes were glued to her plate of food which she made no visible attempts to be eating. Rachel sat with her head reclined against the back of her chair. . a battle with the biggest grin his husband had ever seen on his face. and occasionally losing. She nudged her food around her plate with her fork.Definition of awkward: Thursday night's dinner at the Berry House. All while fighting. The four residence of the Berry Household sat in their designated seats at the dining room table. she had emptied two glasses of water already.

" Joshua set his fork down on his plate in frustration." He shrieked. "Okay…well then." Michael broke his placid expression and quickly moved to cover his beaming smile with his hand. . "Please tell me what is going on." Michael broke into a burst of laughter with the plea. since you seem to be the only one I might get to converse with this evening. "So no one is going to tell me?" The girls remained silent while Michael answered with overly exaggerated shakes of his head. "but if that were the case. he would most definitely not be smiling. Everything at the office finally caught up. "I'm sorry." He chuckled through his apology." Rachel began lightly bouncing her head against the back of the chair in response. Michael. giving into his curiosity. Rachel rolled her eyes and Quinn lowered her head even further."Will someone please tell me what is going on?" Joshua asked. "This is ridiculous. "That's a common theme in this house. so I called it a day and came home early. how was your day?" "It was wonderful. "I would have assumed you two were fighting. I am begging you." he motioned to the girls with his finger. his mouth still covered.

Sweethearts. "Oh. That felt good. Rachel's kisses trailed down her chest until her dark locks disappeared under the white sheets. it's okay." He called after them still laughing. but they were already gone. "Would you care to fill me in?" "I don't think it's really my place." An Hour Earlier That Evening: "What are you doing?" Quinn shrieked as she and Rachel wrestled under the linen sheets of her bed.Rachel shot up out of the chair and pulled Quinn with her as she exited the room. She reached her arms above her head and gripped the pillows. Joshua was amused but concerned. I just wanted to know what you did so next time I could-" Her sentence was cut off when an undeniable moan broke from the back of her throat. digging her nails into their softness. "I thought you said you weren't against letting me experiment?" The brunette asked before kissing her collarbone. "I'm not complaining. Quinn's . "So you like that?" Quinn nodded as a slight shiver shook her body. but if you insist.

"Yes." She felt Rachel huff a laugh against her lower stomach. "I'm serious. "Beg? I have driven the Quinn Fabray to the point of begging?" Quinn threw one of the pillows in her grasp and the gloating girl. I'm begging you. "Rachel…please…" ." Suddenly the sheets flew down off the writhing blonde as Rachel came to kneel between her legs. every hot breath against her already scalding skin. Rachel's experimenting had turned into endless teasing as the diva took mental notes of everything Quinn liked before moving on to discover the next. "I don't like that look. please I need more." Quinn attempted to squeeze her thigh together or the slightest amount of release but Rachel's position prevented it. continuing her sensual torture. Rachel. Rachel placed wet kisses on the inside of each thigh and at the neatly trimmed blonde curls before moving up her stomach. a devilish grin on her face. She was desperate for her release. every press of her soft lips. but never breaking eye contact. I'm going to explode. Leaning down." The diva smiled. I'm begging. biting her lip in contemplation." Quinn noted as the brunette glided her small hands over Quinn's thighs. "Fuck. "Fuck it.body begged for every graze of Rachel's fingers. This is torture. Rachel. To say Quinn was on edge was an understatement.

Fuck! Yes!" Rachel attached her mouth eagerly. Running her hands over her thighs again." "Fuck. Rachel. If you don't do something soon I'm going to get up and. Right on the edge. "Damn it. Yes." Rachel blew on it again and Quinn's hips bucked on their own accord. Quinn bucked her hips looking for more of a connection but Rachel anticipated the movement and avoided the contact. drawing the sensitive nub between her full lips with a broad stroke of her tongue. Baby.She halted her kisses at Quinn's bellybutton and smiled. just…." Her kisses resumed but trailed downward this time. Rachel returned her head between her legs. The brunette placed her lips lightly to Quinn's clit and kissed it with hardly any pressure." Desperation dripped from her voice and Rachel caved. "Please. Please.please!" . The blonde whimpered. "Beg me. She began a relentless assault of forceful flicks and swirls of her tongue while thrusting a single finger deep inside. "Yes! Please! Please!" Quinn was right there. Please. "Please. God. nearing the blonde's desired destination. "This what you want?" "God. please I'm begging you. blowing a hot breath over the damp skin.

" Joshua had his faced covered with his hands in sympathy for the girls. "I agree. Rachel found herself being pulled into the blonde's arm and kissed deeply with gratitude until they froze at the knock on the bedroom door. They just kept going and going and…" Joshua waved his hands in the air. . Neither girl could move as they listened to the sheepish. "When you heard them you could have driven around the block a few times and then they never would have known!" "I did!" Michael exclaimed. we will call or text. To give some warning. but you are going to have to tell them that. "They're like rabbits." Michael nodded his should know…I'm home early. pinching the overly sensitive bud of nerves and Quinn came undone. "We need to just set a rule that if we are coming home early for whatever reason.The brunette bit down. "Girls…I…I…just thought…. stopping the comment. muffled voice through the closed door." "Why me?" The balding man clearly did not want to bring up the topic. arching off the bed and collapsing back down in fits of quivers and school girl giggles.

" Joshua rolled his eyes. It was Rachel who opened it. "Not really mad. The brunette took a quick glance over her shoulder and slipped out of the room." Joshua furrowed his brow and shook his head. . but only enough for her face to poke out."For three reasons. One. but things aren't that simple with Quinn. or. but…disappointed. disapproving. Her angered expression softened when she saw it was Joshua. Two. let down. "She's embarrassed. I think Quinn might die of embarrassment. I tell you. Rachel is mad at me. We've already discussed that we accept the… maturity of your relationship. making sure to shut the door behind her. And three…I won't be able to do it without laughing. The man repositioned his glasses and gave a quick jerk of his head. "Not at all. like. but mostly feels like you two are mad at her. "Is she okay?" Her expression softened more and she nodded. Energizer bunnies!" His husband stood from the table and forced himself to climb the stairs and knock on the bedroom door." "Mad at her?" He was puzzled." "I know that. "Rabbits.

as she so eloquently put it. It's only considerate for us to do that. "Quinn…is…emotionally complicated. .She feels like she has done something she wasn't suppose to and there wasn't exactly a 'forgive and forget' mentality in the Fabray household." "Penance?" "Or. sir' reflexive responses. sir' and 'no. and therefore me forgiven for it. You can't be sorry for something. unless you earn it through a normally psychological punishment like guilt. let her know that we aren't angry or anything of the such and from now on we will be calling if we are coming home early. to move past something like this you have to have some sort of penance. Breakfast and dinner on Friday were absent of Quinn's voice except for the formal 'yes. With the way she was raised. Okay?" Rachel passed along her father's words but they didn't matter." No kidding. "Despite the fact she did nothing wrong?" She nodded again. Neither man understood the concept but could do nothing about it. Rachel said Quinn just needed time." "So…she's beating herself up because your father came home…early?" It made no sense but Rachel nodded. "Well.

" Quinn stated as she climbed into the back seat . Especially since Rachel had dance class and she would be left home alone with the men. Quinn was her normal self around their daughter. The song: I Will Not Take My Love Away by Matt Wertz. "I do believe it is time we took the initiative to find out. "We don't really know her." Joshua stated as he turned the TV to the local news." A/N: Sorry for the delay in updating. stroking his husbands arm in concern. *** "I didn't think Rachel's dance class finished until one thirty.It wasn't until Saturday morning the men had finally seen a smile on her face. Thank you. My internet has been spotty. "Or where she comes from…who she comes from. I always appreciate the reviews. It was only their approval she seemed to be seeking. despite how many times the told her everything was okay. They breathed a heavy sigh of relief." "What kinds of people would kick out a wonderful girl like her? And break her down enough that she does it to herself when they're not around?" Michael added.

Joshua turned to face her. but we don't want you to feel that you have to bare your soul or anything. She was dating their daughter. or so we've gathered." Michael tried to lighten the mood.. She nodded but remained silent until they were seated in the restaurant. Miss Thing. You can tell us what you want and only what you want. You've been with us for a few day now. She was living in their home. "It's not." They were interested. It made sense. "We know you from the stories Rachel has told us in the past.the girl she described and the girl we have been introduced to have proven to be two very different individuals." Michael explained pulling out of the driveway. "We know you've been going through some things these last few days. We are hoping to get to know the real Quinn Fabray.." Joshua added." "Feel free to ask questions as well. I'm sure Rachel has told you but we like to think we are fairly open parents.of the Berry's car. We wanted to take you to lunch. "So. But it still made her nervous. . but. I know it's going to be a little challenging to open up to two men who are technically strangers. but we still don't really know you.

lets start of simple. Is it something you're passionate about?" Quinn thought about it for a second. "Partially." "Not at all. I still like being that girl. It didn't use to be. I knew being a Cheerio would make that much easier. That's where things get complicated to explain. Her initial reaction was to say no. I was suppose to be the popular cheerleader…Don't get me wrong. but I also…I felt like I had to do it to prove something to myself. There always seemed to be a huge explanation for something anyone else would be able to answer with a single word. "It's something you worked very hard for. it was something I was suppose to do." "Is that why you rejoined after the baby?" Michael asked sipping on his water. I'm sure you had a lot of people rooting against you. I loved it. The uniform use to be a power symbol I used to keep others in their place. Tell us about Cheerleading. I wanted to get back on the top of the social ladder." Joshua interrupted her. Now."Where should I start?" "Well. When I got to high school. "In a sense. My mother was a cheerleader. so was my sister. I feel it's more of a badge of honor. but nothing seemed so simple to her anymore. wanting to keep you . I know that sounds so stupid.

and it was rather obvious." "Why were you so quick to forgive me for what I did to Rachel? I still don't really understand why she was either. At first." Proud. If I were to add that to the . "That may be." He inhaled deeply and sat back in his seat while to shifted his words in his head. That is something to be proud of. However. Quite an accomplishment. once I actually met you. I won't bite. "C-can…. It's been a long time since she has heard that word. "And to be the head cheerleader at that. "I think honesty is always the best policy. She probably even played them down for you. Based only on Rachel's stories." "I'm sure they were accurate. though these last few days have made me wonder about their accuracy. and you prevailed. "Of course you can. I didn't like you. I was able to see the remorse in your eyes." All she could do was nod her head in sheepish acceptance of the compliment.can I ask you a question?" Her voice was low and soft as she looked quickly to Michael before turning her gaze to her lap. so I am going to be honest with you.down." He swallowed the unflattering truth.

temperamental. She told them how. "You are like family now." She knew what he meant. they wanted to know what they were in for. The past is the past. you no longer do those things. "If you are forgiven." "But that brings me to another question. How she thought her sister had married the first man her father approved of just to get out from under his . There isn't always a punishment. So she told them about her mom and dad and their self-righteous. Rachel has found it in herself to forgive you. and two. We see you like we see Rachel. Quinn. They deserved that much if not more. But as parents…as two gay men who have taken in a minor. one.facts that. overbearing. No matter what you were raised to believe." "So. As long as it is learned from it has no need of being repeated…physically or in memory. even though it was not a regular occurrence. just like that?" He reached over the table and laid his hand on hers." Joshua shifted uncomfortably in his seat. her father had hit her for stepping out of line when she was younger. we are in need of some background information incase…something happens. then I have no reason not to. If her mother or even her father decided to wage a Holy War because of her 'choices'. alcohol- soaked existence. you are forgiven.

explaining the woman was just afraid of her husband as she was. She tried to explain that her mother was raised in a similar family to the one she had created for Quinn and her sister. . They vowed to never let him in the house. She told them about how her mother had tried to make things right with her after she kicked her husband out for having an affair. She didn't feel like she was worthy of it. She even drifted in topic to tell them about the night Puck got her pregnant and how she lied to Finn. but that her mother still had issues to work out of her own. They listened as she talked on and one until her throat was dry and they replied with supportive praises for her strength and resolve. She never really had much choice in the things she did. She told them about moving from couch to couch and even about how Puck cheated on her because she wouldn't have sex with him again. She needed time that they really didn't have. just no boyfriend material. or so she thought. "When did you decide to change things with Rachel?" Joshua asked. but somehow she convinced them he wasn't a bad guy. She wasn't ready to handle fixing her issues with Quinn. How her mother refused to come to her aide when she was thrown out the first time.thumb only to find herself under another.

Santana helped me realize a few things I had been denying. "I had spent all summer alone. but I didn't know I wanted to make things right. I remembered how great it was to have friends around…friends that I had denied Rachel. when did you decide you like Rachel and wanted to date her?" "I don't know exactly when it happened. So. "Well. a lot like she got with me." She explained trying to be as honest as she could. I knew all summer I wasn't going to slushie her or anything. Sure she can be overbearing and obnoxiously assertive. She was always so serious and uptight that it was frustrating to be around her." "Such as?" Michael pressed. I guess. But during our glee assignment I got to see a very different Rachel Berry than the one she shows at school." "I see. Then during one of the sleepovers that Rachel came to. It is endearing. but she still would have managed to have a friend or two if they hadn't feared the repercussions. working on things. she pointed out that since the beginning of school last year."A few weeks before school started. honest. Until this assignment I had never heard her crack a joke. I really liked how she was a very genuine person. When I rejoined the Cheerios with Santana and Brittany. I have kissed more girls than boys .

" For a moment Quinn couldn't believe what they were talking about but quickly remembered that this was a very open family. performer. "She's a good friend to you. 'Berry' is a term of endearment. She's just mad that now she can't kiss Rachel…without permission. I'm not the only one who has realized that Rachel isn't as bad as we made her out to be. look at those lips!" Then men . "Is that. I was just asking because the way she pokes fun at you two and your relationship…" Quinn held up her hand to silence the man. like. "Santana is supportive. your groups favorite hobby? Kissing Rachel? Because Brittany alluded that she had a desire to experience it as well. but why doesn't she call Rachel by her name?" Michael asked. But it has become common knowledge that Rachel is an extraordinarily gifted singer. okay. "Well.and that apparently means something. "Santana doesn't do first names. Other wise she would stick to the 'Man-hands' or 'Stubbles' sort. and kisser. Quinn thought." "Oh. Always the protector." He snickered. I know it's my favorite pastime. at least. Only when she's needing to convey absolute sincerity. If anything she actually pushed us together." The table erupted in laughter. I mean.

laughed but Quinn's smile faded quickly. Quinn had never noticed the slight feminine lilt to his voice but she was certain her father had heard it. "So you do remember who I am." The word cracked in her throat. Baby Girl?" The men followed her gaze behind them to a tall blonde man with a very serious expression on his face. The blonde man's face grew smug as he approached. She diverted her eyes to the shorter man but it was too late. Good. "Have you forgotten the manners you were raised with? Or. She had been seen." He didn't even look at Michael as he spoke. He was dressed in perfectly pressed khaki pants and buttoned polo shirt. only squeezed it tighter. "I wasn't talking to you. "Quinn?" Joshua grabbed her hand again. beckoning all eyes to fall on it. . did you forget them along with your morals and dignity?" "Excuse me?" Michael asked. "Da-daddy. His Rolex watch glistened in the lighting. Are you not going to introduce me to your…company?" Joshua never let go of her hand. "What's wrong.

Instead his eyes burned into Quinn's making sure she listened very closely to his words. I am her father. "This is my father. what are you doing here?" "I'm meeting your mother. She said you have continued your wanton ways. "I don't care who you think you are. She has some to her senses. Daddy." "Now. I could snatch her up from this table right now and lock her in her bedroom in my house until she turns 18. "I have every right." But not Quinn's. If I wanted to." He looked her over without ever lowering his nose from its place in the air." No. "She mentioned she was forced to throw you out again. Fabray scoffed. still refusing to even look at him." . "This is Joshua and Michael. Please don't. "As far as I can tell you aren't pregnant again. R-r-russell Fabray." Mr. Quinn pleaded with her eyes for him to stop but he wasn't looking at her. and at least you got rid of that bastard child. but you have no right to speak to her like that." She looked to the seated men who noticed the absence of their last name. I told her I wouldn't have bothered taking you back the first time. "However. hold on a minute." Michael had had enough.They were going to get a taste of Quinn's life today. that mistakes have been made and must be forgiven. I don't want the constant reminder around of how much of a disappointment she turned out to be.

Then you wont have to worry about it. "Judy. She straightened her posture. "Fine. shaking her hair away from her face. "I don't want her in my house. It's settled. finally drawing Russell Fabray's eyes away from his equally shocked daughter. Her mother was trying to give her the better life she wasn't strong enough to provide Quinn with herself. She's your disappointment now." The woman was wringing her hands in nervousness. "If you want custody. It was as if the entire restaurant had fallen silent waiting for his response." "Russell. "If you don't want her. we will give it to you." The two turned and parted. Fabray didn't say anything. Russell searched his wife's face for her lie while Quinn silently begged her mother to have the strength not to falter."Then give us custody." Russell turned to see his wife hiding behind him. give us custody. Have your lawyers contact mine so we can wash our hands of this soon. Say what you want and get nothing. Judy Fabray glanced back only once." Quinn knew it wasn't true but it still ripped through her like a hot knife. Say what he wants to hear and get your way…with consequences." Joshua blurted out." Mr. remorse in her eyes. "We will. No one said anything. I…" She had to play the game. .

The Berry men scooted their chairs to each side of Quinn as she swallowed her emotions and restored her walls." Michael informed his husband as he entered their bedroom. "She's had years of practice hiding her emotions. The day she gave up her daughter. I would have been balling like a baby on the floor." . She just wanted to lay in Rachel's arms as the brunette ran her fingers through her hair and periodically kissed the top of her head. "She hasn't cried." Joshua shrugged. but she nodded. "Can we get Rachel now?" ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Rachel cradled the blonde all the way home and for hours afterward. hoping it was for the best. She thanked him to comfort his concern. Do you understand?" Quinn nodded. Michael brought soup and crackers up to the room for dinner but Quinn wouldn't eat. She didn't really know if she believed it. reminding her how much she and her dads loved her. :"There is nothing you can ever do to disappoint us. "The tears have been there but she hasn't cried.Quinn had had the same look the day she gave her baby away.

" The shorter man braced himself against his dresser and ran his fingers over his eyes." "Michael…" "I'm just saying." "Do you think we should send her to therapy? To help . I mean. It's one thing for their actions to be disappointing. but nor for the child to be the disappointment." Joshua moved to lay next to his husband on the bed. Joshua! How can anyone tell their child they are a disappointment. I'm glad her belief's were strong enough to support her."You and I were the same." Michael threw himself down onto the bed. Could you imagine coming out to a man like that! Or even…" he lowered his raising voice so the girls couldn't hear. she could have gotten rid of it and no one would have ever known. "Hell. I wouldn't have even wanted to have it. "Her strength amazes be. but I don't think I could have done the same…The things he said. We didn't come out of the womb waving pride flags. No wonder she wanted to hide it. under his glasses. "Or even tell him she was pregnant. "She has to with a father like that. But she has some emotional strength I could never dream of having. We hid. I just hope there isn't too much damage underneath.

I just needed more skin contact.with this change. but…what if you and I don't work out? We still have to live with each other. She is so much better off with us." Rachel smiled lazily." "Right now it's not. "I was beginning to think you had fallen asleep." "It's weird to think about. but if she wants it we can do that too…We are going to have two daughters. "No." . which. Especially because they're dating." Rachel said. I don't want to mess up your family dynamics. "What do you think of your dads wanting custody?" The brunette lightly glided her fingertips over Quinn's neck as she thought." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Quinn lifted her head from Rachel's chest and nuzzled into her neck. by the way. "I don't really see how it's much different from what we are doing now." Michael pecked his husband's cheek. It could all be very awkward. "I think being here will be therapy enough. Quinn placed a quick kiss onto her neck. there was never enough skin contact. I love you for.

" Quinn laughed and kissed the diva's neck again. That was the build up. to where to celebrate the success of my first big show. you can finish. but yes. "Sure." "Since the age of four. Can I finish?" "I forget how dramatic you can be sometimes. "No…that wasn't the confession." "Thank you. I have been constructing my dreams of stardom. My confession: I threw the notebook away. . I've seen your notebook with the different apartment buildings whose views from the third floor you approve of."Can I confess something?" Rachel felt Quinn hold her breath for a second. more than an entire decade. Planning everything from the third floor apartment in the heart of a bustling neighborhood filled with little shops that scream 'New York'." Quinn quickly removed herself from the brunette's arms and searched her face for any trace of humor. For the last twelve years. I have milled over every detail and had finally perfected the over all plan. "That's not a confession." Rachel blushed slightly but pushed it away.

"Honestly. I don't know whether to schedule monthly trips out of state.She didn't find any. or if you are coming with me. it is proving difficult because you have yet to inform me of your plans." Rachel cupped the blonde's face and drew her into a kiss. those two things are equally probable. "And that feeling in the pit of your stomach…?" Quinn nodded indicating she knew the feeling Rachel was referring to. However. "It was flawed. "Is my proof. "I have always loved that feeling." Quinn tried to hold back her laugh at the mental images that bombarded her. but there is also a possibility that Noah and Finn will fall madly in love like we did and get caught having mind blowing sex. in my mind. lingering in the sensation. We belong together." "It was perfect!" The diva shook her head. "I have started over. You can't just throw it away!" Rachel sat up. "I know there is a possibility you and I might not work out. I've never . "What! Why! That was your dream." "Me? You're…you're writing me into your dream?" Rachel nodded." Quinn sighed away her last ounce of resistance to Rachel's confession and pressed her forehead to Rachel's.

" Quinn shifted her position again. Mainly because I knew he could. "You alright?" "…yeah. But they will always be your parents. Does that make any sense?" "I get it. They're amazing." "Me either. thinking about it. Now. I was so scared. you just don't have to worry about what they will think or do. So much easier. "Everything is going to be so much different for you now." ." Quinn pushed her back down to the bed so they could resume their cuddling. knowing my parents are still there. I mean. you're kinda stuck with me now. So face it.had it with anyone else. It's just strange knowing that." Rachel kissed her forehead and intertwined her fingers with Quinn's. They will have absolutely no control over you. You don't have to worry about anything other than being happy. I just…when my dad threatened to take me back home with them today. "So." "Now you don't have to worry about it. but they're not really my parents anymore. My mind instantly started racing to all the things to avoid saying to try and prevent him from doing it. I don't know…like. I love your dads. He had every right to. what do you think of my dads wanting custody?" "Honestly…it's weird.

to roomies. You two are far too much alike." . but she was having a hard time accepting that. maybe her nerves would settle when everything was official. *** ~~~/~~~ Santana paced in front of the park bench." Santana stopped her pacing and narrowed her eyes. to…sisters?" Quinn pressed her fingers to the bridge of her nose and growled in frustration. let's break this down. but I was debating how far I should take this fic. Her dads are becoming my guardians. you and Berry have gone from enemies to best friends. I have some ideas for the next few chapters. taking in the news Quinn had just delivered. requesting an explanation. Then again. to girlfriends. or if I should start a follow up for when they go to college or something. In three weeks. ~~~/~~~ A/N: Thank you again for all the wonderful reviews. "She is trying to lighten the seriousness of the situation by explaining the hotness of the stepsister fantasy. "We are not sisters. Once there was a chance of nothing going wrong.Maybe it was the pessimist in Quinn. "So. Let me know what you think.

