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25th Forging Industry Technical Conference

Increased Productivity and
Cost Reduction Through
Research & Applied
April 19-21, 2004
Detroit Marriott
Renaissance Center
Detroit, Michigan

Bonus Session -
Fundamentals 101
for the
Forge Shop
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. Inc.Observations by the FIERF Professor. Firth Rixson Viking.m. Chairman. Chet Van Tyne. Leuliette. Continental Breakfast 8:30 a. April 19. Robert Swope.7:00 p. 2004 7:00 .11:00 p.. FIERF Integrator. Sessions Begin 8:40 . Keynote Address: Timothy D. Registration 6:00 .. Research & Education Initiatives in the Forging Industry to Increase Productivity & Reduce Costs. Walker Forge. all participants welcome and invited Welcome .m. FIERF Professor.m. OSU Center for Excellence in Forging Technology 9:15 . Bonus Education Session! FIA Defense Manufacturing Consortium’s “Fundamentals 101 For The Forge Shop” - e Workshop Space is limited .9:15 a. April 20.m. Vice Chairman. Ken Phillips.m.4:30 p. Chief Engineer.m.8:30 a. FIERF President John Nowak. Colorado School of Mines . President & CEO of Metaldyne Tuesday.m. Opening Banquet .register early to attend! (See Page 6) Fre 6:00 . 2004 11:00 a.7:30 p. Table Top Exhibits Open/Reception 7:00 . Technical Conference Chair..m.m. Recent Forging Developments in North American Universities and in Korea -. 25th Forging Industry Technical Conference Increased Productivity and Cost Reduction Through Research & Applied Technology Monday. .9:45 a..

High Speed Milling of Hardened Die Materials.1:25 p. Durability Comparison and Life Prediction of Competing Manufacturing Processes: An Experimental Study of Steering Knuckles. University of Toledo 1:50 .11:30 a. Improving Energy Efficiency in Forging and Heat Treating Furnaces. Bret Hopkins. E3M.2:40 p. Hui Lu.m.m.m. Tzyy-Shuh Chang.11:55 a. 10:10 . Department of Energy Resources to Improve Industrial Competitiveness. In-Line Surface Defect Detection in Special Quality Bars. Osterman. Ali Fatemi. Oakridge National Lab.m. Linn B. Inc. Application of Rapid Infrared Heating to Aluminum Forgings.m. Program Manager.m. American Iron & Steel Institute Bar and Rod Program Market Development Group 1:25 .m.11:05 a.m.10:10 a. Break 3:00 .3:25 p. The Timken Corporation.2:15 p.m. OG Technologies. Arvind Thekdi. Joint Industry Technology Transfer Leads to Increased Use of Forgings in the Automotive Industry.1:50 p. BREAK 10:40 . Makino .m. Northeastern University 11:05 .m. Inc.10:40 a.m.Opportunities for FIA Members. Lunch MATERIALS 1:00 . FIA/FIERF 11:55 a. Peter Angelini. New Arc Free High Speed EDMing Reduces Tooling Costs and Increases Die Life.3:00 p. Marty Hausermann. 2:40 . Hausermann Die & Machine Co. Metals-Processing Laboratory Users Facility (MPLUS) . TOOLING 2:15 . George Mochnal. ENERGY 9:45 . Metals-Processing Laboratory Users Facility 11:30 .

Schmid. Ohio State University 8:55 .8:55 a. Rajiv Shivpuri.3:50 p.m.m.m.m. MI 4:40 . Dale Hutchinson. Roger Rees.m.m.m. Flashless Precision Forging Using a Double Acting Die Former. Fraser. Advanced Tribological Models for Variable Friction and Heat-Transfer.4:15 p.m. Improving the Performance of Forging Tools .3:25 . Innovative Die Material and Lubrication Strategies. Reception/Student Poster Session/Table Top Exhibits Wednesday. 5:05 p.8:30 a. Vince Adkar. Adjourn 5:30 .9:20 a.m. ThyssenKrupp Specialty Steels 3:50 .8:00 a. Session Begins LUBRICATION 8:05 . Continental Breakfast/Table Top Exhibits 8:00 a. Acheson Colloids Company 9:20 .A Case Study.5:05 p. SMS Eumuco Inc. Break . April 21.6:30 p. Process Optimization Through Proper Application of Process Die Lubricants. Steven R. Metaldyne Forging Operations.4:40 p. Application of Component Evaluation Techniques to the Design and Manufacture of RSP Tooling for Broken or Worn Forged Components. University of Notre Dame 8:30 .m.m. John Frater. Cleveland State University 4:15 . Carola Sekreter.9:45 a. Integrated Tool Tracking System for Multi-Station Presses. 2004 7:00 .m.

