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Peter Albert


Ambitious. Motivated. Reliable.

Solid Educational Background
High standards. Critical mission.
The Department of Defense (DoD) relies upon the Air Education and Training Command
(AETC) and the subordinate Air University to support its unique education and training
mission with a highly qualified and knowledgeable academic support staff.

All Federal employees who support academic development missions for the DoD must attend
the AETC, Air University, professional development certification program.

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Accredited Curriculum Support.

AETC Air University graduates, are prepared to design and deliver the DoD’s core education
programs which are accredited, degree awarding courses recognized by the American Council
on Education, by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the North Central
Association of Colleges and Schools.

To meet accreditation standards, several pedagogical requirements must be met and
maintained, ensuring a programs educational quality.

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Instructional Design Certification.

At the completion of the AETC Instructional Development program, I was awarded an
Instructional Design Certification, certifying I was capable of designing and delivering the
accredited, degree awarding Air Force core education

To provide an indication of the depth of the profes-
sional development certification program, I am attach-
ing two documents that outline the Air Forces higher
education, organization structure and the standards
used to qualify Instructor Developers for duty.

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Continued Professional Development.

As evidence of my commitment to higher education development, I continued my career
advancement beyond the high standards set by AETC (outlined attached documents) and
pursued a Master Instructor Certification and a Technical Teaching Practicum that
demonstrated my abilities to design and deliver challenging curricula for adult learners.

These achievements demonstrate a high level of technical competency related to both
design and delivery of adult learner curriculums.
I am registered with the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) the governments distance learning
initiative, taking several classes preparing me to produce SCORM compliant distance learning (WBT)

To promote my continued development and remain connected with the
education industry, I am a member of American Society Training and Development (ASTD). I
contributed to a research article published in 2009 identifying social learning characteristics
between generational gaps. The paper is for sale on the ASTD website.

Peter Albert is a formally trained Instructional Designer. Resume Click Here Email: Phone:719.494.6478