"Santana. And if it comes to more I am fairly certain I can get away with justifiable homicide. Totally hot." Quinn rested her head on her friends shoulder as she took the seat on the park bench next to her. you scared off all the birds. Look." "Why would she be?" The blonde locked her arm with the Latina's."Oh." The Latina took a moment to ponder the seriousness of the threat. "If it doesn't work out. So. yeah. But it's the best thing for me. Chill.…you and Rachel are adoptive sisters and her other adoptive sister is your daughter. Q. "So does that make any kids you and Rachel would have your-" "Santana!" "Okay. "It is sudden. So does that make you and your daughter sisters too?" The blonde dropped her hand from her face to deliver a very intense stare. things-" . The Berrys are amazing and Rachel doesn't seem put off by it." They watched as the flock of birds fluttered into the sky before Santana turned her attention back to her obviously emotionally frayed friend. "Are you sure you're alright with all this? It seems so sudden. I will hurt you.

" Quinn thought back through all the countless conversations she had had with Joshua and Michael yesterday." "Tomorrow is one of those Monday Holidays that I can't remember why we celebrate. "You just need to relax and take your mind off of everything. please. I don't know. Labor Day I think. "Tell Berry that B and I will be over at 6 to help her get dressed. Don't go emotionally sabotaging this relationship with your insecurities. Puck is having a party tonight." She stood up from the bench and pulled the blonde along with her." "I'm not." "You are!" She paused to regain control of her emotions."Oh. Thankfully. but this is the turn around point. Or maybe that is tomorrow." "It's Sunday. I'll let you know when you show up. Q. I know things have a habit of turning out kinda shitty for you.I don't think so. Are you two going to need a place to crash tonight?" "Uhh…. "I think I remember something about them leaving town this afternoon." . All I know is that you and Berry are coming to celebrate the freedom from your parent's control.

"What are you reading?" The blonde asked as she stood behind the girl. the guest room was quickly abandon altogether." Quinn ran her hands over the soft skin of the tanned legs. "Those new?" Rachel ignored the second inquiry. "I'm reading a magazine. "Why don't you come and look. "What kind of magazine?" The brunette fiend uninterest at the blonde's roaming hand on her butt or the playful bite on her shoulder blade. flipping through a magazine." Quinn shut the front door and slowly made her way up to their bedroom. moving them upwards as she crawled onto the bed. but with her dads' acceptance of all aspects of their relationship. Rachel was lying on the bed. Quinn's eyes started at her bare feet and drifted upwards until she reached the incredibly short jean shorts.~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Rachel?" "Upstairs. stomach to the mattress. I could use the . It was now their room." She lifted the fabric of Rachel's tee shirt enough to place a soft kiss to the small of her back. "Obviously. The room started out as Rachel's.

"Not that kind of input. The brunette glanced over her shoulder to the openmouthed cheerleader before flipping to a page she had previously earmarked. trailing her fingers down between her legs and pressing them up into the girl. "I am." Rachel pointed to one picture in particular causing both girls to tilt their heads slightly in silent deliberation and fantasy." Quinn turned a shade of red Rachel believed would . I am seriously considering make an investment into the company. Rachel flustered but kept her composure." "Input?" Quinn questioned running her hand lower on Rachel's bottom. raising it to brush the hair off of Rachel's shoulder so she could look at the magazine with her. They advertise a wide variety of items: whips." Defeated. chaps…things that glow in the dark. gags.input. "I kinda like this one. "Rachel! Where did you get that?" Quinn couldn't see the devilish smile spread across her girlfriend's lips. Quinn removed her hand. "I got it from Brittany." "Are you serious?" Quinn's eyes flew over the pictures as her girlfriend the pages.

grinding her hips into the girl. "Whoa. I would like to get one between those strong legs. "And if I say no?" "You wont." "Oh.match her Cheerios' uniform before pushing herself from the girl and rolling her eyes. "I think it would be fun. A strap on. "A strap on?" "Yes." Quinn retreated to the head of the bed as Rachel pursued on her knees. do you?" Quinn playfully fought off her girlfriend's attempts to kiss her." Rachel discarded the magazine and grabbed the shoulders of the fleeing blonde. A moan escaped the blonde's throat. "No. "I do." "Oh. I wouldn't?" Rachel grabbed the Quinn's ankles and pulled her down the bed. You wouldn't" "Why do I have a feeling that you would get more pleasure out of this then me?" ." Rachel pinned Quinn's arms to the bed but made the mistake of ignoring the girls legs which had no trouble throwing the smaller girl to the foot of the bed. lowering her hips between the long legs and capturing her mouth with hers. throwing her back on the bed.

"well. living room floor…guest bedroom. "Every surface?" "You know."Because you know me so well. "And what would these fantasies be exactly?" She traced the diva's full lips with her fingertips. if this works out we could progress to my kinky fantasies. "I'm not accustom to this motion. "well." She stated. kinky girl." The brunette bucked her hips. one consists of you. couch. kissing her forehead. me. But teasing and dirty talk weren't against the rules. countertops." Quinn raised an eyebrow. Quinn smiled. "I'm practicing. "What are you doing?" Quinn asked brushing the dark locks behind her shoulders and delivering a quick kiss. I need to work out the kinks. A kinky. thrusting them into Quinn. the kitchen table. "You are a kink." Quinn couldn't help but feel aroused and hated the fact that both men were down stairs." Rachel lowered herself down on top of her. and every surface of this house. her nose. thrusting again." Rachel accented her last word with another thrust. the . coffee table. and then her lips.

stealing a quick kiss before the blonde could protest further and lifted herself off the bed.I mean. . during lunch.shower." "Ha!" Quinn laughed in protest." "Don't worry. int the back seat of your car." Rachel shook her head. "Your dads better be gone an entire week at this rate. "Not if you expect me to be able to walk Monday. "We could hit all those in a weekend." If it was possible Quinn's eyebrows arched further. of course. to consider. in the parking lot at school." Rachel smirked. "And that's just one of my fantasies. Some. hot tube. "So what is it that you think I would be too modest to partake in Miss 'Don't- grab-my-butt-in-public'?" The brunette was standing in front of her vanity giving Quinn the most seductive stare she had ever witnessed through the mirror." "Everyone could see us!" Quinn shrieked. I don't. I understand will never happen. me. "To name one: You." Quinn knew the conversation was playful in nature but was based in honesty as well. I do have you modesty to compete with….

Berry." she began taking slow steps towards the blonde. if your modest did not contest. I would run my tongue over every inch of your body tasting and teasing everything I touched until you were begging me to fuck you so hard that you wouldn't be able to breathe without remembering what it was like to have me inside you." "Rachel Berry. you would not!" The diva turned to face the cheerleader." She gave a chaste kiss to the paralyzed girl's lips before turning to the door. Brittany had down her hair with light waves. . delivering the full seduction of her stare." Santana commented as she watched Rachel descend the stairs in the smallest black skirt she owned. not to mention my fathers down stairs. You want anything to eat?" ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Damn. "I'm going to go fix some lunch."Exactly. Her tone legs accentuated by a pair of black heels and her cleavage thrust into attention by a formfitting strapless black top. Quinn was instantly and uncomfortably wet. is throw you on to this bed and fuck you senseless until you screamed my name loud enough for the entire neighborhood to hear the pleasure I gave you. "What I would do. "Quinn Fabray. leaving the tips to brush over her exposed collarbone. Then. You are going to be turning heads tonight.

" Quinn playfully glanced over her shoulder to her pronounced rear. who is our designated driver for this evening?" Rachel asked. stealing glances at the sight of perfection at the foot of the stairs. "Do we need to separate you two until we get to the party?" Santana asked. "I am. Now." Quinn remarked once she managed to find her words again. lets get to this party and show the boys what they can't have." Brittany pouted." . For them. B. " I love them. It revealed half of the cheerleader's midriff and a good dose of cleavage." It was. it's tight…and short. "Because there will be no sex in my car. "I love those jeans. Santana."That is my girlfriend you are drooling over. Rachel smiled and blushed until she caught sight of Quinn's out fit. And the shirt…God." The quartet exited the house in pursuit of Santana's SUV. I demand you wear them every day. "I thought you might like these. "For them." Rachel shook her head. Brittany raised her hand. I have to go somewhere with my mom real early so I can't have a hang up." She corrected her. "No. "So.

I have this…dream. would you be willing to help the Puckanator out? You see." Quinn handed her a mostly empty bottle of rum. "Here. Help yourself. God. but make sure to find me when your inhibitions have dwindled. . My." IT was easy to see Rachel was overwhelmed. that all four of you lovely and amazingly sexy ladies were naked in my bed…at the same time. I know you can handle this. Rachel accepted the gift while never letting go of the hand that gave it to her. are you drunk already?" Santana asked snidely. Ladies. Drinks are in the kitchen. Eager to relax. but I will be soon. "Looks like we need to get Berry drunk before she has a heart attack." "Puck. She dodged every time someone stumbled and tried to protect her delicate ears from the booming music and incoherent shouts of the dozens of party goers. "No. Santana pointed out as Quinn survived the alcohol selection."You mean hang over?" "That too." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Oh.

I'm going to have to keep an eye on you all night." Quinn furrowed her brow. "Let's go dance. You're a pig too. "I am. but Rachel didn't care as long as she knew Quinn was there. "You don't have to worry about that." "What?" She tried to play innocent." The blonde downed a shot before snaking her arm around the petite diva's waist." Nothing seemed real except for Quinn's body pressed up against her back as they danced." The cheerleader smiled. They danced close. It's one of those little things I like. "They're pigs. "I can not believe you just did that. Quinn Fabray. Rachel glanced over her shoulder to see a group of guys admiring her short skirt."Don't you dare leave my side. "They're doing the exact same thing I'm doing. The room was too loud and too full." She motioned behind the girl." The brunette nodded. aren't I?" She leaned in and kissed Rachel. "I'm just letting them know you are taken. so deal with it. taking notice of the guys reaction before lowering her hand to squeeze the heavily admired butt. "I know." She gave the diva a chaste kiss before taking another shot. .

" A boy greeted her as she entered the kitchen. I graduated two years ago." "I'm John. He was tall and cute with beautiful blue eyes. the more gorgeous girl in school. Just a friend of Puck's.grinding seductively. They had spent most of the last two hours dancing and kissing and both girls were covered in a light layer of sweat. popularity. accruing catcalls." "I'm Rachel. "No. but she drowned them out with another swig of the bottle and a kiss from the love of her life." He shook his head. sure. Now she just needed to relax and let go. It was 10 o'clock by the time Rachel looked at her phone. but Rachel couldn't place him at school. Do you go to McKinley? I can't say I've seen you around. "Hey. She had everything that she ever wanted. Quinn had gone to use the bathroom and Rachel went to find a drink to replace her now empty bottle. "Hi. She could sense all eyes on her. You need a drink? I've got an extra one poured here?" "Uh. Attention. What is it?" .

yes." Rachel lifted the cup to her mouth when suddenly it was taken from her hand. okay?" She poured her a drink." He laid the laughing cheerleader down on the table and the room gathered around to witness. "So. what you do is pick a body part…I suggest her stomach or chest…you'll lick. Take a shot . Now let's get you back to Q." Santana dumped the beverage down the sink. lick salt off of her. Quinn greeted them followed by Puck announcing: "Body Shots!" "Body What?" Rachel questioned. "And. buddy." John rolled his eyes and left the kitchen. Berry: Never take an open cup drink from someone you don't know unless you have seen them pour it." "Hey San. Puck cleared the coffee table of the scores of empty cups before grabbing Quinn around the waist and lifting her off the ground. "This one is safe. do you know why college guys go to high school parties?" She shook her head. "Why did you do that?" "Berry. "Just stick to the rule. Follow. she's taken."Just beer. "Come on Berry. Babe. "Rule number one.

It'll be fucking hot. baby." Rachel looked down at her sweaty girlfriend lying on her back and was incredibly turned on. She wanted to touch Quinn so much. Now where?" She pulled slightly at the hem of her shirt. lifting it until the underside of her bra was visible. "Both. The room began to chant. The brunette leaded down and captured the cheerleader's lips. She looked so sexy like that. "Stomach? Or chest?" She edged her shirt down the other direction while Rachel's eyes darkened and surveyed the porcelain skin. The request to like her stomach or chest was godsend." Quinn stared seductively. "I think I am going to like these body shots. running . "Me too. "Rachel! Rachel! Rachel!" Never in her wildest dreams… "Hurry up and give me the drink." The diva demanded. Hand me the fucking salt.of tequila and then take the lime slice from her mouth with yours." Puck ordered adding the salt to Quinn's sweaty body and placing the line in her mouth." "Fuck yeah. That's what I'm talking about." Puck urged her as she placed her knee between Quinn's lefts and leaned down. "Come on Berry. These girls are ready to go.

Quinn brushed the dark tresses out of her face and pulled her deeper. up her abs. dragging her girlfriend with her." The two disappeared up stairs." "Where's Puck's room? I can't wait until we get home. to her bar. "My God in heaven. nipping at the sensitive skin. fanning herself with her hand. The kiss was passionate." "It's upstairs. . "But you're not invited. Rachel could hear a moan escape from Quinn's throat. before claiming the salt cleverly placed in her cleavage. "Your bedroom. quickly discarding it to claim the girl's lips instead. "Hey! Where are you going?" Puck asked as he prepared another shot. "Oh. tongues wrestling for dominance.her tongue from her naval. Rachel downed the shot before taking the lime slice from Quinn's mouth. God." Santana remarked between cheers. Rachel." Rachel pushed herself off the table. Rachel broke from the kiss and moved to the blonde's neck." They boys eyes widened. Even over the roar of the crowd.

"Did you…the two of you…just fuck…in my bed?" Please say yes." "Right. "Come one you douches! Pay up! That's right. "We've been here for a while. I don't have anything to say." Rachel responded. I tried talking to you Friday. "Hey. Rachel said there . "No. It was Finn. pulling his attention away from her girlfriend. Quinn knew they had spoken and that it didn't end well. "Yes!" He threw his hands in the air." HE dropped his bloodshot eyes. Please say yes."Can I at least watch?" ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ The girls got dressed after some cuddling and headed back down stairs to a waiting Puck." Quinn answered. my bed!" "Rachel?" She turned to face the voice. I've spent like the last hour looking for you. Did you just get here?" Rachel felt her blush burning her skin. "Would it be alright if I could talk to you alone?" "Finn. Rachel rolled her eyes and pulled Quinn along who whispered in his ear that he may want to change his sheets. "Hi." Rachel responded pulling Quinn closer to her protectively. Please say yes.

"What did you want to talk about Finn?" He put his hands in his pockets in awkwardness." She sighed. "I tried to resolve those issues last year." She kissed the diva on the cheek. "Don't worry." "In a lot of ways. "Uh. "Not you." He took a seat in the grass. Santana and B are right there. "In a lot of ways. sure. which I still don't." . so she accepted it. But she said something that got me thinking." Finn escorted her out of the house and down the street. but not really at her." Rachel's eyes met hers. I'll be right back. All I can do is apologize for it. She asked me why I was so mad at you. Cruel in some ways.was nothing to worry about and that she didn't want Quinn to worry. trying to understand how this all happened. taking a seat next to him. It was a mistake. I was hoping to talk to Quinn. "I know it was beyond not fair to you. "I talked to Rachel the other day." Quinn remarked. I can't justify what I did to you. I figured it's because we have our own unresolved issues. resting his feet. away from the noise.

"Hell. you know that?" His tone changed from hurt to angered. She had never thought about it." He stood up and brushed off his pants. "You can have her." She may have thought she did at one point. You've changed her and I don't want this new Rachel. She's nothing of the person she use to be. "No. She's missed classes. It was all true. but she really didn't."Did you ever really love me?" "Finn…" "Did you?" His voice caught in his throat. "What?" "You've changed her." And with that he left. and not for the good. She doesn't practice for glee like she use to. She cussed at me the other day. Can't that stuff affect her singing voice?" Quinn didn't know. leaving Quinn contemplating everything he has said. Rachel had never told her. Rachel didn't even watch musicals anymore because Quinn didn't . "You've changed her. You've even changed the way she dresses. She use to say people who swore were uncouth or whatever. "Now she's drinking like a pro. Did you know she had perfect attentdance until this year?" She didn't. Quinn.

yada. Unable to ask for help…yada." Santana furrowed her brow and began to object. constantly clad in argyle animal sweaters. is obnoxiously overbearing. "Nothing. What's going on?" Santana was about to sit down but Quinn sprang up from the ground and began to walk away." . What's your point?" "Everything you described must be rather annoying. "Berry is a dork. Where's Rachel?" "Chill. You're crying. She for them. "We aren't going anywhere until you tell me what's going on. "Describe Rachel Berry or get the fuck out of my way. "Hey. yada. and narcissistic. "Describe Rachel Berry." Santana stood in her way." The Latina couldn't hide her shock with the blonde's forcefulness. You okay?" "I want to go home. she's with B. Always has to be right and better than everyone else. egotistical. Finn said he left you here. Q. very much an over achiever. I want to go home." Was she? She raised her hand to her face.

I mean. she really loves you. Okay. You two are good for each other. She was doing more damage to herself than good before you. "Q. I'm not going to let you fuck that up. but Finn was right too. Schue during glee? When was the last time she spent her lunch time practicing? When was the last time she stormed out because someone else got her solo?" Santana raised her hand. Q. Santana was right. then talk to her.Santana shrugged her shoulders. I do." "When was the last time she wore argyle? When was the last time she interrupted Mr. When she looks at you. If you don't believe me. You balance each other out. "What is your point?" "When was the last time she annoyed you?" "It's been awhile. she has a love in her eyes like one I've never felt. no she's not a psycho as she use to be. but that is a good thing. But ask yourself this: When was the last time she got slushied? When was the last time she was laughed at for her clothes? When was the last time she had to eat lunch alone because not even Finn wanted to be seen with her?" Quinn pressed the palm of her hands to her forehead." . "She loves you. I know what you are getting at.

" The car ride home was silent except for Rachel's demands that someone inform her why her girlfriend had been crying. "Did you know that Puck made. like. . "Of course I am. two hundred dollars off of you two tonight?" Quinn gave a whimper of embarrassment before resting her head on Santana's shoulder. "Another reason why I just want to go home. Why are you asking that?" Rachel helod out her hand. It didn't matter to her that it was after midnight. Can…can we just go home?" "Sure. Quinn was already dressed for bed in her shorts and shirts with a towel wringing her hair dry. Instead the blonde immediately took a long shower. The brunette took the time to make coffee. "Are you happy?" The diva turned to face the small voice. But Quinn didn't talk to her. even locking the bathroom door to keep Rachel out.Quinn nodded and wiped away the remaining phantom tears. "I will." The Latina grabbed the blonde's hand and guided her back down the street. Santana told her to shut up and talk to Quinn about it when they got home. She just had a feeling that she needed to be as sober and aware as possible for when Quinn did emerge from the bathroom.

That you're not the same Rachel you use to be. "All of those things. spending lunch in the choir room. I sing all the time. displaying herself. he's right." "Well. "Is the Rachel Berry I always hoped of being. ." Rachel explained beckoning the blonde again. "Where is all of this coming from? Finn? What did he say to you?" The blonde stepped forward and propped herself against the kitchen doorframe. "Why don't you sing anymore?" The brunette quickly exhaled through her nose in a muted scoff. it was because I had nothing else to do." She ran her hands. You have changed me. This time she followed. But that's not the reason I spent so much time doing them. I still love my music. but she didn't move. but not how he is thinking. sitting on the chair next to her. yes. "He said I've changed you. When I'm cleaning-" "Why don't you practice like you use to? OR spend you lunch rehearing songs for glee? Or watch musicals anymore?" Rachel could only shake her head. You have changed me by allowing me to be…well.beckoning the girl closer. or locked away with my musicals collection. When I'm cooking. I enjoyed them. normal. "Baby. This Rachel Berry.

"What's not?" "Well. As for my wardrobe." Quinn grabbed the legs of Rachel's chair and pulled it flush against hers before taking the smaller girl in her arms. "Quinn. you have been nothing but good to me. I haven't pushed you away from anything you liked? What about your perfect attendance or you animal sweaters?" Rachel's laugh echoed through the empty house." "So." Quinn lifter her head from the brunette's shoulder. it started out true.Still dream of being a great star. my perfect attendance was just another way to get attention." "Ha. . you didn't change it. Dorky. Do you know…well. Well." The blonde admitted. "Quinn. But now I don't have to throw myself into those things to try and make up for all that I was missing. even if you had ulterior motives. Even my dads say so. You even tried to keep it similar. of course. Santana and Brittany did. that's not really true anymore." Rachel warned. I was going to say that you were the first friend I brought home that wasn't simply trying to get into my pants…. but not life altering if lost." "Language. "But those damn skirts.

" Quinn warned following close behind." "Hmmm… that's funny because I don't remember anything of the such. "You are in so much trouble. girl. "Does that mean spanking?" "…wholesome. "I have a distinct memory of the incident in question."Did I not just have you screaming obscenities a few hours ago?" "Did you?" She nodded. huh?" -/-/-/-/- ." The brunette smirked before breaking from Quinn's grip and moved up the stairs. Apparently with wasn't all that-" "Hold your tongue!" "Hold it for me. swaying her hips seductively. Shocking really. I would have wagered that something what would cause a wholesome young woman like myself to curse would have made quite an impression.

It was nice. "Once again. stared at in adoration by those lacking in status…she even had a group of football jocks who routinely slushied and shoved her make a show of bowing down before her as if she was some sort of goddess."So guess who's the talk of the school after this weekend?" Puck asked teasingly as he leaned over the girls' lunch table. were they the multicolored ones?" As usual she was ignored. She couldn't believe it. "You two were fucking hot." "Oh." Puck corrected her as he took a seat at the table." Rachel pressed harder against Quinn. said his blog lit up like a friggin Christmas tree. what color were the lights?" Brittany asked excitedly. It was one thing for the news to go around . if that video isn't already viral on Youtube. They make an awesome combination. it will be by the end of the day. It was obvious word had been spread." Quinn mumbled through her fingers. "That creepy Jacob kid managed to get a hold of someone's cell video of that body shot. I figure. She was being called after. "Whatever. proof that alcohol and teenage hormones do not make a good combination. The day had already progressed unlike any of Rachel's wildest dreams. very strange. Rachel buried her head into Quinn's back while Quinn covered her face with her hands. talked to by popular kids. "Or. but all very.

I can sell those sheets on eBay. Have you two even seen the video?" He pulled his phone from his pocket and pushed a few buttons before handing the phone to the blonde. Santana snickered." Both girls snapped their head up. their mouths dropped. My bedroom. "You two could end up the newest celebrity couple of the lesbian community. It all depends." "Yeah. That shit is hot!" "So…everyone has seen it?" Quinn asked in shock." The Latina rolled her eyes. Simultaneously. I can see the blog headlines now: 'Unlikely High School Couple Make Waves of Arousal with Sultry Shots Before Quick Exit to Bedroom'. You know some perv will snatch those bad boys up. "Gross!" "Come on. watching the small display screen still while Rachel . eyebrows raised.the school. and cheeks darkened. "Like I said. "It's not like you were even in there. It could come back to haunt her in her career…or help it." "Doesn't matter. It was another or the visual evidence to be out freely in the world. Rachel perched her head on her shoulder. When they go viral.

" "Okay…" Mr. What are you watching?" Santana fumbled with the phone before lowering it from view. not today. In a fluid motion the diva pulled away from her girlfriend and slapped Santana across the arm.buried her face again. guys. Just a documentary on the mating rituals of a rare species caught on camera." If her answer didn't stun the teacher. because you have balls to hit me like that. Not removing her glaring eyes from Rachel's wide ones." Brittany nodded from behind the Latina's shoulder. "Oh. Schue. Schuester took slow steps away from the table. "Just remember. "What the hell are you doing looking in the background? The interesting part is what's happening on the table. nothing much Mr. Santana handed the phone back to Puck." Santana snatched the phone from the blonde's hand to see for herself. Puck nodded his head." They all . The entire table sat motionless. not even breathing while they waited for Santana to react. "Berry…you must be the man in the relationship. He took it cautiously. studying the cheerleaders face. "Hey. rehearsal tomorrow. "Santana…I can see you in the background and you look like you are enjoying it a little too much. Rachel's reaction surely did. not wanting to disturb calm waters.

