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Better Parenting

Public Workshop

Parenting is a process; parents change and grow to meet the needs of
Who should attend their children. For you the change is g r a d u a l.

Parents of children (1-18) The change can also be scary, difficult and confusing. Parents influence
their children's behavior and children affect parents' behavior.
This workshop will provide parents a perspective on their children's
17th January 2009, Saturday behavior. Children's behavior can be changed by changing parents'
own behavior.
10 AM to 4 PM
Program Benefits
 Build Self-Esteem in your child
Taj Deccan (next to Taj
Krishna), Banjara Hills,  Win Love and Respect of your Child
 Make your child want to learn

 Make your child want to listen to you
 Enable the child to grow into a happy person
Rs. 1,850 per person
Rs. 3,300 per couple Program Details
Includes registration, lunch,
The workshop will cover basic parenting concepts that are useful from
tea/coffee and handouts. the time children begin to talk through the teenage years.

 Parenting is Fun - Enjoying the parenting process

 Encouragement - Fosters self-esteem and builds trust
How to register? between parent and child
Call to register  Can Do (not Can't Do) - is a guidance technique that helps
Roy Joseph 994-844-5500 parents teach acceptable behavior.
Ravi Subramanian 986-655-2266  Empathy - Understand and appreciate the child's point of
Email  Effective Criticism - Providing feedback the right way
 True Education - Explore the object of true education

Methodology An interactive approach will be used to deliver the program. Chennai "Thanks a lot." These new tools can replace yelling.has more than 30 years of experience. He has conducted 15 workshops with parents of school children in Dubai.Benefits Success is measured in many ways. Play and also the CEO at LifeSkills India.500 003 Parag Deo 040-2772-2772 "Our students were greatly inspired. Sarma is a Principal Consultant at Merquri Work and doing. To know more about our training He has conducted several training programs at leading Indian companies. teachers. wholesome and beneficial." - Yogesh Bhosle . Many parents will be inspired to change the atmosphere in their homes. threatening. I came to understand the basic principles. Accolades for Sarma www. Swapnalok Complex children successfully… a marvelous program!" - Secunderabad . About Merquri Merquri Work and Play is a training and consulting company Facilitator that makes learning fun. For some participants acknowledging a new way to parent will be a tremendous accomplishment. Participants learn through  Talks  Interactions  Presentations by Participants  Games The workshop uses a blend of scholastic learning and experiential learning to make the program exciting. He spent 26 years at We believe people enjoy learning Batliboi and over the last 8 years has been training parents. "My mom/dad doesn't yell so much.merquri.Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan. and spanking. K S Sarma . intuitive and enriching. What I got from the session was really "Thank you for a nice workshop and for teaching us the art of raising 101. Parents' reliance on unhealthy alternatives can be reduced or eliminated. The teachers session was equally interesting." - Principal . Children may say. when it is fun and they learn by managers and leaders. programs contact His parenting skills workshops have helped many teachers and parents improve their relationships with children.