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For a more crisp arc.V. Upon solidification and cooling. Arc force is a temporary increase of the output current during welding when the arc is too short. MMA Process MMA (Manual Metal Arc Welding) is one of several fusion Manual Metal Arc Welding processes for joining metals. a stick electrode also produces a covering for the arc and the molten pool with a protective shield of gas. FEATURES Arc Force Arc voltage (V) This prevents the electrode from sticking during welding. Base metal Solidified metal Metals at high temperatures tend to adversely react with elements in the air . with more penetration. Therefore. This shielding prevents or minimizes contact of the molten metal with air. set the knob to minimum (Rutile. If a short circuit does occur. The electrode consists of compressed graphite and alloys with a copper coating. it will be easy to remove the electrode from the work piece and the electrode gun and cable will remain undamaged. O. vapor. time after time. as well as a filler metal. It also enhances simple position welding making the job easier. It also serves as a safety device in protecting the operator. Hot Start provides excellent arc ignition without the electrode sticking and avoiding any metallurgical default in the weld. It makes use of a special electrode gun which directs a violent jet of compressed air on the electric arc area removing the molten material. Welding direction a strong metallurgical bond is created. . cast iron and copper alloys.C. and slag. The intense heat Coating Shielding atmosphere needed to melt the metals is produced by an electric arc. In order to produce an Welding current (A) Adjustable arc force control outstanding weld performance on a variety of electrodes (Rutile. metal at the joint between two parts is melted and caused to intermix with an intermediate molten filler metal.oxygen and nitrogen. in this case Electrode core provided by a Stick electrode. this helps ignite the arc quickly and reliably. This is called arc shielding. Arc Molten slag An arc is formed between the work and a stick electrode as Molten metal Solidified slag a current is conducted through them. Hot Start This is the temporary increase of the output current (0. Air arc gouging An industrial stick welder with adequate power and voltage load can be used to cut and perform surface removal. Basic). Basic or Cellulose) the Arc Force can be finely adjusted with a simple knob. To have a smooth arc with less spatter. This includes cutting grooves and removing cracks on steel. Arc Force Control Lincoln machines have been developed with special features to aid the welder in producing superior welds. By applying intense heat. set it to maximum.5s) during the start of a weld. This feature supports production with consistently excellent arc performance. Anti-sticking This electronic device minimizes the short circuit current in the event of the electrode sticking to the work piece for a prolonged period. This process is known as Air Carbon Arc Cutting or ARC AIR gouging.

. for excellent arc ignition. impact resistance: .Self releasing slag . to connect the machine everywhere • High reliability and low serviceability.Good start and restart behaviour 135S 150S Basic: all position low hydrogen electrodes BASO® 48SP .. 16A. . to use it on site applications • Lift TIG features.Arc force control for outstanding behaviour (150S & 170S) Stainless steel all position electrodes LIMAROSTA® (304L.Easy to use in vertical up welding . . • Low input voltage (230V-1ph).Excellent start and restart properties • Inverter technology.Highly resistant to intergranular corrosion • Rugged design for robust.Thermostatic protection . lightweight and portable .Line voltage compensation AROSTA® (304L.Light applications Applications • Small maintenance • Light construction • Light metal fabrication • Repair on site • Outside and work shop welding jobs • Hobby Applied material • Steel • Stainless steel • Thickness from 1.Very stable arc at low amperage • Excellent arc characteristics to weld all kind of electrodes up to 4mm BASO® G .Fan on demand .. to weld with max 4mm stick electrode. 309S. 316L.Excellent in pipe welding and construction .. 309S.Motor generator capability .Recessed control panel . input power to connect virtually everywhere .2 year warranty • Lift TIG device for occasional TIG application with valve torch. 316L.) . 170S Consumables Rutile: all position electrodes.Good impact values at -40°C .Excellent for site welding application with: . including vertical down OMNIA® 46 - Smaller diameters excellent for hobby application - Applicable for clean structural steel 170S PANTAFIX® .Highly resistant to porosity with: . • Low and medium amperage.) • 230V. to be absolutely sure the product will do the job! • Motor generator capability. to be able to use the machine everywhere.Hot Start. for occasional TIG welding Stick electrode features • For general purpose welding • All position • Easy to use • With excellent start and restart properties • Smooth weld appearance • Producing few spatters The Lincoln Solution Invertec® 135S. compact. single phase.5 to 7mm Equipment requirements • Excellent welding characteristics and user friendly features • Portability. 150S.