11:50 a.10:35 a. Metallurgists. Jon D.m. In-Line Measurement & Process Monitoring.m.m. Who should attend? Forging Industry CEO’s. Optimization of the Ring Gear Forging Process. PRO-FORGE: Installing the Forging Design and Acquisition Processes within an OEM. OG Technologies 10:35 . SmartsmithTM Integration Case Study. . Tirpak.m. academic and research community leaders.11:25 a. Proceedings: Proceedings will be distributed at the conference on CD-ROM. Chiesa. Sandia National Labs 10:10 . Professors and Principals from the Research Community and associated Government Agencies are encouraged to attend this conference. Using Modeling and Simulation to Optimize Forged Material Properties. Jay Gunasekera. Ohio University 11:00 . Plant Managers. PROCESS OPTIMIZATION 9:45 .10:10 a. Sikorsky Aircraft Company. Forging Defense Manufacturing Consortium Noon Conference Adjourns The conference will showcase advances being made in technology applications and research that will offer opportunities for future improvements presented by industry. Michael L.11:00 a. Paper copies of presentations will not be available on site. Technology Directors and Managers. Computer-Aided Production Flow Analysis for Production Lead Time Reduction in Custom Forge Shops - A Case Study. Shahrukh A. Frank Tsai. Irani. Plant and Chief Engineers. The Ohio State University 11:25 .m. Bill Harris. Engineering Managers.

FDMC. . • Buyers need to know that their forging suppliers’ equipment and processes are capable of satisfying the terms of the purchase order. Concepts of energy. FIA and Scientific Forming Technologies Corporation.4:30 p. Registration is free. Applications to forging equipment. • Forgers need to know they are truly capable of producing the orders they quote. Topics include: • Mechanical. first-serve basis. generally filled with ‘war stories’. (prior to opening of the Technical Conference) The forging process is inherently complex. producing and inspecting forgings • Designers need to know how their designs are affected by forging fundamentals and vice versa. • Quality assurance representatives need to understand first principles that drive the forging process and results thereof. • Additionally.m. work. power. adiabatic heating. buying. designers and engineers learn the process through years of experience. This workshop will present the science of the forging process to forgers in a straight-forward and simplified manner. 2004 11:00 a. forging process educators could sharpen their teaching skills and knowledge. Fundamentals 101 for the Forge Shop Monday April 19. . Physical & Thermal and Contact Fundamentals • Forging equipment • Forging die failures • Forging process defects Who Should Attend? Workshop is tailored for those responsible for designing. but space is limited! Workshop registration will be accepted on a first-come. friction.m. Use Technical Conference Registration Form (selecting Forging Fundamentals 101 option) to attend both the Technical Conference and this bonus educational session sponsored by The Defense Logistics Agency. The objective of this class is to clarify the fundamentals of the forging process for attendees ranging from experienced designers and managers to young engineers and manufacturing personnel. stress and strain will be described without the use of calculus. materials and processes will be included to close the loop. Forging managers.