" Santana stated munching on a carrot.Total aphrodisiac. still hesitant to pull their eyes away from the Latina in fear of being blindsided by her attack. "Q!" Quinn jumped at the sound of Coach Sylvester's voice funneling through her bullhorn. pressing her lips to Quinn's. "Here! Now!" . trying to get her as far away from Santana as possible." Rachel promptly sat down and pulled out a notebook from her backpack. The blonde cupped the diva's face and lifted it so she could deepen the kiss." Rachel gave in and closed the remaining distance.nodded. Quinn snuck her arm in front of Rachel and pulled her closer by the hip. "It's going to be boring and full of Coach Sylvester yelling at us and telling us how much we suck. You can just take my car home and come back and pick me up in two hours." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Are you sure you want to hang around through our practice?" Quinn asked standing with Rachel in the bleachers surrounding the football field. "I like it when you are all on edge. "Are you trying to get rid of me?" Quinn smiled and leaned down until her lips were inches from Rachel's. "Totally. "It's like I have full control….

but came out as gay. Especially since you manage such levels even after your jockstrap has restricted the blood flow to your brain." Rachel watched as she hurried off the bleachers and scurried across the field. is dating the dorkiest (or formerly dorkiest) girl in school." Rachel opened her mouth to chastise the blonde but thought better of it. She could tell by the blonde's slightly slouching posture that she would not approve of the words the couch was speaking to her girlfriend. Dickhead. "I'll see you later. Freak!" Rachel moved her attention from the blondes to Karofsky as he approached the bleachers from the track." She saw the comment was clearly over his head and rolled her eyes. Karofsky." Puck clarified for him."Shit. "What are you doing here? Mooning over your dyke girlfriend…Man-hands?" "Your wit astounds me. "Hey. "You sticking up for her now. Not only had Coach Sylvester's Head Cheerleader rejoined Glee Club. She could only imagine. He stood there pondering her meaning knowing full well it was an insult. and starred in a heavily circulated video containing underage drinking and overly sexual circumstances. Puckerman? Thinking . "She called you a dickhead.

I would be more than willing to kick his ass. "They're hot. "Seeing as she and the 'dyke girlfriend' have already slushied you…I'm thinking they may up the ante if you piss them off again. So…. I…do you have a few minutes of time which I may borrow?" He smiled mischievously and hopped the barricade. she told herself she would abandon her normal pacifist ways for the chance to draw blood. "Not exactly." Puck pointed to the glaring Latina across the field." Karofsky couldn't hide his shock at his fellow jock's betrayal. Although…Berry." "Thinking of my offer?" She shook her head. if you and Quinn would help me with some of my dreams. "Dude?" Puck shrugged. but I'm more warning you of Santana.she'll let you join in the next time she fucks her dyke girlfriend in your bed?" That's twice now." Rachel arched an eyebrow. "That would be sweet. but it always seemed . "My services are yours…for a price. It was becoming habit more so now. seeing Quinn do it all the time.bye-bye. The third time he said it. "Noah." He waved him off before turning to leave himself. I already have one of those. You're just a dickhead.

I was hoping you could share some of that with me." She shook her head." "Babe." "You know what. But I'll keep it simple for you. "Fuck! Fabray is that good? Damn…" Rachel blushed." The jock beamed with excitement. "You sure? She could just be faking it." "She wouldn't fake work. I was looking more to find ways of…keeping it interesting…." "It's about sex. I do want payment for this. I'll tell you some things I've . "Quinn informed me of a drunken conversation between you and Santana that left her with a plethora of information on the topic. She didn't even think it was allowed. Tell me you haven't. "I don't have a problem 'getting her off'." "You want to know how to get her off?" It amazed her how open she had become talking about sex. I don't think that is my problem. every woman fakes it. " techniques. "What is it you need and we can discuss a payment plan later." He laughed. Having hormone driven teenage friends caused it to be a primary topic of conversation. She hadn't.

tried and things I have heard about." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "So." Quinn rolled her eyes. Wait until I can take a shower. but I don't feel sexy. Quinn stretched her arm out to stop her. She poked her head around the shower curtain to see Rachel stripping away her clothes. The best part was the long warm showers she had become addicted to. Deal?" Rachel beamed." "You look sexy all sweaty like that. Quinn could handle the pain and the yelling. "That may be. what were you and Puck talking about?" Rachel only answered with a sly smile as she descended the bleachers to give her girlfriend a hug. The naked brunette gave her a shy smile and stepped in the shower behind her. but she hated the smell of two dozen sweaty people. It's not in the least bit sexy. "Deal. "So what did Coach Sylvester yell at you for?" Quinn jumped at the unexpected voice and nearly slipped in the tub. but you have to tell me what works so I don't look stupid if they fall flat with another chick." That was always the worst part about practice. "Baby. I stink. "So. what did she say?" .

"Maybe we should stop. "I-I'd have no complaints. "Just that she saw the video and didn't want me to screw things up like I did last year.Quinn instantly found herself short of breath as Rachel kissed the back of her neck and rest her hands on her hips. "I bet you don't." Every catch of the cheerleader's breath and every moan that escaped her throat reverberated off the shower walls. ." Quinn dropped her head back against Rachel's shoulder as the diva began slow massaging rubs with her finger. halting her hands and Quinn stopped breathing. She was so thankful her dads wouldn't be back until tomorrow. "Mmm…maybe. "Drinking that is." She dipped her middle finger into the blonde's folds and revealed in the gasp she was granted. She had some new things she wanted to share. magnifying Rachel's eagerness to please her." Rachel laughed lightly against Quinn's ear as she lowered another finger into the wetness. "She gave me this huge long lecture about underage drinking and how it could mess up my future." Rachel moved her kisses along the crook of her neck to her shoulder." Rachel suggested." Rachel trailed her hands down her hip bones to the 'Y' of the blonde's legs.

Quinn felt herself being turned to face Rachel. As
soon as she found them, she took the diva's full lips in
hers, the water running over the perfectly plump
curves, moistening each connection. Rachel dropped
her hand down and slid two finger inside the aroused
blonde while resuming the massaging circles with her

"God, you're tight."

Each thrust was timed with the intake of Quinn's
breath, turning it into a desperate gasp and she
abandon the kisses. Instead she wrapped her arms
around Rachel's neck, pulling her close. Her grunts
and moans vibrated in her ear.

"Prop your leg up." Quinn obeyed, lifting her leg to
rest on the side of the tub, granting Rachel more
moving room. The brunette withdrew her fingers and
ran them up to the blonde's clit, pinching it lightly
before lowering them back down and entering a third
finger. Quinn's walls clamped down, squeezing her
fingers in their heat.

"Feels so good to be inside you."

Quinn exhaled in a whimper and the brunette slowly
began working her fingers deeper as the muscular
walls relaxed. Once they were in to the last knuckle
she curved them up and back down several times
quickly. Quinn's breath caught and her left leg began

to give out. Rachel tightened her grip around her
girlfriend's waist to support some of her weight before
she resumed flexing her fingers. The blonde quivered
and jerked, edging Rachel to move them faster.

"Oh…yes. Fuck, that's good." Rachel continued the
motion a little while longer before withdrawing them
again, running them up to tease the sensitive nub,
and dipping them back into the intense heat to
resume her finger's work. She repeated the process
over and over until Quinn was nearly crying for the
final release.

Rachel flung the shower curtain open and guided the
blonde to sit atop the counter top, taking the
opportunity to taste her lips again. Nestling herself
between Quinn's legs, Rachel pushed two fingers
back inside and attached her mouth to the blonde's
clit. She started moving her tongue and finger in
identical slow pulses, periodically increasing the
speed. Then she tried her new trick.

"Oh my God!" Quinn's thighs tightened around
Rachel's head and she fisted the girl's hair, crying out
in incoherent noises. Rachel stopped and those
noises turned into girlish giggle and a beaming smile.
"What was that?…And do it again!"

Rachel backed her mouth away so her girlfriend could
see what she had done. The cheerleader watched as
Rachel vibrated her tongue up and down like you

would pronouncing the Spanish 'r', except she was
doing it in front of her teeth instead of behind them.
Rachel smiled at the blonde's wide eyes and placed a
light kiss to the bundle of nerves before reattaching
her mouth.

"Oh. AH!…ha…ah…" Rachel added the third finger
back in and began hard thrust as she rolled her
tongue relentlessly, sending tremors through the
blonde's core until she succumbed to the new
sensation. "Fu-Uck!

Rachel kissed each quivering thigh and traveled
upward to finally claim Quinn's lips. "So that's a
keeper?" She asked before sucking the blonde's
bottom lip into her mouth and nipping it.



"Have you ever faked it?" Rachel asked as she sat on
her bed wringing her hair dry.

Quinn stepped out of the bathroom with her brow
already lowered. "Have I 'faked' it? An orgasm? No,
not with you at least. I did with Puck…don't tell him
that though. Why are you asking?"

"Well, it just came up when Noah and I were talking
and I tried to tell him that you didn't-"

Quinn stopped drying her hair and lost the smile on
her face. "You were talking to Puck about my

Rachel searched her words carefully. "No. I asked
him for some helpful tips and he assumed it was
because, and I quote, I needed help 'getting you off'. I
told him that wasn't a problem and he mentioned that
you might have been faking it because all women
fake it once in a while."

Quinn accepted the answered and resumed drying
her hair. "Have you ever faked it?"

Rachel shook her head. "He was fairly impressed by
that as well."

"What else did you tell him exactly?"

"Just some background information so he could
decide what relevant knowledge he could pass on."

The blonde draped the towel over the door know and
rested her hands on her hips. "Background

Rachel suddenly shrank on the bed, feeling like a little
kid being scolded. "Just some of the things we have

"What we've done?…I cannot believe you told Puck
what we have done intimately!""

"It wasn't like I sat him down and listed things off."
Yet. "He was trying to help me out and it was easier
for him to make suggestions if I told him what I
already knew you liked." Quinn narrowed her eyes
and tightened her bottom lip. Rachel knew she was in
trouble now. "Baby, I just wanted things to be good for

"They are good…You are good! But that shit is
personal. And don't you try and tell me about my
language." Rachel snapped her mouth shut and gave
Quinn a few minutes to fume. "How would you feel if I
told Puck about your newly discovered desire to be
spanked? Can you imagine the harassment he would
put you through?"

"Is that what you are afraid of? That he's going to
harass you? It wasn't like that. He's not looking for
dirt. It was just, like…'guy' talk. The only thing I said
that he could possibly use to embarrass you was that
you can't go two days without any."

Quinn's eyes widened and she straightened her
posture. "You know what, I'll be in the guest room
tonight and you, aren't getting any."

"Baby…" She called as Quinn reached for the boor.
"Okay, so maybe I should have said that much…"

Actually, she knew she shouldn't have, but she felt
like she was bonding with Noah. They were having a
real conversation, creating a friendship. And the fact
that Quinn was so eager with her but denied him, she
found thrilling to share.

"Then why did you? And I want an honest answer."

Rachel rolled her eyes. "I was bragging. It's no
different from when you grab my butt in front of guys."

Quinn finally turned around. "It is very different. That
is showing them that you are taken. Not telling them
what happens when I….I'm not having this
conversation.: Rachel knew she was still in trouble but
couldn't help but smile at how sexy Quinn was when
she was mad. "What are you grinning at?"

The brunette snaked her arms around the blonde's
waist slowly and cautiously kissed the column of her
neck. She could feel Quinn's anger fade and her
begin to melt in Rachel's arms. "I told you. You can't
even go two days." Mistake! Rachel's mind screamed
at her as the taunt fell from her lips.

Quinn pushed her away and opened the bedroom
door. "We shall see just how long I can go." And she
left for the guest room across the hall, locking the
door behind her.


Everything from that point on changed. Quinn avoided
her, wouldn't even talk to her half the time. Rachel
thought she may have struck some underlying nerve
she was unaware of and attempted to apologize.
Quinn wouldn't hear it. Instead, she would only get up
and leave the room. Rachel could only watch as the
perfectly shaped ass walked out. The ass which she
began noticing more. And how Quinn's clothing had
become tighter and shorter. At first Rachel thought it
was just because she was horny, but then she noticed
the devilish smirk Quinn tossed over her shoulder
every time she pulled away when Rachel tried to
touch her.

Quinn was playing with her, teasing her. What
frustrated Rachel most is that it was working. The
more the blonde pulled away, the more Rachel
wanted her. Knowing it was a game granted Rachel
some strength. She was able to steel herself behind
the front of a competition. Her drive to win could out
last Quinn, she was sure of it. Unfortunately, that
drive to win was accompanied by the desire to brag
about it.

Once Rachel professed that she "was indeed onto
this little game and it's effects have diminished",
Quinn progressed in her methods of torture. By
Thursday night, Rachel was lying to herself about not
wanting the blonde, but she was granted a small
release. It was movie night and while Quinn wouldn't

grazing her sensitive spot. The blonde began running her foot up the inside of Rachel's leg." Rachel opened her mouth to respond and Quinn raised her toes. Quinn flattened her foot to the sofa and slid it up under Rachel who gasped sharply at the contact. There was no Glee Club so she wouldn't have to watch the material fly up as the blonde' twirled or watched how sexy Quinn could . "But we can watch something else if you want. Rachel was thrilled when Friday came and it was the last day she would have to watch Quinn parade around in that uniform. slowing as she reached her thigh to play with the en of her shorts.cuddle with her in their normal position on the couch she did take a seat at the far end. Rachel. However. purposefully swaying her hips so the flaps exposed the skin of her thighs. she was slow to realize it was all part of Quinn's plan. The contact was enough for Rachel." Michael commented. The diva forgot about the movie and focused more on controlling her breathing and watching her oblivious fathers nestled on the loveseat. "That movie's not that scary. allowing their out stretched legs to touch. Quinn removed her foot and smiled in victory. The diva tried to cover her choked moan by clearing her throat and shaking her head. School wasn't any easier.

"So. Quinn wiped the streak clean with her finger before sucking the digit into her mouth and moaning as she swirled her tongue around it. Now the girl stood with her back to Rachel in a spaghetti strap shirt and short. Three nights had passed without having Quinn next to her in bed… making them very long nights. Rachel decided to make the first move back to normalcy and playfully ran her hand over the blonde's butt only to have it smacked away. "Fruit salad…for you. Sunday didn't start any differently. "What are you making?" Rachel huffed. And the best part of Friday is that it was the third day Quinn had been holding out. short.move when she danced. Saturday was bound to be a better day. proving her point that she could last longer than two days." She slid the bowl of fruit to the bewildered brunette before taking a piece for herself. Quinn was already awake and fixing breakfast when Rachel stumbled into the kitchen. Quinn took advantage of Rachel's affinity to watch her as she studied and teasingly ran the end of her pen along her . Rachel watched as she placed it seductively between her lips and allowed a drop of it's juices to trail from her lips down her chin. half expecting to be ignored like she had been for the last three days. what. short shorts. Saturday made day four. I can't even touch you now?" Quinn didn't answer.

neck and exposed skin of her chest. She propped her
long legs on the foot of the bed so they appeared to
stretch the length of the room to where she was sitting
in the desk chair.

"What if I beg you?" Rachel asked breaking Quinn's
focus on her homework. "What if I was to beg you, on
my hands and knees, just to let me touch you?"

Quinn smiled and diverted her eyes back to her book.
"Begging doesn't do anything for me, sorry."

Sunday night, however, was very different. It was
after midnight when Rachel was woken by Quinn
straddling her lap and pinning her arms by her head.
The blonde's mouth went straight to her earlobe,
running her tongue over the curves and suckling it in
her mouth. Rachel felt the warm breath against her
ear and her skin rippled in chill bumps. Quinn ran her
tongue up the column of her neck and pinched the
earlobe between her teeth.

"You like that don't you?" Rachel moaned and
nodded. Quinn shifted her bites and licks down her
neck again, halting at the collarbone. "You've missed
this haven't you?"

Rachel tried to free her hands but Quinn applied more
pressure. "Fuck yes. So much." She bucked her hips
in need.

"How wet are you?" The brunette whimpered in
response. She was soaked already. "That's a shame.
It's going to be difficult to get back to sleep."

Rachel laid there frozen in shock as Quinn rolled off
of her and the bed, heading straight for the door.
"You're a fucking tease!"

Hesitating slightly, Quinn glanced over her shoulder
seductively. "Language."


"You know I heard you last night." A sultry voice
whispered in Rachel's ear and she felt their warm
breath on her neck. Quinn's antics had left her overly
sensitive to such things. The brunette tried to ignore
the comment and continued shifting her books in her
locker. "I heard you pleasuring yourself, the ragged
breathing, the gasps of pleasure, and, oh god, the

Rachel slammed her lack shut. "I wouldn't have to do
that if my girlfriend would just give it up every now and

Quinn placed her index finger to her chin and looked
to the ceiling pensively. "You know, I remember Puck
used a line like that on me before…it didn't get him
anywhere either. I'm surprised he didn't warn you
about that during you 'guy talk'." "Morning, Q…Berry."

"What do you want Santana?" Rachel snapped. She
didn't even care that at any second the Latina could
kick her ass.

Santana narrowed her eyes. "I'm gonna let that
slide…once, and chalk it up to either you two are
fighting, or you just aren't getting any." Rachel rolled
her eyes and stormed off very diva-like. "Q, you need
to give the girl her release. How long are you going to
keep this up? She's about to have a Berry-size

"She's almost to her limit. When she's there, she will
be rewarded."

"You are a sick puppy. You know that? Anyway, I've
got it. You want it today?"

Quinn shook her head. "No. I'll get it from you
tomorrow. Can you bring it to school, put it in my car,
and thanks again." She gave the Latina a quick kiss
on the cheek.

"Anything for you, Sicko." Santana smacked Quinn's
ass before turning to leave.

"Keep your hands off my girlfriends butt." Rachel
demanded causing the Latina to turn back around.

"Back so soon, Berry?"

"…I forgot my book…Anyway, watch you hands."

Santana took a step closer and narrowed her eyes,
daring the diva. "Or what?"

Without hesitation Rachel stepped closer to the
towering brunette. "Want to find out?"

"Okay! Hold it right there, you two." Quinn squeezed
herself between the heated brunette's facing Rachel.
"Let's just calm down and breath." Suddenly Quinn
felt a warm hand on her ass under her uniform and
looked down. Thankfully it was Rachel's.

The diva grabbed it roughly. "Mine." Quinn's eyes flew
open at the dominance Rachel was displaying.

Santana smirked. "You know what, Berry…it was
mine first." Rachel lunged at the startled Latina but
Quinn caught her first, keeping her from committing a
sort of involuntary suicide. "Q, get a hold of you girl.
And please, for the love of God, let her fuck you

"Thank you Santana. You can go now." Quinn gave
her a bit of an apologetic glance before returning her
attention to the fuming diva. "Will you calm down?"

"What the fuck was that?" The use of the word threw
Quinn backwards in shock. "What was…she…and

you…" Rachel threw her hands up and walked away,
stopping after only two steps. She turned back,
quickly taking the blonde's hand and forcefully
escorting her from the building and all the prying

"Where are we going?"

"Shut up."

Quinn stopped and yanked her hand from Rachel's.
"Excuse me?"

The brunette turned around with a look that made her
wish she had never stopped walking. Rachel grabbed
her hand again and pulled her further away from the
school into the parking lot. She opened the back door
of Quinn's car.

"Get in."


"Get in!" She pressed the blonde down onto the seat
and forcefully crushed their lips together. She bit
down on her bottom lip until Quinn whimpered and
released it, moving to her neck.

"What are you doing?" Quinn tried to grasp Rachel's
hands as they fought to pried the blonde's legs apart,
but it was useless. Rachel was too determined.

"I figured it out. You've been pushing me and pushing
me. Waiting for me to break." She bit down on Quinn's
pulse spot. She latched her in the cheerleader's
spanks and sat up, pulling them off the blonde roughly
before throwing herself back down on the combative
girl. "I asked myself why. I figured, there has to be a
reason you are wanting me to break." She caught the
blonde's wrists and pulled them above her head.

Rachel looked down onto the panting girl beneath her.
Her face was flushed and her chest was heaving. She
studied the hazel eyes for their true desire. "I know
what you want. And you're right…it's not begging."
Rachel slipped Quinn's slim wrists into one hand and
lowered the other to Quinn's center, finding it already
drenched with her juices. "You wanted me to break so
I would just take you. Am I right?" She watched Quinn
bit her bottom lip while she slid her fingers through the
wetness. "Tell me I'm right. Tell me you like it when
I'm dominant."

Their eyes locked and Rachel stilled her fingers at the
blonde's entrance. Quinn released her bottom lip.

"I do."

Rachel thrust two fingers in and settled on a rapid
pace, slamming into the blonde roughly. "You want it
rough. You want it dirty. Don't you?"

Quinn was rocking her hips in tandem with the thrust,
nodding her head. "Yes."

"You don't always want to make love. Sometimes you
just want to be fucked."

"Fuck yes!" Quinn was moaning loud enough that
anyone walking past the car would have heard.

"Are you getting close?" Quinn nodded her head,
biting her lip again. "Good!" Rachel pulled out.

"What?" Quinn whimpered at the loss of contact.

Rachel searched the floor of the and handed Quinn
her spanks before cleaning her fingers with a napkin
she found. "You have been teasing me for a week. If
you think I am just going to forget that, you are sadly



"Don't' mock me!"

"Don't tease me!"

Quinn finally sat up to put her spanks back on. "Are
you seriously going to leave me like this?"

" Rachel started out the window but was actually watching Quinn in it's reflection. Baby. "What? Is that why you're so pissed? Because I kissed Santana on the cheek?" "I'm not pissed! I'm hurt!" Everything about Quinn softened. "What was the favor?" Rachel's tone was hushed and no longer angry. "…why did you kiss her?" Quinn stopped moving and looked to her girlfriend questioningly. She saw Quinn drop her head into her hands and her heart sank. Fuck! Your own bed…I know. I would never do anything like that to you. The blonde was upset enough with herself. "Rachel…it wasn't anything like that. "In the comfort of your own house. She couldn't be upset with Quinn. She did me a favor and that was a thank you. "She was helping me with a surprise for ." Rachel sat back in the seat and watched Quinn straighten her uniform. Quinn cuddled up to her as she continued to look out the window. language…This is just cruel. She hadn't ever intended on hurting Rachel."You left me like that last night!" The diva retorted harshly. She reached for Rachel's hand but she pulled it away.

" Rachel leaned her head back against Quinn's. I trust both of you. Santana is a good friend…a great friend." Rachel suddenly felt sick with guilt. "Make love to me. squeezing her arms around Rachel tighter. But for some reason when I saw you two today." "Now that sounds like a much better idea. "I know that." "Stay here then?" Quinn asked in a small voice. "I don't want to go to class. I can do." The brunette let out a long sigh." "It's called" She kissed the back of Rachel's neck as the school bell rang. I never want to cause you that again after…" "I know that." ~/~/~/~/~ It was only as students began filing out of the buildings for lunch that Quinn and Rachel emerged from the backseat of the car. I get it when I see Finn look at you the way he does. "I never meant for you to feel hurt. That. "I really don't want to either. it all just hit me differently. They had considered . I was going to give it to you tomorrow. I just…I don't know. any hurt or misunderstanding left inside.