the product has to do the job! Stick electrode features • Good mechanical properties • Excellent X-ray weld quality • Medium and high recovery • Also Available in moisture resistant vacuum sealed packaging The Lincoln Solution Invertec® 270SX & 400SX / Rectifiers LINC405/635 & R3R600-I LINC 405-S(A) / LINC 635-S(A) Idealarc® R3R600-I 270SX 400SX • Excellent arc characteristics for a wide range of electrode type Consumables . application remarks have been given to ease the • Ammeter selection process. to be able to use the machine in the most hazardous environments • Motor generator capability.3 year warranty (2 year for Linc 405/635) .with adjustable Hot Start On the following pages you will find a summary of the available stick .3ph input connection (230/400V R3R600-I/LINC) .Recessed control panel . For every electrode mentioned electrodes in the summary. • Lightweight. basic and cellulose produced to support any application. for heavy duty applications • Digital display. This summary is just a small selection from a wide range • Welding capabilities on high recovery rutile. for precise settings and reading of the welding current • Portability and Maneuverability.Input voltage compensation .Motor generator capability • Rugged design . suitable for site applications • Reliability. portable • Easy maneuverability (R3R600-I/LINC) • 400V .with Arc force control electrodes.Heavy applications Applications • Pipeline • Shipbuilding • Heavy fabrication • Hardfacing • Plant construction • Process industry • Pressure vessels • Air-Arc gouging • Nuclear power station construction A ­ pplied material • Steel • Stainless steel • Limited Aluminium • Large thickness plates Equipment requirements • Excellent welding characteristics and high power output.

Product Application Chart Plate thickness (mm) Stainless Steel High Recovery Arc Gouge Technical specifications Power Input Power Welding Output Stick LIFT TIG Gou- Remote Hot Arc Amp Weight Dimensions source voltage technology output range current TIG Scratch ging Control Start Force Meter (KG) HxLxD (mm) (A) (A) @ 35% 135S 230V -1Ph Inverter 10 -120 120 (25%) n u No No 5.0 224x148x365 270SX 400V -3Ph Inverter 5 -270 270 n n l Yes Yes Yes 22 389x247x489 400SX 400V -3Ph Inverter 5 -400 400 n n l Yes Yes Yes 36 455x301x618 LINC 405-S 230/400V -3Ph Trans/rectifier 15-400 400 n u n l Preset Preset No 126 640x580x700 LINC 405-SA 230/400V -3Ph Trans/rectifier 15-400 400 n u n l Yes Yes Yes 126 640x580x700 LINC 635-S 230/400V -3Ph Trans/rectifier 15-670 670 n u n l Preset Preset No 150 640x580x700 LINC 635-SA 230/400V -3Ph Trans/rectifier 15-670 670 n u n l Yes Yes Yes 150 640x580x700 R3R 600-I 230/400V -3Ph Trans/rectifier 75-625 650 n u n l Yes Yes Yes 209 700x565x840 n Excellent uPossible l Option .7 224x148x365 170S 230V -1Ph Inverter 10 -160 160 n n Yes Yes Yes 8.6 224x148x315 150S 230V -1Ph Inverter 10 -140 140 (30%) n n Yes Yes Yes 7.

550ºC. Ferrod 135T-200T: 140 .5% Ni. 690 MPa. High recovery (160%). Stainless general application E308L-17 All except Carton Box + SRP Rutile/basic electrode for welding ASTM 304L. Limarosta® 312 Carton Box + SRP E 29 9 R 12 vertical down Excellent weldability and self releasing slag. good restriking. good CTOD. giving smooth bead appearance and easy slag release. SL®12G / SL®20G for 0. E7018-G-H4R All except Max. E316L-15 All except Basic electrode for welding ASTM 316L at low temperature applications (-196ºC). Omnia® 46 E6013 / E38 0 R 11 All positions Carton Box General purpose electrode. SL®19STC Carton Box + SRP E CrMo 1 B 32 H5 vertical down Bruscato X<15. Arosta® 316L Carton Box + SRP E19 12 3L R 12 vertical down High resistance to intergranular corrosion. Jungo® 316L Carton Box E19 12 3L B 42 vertical down Good weldability and smooth bead appearance. Stainless for improved corrosion resistance or Low Temperature applications E316L-16 All except Rutile/basic electrode. All except Basic electrode for low temperature steels. and for clad steel (Limarosta® 309Mo for 316 clad). Excellent weldability. E7018-1H4R All except Baso® G Carton Box + SRP Excellent for site welding applications. Nicro 60/20 Carton Box ENi Cr 22 Mo 9 Nb vertical down High resistance to hot cracking. high resistance to general pitting and stress corrosion. Applicable for "clean" structural steel. with very easy operation characteristics. Limarosta® 316L for welding ASTM 316L Dissimilar metals E309L-17 All except Carton Box + SRP Rutile/basic electrode for joining mild steel to stainless. SL®20STC for 2. Excellent arc characteristics. Conarc® 70G Carton Box + SRP E55 4 1Ni Mo B 32 