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CAREER OBJECTIVE: Looking for a career in Electronics industry in Middle Management where my experience and knowledge gained in Indian Air Force as Radar Fitter can be put to good use for the employer and grow with the organization. TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION:
 Diploma in Electrical Engineering from Annamalai Polytechnic, Chettinadu, Tamil Nadu, (1979-82)  Diploma in Electronics & Communications from Indian Air force (Radar Fitter, 1982-85)

AVIATION QUALIFICATION:  AN-32 MCF Course.(Feb86,79.5%)  Customer Training Course on, Radio Altimeter, & GPWS (Aug87) and IFF400AM & Primus 500 Wx Radar by HAL, Hyderabad  Maintenance course and On Job Training on LEARJET-29 aircraft Radio & Radar System (Aviation Research Centre, Dec 94)  Maintenance Course and On Job Training on MI-8 & Mi-17 Radio & Radar system (Aviation Research Centre, Oct 98)  DGCA approved Radio Course on Boeing 737-200 aircraft by Indian Airlines, New Delhi (Nov 02, 89%).  Maintenance course and On Job Training on EMBRAER--135BJ aircraft (Apr 07, 85.33%).  Participated in workshop on management of aircraft testers by 5 BRD, AF Stn Sulur.


Frequency meters & counters 3.  Conversant with minor servicing and major servicing including loom level repairing of Aircraft Radar systems. reports on completion of maintenance activities to head office/higher echelons  Executes Preventive and corrective maintenance of Aircraft Radar systems  Encouraging creativity and innovative ideas for task simplification holding flight safety at highest priority  16 years experience in Avionics Lab Maintenance and operation of various Test Equipments includes General Purpose Test Equipments 1. Boeing 737-200. Embraer-135BJ Aircrafts and MI-8 & MI-17 Helicopters.  Well verse in carrying out functional checks.  As a highly skilled Technician attained high degree of professionalism at Central Repair &Servicing Section. Meggers 2. and various Avionics Labs of AN-32 Aircraft fleet.  Strong knowledge and practice of Safety measures while handling Avionics Systems  Ensures that the Maintenance is carried out in accordance with the schedule specified by the manufacturer and the authorities  Submits monthly reports. Functional tests etc. monthly servicing. calendar/periodical servicing. . Assembly. Spectrum Analysers . Post flight servicing.  Overhauling of Aircraft Radar system and components includes disassembly. AVO meters. Served in Indian Air Force as Radar fitter for 26 years in Transport Aircraft fleet from Technician to Mid level Management as a Junior Warrant Officer. Analog & Digital Oscilloscopes. Maintenance service practices based on flying hours. Digital multimeters. spares/component replacements.. AF & RF power meters. Learjet-29.  Hands on experience in AN-32.  Removal & fitments of various Radio Navigation & Communication Equipments  Preflight.

 Positive. AF Station Sulur for AN-32 aircraft (2000-01) STRENGTH  Excellent analytical and communication skill. . components location and aircraft wiring diagrams  Men and Material Management.Special Purpose Test Equipments 1. Problem solving & strong interpersonal skills. and extended for an year more based on performance exhibited  Had setup Avionics Lab at 43 Wing AF. GPWS Field Tester 2. IFR 4000 Testers EXPERTISE IN  Repair. RD300 WXRadar Tester. Aircraft build up from Aircraft On Ground stage  Fault analysis includes tracing Aircraft system Schematic. DME Tester. MAJALT & RAMPALT Testers for RAM 700 Radio Altimeters 3. control and accounting of Technical Stores  Tarmac Management and handling of Ground Equipments  Handling sensitive and confidential information pertaining to specification of the job  To impart On Job Training to the subordinates and motivating them to accomplish assigned objectives. ACHIEVEMENTS  Twice been recommended for Chief of Air Staff Commendation  Selected on merit for deputation to Aviation Research Center for a period of four years. Technical Correspondence and General Administration  Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professional at all levels  Handling. ATC 600. maintenance and snag rectifications on Flight Communications and Radar systems.

Chennai-73 Languages known Passport English.Nagarajan . focused and tireless individual. Quick learner.  Passion.  Team player.. 2nd st.Married 63A. highly disciplined.Applied for. optimism and devoted to duty PERSONAL DETAILS Father’s Name Date of Birth Marital Status Address . Hindi &Tamil .  Able to adapt to any platform within a short period. S. Honest to Chair. Place: Chennai (N Kumar) . Innovative.  Safety oriented on both men and material.Mr. Denugambal nagar.25 Sep 1964 . Madambakkam.

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