" Quinn informed Rachel." Mr. "Are you going to be okay?" Rachel pulled the blonde closer by the hand to cup her cheek and kissed her with an open. "Hey." The diva had never realized how foreign of a feeling the empty choir room had acquired. were different when the glee kids where there. I'm going to see if I can borrow some note so we aren't too far behind. "I was hoping to talk to you before rehearsal today. "I'm fine.just going home for the rest of the day but figured Joshua and Michael would be more forgiving of a few missed classes than an entire day." "Okay. it just seemed to remind Rachel of how alone she truly was when she spent all of her lunches at the piano. of course. I'm glad you showed up. Now. Compared to the bustling atmosphere of the cafeteria. And there was also Glee Club. Besides. Schuester greeted as he entered the room from his office. passionate mouth. Schuester asked to speak to me." He motioned for her to take a seat as he sat down as . I should probably find him. Rachel. "Hey. Things. I'll meet you in the choir room. And stop beating yourself up. Then it felt like home. Mr. studying her face for emotion. the room seemed abandoned and neglected.

but Finn's attempts were lacking. Between the awkwardness on stage with Rachel and Puck's insistence of singing the poorly chosen 'She Has A Girlfriend Now' for their own duet." The teacher didn't need to say anymore. Mr. "I don't really know what it is I hope you can do other than try to talk to him again. I thought it best if we spoke sooner than later. This year is our last shot and I would hate for it to end over something trivial." "Right. but there is nothing I can do about his immaturity." He ran his hands nervously over his jeans as he physically pondered how he should continue. Rachel had been doing her best to capture a performance spark with the fumbling boy during their duets. "I want to talk about Finn. "I'm not sure what you are wanting me to do about that." He ran his hand through his curly hair in frustration.well. I have made every attempt to maintain a professional attitude throughout this awkward transition." "I know." "Trivial?" . Yes. Schuester. Rachel was amazed the quarterback had not simply quit the club altogether. "You don't normally request my presence without the topic of conversation being of the utmost importance.

I'm not say that what you and Quinn have isn't something special. I think your time and mine would have been better spent if you had had this conversation with him!" Rachel stood up and began walking out of the room. "I understand real emotions are involved. That's why I wanted you to try just one more time to talk to him. People change so much." "Fine. "I've tried Rachel. but in my own time. but that is not your problem." He recanted reading the anger on Rachel's face." "Thank you. Rachel." "I understand that in some ways the whole team is attached to this relationship. Now. but if the opportunity presents itself…I will try one more time. Your problem is your lead male vocalist's inability to get over himself. He has plenty of time to get over this on his own."Perhaps that's not the word I should use. high school relationships aren't necessarily meant to last. or that Finn doesn't really care for you…I'm just saying there are a lot of things to consider…a lot of other people to consider. He's not listening to me. but speaking from experience." She ignored him and left the room. We still have two months before Sectionals. only stopping when the teacher spoke again. nearly slamming .

This was something special. Thankfully there weren't too many. "What's wrong?" She could see the anger plastered on her girlfriend's face. Right now it would just turn into screaming and you don't deserve that. Quinn second guessed her influence. It was as if she could stay in Quinn's arms every day for the rest of her life and be perfectly happy. The brunette threw herself into Quinn's arms. never moving from her place in the warm arms. "What did he want?" Rachel closed her eyes as the frustration with the situation boiled over." Quinn tried to lighten Rachel's mood with a light smile. Why was everyone seeming against this relationship all of a sudden? Finn always had been. okay. "Maybe later. Nothing could touch her. "Did you get the notes?" Rachel asked as she pushed the blonde backwards to rest against the lockers. Schuester was pretty mush saying it wont last. "I did." "I appreciate your thoughtfulness. It felt too right not to be." She opened her eyes to see Quinn's head bobbing slightly in acceptance but her eyes pleading for an explanation. Was there something there she wasn't seeing? "I really don't want to talk about it." She ran her hands up and down Rachel's back trying to comfort . She felt the vibrations in Quinn's chest as she laughed. And now Mr. leaning into the metal wall for support. just wanting to be held.into Quinn.

No reason to say them other than to say them. "Why are you crying. Quinn panicked. I just really love you and what we have." "You don't know? Does it have anything to do with what Mr. This was high school. You're stuck with me remember? You're dads are even signing papers to make a legal obligation. eager for a response." Rachel finally pulled away and wiped her eyes. Rachel sniffed.her as best she could without knowing what it was that upset her. Baby?" She squeezed her arms around the brunette. There were a lot of things left to experience. "I don't know. The diva melted further against her." There was no play in her words. Schuester what right. Schue said?" "Kinda. to express the sincerity in them. growing up . "What about after? What about when you turn eighteen and we go off to different colleges?" Maybe Mr. a real life to lead. "I love you. I don't know how it all happened but it seems too good to be true…to good to last. not being able to see her girlfriend's face as her head was tucked under the blonde's chin. Rachel." "Rachel. I'm not going anywhere.

I see you for who you are and I love you. I love your overly optimistic. why would you want to shape your whole life around a relationship based in high school? People change…what if I change and I'm not the person you want anymore?" Rachel wasn't' sure she believed that would eve happen but wanted to know what Quinn thought about the concept. I don't have any set school or career goals. You are the most genuine person I know. you can honestly see us working?" Quinn nodded. I value that above all else. beaming smile. "High school relationships don't work out because most teenagers don't know who they are until they are out in the world to make choices for themselves. "Like. They're incredibly cure. Rachel Berry. I even love your diva tantrums and storm offs. you have known who you are since you were born. If I get an academic scholarship I can go anywhere for college. even to New York with you. the far future? Would you marry me?" . even in the future's future." "So. Could Quinn really see herself sticking around Rachel Berry through all of that? "Baby." "But why? I mean. I love the rambles as much as I love your drunken bluntness. Quinn lightly placed her hands on each side of Rachel's face to calm her rambling and do.

"Face it. Instead." Quinn pulled her into a kiss. "Yes.Quinn arched an eyebrow. I already am. . "Did you just propose?" "What?" Suddenly Rachel was aware of what she had just said and slapped her palm to her forehead." "It does have a nice ring to it. they were studying the taste of each other's tongues which they already had memorized. But yes. it does." "What would that be?" Rachel asked nervously. and I'm not going to walk through life feeling like a fruit drink or something. now that is a name to see in lights. when there was a knock on the door. "You would so have to take my last name. "I didn't mean…I didn't mean it like that." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ It was 5:15 and they were suppose to be studying the notes they had missed. To be with me everyday?" Quinn nodded her head. Rachel Fabray. I meant could you see yourself married to me. because 'Quinn Berry' sounds far too much like cranberry. I could see myself being married to you…with one condition.

" She playfully grabbed at Rachel's butt as the came down the stairs." "Are they going to ground us for skipping?" Quinn asked as she climbed off the bed and moved to fix her hair in the mirror. Michael was sitting on the loveseat. You know you are. "I honestly don't know. "Busted. because they have never had to deal with this issue before. stopping only as they entered the living room."Girl. "Are they going to call me a bad influence?" Rachel shrugged as she opened the door." Quinn turned and delivered a quick kiss to the diva's lips. "Partially. ushering the girls to the couch. Now. while Joshua stood. but it shouldn't effect you." "That is true." Rachel giggled as Quinn kissed her neck. And partially because what good would come from forbidding me to leave a house that you are also confined to." "Good point. seemingly oblivious to the 'seriousness' of the situation. pulling herself away before she lost herself in them. I got a call from your school ." The brunette wrapped her arms around the cheerleader's waist from behind. "Don't know. straight faced. "As you know. down stairs.

"You two know this is unacceptable." Joshua" Each girl did their best to hide their smiles at Joshua's attempts at being a disciplinarian." They nodded and waited for him to continue…he faltered. "Sit down. "That sounds reasonable. pausing before he continued. "Right. Joshua flustered and sighed. "Michael. The man was far too soft for that. These two were such pushovers. it wouldn't make mush since to ground you…so we are going to give you some extra chores around the house. Rachel. "Do you even have to ask? Look at the grins on their faces!" Quinn made a play to cover her mouth with her hand by propping her elbow on the armrest while Rachel grinned without restraint. "We want this to be an open and honest . are you going to tell us where you were?" Rachel fought the urge to actually answer the question honestly to see how red the man would turn but Michael commented first." Rachel commented as she stood to leave. Michael was more intimidating but only if he could bring himself to be upset about something. So." the shorter man motion for his husband to continue. informing that you missed several classes. "So." Quinn's smile deepened under her hand.

"Oh. not mine. huh?" "Daddy!" Rachel creamed." Joshua echoed. "Go to school. But in order for that to happen. Joshua. We respect your relationship and all which it entails. Quinn. "Our rules are simple. aghast. But don't abuse our lenience with that on other things. The sexual frustration poured off of you . Your words. This truancy included. The men weren't asking for much. "Good. "So she finally broke. "Open and honest. We don't want you to feel like you have to hide anything from us." Michael addressed both girls." Joshua shot him a glare but he shouldered it away. get good grades. "You give us those four things and this house will function smoothly with an abundance of respect and trust. "Good. If your father changes his mind he could use anything to halt the" Joshua threw his arms in the air and quickly exited the room. there needs to be mutual respect. Can you two agree to those rules?" They both nodded feeling a little guilty.and don't get arrested for anything." "Now. all seriousness aside…Do you two have no modesty? Obviously since you didn't miss the whole day you were still on campus." Michael called after his husband before turning to Quinn. please. and be happy…. your custody papers still aren't' final.

every time you walked into a room. She loved her family." "Had your fill.but." She admitted to the playful man." Quinn kicked her feet up onto the couch. it's openness and even the embarrassment that came along with it. Quinn wiggled her eyebrows. but it is easier when you are in control…. I'm surprised you lasted as long as you did. "I'll die. completely content watching her girlfriend flail in her embarrassment. Rachel. "Where are you going?" The brunette struggled in Quinn's grasp. "Yeah." Quinn pressed. He nodded his head. "Away from you. Kiddo?" Michael teased. "I almost thought she was going to outlast my will power. "What are you going to do when that time of the month comes?" Rachel huffed. at school?" Rachel stood to storm off but Quinn caught her around the waist and pulled her down onto her lap. "Several classes worth." . "I do have one question for you though." The brunette finally gave up her struggle and settled into the blonde's arms.

serenity. before you get pissed. Her heart beat echoing through her. or a hand hold. girlfriend.all the cliche sayings were undeniably appropriate." ~/~/~/~ It was 5:45 am. Now. Well. "And what would that be?" "You.Michael rested his chin on he hand. Rachel's back was pressed to Quinn's as the blonde played with the diva's fingers. it's not like you are thinking. because I reset your alarm it for 5:45 so we can cuddle before you do. more of just admitted something to myself. The warmth of her body pressed against her. whether a cuddle. Quinn's touch. a hug.. She felt . yet incredibly cute. The world could be falling apart around her and with a single touch her attention would be seized by the blonde. my sweet." Quinn confessed as she laid in bed. tracing them with her own." And perfect.. have made me pathetic. And how each touch made her feel?. young love… know no bounds but menstruation. I'm talking about the fact that I no longer make fun of you for setting your alarm for 6am so you can do your workout routine. "Ah. Rachel loved going to sleep every single night because she had Quinn's arm around her. Her breath on her neck. "I've decided something." "That is rather pathetic. always had the same effect on her. sweet.

inhaling their soft scent.. . knees went weak. Schue wanted that upset you yesterday?" Rachel sighed and leaned further back into Quinn. All of it. "He wants me to talk to Finn again." Quinn smiled and nuzzled deeper into the rich brown tresses..will you tell me what it was Mr. He informed me that he has tried and failed and hopes that I can somehow appeal to him. So many emotions flowed through her with each connection that her senses were so overwhelmed they simply stopped working and she was free. she only wanted more.. wishing she could just sink into her skin so she would never have to let go. When she held the brunette in her arms she squeezed her tight. She couldn't resist touching the girl.. "And you never will. "So. butterflies in her stomach. lost her breath. Every ounce of her being screamed for contact when Rachel was around and once she had it. "I haven't heard you complain have had some time to calm down now." Quinn laughed into Rachel's hair and would have rolled her eyes if they weren't still shut with sleep.light headed." The cheerleader commented kissing the back of her neck.

." The blonde didn't respond but Rachel felt her muscles tense in anger." She squeezed the smaller girl in her arms for encouragement." . "He implied that our relationship is.. "I do believe he is simply displacing his unresolved emotions with his wife. Talking comes far too naturally to you for you to be put off by that request.. asking me if I thought we would last? Do you think this is just a temporary relationship?" Rachel rolled her eyes and herself so she could face the blonde. But what else is there? I doubt you got that upset over him asking you to talk."The only way you will appeal to him is to stop dating me and start dating him. So.ex-wife. obviously not pleased with the answer. "I do believe that is one of the stupidest questions I have ever heard come out of your mouth. I was freaking out at the possibility that perhaps you thought it was. Now that we are clear on the topic.." "Good to know.transient. I have no doubts this is a lasting relationship." Quinn squeezed her again and grunted. "It was just a comment he made that rubbed me the wrong way." "Is that why you were freaking out yesterday." "And that will most definitely not be happening. "What was it?" Rachel debated with herself whether to say anything or not.

what am I thinking right now?" ." "Can you always predict what I am going to say?" Quinn smiled and sprawled across the now vacant bed as Rachel left to begin her routine.." The brunette worried her bottom lip between her teeth and diverted her eyes to the wall above the bed. huh?" Rachel asked as she pulled her hair back into a pony tale. Not that you are overly predictable. watching her girlfriend trying to get comfortable on her bed.. it didn't go down so well..and I'm not asking... then he still has a while to catch up with the rest of the school and accept that we are dating and that is that. I read people. I will. "So when are you going to talk to him? Or are you not? I know the last time you tried. that I have a good read on you. But you are getting better. though I don't know what was actually said. You still haven't answered my question though.. I was simply stating facts. "That is what I do.It was 6am and the alarm went off again.slightly. I've just spent so much time around you now.So. If not. yes. You said you didn't want to talk about it and that's cool. you can read me." "I don't know. Therefore. "So. I read you... "Yes. If I feel it would be effective for me to talk with him.

straddling Quinn's waist." She whispered as the blonde swirled her tongue around her nipple before closing her perfect lips around it. "You are considering deviating from your normal morning ritual.. Quinn hovering over her." Rachel's smile grew until she could no longer hold her lip between her teeth and she returned to the bed.. her hands working at the girl's shorts..just not on your elliptical." She took the brunette lips in a passionate open mouth kiss before trailing her attention down her neck. "My concern is that you can't be quiet enough and your dads will hear us breaking their rule of no sex while they are home.." Her fingers left the blonde hair for her own as the cheerleader moved lower down.. sucking it into her mouth. ." Quinn ran her hands up Rachel's thigh to her hips.. Rachel laced her fingers in the blonde hair and followed as Quinn's kisses moved lower to her breast. pulling her shirt over her head and releasing the hair she had just restrained. You are anticipating a work out. massaging the skin through her shorts. "I'll be quiet.The blonde smiled deviously. "Fuck. settled between her legs. "And what is that?" Rachel asked.just don't stop. "I have no objections to this deviations and only one concern. Quinn quickly flipped their positions so Rachel was lying on the bed.

"Holy Fuck!" Quinn couldn't help but pull away and laugh. "Yeah." Quinn kissed the inside of her thigh. that's so good." Rachel panted and she continued to rock into each thrust.. "We'll see about that. Rachel's hips bucked and she bit down hard on her fingers but that wasn't enough to keep the guttural grunts from escaping from the back of her throat as Quinn moaned into her. Nothing but incoherent gargles of profanity escaped her girlfriend's lips.they so didn't hear that. teasing the brunette more than ever and she felt the muscle's in Rachel's legs begin to quiver. keeping time with her tongue." She ran a broad tongue over the sensitive nub and Rachel clasped her hand over her mouth to hold back her moan." Rachel still kept a hand clamped to her mouth as she began rocking her hips as Quinn thrust two fingers deep inside. The blonde twisted and turned her fingers as she pulsed them in and out and sucked hard on the brunette's clit. "I just love your mouth.. seemingly wanting the diva to lose her control and shatter their discretion.Quinn laughed into the brunette's mound." "Sorry. She flicked her tongue and the brunette's body jerked. . "Son of a bitch. Furiously. Each vibration sent shivers up her spine. "Only my mouth?" She returned her praised mouth to it's bidding. the blonde swirled her tongue.

feeling the heated walls tighten with each pump.. I'm getting close... thrusting as fast as her burning arm would allow her.. shit!." Quinn repositioned herself. Oh. I fucking love it too..Rachel panted as her chest heaved. The blonde withdrew her fingers to lightly massage her clit as each wave of her orgasm crashed into her. braced on her left hand and both knees. She quickened her pace with each movement. reattaching her mouth and entering a third finger. hot breath over the swollen bud of nerves.." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ . "I am pretty fond of.. "Breakfast with my dads should be interesting though.. "Not a bad cardio workout.God. retracting her fingers to moisten the nub and began the teasing breaths again.. if I say so myself..your fingers.. "Damn it. "Fuck. her screams muffled by the pillow she held to her mouth..hmmm. Rachel's breath caught and her muscles tensed until the vicious wave of ecstasy ripped trough her whole body." The blonde blew on it again.I hate that you know exactly what does that." Rachel only smiled and nodded as she fought to catch her breath... but ." Quinn smiled to herself and blew a light.right now. too.or a bad way to start your day.

" "I'm surprised you're not in there with her." Joshua cleared his throat as he joined the two at the table. never saying a word while trying to maintain a disappointed front. sorry.Quinn entered the kitchen first as Rachel took a quick shower. "I figured we had already pushed our luck." Joshua set a plate of food down in front of her.. "Is she functioning yet?" Quinn nodded. "Whatever happened to our rule of no. you mean." Quinn rested her elbow on the table and guided her fingers across her forehead. She tried to hide it but it only deepened with Michael failed to hide his as he chewed his breakfast. The blonde greeted the men with her typical "Morning" and a permanent smile on her face. Michael passed her the milk. "Good morning.. "Yeah. Or at least from what we have heard. he was failing miserably at hiding his amusement. However. He chewed on his lips to occupy them from slipping into a smile." The girl's smile deepened.intimacy while we were home?" "Honestly?" That word had become a double edge . "She's in the shower.

didn't I?" Michael asked raising his shoulders and shrinking his head indicating his error. And Rachel?." . technically freeing the girls from their guilt. "But there was also a part of me remembering you only listed 4 rules in our last family meeting. Quinn nodded her head exploiting the man's mistake before turning to Joshua for his verdict.. giving each man a kiss on the cheek and pulled Quinn's head back to kiss her deeply." "I did leave that one out.." Rachel beamed...sword in the Berry household. After a moment of disbelieving staring he cleared his throat and diverted his eyes back to his plate. Shocked and uncertain. Dad..Baby. He nodded." Michael chuckled to himself with the obvious failure of their attempts of keeping the two men ignorant. "I don't even want to know where you got that mouth from. "I think if you can promise to exercise a little bit more discretion. He opened his mouth to speak. the blonde turned her attention back to an equally uncertain Joshua. I thought maybe there had been an adjustment.Daddy. we could overlook this incident." The brunette looked to her father with wide. Honest was always wanted but rarely without some form of regret.. "I was kind of going for the 'what they don't know wont hurt them' theory. innocent eyes. "Good morning.

. this all proves that we are very cool parents for being okay with our daughter having sex in our house with her girlfriend. Joshua. This time. I simply implied it was less awkward. "Is it just me." "But you do realize this would be an entirely different . "She has a point there. I still find it awkward to hear my daughter having sex up stairs while I cook breakfast for her and her girlfriend. Then again. From what I heard." Quinn blushed at the reminder of Michael coming home early and catching her in her moment of passion. it was Rachel who laughed to herself.She bit her lips between her teeth and Quinn laughed lightly to herself. "Never. Quinn agreed more and more with her as every time the word 'sex' was said. "You have no place to laugh from what I remember. don't ever forget that. She found herself much less embarrassed and much more turned on." Rachel's point was logical. Miss Thing. "Well. So.." Rachel smiled and shook her head." "Yes. or are these awkward discussions becoming so routine that they are no longer as awkward?" Michael and Quinn nodded their head in agreement leaving Joshua on his own.I never said it wasn't awkward. she may have picked it up from you. And you just proved my point by finally being able to say I was having sex not 'being intimate'.

" The brunette leaned over and kissed her girlfriend on her lips quickly.conversation if it was a boyfriend we were talking about?" Joshua reminded. She tried to hide her unease." Michael echoed. You will just have to show a little restraint.change of topic. Thankfully. "Like you could keep your hands off of me. I am slightly more interested in my surprise you said I would be getting today.. I know you have some. and Joshua sighed into his plate." Rachel feigned being offended. "That wont be until this afternoon. "It's your own fault... "Can you at least give me a hint as to what it might be?" ." The two men turned to Quinn in interest. You're just too irresistible.. Michael laughed. "Good thing I have no chance of getting you pregnant. The diva pushed further. But anyway." Quinn winked.I have to get it from Santana. If I remember correctly." "Some. you were willing to beg on your hands and knees just to touch my butt. because then you wouldn't be getting any. "Yep.

That's why she seemed to throw herself into everything head first.. researching. Things just always bugged her unless she felt like she knew enough about them.Michael.. ".. "Rachel.. a self admitted weakness.Thank you." Rachel was never good at letting things go. The blonde put the key to the ignition but the diva halted her hand." ~/~/~/~/~/~ The girls exited the house and found their appropriate places in Quinn's car." "Not even the teeny tiniest little hint?" The cheerleader tried to widen her eyes in the seriousness of her answer without indicating it to the men." Rachel was oblivious and pouted her lip. it appears to be something inappropriate to discuss in your present company. ".... and presenting for the utmost understanding.. "Rachel. Sweetheart. Rachel instantly closed her mouth and dropped her head after seeing the blonde shut her eyes to the ". "So. are you serious? Can you not just wait until . googleing...." Michael offered Quinn his help..Quinn stopped chewing and looked hard into the brunette's chocolate eyes.

It keeps our relationship lively." Quinn rolled her eyes and shook her head for not seeing that coming. "Yes.. Secondly. we agreed no sexual teasing. placing it heavily in her lap and pouted." She stated with a bounce in her voice. "Baby. "So it is something sexual in nature.and kinda goes with number one and two. First off..." Quinn rolled her eyes and pulled away from the house. I may not give it to you at all then. "Oh.this afternoon?" Rachel retracted her hand." "Maybe I just feel like I am being teased because you wont give me a hint. that's not going to work this time. I have a surprise for you and you are going to be in a pissy mood all day because of it? That is ridiculous. she was going to get her way one way or another. doesn't mean otherwise. I thought we agreed we would no longer tease each other. sorry.. That only means I wont get you worked up and leave you if I can help it. confirmation. what Michael said should be considered a hint. "And thirdly.I can't tell you what it is until after school because then it would be sexual teasing." . don't even give me that. Just because you can't figure out what it is from that. We never said anything about normal teasing." The blonde could see out of the corner of her eyes that Rachel had actually gotten what she wanted.

.but Santana helped you with it?. you can guess and beg and pout all you want.. "Does the idea of a threesome interest you?" Quinn had that look on her face that left Rachel unable to read her emotions. a threesome?" Rachel bit her lips between her teeth. "It's not a threesome is it?" Quinn took an extra long stop at the stop sign to stare at the brunette." Rachel wiggled her eyebrows.."Is this something she would make fun of me for?" "Probably. it is a thing..I." Being worded like that.That actual scares me more than anything." Quinn warned playfully.. "I. "It was just a question.. "I am more than certain that she would present it to you an a very memorable manner."So.." .. Then again. "Give it to me?" "I can always have Santana give it to you.sexual in nature. Quinn thought it would scare anyone. but I will not tell you or give it to you until after school... She had no idea what direction she should take to avoid upsetting the blonde..." Quinn reminded her as she pulled into the school parking lot. "So." The diva was suddenly hesitant." "Rachel. she would make fun of anyone for anything.