Sleeping room reservations must be made by individual attendees directly with Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center reservations at 1(800)352-0831. Hotel reservations must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. . 50% through April 15th and no refund thereafter. 2004. 1st Company Registrant 2nd and Additional Company Registrants FIA Member $595 $550 Non-Members $695 $650 Government Employee Rate $250 $250 Accompanying guest (opening reception and dinner only) $70 Conference Fees include all costs associated with the business program and the meeting proceedings on CD-ROM. Follow Jefferson Avenue East. Check-in time is 3:00 p.00 ask for Forging Industry Technical Conference rate. Reservations received after March 29th will be accepted on a space available basis at the group rate. Hotel Reservations Rooms are blocked for the Forging Industry Technical Conference on a guaranteed basis through March 29. and check-out time is 12 noon. Please call Connie Long @ FIA Headquarters. 216-781-6260 for any further questions about the conference.Conference Registration Fee The Conference registration form should be completed and returned with the conference fee by March 29.) which becomes Jefferson Avenue. Hotel and travel costs are not included. The Hotel is 1/2 mile on the right in the Renaissance Center Complex. opening reception and dinner. To receive the group rate of $139.m. Substitutions are allowed. hotel or registration. The hotel bill is to be paid at the time of departure. plus lunch and breakfast meals inclusive to the conference. Cancellation Confirmed conference registrations may be cancelled and will be refunded as follows: 100% through April 13th. Travel to Hotel From Detroit Metropolitan Airport: Take I-94 East to Michigan 10 South (Lodge Frwy. Table Top Exhibits Cost per 8’ x 30” table top Member Non Member $995 $1195 { includes 1 conference registration additional persons at above published rates Call FIA for further details. 2004 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Hotel.

Co-Chair James Mazzoli. Prospect Avenue Suite 300 Cleveland. Chair Robert Kearney. through research grants. Pat Burke. SIFCO Industries Tom Oberg. Cooper Tools Shuh Chang. Metaldyne FIERF supports and fosters technological advances in the forging industry through university education programs. Metalist International Nitin Doijad. Fox Valley Forge Haydn Garrett. Finkl & Sons Mike Gill. FIA/FIERF 25 W. government agencies and the forging industry. Firth Rixson Viking. OH 44115-1040 Phone: 216-781-6260 FAX 216-781-0102 e-mail: connie@forging. Commercial Forged Products Ken Eakin. Erie Press Systems Murali Bhupatiraju. by increasing communication and cooperation between . American Axle & Manufacturing Charles Crout. ThyssenKrupp Specialty Steels Dale McCartney. Scot Forge Co. LASCO Engineering Services Eric Vrsansky. A. Metaldyne William Michaud. OG Technologies John Pale. Forging Developments George Pirics. Turbine Engine Components. SMS Eumuco Hasenclever Elgin Shupert. Special thanks to the FIA Technical Committee for development of the Conference: Ken Phillips. and providing collaborative research facilitation. Gulf Coast Machine Vince Adkar. Ellwood Quality Steels Al Underys.

first serve basis) Table Top Fee Cost per 8’ table Member ( ) $995 Non Member ( ) $1195 { includes 1 conference registration additional persons at above published rates Form of Payment ( ) VISA ( ) Master Card ( ) AMEX#_____________________________Expiration Date_________Authorized Signature _________ ( ) Check enclosed (Make checks payable to FIERF in U. Please note any special requests regarding meals or room requirements: __________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Return to: Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation 25 W. Reservations at the forging industry conference rate of $139. Suite 300. Funds drawn on a U.“Fundamentals 101 For the Forge Shop” . Detroit. CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FORM Increased Productivity R and Cost Reduction 25th Forging Industry Technical Conference Ma egist rch er Through Research & Detroit Marriott Renaissance . Bank) Hotel Reservations Reservations for this event will be made by individual attendees directly with the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center reservations at 1 (800) 352-0831.00/S/D must be received on or before March 29. Cleveland. OH 44115 Phone: 216-781-6260 FAX: 216-781-0102 E-Mail: connie@forging. Michigan 29 By Applied Technology .(See Page 6) Register Please check (Registration is free. 20 04 April 19-21. but space is limited! Workshop registration will be accepted on a first-come.S.S. 2004. Prospect Avenue. ___________________ Zip/Code ____________ Phone __________________________ Fax ____________________________ E-Mail ______________________________________ Conference Registration Fee 1st Company Registrant 2nd and additional Company Registrant Member ( ) $595 ( ) $550 Non Member ( ) $695 ( ) $650 Government Rate ( ) $250 ( ) $70 Accompanying guest at reception and opening dinner Name__________________________________________________________ Bonus Session! . 2004 Name ________________________________Address ______________________________________ Nickname _______________ Name ________________________________Address ______________________________________ Nickname _______________ Company ___________________________________________________ State/Prov.