H5 vertical down Very low hydrogen. E309Mo-26 Rutile/basic synthetic high recovery electrode for downhand fillets in shipbuilding. E42 2 B 53 H5 E7028 H4R 175% recovery for downhand filling. Nichroma 160 Downhand Carton Box + SRP E 23 12 2 R 53 High resistance to porosity on primed plate. excellent X-ray weld quality.200% recovery. Wearshield® ME (e) Carton Box E Fe14 horizontal/vertical Suitable for combination of abrasion and impact up to 600ºC.and X-welds. very good impact values. Excellent arc characteristics. Arosta® 4439 E18 16 5 NL L B 22 Carton Box vertical down High resistance to pitting. easy slag release.25Cr 1 Mo steels. Reliable impact toughness. Your Lincoln Electric Distributor : LEE B0001 08/09 www. Kryo® 2/3: 1. Limarosta® 309S E23 12 L R 32 vertical down + Linc CanTM Self releasing slag. High welding current. E8018-B2-H4 All except Same as SL19G. (root passes in HY100 steel). E8018-W2-H4R All except Conarc® 55CT SRP For weather resistant (CorTen) steel. E46 3 B 32 H10 vertical down E7018-1 All except Lincoln 7018-1 Carton Box General purpose electrode. Suitable for dissimilar joints. Smooth weld appearance. smooth weld appearance. Recommended for bridging wide gaps.and X-welds. intergranular. E10-UM-60-GRZ Downhand + Mix of chromium carbides and austenite. E42 5 B 32 H5 vertical down Basic electrodes for high toughness/higher strength steels E7018-1H4R All except Offshore electrode when Ni-alloying is not allowed. glassy slag. high C steels). Jungo® 304L for welding ASTM 304L. Easy slag release and good weld appearance.lincolnelectric. Complete fusion in open root passes. rusted plate. Limarosta® 304L E19 9 L R 12 vertical down + Linc CanTM High resistance to porosity. Excellent weldability. Wearshield® MM Carton Box E Fe2 vertical down good restriking and low spatter. E312-17 All except Rutile/basic electrode for welding difficult-to-weld steels (armour plate. Ni base alloys steels ENiCrMo-3 All except Basic electrode with extreme high resistance to general. dirty. Conarc® 80/85: steels with a specified minimum yield strenght of max. giving high impact toughness. Extreme low hydrogen (<3). Kryo® 1 Carton Box + SRP E50 6 Mn1Ni B 32 H5 vertical down Excellent impact and good CTOD.5/2. intergranular and stress corrosion. Basic electrodes general application E7018-H4R All except Conarc® 49 Carton Box For thicker plate. mild abrasion. Good weldability and impact at -20ºC. but specially designed to meet step cool requirements. complete slag coverage and low spatter. Nyloid 2 ENiCrMo-6 SRP vertical down 150% recovery Gives efficient welding.57 Rc. Conarc® V180 Downhand Carton Box + SRP E42 4 B 73 H5 excellent X-ray quality. Hardfacing E2-UM-55-G All except Crack free martensitic wear resistant deposit.25Cr 1Mo steel. SL®19G Carton Box + SRP E CrMo 1 B 32 H5 vertical down max. E46 5 Z Mn 1 Ni B 32 H5 vertical down E9018-G-H4 All except For steels with a specified minimum yield strength up to 550 MPa. Stainless for specific high alloy steels E2209-16 All except Arosta® 4462 SRP Rutile/basic electrode for 22% duplex steel. Arosta® 304L for welding ASTM 304L. 55 . Designed for optimum colour match. E22 9 3 NL R 32 vertical down All except Rutile/basic electrode for full austenitic stainless steels. E42 3 B 15 H10 E7018-1 H8 All except Baso® 48SP Carton Box Excellent start/restart properties. E42 4 B 22 H5 vertical down E7028 H4R Conarc® L150 Downhand Carton Box + SRP 160% recovery for standing fillets and horizontal V. Suitable for sliding. rolling and metal to metal wear. Good for pipe welding. pitting. service temp. stable arc also at low current.Consumable data Product AWS/EN Welding positions Packaging Application remarks Rutile electrodes Supra® E6012 / E38 0 RC 11 All positions Carton Box Excellent for welding on painted. Specially for 9% Ni steel (linear expansion). crevice and stress corrosion cracking. giving mirror like bead appearance and self releasing slag. Conarc V250: 245% recovery. can be used on ceramic backing. For fillet welds and horizontal V. E46 3 B 32 H5 vertical down E7048 H8 Baso® 26V Vertical down Carton Box Vertical down welding in shipbuilding. very good and reliable Conarc® 49C Carton Box + SRP E46 4 B 32 H5 vertical down impact/CTOD properties. Basic electrodes for creep resistant steels E8018-B2-H4 All except Basic very low hydrogen electrode for welding 1Cr 0.5Mo creep resistant steels. 1% Ni electrode with extreme low hydrogen: workhorse of offshore industry.5Mo / . very high welding speed. Very low hydrogen content. Ferrod 160T E7024 / E42 0 RR 73 Downhand Carton Box self releasing slag.