"It's a yes or no answer, Rachel."

" answering until you tell me what my
surprise is." Deflection! Quinn shut the car off and
prepared to exit when Rachel grabbed her wrist. The
brunette pulled her closer and kissed her lips before
moving to suckle her earlobe. "What if I can motivate
you?" The breath was warm against Quinn's ear and
caused the blonde to unconsciously lick her lips.
Rachel held the blonde's wrist tight with one hand and
slid the other up the cheerleader's thigh and between
the flaps of her uniform.

Quinn swallowed hard. "I thought there was no more
teasing?" Her voice was hushed and raw, sticking to
the back of her throat as she struggled to maintain a
regular breathing pattern. The only thing better than
touching Rachel was when Rachel touched her.

Rachel cupped the blonde's mound and squeezed
gently. "There is nothing teasing about this. This..."
She squeezed again, running her fingers back and
forth over the sensitive area. "Is a promise. All you
have to do is tell me what it is." Rachel watched as
Quinn closed her eyes and rested her head back
against the seat, falling further into her trap.

"I can't." She whispered with no conviction to her

The diva shift the fabric of the cheerleader's spanks

and dipped a finger into the rapidly dampening folds.
"You can."

Quinn's breath caught and her eyes snapped open.
"No. If I'll want to miss class and we just
promised your dads that we wouldn't. And now that
you know that...if you don't stop what you are
doing...this will be teasing."

Rachel weighed her options. "So you want me to stop
this?" She asked dipping the tip of her finger into the

"No...Not really. But I don't even have it. So knowing
what it is and not being able to do anything about it
would only be torture for you." Quinn continued. "And
if you seriously don't stop then we will miss class and
I am really, really not wanting to piss your dads off."

Rachel withdrew her finger but continued massaging
the blonde through the red fabric. "They wont get

"What about my dad?"

Rachel's hand stopped and removed itself. The fear of
being the cause of losing Quinn was too much. She
couldn't bare to think of that monster of a man ripping
the girl out of her life. Especially not because she
couldn't control her need to know everything. "I'm

Quinn sighed and laughed at the same time, trying to
regain her composure. "Don't apologize. If the
circumstances were different...say, the papers were
final, then I would love to play along with this game.
Until them, you are just going to have to be strong. I
promise it is worth the wait."

"Do I get it before or after glee?"

The cheerleader pursed her lips. "I actually forgot
about that it would have to be after."

Rachel replaced her hand on the blonde's thigh and
rubbed her thumb in light circles. "Can we skip that

Quinn nodded while she halted the small hand on her
leg. She was already too worked up for this to
continue any longer without be absolutely torturous.
"That is up to you. Though, it would be best if we
did...and, no, I am not telling you why."

Quinn's phone beeped.

"New text?"

"From Santana..." Quinn looked out the car window
and found the Latina propped up against her SUV
waiting for the two to emerge. "She said to tell you...
'Eww. Gross. Go wash your hands'."

Rachel rolled down the window of the car. "Jealous
much?" She yelled to the Latina and sucked her finger
into her mouth. Santana lost her edge and covered
her mouth as she laughed aloud in the bustling
parking lot.

Quinn dropped her head to the steering wheel and
sighed in amusement. "You two are far too much
alike. It is hilarious yet incredibly frightening. But I
warn you now, don't piss her off. Or else you may not
get your surprise today."

Rachel coward and the thought, rolling up the car
window quickly in retreat, and fighting the urge to ask
if it was a threesome again.


Honestly, Rachel didn't know what was worse:
Knowing what the surprise was and not being able to
do anything about it or not knowing what it was and
having the wonder distracted her in all of her classes.
She feared that maybe she was thinking too much
into this. It could be something as simple as some
lingerie Quinn bought that Santana helped pick out
and kept at her place so Rachel didn't stumble across
it before today. But once she thought about that, her
day dreams turned from what the surprise could be to
images of Quinn in sexy clothing. That didn't help with
her test in Spanish either.

"Everything okay?...Rachel?"

Rachel turned from her locker to see Finn standing at
her side. She was too lost in her thoughts to respond
appropriately. "I'm sorry. What?"

He gazed around them quickly and furrowed his brow
at her. "I asked if everything was okay. You've been
standing there not moving for, like, ten minutes. Are
you and Quinn fighting, or something?"

She wanted to roll her eyes and yell at him but his
concern seemed genuine. She needed to fix their
friendship as much as she could, not make it worse.
"No, we aren't fighting. And I am very well. Thank you
for your concern. I was simply lost in thought and

He nodded his head slowly and slid his hands into his
pockets, delaying his departure. "So... it's been a
while since we have talked. Like, really talked. Like
we use to. You know, just hanging out."

"As friends?"

He inhaled deeply and held it for a second before
releasing it. "Yeah...kinda. Pretty much at all, not just
friends. I was thinking that maybe you and I could go
grab a bit to eat one day this weekend. Or maybe
catch a movie."

"As friends?" She asked again.

He stared at her for a long moment trying to read her
expression and allow her to read his. She saw that he
wanted to say no but was too afraid of her rejection to
say otherwise. "Sure. As friends. I just miss you,
Rach. I miss talking to you and listening to you talk
about other stuff that I can never seem to follow."

His joke fell flat and only reminded her of why she fell
out of love with him in the first place. "Perhaps I could
work out something when Quinn is otherwise
engaged. A friendly gathering would be acceptable as
long as we are both in agreement that it is only a
friendly meeting. Have no false illusions, Finn."

He nodded his head and smiled slightly. "Friends. I
got it. So...Saturday? I can pick you up and we can go
to a movie...maybe grab a bite to eat afterwards?"

"Not as a date?" He shook his head. Her gut told her
he was trying for more but her heart hoped he was
simply trying for a friendship. "Alright then. I will see
you Saturday."

"Great. I can't wait." He nearly bounced down the hall
and Rachel was already beginning to regret her
decision. If nothing else it could provide her with an
opportunity to talk with him for Mr. Schuester.

"So you think Q will be alright with you going on a
date with your ex-boyfriend?"

Rachel guided her attention behind her to Santana
who already had her narrowed eyes beating down on
her. "It's not a date. I have made that abundantly clear
to him. We are simply going out as friends."

"You don't actually believe that do you, Berry?"

The diva sighed. "In my mind we are going out as
friends. I understand he is probably only agreeing to
the terms hoping it will lead to more. However, I
assure you, it will not. I'm with Quinn...I'm gay. Those
two things don't mix with trying to have a relationship
with Finn Hudson."

"Yeah, that is why he is going to spend the whole date
trying to convince you that you are neither gay nor in
love with Q." She shifted her weight in an odd
manner, resting her back to the lockers and phasing
out the rest of the hallway. "Rachel, this is a bad

The diva was taken aback by the use of her name.
"...why?" She obviously knew why but Santana must
have more to say then Rachel believed, otherwise
she wouldn't have used her name to grab her full

"He's wounded. Still hurt. You know it is a date.

whatever. As long as I continue to make that clear then he should stick to the boundaries." "But I said we would-" Santana raised her hand. Of course Finn had been the blonde's boyfriend first. Mr. If Finn doesn't stop bringing down the Glee Club we have no chance at winning Sectionals. If you turn him down he will only get pissed and all of this will start up all over again. so if you go on this date you are encouraging him to pursue you. He has it set in his mind this is a date. I just want to smooth things over between us all. even if that isn't your intention. Schuester wants me too as well. "You know what. But I am warning you. "I know what you said." She lifted herself from the lockers and pointed a finger in Rachel's face. Now you have to decide. but it is in his. She missed Finn as a friend. "If this backfires in someway and Q . "It's not a date. but he was more Rachel's friend than the other two." Santana shook her head. I told you what I think and I've said my piece." She was right and Rachel knew it. I know what he agreed to.Maybe not in your eyes. Santana and Brittany were great but they started out as Quinn's friends. But that's not going to happen. You will go on this date and he will try and hit on you. but she was still hoping that she could convince him differently. You are playing him.

Schuester. pointing her finger in Santana's face.for everyone. It needs to be done." "Your warning is duly noted. I have no intention of allowing Finn to do anything that would cause Quinn to get hurt. As long as you understand that I am trying to fix things." Rachel swallowed her concerns." The Latina took a step closer forcing Rachel to retract her finger. This is for me. Rachel knew the risks but believed that this was the ideal time to talk to Finn. "I am planing on discussing this with Quinn and I am sure she will understand what I am hoping to accomplish with this friendly meeting. for glee. for Mr. Maybe the were too much alike. Both girls equally frustrated with the other.. not make them worse. "I know you care about her and that you don't want anything to happen to her. I'm simply letting you know what will happen if it does.I will make it my personal mission to ensure that the rest of your high school life ends up worse than it started out.ends up hurt. for her." "Then do it. Doubt only resurfaced when . "And you of all people should know that." Santana retorted and walked away... Rachel headed in the other direction to find Quinn.." The diva found a sudden pocket of conviction and straightened her posture.

as friends.. And while I know he is hoping the...meeting...scenario I have found myself in.should I be concerned that she wont give me your surprise?" That had never actually crossed Rachel's mind. I have clarified that fact multiple times.. but that wasn't why I asked.. Rachel felt a wave on anxiety that maybe Quinn would be hurt by the very thought of Rachel hanging out with Finn. "I-I'm not sure. The blonde was sitting at a table in the library studying.event will lead to more. "Nooo. I believe that this will be the best opportunity to either show Finn we are better off as friends.she saw Quinn.... Santana thinks because of what Finn wants. or once more assure him that I have no . The cheerleader had already admitted that the quarterback made her jealous when he was around Rachel. "Has Santana talked to you in say." Quinn never removed her eyes as she shut her book.. He suggested a movie and maybe something to eat.. I shouldn't agree to our. I have no intentions of allowing it to. "And what exactly would that be?" "Finn wants to hang out with me this weekend. We had a disagreement on the best action to take with a certain.the last ten minutes?" Quinn raised her head slowly to the cautiously approaching brunette.

Santana thinks that because he believes this is more. It's just part of the risks.I thought you didn't like it when we were around each other. but that doesn't mean I want you to.." "So you want to go so you can talk and restore a friendship. "I trust you to fix your issues. You are either going to convince him to be your friend again or he will hate us even more. and I don't want that to happen. You are both right but one of you will be proven wrong." "What about. You should try but it may end up pissing him off more..." That made sense but Rachel needed to be sure..interest in him as anything more than a friend.. I'll just wait for Finn to get over .I think you should go..yeah." Quinn sighed. " Rachel took a seat. "Santana is afraid you'll get hurt. Right?" Rachel nodded. then I am leading him on and will only upset him further...if that makes any sense. I don't trust him to listen to them and behave accordingly. If this is something you aren't wanting me to do then I wont do it." "I don't. "I think you are both right. Santana says you shouldn't because it may piss him off more. "So you think I should go?" "Yes.

It wont happen. Santana. I'm just saying that is the only thing that would give Santana the right to be mad at you if I ended up hurt in some way. So go and try and fix things..will see if I can convince Santana to relinquish your surprise.." Rachel opened her mouth but was cut off. Between Quinn. "I know. that is. "You going isn't going to hurt himself. she was returning her books to her locker at the end of the day and everything went black as a hand covered her eyes. ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Rachel marked today on her calendar as the longest day in history.. And I!. . Definitely not a threesome. Finn.yep. She knew the touch. It would be nice not to have him giving me the death stare every time I see far at least. and her lack of concentration in crucial classes. Rachel was exhausted. Rachel felt the other hand on her hip.. thumb sliding up the bottom of her shirt. It was Quinn. It had been mentally draining as well." . The only way I see myself getting hurt is if you were to decide you wanted to be with him instead of me." Quinn shook her head and smiled at Rachel. Until.. "Do I get my surprise now?" There was no response.

"I told you that you would get it this afternoon. Her nerves and senses scattered as she felt the warm touch of skin inch its way up her shirt until she felt the full size of the hand on her tensed stomach... There was no response. fingers gliding through the dark curls underneath..when you are about to just give it to me?" The blonde shrugged her shoulders." "I have your surprise in the car. wet kiss to her neck as the fingers on the roaming hand traced over her lower lips." Quinn's voice was low and sultry as she removed her hands from the brunette slowly.When the brunette instinctively reached for the it. Anyone could walk down the halls. "Fuck. the hand lift up and caught her wrist first.Quinn?. ". Only a hot breath on her neck followed closely by a hot. I never said right after . pressing it to the lockers in front of her and after a few seconds of silent command returned to her hip... "You decide to give me a hint now." This was risky. "Do you want a hint?" Rachel took a few deep breaths to regain her composure before she turned to her girlfriend... She pleaded that the halls were empty when the determined hand turned and began lowering below the waistband of her skirt and underwear. Rachel loved the rush but feared the consequences if they were caught in the've got to stop. Baby.

. Her magazine.are you glad you didn't have to suffer through school all day knowing what you had waiting for you when you got home?" Quinn asked as she set the package on the foot of the bed and pulled Rachel on top of her as she laid down. calling with her eyes for the diva to follow quickly. Their tongues wrestled and massaged one another until the girls broke for air.yeah..the one she got from Brittany? "I .." She was teasing her now. what is my hint?" Quinn stepped forward. But Rachel let it slide... "Okay then." She moved her eager mouth to the delicious neck that was willingly exposed for her. pressing the diva into the lockers and caught her in a heated open mouth kiss that Rachel moaned into uncontrolably.. bracing herself with her hands on each side of the cheerleader's chest as Quinn's hands fisted in her dark hair.It took only three seconds to pass before Rachel scurried down the hallway in quick pursuit of the cheerleader.. "Heh.. The diva attacked her lips with eagerness.. "It came from your magazine." Quinn confessed as she walked away. ~/~/~/~/~ "So.

running it back and forth before she grasped the diva's mouth again and thrust her tongue inside. pulling at her spanks but Quinn ignored her gestures. She teased the plump lip with her tongue. trailing them down her jaw and neck before squeezing her breast through the material of her bra. Maybe if I help you with this fantasy. Rachel's hands ran up the cheerleader's legs again. But I thought. before discarding the top of her Cheerio's uniform and bra. Instead she ran her thumbs lightly over Rachel's bottom lip." Rachel nipped Quinn's pulse spot and felt a fresh wave of arousal wash over her when the blonde gasped and moaned at the sensation. She took a moment to take in the view of the panting diva below her. staring seductively into her girlfriends eyes before teasingly kissing her. then maybe you would be willing to do one of mine." The blonde grabbed the bottom of Rachel's shirt and with the diva's help. "I thought that you didn't want a strap on.wouldn't have lasted. . "I didn't.." Quinn pulled her back into a passionate kiss before rolling them over and straddling Rachel's waist. tanned hands running up and down her thighs. added it to hers on the bedroom floor. She leaned down slowly. I figured what the hell. But you liked the idea so much. the small. sucking her bottom lip into her mouth.. Rachel quickly removed the offending garment and returned her hands to the cheerleader's remaining clothes.

.. ". . Babe. Let's just focus on this one first." The blonde reached for the box to indicate she was ready and Rachel needed no more encouragement.why?" "Oh. Quinn through her head back and moaned approvingly. a twist of anxiety.. "We will worry about those later. "When would I have had the time? You are always around me.. "What fantasies do you have?" Rachel asked kissing a trail from the cheerleader's leg up to her breast and took the pink bud into her mouth.This time Quinn allowed the diva to roll her back onto her back so she could wiggle her skirt and spanks down her legs." She heard the brunette laugh deviously and froze. She grabbed the box and planted one last passionate kiss to the blonde's mouth before escaping to her bathroom." Quinn reminded her as she threw the comforter and sheets off of the reason. "So you picked this out and had it shipped to Santana?" Rachel asked from the closed bathroom door. Did you by chance tell her anything like color or size?" Quinn felt that twist in her stomach. "I gave Santana the magazine and told her what one to get.

pulling her attention away from her new toy and kissed her lips.. .."No. Is she going to get a kiss on the cheek for that one too?" Rachel teased. dragging her hands over the smaller girl's shoulders and back." Rachel kissed her again. And she got it in the school colors. Rachel." She teased as she pushed the blonde back down on the can choose the size?" She heard another muffled laugh trough the door and Rachel finally emerged.that is.I don't know. "Okay... "She's going to get my foot up her ass.. Quinn had mixed sensations going on in her as Rachel's warm lips worked over her throat causing her skin to burn with desire while the cold hard strap on glided over her stomach. "What the hell! That thing is huge!" "Looks like you have that surprise to thank Santana for as well. Red with white and black accent colors." Quinn rolled her eyes and laughed away her nerves." The diva approached cautiously and lift the cheerleader's chin. She closed her eyes and just focused on Rachel's touch. "I can't wait to see that. losing herself in the softness. But I am still going to kick her ass. She was thoughtful enough to order some lube at least. "We can take it slow.

" Rachel smiled and returned her mouth to Quinn's." Rachel confessed as she dipped two fingers into Quinn. moaning as Rachel's mouth latched onto her erect nipple.Rachel lowered a hand and ran her fingers through Quinn's slit. placing a gentle kiss on Quinn's lips. She nodded. eliciting a moan of release. "I think you're going to love how this feels too. "Fuck. She then leaned down one more time. "I love how you feel. stopping at her entrance. I love the way you feel inside me." The diva stated as she sat up and took the massive dildo in her small hand and pressed it against the blonde's clit." Quinn nodded again. just say so. The blonde arched into each touch. "If you change your mind or it's too much. pushing deeper with each pulse. Rachel beamed and palmed some of the lube Santana was thoughtful enough to order and stroked her new member until it glistened. stretching the girl until Quinn inhaled sharply and tensed. "Are you ready?" Quinn opened her eyes and studied Rachel's face and the eagerness and excitement in her smile but the concern in her eyes. Rachel stopped all of her movements except for a comforting . Rachel positioned herself on her knees between the blonde's legs and glided the tip of the strap on through the wetness. spreading the wetness pooling here and teased the sensitive bundle of nerves. Gently she pressed inwards.

She marveled at the strength of the moan that escaped Quinn's throat and the gasp of need when she pulled back again. The blonde gasped at the fullness of the sensation and Rachel's warm body as it pressed against hers. Her chocolate eyes watched every muscle of Quinn's face trying to predict when to stop. pulling her into the tender lips further. over her girlfriend. "It's okay. The . Rachel walked her hands up the sides of Quinn's body and pressed the rest of the dildo's length into her." Quinn let out her breath slowly as she adjusted to the girth inside of her. pulling back before pushing in again. Just let me know. "Quinn?…" She opened her eyes to meet Rachel's and smiled. This time she saw the cheerleader's mouth twitch in a smile. The blonde's brow furrowed a bit more than usual and she stopped. Once she adjusted Rachel shift her weight and leaned forward. Quinn laughed lightly and kissed Rachel's lips longingly. It was so much bigger than Rachel's dainty fingers. "I honestly can't believe you took the whole thing…" The diva confessed. as she pushed a little deeper. "Well.hand running on the inside of the blonde's leg. now that I have…what are you going to do with it?" Rachel needed no more encouragement and pulled her hips back until just the tip remained inside and pulsed its length in slowly. causing Rachel to grin away her concerns.

"Shit." Rachel could feel herself slowing. pulling Quinn off the bed by the hips. withdrawing and pushing herself off the blonde. "Fucking does for me too. wanting to feel more. And her arms quivered from holding her weight. "Fuck!…Shit. thrusting faster and harder into the blonde. She silently deliberated on adding sit ups and light weights to her morning exercise routine." She warned. Baby. This position works better for the insert. "So you like this. Her stomach burned from the efforts of keeping with the fast pace she set and fought to maintain. Mmm…It's so fucking good. baby." Quinn whimpered." She pressed her hips back into each of Rachel's . "Oh. "I've got to move. Her body was already covered in a light sweat. huh?" The diva accented the last word with a quick and rough thrust and Quinn's nails dug into her back. fuck." Each thrust slowly began bringing Rachel up to her climax. She positioned the blonde standing. Her breath was only pants and gasps for air. "Come here. "Uh. bent over the side of the bed with her ass in the air and re-entered her. yes." Quinn gripped Rachel's sides with her knees and hands. huh." Rachel beckoned. She smirked when Quinn whimpered in protest.volume only increased as Rachel quickened her pace.

Quinn fought to reply in coherent thoughts. Baby. You are so tight. "I forgot you said you liked it rough." Rachel dug her finger's into Quinn's hip as she fought with her burning muscles to gain just a little more speed. eliciting animalistic guttural moans from the blonde with every blow. "Is this rough enough for you?" She asked slapping the blonde's ass with her other hand as she continued pounding into her. pulling Quinn up from the bed. make me come." She moved one hand up to the cheerleader's shoulder for more leverage and slammed roughly into her until Quinn's arms were useless in holding her up and she buried her face into the mattress. fucking herself.thrusts. pounding into her with force unlike any she thought she had." The force of each thrust and the pull as she withdrew caused the harness to work back and forth over her clit and she bit her bottom lip trying to hold back her own orgasm." Rachel gripped Quinn's hips. Rachel moved the hand on Quinn's shoulder and fisted the blonde hair. "Ohmygod. . Rachel took a moment and halted her own thrusts and allowed Quinn to slam backwards into her. You've got a good grip on this thing. losing all sense of rhythm. "Fuck yeah. "Yes! Fuck!…Mmmm…Fuck me…Umm. The slapping sound of wet skin reverberated off of the bedroom walls and windows and raised the desire in the brunette and blonde. "Fuck.

"So." Quinn felt Rachel tense." She rolled her hips. Baby…I'm coming… Fuck! Ah!" Quinn's screams of ecstasy pushed Rachel over the edge and into her own orgasm. when I can walk again. "I think…you should borrow that magazine from Brittany again. "Maybe I could use it on you one night. ohmygod…Rachel. "I…I don't know…" "You don't know?" Quinn lifted herself on her elbows to look at Rachel. "What do you mean you don't . I would like to look at it once more. "Oh. slowing with each rock against her quivering girlfriend.ohmygod. The cheerleader crawled over to her. did you like your surprise?" The blonde didn't even need to look to know how big of a grin the brunette had on her face. Quinn laughed lightly as Rachel pulled out and collapsed onto the bed next to her." "I'm positive they have a website. "Well. She didn't know what she was going to do about diner." Rachel commented running her fingers through the sweaty blonde locks." Quinn wasn't really sure she would be able to walk tomorrow. fuck!…That's so good. we can check it out. let alone later tonight. peppering her shoulder and neck with kisses before finding a comfortable place to rest her head on the diva's chest.

Quinn arched her eyebrow demanding an answer. "That has got to be more than two inches thick. wrapping her naked body to Quinn's.know?" The diva impersonated a fish." Rachel moved to cuddle up behind her but the erect shaft was incontinently in the way. She quickly loosened the harness and kicked it down her legs and off the bed. maybe we could just get a smaller one. "Whatever." She grabbed the strap on in her hand and looked it over. "I don't think I could have handled this thing. what are your fantasies?" Quinn once again turned to face her and Rachel instantly knew she wasn't going to like what she had ." There was no response from the blonde so Rachel lightly bit her shoulder. "Maybe…" Rachel kissed the irritated skin where she had bitten the blonde in appreciation of a response." Quinn rolled her eyes playfully and rolled over. Or! Maybe you'll find something else on their website you would deem more appropriate for your fantasies. I think maybe you having a baby has allowed you to stretch farther. "So. "Maybe. opening and closing her mouth quickly but never saying a word.

