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Which network topology has the LEAST physical connections per host?

(A) The star topology
(B) The ring topology
(C) The bus topology
(D) The full-mesh topology

Which of the following supports the longest transmission distance?
(A) 1000Base-SX
(B) 10GBase-ER
(C) 10GBase-LR
(D) 10GBase-SR

. Which of the following allows Novell workstations to access files and printers hosted
on a Windows NT server ?

(A) Gateway Services for NetWare (GSNW)
(B) Client Services for NetWare (CSNW)
(C) File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW)
(D) Client for Microsoft Networks (CMN)

______ allows data sharing with external but authorized users?
(A) The Internet
(B) An intranet
(C) An extranet
(D) All of the above

When a break in the cable of a token ring network occurs, ______.?
(A) the network will revert to a token bus network
(B) the nodes downstream from the break will have no network connectivity
(C) the nodes upstream from the break will have no network connectivity
(D) the network will collapse

Which of the following workstations will be affected when a SINGLE link on a full-
mesh network fails ?
(A) The workstations directly connected to the failed link
(B) The workstations downstream from the failed link
(C) The workstations upstream from the failed link

3z • D. 802.5Mbps • B. 10BaseFL • C. 100BaseTX • B.11b • B. (D) All the workstations on the network (E) None of the workstations Which of the following provides name resolution on the Internet? (A) DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) (B) DNS (Domain Name Service) (C) WINS (Windows Internet Name Service) (D) NAT (Network Address Translation) Which of the following standards uses UTP cable? • A.2 • C.3u . 100BaseUX • D. At what speed is the network link operating? • A.3 Which of the following IEEE standards has the highest maximum transmissions speeds? • A. 10Base2 Which of the following networking standards specifies a maximum segment length of 100 meters? • A. 802. 802. 11Mbps Which of the following IEEE specifications does CSMA/CD relate to? • A. you notice that the network card in your system is operating at 10Mbps in half-duplex mode. 802.3xr • C. 10BaseT While troubleshooting a network connectivity problem. 2. 802. 802.3ae • B.5 • D. 10BaseFL • C. 10Base2 • B. 10Mbps • D. 10BaseYX • D. 802. 5Mbps • C. 802.

What kind of interface are you most likely to be dealing with? • A.) • A. UTP • B. The budget for the project is very tight.3xr • C. STP • C. Bus • C.3z • D. An underground wiring duct exists between the two buildings. RJ-11 connectors • E. Single mode fiber . Star • B. 802. Which of the following technologies would you use? (Choose two. RG-58 • B. Fiber-optic • B. The distance between the two buildings is 78 meters.3ae • B. FireWire • B. RJ-11 • D. USB • C. Ring • D. Which of the following cable types would you recommend? • A. 802. although there are concerns about using it because it also houses high- voltage electrical cables. Fiber Optic Which of the following IEEE standards has the highest maximum transmissions speeds? • A.You are tasked with specifying a way to connect two buildings across a parking lot. STP You are instructed by your manager to procure a cable with a Type A connector on one end.3u You have been employed to configure a 10Base2 network. and a Type B connector on the other. RG-62 • C. Thin coax • D. UTP • C. RG-58 cable Which of the following topology types offers the greatest amount of redundancy? • A. but your manager still wants you to specify the most suitable solution. 802. Mesh You have been called in to replace a faulty ST connector. T-connectors • D. Which of the following media types are you working with? • A. 802.

Shielded twisted pair • C. Category 5 UTP • D.) • A. Multimode fiber-optic • B. ST • C. RJ-45 • B. Which of the following might you purchase? (Choose two. What type of cable will you be using? . UTP • D.) • A. Multimode fiber Which of the following connectors is used with fiber-optic cable? (Choose three. 50 meters You are installing a 100BaseFX network and need to purchase connectors. you learn that you will be using the 1000BaseCX standard. 500 meters • C. SCSI You are troubleshooting a 10Base2 network and suspect that the maximum cable length has been exceeded. RG-58 • B. 500 meters What is the maximum cable length of a 10BaseT network? • A. 100 meters • D. you have been asked to select a cable that offers the most resistance to crosstalk. What is the maximum length of a 10BASE-2 network segment? • A. Category 4 UTP • C. 185 meters • B. MTRJ • D. LC You are implementing a new network. SC • B. 185 meters • D. Which of the following are you likely to choose? • A. 100 meters • C. F-type • C. BNC • D. Shielded mesh Which type of cable should be used in a 100BaseT network? • A. SC When designing a network. • D. 25 meters • B. From the network specifications.

Bus You are implementing a new network that will use 100BaseT with switches configured for full duplex. Mesh • D. STP • C. Single mode fiber-optic • D. Multimode fiber-optic ou are implementing a 100BaseT network. What is the maximum throughput that will be possible between two devices on the network? • A. 100Mbps . Multimode fiber • B. Single mode fiber • D. CoreXtended fiber Which of the following media types is used with the 802. 10Mbps • B. UTP • C.3 1000BaseSX standard? • A. Ring • B. 200Mbps • D. Coaxial • B. 20Mbps • C. Which logical topology does the network use? • A. Star • C. • A.