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A Report on

the Goblins of
Donald Findlay
The “People”
The dominant life forms on Gobheim are the goblins. Goblins are on
average four and a half feet tall and eighty-five pounds. They have green
warty skin, which is usually tattooed in spiral patterns that cover most of the
torso and arms. They have large pointy noses and ears and their legs and
arms are slightly disproportionate to each other. Goblins reproduce quickly
and quite often; which leads to fierce competition between the clans for
resources. The goblin social structure is dominated by the largest
toughest male who usually obtains the position of chief by challenging the
previous one to single combat. The chief is advised by the high priest of
Maglubiyet who advises on military policy and the high priest of Kurtulmak
who advises on non-military policy. There are no hard and fast social rules in
goblin culture other than to defer to those who are bigger than you and to do
your job. Those who disobey those simple rules are often killed by a
superior in a fit of rage or sacrificed to Maglubiyet. The goblins are possessed
of a pre-industrial black powder technology level and have been stuck there
for hundreds of years due primarily to the fact that in general they just aren’t
very bright. Other life forms on Gobheim are generally referred to as grots,
which are, domesticated non-food sources and squigs, which are,
domesticated food sources. Gobheim is a largely temperate planet with large
swathes of woodlands and prairies. The more technologically advanced
goblins live near the coasts while the further into the continents the more
backwards the technology goes. For the most part they rely on what they call
big grots to travel on dirt roads, other than that they use rivers and other
bodies of water as transport.
Average Goblin Male

Every goblin Carries a knife similar to this.

the larger and more ornate it is the higher the
rank of the bearer. they are often stolen
The goblin language written language is a set of thirty four runes whose
exact shape and meaning change slightly from region to region and to a
lesser extent clan to clan

This is an example of standard coastal clans written form of the god

Maglubiyet’s name.

The goblin spoken language in general is a very simplistic one.

An example of this
“outa ma way ya lanky grots es gunna gets a taste ah me boomstick!”.

The spoken language is a very violent language with over 90 ways to say
kill; and none for love but plenty for lust, which is often
accompanied by a wink and a nudge.
A Typical coastal goblin home not possessed of a
sound understanding of decay and gravity goblin
homes and buildings tend to be infested with rats
and insects as well as lot of different molds. They
are often dilapidated affairs and collapse and kill
their occupants on a regular basis. Even after a
collapse the materials are scavenged to build anew.
This is an Example of a big grot, which is ridden
similarly to a horse they are also attached to sleighs in
the northern climes and carts and wagons elsewhere.
It is also utilized in labor to move millstones when
grinding grains; they are also used for tilling fields.
And in a pinch they make decent food.
The gargantuan Squiggoth
Is the primary source of
meat for goblins. Squig-
goths are raised in herds
and are jealously guarded
by the clan that owns them
for they can generate a lot
of food and other


The Gud Rut is the primary vegetable

that the goblins eat. Its root is good
tasting especially in a mashed state
with squiggoth gravy. Its leaves when
chewed on act as a stimulant, which
makes it popular with the manual labor-
ers and soldiers.

The growler grot is the favorite pet of the goblin

race. It performs a guardian role in goblin
society and individual goblin families will often
raise packs of them to trade to others for
Oy Ya Lanky Grots !!
come ta kilkin field

Ta See
Kilkin V.S. Gork
IT’ll Be Da Best Burlin Ever!!
Clan Kilkin Crest