Rachel thought she had gotten out of it ." Rachel knew that but sometimes had to be reminded of it. Is there a particular reason why you are lacking in desire to be intimate with me?" "Oh. "You would not!" Quinn shrugged her shoulders and rested on her back. Her eyes narrowed but still seemed to smile while her mouth was taut with seriousness. My entire upbringing conditioned me to never show what it was I actually wanted. I love being intimate with you. "I might." "That's not fair. Quinn's life was so very much different from her own. concerns me a little." Damn it. which. please! Just because I can control myself doesn't mean I don't want you." "It's perfectly fair. by the way. "I'll tell you my fantasies after you tell me if the idea of a threesome interests you…You know. Do you really want to find out?" "No." Rachel's eyes widened in horror. Most definitely say. I am not in denial that you have much more will power when it comes to not having sex. What wouldn't be fair is if I withheld sex until you did tell me. "Trust me. But you are avoiding my question again. the same question you tried to avoid earlier.

"I wouldn't be completely opposed to the idea. If it was simply for physical gratification. "What about you?" "I might consider it." Rachel tried to hide her proud smile." Rachel blushed at the confession." "So. But what if. But I'm not sure if I would like to share you. "I think I could handle that. Seeing you pleasure someone else would not do well for my jealousy. I just don't want someone realizing how good you are and then trying to take you away from me. "But I think it would all depend on the timing. And it wasn't me doing them?" Quinn worried her bottom lip between her teeth. you wouldn't mind a threesome?" "…yes." She confessed. I would see no harm in the addition of a third party. if you were in the mood just to fuck. I do love seeing you get off. "That is good to know and yet hard to believe. It could prove very awkward to have a third member during an emotionally intimate trisk. "So…you really think I'm that good? That someone would try and take me from you?" Quinn nodded and wrapped her arms around Rachel's as the brunette kissed the back of her neck." She hesitated.again. like…they did me. Especially since you are only . "I could very well have the same problem.

Are you sure you are aright with me seeing him this weekend?" Quinn pulled one of Rachel's hands up and kissed it lovingly." "What is that?" "I want you to tell me what happens…I don't like being left out in the dark. "It needs to be done. I just hope he behaves himself and gets over himself at the same time. "…okay. "Sorry. I so don't need to hear this…especially with you two 'hanging out' this weekend." "Alright. All I did was lay there for five minutes. And I really don't know if Finn counts. but she was only trying to protect her. But I do have one condition." "Babe. She knew it bothered Quinn that she didn't tell her how Finn and made her so upset." ~/~/~/~/~/~ . I understand you don't want to tell me what he said during that one argument and that's second. More so when these things involve me. But I want to know about this one…okay?" Rachel squeezed the blonde tighter." Rachel buried her head against Quinn's back. then I don't mind.

tell me you didn't enjoy it though. Q? You strike me as the type."Santana Lopez!" The brunette Cheerio turned around and her already furrowed brow raised and she smirked. Santana could kick her ass and she knew it. "Will you shut up already. "Tell me. It didn't take Santana very long to realize . Nothing to see…. Are you one of those people." Santana shook her head under her hand and continued her out burst. Quinn's patience was wearing thin and she was feeling much less intimidated by her friend now. "Move along people. She suddenly pushed the Latina up against the lockers and glared coldly at her." Every ounce of anger Quinn had bottled for the smack down disappeared. Sometimes. "What the hell? What…why…I don't even know what to say other than what the hell?" Santana held her sides as she laughed uncontrollably. Glad to see you can still walk.Get!" The blonde slapped her hand over the Latina's mouth in attempts to muffle the laughter. There was no point in even pretending otherwise." Quinn rolled her eyes unable to do much of anything else as people gawked at the hysterical Cheerio in front of her. "I didn't know if you would make it to school today. some people like a little pain with their pleasure.

" "Whatever." Santana rolled her eyes again and motioned for the blonde to follow her into an empty classroom.she was pushing the line. "Have…have you ever had a threesome?" The question obviously took Santana by surprise and her eyes widened. so she decided not to push for the old Quinn Fabray to resurface. "I'm sorry. "You two are talking about having a threesome?" ." "Did Santana Lopez just apologize? It couldn't be. "But seriously. At least I bought you the lube. "Okay then. But I need to talk to you…in a bit more of a private location." Quinn teased as the Latina rolled her eyes. what the hell?" "B has one similar and loves it so I thought I would help get you two out of your shell. "What's up?" Quinn took a seat next to her friend and hesitated. Are you complaining? " She bit back her smile as Quinn shook her head. Quinn may not get physical and punch her. You're welcome. but the blonde would most definitely get even in a manner which would probably hurt Santana more.

right. That had always been her take on the diva as well. the brunette did confess that girls want sex just as much as guys do. "I know. "When Rachel was trying to figure out what her surprise was. Rachel said she wouldn't be opposed but I'm not completely sold on the idea. you two are still kinda new in your relationship…and your sexuality. Get your relationship ." "Like I said though." Santana studied the blonde carefully. I wouldn't recommend it for you." "Who would have known Berry was a sex perv? She kinda struck me as the uptight prude. by the way?" Quinn relaxed against the back of her chair. Then again. That's why I'm asking you about it. or at least not in this point of your relationship. she asked if it was a threesome. to be honest. "You are more curious than interested. knowing you were helping me."In passing. What brought this up. Besides. "So she thought that I would be joining you for the evening? Even after she tried to commit suicide by attacking me for slapping your ass?" The blonde rolled her eyes and huffed a laugh. You both get far too jealous and sharing isn't for everyone. just wait." Quinn laughed.

He works at a restaurant your dad has his business dinners at. Why would he do that? "You know Finn sees him all the time.get hurt. She could totally see Finn opening his mouth and ruining everything she had going for her only to come begging for forgiveness afterwards. That's why I said she should just let it be for a while.. "Does Rachel know?" Santana shrugged her shoulder but shook her head as well. What I don't get is why are you so against it?" The Latina crossed her arms and reclined. "Probably not." Quinn furrowed her brow. "I do know about them.under control and work out all of your jealousy issues and then revisit the idea of a threesome. I don't want to see you. Speaking of jealousy issues…Do you know about her plans for this weekend and why aren't you upset if you do?" Quinn in haled deeply and let it out through her nose. diverting her eyes. I don't know…like tell your dad." Quinn did not know that and her eyes widened in surprise and fear. you know.. He's impulsive. "I know Finn. I know we haven't always been 'friends' but this year has been really…nice. I'm just afraid he is going to blow a gasket and. He does stupid shit when he is hurt. I think she needs to take the opportunity to kick him in the ass and get him traveling down the road of acceptance." Quinn could almost see the pain the Latina's attempts of .

don't go getting all mushy on me." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ Rachel's phone buzzed in class. making sure to keep her back to the blonde.expression were causing her but fought to hold back her laughter. ." Santana interrupted and stood." Santana nodded. -When you see Finn this weekend. Don't talk about us or him getting over it. I am the happiest I think I have ever been and it wouldn't have happened if you hadn't pushed me to realize who I really am. "Get your ass up. It's time for class. "I appreciate everything you have done for me already this year." "Oh. Quinn did notice the slight sniff but chose to not press the already stretched Latina. "That's half the fun." "No biting…" The Latina scoffed. "I have enjoyed it to. Not too much of the typical high school drama. It's nice to have real friends who have your back. xQ She read the text over and over trying to figure out what had changed. Fabray. Oh…and if you do decide to do a threesome…call me. This was serious.

xR ." "Are you serious?" The question fell out of her mouth . I am very interested in knowing what it was that you felt the whole class should be aware of with your outburst.San says he sees my dad all the time and might say something to him." She wasn't going to answer. I'm sure you know where his office is. "No? Then maybe you will feel more up to explaining to Principal Figgins. "Ms." Rachel said out loud and quickly ducked her head as students turned to look at her.…why not? I thought that was the point of hanging out with him. Carson slowly approached pointing to the phone she still held in her hand. "Is there something wrong?" Mr. xQ "No fucking way. "Is there something more important than what I am teaching?" Rachel bit back her impulsive answer and pushed the phone into her pocket. "Actually. Berry?" Rachel closed her eyes and silently cursed herself before raising her face to meet her teacher's. She could feel her cheeks going read and wished everyone to turn their attention back to the front of the room..

…what? xQ . Quinn was waiting for Rachel to text her back to find out what Figgins had said and why exactly she was sent to his office in the first place. any words of encouragement." Rachel sat for a second in her shock before gathering her things and exiting the class.I'll make it up to you this weekend… xQ The diva raised her eyebrows.Yeah.before she could stop it and the retreating teacher turned back around. First thing she did as soon as the door shut was pull out her phone. xR Rachel hesitated at the doors to Figgins' office and waited to see what Quinn had to say. I do not take kindly to my classes being disrupted not only by the use of prohibited cell phones but also by the use of profanity. Because of you and your message. . Now. Good enough for her. She couldn't understand what in the world Rachel Berry could have done to grant her a trip to . . "Very. go.I am being sent to Figgins' office because of you. xR . Normally if someone was caught texting they were just told to put it away.

now. rarely under orders. Pillsbury. "I have a note here that you are to report to Ms." Her teacher called her name. in both of your home . due to some of the…the new. What the hell did Rachel do? The cheerleader approached the office and saw Rachel already in a seat across from the fidgeting woman's desk. take a seat. "You don't swear. I mean. "Quinn Fabray." "Like I said… you are rubbing off on me." Quinn looked to Rachel with uncertain eyes and was only greeted with a shrug of the diva's shoulders.the Principal's office. Rachel. developments in your." Quinn pulled her head back. it is not the ideal time to swear out loud. She raised her head cautiously. "What did you do?" The blonde whispered. Pillsbury's office. Actually. she routinely went there under her own free will. "Please. "You rubbed off on me." Rachel turned her attention to the observing guidance councilor." She furrowed her brow. Apparently when the class is silent and writing notes. Once the redhead was done straightening the pens on her desk she noticed Quinn approach and waved her inside. is this meeting really necessary?" "Uh…well. "Ms. um.

I am most interested in y-you." Rachel opened her mouth to protest but she was cut off by Ms. Pillsbury. "Well. Last year. to find yourselves living with each other… sharing a house…close quarters?" Neither girl responded. Quinn. Quinn kept her eyes to the guidance councilor but cocked her head towards Rachel. "Scratch the last text I sent you about this weekend.lives." "So. former enemies and polar opposites on the perpetually torturous popularity scale. This is set up for both of you to be able to talk about things and your situation… However. things must be a little awkward for two individuals such as yourself. He asked me to elaborate and I told him that my fathers are in the process of acquiring custody and that your message was news that could very well jeopardize the well being and happiness of one of his students. you trying to get out of Figgins' office got us both in here?" Rachel pursed her lips together. "What exactly did you tell Figgins?" Ms. Don't you think? I mean. because of . this…talk…seems very well timed. Pillsbury's eyes shifted between the girls and she nervously swallowed whatever else she was going to say. "I told him my reaction to a very important message was understandable with our current and rather sensitive situation.

" Rachel winced in the awkwardness. if you would like to talk. unsure of what she was actually suppose to say. "I'm dating her. Pillsbury sat silently trying to figure out what she was suppose to say. "I see…so. okay…yeah.. "Uh…okay. "I guess. "Ms. Wouldn't you rather be here talking instead of his office? Some would…a few." . Finally.Rachel.… your parents. unable to tare her eyes away from the woman who was beginning to second guess herself. "I don't mean to be offensive but I think we are handling this well on our own." "Of course. Principal Figgins' office and out of potential trouble. background information on the… situation. it would be easier if I were to have." The room fell painfully silent." Quinn stared at her in silence. I am just here to help. we could discuss how this all happened…why you ended up with the Berry's. Doing so.last year and what had happened with your family. is…easier to do if I can. Pillsbury?" Rachel's voice almost seemed like a yell in the quiet office. like. You see? Like this out burst in class.. If I was to know what it was about I could have kept you our of Figgins'." This time it was Ms." Quinn just continued to stare expressionless. Quinn managed to point her finger to Rachel. if you can…If there is a problem later and I am needed. however.

he cares for you both. Rachel's dads took me in. he is in the position to inform Mr. "My…my mother was unable to cope with the discovery of my sexuality and kicked me out… again." . Doesn't he want to see you two happy?" Ms. They have been wonderful. "He…is…less concerned with Quinn's happiness. Pillsbury nodded her head in obvious agreement with the statement. And I do fear that he would.Rachel propped her elbow on the armrest and ran her fingers through her hair. "Finn is not happy with me for breaking up with him to date his ex-girlfriend." Ms. but we are worried because. impulsively tell Mr. perhaps. "However. She didn't know. they began the paper work to acquire custody. After a run in with my father at lunch. Pillsbury looked to both girls but Quinn's eyes fell to the floor." "Do…do you think Finn would do something like that? I mean. Fabray if he truly wished to see Quinn and I torn apart. well… my dad doesn't know I'm dating Rachel. understandably. glancing to Quinn for her decision. Fabray and think that it was his chance to reconnect with me. It should be final any day now." She turned to the brunette to continue. She and Finn had only talked maybe once all year and that conversation ended with him denting a locker with his fist.

or either of you two want to talk about…I'm here. "I really don't feel like repeating the things he said if they are no longer an accurate expression of his feelings. can do to leave?" Quinn nodded." She stood up and waited for the councilor to excuse them back to class."Has he said something to make you believe this? I mean. if I were . Well natured. well." The woman opened her mouth to press on but Rachel interrupted her. I find it difficult to believe that he would intentionally do something to jeopardize what you two…have… found. if there is ever anything you two. I am meeting with him tomorrow and I can get an accurate gage on his emotional stability in reference to our relationship. That's my job. if he takes you home. yourself." Both girls nodded their head and left the office but Quinn quickly returned. One of which is if he is a risk to your well being. She did. if…if my dad does back out on the custody swap…is there a way for me to fight his appeal?" "You mean. "Right. That is our background information. Finn is a good guy. Of which." "He has said some things…but I don't know if they still stand. "That depends on many things. physically. "Ms. is there anything you. Pillsbury. what I'm paid for.

but it is all up for interpretation. "Once I don't have to worry about your dad finding out about us. Just bad timing." "And once they are?" Rachel smiled. "I'm going to go and just act like a friend. I'll tell him I'm not interested. Honestly. he is your father and has legal rights. grabbing her hand as they walked. "What exactly did you say in class to get you sent to Figgins' office?" Rachel shied away. what do you want to do about Finn?" The diva shrugged." She warned as Quinn opened her mouth. I plan on taking you out to a . Until then." "It's not your fault really. If he tries be informed of. causing her to shut it again. I am truly sorry. That was battle she only wanted to fight if she had to. "I would rather not repeat the vulgarity that escaped my mouth in a moment of pure shock. So." Quinn nodded and left to catch up to Rachel. I'll try to avoid the topic until the papers are final. "With cases like that you could find yourself living with a relative or perhaps foster care…the judge may allow adoption in such an event. But I surely wasn't expecting all of this. I would be required by law to report it immediately." "Thank you.

panting and gasping for breaths during quick breaks between kisses. ." They laughed and Rachel pulled the cheerleader into the bathroom. smiling into the kiss as she swallowed Quinn's moans. Rachel droped her lips to the cheerleader's neck and Quinn looked to the and Finn can sit at home by himself and sulk." Rachel and Quinn both moaned as the diva slid two fingers into the moist heat and set a fast pace while rubbing her thumb to Quinn's clit. "What are you doing?" Rachel pressed her against the wall and kissed her passionately. "Best part about being kicked out of class…" Rachel commented as she trailed her hands up the back of Quinn's thigh to her ass and palming the flesh. "The teachers aren't expecting us back." She hooked a finger in the bottom of the cheerleader's spanks and ran it forward until she came to a rest between Quinn's thighs. hoping no one is already inside. reached over and locked it. "Have you no self-control? There could be someone in here. The blonde gasped as she felt Rachel pull the material away from her and slid a finger into her folds. The blonde ran her fingers into the dark tresses and pulled her deeper into the kiss.

The sounds echoed and amplified in the large. biting her bottom lip. She had no intention of stopping for anything. "Are you going to scream for the whole school to hear you?" Quinn pulled away from the kiss. empty tile restroom. and shook her head. Rachel sped up slightly. "Fuck…fuck…fuck…" Quinn was still sore from the other night but there was enough pleasure there to enjoy Rachel's impulses. "Oh. "Fuck…no…" Quinn bit down on her fingers trying to hold in her moans. Rachel moved the hand she had braced against the wall and cupped Quinn's face. More moans escaped the blonde's throat and Rachel sadistically laughed into the kiss. needing to taste her. . feeling Quinn nearing her edge. and returned her mouth to that sensitive spot on her neck. fuck…" Quinn dug her nails into Rachel's back and bit down on her shoulder as her muscles clamped around the diva's fingers. Rachel seemed to take pride in each moan and grunt that escaped and reverberated off the walls and began thrusting faster."Are you really wanting me to stop to find out?" Rachel asked teasingly as she entered a third finger. The blonde began to convulse and muffled her screams enough they came out as squeaks and squeals until the last wave passed and she managed breath again. pulling her into a kiss and shoving her tongue deep into her mouth.

"May I escort you to class?" The diva extended her hand for Quinn to take."I don't know what it is…but I just can't get enough of you." Rachel confessed resting her forehead to Quinn's. A happy cry." Quinn's voice was barely a whisper as she ran her hands through Rachel's hair. She felt herself slide to the edge of her emotional stability and begin to teeter. "And every time I have you…I just feel like crying. . What if Finn got pissed and told her dad? What if her mom let it slip? What if someone from school had parents that worked with her dad? What if he was shown the video of her and Rachel doing body shots? So much…too much. "I know. "Coast is clear." They stayed there kissing and smiling at each other until the bell rang. tormenting herself with what ifs. their panting falling in sync." "I know. She figured Rachel had already left with Finn and hoped everything was going well." ~/~/~/~/~/~ It was noon on Saturday by the time Quinn returned home from the additional Cheerio's practice Coach Sylvester had scheduled. It was only then that Rachel pulled away to see if the stalls were empty. There were so many things that could go wrong that she had spent all night awake." She joked. "I would love that.

but they barely pushed them away. allowing it to pull her from her unhappiness? How could she have heard that voice or that laugh and not found herself mesmerized by it's pureness? She had found it all now. Quinn could handle losing her Head Cheerleader title. sharing her bed. Quinn tried to drown out the negative thoughts with a long shower and fresh change of close. and it was far too much to lose. looking around at the room fearing it my be one of the last times she would see it. calling her names. Rachel Barbara Berry. he would send her away to one of those cultish religious schools to 'fix' her and she would probably never return to McKinley High School again. How did she never see the girl like she did now? How could she have spent so much time talking to her. and never realized how much she really meant to her? How could she have looked into those eyes and not seen the sensitive sweetheart who oozed concern and support? How could she have seen that smile and not lost herself in the brunette's positive nature. and the friends until after high school.She entered the house and went straight to her and Rachel's bedroom but stopped at the door. She knew she was being as overdramatic as Rachel typically was. but she couldn't stand the thought of never seeing Rachel for two years. berating her. but was not ignorant to the fact that if her father did find out she was dating a girl. Now she found herself .

There was minimal yelling by Coach Sylvester. and I am happy to say none of it was directed towards me. She often found herself there studying when Rachel was at one of her classes. "I thought I heard you get home.wandering the house in search of something to occupy her mind and time. But the house seemed barren. "Are you alright? You seem a little off?" Quinn's attention had been on the book shelf but now slowly moved to the concerned man as she nodded . The new routine is coming along nicely. That little light of life. How was practice?" He repositioned his glasses and pushed away from the computer as she entered the room." He took a moment to study her. lifeless without Rachel there. She took her seat and curled her legs up into the chair. Quinn poked her head into the office and found Joshua behind the desk typing away at the computer and she knocked. "I'm glad to head that. The office was probably the most formal room in the Berry house and that was only due to the walls of dark wooden bookshelves and dim lighting. noting the absence of a certain spark she always possessed. "It was good. But it still managed to feel inviting with large oversized chairs that Quinn loved to curl up in." Joshua smiled.

" Quinn sat silent for a moment. But you had the strength and courage to apologize and have been granted forgiveness. but I don't think I deserve your kind words. Everything has been building up for so long now. Even as you ran to your car I had respect for you. "Thank you. It has only grown since." The man's body language shift as if he were expecting her to say that. just waiting for it to come to a head for either good or bad. and maturity. right?" His comment caught her off guard. "From that first night that you ate dinner with us. still studying her. you know that. At the time. "You're a good kid. I knew who you were and everything that you had done to Rachel. "Just drained. I liked you. you may not have known who you were or even what you wanted. "Why not?" "I've done horrible things. grace." "We all have. emotionally. You have a strength unlike any I have seen. but when I saw you. processing the massive and probably most genuine compliment she had ever been paid. I liked you.lightly. So why do you still feel like you don't deserve my respect?" . but you were able to handle a very awkward and stressful situation with dignity." He nodded his head in understanding.

or had been. "The crying makes me vulnerable." She was fighting back years as she spoke." Quinn shook her head." Quinn's eyes snapped to his as fast as she . So she remained silent. she didn't have much of a reason to. She cried all the time. to comfort you. Quinn?" She nodded slowly." She didn't even realize she had spoken until her voice rang back in her ears. unsure of what to expect.She didn't know." "So. you never cried." She stated as she picked at the arm rest with her fingers." "No. it means she's weak. "I don't want people to see me cry. Lately. "Do you ever cry?" The question took her back more than anything else he had said earlier. Even after all those horrible things he said." Joshua tilted his head in concern. "May I ask you a question. She just didn't." "I cry. "I ask because of that day we took you to lunch and met your father. "Why not? That is when you should have someone there. if you see Rachel cry. There was so much built up that she hadn't dealt with yet. "Just not in front of people. "It's a weakness.

Do you believe the harder you cry. "So you hold it all in?…Tell me something. But you know what I discovered as I grew up?" Quinn shook her head." He smiled softly. Not a weakness. You have years of pent up emotion dying to get out…it needs out. But even as he finished speaking." He made it sound so easy.answered. Quinn was swallowing her emotions. "Yes. "My dad use to say 'tears are fine. when your eyes are dry… when you sneeze. Sobbing was a sign you were broken. the more broken you are?" Something about the way he said it made Quinn wonder if he had heard this all before. When Rachel cried she was hurt and needed to be comforted. She wasn't weak. You tear when you laugh. His father sounded a lot like hers. eager to hear what he had to say. She would deal with it later… ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ . There was too much pain there to be let out." She couldn't hold back her laugh. "I found out my father was full of shit. It was freeing. Tear production is a natural process. crying is not'. "I have never felt more relieved and less stressed than I did after my first big cry. she was wounded. "But it does for you?" She nodded impulsively.

Classes as good. no. He had noticed that she was avoiding the most obvious topic of all. being mean to you. is she?" "No. Wonderful." Not like he really wanted to anyway. the games she had gone to (even though it was to watch Quinn). Everything is good.Rachel and Finn's lunch was disastrous. She let him talk about football. Home is good. "Are you sure? She's not. and the glee assignment with Puck. All while she sat silently. Not at all. "But she is nothing like she use to be. "Everything is good. "Quinn and I are great. replying with minimal syllables and fake smiles. . the practices. "How are you and Quinn?" She pleaded that this would remain a civil conversation. some of his classes. or it would have been if it was a date." Rachel could have gushed about how wonderful Quinn has been but she saw Finn's jam clinch. "So how are things with you?" Rachel took her time chewing her last bite of food before answering. no." Her nervousness played through in her voice and he furrowed his brow. I understand the two of you haven't had an opportunity to talk. like." And quickly filled her mouth again.

