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News Release January 29, 2011

NPA Amazon abandoned by her comrades in Davao del Sur

“We are fighting for the rights of the people!”, “AFP “Berdugo”, “Human Rights Violators”-
These are the lines of propaganda from “people” yelling on the streets.

At all times, they condemn the government and the Armed Forces of this country. They are
always antipathetic to the present administration.

Ironically, they are claiming that they are true protectors of the people’s rights.

Have you heard them crying for justice for those victimized by the Communist Party of the
Philippines? Who cries for Datu Ramon Danwata’s true justice? Who cries justice for Ka
Jimar and Ka Sadam? They are also victims of the cruelty CPP/NPA. Who cares for Ka
Emma in prison?

Two people were killed because of the vested interest of CPP/NPA leaders. Now, where are
their leaders anyway?

Last January 8, 2011, Datu Ramon Danwata, a Brgy Tribal Chieftain of Brgy. Datu Danwata,
Malita, Davao del Sur was murdered by the NPA. Danwata is a persistent public servant and
political leader. He served for 12 years as Brgy Captain of Brgy Datu Danwata, followed by
his 9 years term as the town councilor of Malita, Davao del Sur. He served again his dearest
land, Brgy Datu Danwata as Brgy Captain, 3 years now until he was brutally murdered.

His life ended when NPA rebels under Local Terrorist Front (LTF) 71, murdered the Datu
inside their house in front of his family. The whole Malita town and the whole Tagacaulo
tribe mourn and hope for true justice for the ruthless killing of their beloved leader.

In the morning of January 26, 2011 the soldiers, who were implementing the Peace and
Development Outreach Program in the area, were informed by the people on the locations
of the same group of NPA responsible for Datu Danwata’s untimely death. Trained and
effective in manoeuvring, the government troops were able to engage them.

Unfortunately, two of the NPA members were killed while one amazon was rescued by the
soldiers. The cadavers were identified as Perjelio Bautista, a.k.a “Sadam” team leader of
Platoon 1, LTF 71 and Jimboy Liwantang Dayagan a.k.a Jemar. Jimboy was positively
identified by her grieving mother.

The rescued amazon was identified as Delie D. Lumayas, a.k.a. “Emma”, 18 year old and
resident of Brgy. Pangaleon, Malita. She is the daughter of Mr. Nonoy Lumayas and Mrs.
Linda Dialawan.

Deli was abandoned by her fleeing comrades during the encounter and she was found by
the pursuing government troops with her high-powered firearm and unable to escape.
Delie was brought to the Malita PNP station and to ensure her physical condition, she had
undergone complete medical check up done by Dr. Rosario Mosqueda, the Municipal Health
Officer of Malita.

Delie dreams to become a teacher someday but because of financial deficiency, she
stopped studying at grade three. Later she worked as a house maid somewhere in Bangkal
Davao City hoping to earn money and go back to school.

But what happened is different, she became a mass supporter of the NPA at the age of 13
and later when she reached 16 she was forced to join the armed group.

“It was about 4pm on May 2, 2008, when Yoyong came over to our house to get me. I and
my mother refused but the armed group came back after two days to forcefully get me.
Yoyong ignored my mother who was crying that time.” Delie recounted.

Delie said she was tasked to organize the farmers for meetings. She has likewise
undergone some physical training, exercises and has been into medical works. After three
months, she became a full time member of the NPA.

Delie missed her mother and attempted to go back home but she was told by his
commander that she will be tortured by the military if she get caught.

“Ingun nila kung naay engkwentro, dili ko nila biyaan, karon gibiyaan man ko ug si Ka Jemar
nga namatay sa akong tupad (They said that they won’t leave me if an encounter will occur
but now they abandoned me with Ka Jemar on my side, dead.)”, Delie remembered these
promises and assurance of her commander.

Delie, now under the custody of the PNP, is facing a case of illegal possession of firearm.

Nonetheless, the Local Government of Malita is ready to help Dalia through the Honorable
Mayor Benjamin Bautista who promised to send her to school and help her face a new life.

“Pasalamat pud ko kay nakit-an ko sa mga sundalo, gi atiman ko nila ug maayo”, she ended
her statement.

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