" Rachel snapped. you know. It kept him talking until the arrived at the movies and gave her a topic she could honestly . "Do you?" "Yeah." She tried to ignore his choice of words to emphasis. "That's what she said. He is always coming to the restaurant I work at. "Yeah. She needed to change the topic. but fought the urge to say something. that she had cheated on me. I see her dad a lot."You know. Finn hesitated. taking another bite of his meal. it was going to be a disastrous movie as well. he said that he learned I was telling the truth when I said Quinn and I didn't have sex. and lied about the baby being mine." Rachel could tell he didn't really believe her." "She is too. "He said he was sorry that she put me through that kind of emotional pain. "How are things with your mom and Burt?" That did the trick. If things were already getting heated now." Rachel's breath caught and her heart began pounding in her chest as she searched his words and tone for any sign of a threat. You know he apologized to me?" Rachel's expression of shock was enough to urge him to continue.

Worst part about being short. It was logical. She had to pull it away from his firm grip and noticed the irritation her actions caused him. Rachel hesitated following him up to their seats and took a deep breath to calm herself. to pay for everything. Despite her best attempts. showing him she is serious about being only friends.and openly comment on as a concerned friend. then go home. best part about being there with Finn. a friend. he paid for both the meal and the tickets for the movie. Just get through the movie and go home. The movie theater was uncharacteristically busy and Rachel nearly got lost in the crowd. no talking. He wasn't touching her so she let it slide. Give him a little to keep him happy. she liked having the armrest anyway. . She insisted that she was more than capable of handling it and that it was inappropriate of him. but not enough to lead him on. No more than two and half hours and she would have completed the first step in maintaining a friendly relationship with Finn. Simple. She took her seat next to him and he draped his arm around her chair. Watch a movie. He grabbed her hand and guided her through the chaos and into their theater but never tried to relinquish her hand. He was a head taller than everyone else there and raced back to find her. He argued that it would be easier on the waiter not to split the bill and the movie theater was so busy that it was more convenient to buy both tickets at once.

"It appears so. Could be much worse. you know. .Could be better. He messes with you." Right on a well timed cue the movie started. He wasn't doing Rachel a favor by trying to pull her back to the heterosexual world." She texted Santana back. "They have become friends of mine as well. . She's…wanting to make sure you are behaving. it is Santana. he messes with me. New text. . xR "Friends? Do you really think the care about you?" . "Actually. "Do her henchmen always check up on you?" She heard him mumble under his breath.Tell him if he doesn't behave I'll kick his ass.How is your date going? xS "Who is it? Quinn checking up on you?" Finn asked leaning over to see as she pulled the phone away.She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. xS Rachel showed him Santana's reply." He shifted his weight and retracted his arm from her chair with the reminder that other people actually did approve of her and Quinn's relationship.

" He looked out across the yard and nodded his head. I hope that soon we will be able to speak openly and honestly as we once did without the awkwardness." She bit her lips between her teeth when he didn't respond and entered the house but the door caught before it closed. He still insisted upon opening her car door and escorting her up to her house. Then again. "Alright then. The only reminders that Finn was even there were the few times he tried to rest his hand on her shoulder or knee. He looked at her intently and stepped closer. I am . "This afternoon was a good beginning of rekindling our friendship. lowering his voice to a whisper. each of which she shrugged off and ignored. "I want to understand. When it ended he guided her out of the building by the hand but willingly released her when they emerged from the crowd. Maybe he was starting to understand. "Rachel. "Can we talk?" Was that not the whole point of this afternoon? "Uh." She opened it back up and Finn let himself inside. I will see you Monday at school. maybe not. sure.It was a horrible movie but it was a distraction from the awkward situation. His attempts became less persistent as the movie progressed." She closed the door behind him and they walked to the living room. not really hearing what she was saying.

How can you forget all those nights you said you cried yourself to sleep because of her? What about all those names she called you? Don't you remember all the pain she caused you." She opened the door again and stood in front of it so he couldn't shut it again. "Get out!" Joshua and Michael emerged from different rooms to see what was the batter but Finn's attention was pinned to the . Finn. now. "Rachel. And I think you should leave." Rachel raised her hand to stop him but he ignored her. "This is Quinn Fabray we are talking about. He followed and closed it.trying to understand. all she has ever done is hurt you. "People don't change. but I just can't see it." "She won't hurt me." She snapped and her voice rang through the house. I know you and how you are." Rachel quickly moved to the front door and opened it. but do you really think she can care for you like that?" "Finn. Rachel. The girl who hurt you-" "She's changed. You are one of the most forgiving and caring people I have ever met so I see where you might care for Quinn.

She does care for my daughter and hast lost so much for it. But she hasn't really lost anything. "Mr. "She lives with us. "She doesn't love you." Michael stepped forward. "And what about her family? Has she not lost them?" "She traded in an overly strict father and drunk mother for two caring parents who let her do pretty much . Berry. bitc-" "Don't you dare finish that sentence. She's the same person she was last year. manipulative. cold-hearted." Michael corrected him." Michael took another step closer to the tall boy. She was never tried to hide her guilt." Michael's eyes widened.blonde who froze on the stairs as her eyes met his. She's a lying. Eats with us. Mr. you don't know Quinn like I do. She has been nothing but open and honest with us. nor her regret. He pointed to her and looked to Rachel. She still has all the attention she could ever want. She is using-" "I know her better." "Excuse me. her popularity. Talks with us. Berry. She has told us everything she has done and why. "She still has her friends. Santana threatens anyone who tries to take it away.

I hated every date we had because it always ended in a fight or me feeling like I had wasted an evening I could have spent reorganizing my playbill collection. Rachel. had a very different reaction. slapped him across the face. I will no longer be interested in even a friendship with you. Not you… A friendship with you would make me happy. ever be interested in dating you again. Period! I am willing to be your friends and nothing more. Nothing more. I honestly don't care if Quinn is the same person she always was and turns around tomorrow and slushies me. If you really care about me. those are your choices. "Let me be very clear here. Let's just look at me and you.anything she wants including their daughter." She pushed him back across the yard to his car. you would want to see me happy. Take it or leave it. however." The room fell silent and unmoving until Michael found the strength to turn his back to the quarterback and return to his husband's side instead of punching Finn in the face. And she makes me happy." He stood there dumbfounded as Rachel stormed off in a fashion less like the diva and more like the HBIC attitude Quinn was known for. If you persist with your hurtful quest for vengeance against Quinn. She approached Finn. and pulled him out of the house. Take her out of the equation. I will never. closing the door behind them. "I was unhappy with you. fisted his shirt. She flung the door . Finn.

"Mr. We were planning on telling you at dinner tonight. He isn't going to do that. If he finds out he will stop the paperwork and send her away. He's going to say something. She threw her arms around the cheerleader who collapsed into her arms sobbing. "Quinn. no. "Rachel. "He's going to and slammed it shut behind her." He ." Joshua shook his head and pulled at Quinn until she sat up and looked to him. Rachel. "Tell who? Tell what?" Rachel ran her fingers through Quinn's hair and composed herself enough to answer. kicking it in her frustration. Fabray doesn't know Quinn is…that we are dating. She check the kitchen and the office before running up the stairs to her bedroom where she found her fathers kneeling in front of a hyperventilating blonde sitting on the bed. When I talked to you earlier I had just gotten an email from Mark. She rested her head against the cool surface calming her breath before turning around to an empty room." The brunette instantly teared but out of heart break for her girlfriend. our lawyer." Michael called for her and cleared her a path to Quinn. Finn sees him all the time and is upset enough that he…" "No. Everything is final. He's going to. Joshua looked to Rachel. It's okay. You aren't going anywhere.

what about Finn and glee?" Rachel shrugged her shoulders and pulled the blonde into another hug. "It's official?" She voice was scratchy and no more than a whisper. You don't have to worry about anything Finn might say to your dad. a slight smile played on her lips. I did my part." All three of the Berry's laughed.brushed her hair out of her face. So." "It's official?" She asked again for verification. He may be upset but I don't think he really wants to do something that drastic. Both men nodded and grinned. very good. "It's official…you're stuck with me. And there is always the hope that Finn will grow up between now and Sectionals. no more worrying…that is good. "Who cares." ~/~/~/~/~/~ "What are your fantasies? I mean. Schuster's problem now. Very. "You are all ours now." "What about. I really don't think he would anyway. Quinn turned to Rachel. "I hope I always will be. It's Mr. we have lived out a . kissing the top of her head. He nodded.

Time to play dirty. "I would just like to have a conversation with you that didn't turn into sex. wringing her hair dry with a second towel. Fine. I'm abusing you now?" Quinn shut the water off and stepped out of the shower. "Isn't this like emotional abuse or something?" "So. "It would be one thing if you were asking out of genuine curiosity. are simply wanting more sex and feel this would be the easier route to getting it. that's not fair. Maybe we could work on a few of yours now. but you." Quinn turned around in the shower to face the diva. This was a Rachel storm off just like any other. "To give you space." "Rachel." Rachel replied flatly. Rachel stepped out of the shower and wrapped herself in a towel." Busted. "Where are you going?" Quinn asked in annoyance. "I…I do." Rachel opened her mouth to rebut but Quinn quickly pecked her lips to .few of mine. Well. "I'm sorry I was wanting to be intimate. her brow already lowered. But! But I can't help you're so irresistible." Quinn's expression of disapproval was unwavering." The blonde felt a pang of guilt. it's not like it wasn't glaringly obvious.

" All the aggravation faded from Quinn's face. So…I want to take you out on a date. Baby. really love you lovin'.cut her off. I really. Because I do. "We have never officially been on a date and I would like to take you on one. . "A date?" Rachel nodded. "Ah! See. I just also like to talk with you…to cuddle…" "Quinn…" "Rachel…" "I'm trying to understand what you are saying. Quinn gently kissed her lips teasingly." Bingo! Quinn slowly allowed her smile to grow into a grin and wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck. "It's not that I don't want to be with you. causing her towel to fall to the ground." Rachel pointed out." Quinn scoffed and snatched the towel from Rachel's hands and covered her front with it. "Uh. Now I totally get it. "Well. And I really think I get it…maybe. But I'm having a really hard time taking this no sex thing seriously when you are standing in front of me naked. "Am I?" Rachel nodded. you're naked again. what should we do about that?" Quinn trailed her index finger down Rachel's neck and passed her collar bone to the top of the towel she was wrapped in.

" Quinn called from the bathroom causing Rachel to fumble with her button.The diva feigned innocence. "Language. Now hurry up. "Get dressed." . Rachel stood in shock. "And where are we going in such a hurry?" "My house. "Don't be a smart ass. "What?" Quinn ignored her question and Rachel left the bathroom indescribably frustrated." Rachel warned running her hands up and down the cheerleader's bare sides. so wee need to hurry if we are going to have time. allowing it to join hers on the floor." Rachel slid on her new jean. "Are you serious." Quinn pushed away from her girlfriend and turned her attention to the mirror. It doesn't look good on you. Her house? She thought this was her house now. This wasn't suppose to happen. "Talk?…Cuddle?…" Quinn hooked her finger in the towel and pulled it open. Quinn?" "Yes. "It's 3:30 and Mom gets off work at 5. Santana said they would show off her ass in ways her skirts never could." The blonde placed another light kiss to her lips before cupping her face and deepening it with the addition of her tongue.

" ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Tell me again why we had to park down the street but are walking up to the front door in broad daylight?" Quinn turned the key and pushed the door open for Rachel to enter. The two girls ignored Quinn's room and never remarked on the boxes stacked inside and continued to her parents room. I'm not allowed to be here anymore. met by Quinn's darkening hazel eyes. Rachel leaned against the door frame and locked . Remember. pushing the heavy door open. The hand on her ass. It is possible to sneak out but a car in the driveway is kind of a give away. My stuff is probably already packed up in boxes."Time for what?" Rachel threw on the nearest clean shirt and returned to the bathroom. If Rachel wasn't so turned on by the idea she may have objected. They could go to jail. The bed seemed to swallow her as she threw the comforter onto the ground. "Just in case she comes home early. "Time for you to fuck me…in their bed. guiding her up the stairs helped her forget the legal ramifications as well. All Rachel could see was the biggest four post bed she had ever seen and a very eager Quinn place herself on it." They were breaking and entering.

She was in the Fabray house… the bedroom of the most self-righteous and homophobic people in all of Lima. Rachel's mouth went dry at the sight. Needed to feel her. before pressing her tongue to the length of her slit. wet kisses up Quinn's legs. before lowering a hand down her abdomen until it disappeared between her thighs and she arched her back at the touch. sucking them clean in her mouth. Rachel found herself moving closer. The blonde removed her shorts and thong while Rachel gawked and shifted in her anticipation. revealing she wasn't wearing a bra. "Fuck. writhing in the mattress. parting them as she went. She removed the cheerleader's fingers. She needed Quinn. in their bed.onto Quinn's seductive gaze as she lifted her light cotton shirt over her head. stripping away her own clothes with each step. working the diva up. about to have sex with their youngest daughter. Quinn had some amazing fantasies. Quinn reclined back on the bed and slowly ran her hands over her breasts. Quinn gasped and then whimpered as Rachel's tongue flicked her clit. attempting to find sight of the blonde's busy fingers. "Rachel?" The brunette climbed the foot of the bed and trailed hot. By the time she removed her panties. they were soaked through. She moaned loudly. massaging them." Rachel couldn't wait. She ran her middle and index fingers through .

but they were the perfect size for Rachel's hands. The breasts her father use to say were Quinn's only flaw that might keep her from finding a suitable husband. . Fuck. "Rachel… please…" Rachel continued her torturous pace and kissed the inside of Quinn's thigh before turning her attention to her clit. Cheerleading had stunted them.the slickness and entered the girl. adding her ring finger and stretched her girlfriend wider. "Oh. yes. Her kisses reached Quinn's small breasts. Rachel loved that stomach. Baby. The stomach her mother had praised her on recovering after she shamed them by becoming pregnant. Just as slowly she swirled her tongue over the sensitive nub before gently sucking it between her lips. god. taking each into her mouth and Quinn's breath caught in her throat. "Please." Quinn grabbed hold of the diva's brown locks every time she halted her agonizingly slow pulses into her core. She replaced her tongue with light grazes of her thumb and trailed kisses over the cheerleader's toned stomach. smiling as the muscular walls gripped at her fingers in need. She waited until the blonde relaxed before she withdrew them completely." Quinn lifted her hips attempting to find the desired pressure but Rachel had come to know the blonde well and anticipated each buck of her hips which caught only air as she pulled away.

"I love you too." The words were whispered in Quinn's ears before Rachel kissed away the single tear that fell from the blonde's eye. soft and tender. Never again. "Yeah. yeah…" Rachel could feel her walls clamping down making it harder to move so she slammed her fingers in with more force. a need to have the other closed that was possible. they made all of the diva's problems and heart ache fade away. Her lips. "Fuck…yes…" Rachel sped up her rhythm again as her muscles burned from the pace. yeah." Their lips pressed together with passion and desire. were now Rachel's. her palm connecting with her clit. Rachel's lips caressed away past scars. "Yes! Rachel! Fuck!" The bed shook with the violent convulsions of Quinn's body and the windows rattled from her screams of . pressing into the brunette's hand. gentle. once busted and blood." Quinn wrapped her arms around Rachel's neck as she increased her pace and pressed more firmly with her thumb. "I love you. The blonde lifted off the mattress.She moved to the panting blonde's jaw line. With a single kiss. strong and defined. over and over while Quinn's nails dug into her back and yanked at her parents sheets. "I need you. Too many times had it been bruised by her father's angered fists.

Slam! Both girls held their breath until the hear the keys clang against the table. Rachel thought to herself as she and Quinn scrambled to get dressed. Quinn's eyes slammed shut again as her second orgasm wracked her body. Rachel's heart pounded as she stepped into the hallway and inched closer to the stairway. peering out of the bedroom door way for any sign of company approaching. Why did . Her deep moans of satisfaction pushed Rachel into her own and they shook together until exhaustion consumed them. Adrenaline is an amazing thing. "We…we can't fall asleep.ecstasy. Rachel never stopped her hand movements and could feel her girlfriend's body gripping again. "We need to get to my room." Quinn warned the panting brunette as she tucked her head under the cheerleader's chin. She was so aroused it wouldn't take much to push her over the edge." Quinn whispered. tracing her finger tips over the blonde's toned stomach muscles. "I know…but I can't move…" She could still feel light spasms of Quinn's muscles as she lay there. She lowered her free hand between her own legs.

She sprinted across her room on her tiptoes to the window pulling in shut behind her. shit…the comforter is still on the floor. Why did Quinn have to have a room on the second floor? The cheerleader's eyes had been glued to her father but now it was her turn. two." Thankfully. Quinn pushed her again. it didn't squeak before hoisting herself out and to the right of the window. three…then nothing. shifting to the opposite side of the window as Rachel. Fabray standing at the front door rummaging through the mail. They hadn't even thought of him. . Quinn pushed Rachel into her old room and behind the half opened door just as the oblivious man passed. Time to go. I'll be there in a minute.Quinn have to have the first bedroom? The brunette froze as she caught sight of Mr. Quinn peaked through the crack of the door and saw her father still reading his mail. Gently she pushed the window open praying. otherwise she would have never moved. "Oh. She counted: one step. "Go out the window." Quinn spoke into Rachel's ear. reading one of the few he still held onto as he took the first step up the stairs. Go. actually praying. The brunette nearly threw up. standing in the middle of the hallway. He placed some of the papers down. Then he moved…Further down the hallway towards his room.

so don't even go there. "No! But he looked really pissed as he passed the door. Thankfully the Fabray's enjoyed showing off the hot tub and large pool to their neighbors and never invested in a privacy fences." Quinn gave her the death flare. The brunette stole a quick glance in the window as she passed. witnessing a rather angry looking Mr. Fabray storm down the hallway. "Did he see you?" Quinn asked as the reached the car."How do we get down?" "There's a tree around the back here." Quinn motioned for Rachel to follow." He hands were shaking uncontrollably. "We need to hurry!" Both girls clambered to the tree. . nearly sliding down it to the ground before running through their neighbor's bushes." "There wouldn't have been any fear of someone seeing if you weren't so loud. slammed the doors shut and drove away quickly. You fucked me in the school parking for anyone walking by to see. "You and your fantasies…" "Whatever. Rachel hadn't been on the receiving end of that for a loooooong time and shut her mouth tightly.

let alone walking in on me. but never with fear of them finding out. I nearly threw up when he walked down the hallway right past us." Santana collapsed into the cushioned chair next to them. "I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight.~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "Ho-ly-shit!" You two have more balls than I do." Santana admitted. I mean. with a key. actually. I don't know. And again when Quinn mentioned the blankets were still on the floor." Rachel beamed at her accomplishment. "You got her off twice! Those sheets are going to be garbage. "Honestly. I'm going to be worrying that the cops are going to come and arrest us. and leave without stealing anything?" "I'm worried about that too." Quinn blushed uncontrollably. have sex. "You are my new hero. who else would break in. you know that? I have done it in their bed before. flabbergasted at the daredevils' description of their near escape." Rachel . how did you not shit yourself?" Rachel was laying with her head in Quinn's lap on the Latina's couch. "And! And!" The Latina chimed eagerly nearly falling out of her chair. It is obvious what happened in that bed and it would be fairly easy to guess who did it. "Berry.

"Uh. "An alibi for what. "They were here all day actually. what are your other deepest desires? I mean. Fabray almost caught them. "So." "Rachel said we can't do any more of mine. "I love your mom. Not that we couldn't do them. All I said was 'you and your fantasies'. "Just say you were here for the last few hours. "Well. San. right?" A short woman entered the room and gave Quinn an apologetic look in response. I told them that if he called the cops to tell them they were over here at the time." The older woman kissed her daughter on the forehead and exited the room." The shorter brunette scoffed and turned her face up to her girlfriend. well. you two have already knocked some out of the park." Her mother corrected her. Mi hija?" The trio froze." Santana offered. she and Berry went back to…get something Quinn has been wanting for a while and Mr. "I never said that. Give you an alibi. Q. You need to pace yourselves." . She's amazing. You know how Quinn's parents kicked her out again.confessed." Quinn gushed and Rachel nodded in agreement.

and adorable." "I'm sorry. And that's one of the reasons I love you. Mushy is cute. If she wants something all she has to do is not put out. Berry." Santana remarked as she left the room. Quinn has all the control in your relationship because you can't control your urges. now that is a hard one. "What are you doing?" Quinn asked nervously but . It's nice to be wanted and know it's only me that you want. It's not like I'm Noah and will sleep with anyone just to get off. "I know. and sexy is nice. I like having sex with my girlfriend. "What's better? Being mushy. But sexy is…just sexy." The blonde bent down and kissed the pouting lips." Santana smirked." "Ugh. "She has a point. "For someone who was so set on hanging on to her virginity. "Are we mushy?" Rachel asked playfully laying on her back to look up to Quinn who nodded. you really are a horndog. or being sexy?" "Oooh. if you two are going to be mushy you can leave." Rachel broke into a devious smile and eyed the door Santana had exited through before sitting up. sweet.Quinn rolled her eyes.

" The blonde smirked and shook her head in disbelief but ran her hands up Rachel's legs and rested them on her ass. "Actually. down to her collarbone and back. Keep going. "What the fuck? Dudes…" Rachel glanced over her shoulder and smiled to Santana as she reentered the room. Rachel ran the palms of her hands over her girlfriends neck. wait…don't stop. "What? She said not to stop. "Santana doesn't like it when we are mushy around her. The diva attacked the blonde's lips with eagerness. "Rachel…" She kissed a line over Quinn's jaw and licked the shell of her ear." Quinn blushed and turned her head away in embarrassment but Rachel seemed unphased and began kissing her neck. sucking her bottom lip into her mouth and nipping it before she released it." She slid her hands up to Quinn's breasts and kneaded them. straddling her lap. "So why should we?" . Quinn was losing herself in Rachel's touches and kisses and began to inch one hand up the back of her shirt. dropping her hands to the bottom of her shirt before wracking her nails along the blonde's stomach. Wonder what she would say if we were being sexy around her.interested as Rachel repositioned herself to sit facing Quinn.

"Fuck. "Because…because…um…" Her words failed her but her eyes opened when she heard Rachel moan.Quinn swallowed hard and licked her lips. "Yeah… Unfortunately. "Have you two worked out your jealousy issues yet?" Quinn nodded. It was so hot to watch as Rachel leaned back into the Latina's kiss and gasped with the light bite she delivered to the glistening skin." Santana laughed and backed away from the couple and took a seat in her chair again. "He hasn't said anything. Santana was standing behind the brunette and placed a heated kiss on the crook of her neck and massaged her shoulder with her hand. but Rachel wasn't seeming to mind Santana being there." ~/~/~/~/~ "It's weird. "So…" "…your mom is home. He hasn't even looked at ." Santana smirked before placing another kiss on Rachel's neck. She didn't really know if they had." Quinn stated staring across the cafeteria. resting her head back against the couch and shut her eyes. "What is?" Santana asked ignoring the blonde's distraction.

"Would you rather he did? Besides. Instead he was simply Finn." Santana followed Quinn's line of vision and rested on Finn who was happily eating lunch with some of the other football jocks. "Yeah. She had been expecting him to be pissy at least. but B is going out of town with her family and my mom will be home all weekend. trying to get a read on him. You two have. It didn't matter that it was totally unexpected. what do you have planned for this weekend?" Santana "I was thinking that we were overdue for a girls night. That was a good thing. Will you stop staring at him?" Quinn finally turned her attention away from Finn and down to her tray. "Just be thankful he has managed to go a week without doing something stupid. She's grown a backbone and is cool as hell while you have picked up her annoying habit of rambling and stalkerish tendencies. How do things look in the Berry House?" . it's not surprising after Berry said what she said to him." "Have we?" Quinn kept her eyes glued to the quarterback. or given me the death stare…nothing. "So. swapped personalities. It was all very strange. like." Quinn nodded. as if nothing had ever happened.

Q." Rachel nodded."Vacant." . I demand and explanation. "Santana was thinking about having a girl's night and your dads are out of town." She slammed her hand down on the table. So." Quinn turned to glare at the diva but Rachel ignored her. Joshua has some sort of business meeting to go to in Dayton and Michael went along to keep him company. I tell you. Fate seems to have played a hand. "This should have been planned from the moment you first found out." "In what?" Rachel asked as she set her tray down and kissed Quinn before she took her own seat. Rachel was unimpressed. you have plans all weekend?" Rachel beamed. "Because you would have insisted upon coming over every night and that would have interfered with my plans of sexual depravity." She pointed across the table to Rachel who looked a little confused. So it seems too perfect. "How come I am just hearing about this moment of time when all parents will be absent?" Santana asked pretending to be hurt." Cool as hell. keeping her eyes on Santana and allowing the moment of silence to pass. "Tonight is free. "See.

" Rachel snickered at the comment leaving Quinn lost and uneasy in this odd relationship the three of them had going on. "You can't be defeated if you weren't even allowed to play the game." Quinn complained genuinely. "Then it is set." Rachel informed her. The Latina laughed and stole a fry off of Rachel's tray. "I don't like feeling defeated. "This is just scary. "So I guess you wouldn't be up for any bondage then?" .Santana nodded her head in agreement. "You'd be out numbered anyway. Tonight we shall get drunk and have fun." "Do I not have a say in any of this?" Quinn asked shifting her eyes between the brunettes who refused to look at her as they shook their heads." "What is? That Berry and I actually get along or that you no longer have control?" "I always knew you were too much alike. I don't like not having control over at least myself." Rachel finally looked to Quinn with a serious expression on her face.

but I can honestly say. I was looking forward to hearing those details. "Are you frickin' serious?" Rachel burst into laughter at the pure shock on Quinn's face. that is not one of my fantasies. We still have another one in the kitchen. next time give me more than six hours notice if you want a decent selection of alcohol. "I may have my kinky moments. it was your girlfriend who forgot to grab them when her gay ass was thrown out of the house." Santana commented stealing another fry "Shut up. You are a bad enough influence on her as it is. "Hey. You can relax. "Damn. "Well. Berry?" Rachel pointed to the empty bottle on the coffee table." "But no shot glasses?" She rolled her eyes. Besides." ~~~/~~~\\\~~~/~~~\\\~~~ "You've let me down Santana.The blonde's jaw dropped and Santana covered her laugh with her hand. I figured we have all kissed ." The Latina took the bottle from Rachel and returned to her spot on the love seat." Quinn breathed a sigh of relief. so stop your bitching. "And how the hell did I do that.

"If I told you that…I would have to kill you and then Q would kill me." Quinn chimed entering the living room and taking the bottle from Rachel's hand. are you wearing Berry's shorts? Because those are so short I can see your ass cheeks. "Are you drunk already?" "If I'm not I will be soon. "Are you complaining?" "Not at all. sharing bottles is nothing. Does it bother you that I like looking at your girlfriends ass?" .each other. "Had to get out of that uniform." The Latina took a sip from the almost empty second bottle. "Here. And where is she?" "Right here." "How do you even get this stuff? You can't pass as twenty-one." Rachel grabbed Quinn around the waist and pulled her down to the couch next to her." Rachel furrowed her brow and stared at the brunette across the room." "Q. So. it is best that we just pretend it magically appeared via the Bourbon Bunny. Finish this one up with Blondie." She up ended the bottle again.

" Shit. she was getting on edge. They had talked about having a threesome again after their experience on Sunday and Quinn's thoughts on the topic had shifted slightly. "Good to see you two really have worked out your jealousy issues. Nothing would turn weird or awkward between them. "That was pretty hot wasn't it?" Santana smirked and nodded. Santana talking about it now. She and Quinn had already had sex so it wasn't anything new to their friendship.Rachel shook her head. It's understandable. "It could have been a hell of a lot hotter if my mom hadn't been home. Berry was ready to go and you were just about there. She was just about there now. It was her decision to make. Rachel wasn't going to push her. Between replaying her memories. "Can you go to the kitchen . Any chance of progressing from our heated moment last Sunday?" Rachel turned to Quinn and ran the back of her fingers up and down her neck. And Rachel had noticed." Rachel answered taking the bottle back from Quinn. waiting for her to respond. and Rachel's touching grazes on her neck. "You're human. Santana was the natural choice as the addition. The diva finished off the rest of the bottle and turned her attention to the Latina.

"Besides. knowing she understood what Rachel really wanted." The Latina slowly ran her hands up Quinn's arms. and began lifting the material but stopped.and get the last bottle?" She watched as Santana left the room. dropped her hands to the bottom or Rachel's shirt." She kissed the palm of Rachel hand and sucked her thumb into her mouth. "You two aren't the type to waste any time are you?" Santana asked standing in the entrance way before setting the bottle down and moving to stand behind Quinn. catching Rachel off guard. "I guess we should see if Berry really wont have issues sharing. "…okay…" Quinn moved to straddle Rachel's lap just as the brunette had done to her Sunday. drawing chill bumps as she went. This isn't anything new for me…just you. "Are you sure you're up for this?" Quinn turned her head to look at her girlfriend with darkening hazel eyes. This time it was Rachel who was wide-eyed and uncertain as Quinn worked her mouth against the sensitive skin of her neck and ran her hands over the diva's chest. She had been expecting a little more reluctance. I've been with both you and Santana." The blonde leaned back. time. When she reached Quinn's shoulders she kissed the . "Yes.

Rachel ran the palms of her hands up the back of Quinn's legs to where her ass was nearly hanging out of her shorts. and trailed her hands back down and intertwined their fingers when they met. She was fine with this." Rachel nodded in agreement and followed the seductive blonde as she led Santana up the stairs by the hand and into the guest room. Kissing Quinn's neck and suckling her earlobe. Santana watched Rachel's reaction from the corner of her eye and how her breath caught every time the blonde moaned. "The guest room. She quickly discarded the blonde's shirt and looked for Santana to join. The Latina ran her warm palms over the cheerleader's stomach as she moved to stand behind her once more. Our bedroom is our bedroom. kneading the flesh.soft skin. The blonde released Santana's hand so the Latina could sit on the bed and watch as she cupped Rachel's face and passionately kissed her. Once Rachel let her inhabitations go there was no stopping her. "So here or up stairs?" Quinn used Santana's embrace to balance her as she stood up from Rachel's lap. Santana worked over to the other side of the blonde's neck and lowered their conjoined hands to Quinn's shorts and massaged the sensitive area though the light material. massaging the diva's tongue with her own. teasingly inching one downward and the other up to the vacant breast as Rachel attached her mouth to the blonde's .

Four hands raced over her skin as Santana worked her breast and the diva began to feel light headed under the stimulation. The head cheerleader's hands roamed all over Rachel's bare skin." Santana guided the material down to the floor and let Quinn step out of them before trailing kisses upward. up and down her back. The blonde released the button on Santana's jeans and lowered the zipper before pushing her hand into the Latina's pants and ." The blonde gasped as Rachel bit down on her erect nipple before sucking it into her mouth. wracking nails over her torso. "oh…fuck…" "Not yet. "You are still a little overdressed. Rachel was getting impatient and moved the blonde to lay down on the bed. biting her plump bottom. nearly climbing on top of her until Santana's arm caught her around the waist and turned her around." Santana teased. Quinn's hands left Rachel's stomach and moved forward to begin to unhook Santana's belt while the Latina continued to explore Rachel's mouth with her tongue. open mouth kisses while Quinn unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.other small breast. cupping her ass." Santana lifted her shirt and bra over her head and attacked her lips with wet. running her fingers through the blonde curls under Quinn's shorts. then continuing up her back with hot kisses and licks of her tongue. "Now let's get you out of these shorts. "Playtime before business. Berry.

"Oh." Quinn writhed on top of her. The two cheerleader's were complete opposites. teasing her breasts with her left hand. Rachel was on the verge of losing her mind in desire. Rachel's hips bucked as the Latina's finger found her clit and pressed firmly against it. Rachel was having to concentrate as much as she could to remind herself to continue pleasuring the blonde's sensitive nub as she felt Santana enter a third finger into her and maintained a steady pace. running them high up on her thigh before sliding her finger through her damp folds. Santana's touch was much more rough than Quinn. Santana moaned into Rachel's mouth and the diva took this as indication to remove the rest of her clothing. Santana leaned forward to pepper Quinn's neck with kisses as she lowered her finger's to Rachel's entrance and thrust two deep inside. Clothes were now scattered all over the guestroom floor. massaging her own . Santana's thumb pressed heavily to Rachel's clit every time she thrust in deeper. As expected. fuck." Rachel positioned the blonde to sit above her face and allow her to tease her with her tongue. Quinn pulled Rachel back to lay on the bed and took control of her lips. Santana ran her hands over the diva's legs. She grasped at Quinn's body pulling her closer.massaging her mound through her panties. "Come here. The diva moan at the action and the vibrations sent a shiver up Quinn's spine.

and gasps of pleasure. vibrating her tongue against the blonde's clit while rocking into Santana as hard and as fast as she . She heard the Latina let out a deep moan and felt her nails dig into her thigh and the fingers inside her falter in rhythm slightly. Rachel shifted her leg and brought it up between Santana's thighs." Quinn commented with a laughter in her voice. The three of them filled the house with a mixture of loud moans. Even the Latina's rocks were sharp and forceful. "Looks like you are too." Rachel was well rehearsed on what Quinn wanted and flexed her tongue in a rippling motion over her clit and Quinn beamed a smile as she threw her head back." Rachel obliged. She rocked again harder than before and the Latina gasped and clutched tighter at the diva's leg. causing the Latina to gasp in approval as she began rocking against it. arching into the diva's beloved mouth." Rachel joked.breast. "Fuck. Rachel swirled her tongue around the blonde's clit once more before trying the trick she learned from Puck and sent the blonde into a quivering shake. Shut up and do that again. guttural grunts. "I think she's almost there. Rachel could feel the moist heat on her leg from Santana's movement and realized she was already getting close and rocked harder into her. "I agree.

"Shit. The blonde moved up to lay next to Rachel. Berry. gently ." Santana gasped for breath.FuuUck!" Rachel's toes curled and she shook the bed." The blonde quickened her pace until her arm burned from her efforts. "Holy fuck. flicking it with her tongue. Shit…you always find it. Fuck me. She was wanting to send them both over at the same time. continuing to writhe against the diva's leg. "Oh…hmmm…yeah…right there… fuck…Fuck!" Right on cue they both screamed their ecstasy at the top of their lungs and convulsed as Rachel smiled in her pride and slowed her pace with both her tongue and her leg. Quinn removed herself from Rachel's face and kissed a trail down her body. Quinn attacked the smaller girl's clit. allowing them to come down off of their high." Quinn pulsed her index finger inside. "Fucking right there. I'm gonna come." Quinn felt nails dig into her back as Santana neared her climax as well. Santana got the message and withdrew her fingers from the blonde's girlfriend. Baby. "Yes…yes…yes….fuck…fuck! Rachel…" Quinn's muscles contracted and she braced her self on the head board in front of her. curling it up to find the other spot that drove Rachel crazy.could. ohmygod…fuck…. Rachel fisted the blonde locks keeping her in place. "Ohmygod. gasping for breath with a massive smile on her face. "Oh Fuck! Yes!…Fuck me.

" Rachel smiled behind Quinn's back." Rachel noted as Quinn packed her Cheerio's bag for the next morning. what did you call it? Plans of sexual depravity. "Are you nervous about anything? Angry?" Quinn huffed and shook her head. and pulled the Latina to lay behind her." ~/~/~/~/~/~ It was Sunday afternoon and Santana had already left after Rachel managed to find the guts to threaten her if she interfered with her other plans. "I don't think I have seen you this tense in a long time. "You two…are long as it is legal this time. that I didn't sign up for. "That's another fantasy of mine down…next one will be yours…." Quinn wasn't following but decided her point would get across better if she just . "Maybe just this evening of. The Latina may have taken the threat well and laughed it off as she left the house.kissing her neck. At least not for that. "Time for sleep…because I can't use my legs…" Santana wrapped and arm around the blonde and her hand rested on Rachel's stomach. Anytime…you want to have some fun…just let me know…" Rachel laughed and kissed Quinn's forehead. but Quinn wasn't all that amused. "I have no plans.

are you still mad at me?" Quinn shook her head. "I have plans to take you out this afternoon. "Baby?…Quinn?…" She caught Quinn's hand as she walked by. So. huh? No fancy lunch or dinner?" ." "Casual. I only told Santana that so she wouldn't ruin the day with her mocking jokes. I don't want you to feel like that is the only reason why I want to date you or that you are just some thing to me. And we will leave when you are ready. get dressed. So. but I am working on controlling myself. I have been planning on it all week.kept quiet. I understood what you were saying about me always turning everything into sex." The blonde looked back up to her face and saw the seriousness in her eyes. "Something casual. pulling her girlfriend closer and wrapping her arms around her waist. "What?" "Will you look at me please?" Quinn glanced up to those deep brown eyes but dropped her gaze again when she caught sight of the diva's smirk. I love you and I want to take you out. "So…you actually are going to take me out on that date you were talking about?" Rachel smiled and nodded. I will admit that I am addicted to you. "Good. "I am. actually." She slapped the blonde on the ass.

Quinn wanted it more. What amazed Quinn the most. was knowing that now that Rachel wasn't pushing for sex. "Do you even have a license?" Rachel had never driven anywhere." The blonde hesitated. Rachel passed her and opened the passenger side door for her. She even had her dads drop her off at places if Quinn wasn't going. I actually do. Rachel was already standing at the front door with the car keys in her hand. The blonde shot her a questioning look ." She replied as she left the room for Quinn to get ready. just the two of us. Rachel always seemed like she was pushing for something. But now there was no pressure behind her words or actions.Rachel shook her head. Over the last few weeks. There was a calmness to the diva Quinn hadn't seen in a while. Normally sex. There is no one to impress today." Quinn retracted her slowly and exited the house. Casual. Maybe Rachel knew that… Quinn slipped into a pair of her jeans that Rachel praised for the way they hugged her curves. "Believe it or not. a simple tee-shirt. and a light jacket just in case. "I'm driving. Quinn reached for them but Rachel pulled them away. "Nope. This is just about me and you.

She was adorable. "That's sweet." Rachel was right. Quinn remained oblivious to where they were actually headed because she spent . the indicators. After which. So…you got your license just so you could drive me on this date?" Rachel blushed slightly and bit her lips between her teeth. though.and Rachel rolled her eyes and waved her hand for Quinn to get in. not Lil' Santana. the steering column. and the rearview mirror before even starting the car. just a very cautious driver. Quinn leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. "Where are we going?" "You shall see when we get there. She wasn't a bad drive. the side mirrors." Quinn smile and held back her laugh as Rachel took the next several minutes to adjust the driver's seat. and windshield whimpers systematically." The cheerleader nodded her head slowly." Quinn raised her eyebrow. "I am a perfectly safe driver. she checked the lights. She was Rachel Berry today. "When exactly did you get your license?" Rachel fastened her seat belt and waited for Quinn to do the same. "Dad took me while you were at cheerleading practice Thursday. "Okay.

Picnics were romantic and intimate and allowed the date to move at its own pace. and somewhere after that discussed. "A picnic. During that first day they had discussed worst dates and best dates. Baby. You are so sweet." Rachel motioned with a jerk of her head to exit the car and met Quinn near the trunk. the ideal date.the entire drive hiding her amused grin as Rachel literally counted out the three second complete stop at every stop sign and mentally calculated the distance between them and the cars in front of them. You remembered!" It took Quinn back to the first day of school when she went to Rachel's house for their glee assignment. There was no waiter constantly asking if the needed anything. Rachel took the keys in her hand and looked to Quinn for her approval of her driving skills." The diva felt herself blush even more as Quinn hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek. And . interrupting special moments. "But where are we?" "Come on. She popped it open and removed a blanket and a picnic basket. Quinn was even more in love with the brunette by the time they arrived at their destination and Rachel put the car in park and turned off the ignition then she thought was possible. The blonde sat for a few silent seconds beaming and shaking her head in Rachel's adorableness. "Oh my God. "You are so cute!" Rachel blushed deeper.

"I have never been here. I mean. we were partnered in glee and became friends in." "Yes. like. "We had our first kiss…drunken kiss the first weekend ." Rachel confirmed shifting the basket into the hand on the arm that the blanket was draped over and taking Quinn's hand in hers. I didn't know about it either. When Dad took me to practice for my test I noticed the parking spots and decided to investigate.movies were a horrible date to go to in Quinn's mind. How is it someone can grow up in a small town like this and never see all of it?" Rachel shook her head. "I don't know. a day. I followed the trails and found the ideal spot for our very first date…what. She wanted to talk to the person she was getting to know. guiding her through the trails at the park. not stare at a screen in dark silence…though there were bonuses to the darkness of movie theaters. "Of course I remembered. "Can you believe it has been that long? But then again…so much has happened in that time. three months into our relationship?" Quinn laughed and gripped the diva's hand in both of hers as they took a turn at a fork in the trail." Rachel nodded. It almost seems like it has been even longer.

I'm surprised no one seems to know about it. Rachel shook her head. But you also forgot to mention that we almost had the cops called on us." The brunette inhaled deeply. I was kicked out." "By the second weekend we were dating." Rachel blushed. "I honestly don't know. and you put Finn in his place. filed for custody. But here we are. And moved in with you." "Then your dads met mine." "Yep. They were very memorable events.. And your first attempt at getting into my pants. won custody.of school. "This place is beautiful. "It has been a very busy relationship. and restructured the popularity hierarchy of McKinley High School. "Yeah." Rachel set the basket down and spread the blanket out under a tree that sat on top of a little hill that overlooked a large pond." .." "How could I forget those things?" The blonde teased as the moved off of the trail. starred in a viral Youtube video.

" The blonde replaced the grape with a quick kiss on the diva's lips. I wanted nothing more than to hold you there forever. the more we can come here and not be interrupted." Quinn helped pull out the fresh fruit. I realized that I couldn't stand to live without you in my life when you rolled over. "I have known I liked you for a long time. and other little snacks. crackers. you ."I would like to keep it that way. "I am also very much in love with you. put your arm around me. and rested your head on my shoulder. but I knew I was in love with you the day you told me about your biggest fear. "The less people know about it. It wasn't because of what you said or that I could relate to it. "You look comfortable. turning her head to the side slightly. resting her head on Quinn's ankles and basking in the joy of having the cheerleader feed her grapes. "I am." The blonde smiled and blushed. And you know what else?" "What?" Quinn popped a kiwi slice into her mouth." The diva commented pulling Quinn down to sit next to her." "That is true. I literally lost my breath when you did that." "I actually figured it out before you. but I was too afraid to. "We wouldn't want that now would we?" She sat Indian style and Rachel laid down. Then again. "Do you know when I figured it out?" She shook her head.

" Quinn explained placing another grape to Rachel's lips. I figured it out that Saturday. Be with me. "When did you figure it out?" "You figured it out on a Monday after our first weekend of friendship." Quinn looked down to her girlfriend and furrowed her brow. but I still knew it." "That's funny. It gave me butterflies and the urge to kiss you again. I guess we .' Then I realized what it was I was actually thinking and freaked out myself." Rachel furrowed her brow. strong feelings for each other and it still took us a week to put it all together. "You telling me I was an amazing kisser twice in five minutes kinda helped with the feelings as well. It was after I had asked you what you were going to tell Finn." "Really?" Quinn nodded. He thought we were…well. I was driving my dads crazy so Dad insisted that I 'sort out what ever issue it was' that we had. I was just going to suck up my feelings and let them fester because I was afraid for you. I almost didn't even show up at your house that night. "When you freaked out and sat on the couch.had complications to deal with when it came to Finn. "Yeah. We knew we had feelings. My initial thought was 'If it's that bad don't worry about him. Granted…I was drowning in denial.

" Quinn nodded in agreement. Just think about it." "Kind of. If you hadn't caught Finn's attention. "But you are missing some people. "I was just hurt because I knew you wanted what I wanted. Santana to thank for making us kiss and pulling me out of my denial. And Joshua to thank for insisting you go to my house so we could work out our issues. But at the same time. in the back of my head. Schuester to thank for partnering us together. I would still be the bitch I use to be.were kind of fighting. "Though it is scary to think we would have missed out on this if one of those people had chosen to do something different. oblivious to how sweet you are. I sort of knew why you weren't pursuing it. Therefore. I would have never slept with Puck and never got pregnant." ." Quinn ran her fingers through Rachel's hair and let the dark locks fall from her fingers onto her lap. So we have Finn to thank for having a wandering eye and Puck to thank for impregnating me." "We have people to thank?" "Yeah. Then! We have Mr." "I never would have thought of it like that. Brittany to thank for pulling you out or yours." Rachel chuckled. It amazes me how many people we have to thank for our relationship though.

But now that the paper work is final we can always ask…" Quinn laughed hysterically. very strange concept." "So…I have my mom and my dad…and the tattooed freak to thank for finding my love with you? That is a very. "He would probably be speechless for the first time in his life. trying to explain how it is that he is the 'cause' of his daughter finding love with another girl. Wonder if they would see it that way?" "Uh…probably not." "But true." "You aren't pregnant are you?" ."Am I?" "Yeah. That means we wouldn't have had that first weekend together at all." Rachel added. "But true. "So…I have something to tell you. You would have still been living with Mercedes." Rachel smiled as she ran her hands up the cheerleader's legs behind her head. "I could imagine my dads face. If your dad hadn't had the affair with the tattooed freak your mother would have never asked you to come back home." Quinn sighed and caught her breath.

" Rachel shot up to her knees and smiled the biggest smile she could manage." Quinn shook her head at her girlfriend's cuteness again. "I have come up with a general plan…tentative. "Just checking.Quinn burst out laughing again. "Which I believe we still will be." "And…" "And…I'm looking at Fordham University." Quinn began shifting her weight indicating for Rachel to sit up. "If I can get in and we are still together. "You had me thinking when you said that you were having trouble re-writing your dream because you didn't know what I was wanting to do." Rachel nodded and smiled with eagerness. then yes. If I can get in-" "You will." Rachel shook her head. They have a campus not even a mile from Julliard. "Are you serious? You are coming with me?" "As long as everything works out…yeah. I am now planning on going to New York . But. "What? Not unless there is something you are needing to tell me. Which!" She cut Rachel off. what did you need to tell me?" "Well. anyway. but likely.

" Rachel lifted her head to look into Quinn's eyes. When they broke apart." The End! . "Are you planning on having your way with me right here? I thought you said the next fantasy to be fulfilled would be mine." Rachel nearly tackled the blonde with a kiss. "Are you saying you've never fantasized about having sex in public? I thought everyone has. Quinn traced her thumbs over the diva's perfect lips and down her neck. I have.with you. just like their first." Quinn agreed running her finger's through Rachel's hair. "I think that would be perfect for you. pushing the strands behind the diva's shoulder as she hovered above her." Rachel shifted her eyes around. deepening it in gratitude." "I think so too. "What are you going to study?" The diva asked moving her kisses down Quinn's neck and pushing her until she laid down on the blanket. "Luckily for you. "Social work." She leaned down and captured the blonde's lips in a lingering kiss. making sure they didn't have any unseen company.

Always Remember: Broadway .If you still want more…make sure you check out the sequel.

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